Speaker 3: (03:20)
okay, so Pono Ku says checkout OJ Simpson’s latest tweet. What’d you give me a link? I think he blocked me.

Speaker 3: (03:53)
Okay, let me take a look. Um, let’s see. Yeah, drop a link and I’ll bring it up on the screen here. So those of you just joining, we are live@infiniteplaneradio.com. That’s how I’m going to say it from now on. Noni to send you here or there, just infinite plane, radio.com. Keep it nice and simple. Um, that’s the place where you can tune in. Once you click that button, once you hit send or you hit go, um, it will, uh, be playing once you arrive. If I’m live, if I’m not the archives or right below in an embedded sound cloud widget. All right, so let me go ahead and bring this up here. What you’re looking at on the screen, this is big.

Speaker 3: (04:48)
This is them. I’m really just putting it out in the open. If you had any doubt about anything that I’ve said thus far about the secret religion of the elite, uh, you can go ahead and set those aside. I wasn’t just drawing connections where the aren’t. Um, this is in fact, mystery Babylon, uh, re interpreted. It’s a new iteration of an ancient religion, world spanning religion, the cult of the obelisk. What we’re looking at here is the Washington monument. Now check this out. To celebrate the Apollo 11 anniversary, they’re going to project the Saturn five on the Washington monument at 363 foot projection of the rocket. So here you go. On the 50th anniversary of the Apollo mission, they’re going to be projecting the rocket on the Washington monument. So layers of meaning. But the essential part is this. Saturn is of Cyrus a god of the harvest.

Speaker 3: (06:04)
This is the mystery religion, central Deity, the son God in his various aspects and in death, he’s represented by the obelisk. And the obelisk is the sign of eternal regeneration and rebirth. And they have rebirth at their old world religion where it was represented by these stone obelisks usually. But now, uh, the rocket is the new obelisk, the new path to heaven space, outer space being the new heaven. And here they are commemorating on the 50th anniversary by actually projecting this rocket on top of the obelisk. It doesn’t get very much clearer than this. It really doesn’t. And the anniversary of course, 50th anniversary, this being the 33rd year since the Challenger explosion, uh, a number of things are suggesting that the new space age is on a calendar. Like everything else. I want to bring that up first. Okay, here we go. I have the link to OJ Simpson’s Twitter. Couple more comments. Pono says, I am celebrating my 33rd annual 39th tweet.

Speaker 3: (07:23)
Okay, here we go. The Real OJ 32. Let’s take a look at what we have here. [inaudible] be advised, church ladies, if you are a church lady, avert your eyes were put your hand up and cover the right bottom quarter of the screen because there is a eight pointed star and apparently it’s an evil symbol according to some youtubers. Okay, so OJ Simpson is celebrating my 33rd annual 39th birthday. Okay, interesting. So he’s been 39 since 33 okay, let’s hear what this actor has to say. Now, don’t look at this guy like he’s a murderer. That’s not fair. He didn’t kill anyone. Megan Kelly’s just fine

Speaker 4: (08:15)
when I’m talking about, hey, Twitter world, this is yours. Truly. No, it’s hard for me to believe that today I’m celebrating my 33rd annual 39th birthday and I gotta tell you it’s been quite arrived. They said every life, some rain must fall. Well, I’ve had some hurricanes descended my life, but I think the Lord, because through it all these couple of the relatively healthy and

Speaker 3: (08:42)
okay, he’s on a golf course. I don’t know if he’s selling Ben gay or something, but yeah, 30 threes and all that. Just gang signs being flashed. Nothing new. Lean. Deon says ips, the x-men movie, apocalypse. Latest one before the new one. It’s filled with mystery Babylon from the start of Phoenix defeats Egyptian gods called himself Elohim and Rah. Most symbolism I’ve seen in ages, right? Well, the new x men movie, Dark Phoenix, burning, challenger burning space shuttle. Of course Phoenix is on fire 33rd parallel. Just as there is a Phoenix in the Aurora above an abandon Russian military base. It’s just all scripting. This all happening on the solstice of course. Okay, continue to listen. He makes a reference to Plato’s republic.

Speaker 4: (09:33)
That’s tough to do today. But all the haters on the end in good spirits and positive. And that’s tough to do today with all the haters on the Internet and cable TV, uh, spouting their negative opinions on just about everything. You know, I like what it, uh, Plato or was it Socrates? He said about opinions that they are not fact that the most, they could be a possibility and maybe even a probability. But the facts are there not back. I like the old saying that opinions are like armpits. Everybody got them and

Speaker 3: (10:08)
all right, I’ve had enough OJ Simpson. Uh, he didn’t know he was talking about Plato or Socrates, so, okay, let’s continue. So the space station didn’t fall on seven seven, so we figured, well maybe seven 11 cause there’s gotta be a seven seven in there. You know how they love the numbers? Well, yes. On seven 11 which is another seven seven not to go all Zachary Hubbard on you, but we’re just going off of what they do. The best predictor of future behavior, relevant past behavior. So what’s take a look and it turns out there was actually a crash, a failed launch with the Falcon I won.

Speaker 3: (10:50)
It’s a UAE spy. Satellite crashes into the Atlantic shortly after launch and again called Falcon, I possibly referenced to the eye of Horus, who is the god of the new age, the Martian age, which we are now in. And that’s what this is ultimately all about. You know, what does a 33 it’s the age of the sun. God, when he is a defeated, he challenges the darkness. Every challenger will be destroyed. You know, these are all, if you’re in to take the names of the space shuttles, and it was bill Cooper came up with this. He’s like a Colombian endeavor to discover Atlantis and challengers will be destroyed. Taking the names of the space shuttles while the sun. God is a challenger, like Luke Skywalker, challenging Darth Vader, dark father, the father, the son God is the god of the dark side of Cyrus. And every day the Sun God for the moment he’s being, the moment he’s born, he’s destroyed and you know he’s fighting. But every hour he loses a piece. And the idea is it’s just this eternal battle. But

Speaker 3: (12:02)
the old imagery of Saturn devouring his child, you know, that’s what it ultimately means. A Saturn is the Sun God on the dark side, his death aspect and the darkness is always in this. I’m devouring the light. So the Sun God devaluing the devouring, um, or rather the Saturn as the Sun God in death devouring his child. That’s an old story or an old image and it’s repeated in modern times. Just like everything else. We’re talking about the rocket being the new obelisk. Well, Darth Vader chopping off his son’s sword hand is a retelling of the story of Saturn devouring his child. And we’ll get more into this. This is just astro theology for the masses, but it’s a cultic.

Speaker 3: (12:53)
Now, here’s an interesting article by Mashable came up, there was a couple of football players tweeting back and forth about outer space. If the sun is hot, how was outer space cold and there was a back and forth Twitter exchange about the nature of space and outer space. A little bit of ridicule or the guys for asking dumb questions and they’re not really dumb questions. If you don’t know what are you supposed to do? Pretend you know like the people in the emperor’s new clothes or figure it out. So it’s great that they’re asking questions and, and let me show you what they showed, what they do. At the end of the article, I just want to show you how certain questions are okay, but certain ones are not. If the sun is hot, how was outer space cold like? I have a question for you.

Speaker 3: (13:41)
Where’s the space clouds? We’re were told that there was so much cosmic dust that there were tons of, I mean the, the debris, it’s measured in tons, 10 or 2030 tons of dust hitting the earth every day or every minute. But where are the clouds? Is there not enough dust between here in the nearest planet? What about a quarter of a million miles of space? Is there not enough dust between here and the moon to form a cloud? Once in awhile, in fact, when I brought up space bubbles, I’m bubbles in space and this was a few days ago, so my last youtube channel was taken down because we conducted a raid on a live stream where NASA or some NASA astronauts were on a flight going around the world and they called it one more orbit. Well, it’s not orbit if you’re not in the space. Anyway, we’re on this chat raid and I keep talking about bubbles and the space I’m seeing, how do you explain the bubbles around the Tesla roadster? And they said, you dummy, it’s space dust. And I’m like, well that’s a lot of space dust. And if I saw that much space dust in front of the storm in as an orbited the earth, would there not be enough dust between here and let’s say Mars, a few million miles to create a cloud, enough of a cloud. So that on a clear night I would look up and see some stars blotted out. But we don’t see that.

Speaker 3: (15:12)
I don’t think it’s a dumb question where it’s space clouds or how come the moon isn’t a black on a new moon, not just on the eclipse, but when it’s in front of the sun next to the sun. Why wouldn’t it being between us and the sun have a dark side that would be seen during the day and the explanations they give us don’t make sense because they seem to be suspended during the eclipse anyway. So this player, Jacoby Burset asks if the sun is hot, how is outer space cold? If someone says, shut up about the sun.

Speaker 3: (15:51)
Next person just says spaces of vacuum. There’s no air than he replies. I never put my hand inside a vacuum. Have you ever put your hand inside the Sun or outer space? Anyway, it goes back and forth and finally at the end of it they say, now this is not to shame Brissett because he seems to genuinely want to know and that’s great. And bonus points for not being one of those professional athletes who have actually questioned whether or not the earth is flat. See, there you go. You can ask about anything, but that it’s Kinda like, you know, you can ask anything about the nature of God, but just don’t say is he fake, you know, with true believers. Okay. Now listen to this. Um, this is an article called gaslight and it’s talking about media literacy. And listen to this quote here, it’s just talking about conservative communities and how they seem to view Donald Trump. And I’ve been bringing up now and then how Trump followers, we’ll have him sign their bibles like he’s the closest thing to God. And listen to this. It’s talking about the mindset of the people who are around him. Who would have him do that. And this is an article it called, it’s called, um, epistemological warfare trained on critically interrogating biblical texts, Evangelical Conservative communities. We’re not taking Trump’s messages as literal text. They were interpreting their meanings using the same epistemological framework as they approached the Bible metaphors and constructs matter more than the precision words.

