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My mom did. So [inaudible], which is up there, the [inaudible]

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the sky’s new. It’s age of exploration creation.

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[inaudible] [inaudible]

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Scad, new age of exploration. If that j j shit.

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Okay. Thanks for joining us. I see M v P h a two Oh six strawberry blind mode 22 let’s see. Jennifer Reeves, lickity split. Who else is here? So there’s a link to the song if you want to share it. A Mad Mike Hughes is in queue right now to be on Kennedy, Kennedy nation, which is a Fox News show. Oh, she says here on tonight’s conspiracy theories, I’ll talk to a flat earth or who thinks the moon landing was fake. And when he doesn’t believe in gravity, what should I ask him? So I sent him a link or I sent fox link to the real rocket man. Now Kennedy nation used to be the one of the BJ’s for MTV. I understand. Let’s see what they say. Ask him what the moon is flat to. Where do satellites go? Do they stop and turn around? Is there a wall at the edge? What was on Anthony Wiener’s laptop. Oh, conspiracies. Can we start one about catching a billionaire pedophile who has linked crimes directly to the Clintons and then suddenly social media is flooded with distractions by squad of mouthy, socialist storming area 51 let’s move on. Drop a bowling ball on him. And I asked him if people eat some gravity. Well that’s not nice. How many years has he been eating shrooms? Asking what drugs he’s taken so we know how to avoid them.

Speaker 5: (03:56)
No, that’s, see these are unfair characterizations. 99.99% of the drug addicts in the world are globe believers who have no problem with gravity. The majority of the criminals, in fact 100% of the billionaire pedophiles are spinning ballers. Jeffrey Dahmer was a Globee. Yeah, so don’t think you have the moral high ground. And just because we’re the minority in terms of how we factor in, um, and weren’t sure how we factor in the, um, well I don’t really want to say [inaudible]. Hold on a second. Ask Him which moon we didn’t land on some of these tweets. I’m sorry. These people are eating paint chips. Okay. Ask them why the moon, the Mars and the sun are observationally round. This question takes into account gravity. So some of these are serious, mentioned that if the earth is flat, one would see the Washington monument or Eiffel. Tell her with a telescope. Okay, so that’s a good one. It’s kind of common. You know, people will say that you, you should be able to see these things, but it’s a distance thing. Can we really see that far? That’s the question through the, through the atmosphere. No one’s like, you can’t see that far through a swimming pool.

Speaker 5: (05:15)
IPS, your link isn’t working. Uh, which link, which link are you talking about?

Speaker 5: (05:25)
Go to Twitter or sorry, go to, um, infinite plane, radio.com and you can listen or you can click any of the links. Let’s see. Why is earth the only flat object in the universe? Now there has been a flat planet found a, it had no atmospheres, just a big disk. They find a lot of things. They found a snowman. They found a wreath on a skull. They found an astro blunt. An interstellar object that looks like a blunt. Another question you’re asking why I can’t see New York City from Pike’s peak, and these are good questions.

Speaker 5: (06:12)
Ask him to stand under a bowling ball that you let fall on. Repeat until he believes in gravity that that’s not original. That one’s bad. He says, I don’t believe in gravity either. We stay down because earth sucks. That’s bill bowlers. Elvis Ward says, take 50 cities around the world and the distance to each and plot it out and what design will you get? Okay, let’s see. Neither did Tesla that deserves a heart. There’s guys on LSD. If the windows are rolled up, no one could see you, right? Ask how the photo shots always show the arch of the moon. The curvature means it’s very small weightlessness. Zero gravity. So how do they stay grounded? Okay, so people are moon deniers, which would be us moon landing deniers are in here. How do moon phases work? Oh, this is perfect. Now that I think about it, it’s perfectly the doing this tonight because this is the anniversary of this. Excuse me. This is the pokes aversary is as 50 years silver or gold.

Speaker 5: (07:31)
This is the 50th year hoax aversary of Apollo 11. So it’s perfect that mad. Mike’s going to be on the news on Fox News live here, I think in 20 minutes. Let’s continue. I’m just scrolling through Kennedy nation’s Twitter feed. You go to twitter.com/kennedy nation and you can join in the conversation here. Respond to people. Keith Hind says, if there’s no gravity, why is my body sagging? Thomas McLaughlin says, has he ever been punched in the face by Buzz Aldrin? No. Buzz punched. The other guy. What was his name? Controlled opposition. Limited hangout. Uh, obvious. Uh, NASA plant. I forget his name. Ask Him if he exists. That’s funny. You know how I’ll say theists you need to say, I don’t believe in your God. They’ll say, well, he doesn’t believe in you. They’re kind of using that same argument like you don’t believe in the globe. You don’t believe in gravity. Well, it doesn’t believe in you. You know, gravity’s pretty much God in this new paradigm. Ask him if he’s had a vasectomy. Oh, that’s not nicey. They immediately jumped to eugenics. Oh, I don’t agree with you. Let me cut balls off.

