#IPR Transcripts 7/15 GOD IS A NARCISSIST

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This is Auntie priest by Cindia off 2019 Tara it Cognito anti priest anti priest is kind of the theme for today because today I just submitted for publication. God is a narcissist. It’s actually a book. I actually drafted it two years ago and I didn’t have time to really do anything with it and finally I took out my notes and I typed it out and it’s not a long book, it’s just about 30 something pages. It’s a Siri. It’s, it’s basically making the case that a god of the Bible is actually a construct created by the elite and it’s persona is narcissistic intentionally. No different than big brother who’s basically the God in the book 1984 and they created the God as a narcissist because the dynamic there turns you the believer into a codependent and a codependent is a mental slave to the narcissist. Believers are codependents priests are narcissists. God is one as well because that’s the type of construct that it is. Just like the servants of big brothers, police state are all the same type of totalitarian. They’re all this, they’re all working for the same system no matter how high or how low, what even the lowly priests are essentially narcissistic because that’s the institution that they’re upholding.

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Infinite plane, radio.com.

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Those of you on d live, um, your chats are also being relayed over to youtube. I have a new channel if you want to check it out. If not, it doesn’t matter. Youtube channels as you know, are a dime a dozen and they don’t last. No. If you see anything worth saying. My last one was taken down after initiating one minor chat raid, we went onto a one more orbit, which was a, a farce to say in the least. Basically it was a group of astronauts and a few pilots taking a loop around the world in make believe CG island, all green screen, all fake. And they said, yeah, we’re just making a loop around the world to celebrate and commemorate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. So I go into the chat room and I say, Hey, there’s captain vert, a acrobat, greenscreen actor and s and a scuba diver cause I’ll astronauts are scuba divers.

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And I also said con man. Anyway, they not only banned my account off that chat, but they actually went to youtube and had my home Google account pulled my first day on the job and all I did again was I insulted a colonel who works for NASA. And again, they’re just kernels in a movie. It’s, it’s that bad. Or in the Sy war, I guess, you know, if you really want to be honest about it, we’re dealing with a military operation and these are sigh war specialists. So yeah, I mean Scott Kelly, a don petite, these guys are dorks. But no, you know what actually, they’re high level operatives. They’re military occupation. Specialty happens to be psychological warfare. They’re only pretending to go to space. I mean, yeah, they’re nominally astronauts, but there’s really no such thing. They made pilots. They are scuba divers. That is a requirement.

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You know, they do in fact train for outer space underwater as if that makes any sense. And what a perfect cover story for why would they need a scale model of the space station in a desalinated pool? You know, could it be that they’re faking space in the same way that they simulate space for training purposes? Absolutely. We know that’s what they do. There’s no question about it. The space station is a movie, a reality TV show presented as news. It’s actually just science fiction. And I’ve been thinking about fiction itself lately and its role in shaping public perceptions and it just seems like they, the old world order used religious fictions and histories, which are largely fictional in the sense that they’re adapted to suit the needs of whoever’s telling that particular story. It’s like whose story is history? And today these have been replaced by a mass medias stories and fictions.

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And even if the story happens to be true, it does rest a top and edifice of lies. So it doesn’t matter how honest you are, how pure your intentions are. If you go work for one of these mainstream news outlets, you’re a spokesman for an inherently a dishonest operation where nothing you say can actually be said to be true. If you’re basing what you’re saying off what they’ve told you. So for example, if your assessment of crime on America includes all their fake shootings, staged shootings, fake news, well then you’re not exactly connected to the reality you’re reporting on.

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And I’m just talking about how people become extensions or stooges of a higher authority without even knowing it. In fact, this book, it, um, it actually, the book is called God is a narcissist. I’m sorry. There’s no question. Let me go and change that. It’s not, it’s got a narcissist. God is a narcissist. Okay. So, uh, the concept behind this book, basically that is, um, let me get back to what we were originally on about, because I do want to take calls on this. I’ve been on Facebook dealing with a lot of Christians telling me I’m going to go to hell. I’m going to be judged. I had Jason Jason Loften Burger from awake souls, um, on my Facebook page saying, who are you to dismiss the authority of the Bible? And I’m like, it’s a book written by man, by the elite. It’s a construct. This God is a construct used to, can make you controllable.

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It’s like big brother. It’s the cop they put in your head and he’s like, you know, you’re going to be judged and you’re going to turn a lot of people away from God and they’re all going to burn two. Is that what you want? A big fire and hell. And I’m like, wow. You know, these people are like, how can you even take sides with God if that’s how he is? I don’t fear their God, but they are God fearing if they’re true believers. Cause God is someone you should fear. And that’s part of what the books about God is a narcissist is about how like all narcissists, uh, he has a good face that he shows the public and that would be Jesus. That’s the public face, the pacifist, the nice, but the one who floods the places, the genocidal guy who will turn you into a pillar of salt. That one, uh, that guy is the one that you only see behind closed doors. And in instances of what is called narcissistic rage or God’s wrath, typical, you know, to face deity. And so you have these Christians who are basically placed into a state of codependency where like people who are in abusive relationships, they defend their abuser and the abuse is largely psychological.

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So you’re going to psychologically accept that you’re loving creator. I’m also tortures and main goals and uh, mutilates souls for eternity, for not obeying him. Like how can you reconcile that in your head, this good guy, bad guy thing. It’s so dramatic. This, uh, hold on a second. Let me go and turn my ringer on. I didn’t want to open my phones, um, specifically because a lot of these Christians on youtube are really not cool with what I’m saying. And what I’m telling them is that your God of Your Bible is an elite construct and it’s actually a false explanation for what this place is and what we are. Just like the globe is a false explanation for the world we live on and it’s an elite construct. Each of these constructs has a specific area of your mind that it will control.

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The Globe construct is to control you geographically where you are, where you can go. The God construct gives you a whole lot of false explanations and so now everything that they’ve claimed needs to be called into question. Is there a hell while the proponents of this God construct say so is there a heaven and so on? Okay, hold on a second. Got an email here tonight is burning man at the White House? No, I’m going to play this voicemail. Actually, why don’t you call back her because this sounds fascinating. I’ve been thinking about how this whole a space station thing is going to be played out. So it didn’t go down on seven, seven as we thought. But what did happen is there was discussions about de orbiting the thing and dropping it into the ocean. It was talked about and already they’re trying to move the space program to the next stage. And here’s the thing,

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astro theologically speaking in terms of, you know, how they will say they, I mean NASA, how they use the names of their gods with these rockets and what these missions, uh, there’s a story being told like in, in my way of looking at it, the Apollo mission represents the conception. Um, cause we’re moving into the new age, the age that’s the conception. Um, Saturn, Apollo, obvious the moon, the goddess, the impregnation of the goddess, the capsule, the astronauts being, you know, all symbolic of carrying the seed of humanity to the next phase. Well then the next part is low earth orbit and the space station. And so, um, you know, station, the word station etymologically derives from a word, meaning a place of pilgrimage. A temple. So we have a space them,

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it was built. There we go.

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And I think that the last 33 years has been the gestation. Hey color.

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Hey, I’m, I kinda got your, your voicemail, but I wanted to just go ahead and hear it from you directly on what’s up with the burning man.

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Oh, wrong guy.

Speaker 4: (12:43)
Wrong guy.

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Yeah, I didn’t say anything about burning man, my friend.

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Oh, anyway, continue. Uh, what’s, what’s up with ’em? What are you calling about?

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Oh, I was going to, uh, maybe extend the conversation about, um, about religion while you were talking about it in your new book.

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Oh, sure. Go ahead and note. And if you don’t mind, Mute your speaker and you have, the book is called God is a narcissist. It will be on Amazon in about three days.

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Give me a second to nudist speaker. I’ve got to go close to it. So I may make a sound and I turn it off. Hold on about religion while you were taught. Okay. It’s off better.

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Yeah. That’s cool. Yeah. So, uh, the book, God is a narcissist. I just published it. I’m right now, I’m looking for someone to do the audio book and then I’m actually right now infinite planes, society.com you can read it free for the next couple of days. Oh cool. So what do you think about my notion here that the god of the Bible is a construct by the elite intended to turn believers into codependence?

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Well, I think that you’re going to have a lot of argument from people who think that they know that thing called religion. And when they say that, well I know religion, I think that your response might be great. A great response with the, excuse me would be to point out that there’s 35 to 5,000 different religions on the planet. Which ones do you know?

Speaker 4: (14:08)
I like that you’re right because I was talking to a guy on Facebook today who said that, you know, you don’t know what I know about reality cause you’re not a born again Christian. And I’m like, well you’re just a Christian supremacist because I mean isn’t that pretty ethnocentric, you know, to say that your religion is the right one when there are so many.

Speaker 7: (14:25)
Oh my goodness. Absolutely. And another thing, as you pointed out, when you know what I’m saying, they’re going to say you’re going to hell boy. Cause there’s some kind of, does having something against one of the bibles, you can be very easily pointed out that there’s over 110 different ones. Which ones are you saying that I should believe it? I mean that has to be a point. A good point too. I would think.

Speaker 4: (14:46)
Right. And I had a comment or today even say that the existence of hell doesn’t logically follow from the Old Testament and and even in the New Testament, it’s very questionable. Is it a place of torment? And he was suggesting that our concept of hell was actually invented by the Italian poet, Dante. Ella Gehry who wrote the divine comedy.

Speaker 8: (15:08)
Well you know what it sure did.

Speaker 7: (15:10)
The thing is it’s just some control when it comes to religion. So, so they’re going to put down what, how they want you to act and what you, they want you to believe. You know what I’m saying? It’s like they don’t have too many religions that say overthrow the government.

Speaker 4: (15:23)
Hey, that isn’t that an interesting connection there. There aren’t too many are there? There aren’t any. In fact, what is it a render unto Caesar? [inaudible]

Speaker 7: (15:31)
there you go. I’ll give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s share.

Speaker 4: (15:34)
And even today, the atheist thing, oh, well we’ve risen above this. And it’s like, no, you haven’t because atheist today are the most, um, I think the most brainwashed when it comes to global warming and climate chaos. And in a sense they’re god fearing as a result because the behaviors of the nonbelievers jeopardized their life and the world. So they’re god fearing and they’re the ones going around judging and preaching and demanding people change their ways.

Speaker 7: (16:01)
Well, I, I have maybe an interesting perspective on this because I used to be an atheist for many, many years. Um, we do have to understand that scientism is a religion also. You know, it’s a belief structure where you go ahead and you believe that there are peers among you that should always believe no matter what they say, no matter who they are concerning, you know, astrology and astronomy and history, when that just isn’t always so well you should never, you should always go through the information yourself and you should make your own decisions and that. So the whole problem is just lying belief and blind faith in my opinion.

Speaker 4: (16:44)
Yeah, you’re right about that. And it’s important to make that distinction between science as ideology or religion. And because religion, if you just take spirituality of spirituality out of it completely, it’s really just a worldview that is considered to be the best by its group. So, uh, yeah, the science today, the way it’s discussed, it’s become a worldview and it’s been separated from the methodology. So people say, well, religion beliefs were created and science believes we came from monkeys. Well, no, science doesn’t believe that certain scientists using science, scientism or pseudoscience believe it, but no science doesn’t have any beliefs. It’s a methodology and they’ve purposefully conflated the two and they have turned it into a secular religion. And like I said, it’s an atheist, very core of the new church ladies.

Speaker 8: (17:29)

Speaker 4: (17:30)
The atheists are like the new church ladies.

Speaker 7: (17:33)
They really are. I was actually on, I got actually banned. It was actually awesome because you know, I got in these, um, you know, a bunch of, a bunch of discussions with these guys because, you know what I’m saying? I’m not a Christian personally. I, I do believe in a, and I only believe in a guy because I want to, I believe in the god of love. And I know maybe that sounds strange, but I do believe that love very likely is one of the highest, um, intelligences and intentions that we can, we can get, you know, perhaps, uh, you know, I don’t know. Was it like David likes book unconditional love is the only truth. Everything else is illusion. Something around that, if you know what I mean.

Speaker 4: (18:14)
Yeah. I like a lot of his work. I liked what he had to say with tales from the time loop. And he does make that case about how there’s a spectrum love and fear and they hold us in fear and that hides us from our own nature. And I agree with that. And the thing is the god of the Bible is narcissistic and like all narcissists, the love is conditional. Oh, you bet the apple get the fuck out, you know?

Speaker 7: (18:35)
Well, yeah. Again, how could that be? I mean it just seems so almost childish, doesn’t it seem like you’re just not looking at things? And I’m saying with open eyes as you should with your intelligence and mind open. And I think a lot of that has to do is with people being allowed to in thrust this on their children at a young age and claim that it’s their right to be able to, hey, it’s my kid, I can do it. Fuck I want with it. And I think that that is, that’s an issue that we need to have a big talk about because it’s just like if you’re, you’re training your kid to be a Vegan. And all of a sudden, you know what I’m saying, her hair starts falling off in there. Their bones are getting all brittle because you’re not getting any protein or right amount of fats in them. You know, and people, society should have a discussion. I’m not, you know what I’m saying? I’m not interim statism and I actually would be more of an anarchist if I had to admit to it, but that don’t mean I don’t think we should have rules and rules for parents upon their children. Because you know, if, if the world’s, you look at, look at them all as our children, I think,

Speaker 4: (19:38)
well, the thing is, um, I think what we need to focus on the most is individual rights. And I’m a bit, I’m definitely with you on the anarchies thing when it comes to, um, the role of government. And as long as you’re protecting individual rights, I’m including those of children, the elderly, every race, every, you know, sub gender, whatever you’re covered. You don’t have to like separate it by group. So it’s like they have, um, one particular special interest group takes an interest because of this group’s oppressed. Well, what they’re doing is they’re overemphasizing one group over individuals and then the individual can then be punished by that group. So like hate crimes, for example, I’ve been convicted of multiple hate crimes. I’ve been kicked off of Youtube many times for, uh, bullying. Right? Yet, no bully victim has ever come out and said, I feel bullied. It’s just that me, the individual speaking apparently said something that could offend this entire group. So the idea of group rights has been really used to a face individual rights and it’s really, that’s what politicians do anyway. They pander to groups and I cannot find politicians who don’t do that, which pretty much to me makes them all statists in sense.

Speaker 7: (20:48)
Well, yeah, I mean, sure, of course they got the job. You’ve got a common status, you know, you can’t be a judge, not call yourself a state. This is just no other fucking way. I mean, there’s just no way around that. You are supporting the very state as bringing everybody’s rights under the ground, into the ground.

Speaker 4: (21:05)
Yeah, that’s a good point. And I, I kind of view taxation is theft. Um, because it’s under false pretenses. You’re right, great. Now we’re paying taxes because of climate change. And to me that’s philosophically and ethically that’s no different than paying taxes because we want to keep God from raging on us. And so we’re paying because a syntax, for example, like literal syntaxes, nobody would stand for that if the Westboro Baptist Church said, we’re going to legislate morality and make you pay if you commit these sins. But the environmentalist’s have succeeded by using fear of glow, but to replace this fear of God and it’s worked

Speaker 7: (21:46)
well. I do have a perspective and I don’t know if it 100% aligns with yours, but I, I would hope you wouldn’t mind if I did give it.

Speaker 4: (21:52)
Yeah, please.