Speaker 5: (17:51)

Speaker 3: (17:51)
In other words. Uh, they are, and this is a generalization obviously, but when you see people extrapolating a whole lot from a tweet and the things that Q and on supposedly says, you kind of see a bias confirmation at work. That’s what I see as, as the consequence of this hero worship, where they do kind of deify their leaders. The, the fall, these follower types. We saw the same thing with Obama. You’ve probably seen it with every single president. You see it with many different cult leaders, but there’s no different with a cult of Trump or the cult of Elon Musk where people are willing to give up their worldly goods to go live on Mars in a commune. And he has announced that 2021 will be the maiden voyage.

Speaker 3: (18:43)
A Pano says if the sun is moving through space, why does it have its hat? Why doesn’t it have a tail? Like a comment? Yeah, that’s a valid question too. Well, maybe, I mean I think there’s, I’m an explanation someone gave me, I have to double check it. Okay. Storm area 51 they can’t stop all of us. So there is a Facebook group with 400,000 people who are planning to go to area 51 and storm it for some dumb reason and it’s called storm area 51. It’s a Facebook group. It’s this. Thousands of people have taken a pledge on Facebook to storm area 51 to quote see them aliens.

Speaker 3: (19:33)
Now of course it’s just a Facebook thing. It doesn’t translate to boots on the ground but if it does happen, um, it’s probably instigated by the military itself. I mean they really have an interest, a vested interest in you, the public believing that they are hiding aliens, which they’re not. It’s all setting you up though. I mean maybe you know, the number of people who want to believe kind of gives you an idea and you can’t rule out crisis actors. Not to mention the special effects. They want to stage an alien invasion. You will have people make stuff up. I mean, people have been making up stuff for years for attention. Why do you think there’s a stereotype about the kinds of people who report seeing UFOs? Well, there are people who want attention and if you claim like let’s say tomorrow a flying saucer takes down a couple of cities, um, if you were to claim to have witnessed it, you’re going to get attention.

Speaker 3: (20:41)
Okay. This is just a side note here. Uh, Quentin Tarantino, he’s a hate crime. Hoaxer he was at a BLM protest and I just brought this up earlier tonight. We were talking about him and he claims that he was treated brutally by Los Angeles police after being pulled over unjustly. That turns out he’d never been pulled over before. He’d never spent time in jail. He was just lying to, I guess, pander to the expectations of the crowd. Now look, hey, if, if there is actually, just so you know, if there is a real storming of area 51, uh, we will be there. It’s in September, I think. September 20th. So I’ll be there to cover it, interview people. Uh, I’m not actually going to get shot, although maybe I can make friends again with Dan Gladman and get him to hop the fence.

Speaker 3: (21:43)
I just think it’s interesting. In a for 400,000 people who are just like based off what some 60 year old dumb conspiracy theory. You think they just have UFOs like flying saucers parked outside. Like you’re going to take out your peanut hundred and you’re going to see an alien autopsy being conducted out there in the open. I mean how dumb is this? And obviously it’s a joke, but this is what the media wants. The media wants conspiracy theorists to be seen as unserious says here, get your tinfoil hats ready and stretched those quads. Now stretching the quads has to do with the nature of the way that they are going to storm area 51 no, it says here it’s a Naruto run a Japanese Manga inspired running style featuring arms outstretched backwards and head forward into the area. Yeah, clearly it’s unserious but they’re not going to stop. All of us, you know, got me thinking, could we get that many people to sign up to a Facebook group with the stated intention of storming Antarctica? You know, they can’t stop all of us. I mean we don’t have to come up with a means at the moment.

Speaker 3: (23:06)
I’m just saying, you know, is there a genuine interest there? Okay. Now I’ve got a really important email here to share with you and I think this was from earlier today. And by the way, I do respond to emails, infinite plane society@gmail.com and what I do is I just filter them and I get in as soon as I get a chance, I go through these things and see if I can find the precise one. I’ll get to it though in just a moment. Um, by the way, I wanted, oh, here go. This is a good one too. I wanted to look into Che Guevara as a possible death faker and we’ve come across a couple of others. So many of these martyrs. But here is one, there’s another martyr, another queue, a non martyr. That’s what I was looking for.

Speaker 3: (24:03)
I don’t know her name. I’m going to get that for you. But basically I’m another cappy style person who, a couple of things. Let me see if I can find her. Oh, and here’s another one to a white robber who carried out six burglaries disguised as a black man and got away with it. We were talking about Barack Obama actually playing a character. Jeffrey Epstein for these political soap opera is disguised as real scandals and uh, you know, trans racial disguises are really an old hat. Nothing new. Well, anyway, there’s another pizza gate death. I think I even titled This Live Stream. Oh yeah, I did another pizzagate death, real or hoax. There’s another dead pizza gator to join cafe out there. We’re in crisis actor island with Nipsey and Tupac and Biggie. And really, um,

Speaker 6: (25:08)

Speaker 3: (25:09)
well who knows who else? But my point is,

Speaker 6: (25:12)

Speaker 3: (25:13)
it’s all coming out now. These political martyrs, and I remember now this was a big thing in 2016 and I remember right before the election, Alex Jones was saying that Donald Trump was a reincarnation of George Washington, and that the fate of the world depended on his safety and that we ought to pray for Trump and that the left was going to assassinate Trump and they were hyping all this stuff up. And now the Clinton’s had 60 by it bodies attributed to them and it was just, there was hysterical like they went into hysterics histrionics over how evil the other side was and I’m looking at it now and nothing’s changed.

Speaker 3: (26:01)
It was just like, you know, at this point I questioned some of these things like is Trump really close enough to God that you could have them sign your Bible one and two? Is the other side so bad that they are all, you know, seated at the right hand of the devil drinking blood and stuff. Is it really that extreme? Gemini Water says billionaire just got caught for a private island to carry sex trafficking? Yeah, that would be Epstein. That would be, I’ve seen and we’ve been discussing this and that’s kind of what I’m, I’m interested in is knowing like finding out is this a new scandal? It just seems like a big nothing burger. Then we have, what’s his face? R Kelly also I’m being brought in for this and then we have, I mean there have been some, some stings apparently. I mean like the DHS just reveal that they’re doing some kind of sting against human trafficking and they caught some, a cult leader in North Carolina charged him with 56 counts of exploitation of a minor. He is the founder of the Bible. Flat Earth Society has a thousand members on Facebook. Panos says, Mark Passio says the currency of the elite priest class is children. Um, I don’t know who mark passio is. Um, what, what’s his channel? I’m interested. I also would like to know if he’s an auto hoaxer or an auto believer. Okay. So anyway, I’m Chegg Rivera.

Speaker 6: (27:40)

Speaker 3: (27:41)
Yeah, I remember when did we say Christ’s like, um, anything Christ like really does serve collectivism in general, you know, communism, Christianity. Um, the basic philosophy is the same. And here’s, uh, a letter from grim. He said, I have a dull as fuck overly long book about Che by John Lee Anderson and it has che healing lepers early on in life prior to the Cuban revolution. In hindsight, I’m sure this was part of his Nipsey s Jesus making. That’s kind of what I thought. Oh, he says, to be honest, when I read it, I could smell the fake Jesus making immediately, but I wanted to enjoy the story so I put it out of my head, turned out to be a blend of book with a great cover and I bought it for the cover. Che wasn’t boring though, but the book sucked. I know a Vietnam vet who told me Che was fake and spoke nothing revolutionary, merely what was acceptable government, fake rebel, false idol talk of the day, the same. Vietnam vet sadly believes all the school shootings are real and swung on me with eight punches in a row for telling him they’re fake. I fortunately put my hands up and block them, letting him punch my forums. Then I poured him some more drinks and forgot about it.

Speaker 3: (29:10)
Isn’t that something how people will fight to the fan, these stupid melodramas and these fake tragedies? Oh, Paseo, I friends with Egan. Ooh, big red flag. Probably a limited hangout controlled up agent. Probably an auto believer. Actually. I’m certain of it. And look, if you’re an auto believer in what I mean, if you treat everything that comes to the news as real, but maybe not the whole, but it’s pretty much real and it covered for something else. Um, you’re an auto believer. It’s a subtle distinction, but it’s, it’s critical. The auto hoaxer says it’s totally fake unless there’s enough evidence to support it being real. And even then you’ve got to shave away the agenda.

Speaker 3: (30:01)
Yeah. Pono says he’s probably a Shill, but I learned a lot from shells. Yeah. You can learn quite a lot from shells. They do a lot of good homework for you. Same here until you get pat, until you have a better, like for example, um, it was very useful for me to listen to Russian vids even though I know that he’s a shill whose brother was on MTV cribs or something. I mean, Russia invades a parish to be connected to MPV connected in many ways, um, probably to government. Intel and I, I knew he was a shill for some reason. I couldn’t quite figure out where he was off until I realized he’s there to muddy the waters with any auto hoaxing situation. So instead of calling a fake shooting, a staged media event, he would say it’s fake because the masonic Jews want to hide the Dome Flat Earth and the officers are wearing too much orange and Mike, you know what?

Speaker 3: (30:55)
If you had to break out your Dimitria calculator and play a little bit of music from Meatloaf, you’re muddying the waters was just focus on the infrastructure of deception and not throw the Bible into it or politics. Anytime you talk about Jews, you’re bringing politics into it. Anytime you talk about Satan, you’re bringing the Bible into it. So religion and politics really has no place. If all we’re doing is analyzing propaganda, Ajit prop media and separating real from fake, but we’re the only ones who do it. Okay, there you go. Passio calls nine 11 a sacrifice. Yeah. If he thinks people died on an 11 then he still stuck in who done it land. He still in this search for the bad guy. Rabbit trails all put there for you. By the FBI, by the CIA, by the cyop industrial complex. The truth is, it was a bad B movie. That’s all.