Speaker 6: (08:58)

Speaker 5: (08:59)
Seriously. More and more the secular atheist has approximated the religious fundamentalist in every way to where now they’re willing to basically wipe out the other tribes in defense of their God or you know. That’s pretty much it. Smash the heads of their infants against the rocks. Say if gravity stamp out the non-believers, ask him if he’s high CBD, he doesn’t get high. Doesn’t like pot. We’ve, somebody asked him about that. How do we not spin off the planet? And I get that too. Like who needs it? Who needs acid? Who needs microdosing? Just log into youtube blog and a Twitter. What’s the benefit of making us believe we’re on a roundish earth? I’m guessing he believes we live on, that’s a good question. I’m going to answer this one. This is Coleman. I’m saying the elite. Who gave you the globe construct false map are hiding land

Speaker 5: (10:12)
and who knows what else? That’s pretty much my answer to it. It makes more sense than anything. The controlled opposition will say, oh they’re hiding religion. They don’t want you to read the Bible. That’s infiltration by pretty much Jesuit agents. If anybody’s pushing a Bible in the conversation that’s about geography and perhaps economics, then they’re misleading you. And this movement has been misled for quite some time. And that’s why it’s nice to see someone like Mike Getting on TV because he doesn’t have a religious or political agenda. He doesn’t have a problem with Jews like the um, the, well, I don’t want to name names necessarily, but the Owen Benjamin fan boys at the top of the a fighters convention hierarchy, the conference earthers in closed VIP model, very much on politicized because they’ve dragged into this whole thing [inaudible] values and antisemitism, which really just throws a monkey wrench in this whole thing. Cause you’re already talking about Biblical literalism and then the founder of the Bible, Flat Earth Society who I thought he was going to speak at the conference this year, but unfortunately he’s in jail because he’s being charged with 56 counts of exploitation of a minor.

Speaker 5: (11:46)
Let me go and see who’s in the chat. So I see here we have a in d live Lilith, RJ Bonner jam, strawberry blend, sorry, sorry, blind lickety split Simea and let’s see who else a fee. See a few people here from a youtube. I have a new youtube channel. We’re just using it here, you know, because we have to, we have to reach people who are in the area of that’s been totally encroached upon. See, one of the ways they silenced the free flow of Info is they drown it out. And I’ve encountered this personally three times, and I’m talking about the mob mentality. So I went to an Earth Day protest where I’m sorry, I went to an earth day, a march for science event, and there were like 3000 people there and I was the only person there protesting against it. So I go over there with a megaphone and I say, and actually I had a sign that said, stop global warming. But on the back it said, earth is flat.

Speaker 5: (12:49)
So I walked up after speaker politely and I started to say, uh, global warming is a hoax. Uh, climate change is a hoax. Earth is flat. You’re brainwashing your kids. And they all just started booing and it’s like even with a megaphone, just can’t be heard. Um, the first time I went and tried to communicate with the mob, it was the occupy Wall Street mob. I didn’t have a megaphone and it just took 10 of them growling and snarling and shrieking like banshees to drown me out because they’re psychotic. And the mainstream media is that same psychotic demonic mindset of the mob, the mob mentality, which is not a nice thing. The mob mentality is, it’s a, it’s like the human id, you know, externalized into just this, uh, Leviathan, real nasty creature and the demagogues all cater to it. We see the results all the time.

Speaker 5: (13:47)
Return of cat’s eyes. Hello. Let’s see who else. [inaudible] here. X, pock and a c few others. MJC 18, 10. Keep sharing the stream. We want to bring people in on following Kennedy nation. Uh, we’re going to talk about Kathy’s fake death scene. We’ll definitely go over that. And I’m definitely gonna open phones here. We’re following along with Kennedy because she’s going to be speaking with a mad Mike Q shortly. Here’s the link to that particular update. I want to be the first one there. When she um, sends a Notification Mad Mike to the moon, it could happen. Who knows? He might go higher than the moon. We don’t know. Maybe he goes too high as achieved escape velocity and falls into orbit and then just keeps going and you know, goes towards Jupiter along with star man. It could happen and if, and you know what, this is the truth.