Speaker 7: (21:53)
Okay. Well, the way I look at things, it does break down to when the original constitution was. And Congress was thrown into the trash right after the civil war with the district of Columbia acts of 1871. And we had a reorganization, uh, because of bankruptcy, um, with a corporation taking over nationally. All of a sudden started becoming a, uh, corporatism and fascism started taking over. So what they did do then is they tried to tell us all the story was about freeing black people from slavery when the truth of the matter was they were going to make everyone slaves by raising equity to a 14th amendment status. So it was a raised for the black people, but a lowering for the white people. Everybody else

Speaker 4: (22:38)
that doesn’t, yeah, that doesn’t shock me. I’ve heard that before. And the more I look at the ultimate goal of environmentalism, it seems like, you know what, they’ll use any pretense they can to get people to sign a dotted line somewhere saying, yeah, I agree to this and we’re losing that particular struggle here as they ramp up the hysteria about the sky falling. [inaudible]

Speaker 7: (23:01)
well, absolutely. It’s, um, as far as the sky falling, you mean, was this a plasma catastrophe due around the corner or what do you mean by that or do you,

Speaker 4: (23:11)
well, I’m talking about chief of NASA. Jim and Stein has been saying for weeks now that there is going to be asteroids pummeling the earth that could wipe us out. And he said we can’t treat it as fiction. And they actually ran NASA, FEMA Esa drills for asteroids. And so, you know, if they can get the public to believe that that’s even a possible, they’ll pull it off and the public will agree to basically, um, live in a state of national emergency.

Speaker 7: (23:41)
Not Hard, not hard. Any old Fosse legs seems to work fine. I’m devops for the people who don’t want to think to themselves.

Speaker 4: (23:48)
Exactly. That’s the key. They don’t want to think for themselves. They take the news word for it. And the worst ones I think are the apathetic ones who say, well, I’m not really someone who watches the news. And it’s like, well, then when they pull off a signup, you’re in no position to deconstruct it.

Speaker 7: (24:05)
Oh No, I really don’t watch. I don’t know that. I mean there’s a difference between watching TV and looking for the news. Cause I don’t like to make an opinion until I see many sides of the argument, not just two sides. I’d like to see a whole three dimensional picture as much as I can have the people who hate the subject, loved the subject and are empathetic about the subject and then make my decision, you know, I kinda like to get a nice three d model or what the fuck’s going on, you know?

Speaker 4: (24:31)
Well, what do you think about the, um, like I know what you mean. Like we talk about politicians being, you know, evil and wicked and this story now is they all drink. Um, adrenochrome and so I’m ask people about this and generally people are like, yeah, that’s true. And so then I asked them, well, does, um, Hillary Clinton drink blood? And they say yes. And I ask, does Donald Trump? And they say no, because most of the people who believe that happened to be kind of partisan about it. So, um, what are your thoughts on Q and on in this pizzagate thing and all that?

Speaker 7: (25:04)
Well, before we lose your last sentence, I just want to point a little nice little tidbit out that I’m, the last Google product was chrome and I think the one after before and I’m not sure which was called the Durino. So I mean that’s a, that’s pretty strange. You gotta say that’s worth knowing.

Speaker 4: (25:22)
Oh it is. I mean, what are you going to, I mean, how can you discount the fact that you got the triple six on there? The Gmail logo is a Mesonic Apron, the blue g, you know, g mail and it’s written all over the

Speaker 8: (25:35)
[inaudible] guys. Huh? So it makes sense.

Speaker 4: (25:39)
I wonder like, well what is it then? What do we actually, uh,

Speaker 7: (25:42)
yeah, I mean y’all, this was a file sharedness say tannic stuff and it all, it really means we got a corruptness going on now that we have a hard time still good people have a hard time even Phantom Ang. So they just shut off the whole news. Cause you know they have a hard time believing that people are eating kids.

Speaker 4: (25:59)
Well I just w here’s what I watch out for. I watch out for hyperbole used as a cover to cover something up that’s still pretty bad, but a little more mundane, you know, sensationalism as a cover, which is what the elite will do. And for a time there I considered, well maybe those leaked emails about, you know, from Podesta were leaked intentionally to cover up something a little more mundane, more actionable. But time will tell because I’m still waiting to actually see results from this as far as like all the speculation, you know, show me a celebrity eating a baby. But then you do see what’s her name? Andrena Abramovich or whatever.

Speaker 7: (26:37)

Speaker 8: (26:38)
I might’ve seen it [inaudible] talking about, I don’t know, spirit cooking. Oh remember

Speaker 4: (26:44)
the spirit cooking? It came out where these, a lot of Democrats do like to eat I guess, um, food fashioned into the form of human beings, which is kinda like gross.

Speaker 7: (26:53)
Oh my God. You know. Yeah, it’s absolutely crazy. And then you go ahead and look at that a while. You saw the Alex Jones special, I’m sure everybody pretty much has, who’s, who looks into anything. What’s his going over to that place where they all hang out, you know?

Speaker 4: (27:08)
Oh yeah, the Bohemian Grove. We just missed that meeting up a couple weeks ago. I am in to see what was going on this year. Who was invited? The thing is, uh, Alex Jones, his Buddy Charlie Sheen’s dad is a, is a Knight Knight of Columbus and a Bohemian Grover. It’s likely Jones was not sneaking in, but he was allowed in, uh, cause he’s an insider. But on this topic of ritual cannibalism, this was actually part of the book. Oh, okay. Okay. God is a narcissist. Um, well basically the idea here is just like with communism, the ritual is sell is making a celebration of the individual being expendable for the good of the group. [inaudible] and that’s the basic moral cannibalism, uh, behind this religion. And it’s behind all statism. I think it’s moral cannibalism. Individuals can be sacrificed for the mob and the mob. This is why I’m a, I’ve always been, I’m wary of the, uh, the left is they like to gin up the mob on base emotions like envy and like, Oh, the 99% oughta take from the 1% make everything equal.

Speaker 4: (28:13)
And Anyway, uh, that whole philosophy though is inherent, I think in the ritual cannibalism where you’re all, imagine you’re stuck in a cave somewhere. There’s 13 of you. One guy says, all right, you guys will live, but you’re gonna have to eat my flesh and drink my blood, but I’ll do it so that you can live. And that’s like a virtuous thing. It’s a big, it’s, um, okay, well look, he sacrificed himself for us. And you can see it’s noble in a sense, but that’s the story of like, this vicarious sacrifice is only noble until you realize that everybody in the group is then expected to be a sacrificial victim on some level or at some point or to be ready to.

Speaker 7: (28:50)
Sure. It sounds good. And I saw the, uh, the falling down to the pub at one movie with the fallen down or the plane, can’t remember what it’s called though. Um, and they started cannibalizing each other, you know, uh, when they were stuck up and wherever they’re stuck and the snow and mountains and couldn’t be saved. And I don’t know, 60 to 90 days later they’re a child down a bunch of their friends. Yeah.

Speaker 4: (29:13)
Well those are, those are, um, extreme examples, but I know what you mean. But what I’m talking about specifically is how they’ve turned this like sacrament and it’s like, well, is it really sacred when you’re dealing with vampirism and cannibalism? Is there any way you can dress that up to where it’s not some sort of a cult programming getting you to just say or to, um, almost, um, well they do in fact, DFI, the sacrificial victim. It’s like a cult. And I’m saying that martyrs don’t actually have the moral high ground. I think it’s very destructive and I think there are better ways to do things and I think that the more susceptible you are to this empathy with this person who died for you, this more ingrained guilt and you have, the more you’re going to feel like you have to do it for somebody else. It’s a cult of self sacrifice, a death cult.

Speaker 9: (30:04)
Well, I mean there is family and Andy, right there is family and you will do whatever you can for someone that you absolutely love. You know, if you got to, you got a little girl, there’s PR, there’s no doubt in pretty much anyone’s mind is that little girl was about to be hit by a car. You would jump, push your eyes away and have no problem being hit by that car to save somebody you loved whoever it was, even it was your best buddy from, you know what I’m saying, from whatever you know. So there is family, but there is a rationalism too.

Speaker 4: (30:32)
Yeah. Well that’s, that’s even not a sacrifice though. If you’re voluntarily giving it because you value that person’s life more than your own at that moment and you’re willing to do it, that’s a trade off. It’s not the same as a sacrifice. A sacrifice is actually an act of theft like taxation versus charity. You know, you’re giving because you can versus they’re taking from you because you can’t stop them. And so on,

Speaker 9: (30:55)
like from like the um, from the latest elitist point of view saying, well I have a right to take care of it cause every artist needs that type of thing. Where I was talking from the personal meaning you point of view and someone close, Joe said that we would, we would, we would share and give what we have. So we all rise that type of things. Where I was coming from that, that, that standpoint,

Speaker 4: (31:17)
well they use both. They tap into that noble instinct that we have, you know, just to preserve our own and to protect the loved ones. They tap into that and make you think the true way to exercise that is this altruism. But they make it pathological altruism like sure. And you know it, yeah. They get you with like your patriotism, like who can argue with that? Well, I can argue with it if what you’re fighting against, um, doesn’t exist or if, if the events were provoked or if the war isn’t actually just, if you look at how things are manipulating on your scenes. Again, it brings us back to the whole idea that, you know, if you’re part of the system, you’re serving the state in any capacity, you’re a status. And I think that’s really the enemy here. And I think that God is basically the state, you know, it represents the will of the state. It’s a construct,

Speaker 9: (32:11)
very likely. Cause I think there’s a difference and it should, it should be stated there, like me pursuing, like I said, I come from maybe a different standpoint where I believe in a creator and I have to, to hold integrity within myself. I have to believe that possibly that creator became at all or he was no longer or there was multiple creators. So that brings up a logical, you know, um, more discrepancies you can put on the table

Speaker 7: (32:40)
where you don’t, you know, they change it all from polytheism to monotheism and then, you know what I’m saying? And then that’s all that’s allowed. It seems like, you know. Yeah,

Speaker 4: (32:49)
yeah. Good point there about the creator to and possibly multiple creators. You know, I, I don’t discount that. I’m not even really going there because I do have in my own life subjective experience. It tells me that there is, but what I like to do is separate that notion from the Bible, just like the globe as a false explanation for the world we live on. I agree. I think the Bible is a false concept of God.

Speaker 10: (33:18)
I agree.

Speaker 7: (33:20)
I agree personally. I mean, I, I mean, I, I’m not, like I said, I’m not a Christian and I’m, I’m just definitely not gonna start reading on the Kabbalah to become Jewish or reading on Islam and become, you know what I’m saying? Muslim, I just not into the whole mind control religion things. Don’t get me wrong. I like to hear a good story and the new stuff that’s coming out, like from Mudd foster university, the new stuff that’s coming out about the giants and about the giant trees and about earth being a Corey and all that stuff, his brief, the end, even just flat earth. Um, being able to see that there’s no way to prove curvature and rotation. I mean this is important aspects that one might say is in that book, the Bible perhaps. But it really was taken out of context and a whole lot was added to it with different books and less books and everything like from the previous by well before you know the King James version.

Speaker 4: (34:13)
Yeah. At the end, at this point, um, I look at history to the historical narratives that are, you know, taught as like, oh, this is the truth. This was what it was 2000 years ago. I look at that as just a secular religious account. Like it’s a, a pseudo historical, it’s a form of religion in a sense that it forms your worldview. And I reject arguments based on historical events or characters. And so when someone says, of course the world’s of all, all the ancient Greeks knew, I reject that. And in the same way I’ve just taken to rejecting biblical explanations because all we really know is from where we are ground zero and as far as we can discern, you know, back in and forward and it’s not that far and this mud flood thing throws a big wrench into it. But I think it helps clarify things because if there’s any truth to it, it invalidates even further. Not only the histories, but all of the religious holy books that are attached and married to those histories

Speaker 7: (35:10)
and is it ever gives them a whole bunch of trouble. I don’t think they can short it out in my opinion, neither having tartars and all that stuff is so fascinating. And then giants in history. I don’t know if any of the tartars were giants, but they seem like they had a whole lot of electricity and knowledge that got lost perhaps because of cyclic cataclysms that that needs to be a subject on people’s, you know what I’m saying? Discussions, I would say, you know,

Speaker 4: (35:33)
well what

Speaker 7: (35:34)
is that? If that’s true or not, that’s,

Speaker 4: (35:37)
that’s important because if there is such a thing, then it invalidates revelations.

Speaker 7: (35:42)
Pretty sure.

Speaker 4: (35:44)
Yeah. Cause there can’t be any biblical mud flutters cause mud flood and validates the Bible. And that’s why I like it because we need a reset everything and start from ground zero if we’re going to figure out where we are. And then this thing about giants, I was actually looking at this yesterday. I find it fascinating because I read this account of red headed giants in the southwest, uh, living at some caves or something. But I remember from anthropology like one oh one or something, they were talking about the, uh, neanderthal and how these were red headed almost human, like things, but that were, you know, wiped out possibly by man. It was even suggested here. I’m just like, well what is this red headed giant thing? And there’s also a story about some red headed giant spotted in, in Iraq. And have you seen that one?

Speaker 7: (36:27)
Uh, Ganesan maybe you’re talking,

Speaker 4: (36:29)
oh, that’s the one. Afghanistan. Exactly. Yes. So what is with that? I mean definitely a, um, interesting but consistent stories all around.

Speaker 7: (36:40)
Well, I mean, and I know that the, that bring, are you familiar with the mud fossil university guy? Are you familiar with that mud foster guy?

Speaker 4: (36:52)
Oh yes. Actually I am, I’m looking into it. I have seen, um, a number of, um, his videos and I pretty much follow this subject kind of, um, broadly.

Speaker 7: (37:01)
Yeah. You know, I’m not sold on it. I, uh, I find it highly interesting myself and, you know, it seems like he’s on to something that’s a very important, I mean, I don’t know he, but he talks about some things that are very hard to wrap your head around like 800 mile dragons. I mean, I, you know what I’m saying? It’s almost no one’s going to be able to say, okay, are they a hundred mile dragons? You know?

Speaker 4: (37:24)
Right. Well, I do remember the last time I took a flight, I was, um, looking over like the eastern side of New Mexico looking down. And I was like, it does look like a whole lot of giant tree stumps. Huh? I mean, it does. It looks like it. I mean, there is a, that pattern, there is that, and there’s this place called a sky city or an Acoma Pueblo and you can’t really go into it, but you can see it off the road and it’s basically these cliff dwellings. And I’m like, how the hell were people, you know, uh, hundreds of years ago, centuries ago, climbing up these cliffs, these sheer cliffs and carving these dwellings into the cliffs and why would they call it sky city? And also they were known for having an advanced understanding of the procession of the stars and the constellations. Um, everything like they really studied the sky and I’m like, wait, Sky City Yakima, and it looks like a bunch of homes carved into the side of a massive tree stone

Speaker 7: (38:20)
similar to petro. Are you familiar with that, Petra?

Speaker 4: (38:24)
Where’s that?