Speaker 3: (31:56)
Some people are so married to the narrative because it confirms their biases. They want to believe that the bad guys are poisoning the skies and murdering thousands of people in plain sight, and it makes me wonder then why are you so passive about it? Willing to just sit at your computer and talk about it. Like if I know somebody, like if I believe that Hillary Clinton was eating babies, I’d call the cops. I’d call the cops. I’d say, hello, I’m police. Hillary Clinton is drinking. Adrenochrome can you guys do something about it? Just anonymous tip. Can you report your neighbor for making too much noise?

Speaker 3: (32:36)
I like to report the Clintons for drinking adrenochrome and human trafficking, but I don’t see anybody taking that kind of action, so it makes me wonder, do they really believe it? Like, as far as I know on the only person out there who’s ever called the airport live and ask them to please stop Kim trailing us. And they gave me the number to the Pio. Kayleen Deon says it’s note worthy that he’s a self admitted ex high ranking member of the Church of Satan. Oh, come on. That means he’s just, um, that, that’s for status. They don’t have rank. I read their history. The Church of Satan had a rank system like in the sixties or seventies when they started. And they said in their own writings that too many people were trying to gain rank so they could go flaunted. And so they got rid of the degrees system. The, the founder of the church made fun of the masons. He said that you had these grand poon Baas of the Shriner lodge with all these fancy titles and jewels, but who didn’t do anything in the outside world. And so I remember, you know, anytime I say here’s someone saying I’m a high ranking this or that, it’s like ranking according to who and then to be a former high ranking, um, c’mon even the satanist didn’t like you. What did you do wrong?

Speaker 3: (34:10)
Did he have any sort of like juicy stories about how, you know, he went there and they were going to have him sacrifice a goat and he didn’t want to do it so he had to leave. Like what’s his story? I’m kind of curious, but look if he’s like Max Egan. Max Egan though is a shill for the prime minister of New Zealand. He serves Prime Minister Dingdong and I can prove it by his ridiculous defense of the New Zealand hoax. And he was pretty butthurt about it. You know, back when I was on youtube, he was responding, he had soc accounts. He was trying to get me to a step back on my claim that he is an agent, but you can prove it. In fact, thanks to Max Eagan, we actually have finally come up with a, a full proof way of discerning agents.

Speaker 3: (35:05)
He said he was a priest, not, hey, high ranking. Well, what’s the difference? What does a priest, a priest is someone who’s one step higher than someone who’s not initiated. All priests are high ranking or just means he memorized all the rights. Like he’s like, I’m the dungeon master. I’m a DM, you know, DM, you know, you got dungeon masters, the guy who writes the scripts and then like your three friends come over once Elf one’s the dwarf one’s a wizard and then you, you know, I don’t do that stuff. I mean, but I know people who’ve played those games and they usually the same people who grew up to become hype, Reese of Satanic Churches.

Speaker 3: (35:51)
I mean, people have always been taking their games too seriously, even before video games. By the way, does anybody really believe that these, um, animatronic, like sex bots are anything other than like a really bad idea? Like people buy these things, right? Let’s say you, you’re, you’re putting what, $20,000 into a, basically a rubber doll with some bells and whistles? Um, first of all it’s just, it’s basically like buying a giant Dildo. Me, it’s not the exact same utility, but fundamentally you’re just talking about a toy. Uh, anyway, my point is let’s say someone buys it. What are you gonna do if you decide it’s like gross or you meet a real person and you don’t want that, there are gonna stuff at your closet. Put it in a body bag. You can’t really do that. Can you throw in the dumpster? We’ll know because it’s gonna be traced back to you. So then what, what are you going to do? Chop it up, get out your toolkit. Disarticulate it. Get it in pieces scattered around the country and black garbage bags. Like how do you get rid of it?

Speaker 3: (37:06)
Cause I’m pretty sure you can’t return toys like that. Like what do you do? You put it in a box and send it back and expect them to what? Rinse it and sell it to somebody else. This is all really twisted. Got me thinking about implantable uteruses and life support systems for headless chickens. And you know, if I was a mad scientist, I don’t know, that’s sick, he’d have these like Peter’s Terminator hybrids. Anyway, let’s, let’s, um, get back on, I will. Phones are kind of open a five oh five Mr Milks, 71 says donate it to goodwill. Yeah, we have a goodwill here down the street and there’s always a pile of like, it looks like dirty laundry and like garbage just right outside the door. And I guess they launder it and sell it. But yeah, I could see just you just like pull up in the middle of the night, like some BMW or a Rolls Royce, maybe even a limo, you know, like Jack The ripper style where he’s like rich and he’s got a driver as limo pulls up behind a goodwill, like in a bad part of town at three, three 30 in the morning.

Speaker 3: (38:18)
And a rich old guy, like a Jeff Bezos looking guy comes out and pulls this extensively, like a busty woman out of the trunk of his car and throws her on the pile of clothes behind the goodwill, not just a discarded embarrassment of rubber doll that he, it didn’t live up to his.

Speaker 3: (38:37)
And if it does like your neck roofie like if you’re listening and you own one of these artificial human companions, you’re basically in Nick Rowe file. Although I kind of thought about something here and I probably shouldn’t, I guess I should because I’m not getting into that industry. But if I was in the industry, I think I’ve come up with something here because the personality is going to be pretty weak. It’s gonna be like Siri. Like could you imagine like trying to go on a date with Siri? Like you just like you have your little app out and you just talk to her and stuff. It wouldn’t really be that, it wouldn’t be an interactive, it’s still be kind of, um, blend. So I was thinking, what if you could have a remote operator as in, cause I used to do marketing. So what if you have like a cubicle farm in India or somewhere and you just have a few women if he doesn’t, women Kinda like these um, adult chat lines and they put on a headset.

Speaker 3: (39:36)
Perhaps, maybe not, but it’s just a headset maybe with, um, earpiece microphone, maybe a Webcam. Yeah, you would need a Webcam and they would remotely be the personality behind one of these dolls in someone’s house. So it’s like, let’s say, um, again, uh, you, you bought one of these things you have at your house. You could have a personality in it real time. Someone talking to you through it. It’d be like, it’s basically like a service thing. I don’t know how they would make it anonymous. I don’t know how. Um, but anyway, I think that’s probably the next step is the only way I could see it being something other than just straight nick or Ophelia. I mean, have you watched Sophia that robot? I’ve been following her Twitter and that is such poor scripting, terrible scripting. And I think they intentionally, obviously the script is to make it look like it’s spontaneous but it’s not. Nor could it ever be, but they want people to think it could be. They actually want to set the premise that artificial intelligence, since it lacks human emotion is objective pure. You see because if it’s not human it’s pure. If it’s transcendent because man of course is impure. That’s the basic assumption.

Speaker 3: (41:01)
Just checking to see who is here. Infinite plane, radio dot. Live over on mixed literacy. A number of people I’m always going to do mixer. It’s the new home base audio [inaudible] as long as we had a live audio stream, we’re good to go. Video can come and go. 90% of the time I was taken down off of Youtube, not for what I said but for what I put on the screen. But I mean we are doing both, obviously d live, but we’re still, we’re, we’re like a week now off of youtube and I just haven’t really had the ability to get back on, cause now you have to have validated Google accounts and believe it or not, I have 56 accounts that had been terminated. 56 Google accounts. It’s very difficult to log in without incognito browsers.

Speaker 3: (41:54)
Yeah, exactly. Digital prostitutes. It’s no different than a phone, you know, a erotic phone chat operator, whatever. I just don’t believe it’s really gonna go there. I think it’s kind of a farce. And you wouldn’t know because people would be too, uh, well there’d be many reasons not to want to blab about it. About the big waste of money. All right, so earlier today we were talking about the world trade tower and the one to look at that really quick, it might be a nothing, but if you look at the new tower, it does have a strange design with the four edges. Do kind of look like a big pointy hat with a couple of eye holes, like a, like a ghost or a clown clan hood, which I don’t see it that way, but I’m posting a link below and I’ll post it on the screen if you haven’t seen it yet. Just cause I’ve devoted time this morning to talking about it. Okay. Here we go.

Speaker 3: (43:11)
So what you’re looking at here is the new WTC and on each of the corners, um, you do have what looks like a clansmen, but you know, it’s not necessarily that, as I was saying earlier, that design of course, that hood, um, it’s, it’s actually much older than that and it’s, it’s, I’m connected to a just various religious orders, but okay. So yeah, it does appear to be the case. Uh, the person who sent it to me suggested it was a subconscious plot to terrorize people and I’m like, well, really could be. I mean, how has that any different than Disney with all their dogs in the background and everything else. Okay, I’m going to give this one another play. This is auto hoax by Solomont fly produced by DJ Ready Rail. I’ll be right back and by the way, I’ll put a link for this track in the chat, right?

Speaker 1: (44:18)
[inaudible] was [inaudible]. Oh, the ones out parking, Tom bad 19 beds. You case Shit streets always dangerous seats is peaked is playing into really hear what they say now that, do you know what that means? Are you dealt with the teens? They speak to signs and symbols. You can learn them about these games on nine nine by nine the lending club, the 27 once you think that they can, the Knob is just saw look board into the comb. Gamma Illuminati, mum, Mum, body, you must sounds why they snatch and bodies every Friday the 900 growth assumption of the hobby switching roles with the auto club call died in Natto homes. What you’re trying to prove, don’t you know we did around the globe and the tool, the moon. Gosh Tom. Glad about the shootings at they all with copper on the new, we will make the weight, let it spread by legality.