Speaker 5: (14:48)
This is sad, but this is true. If we were to create that tonight, like let’s say we hang out with Mike and we get his rocket, have him in the capsule and then we just have a CGI scene where we basically put a green screen up, have them dangling from the rafters. We kind of sway it back and forth, have some B movie, you know, Saifai kind of sound effects like spacey noise and then you just like have it on Mike and be like, yeah, this is mad Mike live. He’s, I’m halfway between Mars and Jupiter. Okay, there’s an asteroid. And then the 99% would believe it. The people who believe Starman is floating to Jupiter will be like, Damn, look mad. Mike’s almost to Mars. That was quick muscle hit a wormhole like there is no critical thinking here. No critical thinking. And I’m saying let’s start playing into it. Those of us who know can go ahead and play the same game the elite are playing cause they know too, they’re in the know about what we’re in the know about

Speaker 5: (15:52)
and that gives us, um, it puts us in an interesting position because there, and I’m talking about like the mob mentality and how the demagogues play off that the mob mentality is the sheeple mentality. You know the sheeple, you know, you call them sheep or cause of the way that they follow, but really it’s a very destructive thing. Looking at your comments here. Um, yeah, infinite plane, radio.com. We have the archives there for everything. We’re just waiting on the scene to go live here. Oh. Anyway, the problem is here is that this is like an info war but, but it’s really about a war over the minds of the sheep. And I’m not even trying to say we need to replace them. Replace the shepherds with better shepherds, replaced the mis leaders with leaders. That’s what the alternative news would have. You believe the alternative news things, if you just replaced the existing leadership or opinion leaders or pundents with angels, everything will work out just fine.

Speaker 5: (16:54)
It’s the same type of idealism that people who put faith in government fall for, they fall into that trap. The truth is I think we need to get rid of the shepherds all together. You know, like, I really do think that anti-media is the physician, anti-religion, anti priest. There should not be a priest class. And we have a defacto priest class and I’m just saying, you know what, let’s call into question the integrity of their claims. And we’ve been doing it and we’ve been censored accordingly. And I think it’s because we’ve been striking nerves. Ask Colonel Vert, I properly described him as a con man and a scuba diver and a bad actor. And for that my youtube channel and Google account was pulled. And lately I’ve been doing a

Speaker 7: (17:50)
bit of a thought experiment. Um, I published a book called God is a narcissist because I believe that we’ll actually, I know in many of us have figured this out, that uh, the god of the Bible is just the original big brother. It’s just a personification of, um, I guess, I guess government, but they give it a face that you can relate to. And the whole idea of God is, is nothing more than a source of authority. The elite can appeal to the gods, the fear of God or the [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (18:27)
mercy of God or the bounty of God. What he can give you if you comply and they give you this false choice, comply with God, get to heaven, don’t comply, go to hell. And then the people who don’t comply can be then segregated from those who do. And then you have an immediate separation of believers and nonbelievers. And that’s what all narcissists do. They do it all the time. They will divide people into what, like a half will be on a pedestal and then half they can’t hit. They can’t put them down enough. And this is to me, um, weaponize anthropology at its finest where they’ve created this idea, this construct that implants the cough in your head. It forms the basis for all the thought policing. And it’s basically a trick. It’s a really cruel trick, no different than telling kids that Santa is real. But in this instance, I’m, he has a real dark side and I call him a narcissist because a narcissist are known for having two sides, but one side that they use to lure you in and then the other side to, um, hold over your head should you not comply.

Speaker 5: (19:43)
And then moreover, they, uh, require constant, you know, warship, adulation. Reaffirmations they’re very jealous. Don’t tolerate sharing the spotlight. Thou shall have no other gods, but in every significant way, the god of the Bible has a narcissistic personality. And I’m saying that’s an, that’s specifically important. That’s chosen for a reason. And it’s because the narcissistic personality, we’ll see. We’ll convert those around them, the ones who fall into their spell into codependence as in subservience of lower status, inferior. And they do it through a number of different, uh, tactics. You know, gaslighting is huge. Lying and manipulation, emotional manipulation, all sorts of contrivances. But the idea is you cannot be equal with the narcissist. Just like you can’t go to church and say, well, I’m equal with Christ. I’m equal with God. Like, no, you actually pride, they’re higher than you. If I say I’m Jesus Christ, it’s like blasphemy because you can’t be that.

Speaker 5: (20:47)
And so it’s a mind control system to keep you in a codependent state. And that’s because codependent people who are easy to manipulate are easy to control. And I’m saying that it’s, it’s the same type of system they use to the media where they put people into the state of being dependent on the media and the pundents to inform them about reality. And this dependence is in fact a codependent state. And in that state, the people can be easily manipulated as we’ve seen with every single psychodrama, every single fake school shooting terror, attack instigation, people fall for it. The demagogues know this. The media is all about demagoguery, manipulating the minds of the masses. If everyone was a fundamentalist, a bible believer, they would all arrive at the same opinions or conclusions facing the same exact circumstances. And that’s what they want. Uniformity. So if they fake a, an asteroid dropping in New York, they want everyone to believe it.