Speaker 7: (38:25)
Oh, you got to check out Petra? I believe it’s in, um, he, they Lebanon or Jordan, I’m not sure. It’s in one of them, I believe. And they got some of the same stuff over in Saudi Arabia. But then when you look up Petra, you’re going to see that they were somehow three dimensionally carving out rock to make homes out of. And when you see what they carved out a rock, you’d say there’s just no fucking way. This could be done. Just no way buy a hammer and a chisel or really, I just, I really, I think it’s more of a larger issue than even the pyramids when you see what’s over at Petra, check it out. And uh, and I bet you’ll agree the stuff they did there is just absolutely amazing. And the things that you see there are like, they carved 20 foot ceilings. No. Why would they ever do that? They made accesses that were not for human, just to step up unless they went ahead and destroyed, you know, a set of steps that will might’ve been, you know, five to eight feet tall, you know, I mean,

Speaker 4: (39:24)
right. What would be the, what would be the purpose? I W there’s a channel I watch, I don’t know the name of it off hand, but it, he’s an India and he looks at megaliths and he talks about the mythology about giants in the past and that they were successfully smaller every age from 30 feet, 16 feet, eight feet where we are now. And then he also looks at what appeared to be, um, like small stone structures for smaller people. And there are rumors and stories around of uh, a room smaller. Yeah. So that’s, that’s all really fascinating. Um, the idea of stone having some type of, um, I dunno, um, process by which it can be softened or, or molded. Uh, that seems to be a consistent theme as well.

Speaker 7: (40:07)
Where do you look at Petra? You’ll say, I just don’t have an answer and that’s me. I mean, I just, just because you can soften the stone, look at what they’ve done with the stone and imagine if it was soft and trying to pull off what they did. They have absolutely perfect straight walls and ceilings caught out of the stone. They got ’em rounded and an immense extra work put into little things that don’t matter. Um, like decoration and rounded corners and excessively, like I said, excessively high ceilings. I mean there’s something going on with this picture over there and people need to have a good eye on it. It’s not like accessible I guess for every biggest to go to. But you do have a lot of pictures of it.

Speaker 4: (40:48)
You know what? I think this is one of the reasons why, um, the, the secret societies are based on like the modern ones. Mason’s are based on, you know, stonework. I think that the secrets are concealing, cause it’s always been about building secrets. You know, the trade unions are the guilt, the stone workers, guilds are the basis for the masonic lodges structure in the handshakes are like security clearances. And the central story of freemasonry is about the architect of King Solomon’s Temple and how he died to preserve the secrets. Even though they tried to extort it, he wouldn’t give the password so they could understand his blueprints. And when you get initiated, they, they, if you look at the masonic lodge, they have like a rough stone next to the altar and then polished brick. And they say that when you’ve, um, gone through the whole system, you will have become this a polished brick fit to be laid up as a stone in King Solomon’s Temple. So you come into rough stone but you come out of Polish brick. But I’m wondering as Albert Pike said, he said all the low level masons are given deliberately misleading explanations for the symbols of the lodge. So I was wondering, well, maybe they’re actually showing you the beginning. We know the secrets to making these cathedrals to working with stone stuff that’s been buried.

Speaker 7: (42:08)
Well, I mean, you’d think that we’d be seeing a whole lot of, um, our resurgence

Speaker 9: (42:13)
if that were true. Could be, but I mean, we’d think that they did building with the secret knowledge going on, unless you’re trying to say that Petra is not old, which, um, if you look at it, you know, I think that it has, uh, several products of aging on it.

Speaker 4: (42:29)
Let’s see. That’s what I’m thinking here though. Um, that, that the timelines were given for these ancient structures are totally, I’m wrong. Maybe, maybe even, um, we’re talking when they say 3000 years, it could be 300

Speaker 9: (42:43)
or it could be 3000. It could be 3 million. We, I don’t think that we know. I don’t think we have an idea. Have you, are you familiar with Martin? Um, Martin Kenny’s work?

Speaker 4: (42:54)
Uh, no. What is Martin Kenny about?

Speaker 7: (42:56)
Yeah, he’s in the syncretism saying and he says he’s reading all the different religions and bringing the commonalities together. And what he’s come up with of course, was a, a cycle cooked aquatic cataclysm because of, um, there’s also another guy out there, Brian Austin Lambert within his girlfriend, have some pretty interesting stuff too about the plasmic catastrophe that we’re supposed to get. She rarely very close. Like next year. Definitely the next three years.

Speaker 4: (43:28)
Well, okay. So syncretism is where I stepped into this topic with flat earth because I was really realizing that when I’m looking at the Vatican and the iconography, the rocket, it looked just like a launching pad that I just watched from space x. And then I looked into the history of the space program, the Thalamic undercurrents and the names of the gods attached to the rockets and I realized, wait a minute, this is syncretism. Mystery Babylon has been rebranded and it’s been given a new face as the space program and they’ve replaced every element of it. So the angel has become the satellite. The obelisk has become the rocket, your original sin carbon footprint. You see how they just replaced these things. Heaven is now outer space and a tree. You’re the rapture or even a transcendence. These things have all been accounted for in the new religion and it’s all dressed up as technology. That’s syncretism. Science fiction is religious syncretism and they’ve just taken the mystery Babylon and they’ve dressed it up for the 21st century. [inaudible]

Speaker 7: (44:33)
very interesting stuff. I mean, you can’t deny that. Want to go back to that cue you want to bring up. What are your ideas of the Q stuff?

Speaker 4: (44:39)
I don’t trust anonymous sources and I think Q was there to take all the stray sheep who broke free the media’s mind Matrix and uh, because they were fatigued from the 2016 election and it got them reengaged. I think the same thing with Cathy’s fake death. Got Them reengaged. And now I even think that Breitbart, Andrew Breitbart from breitbart.com I don’t think he really died in 2012.

Speaker 7: (45:02)
I don’t think he was assassinated.

Speaker 4: (45:03)
I did the day I woke up, the minute it was reported on Drudge, I got the news alert, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling something was off and I saw that and I was like, Whoa, they killed Breitbart. Cause I just read his book and then I’m like, wait a minute, this is going to trigger something. Cause he was just about to release some information about Barack Obama, his affiliation with the Communist Party or something. He was going to be a disruptor and they shut them down. And so it seemed legit, but now I’m looking at it and no, that’s pretty much what they do every political season are these fake martyrs.

Speaker 7: (45:34)
Well right before, I think you’ll, you probably came across the same stuff so I’m just gonna throw it out there. Right before the Q stuff came out. I know that there was one girl, I can’t remember her name, but she’s a, um, she was in the military and she brought out which allegedly was a lawsuit and that talked about there being, you know, just an incredible number of people that they were putting out indictments for [inaudible] concerning, um, triggers action and like on nine 11, for instance. And um, more recent events and also concerning pedophilia.

Speaker 4: (46:12)
Okay. Yeah, yeah. I know who you’re talking about. And what does she do? Are you talking about one who just disappeared?

Speaker 7: (46:19)

Speaker 4: (46:20)
Oh, you talking about another reporter who disappeared? Yeah,

Speaker 7: (46:23)
this grade. He hasn’t, he hasn’t actually disappeared cause I don’t know her name. She is really nobody that puts out much information. I only see two of her stops. So I don’t remember her name. I of my head, she was, she’s a, she’s a military young military lady who, uh, brought up that um, they had a massive set of indictments. They were going to be happening and she was saying all this stuff that just trying to feel good. Like, oh, they’re going to put Obama in jail for his actions and, and Hillary and, and there’s going to be a whole lot the democratic party that’s going to be over there. And you know what I’m saying? And um, what’s that prison?

Speaker 4: (46:59)
Oh, slows down. Probably go on Tonto. But look, this is, this is the good part here. So it’s the Democrats and the Democrat, Hollywood, the liberal Hollywood elite who are going to go and in the right wingers are pure. This is way too partisan to be real. And here’s another example of syncretism. And this one is split by most people. And I really recognize this is the truth. When I saw Trump signing bibles, they’ve replaced revelations with the great awakening. Trump is the Christ in this. This is all syncretism. That’s how you know it’s fake. Trump is the Christ. The great awakening is revelations. The opening of the seals equals the sealed indictments, the book of names that who, who show, who are the saved and the righteous versus who are the damned that gets opened up when the seals are opened during the great awakening the storm. And you, you don’t know if it’s going to happen, but just trust the plan. That’s what it says in the Bible. And that’s what Trump says. That’s how you know it’s fake. That’s syncretism. This is the blueprint they use to control the minds of the masses.

Speaker 8: (47:55)

Speaker 9: (47:57)
Okay. I think that you’ve been doing some pretty good work with that. Absolutely. Is that a lot of reps in your book?

Speaker 4: (48:03)
Oh, that’s, yeah, that, that was more in the secret religion, the elite. But that book, um, where I, I explained the syncretism that is, I think what they’ve done. I didn’t get into the political side, but I, in fact I haven’t put that into any of my books necessarily. The one I just did, God is a narcissist though. Kind of delves into this as well though. And it’s basically about, um, mass mind control. This is all weaponized anthropology. We’ve been looking at how this is used everywhere, not just politics, but uh, entertainment, you know? Yeah. Oh yeah. How many death fakers have there been in NASA, for example, you know, Neil Armstrong wasn’t all likelihood a death faker.

Speaker 8: (48:44)
I’m death faker

Speaker 4: (48:45)
as in Neil Armstrong when he emerged on the scene, um, he was merely playing a character. Neil Armstrong is a character.

Speaker 8: (48:54)
Sure. No one was no argument there. So he just pretended to be an astronaut or whatever. Go ahead.

Speaker 4: (49:00)
But before he was Neil Armstrong, or maybe even simultaneously, he was playing the role of Yuri Gagarin, the first cosmonaut

Speaker 8: (49:09)
Oh, from Russia, Russia.

Speaker 4: (49:10)
[inaudible] the Russian. And he died two years before Neil. And I’m saying that this is a common phenomenon from Bill Hicks dying and becoming Alex Jones. And many of the others, uh, you know, first these are laughable anomalies and I’m like, okay, this is strange. But we’ve examined so many of these things in the last five months that it’s clear that we’re looking at, this is how free masonry works. The whole right of masonry is about you being symbolically killed and resurrected as a new person. And this I’m central, right, is apparently being done in front of our faces in these, a big psychodramas with these staged fake deaths. I don’t know how many you’ve been following, but you know, we had the, uh, recently, the 33 year old rapper, you know, dying on Easter, that kind of thing.

Speaker 9: (50:01)
Okay, well, I don’t really ever know what to believe anymore when they say people died. And sometimes when you’re, you’re talking about that Mandela effect, when people come back and say they start really confusing our memories with, with, uh, with all this stuff and then, oh, there’s all this stuff in Mandela fact that people, that just really has of no real consequences when you start talking about cartoons and, and stuff like that. I really don’t know why people wouldn’t say, well, you know, it’d be pretty easy fricking change that

Speaker 7: (50:28)
all you got to do is, you know what I’m saying? They different DVDs.

Speaker 4: (50:31)
It’s, Oh yeah. It’s the Ministry of truth. I mean, what was the council of Nicea? It was a consolidation of the worldview and getting rid of that which with that which didn’t fit. And I think right now they’re doing that every day that the, the, the process of curating reality as an ongoing realtime process. And those are the things we notice. Imagine what we don’t notice, you know, how much have, how much has been slipped, um, you know, past our awareness.

Speaker 9: (50:58)
Well, yeah, I mean we got so much toxins coming at us from, so whether it’s information that’s toxic, whether it’s, you know what I’m saying, food is toxic. The air and everything is, I mean we are really being bombarded with a whole lot of bs and stuff that, you know, you might be more worried about your house and you’re worried about what they’re doing up there and Washington DC and not even wanting, not even wanting to be, you know what I’m saying? At this point now, I really can’t really be turning on the news to see what’s happening with politics because it just makes me feel bad. You know? It’s like I know they’re not doing anything good. I mean, I know that nine 11 was not only an inside job, it was just a movie where nobody died.

Speaker 4: (51:39)
Great. Okay. This is funny though. Like this is like, some people don’t go to church cause I don’t want to hear the bad. I don’t want to hear about how bad I am. I don’t want to feel guilty. You know, people don’t like church for various reasons. And the people like you who opt out of watching the news, you’re actually making, you’re making a wise choice. You know, it’s like you’re staying away from the negativity. But the people who do watch the news look at you like the people who don’t go to church on Sundays, you know, um,

Speaker 7: (52:03)
variant and like, like I said, I want to know the information, but I don’t want to be sold the information.

Speaker 4: (52:09)
It’s too emotional. It’s, it’s Ajit prop and you know, propaganda. It’s, it’s meant to radicalize you really. I think that the most dangerous religion today is the m s m fundamentalism that sweeps over all sides. You know, the political spectrum. A radical left winger radical right when you’re in it. By radical, I mean the people who believe what they see on the news without question, those people have been radicalized.

Speaker 7: (52:33)
Absolutely. Absolutely. I want to add it, and I don’t know if this, I don’t even know if this really connects to what we’re saying, but I kind of think it does here. I’m gonna have to Jim yesterday and uh, there’s a police officer in there. He leaves and I, and I’m having a conversation was another guy. And um, he brings up the police department and a little bit of corruption here and there and I brought up that, hey, you know what I’m saying, that these are privately owned corporations. These police in these courts are privately on corporations like proprietary rules, regulations and, and um, you know, they have all this different stuff that they wrote. Honest that um, only only applies to us if we agree to be u s citizen. Otherwise they have no jurisdiction. Now we know that they don’t even have criminal courts in America. All we have are commercial

Speaker 9: (53:26)
courts, non articles, three commercial courts. So the way I thought this might connect because there was another cop sitting in that sauna and he came right out and said, everything you just said is bullshit. So I certainly was not going to sit there and start trying to, you know what I’m saying? Uh, argue with them. But I said, you could be right, but I tend to breed the believe supreme court rulings. They’re not taught law. They’re not allowed to give legal advice and judges aren’t allowed to practice law at the bench,

Speaker 4: (53:59)
you know? Um, yeah, I’ve, I speak a lot about this with a friend who’s really into this particular topic. And I think the main point here though is really questioning where you give your consent. And when it comes to religion, I’m like, I’m saying we should not consent to being judged by their god. So when I say, I think your religion is mind control, and they say, well, you’re going to go to hell because you’re a nonbeliever and an infidel, I’d like to save. No, I’m not an infidel. Like you can’t apply your labels to me because I’m opting out of your whole system. Like, I’m not really up to be judged by your particular set of rules

Speaker 9: (54:35)
and up and up. And you brought it up earlier, I believe on your show today about giving a personality to the creator, which, you know what I’m saying? How could we ever think that he would have a human like personality with the perspective that a creator of everything would have creators that everything might have or even if it’s like an the pantheistic view where God became everything, which I think is a possibility too. We’re all part of God. You meet everything and everything’s consciousness. We hear a lot about that. What’s a lot of the new wagers talking? I don’t mean that that’s wrong because I’m calling new agers but it hasn’t been talked about forever.

Speaker 4: (55:14)
Yeah, well there’s a, when you say new wagers, you know, I, there’s two distinct groups. New agers are the ones who are like, okay, the old stuff is obviously bunked what’s figured out for ourselves. And then you have the actual, um, new age movement, which is rooted in, you know, theosophy and free masonry and all that. But yeah and W so most of the new agers I meet are the seekers. And that’s who I think are the ones who are, I’m right on track here. The seekers, not the believers. Right. And this is true in everything, not just spirituality but also with news and with science. If you believe in science, you’re wrong. If you’re still seeking new information or you’re open to new information, okay, well then it’s still a scientific endeavor. Same with the media. If you believe the news, you’re wrong. If you’re open to new facts, changing what you thought was true, then you’re on the right path and there shouldn’t be settled science, there shouldn’t be settled news and there certainly is no settled religion that’s figured everything out.