Speaker 1: (45:32)
Can let them know we don’t take to live like like a potty bite. It’s recipe like a breakaway. Bear to Tay Oak is charrette tension on your bed at date. You know what? I’m Tom that don’t that disliked me. Nicest if antichrist at their turn you have freedom mosquitoes, actuality. That’s why the truth must spread by word of mouth. Word math on it’s solid quarter. So the coke damn Illuminati with my mom. Body muscles, the [inaudible] grow section. Switching bowls with the auto clone. No Motto Hose Stephen Approvement back. The floor is all in. You can test for that must be trolling signed. Secretaries aren’t when they are shown to be. So what you’re saying is you don’t accept the claim as with sin proof. Wow. Sport. The scripted by the mom for code with the alarm. Let be turn on my auto home.

Speaker 3: (46:39)
Let me turn on my [inaudible]. Look this stuff up when I get home. Cause by I tell you these kids, today’s is tripping. I ain’t tripping. He must be tripping cause I am all right. I dropped the length that track and that is auto hoax, which is really the most important meme of all the different means. We push it is the most important idea out there. The simple move of shifting the burden of proof and they reversed reality back when they made it clear that anybody who doesn’t trust the news is a conspiracy theorist. That’s when they originally shifted it and we just have to push it back. Okay, so I’m going through my discord feed. If you haven’t been on, uh, our discourt fee, there’s a link below.

Speaker 3: (47:33)
We’ve covered pretty much everything a mystery Babylon was revealed because remember Saturn is a Cyrus Saturn rocket is an obelisk and it’s being projected onto the Washington monument obelisk on the hopes of versary of the Apollo 11 mission hoax. Aversary. Now another one of those terms, we’ve had to invent a number of terms in order to, well explain this new territory we’re in. Oh, also a Twitter’s going to start banning dehumanizing posts towards religious groups. So probably the best thing we can do is have auto hoaxer a certified as a religion. Maybe a race. You guys want to be a race with me? Yeah, we’re auto hoaxers. What are you racist. You think the news is real?

Speaker 3: (48:25)
I’m also, I am getting on a couple other platforms and trying out bit tube. I had to send them my driver’s license and my face. I’m gonna picture holding a piece of paper with a date. Like they ask for everything. I was so sick of it. They said no send a picture of your face but you got to have your picture of your face holding your license and asses a bit too. And then they asked for that with bit tube and the date. So I’m like at 6:00 AM and just like taking a picture in bed. I’m like shirtless and I just got my license and a marker and a piece of paper. I look like a hostage and it’s like please let me live stream on your bit tube website.

Speaker 3: (49:01)
Okay. Two years ago this showed up on my doorstep. This is a pack of business cards that say globe exit. You’ve been lied to. The horizon is always flat. Just looking back how you know why we’ve been pretty relentless for the last couple of years. Let’s see. Lindy on says the NASA propaganda movie first man is unwatchable. Yeah. Have they ever produced anything watchable? I mean for me it’s all bloopers. It’s all bloopers reel. That’s the spirit in which I watch it. MVP says picture your face doing a d marvel pout. Yeah, I could do that. You know, I haven’t heard from him or seen him in a while. I know he was moving. Um, he’s moving parking spaces back in May on the reel and says ips, can you play? I’m in a cold. Yes. Can you turn off voice to text? No, I know what you mean. I’m in a cult. I can actually read the misspellings. I correct it real time cause I also use that a lot. I don’t even bother correcting my spelling. I know it makes certain people mad, but you know, I’m sorry. I’m encouraging you to be more flexible in how you process info. Hey, look at this.

Speaker 3: (50:26)
A new marathon bombing memorial is coming together. So here you have this new satanic alter or something. It’s a, a bunch of coiled up serpents and snakes, these four pillars all around where the people blew up. It’s a bunch of crap. But you remember I went over to Denver and this was on the anniversary rather hoax aversary of the Aurora shooting. I personally went over there and I’m like, look at this thing. It’s made out of a bunch of swans forming a pyramid commemorating a hoax. And I was live streaming it and youtube terminated my account for criticizing art. So look, I’ve been censored. We’ve been censored relentlessly for all sorts of reasons for a couple of years now. Right now it’s just a joke.

Speaker 3: (51:18)
And look at them here laughing. What’s so funny, I mean, in your fake world, sir, um, 400 people had their legs blown off in the real world though. A whole lot of amputee crisis actors made off like bandits. Um, is Barack Obama playing Jeffrey Epstein? Yeah, I’m about 90. I’m about 90% sure on that one. And is there anything else? Um, okay, there is a great interview by Waldo of Waldo stakes, by Mick tune worth listening to. It’s about 90 minutes. You’ll learn a lot about rocket science. You didn’t know before from someone who knows people in the business who’s been around for 50 years. Okay. So we’ll leave it at that. Let me go ahead and see if we have any commentary.

Speaker 3: (52:20)
Pono crew says flat earth just isn’t the same without Patricia steer. Yeah, isn’t that bad? In fact, there’s that article about her called escaping flat earth and you know, really it’s people like was reset this anonymous guy who, um, really forced her to commit social media suicide, which is almost worse than the real thing. So at this point, you know what I mean? It’s just like, look, um, that guy needs to, he needs to own up to it. You know, he’s been featured in this article. He’s taking credit for having driven her off the web. He ought to just come out and say, yes, my name is such and such. This is what I look like. Yep. You guessed it right. I look like Elmer Fudd on crack. And I hate people because I’m this and then we learn about him. Oh, that’s why you’re that way. I get it now. So here’s a short clip from Mc to note that the link below is interview with Waldo stake. I’m just gonna play a random part cause the whole thing.

Speaker 7: (53:31)
Pick it up. Version of the titan engine up at the, at the a rocket engine test stands up over the town of Boron out there in the, in the Mojave desert out on the edge edge at Edwards air force base. And they somehow something with south and uh, blew the tank up and [inaudible] I just, he makes like they like a orange kind of liquid and it could turn into a liquid orange cloud and it was flying over Boron and the people were evacuating, you know, people were getting burned, a little things were happening, you know, people were getting bad. Like when it comes down, it can start a fire real easy cause the ratchet damn there anything, a lot of guys will use a hydrazine and Turpentine or hydrazine and, and, and uh, and uh, some of the SFU mean nitrogen, these fuming assets. I mean hydrazine is really, it goes off with damn there anything cause I don’t get sidetracked. But anyway, so this hydrogen peroxide rocket.

Speaker 3: (54:26)
So anyway, if you want to learn about raccoons, the history of rocketry, about NASA and everything else, Waldo steaks, he’s the one who’s building the rocket that’s going to take mad Mike Hughes to the edge of space. Here’s the link to that in foot. Waldo stakes. Look, the, uh, the whole idea of flat earthers being dumb. It’s like, Nah, you wouldn’t believe how many people don’t think the idea is exactly stupid. Now, does this guy say it is now? No, but he, um, he, he’s definitely the real deal as far as um, rocketry goes, but he’s participating. You know, he’s going to help get Mike up there and he articulates the plan over the course of 90 minutes. I heard this at the Vegas exit, the Matrix Expo where it was first presented, but it’s a great presentation and Mad Mike Hughes is going, I’m going to also explain it, uh, to Fox News in about a week. So that’s happening link below. And also if you’re over there on mixed slur and then put a link on if at Waldo steaks, if you have 90 minutes to kill and you want to hear some real interesting dialogue about the topic of uh, well rocket science in general. That’s the guy.

Speaker 3: (55:38)
And look, just to be clear here, I’m mad. My Hughes is now in the space race and he is in fact 1,875 feet in the lead because that’s how far he’s gone so far. Whereas the other guys in the, in the business, Bezos, Branson, Musk, they’ve never flown in any of their own rockets. Okay. Now I did find out this is great news. I think I did find out that someone some good. Um, I don’t know what you, what the reason is, but I guess some people take the time and they just started archiving everything. So all of my videos that I lost on youtube are available at.org. Someone suggested, hey, why don’t you start using archive? And I’m like, what? It’s already there. So I’m going to go and post the link here to something from archive.org I’m going to play about a minute of it. And this is from a video where I said Max Egan is a shill for the cyop up industrial complex. Um, I agreed to take it off the web because he asked me to after we had a private conversation, and I did, but apparently it’s still here. So the genie’s out of the bottle. So I’m going to play 30 seconds of it. Nobody’s holding a gun. I don’t think anybody’s holding a gun to his head. So let’s go with this story that has been put out about like even Rogan.

Speaker 3: (57:11)
But it’s definitely a story that’s put out about Jones that, you know, these are people who have been compromised in some way and since they’re compromised, um, they kind of have to play the game. They can reel even less. There’s far less to say that it’s real. And again to say that it’s real, they then you’re going to have to explain a whole lot of strange anomalies. Coincidences. Okay. There were two shooters originally, two vehicles. Both of them said to be laden with IED, improvised explosive devices. They were two bombs diffused at this Bristol train station. Like there were these calls that there was a, a couple of bombs and they had to go to fuse them. Well, it turns out bomb drills. So he had two bomb drills at the same time. They had two cars with IED eds and they weren’t related. And then the two cops that made the arrest were on a drill about making arrests in this way, ramming a car off. They’re already wearing their body armor. And they said, lucky for us, we were already doing a drill. So we were in gear and the eyewitness is a credited crisis actress on a New Zealand crisis actor website who watched the arrest of the culprit, who wasn’t Sam Hyde, by the way.

Speaker 8: (58:29)
That is true. And that’s called doing research for. So that’s called doing research and remaining objective and not wanting anything to be true. I mean, I know it stays and always a false flag and not, it wasn’t done for the reasons that were told and it wasn’t done. The white, we were tall, but it doesn’t mean it was a fight. That doesn’t mean nobody died.