Speaker 5: (21:51)
But right now they don’t have that uniformity and the uniform that he’s been fragmented by the Internet. And right now they’re trying, well, they’ve successfully managed to sensor a whole lot of people. So here we are on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and NASA is coming up with excuses why we can’t go up there. And the real reason why is this, they don’t have a monopoly on the media anymore and they couldn’t pull off another fake moon landing. We would laugh our asses off [inaudible] the topics kind of a bouncing around. At the moment, we’re waiting because in about six minutes I’m mad. My Hughes is going to be on Kennedy nation, which is a Fox business. And so I’m just following her tweet, Twitter feed. He’s going to talk about his plan to go to space. And after this we’re going to go over the Isaac cappy death scene. It was totally fake. The guy’s not dead. And the death scene is a joke. Total acting. It’s bad. And I’m curious if all the cue and nonbelievers have fallen for it, which wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Go ahead and share the stream. Um, I’m trying to see, it looks like we have about 15 people here on youtube and then a few on d live. Go and share the stream. I think I put out a link earlier. We had some technical difficulties. [inaudible] about five minutes till it’s on. I’m going to share, I’m going to go ahead and send out a newsletter. Give me just a moment. This is a, a song composed by chief crow, specifically a format Mike, the real rocket man.

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[inaudible] get so sound. So which is up there. The Plaza

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[inaudible] business creation

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[inaudible] [inaudible]

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Speaker 1: (25:25)
Scad, new age of exploration. It’s chaotic.

Speaker 2: (25:36)

Speaker 4: (25:59)

Speaker 5: (26:05)
okay, so there’s a link there. facebook.com/mad bike space jump 2019. Oh good mad mike.com. You can download the song. Uh, my chief cro is a download link. It’s like we’re just a couple of minutes away, just a following Kennedy’s feed here. She’s basically asking here tonight, I’ll be talking to a moon landing, denying fighter through who doesn’t believe in gravity? What should I ask him? The question isn’t exactly a pro. It’s not exactly the question I would ask. Like, it’s not that we don’t believe in gravity. So I like drop a bowling ball and like that’s such a dumb response. We’re not saying that what we observe isn’t happening, we’re not denying reality. We just, uh, don’t trust the explanations we’ve been given for good reason.

Speaker 5: (27:02)
Yeah. That song actually, um, should be on, I’m thinking it should be. I tweeted it to her and I think Mike sent it to her as well. So I’m going to go ahead and send it again. You can get it mad my q.com download it and look, he is 1,875 feet ahead of his competition in the space race. You have Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson. I’ve never been inside of their own rockets. And you’re gonna trust them. Would you eat at a restaurant where the chef had never tried any of his own, um, dishes? Now you wouldn’t, these guys won’t even get in their own rockets for good reason. Had Branson gone in his last one, he would’ve blown up right. And NASA has an exactly how to clean record as far as a people blowing up. But we know the truth about those. In fact, I think that Branson’s explosions might’ve been faked. What a good way to, you know, Kinda calm down your investors and the ticket holders. Well, we need a little bit more time and then boom, take all the time you need.

Speaker 8: (28:06)
Okay. So, uh, right now we’re waiting for

Speaker 5: (28:08)
mad Mike who was in the space race and that’s the main point. He is in the space race as we speak, and he’s 1,875 feet ahead of the others because they’ve never been in a rocket. And he has, that’s how we can make that claim. So again, I’m falling Kennedy nation. I don’t have an account at Fox. I hope somebody else does. Okay. Jason Meisler will be joining them at nine 15 so it says tonight it’s going to be Kennedy. Okay. El Chapo, flat earth and health care. Nick P says, I hope med Mike’s prepared to answer everything. You know, I just listened to an interview that he did with a Rick Low tech and Mike Holland and it was 90 minutes long. You can see it on his page on Facebook, Linkedin, his website. And Yeah, he’s definitely prepared to answer. They have a plan. The thing is already built. It’s in his front yard and he’s not a Bible earthier so he’s not going to say I believe it because the Bible told me so, you know, he’s an engineer and he’s like, well he wants to see what’s so bad about that.