Speaker 9: (56:11)
I couldn’t agree more. Well said. Absolutely. You know, I uh, I don’t, I don’t like to know, I hate the type of Pearson who wants to overtalk you and says he knows law or he knows science, that type of thing. You know, cause you know, if you’ve looked into science and looked into law, there’s just too much for any one person to really know. I mean, at a certain point, some people get really good at stop so people can really get good at reciting history and that type of stuff. But once you pretend to know it all and think that your icon and every, if you come for you as source, I mean you’re screwed and become a narcissistic. Pop his ass.

Speaker 4: (56:50)
Exactly. And then when you have someone like Neil degrasse Tyson saying, well, 97% of scientists believe in climate change. So it’s real. Well there you have it. You have the scientists know it all. It’s the institution of science is inherently a narcissistic construct.

Speaker 5: (57:06)

Speaker 9: (57:07)
and that statement is so important because that’s a fallacious argument. Just saying, we’ll see everybody over here believe this. So therefore you should too. And that is one of the greatest tools all of us who are searching to find whatever truths we’re trying to search should always have a back of our head. Is Knowledge of fallacious arguments that steers you in the wrong direction?

Speaker 4: (57:28)
Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Because what they do when they make these arguments from consensus is they want to invalidate the outlier. They want to invalidate the seeker or the thinker and that’s what narcissists do. They invalidate the perceptions that don’t agree with the image that they have for you or with an institution. If you don’t abide by its norms, it standards, there’s something wrong with you. And they always have labels and that’s what I call God a narcissist because the people who don’t go along with this plan will look what happens to them. You know, they get a castigated but then they’re also propped up as examples of what happens if you stray. And so it just shows you, hey look, if you stray from the path you’re invalidated. This path is the only way. I mean that’s the definition of mind control by consensus.

Speaker 9: (58:15)
Now you’ve got sin on, they call it self inflicted nonsense. So I agree with what you’re saying. You know they are trying to push you and you’re a little box and it works for a lot of people who just don’t, you know, who just go along to get along and it’s just fine. They really don’t care what’s happening with people over there either as long as it’s happening over there.

Speaker 4: (58:34)
That’s despicable to the way that during 2016, the outright was um, you know, throwing these massive hissy fits over censorship on Twitter and Facebook cause their posts were being banned. Well, now they’re not saying anything about the censorship of people who are questioning the shape of the world.

Speaker 5: (58:53)

Speaker 4: (58:54)
And I’m like, well look, you’re not going to stay. Yeah.

Speaker 9: (58:58)
Oh, so many names in my life.

Speaker 4: (59:01)
Oh yeah. You get used to it. You get a thick skin. Right.

Speaker 9: (59:04)
Well now I don’t get what I’m saying now. I, I don’t really, you know, I was on a website where it was the, uh, the flatter it’s versus the globe or type of thing. And it just wanted being nonsensical because how many times you’re going to say the same thing. I mean, how much, how many times I’ll say the new guy. Well, I just

Speaker 7: (59:22)
don’t see how you guys could have any single factor that would say that they’re just flat and then a week later, well, I just don’t see how a single one of you can have us have an I aura to believe that, you know, um, the earth is flat. You know, you guys are just stupid and crazy and then all of a sudden you decide, well, you decide to get an argument with that guy and the next guy and pretty soon you’re just wasting all your time.

Speaker 4: (59:44)
Yeah. Would I, I came to the same conclusion. I said starting in 2019 we’ve had enough time. What’s no longer tolerate debates because it’s premature. None of us have enough information and no new facts are being entered into the equation here into the, into the, um, our assessment and there’s no new Bible verses being written because that’s already a closed book. So the debate is pointless. The only logical debate is globe or no globe and no globe. One, it’s premature to posit a flat earth model until someone’s gone to the edge.

Speaker 7: (01:00:18)
Well, there’s, there’s, there is, there is a holographic model and I don’t want to say that I believe in it, but I do think that it should be given some, a little bit of air time. Not that I’m going to give it air time, I’m just saying that, you know what I’m saying? Yeah. I don’t think we’re going to get rid of those people just yet. And they might have, they might have some solid, you know, argument to them. I’m not saying that that means that they’re curvature or that just rotation. And I’m not saying that I’m, yeah, I’m just saying that a, that whole solidity of all mash there. No, but I remember David, I brought that up or he likes to keep saying that, you know, like, like he made it up in his own head that, um, you know, and just with like atomic theory though, actually the smaller you get to look down into the left is actually there. So it does sound like the, um, um, Star Trek we are going on the holodeck.

Speaker 4: (01:01:13)
Yeah. It could may well be or it could be that this is just another refashioning of um, you know, platonic idealism. Nothing is real, nothing wrong with it. And I think it’s probably probably accurate and I think it’s a more accurate based on what we can perceive. Uh, you know, this is what I kind of find funny about physicists today. You get these Mastro physicists who are like, oh yeah, it’s um, it’s a ball in space growing around the sun. Way Out there, there’s some wormholes, he’d take the love check, the warm on the left, that’ll take you down to the exoplanets and the goldilocks zone. Like they’re so certain of what’s out there in outer space, but it’s all theoretical. But the ones who actually do physics here on the ground, they’re there. Their estimation of what we’re on their assessment is we’re in a or on a um, flat infinite universe.

Speaker 7: (01:02:02)
And I have to say that, that seems like quite a joke because I don’t know about anything being infinite. I don’t like to use the word, you know what I’m saying? Sure. You can count infinitely if you were to try cause nothing stops you, but it doesn’t seem like that’s what use where the would it be to have everything internet. It’s shames like, you know, the idea of even God being infinite on ending seems like a conundrum that we’re, that, that that’s just because we’re giving up on trying to figure something out.

Speaker 4: (01:02:33)
Right, right. Yeah. I can see that. I can see that, but I look at it as infinite until proven otherwise because even if, let’s say it will say it was, and you had proof. Let’s say somebody sent you a telegram from the end of the universe and told you about the distance involved, you couldn’t possibly get there in your lifetime anyway.

Speaker 9: (01:02:49)
But this, this is where I think you’d really appreciate this Martin Kenney stuff where he talks specifically about, um, the passages of the Zodiac. Um, and then different timeframes happening, like where things changed from the bowl to the ram. And now we’re entering into the, uh, the changes as Pisces in our entering into the, the picture of water. What’s that normally?

Speaker 4: (01:03:18)
Yeah. Yeah. Query is right

Speaker 7: (01:03:19)
barriers. Yeah. You know, and that’s what he goes into. And then talks about the products of what entering into this new age of acquirers is going to bring and what it means. And it growing like a, I’ll the earth from the middle North Pole. I don’t think I can do any gestures because he has a bunch of graphs and stuff and it does a lot of talk and that, you know, you know, the guys may not be, you may not be right about everything, but he’s done a good job to go ahead and, and I’m standing for did so you can look at it. So that’s a nice point thing where we can say he was always wrong. It’s three years go by. And as an admins,

Speaker 4: (01:03:59)
yeah, I’m very wary of, you know, prophecy but patterns are patterns and the best predictor of future behavior is relevant past behavior and this idea of a procession of ages, I think it really is scripted into this thing. And here’s some more syncretism. I think the way it works out is the Apollo mission was the conception and we’re talking about the birth of the new age. The mastering of lower orbit and the space station. That was the gestation period. And that’s when the baby’s growing in the womb or whatever. And now even the word station means temples. This space, it’s this, to me, it’s this, um, the space station is really nothing more than, um, a metaphor I guess for the, um, child about to be born. He’s being, he’s developing in the womb and the new age, his birth is when, uh, I think the sky falls.

Speaker 4: (01:04:46)
In other words, that’s when everything changes. And I was thinking about how close we are to the space station being decommissioned and falling. And when it does, we moved to the next phase, the space age where we go to Mars. And so I think what’s gonna proceed the next age may actually be, um, some type of great flood. And I think that the flood will be, some will be probably inaugurated by the ones who usher in these new changes. And I think it’ll be proceeded by the falling of the space station, which represents the, uh, the birth of the child coming back down to earth and being born. And then also not sure if if space is water, it could be that they have water crashing down from above. And that’s the amniotic fluid from the Isis is womb, which is the night sky coming down to the earth.

Speaker 11: (01:05:35)

Speaker 7: (01:05:37)
well I think that you’ll really finance stuff from my Martin Kenney. Very interesting because it talks about the same subject. Personally, I don’t really buy into the, the asteroids in the wars cause you know, I tend to say that there’s a barrier in some way up there, whether it’s water, whether it’s solid glass. I think that there’s, there’s something there. I don’t see, I, I know that you could have an argument if you know what I’m saying, if if, uh, if there was a space and if it wasn’t a vacuum, it’s a lot easier that, you know what I’m saying? They could still pull off their heliocentric bullshit. You know what I’m saying? But

Speaker 4: (01:06:11)
yeah, but that’s, that’s so, yeah, I have a problem with that too. Asteroids, where would they possibly come from? And they would all involve orbits and you can’t have orbits without gravity.

Speaker 7: (01:06:23)
And then like you’re talking about a another great flood or something like that. We look at the great now great bowls over and uh, I’m not sure, isn’t it Mexico or is it, uh, I think that there’s different ones or the big, was it called Midi or canyon or something? They call it.

Speaker 11: (01:06:40)

Speaker 7: (01:06:40)
Um, where it’s monstrously huge and it looks like a big ball from the sky and it’s a big hole in the desert. You know what I’m talking about? Right,

Speaker 4: (01:06:47)
right. I know 20 talking about,

Speaker 7: (01:06:49)
and then I think that the belief possibly is what’s happening is they have recycling cash trees where there’s a break in the dome, there’s water above us. It all comes down and it has all those miles to fall and Chris, a big Ass Canyon and floods the place. There’s a guy named Johnny level out, do something, set the place, floods up to the top of the frickin dome. I don’t know about that, but,

Speaker 4: (01:07:13)
okay. Well who warned us about the flood in the stories and these stories? I think the elite have it all encoded. Who warned man about the coming flood because of his wickedness. Noah? No. Well can been. Who’s been warning us because they have God’s eye view. Who’s been warning this about the flood owner earth? It’s, it’s NASA. NASA is, I’m working with Noah. They renamed it. I mean it’s National Oceanic and atmospheric administration. The sea and the sky. It’s called Noah and their logos. The dove with a stick in his mouth. Just like Noah from the bibles dove.

Speaker 7: (01:07:48)
Have you given us any, any consideration? We roll the story back to like the tartars and if you look at that, I know they had the M as was the Carrington event. Was it where they had some kind of big flash back in the early 18 hundreds you don’t, I’m talking to Carrington event.

Speaker 4: (01:08:06)
Yeah. The one that’s scorched the forest and went like what? A hundred miles or something. I remember that.

Speaker 7: (01:08:10)
Definitely that was like Russia. I wonder if that was a some kind of um, bomb test cause they probably wanted to do a bomb test before they pretended to drop detached the feasibility of dropping a bomb over on Hiroshima. Not that I believe in nuclear weapons, but I do believe in bomb testing for crazy shit.

Speaker 4: (01:08:28)
Oh sure. Oh yeah. They definitely exaggerate and there’s so much bluffing involved and that’s why I don’t really get down with the paranoia. It’s like people like the new world order’s coming. Alex Jones, you know he’s stock stock, go up on a MRAs, you know he’s having a breakdown about it and it’s like, you know what, we’re in the old world order. They’re just giving it a new paint job right in front of us calling it the space age, but we’re already in it like nothing’s changing dramatically yet. But I’m still open to the possibility that Noah’s warning about Mann’s activity, fossil fuels and all that causing a flood. I think it may actually happen. I just haven’t figured out how they do it, but I do think they may have some way. When I say they, and this is all presupposing that we are captives of some advanced civilization that wiped out what came before. And if that’s the case and mud flood theory really points in this direction, if any part of it’s true, then it’s safe to assume that whatever they used to flood out the previous residents, the previous civilization could be used again. Right.

Speaker 7: (01:09:28)
Well, here’s the thing that I was just to what I was trying to, you know, the point I was trying to make in my previous sentence, I was remembering that, what do you think about where it wasn’t the Carrington event, but there that I was talking about specifically, but back in the early 18 hundreds, they had an event that was supposed to be a massive electric event. I thought it was called the Carrington event. Might be, might not be. But anyway, after we had, um, that reset the mud flood reset that they liked to call it, and that’s why I’m calling it. Um, it seemed like there was a bunch of kids everywhere that all of a sudden they got pushed into, you know, if you look at the tartar stuff, they got some really great stuff. John Blabby, you have to watch his stuff. Great stuff about, um, kids being put in these cities that were like empty. So I really wonder if, um, you know, I don’t know if they’re holding a bunch of kids outside, they’re going to kill most of us off and restart civilization. Like they, maybe they always do that.

Speaker 4: (01:10:24)
Well, here’s my, my theory on this, and I think this is true, even though it’s kind of dark and I’m not really a conspiracy theorist, but again, I’d like to read the patterns and I mentioned earlier that the first cosmonaut actually played Neil Armstrong’s the same dude and it’s a whole farce. So that would suggest that Russia and America have always been BFFs behind the scenes. So you take that forward a few years, if you decades, they decided, okay, well how are we going to get these capitalists to give into slavery and served him? How are we going to get them to embrace gulag life? And so they said, well, let’s use environmentalism, that threat of global catastrophe and let’s send them to Mars bases where we control what’s in the base and they’re working as slaves, like a slave labor force, but we’ll call them colonists. Well, how do you get people to agree to go to Mars and all that?

Speaker 4: (01:11:12)
You brainwashed them over successive generations, which they’ve done. And here’s my, my theory is that the Soviet gulag system was transitioned into Mars bases with brainwashed captives born their kids. Like you’re talking about kids thinking they’re on Mars and the adults raised them like they were on Mars. Just like the movie the village where the adults brainwashed the kids into thinking the commune is all there is and it’s the year 1800 when it’s the 20th century. I think we could actually have Mars colonies all throughout Siberia, possibly arc to go. And when were wiped out, those would be the replacements and they’d say, Hey, we’ve been down here for 60 years and we’ve terraform to Mars and it’s got a blue sky. Let’s come out.

Speaker 9: (01:11:57)
Well that Phil, Phil, uh, what’s his last name? Joe Schneider talked about the ability to cut massive holes with some kind of laser and through rock, which has me thinking that may might have massive underground stuff going on and they could tell the kids that were born there that everything is, you can’t go to the surface, everything’s dead. Everything, you know what I’m saying? So these kids are down there for incredibly long times and set all this propaganda, how, you know, why everybody died on the surface. And then if there was a collectic cataclysm that they already knew it was cyclical and due to happen, which they, this um, Martin Kenney says is basically next year and that Brian Austin Lambert is second yet within the next three. Um, and then they would have all these kids coming out and I don’t know what they would’ve did with all the dead bodies. That’s still the conundrum to me though.