Speaker 3: (58:43)
Okay? We called it. So this is it. This is the shill line that they hold. Their line is somebody died, people died. We just don’t know who did it. It was a false flag. So instead of a wasn’t real. It becomes a who done it and it’s not even, it wasn’t real. It’s we know it was fake. Why are they faking it? What’s the purpose of this particular piece of atrocity? Propaganda. That’s what it’s about. And what he’s steering it to is, well, it was done. There were victims. So Max Egan is actually pushing the very dark, mainstream media worldview. I mean, this is a very dark thing where this type of stuff happens. I mean, this guy is out of control right now. This gatekeeping is unnecessary unless he’s got an agenda and clearly he has an agenda.

Speaker 3: (59:35)
All right? So if you like that, and I was pretty mad about it, but that was also the night that we re really figured it out. We figured out the line in the sand where these operatives will lie to defend a fake story to protect mainstream media operations. This is the signup industrial complex. So yeah. Hey, look, not only did someone, yeah, not only did Max Egan show his hand with this one, but this revealed the whole process to us. But look, I’m not only did somebody save all these archives and everything like that, which is great because I thought we had lost it all, but I’m now doing something else here. If you look at infinite plane, radio.com everybody listening at some point in your life, uh, preferably like in the next day or so, go to infinite plane radio.com and you’ll see what I’ve done here is now it’s a blogspot, which is actually my favorite website.

Speaker 3: (01:00:35)
I love blogger. I’ve used it forever. Um, it’s flexible. I know better than any other platform, probably next to Shopify, but I like this site. So what I’ve done is I, I’ve embedded the radio player for mix layer. So if you went to infinite plane radio.com you’re going to hear it live and pretty soon maybe even starting tonight, it’s just going to be on 24 seven I just have to pay for the pro version. So as soon as I’ve upgraded to the pro version of mixer, it’ll be a 24 hour stream. It’s 50 bucks a month, but it’s worth it because then when I’m live live I can just tap in and I’ll send out notification, hey, I’m going to be live. But there are so many things in the archives. So I went over to archives.org

Speaker 9: (01:01:22)

Speaker 3: (01:01:23)
let’s scroll down to the bottom and it says similar items based on Metadata. And I looked and I actually have dozens of videos in here going back in ready-made playlists. So in other words, I could just hit play on a playlist and have it broadcast when I’m asleep, when I’m away from home. So it’s always there sending a signal because that’s kind of the idea here. We want to get all of the auto hoaxers um, on a single network. This is the really the vanguard of this thing, but this is the core of the auto hoaxer response to anti media response to High Tech Ajit problem. And we’re the only ones committed to doing it as a network, as a movement, rather than just as disparate individuals who get sniped quite easily.

Speaker 3: (01:02:15)
You know, I refuse to get sniped. In fact, I have a list of numbers of people I need to start calling and reaching out to. Okay, let’s continue though. So right now I’m live. So if you were to tune into infinite plane radio, you could hit play and it says here the title of the Stream, another pizzagate death. Is it a hoax? We haven’t really addressed it, but yeah, it’s a hoax. Right below that I have the archives embedded in a soundcloud module. So you can go here. There’s a really just, he played it nonstop. It’s a couple of weeks of content.

Speaker 3: (01:02:54)
Earlier today we had a podcast free speech versus rather free speech sabotage versus authentic voices. You know, we as in myself, the callers, the chatters, we represent authentic voices. Alex Jones, Logan, Paul, Owen, Benjamin, Max, Eagan, they’re all sabotaging free speech. Even Eagan even blamed the Jews. In fact, we have, we’ve found that guy engaged in some horrendous, uh, crisis acting. Uh, we won’t even get into him right now. He’s been thoroughly discredited. Unless you’re an auto believer, you may still find him in his work entertaining. I mean, there’s the artistry of it. Sure. But like, I’m not here to be entertained. This is very conspirator, meaning, you know, if you’re into conspiracy tainment, but what we’re doing here is actually on the work of really instigating the next phase of this reformation. But we might not win. According to Elon Musk, they’re plotting to send a maiden voyage to Mars next year. If you want to get live notifications, you go to infinite plane radio.com and you click the button that says, get on the email notification list for open phones live streams.

Speaker 3: (01:04:19)
It’s not a spam list. Like, I’m not going to send very many letters. Basically, if I get an email, I mean, if I’m going to do a live stream, I’ll send out the email only if it’s going to be live taking calls a full as bomb says. What do you think about Tommy Robinson? Another fake defender of free speech. Uh, saboteur. He doesn’t Auto Hook. So I don’t really take them seriously. If they don’t auto hoax, they’re not paying attention. They’re part of the scripted play. He’s controlled opposition at best. I don’t even think it’s a stooge. Um, because look, again, he’s not auto hoaxing if they’re not auto hoaxing, they’re not properly assessing the sidebar. They see political factions fighting. They don’t see the sy war. And you can’t see it if you’re inside it. And that’s kind of the trick here. Okay. And finally, here’s the newest thing that we’ve added to IPR, isn’t it?

Speaker 3: (01:05:18)
Plain radio transcripts. So even if you called in, if you call in, I’m using a transcription service where it breaks it into speakers. So all the callers, all the conversations that we have, I mean to the night, um, will be posted and they will be searchable. And the things we talk about will show up in searches. So even if they scrub all of the auto hoax videos off youtube, if you search it, they’re still going to find the right content. I mean, I was disappointed. I had a video based blog that was basically erased by removing a few videos and I was like, damn, I should’ve transcribed it. Well now the auto transcription software is so good that it just a matter of moments. So every day I’m posting archives and transcripts and I’m going back through old transcripts, I’m sorry, old archives having them transcribed and posted as blog posts. It’s all part of a, of the strategy of drawing the traffic towards us away from controlled opposition agents. MVP says Tommy Robinson is Paul Joseph Watson. I heard Paul Joseph Watson was getting death threats and I’m like, good. Maybe I had to send them one. No, I’m just kidding. Apologize of Watson’s a phony.

Speaker 3: (01:06:41)
Not only is he a phony, but he was one of the worst ones out there to attack those of us. He’s like, you auto hoaxers, you’re just trying to muddy the waters. It’s like, no, we’re exposing the Sai Up Industrial Complex. And you’ve outed yourself as an agent working to protect mainstream media assets while pretending to be on the outside controlled opposition. And I don’t know how he got that job. Did he have to sit on Alex Jones’s lap or was it the other way around? Did he go to the Bohemian Grove and kiss the owls, you know, feet or whatever, you know, mock human sacrifice. I don’t trust any of these clowns around info wars. And you can include Owen Benjamin among the list of clowns.

Speaker 3: (01:07:29)
Okay. So basically a quick rundown in case you, um, I, I kind of dragged it out. Infinite plane, radio.com phone number on top live player embedded links to all the relevant social media pages contains the archives, contains transcripts. What else could you possibly want? Has Everything, the one thing I haven’t added is the links to the tee shirt and swagged designed by a few of our designers. In fact, if you look at the site, um, MVP to the back, backdrop x to the main logo with the, uh, penguin, that sharp beak and this IPR is done by Travis, and it’s a take on NPR. And if you notice here, it says IPR is greater than NPR. That’s a, um, the equation that’s actually true. But really what it is to me is just a statement about what we actually are. National Public Radio, government controlled mind washing, propaganda status, propaganda, closed system, propaganda, worldview shaping for denizens of the Truman. Show the people inside the system. Infinite plane radio is the complete opposite. So IPR is kind of a playing off of NPR in the same way that ips plays off of fes. Flattered society and close system, infinite plane, infinite until proven otherwise.

Speaker 3: (01:09:03)
All right, so I think we’ve covered everything. I’m phones are open. (505) 510-4226. Unmuted. And I’m going to take a quick break here. This is ball earth cult by request by chief Crowe in the flat earth. And by the way, you can get his latest track at Mad Mike Hughes. Dot Com you can actually download it. Okay, here we go. This is a chief. Chris will be back in a couple of minutes. Phones are open, open topics. I am curious if anybody here knows anything about this latest

Speaker 6: (01:09:50)
pizza. Gate def.

Speaker 10: (01:10:07)
I’m in a cold. I’m in a cold. I’m in a cult. I’m in a cold. I’m in a colt. I’m in a cold. I’m in a cult. I’m in a cold blood.

Speaker 1: (01:10:22)
I met the growth [inaudible]. I drink the juice, the chocolate milk. Holy Cow. I wear the seats to the beach and the 33 greenery.

Speaker 6: (01:10:32)
Great, and where are you

Speaker 1: (01:10:36)
Charles Man Sans Ranch dressing. Go heads with the number nine. It is so defined with the holy grail shape of the stale. That’s their Benard sound up the cars [inaudible]

Speaker 11: (01:10:53)
yeah, I mean little plastic call like a dirt bag. Oh. [inaudible] most of us do in my pain, like a dirt bag. [inaudible] in my brain. [inaudible]

Speaker 12: (01:11:30)
d d d e d board.

Speaker 10: (01:11:51)
I’m in a club called [inaudible]. I’m in a cold. I’m in a cold. Amina cold. I’m in a cold house.

Speaker 13: (01:12:07)
I’m good. Thanks Yeti. I’ll make the bushies in the scene with peaches and cream. Go with the symbol. Show euthanasia. I mean hippie girl.

Speaker 6: (01:12:16)
Oh whoa.

Speaker 13: (01:12:17)
Be Good. One 90 going to be 33 33

Speaker 11: (01:12:29)
a bunch of important numbers. Three three, seven part numbers. 42 vineyards in number four eight five zero [inaudible] number 24 [inaudible] number seven or 10 numbers, 11 or 10 numbers. 11

Speaker 1: (01:12:51)

Speaker 10: (01:12:55)
oh man. Nicole, Nicole, I’m in a cult. I’m in a cult. I’m in a cold. I’m in a cold. I’m in. Cool. I’m in a goal within it. [inaudible]

Speaker 1: (01:13:12)

Speaker 3: (01:13:16)
All right, so we are back. Thanks for joining. Uh, Pono, COO. Thanks for following on. Mixer. And for those of you who aren’t on board with mixer, it’s an audio streaming site. It is really going to be the main thing. Uh, no other platforms are guaranteed and videos sites are always shaky ground, but we have a very firm ground with mixer and that’s kind of our ground ground zero. It’s just a, I was looking into like what man do I need to get an app that has notifications and chat and sharing functions and archive functions. And then I found mixer, which solves all those things. I have a business account or premium account, not the full one, but I have one that gives me 12 hours a day of streaming.

Speaker 3: (01:14:02)
Eventually I’ll upgrade to the 24 hour one and we’ll just have, um, archives from archives.org playing 24, seven 24 seven auto hoaxing. And when I’m not on, I’m also interested in opening up segments to playing music. We have a whole lot of music from a lot of people. Uh, old interviews. I found an interview today with Lord Steven Christ, who’s in jail for threatening to decapitate ties. Donald Trump, the word decapitate eyes actually was made up when he was talking to me. He threatened it to he, this is a Lord Steen Christ I’m talking about. He’s the guy who said that the earth was hollow and we’re inside of it and he’s God, he got a little ahead of himself. He threatened Obama, served a few years, came out and said that, uh, um, Donald Trump would have to recognize him or else while few years past Trump didn’t recognize him and boom, the guy says a few things, says he’s going to capitalize the president and he finds himself in jail. Now the word to capitalize a course is a made up word. Uh, I actually believe he mispronounced to capitate when he was talking to me, but it stuck and we use that word and then he adopted it later. It’s almost like we meant deload, that word into existence.

Speaker 3: (01:15:21)
Not that I believe in the Mandela effect, but the mainstream media may as well have the ability to Mandela things in and out of existence. Ministry of truths, style, strawberry blind. Yes. Mixers. Great. Hey, look. Um, oh, you can’t find the mixer chat on the iPhone app. I had the same issue and I w I’m not sure if it’s because I wasn’t on the app maybe or in the browser. I’m going to take a quick look here and see. You know what? I think it’s because you have to hit the, uh, three parallel lines that opens a menu and then it says, welcome to chat. You actually have to hit that thing if you’re in the app. Chile says, my mom ate pot with me in Vitreo. Now I’m very smart and Republicans are evil.

Speaker 3: (01:16:20)
Yeah, that’s, that’s um, reminds me that movie was at scanners. He was a David Cronenberg movie and in this movie a whole lot of, um, kids were given some drug in Utero Co utero called a ephemeral and this, um, ephemeral would give them I guess a certain psychic abilities, um, immediately after and scanners courses, the name of the movie and it’s known for the scene where one of the, um, children experimented upon, was able to psychically or telepathically, uh, send a signal into someone’s head and then cause her head to, let me see if I can show you that Jeff. I’m sure you’ve seen it.

Speaker 3: (01:17:17)
Okay. Here we go. It’s one of the most popular jiffies out there. I’m sure you’ve all seen it, but it’s from the movie scanners back when special effects were actually, um, use with a, there we go. See the DHS ought to be studying this stuff now that’s a Squibb for ya. Before they CGI to everything, which is such like an easy way out. Oh yeah. By the way, um, I didn’t FAQ block that user. I hadn’t had to do it yet. I didn’t think that we had any, um, trolls on mixer. And I thought the first comment was actually pretty good about the a payoti and the republican part. But I’m gonna go ahead and delete that too. Um, we don’t encourage anonymous trolls, but we do band them. And you know, if you ever wonder what the wrench is about, the whole idea of the wrench is that instead of having one moderator trying to police a whole bunch of minds, how about you make everyone a moderator and let people think and let think Yo, uh, govern themselves. And that individual who walked into the chat a minute ago is one of those who does not have the capacity to, uh, self-govern mud flutter says I’m a huge Lord Stephen Fan. He’s something, well, nobody said he was wrong. I certainly have never said he was wrong.

Speaker 3: (01:18:48)
You know, some people just, they cross certain lines. Um, and you know, who knows, maybe it’s just a sigh out. Maybe he’s just trying to make concave earth look bad and it’s all a ruse and he’s hanging out. And Megan Kelly’s basement with a OJ Simpson just golfing. All right, let’s continue here. Um,

Speaker 3: (01:19:22)
first object successfully tell teleported from the Earth to orbit by Chinese researchers. We’ll go ahead and skip that. We can blame youtube and ourselves for the rise in flat. Earthers says study again, more of this demonizing conduits of information. Mud Flutter says concave does look bad. He’s just wild. He look concave theory or whatever. It’s not even a theory. I think people should stop calling in theories and just say it’s a hypothetical model. Like you wouldn’t call it matrix theory. We live in the matrix. We live in a simulation. I guess you could call it a theory, but you know, using the term theory it gets very pseudo sciency. We’ll just say it’s a model based on this notion, but even then it’s very problematic. And leading with the model, I find it to be very um, futile. It’s like putting the cart before the horse. We need more information. It’s premature to come with to come up with a complete model universe. And the idea that you might be able to do so is analogous to trying to come up with the perfect religion or even asserting that your religion is the right one, that you figured it out. You’ve got the right version. And if everybody would just follow this by the book, everything would be fine. Harmony.

Speaker 3: (01:20:55)
Um, I was looking at some eight k footage of the earth as seen from the space station and as you’d expect, it was um, fake looking. But not only was it fic looking, it doesn’t even look sphere cool anymore. [inaudible] the more I look at a lot of this footage, they can’t really show you very much without giving away too much, giving away the game. So they just show you sections of it at a time and the sections that they give you, it’s certainly not enough to arrive at the conclusion that it’s a ball. And I’ve seen this a few times, they’ve made the same error. They inadvertently thing flatten it out for all intents and purposes. But what you’re seeing here is what is said to be an ISS transit in front of the moon. And I have a number of problems with it. Um, mainly because we’re dealing with an object the size of a football field as viewed from 274 miles away. It’s moving at five miles per second and there’s so many things wrong with it, but in particular too much detail. You can see the individual solar panels, you can see the modules

Speaker 2: (01:22:11)

Speaker 3: (01:22:16)
So if you’re watching or if you’re listening, what we’re seeing is something that looks like a tie fighter, which it shouldn’t. Like, okay. If you’re saying something that’s just a light and it’s in the sky and it’s moving at a high rate of speed, do you not see a streak? If you were to zoom in on a falling star, would you see a rock? No. So how is it that what is supposed to be a moving light when caught by a peanut and hundred has no motion blur? One, sorry for the cheesy ISS transit music. Okay. So one, and I’m watching this transit, there’s no motion. So clearly it’s just an image dragged a top, another image, the bottom image being the moon. We may actually just be footage. So you get the footage of the moon and an image of the space station. So I’m looking at the space station moving and the whole thing is not reflecting light and I can count the number of solar panels and I can see the modules. That level of detail,

Speaker 2: (01:23:34)

Speaker 3: (01:23:35)
Is inconceivable at that distance. And so by comparison, I look at the world record, uh, photography, uh, for, for distance. And it had to do with someone observing a distant peak 235 miles away, which is about the same distance to the space station. And this is a long distance record and you can barely make out the tip of the mountain 275 miles away. You can see it, but you can barely make out the tip of it on the horizon and it’s not exactly sharp. Now you could say, well that’s atmosphere distortion. Okay, so I’ll give you that.

Speaker 3: (01:24:19)
But in terms of scale, if you were to place an object the size of a football field on that distant peak, it wouldn’t have enough information. It wouldn’t be big enough to register in one single pixel, much less in full detail. There was so much detail in the ISS transit footage that you see that if one of the astronauts were on top of it, you could probably see him waving his hand at you like, Oh look, there’s Scott Kelly on the transit 300 miles away. You know, I don’t care that it’s up. You know, and there’s less, there’s less distortion when you’re looking up. It’s a ludicrous, ludicrous proposition. It is ludicrous to say that you would see this much detail. Where’s the motion blur? It’s five miles a second.

Speaker 2: (01:25:11)

Speaker 3: (01:25:15)
again, the space station being fake and then of course there are people on the flat earth side of the debate or conversation who will defend this. For example, globe busters, you know the guys from Netflix who proved to the Netflix audience is any way that the earth spins and has a curve that you can prove the curve with a laser pointer and a piece of cardboard. Anyway, they defend international space station transits, which we know to be fake. Think about that. Glow busters defends ISS transits. Strawberry Blind says it still messes with me because I saw that fake ISS light and shuttle light, but it was NBC news that told us when and where we’ll look unless what you saw Trevor [inaudible] one horizon to the other in a matter of seconds because your field of view isn’t that many miles. How many miles can you see looking east and then looking at West, what’s your field of view now if the space station were visible, it would go from one end of the sigh to the other and it would be moving in a hurry.

Speaker 3: (01:26:32)
It would be a streak, like a long shooting star. You would be able to set up a time lapse at night and catch it on seven or eight? No, actually it’s 90 minutes. So you’d probably get three or four good passes and you have you like you’d set up your camera, open your shutter point at the sky, and then check your footage the next day. Or she’d take that picture of the next day and you’d have five or six passes of the ISS streaks across the screen. You’d never have that. You’d never have it. You’ve never seen it. No one has. It’s not there. And you have a whole lot of flat earthers who are claiming to believe it’s up there. But they say, well some things out there, but NASA just put it up there to trick us into thinking as a space station. It’s just shaped like the space station and it moves on the same trajectory, but it’s not the space station. So now they just sound delusional intellectually dishonest, like they’re moving a goalpost.