Speaker 4: (01:12:50)
Well, the thing is the Mars program, as they’ve scripted it and they said they’re taking their maiden voyage next year on the star ship, no less. And they’ve the, they’re going to stimulate space travel, but when you get to Mars, they’re, you know, they’re going to be told, the whole story with Mars is a, you, you have to live beneath the surface for several generations. Same with the moon. So if they’re just moving people into dark, deep underground military bases, problem solved, their entire experience of the outside world is going to be mediated with, uh, you know, computer screens.

Speaker 9: (01:13:19)
He could tell him anything. There is fucking giant dragons eating people alive. You don’t want to go to the top.

Speaker 4: (01:13:24)
Exactly. That’s 100% what I think, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the billionaire blimp club, the guys that own these space programs are selling plantations full of brainwashers. I was thinking about the Mormon church and you know, this is dark, but the Mormon church is all masonic, you know, polygamists and I was like, well they promised celestial kingdoms. So if you do well by the church and you belong to the right class, cause there’s like a, there’s a, basically there’s three heavens or something.

Speaker 9: (01:13:54)
Okay. And

Speaker 4: (01:13:54)
the height and the people who are new to the Mormon church probably go to the bottom one. The people who’ve been in it for a while go to the top one. It’s also kind of racially segregated. And the idea is you go to your, your own world where you’re a god and you have like, um, you know, 30 wives or whatever and you just start propagating, you know, kind of like starting over Garden of Eden Style and, right. And I’m like, well, it’s if the, um, elite like to farm people around, maybe they sell custom total environments, you know, custom tailored like, yeah, I’ll take a Mars plantation, you know, I want one models off the deep south. And you know, like you could probably make, that’s what they’re doing. That is what they’re actually doing. If you think about it, they’re creating worlds. And that’s what Elon Musk joked about or referred to when he was talking about, um, when he put Isaac Asimov’s books in the trunk of his car, the foundation series, the whole point of the foundation series is when you go to Mars, since you’re the guy who’s building the basis, you decide what kind of culture you’re going to have.

Speaker 4: (01:14:59)
You’re going to control the populations and you’re going to rewrite their histories.

Speaker 9: (01:15:03)
Good to be King, Huh?

Speaker 4: (01:15:06)
Yup. Pope Ilan.

Speaker 10: (01:15:09)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Speaker 9: (01:15:13)
No, I, I didn’t really put nothing. I know how you talk about darkness. I don’t put anything past these people, you know, I really don’t. I, I, you know, I have no problem them bleeding, that drinking blood plasma is good for you. And they have this thing, I can’t, I’d have to look up the name for it, but there’s an actual, a medical term for using young people’s blood and slicing it into older people and them feeling better. So there’s, so there’s a use for young people’s blood and has a great missing of children every single year. And then right up here in Washington, the largest, um, parched human parts factory in the world right up here in Washington. So I mean, I really don’t put nothing past these people. I think they’re, they, I don’t know. I think they hate us. I think that they’re just so far gone that they really hate us or you know, I don’t want to say alien from another planet, but it could be alien from another, another fear and other, not a sphere, but another, I’m out there and had infinite plane, another, another round patch. And that’s an older one or one around, this is what Martin Kenny blue leaves.

Speaker 4: (01:16:21)
Yes. The fix that makes a lot of sense.

Speaker 10: (01:16:24)

Speaker 4: (01:16:25)
Yeah it does. I didn’t know that. That makes sense. The a the idea like why would they despise us? Why would we be worthless? I think it makes sense. Humans, I mean, um, uh, or aliens or just humans from another region possibly. Huh. Or down below. Maybe we’re on top of the stage. I mean, have you seen Westworld? No. Okay. It’s an HBO show about these, uh, simulations basically there. Um, AI, so become self aware but they live in a, in a virtual reality, but real people go in and interact with them. It’s like next level video game. And since there’s no rules, no laws, these simulated people are abused, they’re killed and they just start over everyday with no memory what happened the day before. So it’s, it’s kind of this, the scenario though has the creator of this, these um, these AI into these little intelligent beings as like gods.

Speaker 4: (01:17:20)
And so you see these creator characters hanging around a round table where the game board is, where all these simulated beings exist. Westworld and it looks just like clash of the titans. You remember how the gods would stand around the table and they’d put the characters on the board and move them around. Okay. Yeah. Well then I look at a more recent movie, the hunger games where the elite are standing around a circular table upon which is a real time projection of what’s happening down below and they can interact with it as gods on the game board. Anyway, my point is I keep finding many different themes of the round table and have the elite being on the outside. And in all these instances they’re like the gods and were their creations and we’re subject to their will. This is their domain. And so in a way, it kind of could be that we are in, um, an area where, um, the people who rule over this place don’t do it openly and, and why would they, especially if they have technology that far surpasses what we have, they wouldn’t want us to see it.

Speaker 4: (01:18:26)
If we were to see something, it would, um, you know, get people to really ask questions and they would hate that because curiosity might lead people to, um, do what we’re doing right now.

Speaker 11: (01:18:37)

Speaker 7: (01:18:39)
a question.

Speaker 4: (01:18:40)

Speaker 7: (01:18:43)
I know that I didn’t like to believe, um, that behind the scenes they had the power to clone people. I just didn’t like the idea. I thought, yeah, they might be able to, and I guess clone Dheilly and, and a cloned a couple other things. I don’t know names, but, um, and then they supposedly cloned a person. Well, I’m this, I’m this, this lady and I, I, uh, I’ve watched a lot of your stuff. She’s really good. I mean, I’m surprisingly good. She goes, really good production is on x. What’s it called? Extreme reality check. I think it’s called the extreme reality check. And she, um, does a lot of presentations. One of them, one of them was on cloning, next going on and then she started showing these pictures. And now it’s almost impossible to argue. We got recurring, uh, actors in history. I, so something’s going on. I mean, it’s, it’s, well, how could they constantly have what would seem to be similar genetics,

Speaker 4: (01:19:42)
you know, occurring through history. That’s fascinating. Well, if they have the capacity to, let’s say, move a soul or a spear or your consciousness, like in all the black men, all this, well, if that’s the case, or cereal or cereal, reincarnation like, okay, like, so you’re, you’re getting old and you’re gonna pass on your soul to the next, um, inhabitant and you just have it ready. You know, Kinda like, um, you know, you’re, you’re basically, your consciousness is put on a junk drive and move to the next spot. Only a, that’s how they talk about it in Black Mirror and science fiction where people could be upgraded or uploaded into a, uh, computer. But I look at like old stories and Ella gories like what about, uh, premiere modern from atheists, Dr Frankenstein’s monster. That whole story was about what happens if you take inanimate matter.

Speaker 4: (01:20:33)
So together a bunch of pieces and then you give it some lightning. It’s probably an allegory for something or it’s, or what about terms like things like Chucky or terminator. All of these movies where inanimate matter comes to life. And so for me, um, this idea of cloning and stuff, it wouldn’t make sense that like you couldn’t clone yourself because you’ve lived an entire life. But if you could have a replica, it wouldn’t even be you unless there was some way of, you know, bridging that gap and it’s all very, this stuff is all very much a matter of conjecture that people say they see celebrity clones. It’s more likely you’ve seen him body double. And you know, I didn’t know this until just recently, but you know that video, go ahead. Go ahead.

Speaker 9: (01:21:20)
Yeah, I was going to say, wait a minute. I mean I wasn’t just seeing body, I was, when you see six people that look identical, it’s just not, you know, they just find six random people in it that are interchanging. Like there’s more than one Brad Pitt out there. Have you seen, I mean it’s very hard to argue there’s, there’s more than quite a few of these uh, actors and I don’t know about anything else, but actors are the only ones that we can really, you know what I’m saying? You use as examples cause they’re the ones we got photos out about. You know what I’m saying?

Speaker 4: (01:21:47)
That’s a good point there. Although, um, this is the thing, yesterday I was looking at this video by, um, her name is m last name is Mendez. She was a disguise, a director of disguise. She worked for the CIA for number of years. And, uh, she was talking about, uh, masking technology and the masks they can use to cover people, you know, to change your entire appearance and to somebody else totally transforming you race, age, everything, gender. But she said it wasn’t declassified until last year, this certain mass technology and she had a demonstration of a mask that she showed George W. Bush in the 90s. And it was, um, she looked like a totally different person obviously, but it was a mass that also wrapped around the whole head and included hair. Anyway, she said this was classified until last year. And interestingly enough, she’s thrown out a whole lot of this information about how it’s things she, she said about what it’s not possible to do. So there’s always levels of disinformation with these people. But they finally admit, this is what we could know while she was living on up, she showed a picture of six Saddam Hussein’s rowing a boat. No Shit. Okay. So you know, you have these like, well, are there clones? Is there some type of, um, something mysterious going on? Or is it something like disguise technology? And she was showing how you had these six body doubles.

Speaker 7: (01:23:10)
Well, it wouldn’t be the same size, same body type or nothing like that today would have to be figured out and go ahead.

Speaker 4: (01:23:15)
Well, okay. So they found six people who match the, the size of Saddam Hussein and then they use masks and they created half a dozen apparent clones and had them all row in a boat and um, just showed a picture of it to show how they could get away with this and how good it was. And it was so well done that, yeah, this, this technology that has been so, uh, it’s so sophisticated, but it’s classified as to how far they can actually go. And so if they could pull that off and actually make it appear to be clones, which I’ve seen the picture, they’re probably way more advanced now.

Speaker 7: (01:23:49)
Well, I think that, I think that, that what you said, uh, it should be considered, I think they should always be on the table because, you know, it doesn’t sound that Farfetch they’re plasta the plastic, uh, um, doctors. I’m just going to say, you know, those guys that do plastic shirt, it’s plastic surgery. They are amazing. They’re like the only ones you want to go to. If you ever get a cut, there’s a drastic is what you can go into your doctor and go on to a plastic surgeon. Let me tell you.

Speaker 4: (01:24:16)
I bet. Well, you know, plastic surgery is part of it, but the other part of it is, um, you know, three d printed masks. There are things that they can do like in a matter of minutes, but, um, it’s, to me it’s like you could easily replace celebrities. Um, and probably politicians and, and a full whole lot of people. Yeah. Easy.

Speaker 7: (01:24:37)
Like Michigan mission impossible type of stuff. You saw them, one of them movies had a, a I, what’s his name? Jason. We’re [inaudible], you know, changed his whole face to look like somebody else and they, you know, they had a bunch of them where this girl or looked like, um, you know, this person, all of a sudden she pull her her mask off to someone totally different if that’s what you’re, you’re bringing off.

Speaker 4: (01:25:00)
Oh yeah. And you know, I’m wondering here though, you know, every time there’s something classified that comes out, it almost seems like a lot of the conjecture that was bearing it was personally put there. And so I’m wondering now if a lot of conspiracy theories about clones and they’re like Tila Tequila push that one. If these aren’t there to distract people from a disguise body doubles and just basic spy craft and subterfuge.

Speaker 7: (01:25:26)
That’s why I didn’t want to believe the clown thing because uh, it just gives them almost supernatural powers that I just didn’t like to do. If you go ahead and you go onto that, um, ex reality, check on youtube and check out the video on there, check out some of her work. She puts a lot, I mean, it’s two or three hours where she really cements his home at least that she for sure believes it and she believes she’s gathering up information beyond a reasonable doubt that this shit’s been going on. And she even believes she has proof from way back where, you know what I’m saying? Back when they were just thinking about cloning something. They’re already good at it. So I don’t want to say the argument

Speaker 9: (01:26:04)
that, uh, I know she’s right, but I think that the information she has is definitely worth checking out. And then you make your own decision.

Speaker 4: (01:26:11)
Sorry. You can do, yeah. Hey, one last thing here. Um, this, this just came across my feed here. So there was this New York City power outage where it went out from the 42nd street on the 42nd 42nd anniversary of the 1977 blackout. So that was just this weekend, wasn’t it? Yeah. 42nd street, 42nd anniversary, and 42,000 people estimated to be without power.

Speaker 9: (01:26:40)
That’s just a coincidence theory, right?

Speaker 4: (01:26:42)
I think I know where it ties in. It’s 42 is the number in the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. They asked this, they ask the most intelligent robot in the world, which has the mind of God in it. What’s the secret of the universe? What’s the secret of life? And the answer was 42, whatever the hell that means. But then when Elon Musk sent his his roadster out to space, that text, that Tessa Racer. Well, and what was the whole point of that? What does that mean? A rich guy sending his car into space and it made, it makes me think about the store. Cause he’s like the richest man on earth, you know, and the idea and the richest man on earth sending his car in a space like a getaway. And it says on his dashboard, don’t panic. Well, don’t panic. Is the advice given to the people on Earth in the story, the hitchhiker’s guide to the universe.

Speaker 4: (01:27:31)
Don’t panic. The world’s about to end. So Elon Musk, who’s the big guy, the biggest voice out there saying, the world’s about to end. You got to get on my rocket, get to Mars. Um, he puts, don’t panic on the dashboard of the Tesla roadster, a direct reference to this thing. He even references, um, this movie in several other ways. But my point is 42, the number 42nd street, 42,000, a blackout, a s, uh, corn cited with a, what? 42nd anniversary of the 1977 blackout. It seems like if you put these stories together and you look at the Meta narrative, there is more than a coincidence here. And in this case it may be saying, don’t panic. The world’s about to end. You’re gonna have a blackout. But if you’re rich, get on the rocket and get the fuck out. Get to Mars.

Speaker 9: (01:28:17)
Well, that [inaudible] like I was saying to Brian, Austin Lambert and Kenny, um, that, uh, Kenny Martin, they believe in this shit happened to happening, um, next year, right at Christmas or within an, and I think Brian Austin Lambert was, is happening within the next three years at the longest, or at least we got some kind of timeframe to work with back in. I just want to bring it up. You bringing up that, um, that ship a Tesla. Then motherfuckers there in 1909, they had a car, an electric car come out. I got 1,244 miles to a charge and the new Tesla electric car gets 408 miles to a charge. So I think they should just be laughed at. I mean, I don’t take Ulan Moscow’s anything

Speaker 7: (01:29:01)
serious. He may not. You may just be a stooge as there may not even be rich. I mean some of these guys they just made put in for a role. All the world’s a stage,

Speaker 4: (01:29:10)
no doubt, no doubt. And he’s been called the new Thomas Edison by Neil degrasse Tyson where nothing that he has come up with has been original. Even as rockets with their retropropulsion or whatever. Retropropulsion they land on their, they land lendable rockets reusable rockets. That’s Wernher von Braun. Um, so next year, yeah, it could be something. MUSC, I don’t know if he’s legit or not. I think he’s pretty much an actor. I don’t know how much he is in the know about at all.

Speaker 7: (01:29:36)
Oh the order your ass

Speaker 4: (01:29:38)
now check this out. Um, next year is the 100th anniversary of Communist Party USA. And Mike contention here is that the space program is the way to get us to adopt world communism. So maybe next year is the year they make the move cause this has been look red. You know, um, Mars is the red planet. Uh, the, I think that we are moving into, you know, and I, I’ve thought this ever since the international panel on climate change in a, I think it was the one in Copenhagen where they passed out this red book and I think it was even a Hugo Chavez came out and he’s like, there is a spectre here at Copenhagen. It’s capitalism. And he was just thrown out this communist bs. And I’m like, wow. The communists have really used environmentalism as a stocking horse. And then I see the end goal of environmentalism is the end goal of the space program. And it all makes sense. The space program. In fact, if you look up space communism, the Soviets were all about luxury space, communism like Jetsons on the Mars or Jetsons on the moon where it’s like high tech paradise up there in the sky. Meanwhile they give you a gulag on earth.