Speaker 3: (01:27:37)
That’s what they say now or the, if here’s what’s even worse. I mean, the, the, the people on the other side, they’ll say flat earthers or uh, convinced they’re selling off there, but it’s not the space station. So they’re delusional. What else would you have to say about it? What else could explain not wanting to recognize what’s in front of your eyes? Alejandro at 33 says, what do you think it is? I’m saying it isn’t, it’s not up there. There’s, there are no transits that are real and it’s, it’s somewhat hard for people to wrap their heads around that. Like, you know, the moon landing was faked. You know, the rocket launches are fake. You know, star man going into Jupiter was fake. Why would you think the transits are real? What makes a difference?

Speaker 3: (01:28:26)
Yep. There you go. This is where it’s at. TV says there are videos from Jacksonville after space x launches with a vehicles drop into the ocean of the coast. Unless youtube gets rid of it. Yeah. There have been people who have caught the trajectory. Uh, there have been people who have for years cited cigar shaped UFOs. You know what those are? Do you know what cigar shaped you have? Ozar, space x, NASA, whatever. Just their rockets that are being launched, um, and recorded for future use. Like they’re pre shooting a lot of the footage and what you’re seeing is the airship because it’s not really a rocket. Um, what they show you, in my opinion, it’s a jet assisted air ship being blasted out of sight, out of mind, augmented or virtual reality. CGI after the fact. But what happens to it after they launch it? Well, it’s going to land somewhere. It’s basically a stray blimp and one of them gets sided. It’s going to look like a cylindrical piece of metal just hovering in the clouds. Exactly. The billionaire blimp club.

Speaker 6: (01:29:37)

Speaker 3: (01:29:37)
And it, look, here’s the problem with people saying, could they fake the ISS with the plane? No, they could not because no plane can move five miles a second. None to it has no traject. It has no propulsion. There’s no, there’s no, um, propulsion on an object moving that fast. Oh, on the real one says they fake it with a balloon attached to a light. No, they can’t go that fast. You know, think about it, the shape of it to nothing that large, that shape could move through the atmosphere at 17,000 miles per hour to meet those transit points. Nothing and to there has been no contiguous, uh, observation of the ISS across multiple transit points as in if it’s passing over your city and let’s say you live in, in Denver, uh, someone else the next state over should be able to see it and someone else the next state over. And if you were to have people stationed in between those people all the way across the board, like hands across America, telecom telescopes across America, you know, you should be able to have multiple sightings of this thing, but it’s actually a very rare occurrence for having been up there for 20 years. And for having, um, purportedly passed over your head every 90 minutes. Strawberry Blind says the fake ISS I saw went across and about five seconds, uh, that wouldn’t be possible.

Speaker 3: (01:31:07)
I said five seconds, five miles a second. Well, maybe, but again, the problem is if it’s a light, I mean, you could call in and talk about it. Here’s the thing. I’ve had many people say that they’ve seen something up there and I’m saying, no you didn’t and you’d have a hard time proving to me you did. And I don’t know. Um, and, and also whatever you did see, um, it could not have approximated the transit is what I’m saying. What I mean is for it to have been seeing where you saw it, where you looked at that time, it would have to have been following those transit points at that speed. And for it to be moving at those speeds, it couldn’t possibly be in the earth’s atmosphere because the atmosphere would prevent it from going that fast. So it would have to be in the hypothetical environment of outer space.

Speaker 3: (01:32:02)
Or they’ll say it’s a hologram. Well, holograms don’t reflect light and the projector couldn’t move that fast. So anybody who says that they saw the ISS, I’m saying, no, you have no reason. You might as well say you saw Santa Claus and just assert that because you have no factual basis for asserting. You saw the ISS. All you can say is, I was told to expect it. And I saw a light and I’m assuming it was it, but without good reason. And I think it’s important to be clear about it because a whole lot of people claiming they saw something makes it real. It validates. And I’m saying we really need a question. Have we even seen it? Because outer space is a hypothetical environment. Strawberry says, I guess we won’t know how they faked that light. Uh, no. I don’t know if you’re defending the official narrative or not, but was the light okay? You said it moved across the sky in five seconds. Was there a streak? Was there a trail? Was there a motion blur? Like in other words, did you see a distinct light or was there a trail like with a shooting star?

Speaker 3: (01:33:16)
Yeah, 133 somethings historical such as building a space station. There’s no footage of it. Yeah, there’s zero footage of it. There’s no footage of the space station being built or being put into space. And look, I’ve, I’ve had people say that they saw the space station crossover every 90 minutes and all entertain the call. But the truth is they didn’t see it. It’s just like people saying, I saw UFO. Oh No, you didn’t see a flying saucer from Mars. What would I see? I saw something. No, that’s hearsay. It’s see, say I don’t tolerate a CSA. If you don’t have a pic, if you don’t have video or or this, if you could tell me the date, because I’m not really good with dates. I don’t know what day it is. But if somebody said at three 44 and 25 seconds on March 7th on the 33rd parallel looking northwest, you will see the ISS. Okay. So if I go see it, I’m going to say, of course, I remember I had to check my calendar, check my watch. It took a lot of coordination to see it.

Speaker 3: (01:34:22)
So if you don’t know the date and the time and where in the sky it was, then I can’t even take your observation seriously. So at a minimum, can you tell me the time and the date in this or at least the city and the date because then I could check right there and backtrack and tell if you were even in the area because that’s where people fall. Like when people are trying to pass off something as possibly real, you know, I’ll say, well what city were you in? And they’ll say, I forgot. It’s like how often do you forget what city you’re in? Like I can understand not knowing what day of the week it is, but not knowing what city you were in when you saw the light. I can try to locate the news report that we followed. Well what city were you in? Because I want to see if it’s even a city where you could possibly have seen it. Okay. Providence, Rhode Island. Okay. Let me do a quick search. You know Richie from Boston is pushing the second son. Bullshit. I saw a second sun in the sky. No you didn’t. You saw it on Youtube. Does the suspicion cross station cross?

Speaker 3: (01:35:44)
Let’s take a look. Okay. Now if you go to spot the space, station.nasa.gov you can take a look and see. Well when’s the next time it’s going to cross over Rhode Island? What city were you in? We have Bristol. Ponoka says the light I saw here was moving north to south. Does the space station go north to south? No, it doesn’t. Does it? Does it go over the North Pole? Does it go over Antarctica? Cause they’d never shown us. They rarely do. You can sign up for alerts. Okay, listen to this. How do I spot the space station?

Speaker 3: (01:36:36)
Max Height measured and degrees represents the height of the space station from the horizon of the night sky. Okay, so here we go. You could probably find it. I’m interested though. I really am. I’m just, to me the problem is it’s an impossibility for something to be going that speed within the earth’s atmosphere. So it could only be happening in space. So anybody who says that they’ve seen it or that they believe they’ve seen, the ISS has to admit that they believe in outer space. There’s really no wiggle room there. You can’t say, well, I don’t believe in space. I believe in Holograms and Project Blue Bean. Sorry, that doesn’t, that doesn’t quite work either. Ponoka says it was definitely going south. Okay. Um, here’s my question. Does the space station go south? Let’s ask, let’s ask the Google. Does the space station go south? Can they steer that thing? Okay, here we go. Once you know the space station is going to be overhead, you can set a reminder. It typically moves from south to north or north to south. Well, which one is it? Okay, Moose. Five miles per second. Here we go. How does the ISS travel around the earth? Okay. Revolves at 17,000 miles per hour. Completes one rotation every 90 minutes. It does 16 revolutions per day.

Speaker 2: (01:38:22)

Speaker 3: (01:38:23)
it rotates. It’s center of mass at four degrees per minute one. Okay, let’s move on. Because the earth isn’t rotating. It doesn’t pass over the same place on earth. Each orbit, what? Each orbit is 22.5 degrees to the east of the previous orbit. Well, that’s very interesting because, let me name him.

Speaker 2: (01:38:50)

Speaker 3: (01:38:50)
No me Numb. He’s the guy who said that he saw the ISS go over his house and I said, no you didn’t. He said, yes, I did. He said, no way. We went back and forth anyway. He said he [inaudible] 93 minutes apart several times in the night. So he went outside. He saw it, went inside, played some video games when outside started. Again, he claims,

Speaker 3: (01:39:14)
but now I’m reading that each orbit is 22 and a half degrees off of the previous one. So how did Pono Ku get multiple sightings in a single night? Okay, let’s continue. It says, because the rockets that launched the components of the space station started on the rotating surface of the earth. The speed of that rotation is added to the speed of the ISS traveling. So we didn’t have to burn as much fuel to get to 17 point 5,000 interesting. So the speed of the rotation of the earth was added to the ISS. That doesn’t sound legit. The ISS is a kindergarten science project. Oh yeah, absolutely. Well, here’s my, my issue with it.

Speaker 2: (01:40:10)

Speaker 3: (01:40:11)
The existence of the space station is the only thing that NASA has that visually confirms the existence of outer space. Um, as far as like as as low earth orbit, rather like is low earth orbit a real thing? No. Can you actually put things into orbit where we have these satellites, right? So they say, well we have pictures but you can’t see them. They’re too far away. And so what solves that problem? The space station? Because now that you’ve invented this place called low earth orbit, well now you can have something visual to confirm the existence of orbit. Since we can’t all the satellites, Pono COO says I saw it once going north to south.

Speaker 3: (01:41:06)
Well here’s another question then. Do you believe it’s possible to see a light, even a light the size of what the space station is supposed to be? Is it possible to see such a light at a distance of 300 miles? How high do you think the light that you saw was? And that’s why I asked this question because if you saw a light that was mimicking the path of the ISS, first of all, my question would be, did you have the transit finder? Did you have an app? Did you plan it? Did you coordinate it?