Speaker 7: (01:30:54)
I don’t even know what time him, nothing to answer on that. I have no idea. You know what I mean? It’s all fake. So I’m sure they compile all the fantasies they want of what they are going to idealize. I know they’re not getting anywhere. All those rockets curve and come right back down. Most likely go over there and you know, I’m saying the jealous triangle or whatever.

Speaker 4: (01:31:14)
Yeah, that’s, and they have the perfect explanation. Oh, it’s the gravity tilt, you know?

Speaker 7: (01:31:19)
Sure. It is.

Speaker 4: (01:31:20)
It’s got a, it’s got a fall into orbit. But then again, you look at their footage. Look, I caught them red handed. I don’t even touch the ISS very much anymore because we’ve caught them. One of the guys from, I think he’s one of the Canadian ones, he did a time lapse of a rocket leaving the earth. And then uh, yeah. And it was like from the ground to space, it went straight up. You even saw the little pop when the one of the boosters popped off, but it went straight from the ground, perpendicular 90 degrees, way up into space. They forgot to use the gravity tilt because you saw the arc from the ground. You didn’t see it from space. So who’s lying? The News on the ground or the astronaut in the ISS.

Speaker 11: (01:32:03)

Speaker 9: (01:32:03)
well, you know, they never have that too. They never show us that third wall and never give us a 360 degree, uh, you know, photos to see where they’re going as they’re going there. And as they hit this magical area called space. And when space starts, you know, that they could have showed us some time and they just did it because they can’t, they make it all up. They’re just $53 million a day fucking stooges that are just bilking us for everything that we don’t stop them for.

Speaker 4: (01:32:32)
Oh yeah. This is the modern church though. We’re selling. We’re basically, we’re, we’re buying indulgences every day and the rich are buying front row seats to heaven. It’s all a big Ponzi scheme. The people at the top, no same, same program, just a new facade. And, uh, by the way, are you, I’m uptodate on mad mix, um, objective here of reaching the, the Karman line to see if space is real.

Speaker 9: (01:32:58)
Uh, I never heard him add my, the guy who had his own little personal rocket that he was going to go up in.

Speaker 4: (01:33:03)
Yeah. Yeah. A Mad Mike hughes.com. Yeah, he’s got a plan now and it’s, it was, um, actually there’s a couple interviews on youtube about it with uh, Waldo steaks. The designer, he got himself a raccoon, which is a capsule. Uh, it’s got, you know, it’s a rocket, but it’s basically a steam power. I’m not sure if steam this one is how it works, but you got to listen to the explanation. But the way it works is it’s, it’s a helium balloon that takes them up 20 miles before the rocket to deployed. And anyway, his objective here is to try to reach 60 miles and see what is up there. Not just see visually. I mean there’s cameras. It’s going to be, um, uh, three 60, we’re going to see above. So everything, NASA refuses to give you everything that Bizo and virgin galactic and must, can’t give you a med. Mike’s going to do and he’s going to be on, I’m just bringing this out now. I got the notice about it on Friday, he’s going to be live on Fox News to explain his plan to go to space.

Speaker 11: (01:34:00)

Speaker 9: (01:34:00)
exciting. Just this week you’re saying?

Speaker 4: (01:34:02)
Yeah, Friday a Fox business. And so I’m looking forward to it obviously. Um, you know, he let me know that they’re going to be talking about his trip to outer space, which is a pretty big deal cause it’s, this is, this is the thing, I’m like, you know what Mad Mike Hughes is in the space program one. And unlike the other ones, he’s actually been in her rocket. Diesel’s hasn’t Musk hasn’t. Branson says he’s going to, but don’t. He always puts it off. So the truth is, as far as astronauts go, as far as a civilian space program goes mad, my queues is 1,875 feet ahead of all the others. He’s the lead racehorse. As crazy as it sounds, a flat earth. There is, I mean, if you are

Speaker 8: (01:34:42)

Speaker 4: (01:34:43)
yeah. If you’re not considering the previous, um, space exploration to be real as we’re not,

Speaker 8: (01:34:48)
right. Right. So he, he, uh, he has legitimize the, um, the world record world record for heights already. No. The um,

Speaker 4: (01:34:58)
well he, yeah, he actually, that record has been legitimized for steam powered rocket, but this, um, this raccoon thing, um, is gonna be, I’m taking place later this year, so he’s going on Fox to explain the plan, announced the, um, how it’s gonna work. And you know, this is all part of a media junket intended to really bring about all the sponsors he needs to make it happen. Cause it’s going to be like 2 million bucks to get the helium. It’s a 400 foot diameter balloon.

Speaker 9: (01:35:24)
Ah, oh, huge over a football field. You is that,

Speaker 4: (01:35:27)
yeah, exactly. And this is gonna be televised. I mean, do you know what that’s going to look like on TV? A gigantic balloon with the flat earth or in a capsule and we’re gonna see his view. It’s going to be a real time event streamed by the, uh, the science channel. So yeah, it’s going to be, um, uh, I think bigger than the challenger explosion as far as

Speaker 9: (01:35:48)
it’s true. I mean, I really don’t believe that either those guys are still alive, but, uh, I think that they’re going to want this guy to crash or want them to explode up there.

Speaker 4: (01:35:56)
Oh, those guys will be watching no doubt. The challenger Def fakers look, they’d been faking deaths for so long. You know, it’s been 33 years since the challenger explosion.

Speaker 9: (01:36:08)
I remember watching it on TV. I didn’t know it was this year. It’s 33 years now. I can keep track of it. It makes me feel old.

Speaker 4: (01:36:14)
Well, I bring it up because the challenger was destroyed and there’s a, it was actually Cooper. Bill Cooper came up with this. He was like, you look at the challenger explosion in context and the space shuttles, he was saying this is all part of a scripted plot. Like I’ve been saying, a scripted plot line, the birth of the new age and everything, and for him, the space shuttles represented another part of the script and it was a Colombian endeavor to discover Atlantis. All challengers will be destroyed. You get that out of the names of the space shuttles. And the challenge of course is oh Cyrus or no, Cyrus the sun, God challenging that, the God of darkness. Um, so every son God is destroyed and then he’s reborn and he’s destroyed at 33 years. So I look at this timing of it, 33 years since the challenger explosion, 50 years since the Apollo.

Speaker 4: (01:37:09)
Both of these things are very significant. Apollo, it represented man hitting the moon, the challenger or the space shuttles that all represented mastering low earth orbit, building a space station. So here we are, 33 years since the last tragedy. I think we’re due for a new one and that’s why I’ve been predicting the space station will fall because it’s, I’m part of this cyclical dying and resurrecting in a new form and look, I’m bringing this up here and if he caught this on the solstice, Phoenix was burning, which is on the 33rd parallel. The guy who set himself on fire in front of the White House this year, a 33 year old and this was the 33rd year of the burning man festival. And the last, so I’m looking at these and then Phoenix burning the evacuated half of the city. And at the same time there is a Phoenix showing up in Russia, in the, in in a, an Aurora borealis above some military base. You can see it, it looks like a Phoenix in the sky. So this is stuff that [inaudible] putting out there. Huh.

Speaker 9: (01:38:11)
And the movie Phoenix just came out, right.

Speaker 4: (01:38:12)
Oh, dark Phoenix. And in the movie, dark Phoenix x men, the movie poster shows a burning space shuttle. So taken together and then you had the burning of the Notre Dom, which is a temple to the goddess, as is the ISS. So these things are all in elegance. The steeple falling, they, they use that event. That event was so layered in meaning and subutex, but the steeple falling at sunset, well that’s the Sun God and his dismemberment on Easter. And it’s the celebration of these rights being performed in public. I mean, the syncretism is everywhere. We’ve seen it. How they’ve, um, you know, they, they just change the faces and the facades. But even in the pageantry and the rituals, it’s all in front of our faces if we know what we’re looking at. And really the big tail for me is the calendar, which is based on the sun and the movement to the luminaries.

Speaker 4: (01:39:04)
Because here we are on the solstice where mercury makes an appearance. Just as we reached solstice, right? And they said mercury was a at its place, I guess furthest east away from the sun that it will ever be. And as Mercury makes its appearance on the news, they start reporting a new track by Freddie Mercury has been uncovered. And guess how long this new track had been buried? Oh my goodness. Who knows? 33 33 33 years. Freddie Mercury has a track called time waits for no one buried for 33 years, comes out during the solstice as the planet mercury appears behind the solstice on the, I mean, look, I’m telling you it’s, there is a Meta narrative here connecting politics, entertainment, and all the news media.

Speaker 9: (01:39:53)
And how can you not believe that conspiracies happen? If you see all this blatant right in front of your eyes, you got to, you almost gotta be wanting to not know. You almost got to purposely shut your eyes and not want to know to not start catching these connections.

Speaker 4: (01:40:10)
Okay, well, we’ve got a prediction. We’ve got a prediction for you here from the audience here. Someone mark remarked about the son of Sam. So the 42 years ago we had the power outages. Well, during that time, that was when the son of Sam killings happened in New York where you had the, uh, I just, I don’t know if it was real or not. I haven’t really examined it. The guy seems legitimately crazy, but whatever the case is, it was during this time that he started doing these shootings and it ties in, oddly enough to the whole burning man thing, not just the guy burning in DC, who by the way, was not the first 33 years ago. Another guy burned himself in front of the White House. But 1977 was the year they released the movie wicker, which was about the burning man, the, uh, the pagan, right, of having a big effigy if a man and filling it with sacrificial victims. And this movie came out at the same time that the son of Sam was doing this thing and a, they were conspiracy. There’s at the time kind of connecting those two, um, the occult because, you know, he was all about in his, the way he just, he, I think he said he was killing on behalf of wicked king wicker.

Speaker 7: (01:41:20)
Do you believe that, you know, these actual examples that you’re bringing out, um, I suppose to keep it close to [inaudible] or some way other than, you know, here’s another 33 years, another 33 here, you’re getting kicked with another 33 or what do you think that, uh, we should look at this.

Speaker 4: (01:41:38)
Oh, here’s how it, okay. So the ones who are writing the scripts, the directors of the world stage, they know exactly what they’re doing and they leave their, I guess, narrative structure out there in the open because we can’t perceive it. Like 1968 they turned on nine 11 as the emergency number nationally, right? Nine 11. And that was 1968. 33 years later, we had nine 11. Well, in 1968 they started the construction of the towers. So you could say that nine 11 went 33 years in the planning. That’s 33 years in the making. And so that’s why I just ignore people, say, oh, the Jews did it or the Muslims did it or it was Bush or as the Saudis. No, it was a movie production. 33 years in the making.

Speaker 7: (01:42:27)
Do you, uh, are you, you follow the, um, hotel roster, you know,

Speaker 4: (01:42:31)
um, what was that one?

Speaker 7: (01:42:33)
The how towers theory.

Speaker 4: (01:42:36)
Yeah, I do. No floors matter.

Speaker 7: (01:42:40)
I think that I agree. You know what I’m saying? And I have those, those photos you can see right through the building. You know, it’s very, uh, I mean, I don’t,

Speaker 9: (01:42:48)
none of it’s, you know, I’m saying there’s no way you could’ve had a building falling match speed, but you share Canada’s yes, she’s CZI like we see in the Avengers movies. If you’re watching the Avengers movie, like that part where a iron man was throwing a push and haul breakthrough right from the top of the building all the way down to the building and that building collapsed and it all collapsed, you know, amazingly faster than gravity. You know, and I don’t believe in gravity, but you know what I’m saying as a gravity fall would be whatever, you know, speed of gravity, whatever you want to call it, Speedo, fall of natural fall. And you know, the whole building came down and second share, it’s like a nine 11. That’s the only time if something can fall down so fast.

Speaker 4: (01:43:27)
Oh yeah. The, um, like engineers from nine 11, you have all these people who’ve examined this stuff and what they never get is they never, um, get to the bottom of it because they always assume that there is a, uh, a who done it. And they get lost in the mix. And I think it’s all just information when it comes to blaming somebody. Let’s just look at what actually happened objectively and yeah, there is CGI there. Manipulation. Someone had actually showed me a picture yesterday, I think it was grim, one of my [inaudible] really a reliable source. I need to go through his emails. Anyway, if you look at the new World Trade Tower, uh, it actually does have this weird thing where on the edges of it, on the corners, they’ve shaved it down to create a pyramid shape or triangle right on the edges. It’s a very narrow triangle shape. Looks like a Klansman hood and it actually has eye holes built into it. So it looks like wherever you are around that tower, it looks like a guy in a Klan hood staring you down. And his take on it is that this is part of just a general sidewalk. Big Brother’s watching.

Speaker 9: (01:44:32)
Interesting. Now, do you think anybody died in 11

Speaker 4: (01:44:35)
oh hell no. Not according to the social security death index. Not according to the available evidence. No.

Speaker 9: (01:44:42)
No, I agree 100% I think the jumpers are all fake. I believe I, and this whole thing that, which is new, just within the last, I don’t know, a week or two now they’re trying to push for what more money to the people who were on a jack.

Speaker 4: (01:44:55)
I was just going to bring that up. That’s all disinformation to keep the story alive and the conspiracy theories alive. Oh is thermite. And then you see John Stewart hanging out there. John Stewart was a crisis actor on nine 11 sitting up there to make America cry. I mean, that guy is so deep in this stuff. I mean, what just utter trash there. You know, I call it the cyop industrial complex and anybody who says they’re against the military industrial complex, especially lefties like John Stewart is totally hypocrite on this because if you support the cyop industrial complex, that’s what enables the military side.

Speaker 9: (01:45:33)
I have a hard time understanding where the Zionism and the free missionary, you know, and I don’t, I, you know, the, I don’t know how this all really blends together unless it’s just a big group where they, they just have, um, you know, they, they, they just have little parties and you know, like at the Bilderberg and this is what we’re going to do with them this week and this is what we’re going to go next week and into the plan. Here’s the book. Just go ahead and look at it. You know, I mean, I have a hard time believing that it’s just the little Jews over in Israel that are there doing this stuff. But I know that controlled demolitions incorporated, it was supposed to have been there at nine 11 that very morning. So, you know, I tend to think that they never look into no sovereign line at anything to do with it. They always plan on going to Afghanistan, rebuilding America’s defenses come out in the late nineties and showed the whole plan already hatched. And all we need is a new, a Pearl Harbor

Speaker 4: (01:46:33)
now. I don’t even think it’s necessary to go here, but I, I do think it’s hilarious how, uh, Obama people say Obama played the role of Osama and remember Osama bin Ladin Obama and, uh, what’s his name? Did the groper Biden. Oh yeah. I buy it as a Biden bin. Ladin uh, Obama and Biden, the, these names are so similar. Like, is this some type of running gag? There’s this movie they’re playing over us and it definitely does appear to be a conspiracy against us. And this is why I call the space station, the Tower of Babel. It unites all nations. And if all the heads of these nations are collaborating on two things, what’s up there in space? And what’s an Antarctica? Then there’s obviously a conspiracy here, but it’s all the nations against us. It’s not the Russians against America. It’s not the Chai calms against, it’s all of the elite against all of us. And of course, um, the elite operate through proxies and the people they brainwash. Oh, well, quit. Did you see the thing about area 51 by the way? There’s like a whole lot of people saying, yeah, we’re going to go storm area 51 and now the air force is saying, yeah, well we got this.

Speaker 9: (01:47:45)
I have to wonder if it’s taken off the whole, I’m arresting the pedophile thing. Yeah. Like going after pedophiles and having them, all of a sudden these actors want to go ahead and storm area 51, you know, I mean, yeah.

Speaker 4: (01:47:58)
Hmm. Interesting.

Speaker 9: (01:47:59)
Like Miss Direction. It seems like it all came out the same time, you know, I mean, here we got this, then we got this guy who’s head of uh, um, which island is at where Le Lolita island, you know that Dude Epstein,

Speaker 4: (01:48:11)
Epstein, right.

Speaker 9: (01:48:13)
It can be taken and all of a sudden, you know, we’re going to area 51 to check out for flying saucers. I mean, what in the holy hell.

Speaker 4: (01:48:21)
Oh, I see what you’re saying. This could all be really much scripted to introduce fake UFOs and this Epstein things. Timing is interesting because at the same time, because this has come up before, it was like nothing new here. Um, he was caught up on, now he’s not like, um, I don’t know how they described, I think he got charged with prostitution or something, but he was, you know, under aged girls for decades. Anyway, this came out, it’s not that new but there, but there was like some new stuff now from, um, that came out just recently about this guy from the biblical Flat Earth Society who is being charged with 56 counts of exploitation of minors. You know, this guy is, I’m deep into it and he’s the head of the biblical flatter society. Anyway, I’m looking into like how they catch the guy. Turns out it’s a DHS operation. So what is the Department of Homeland Security doing right now? Where they’re the ones who find this flat earth or who is, um, trafficking children?

Speaker 11: (01:49:19)

Speaker 9: (01:49:22)
I had to say that I shot a picture this weekend and I think this connects to what you’re saying, but I don’t know a picture of three guys that were hanging from a fricking tall wire dead and accused of gang rape, a 10 year old boy. Now anybody who has kids would say, hey, you guys did a good job. And me personally, I’m like, well one, if any one, those three guys had nothing to do with it and society just decided to string him up and are we gonna Allow Fascism to take over society where the men are even held to account and put through a fair trial?

Speaker 4: (01:49:59)
Oh yeah, that’s a dangerous slope and we’re already on it. You know who’s, this is one of the things I think they’re doing with the psyops when it comes to the gun grab, I don’t think it’s about the guns. I think it’s about getting the public accustomed to Lynch mob justice, where by the end of the night the media is like this guy did it. These witnesses said it, they knew he was going to do it. They said that a Parkland, several guys, several witnesses said, oh, we knew he was going to do it. And then at the end of the day they catch them and they say, okay, he’s getting the death penalty. Well, he’s never been tried a, there was no real anything. It was just kangaroo. I call it Scooby Doo justice. They solve it in one episode. And I’m looking at this as like, wow, this is not justice. This is not due process. So despite all the attempts at gun grabs and everything else, what we don’t see with any of the psyops is due process and the public is getting accustomed or they already are. They’re accustomed to the media being the judge, jury and executioner and the media of course, acting on our behalf.

Speaker 9: (01:51:00)
And there you go with patches. Absolutely. I mean, that’s our biggest worry right now is fascism taking over. People are losing the concept of, of, of, of rights and sovereignty and everything. You remember when they asked George Bush Jr what sovereignty? And he says, I don’t know. I mean, is that countries are sovereign.

Speaker 4: (01:51:20)
Oh yeah. They, they dumbed down everything. They’ve definitely dumbed down the political discourse. And the sad thing is there’s no one even pretending to represent limited government conservatism. And I haven’t checked out limbo in like five years or so, but, you know, W for a time he made sense in this. Well, he was like, well, um, you know, uh, government is invested in its own growth and you need to really check to see what you’re investing in. And he even called out Mars maybe as an accident, but he said he didn’t believe there was mo Mars or he, he said he didn’t believe Mars had water because there’s some report from NASA. They said Mars has water. And he said, no, this is just a way to excuse us or excuse NASA to um, you know, for asking for more money because now they can go to Mars. And now it’s more viable in just a way of I’m selling people on big government growth. And he’s like, he wouldn’t put it past them to fabricate this to grow government. And I’m like, well, they fake climate change for the same reason. So you know, even a broken clock is right twice a day in limbo was spot on.

Speaker 9: (01:52:27)
Hold on. I’m just going to say I think they’re faking the causes of climate change, but it does seem like climate is changing. I mean, at least my personal climate change. I’m here in California right now. And uh, I tell you what, this is the first time I’ve ever been here in five years. I mean, I know I, I was told that they had, they had like snow 15 years ago. But overall this is like the call is winter out here in California. Have you seen in the very coolest summer so far? I know that’s where I came from. Michigan is being stirrer addled with some shit weather and I know it’s now it’s summer there though, but it always comes late and a there the bad times are really, really bad. Really cold and lots and lots of snow and really miserable weather.

Speaker 4: (01:53:17)
Well the trouble with it is you have subjective reports, but we’re all basing it on what we think our objective records and those objective records need to be called into question because we don’t know, was there a medieval warming period? We don’t know where their actual change is precipitated by the advent of the internal combustion engine or is that all propaganda? And so I don’t even get into the weeds on this at all because we don’t have anything to base it against. All we know is whether it’s weather.

Speaker 9: (01:53:45)
I was just gonna say this. So there’s no qualitative historical evidence to say that there’s any longterm climate change is what you’re saying. Right?

Speaker 4: (01:53:55)
Or that, um, if there could be, but we wouldn’t have, we don’t have that record. Like our history is bunk and so how good are records and how good are they at saying what was, what this far back. And then to even infer that we’ve had anything to do with it is, um, to me that’s just, of course them trying to make the case for, uh, regulating the private sector to save the planet. You know, this is just too much for them to gain by having us believe in this new version of fearing God, which is fearing globe. But no one, there’s just way too politicized to be even considered to be true. And none of the predictions have come true. If we had, maybe if Florida was under water right now, I’d be like, okay, if the oceans were acid, be like, okay, but none of their dire predictions have come true.

Speaker 11: (01:54:40)

Speaker 9: (01:54:42)
I think that Dick and I, and I’m, this doesn’t say that you’re wrong in any way. We do have some consistent changes being made because of all the pollution. These, these humongous corporations are dumping into so many places. All the waters in the oceans and the plastic just being dumped in they guys, they say they got a place as big as fricking Texas out in the ocean. That is nothing but garbage floating on the top or right below the surface.

Speaker 4: (01:55:11)
I would have to see that. Is that, is that a satellite photo?

Speaker 9: (01:55:14)
No, no. These are people who are trying to swim right up to her and say this is what’s right below. And they put that camera right there and a foot below the surface of the water where you think the water is all clear. You go a foot below the surface and there’s nothing but garbage underneath there. Nothing but plastic weighted down right underneath the surface of the water. But we’re not talking about a little bit or a little pile of garbage. We’re talking about something the size of fricking Texas. Now. I don’t know. My only point in bringing that up was,

Speaker 7: (01:55:43)
I don’t know if at some point you poisoned the waters in the ponds and the, and the in the side of the oceans and, and take down the trees. I mean it’s, you can’t call it some kind of, you know, surprise if you start changing the ecological balance.

Speaker 4: (01:56:02)
Well, that’s the trouble with environmentalism is that environmentalism is politicized pseudoscience and it’s taken the attention away from legitimate, uh, custodianship of the environment. Like there are environmental concerns, there are animals, species that need to be protected and we do need to be mindful of longterm effects of what we do. And no doubt, but that whole agenda has been co opted by environmentalism just like religion or you know, co-ops, this idea of, um, a higher power. And today they say, we speak for this, we speak for mother earth. It’s like, no, the environmentalist don’t. And when you really get down to it, these eco fascists, a few things are as bad for the environment as I’m as statism, you know, communism, socialism, these places are notoriously bad on the environment, much worse than we are. We get the blame right now. America is being called an international pariah on climate change and that’s just because they’re targeting us because of our wealth and they’re trying to demonize wealth and that’s, we are the guy joined.

Speaker 7: (01:57:00)

Speaker 4: (01:57:03)
That’s the whole, the whole, um, criticism though. Here is this, um, are we the ones at war or all the nations in the world collaborating? And this is part of the script where we’re made to be the bad guys. And then also, um, the justification is there. If you believe in climate change, then the people who are ruining the planet need to be stopped. And if they won’t stop themselves, well, nine tenths agree. America needs to be stopped over at the UN. So then China and Russia and India and Iran can all agree, let’s just go ahead and shoot down America. Satellites take over outer space and not let them participate until they adopt communism?

Speaker 4: (01:57:43)
Well, I mean, they’ve set, they’ve set the stage for space wars and they’ve actually put a target on our back. Um, America has been called a pariah on climate change. And so even though, I mean, I mean, even though this is all, uh, you know, pseudoscience and doomsaying, it’s being agitated enough and this is what they used to do anyway with communism was all about uniting the workers of the world, workers, the world, unite everybody, rebel against your employers and overthrow capitalism will next year is the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party USA. And their goal is the same. Getting people to abandon their capitalism, their property. And if you can say, hey, look, a your products are destroying the world, then you could say, well maybe we should stop using these products.

Speaker 7: (01:58:28)
Well, let me ask you this. Just said capitalism is the best, is the best foremost VA.

Speaker 4: (01:58:33)
Hello government. No, I think freedom is great. I think, I think voluntary exchange, um, I think, but the problem is we’ve never had ion ran made it very clear in her book capitalism and unknown ideal. She says we’ve never had an unfettered market. We never had laissez faire. It’s always been corrupted by statism always

Speaker 11: (01:58:53)

Speaker 4: (01:58:54)
so how can you have it? How can you have, and also how can you have any kind of, to me the thing is, um, volunteer exchange is the bottom line and governments are against that. They are against people forming independent networks. They don’t even like us having websites that they don’t moderate.

Speaker 7: (01:59:12)
It would seem that for what it’s worth is if you don’t mind me just run it out. My opinion, if she seems like if we had people who wanted to fix the problems, the problems would already long been fixed. If we had people in charge who wanted to have world peace, we would’ve had world peace long ago. If long life was where we all live for long life, would a sheriff come to pass? It seems like we’re letting people,

Speaker 11: (01:59:39)

Speaker 7: (01:59:41)
Getting some kind of charge and run their own personal goals. Maybe just because they’re members of a secret society and have to, or maybe because we have truly evil people who are just want to subjugate everybody here. I don’t like to talk about life being a soul.

Speaker 9: (02:00:01)
Um, I know you’ve come across this information. I’m not saying I believe it, but I’m just throwing it out there because a lot of people do believe that, you know, don’t go to the light upon death. You know what I’m saying? Cause all there’s a assault capture mechanism and for um, uh, reincarnation. But the thing I don’t really know, I’m not into it. Like I said, I do view it as a possibility. I don’t know, but I threw that out.

Speaker 4: (02:00:25)
Yeah, I got it. I got you on that one. I’m sort of the same way. I’m like, I’m open to the possibility that we are just by being incarnated into flesh, that we may be, um, it’s almost like, um, simulation theory might even touch on this, but the idea that um, we’re basically projections of our real selves and if we were truly aware of our real selves, we would get the hell out of here. And that is some type of a trap and where Amnesia gods, but who had been, um, denied knowledge of our own, uh, full capacities. I mean, that’s the whole idea of the garden of Eden. You know, the Gods didn’t want you to have the knowledge because then you’d be equal with them. And so I do think there’s some type of a trap and the information is being deliberately withheld. I mean, I was willing to think a lot of this was just human apathy and error and failure to mobilize, motivated people. Like you’re saying, if we wanted these things, they would happen. But when I saw the deliberate and the, the deliberate nature of the globe deception, it became clear to me, no, there’s definitely a conspiracy against us by an elite 100%

Speaker 11: (02:01:32)

Speaker 7: (02:01:33)
and it is to dumb us down and to make us easy to um,

Speaker 9: (02:01:38)
capitulate. Is that a word? I don’t know if you

Speaker 7: (02:01:39)
want to use it.

Speaker 4: (02:01:40)
Oh yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And that’s what I’m saying. God as a construct is a narcissist. And so as government and the narcissistic personality turns its victims or its followers or its subjects into dependent dependent personalities, and that’s where they want us. I think that as long as we’re dependent on them and their priesthood and we don’t seek answers outside, as long as we’re believers, not seekers, they’ll control us.

Speaker 7: (02:02:10)
An extension of that, that theory I know is that some people know that this is a recurring or recurring thing where you come back and perhaps chose to be here this time and that we’re here because we choose to be in Carne incarnate, into, you know what I’m saying, this life at this time and that when we die, we may hit that other place for a while, whatever it might be, a whole thing time and then come right back down in this, in this query I’m zoo that we live in right now. And the people that know that are the people who don’t mind, you know, having sex with babies and mass murdering people and subjugating and having slavery type of thing. Does that make any sense? Or when you think about that,

Speaker 4: (02:03:05)
you know, um, I think, um, despite all, no, I think, yeah, I think there’s something to it. Despite all of David Ike’s disinformation. Um, I think he, I think he got it right in his book, Tales from the time loop where he likened it as a, we’re all infinite beings that, um, we deliberately or not incarnate for a time and by time is in time itself is just you living as an incarnated being, but you exit time when you’re done. And what he’s suggesting is that, um, when you’re with a pool of people and you’re all conscious cocreators and you all steer towards negativity, um, it draws you away from your true nature and keeps you locked in what he calls the time loop. And he’s saying that humanity is basically a stranded group of souls trapped in a nightmare. And that the, what he called the reptilians might just be our own art complex. It might just be, um, a projection of her own worst nature. And until we collectively master that, we’re all stuck in here.

Speaker 3: (02:04:05)

Speaker 4: (02:04:08)
and I liked that notion because there’s a notion, the idea here is that, um, well then there is a point here. The point is to unravel the deception and to understand how we’re being controlled. And that’s why I think it’s boring to realize that, um, of course if we’re in a controlled system, every outlet that mediates or consciousness is going to be controlled. And so their version of God is gonna be the God that gets you to say Hail Caesar.

Speaker 3: (02:04:36)
I like it. I mean, it’s a,

Speaker 9: (02:04:38)
it sounds like they, I mean there is definitely a difference between the personality of the God of Abraham and the personality of a lie. I mean, there’s a night and day difference and there really is not a big connection there. I mean, you, there, they have way different personalities. I think the danger is given personalities to these, these, you know what I’m saying? These, the, the, these crew, these gods that they worship, be it big g or little g, you know,

Speaker 4: (02:05:07)
that may be the point. Um, when you look at the Roman system, or they call it the imperial cult, where they deified their leaders. And then in modern times they refer to like North Korea as a cult of personality. Like big brother, big brother is not just a uh, like a, an agency. It’s a persona and I think that’s key here. Big Brother is a, the God in that book, you know, he’s the person you can relate to and I think that they’ve always done this. I think that the uh, the gods are ways that the elite can communicate to the masses. Like a sock puppet.