Speaker 3: (01:41:40)
Because if you didn’t, you can’t claim it was the space station. A Hunter said, I’d love to ask one of the females in the ISS to run the fingers through her hair with all that hairspray, he had hurt her fingers like icicles, like, like be like, oh, there’s like shards, Medusa. You know, ever since we, you know, really I think the people who are really starting to criticize ISS, they called her Medusa and there were many different female astronauts who use a ton of hairspray, which can’t be good for the ozone. Did that high up, right? Anyway, they hairspray their hair so it sands up like the bride of Frankenstein to simulate gravity. Well now if you look at the, uh, the female astronauts, they all have short hair all of a sudden. And I still can’t figure out how a, the captain of the ISS, the previous captain, Captain Peg Whitman, how often has she got botox and hair dye in space.

Speaker 3: (01:42:42)
You know, you leave the earth, 60 years old, 64 years old, gray hair, somewhat sunken cheeks, you arrive and now you’ve got plump cheeks and dark, dark hair, botox, makeup. It’s like maybe they go the opposite direction, the earth spins and it reverses time. So she spins couple of years in space, but it reverses or age. I think that happened on that superman movie where he went back in time by flying around the opposite way. And those superman movies were constantly being used to reinforce the illusion of space and all that because I mean he’s an alien.

Speaker 3: (01:43:25)
A pono COO says, I did see a bright light, but it was no space station. The reason I knew it was a space station cause it looks strange and I googled ISS transit and they said it was over us that night. It’s still, I find it strange. Um, you saw a light, you googled it and you said it was an ISS transit. I would need to know more details. I’d need to know more details a whole lot more because again, you’re going to run into the problem with me anyway. Uh, you know, the fastest jet is 5,000 miles per hour, like less than 5,000, 500 and that’s not sustainable on a 20 year trip

Speaker 3: (01:44:09)
and the ISS is going 17,000. And so the light that you’re saying that you saw matching the trajectory of the ISS can only exist if we can see that far, which I don’t even believe. And if outer space is real. So then I wonder like are you adding a bit of wishful thinking? Like did you want to have seen it? Did you want to confirm it? I remember when I was a kid, um, you know, around Christmas, you know, you, you know, like three or four years old, you know, you see like a red light in the sky, you know, it’s a plane and be like a kind of hoping it’s Santa.

Speaker 3: (01:44:48)
I think a lot of NASA people are people who believe in the official stories. They see it and they kind of hope. Yeah, that’s Scott Kelly up there. And Chris had fields jamming on his guitar, peg Whitman’s drink and Russian p and loving it. You know, they’re doing little tricks with a little balls of water in space. Like come on, you see, you’re just saying it was a light and I’m just saying your adding um, uh, um, false witness by asserting it was anything even close to the ISS unless you were to precalculate in advance to know to the second it would be there. And if you matched it on your watch, like if you were to say I saw a light at two 37, I swear it was a UFO cause it was moving so fast and when it went five miles per second. And so I went and I checked nasa.org and I said, yeah, at eight 37 and 43 seconds at your altitude, at your longitude, latitude, it would be crossing over your head because if you didn’t make those specific calculations and preparations to see it, who are you to say you saw it?

Speaker 3: (01:45:56)
Given how rare of a thing it would be if you weren’t specifically looking forward in its path, it moves 23.5 degrees every orbit. Which orbit did you catch it on? Again, I’m just saying I think we need to stop asserting that. We saw the space station. You didn’t see Santa, you didn’t see the space station. If You saw light, you saw something in the earth’s atmosphere. That’s my main point. You saw light. Was it in the earth’s atmosphere or was it in space? If it was in the earth’s atmosphere, it couldn’t have been moving that fast. If it was a with, if you could, I mean really 275 miles. No Way.

Speaker 3: (01:46:37)
50 Miles, 20 miles, 30 miles. Let’s say it’s 30 miles up. What’s moving? It was the propulsion. You understand that the ISS doesn’t have any propulsion, it’s falling. It’s orbiting. If you created a fake ISS or a plane that looked like one, when do you stop to refuel it? Alejandro said high up. Yes, you were right after the meteor drills. We’re getting hit by one soon. Oh yeah. Now that people are talking about it like it’s not all a hoax. Um, yeah, they’re getting ready. Look, we had operations shake and fury, earthquake drills, FEMA earthquake drills all summer long. Let’s pretend like we’re going to have a 7.7 magnitude earthquake and deploy all the necessary emergency response teams and just war game it. And now we have one. I mean come on, I’m strawberry blind. I’m sure you may find reports at the space station was going over. I’m not doubting that. I’m just asking you what you actually saw. Like did you see a light that was on the trajectory was said to be at that time moving at that speed because whatever you saw was an impossibility. And that’s what I’m curious about.

Speaker 3: (01:48:00)
And I always get this, everybody saw it like I got this one. Well, you know, we all saw it and I’ve seen it. It’s like, again, it’s, it’s hearsay and it’s not good enough for me anyway. I’ve had enough on the ISS like I know it’s fake. I just don’t understand why people continue to hype it up. Like, oh, I saw light. No you didn’t. And you didn’t see that. People used to do the same thing with flying saucers. I saw a UFO or I saw lights. I’m like, okay, well that’s just kind of like, makes me want to yawn. You did not see any lights.

Speaker 3: (01:48:40)
Religious people do it too. Oh yeah. God talked to me. Oh Jesus came in my dorm room, told me to stop drinking and, and to adopt additional conservative values and listened to rush Limbaugh. Yeah, I’m sure. You know, I can’t, you know, I mean, it’s your word against mine, but if you’re not going to show me a picture or an audio recording, let’s just like not presented as evidence please. Cause we have a higher standard. But you know, Jaron believes that there’s an ISS, but that it’s a a drone and it actually takes pictures and sends videos down. And I’m like, are you telling me that you believe that there’s a camera up there in communication with the earth moving at those speeds? How come it’s not burning up in the atmosphere? What’s causing it to move? Again, there’s no such thing as orbit and the whole thing, the whole point of it is, again, nothing could move that speed except in the hypothetical environment of outer space. So when people are presenting it, whether it’s NASA or like agents like reds rhetoric or Jaron, they’re doing what I call worldview reinforcement. The trying to reinforce the illusion of low earth orbit because logically speaking such a thing, moving at such speeds can only exist in that environment of low earth orbit, which we know to be completely hypothetical and fake.

Speaker 3: (01:50:13)
I’m gonna to check the comments over at mic slur and make sure there’s no more trolls. Nope. Looks like a now Poku has arrived as Brett Covena and his a double his alter ego. Hey, check this out. Speaking of, okay. Blasi Ford, Christine Boise, Ford, totally made up person, a character played by Justice Covena like we uncovered this really just bizarro masonic drag show, probably no stranger than any of these things they do over the Bohemian Grove. But check this out. People looked into her, no social media footprint. Like what? You mean she doesn’t have any social media accounts? How did that happen? It’s because she doesn’t exist.

Speaker 3: (01:51:08)
It’s kind of, she doesn’t exist. Yeah. Look, I’m just trying to be, um, I’m not nitpicky, but concise. The beginning, the beginning of wisdom, I think it was Socrates or l, Ron Hubbard, the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names. And, uh, so I won’t even give them any rhetorical leverage in a debate by saying, well, I think it’s ISS. I’ll say, no, uh, no object can, um, do that at that speed. No craft, no unmanned craft or manned craft. Could you even put a human being in a man craft in the earth’s atmosphere going that fast?

Speaker 3: (01:52:03)
No. Anyway, um, here’s, here’s a, the one thing that here, here’s how you know though, and this is my last comment. You’ve never actually seen a transit like you’ve never seen a rocket going into space. You see it go out of sight, out of mind, and then they cut and they cut to the new scene where it becomes a rocket in space. Same with the transits. You see the rocket or other, you see the, the telescope in place. You see the person with the telescope who says, I’m going to film the ISS. Then they cut to a closeup. Same magic trick. A Pano, COO says, I told my friends, mom, I lip that Blazey Ford was covenant in drag. It didn’t end well. Yeah. Um, few things are as politically incorrect as a mis-gendering and to suggest that Christine Blazey Ford is a character played by Justice Cavanagh who’s accusing himself of rape. I mean, yeah, it’s bad. But look who else was involved? Alyssa Milano, some Parkland, fake shooting parents. The whole thing was a ridiculous circus and I’m sure it didn’t end well, but maybe, um, she’s not aware of, maybe she needs to listen to what Richard Nixon said about the Bohemian Grove.

Speaker 3: (01:53:30)
And I’m not sure if I would start there. Like, look man, I would start with Jesse, small it and then move on into Sean King and Rachel dos. Al Trans Racial show her how hey people in the media, especially liberals like you. I mean she’s allude toward, uh, like liberal media personalities are constantly engaging in hoax. Arry race hoaxes, hate crime hoaxes, climate change hoaxes. And if that’s too much for them, you’re not gonna really get any further if they don’t already know that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks, don’t bother. Okay. Anyway, it’s been fun. Everyone. Take a minute, go to infinite plane, radio.com. That’s where we had the archives, transcripts and everything else. Um, and really it’s gonna be the headquarters for everything and you can get on the mailing list if you want to. But um, anyway, this is MVP, uh, the ips. I will see you all later. Bye. Oh yes. He says, my main gateway sign up was Ravi Parker giggling yet Robbie Parker’s smile gave away the whole game for me too.

Speaker 14: (01:54:52)
[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 15: (01:55:32)
there’s no power in synchronization. That’s why you get these government news alerts on her phone. That’s why nine 11 is so critical for the, they timed it just right to get everybody, the most number of viewers, and that’s where there’s 65 million viewers of the challengers. 700 million people saw the Apollo. Love it. It’s all about synchronization, and I’m thinking here.

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