Speaker 11: (02:05:43)

Speaker 9: (02:05:44)
how do you think that that, where do you think it’s time? The sock puppets, like I was saying that they train them different or because they’re the people in the know that know this is like a, I have, like I was talking about earlier, soul exchange program. I don’t know.

Speaker 4: (02:05:57)
Well you know what, that’s something I’ve run into as well. The more I look into death fakers and weaponize anthropology and how influence agents are put out there, it does seem to be like an elite prerogative. Like it’s not just you. I’m going to go here to get a job as a disinflation agent and I’m gonna adopt a persona and be on mainstream news. Like it doesn’t work that way. It seems like the elite have always led the revolutions. So for example, David Hog, you know, he’s his dad’s FBI, he was in charge of Lex when they did a number of psyops. They’re a billionaire or something. That might be exaggeration, but I don’t think so. Anyway. So he got this elite kid leading the communist revolution in the streets, going to 70 different high schools in two months saying, get rid of your guns. Uh, agitate.

Speaker 4: (02:06:41)
Devote at 16 when you’re too stupid to know better. And I’m like, what is this elite kid doing running a communist? Well, communism is there, not for the people, it’s for the oligarchs. So I’m saying that the oligarchs are the ones who are behind putting all their operatives everywhere throughout politics and entertainment. And they’re the ones who ultimately I think are the script writers at this thing. And they’re in the know and there are people on the ground who are out here influencing us. They know what they’re doing. Like even people like [inaudible], these guys are agents. They’re elitists, they’re in the know. And so for them to fake their death, it’s nothing. Cause you know we are the profane.

Speaker 11: (02:07:18)
Do you know how many you, obviously that’s the,

Speaker 9: (02:07:21)
the power is going to be hierarchal. So do you think that the knowledge and the placement is hierarchal? Like people are just saying, all right, well, you know, I’m fine at the, uh, the third step, as long as I make a million this and the next guy up says no, I won’t accept more than 10 million. And then the guy that very attached is, I’m one of those billionaires. So he has access to CUSIP numbers and everything else, if you know what I mean.

Speaker 4: (02:07:47)
Oh sure. I mean I saw this a lot in the military. You know, you had some people who were exceptionally motivated and they were going to be a major or a general at some point or a staff sergeant or sergeant major. And then you had others who were just very, and you’re like, man, what are you doing? You’re like, you’re about to retire. And you barely made staff sergeant and they just like sitting around and yeah. So I think that’s human nature. And I think people be happy with what they have and they’ll defend it.

Speaker 9: (02:08:11)
An acquiescence and an apathy.

Speaker 4: (02:08:14)
Absolutely. You know, this is a

Speaker 10: (02:08:17)

Speaker 4: (02:08:18)
this isn’t really, I think what we’re looking at. I think it’s, it’s, um, like Christ, people say, how can crisis actors do this? How can they lie? Well, I put out ads for crisis actors just to see, and I found hundreds of actors willing to play dead on the news and lie for money. And we’re not talking about a lot. We’re talking like 100 bucks a day. So what do you think you could get somebody to do for, you know, uh, lifetime security with a whole lot more.

Speaker 9: (02:08:47)
Plus it adds to the, Oh yeah. Can’t argue with that. Of course. Oh Man. Oh good Lord. I mean, plus, I mean going back to 11, I mean, 2.3 million a day before it happened. And then I don’t know if the gold story is, are right, but if they are right, and then all I’m saying all the other centralized, um, money that it was, you know what I’m saying? Connected to that building. I suppose they had a lot of money to shut people up and to make sure they had very gracious, uh, retirement packages. And you saw all those cars that were racked. I think each and every one of those fuckers got brought in. Part of the insurance scam. They all got replaced because they got wrecked from, you know, I’m saying terrorism.

Speaker 4: (02:09:30)
Yeah, it’s all definitely. Yeah, the go fund me’s in on it. The tee shirts, a Sinbad tees had actually printed tee shirts with 13 names from the victims of thousand oaks that shooting. Okay. So those victims names were already on shirts and delivered 36 hours after the shooting and they were available for these basketball players at some fest, some ceremony in, in Los Angeles. And I was like, wait, these people were shot 36 hours ago and they’re already wearing shirts, like dozens of shirts with the names. And I try to contact Sinbad tees and you cannot get stuff printed that fast and have it delivered that fast. Um, you know, unless it’s some kind of special order and you already had all the information by. So

Speaker 9: (02:10:15)

Speaker 4: (02:10:15)
I mean, look, everybody’s getting there. They all get paid in different ways off of this thing. Go Fund me’s basically a criminal operation. I think it ought to be shut down a hundred percent shut down. And you know what, there was one, I don’t know if he made money off it, but you remember the let’s roll story. Yeah. Well the woman who had the phone, um, I believe she, she re-emerged or rather her husband remarried her after she got facial reconstructive surgery and looked like someone else and got a new identity. So the guy was that now, okay. So the husband of the woman who died on nine 11, the one who, who played the clip of lets roll or said, you know, they’re gonna rush the cabin. That fake story. Well that woman who supposedly died in the crash, well I’m her husband’s new wife looks exactly like his old wife with a little bit of a Chin and nose augmentation. So, and I’m like, I wonder if he collected like life insurance or if they collected life insurance. I mean, how cool is that? It’s like, hey honey, I’m, we’re having hard times financially. Could you just fake your death in this operation? We’ll collect your money, they’ll buy you a new face and then we’ll just get remarried, have a new honeymoon start over again. It’s a nice package.

Speaker 9: (02:11:29)
I think they had a whole lot of money to spread that shit around and build a new building for Christ’s sake. They got two point $3 trillion out of the Pentagon, just, you know what I’m saying? The very short time they’ve lost more than that since.

Speaker 4: (02:11:40)
Yeah. Oh, on, by the way, on nine 11, 2001 on that Tuesday. That was Sean Hannity’s first day on the job and I just saw Sean Hannity yesterday. Um, some video where he’s hanging out with Trump and he is giving Trump a master mason grip. It’s not a handshake, it’s a specific way of gripping the hand. So anybody, anybody following Trump or following fox, they ask no. Like, look, you are voting for insiders. Why would you, you know, I, I mean, do you, do you see yourself even voting or are you going to be like conscientiously objecting as we are?

Speaker 9: (02:12:18)
Well, I like, I’m, I’m more into anarchy. Like I said, Shaw, there’s no chance of me voting for these guys to vote them the, you know, have, have Gemini and be able to fuck with me and my family. No, I don’t want no part of it, but I, and by the same time, I’m not gonna start going public and saying that I want to overthrow the government. You know what I’m saying? I know what I’m saying. I know how that can bring the heat down on Ya. And there’s a lot, a lot of them and not a whole lot of meat over here.

Speaker 4: (02:12:44)
So, uh, no doubt. You know, anybody who says that they want to overthrow the government is probably a disinflation agent. A true anti-statist or anarchistic would say, make government irrelevant in your own life by seeking independence, by bling networks with other people. You know, nobody would ever, no one who’s actually into the nonaggression principle or anarchism would, um, advocate overthrowing. Like I’m anti-media 100% when I say I’m anti-media, I don’t mean I want to shut down the media. I just mean I counter the mediated world view. They give us, I’m anti religion. I don’t want to shut down religions. I’m just philosophically, I’m opposed to it and I deconstruct it. But yeah, absolutely. I advocate nothing more than in activism. This is purely white tower speculation, um, philosophy,

Speaker 10: (02:13:31)
but make no man, hey,

Speaker 9: (02:13:33)
but make no mistake. If anybody asked me how to fix a problem, I always say the same thing. Line them up at the DC border and allow them to swim your country. That doesn’t mind their tyranny. Then watch them in charge, send them up at the ocean and let them swim to the country to watch them. And I always say that.

Speaker 4: (02:13:52)
Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. And I, you know, to me it’s also a cultural thing. America is being shifted into a fascism, a friendly state. And it’s pretty bad because even Trump, you know, he’s, he acts like he’s against that globalism and everything. But with the space force, well, hey look, you grow in the military, you grow in the space program, which is a stocking horse for communism and total control. So we don’t have an outlet to vote for any way, you know, any of us who are, um, opposed to growing this cyop industrial complex and everything else with it.

Speaker 9: (02:14:27)
Well, you know, Trump is not, Trump is a banker. One might say, I mean for Christ’s sake, the biggest thing he does, he’s not like he’s building buildings with his own hands. He hires all that all gets it done by as a building that’s already built. You’re not, this is just, he’s just a banker. And to think that your problem’s banking and then at the guy you throw in is going to be just another banker and he’s going to solve your problems. You really, you know, you need to reconsider. You know what I’m saying? And the handshakes that you see, they’re all in this, you know what I’m saying? You’re all on the same little secret. She could, uh, club and, and we’re not in it

Speaker 4: (02:15:00)
precisely. And then lesser of two evils. I’m like, nope, can’t handle that this year. Anybody who thinks they’re gonna vote for the lesser of two evils has to say, I’m going to vote for evil. What happens if you have two evil people decide, hey, let’s pretend to be enemies that way. Evil can be in charge. I mean, isn’t that what’s happened?

Speaker 10: (02:15:18)

Speaker 9: (02:15:19)
absolutely. Although I sure she, she a big fricking difference between Hillary and Donald Trump. I, you know what I’m saying? There’s like over like 110 people that are dead or on these, Rick and Clinton’s, they just fall like flies around her through the years and, and it, I just don’t see the same evil coming from, from Donald Trump. Not that I think he’s going to be the source of, of, uh, fixing all our problems. Maybe he’ll fix her a few. Maybe it’s just a stepping stone. The next person who’s going to go ahead and get us in our, in our next world war or whatever. And then there’s people who think it’s all gonna end this year and next year. It was in the next few years anyway, so I don’t know. I’m just open to it all. I’m just trying to live day to day.

Speaker 4: (02:16:03)
Same. Well, Hey, I appreciate the call, man. You’ve been on for two hours now. I’m probably gonna hit this here. Oh yeah. But this is going to be infinite plane, radio.com I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I’m streaming audio. I’m also still doing video, but I’m actually doing transcripts. So every one of these live streams will end up being searchable, you know, by by phrase as even in memes or whatever we say, you know, I think it’s important that they don’t delete our videos and kill our content. And so I think by putting it into text, it’s going to be easier to find and preserve. So yeah, just so you know, infinite plane, radio.com check it out. This will be on the archives. We have audio archives, transcripts, updated daily.

Speaker 7: (02:16:46)
Very cool.

Speaker 4: (02:16:47)
All right, well definitely. If you go to infinite plain society.com also, you can read the book. God is a narcissist. I have it up for free all day.

Speaker 7: (02:16:55)
I’m going to check it out. Definitely check it out. How about a time for one quick joke, please cut me off.

Speaker 4: (02:17:00)
Yeah, by all means.

Speaker 9: (02:17:02)
Okay. Maybe heard about it. All right, so this lady walks into a drug store and goes back to the pharmacy. The pharmacist comes up and says, hi, can I help you? She says, hello. I’d like to buy some cyanide. He says, whoa. What do you want to buy from Sinai for the lady smiles. Very Iceland says, I want to kill my husband. Well, the pharmacist lashing. He says, uh, well, maybe you don’t know, but that’s illegal. There’s no way. He says, I lose my job. I lose my license. They closed down the store. There’s absolutely no way I can give you cyanide to kill your husband. So the lady reaches down and opens up her purse and pulls out a photo of her husband having sex with a pharmacist, wife and a pharmacist looks at the photo and looks at her and says, well, you didn’t tell me that a prescription.

Speaker 4: (02:18:00)
Oh, that’s good. That’s good. That’s dark. I appreciate it. Hey, have a nice day. I’m go to the site and get the book. Um, always love a jokes about cyanide and that’s um, again, infinite plane, radio.com. Anything else before we go? Do you have a channel? Anything you want to, um, direct anybody to, you mentioned it, you mentioned that astro. No. Was at a syncretism that I should look into.

Speaker 9: (02:18:23)
I’m Martin Kenney. You want to check out his stuff and he has a, he’s just on Facebook, Martin Kenney and if you go to youtube, he’s innocent playing paradise or something like that. But if you search Martin Kenney, it’ll come up. He has a lot of good stuff. I have a, a website on two of them you guys might want to check out. [inaudible] very good on house. It’s called [inaudible] principles. And I also have a faith, another Facebook page called the human race cards. So if you guys want to check those out, if you’d like to check it out, just some good stuff there.

Speaker 4: (02:18:57)
All right. Hey, thanks. And Yeah, feel free to put those links below and um, I’ll, I’ll definitely look into those. Thanks again for the call and have a great day. You too, sir. See Ya. All right. Um, this is auntie priest terra incognita. I’ll be right back. Okay.

Speaker 3: (02:19:45)

Speaker 1: (02:19:51)

Speaker 2: (02:20:03)

Speaker 4: (02:20:20)
okay, I see here. Strawberry Blind says, I love Martin Kenny’s interview with Lucid TV. Well, let’s see. Anybody else? Oh yeah. And if you need any, if you need his contact information or you want to go to a site, if you go to the archives today, it’ll be there. Like I said, we are archiving everything. Look at he split says murder your spouse jokes, never get old. Bonner jam says bless his heart. Oh yeah, no, that’s um, [inaudible].

Speaker 3: (02:20:52)

Speaker 4: (02:20:54)
No, that was great. Uh, Martin Kenny’s interview at Lucid leaving. I’ll have to look at that one. Red supposed story said infinite radio.com is for sale. Infinite radio. Hmm. Well, infinite plane radio.com has the archives, but if you go to infinite plain society.com right now, you can get the book. God is a narcissist and you can read it for free. I’m going to leave it up there for free until it hits Amazon and let me take a look and see. I think they said 72 hours before it shows up. I’ll be back on later to take calls on a number of topics. Let me go through my mind’s feed really quick and see if I’ve missed anything. We’ve got the 42 year anniversary of the 1977 blackout, 42,000 without power from the 42nd street on, so that’s a something. 1977 of course, son of Sam. I was looking into the etymology of space station and it says here a holy place of pilgrimage visited as one of a succession of verb dating from the 16th century. Interesting tidbit there. Space Station of course being a temple of course, 42 the number has a tie in to strangers guide, no, sorry, hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, the end of the world arc to Mars. These all have a tie-ins.

Speaker 4: (02:22:31)
We’ll see. Apple responded to a discovery of an apple watch. Eaves dropping hack. No surprise there. All right, well that’s about it. Hey look, go to infinite plane society.com and check out the new book. God is a narcissist. Uh, the book will be on Amazon shortly, but I made it available at the website. For those of you who want to look over it right now and you know, hey, if you spot any typographical errors, feel free to let me know and I’ll, I’ll send you a free copy of the ebook when it’s published, published because I can make corrections up until the last minute. So anyway, this is the flat earth report by MVP. The hardware vandal will most likely be on later tonight. But go to the main website, infinite plane, radio.com for the archives. Have a nice day

#IPR Transcripts 7/15 GOD IS A NARCISSIST Speaker 11: (02:23:26)

Speaker 5: (02:23:33)
We are at red flag report. Come out on the intelligence committee. So what happened with a flat earth report

Speaker 4: (02:23:45)
in terms of breaking terms, breaking terms, breaking

Speaker 5: (02:23:48)
[inaudible] report that those are freaking complex. [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (02:26:41)

Speaker 5: (02:26:49)
Oh, definitely. Sorry.

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