Speaker 5: (29:32)
And I guess I’m going to open up phones here as well while we’re waiting. Um, does anybody else here have like a subscription to fox? Does anybody here watch fox? I generally not to. Ever since Greg Gutfield blocked me on Twitter, I kind of turned them off. You know, I saw him out there defending free speech and principal and I thought he was all about first amendment. And then I seen him say, well, you don’t believe the official story of Sandy Hook. I’d like to punch you in the face. So I sent him a tweet and I said, hey, Greg, um, you wanna punch me in the face. Uh, I’ll let you do it on your show and I’ll happily let you do it because I’ll take a punch in the face for the truth. And he blocked me.

Speaker 5: (30:15)
So I kind of stopped watching. But who knows, maybe Fox will wind me back over. It’s interesting to look back at some of these characters years later and just see how far off they are. Like it’s inexcusable. Like there’s a point where you’re like, well, maybe they’re ignorant. Like maybe the media doesn’t know about the conspiracies. No, actually the media manufacturers are conspiracies to keep you in their little fake worldview. Most conspiracy theories are just MSM spinoff stories that originates with the same source. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it. It’s no different than all of the various denominations in as long as they hold the Bible or still controlled by the Vatican, whatever the Christian say.

Speaker 5: (31:07)
And you know what? Christians can be very, I’d say, um, forked tongued there. So devilfish really when it comes to, it’s like I’m not into religion. Well then what are you in? I’m just, you know, it’s like they use words, you know, to kind of diffuse on the fact that their religion has a bad past. Or they’ll say, well, of course God is wrathful, but it’s only gets the people who deserve it. And it’s like, okay, there you go. Defending your abuser because you’re not on his bad side. Typical codependent believer, Strawberry Blind said, oh my God, I had no idea that chick from MTV is doing that job. Yeah. This is Kennedy from the Golden Age of MTV through rose colored glasses. Um, what was it? That’s her book. I never watched her show, but I heard she was a VJ and I guess they used to actually, I kind of remember now that I think about it. I never really liked MTV. I thought it was annoying.

Speaker 6: (32:13)

Speaker 5: (32:13)
But I’ve read a couple of articles since and honestly, she’s probably one of the smartest people on Fox and I really mean it. And I’ve, I’ve pretty much studied these characters for a while before I got bored of it. Reading your comments, semi says Androgynous is analogous to Satan. Yeah. That’s the thing. That’s the big story today. And I think it’s a planted line where a lot of Bible earthers are saying that, um, transgender is baffled me. And so it’s, Satan’s legion is all transgendered. It’s like, oh, um, I don’t know how many you think there are in every city, but there’s not going to be an army of gender non-conformists kicking down your door. See Environmentalist. So we’re going to instigate that and it’ll probably be Chinese people doing it, you know, bringing the Chinese commies to send you to your rocket, pack you into your Maura’s cattle cart so you can go work on the potato farms and pay off America’s debt. MTV was good for like five years. Yeah. What more can you expect? You know, how long, like look at Youtube.

Speaker 5: (33:20)
I mean, I’ve come to expect it where phrase Nipsey, you know that hoax goes down on on March 31st the astronomical Easter. We called it as a Christ Messiah, a fake death, and I was like, wow. After a month I’m like, we’re still growing as a channel. We’re networking. Things are getting better, we’ve got a good routine. The infrastructure is expanding and like this is almost too good to be true. Let’s see if it lasts another month. And we had a good three month run, almost 90 days of just straight auto hoaxing the media building a network on this premise and everybody’s on the same sheet and of course they did end up censoring us at the end, but we expect it now.

Speaker 5: (34:02)
Like now it’s not even a surprise. It’s not a loss. Infinite plane, radio.com story blind says the prodigies firestarter video got my MTV Shutoff, my dad had it blocked. Lot of those videos weren’t even scary. It was just like strove lights and closeups on centipedes and stuff like nine inch nails. Like some of those videos. You look at it now, it’s like, was it really all that shocking? Like I don’t even think I could watch the movie seven. I remember I saw one as a kid and it was all shocking and now it’s like, although I am pretty creeped out by Kevin Spacey, like just hearing Kevin Spacey, like if he read an audio book and it can be anything like Kevin Spacey, Reading Alice in Wonderland as an audio book and you’re like, you’re strapped down to your chair and you have to listen to it in the dark, that would be 10 times worse than everything done to all the seven victims in the movie. Seven. Like that guy just creeps me out. And I think he managed it to him drive off as accuser, doesn’t change the fact that he’s a confirmed um, pedal [inaudible] adrenochrome junkie.

Speaker 5: (35:15)
Okay, let’s continue and refresh my, uh, Twitter browser. The only reason I like Twitter is that you can publicly excoriate people and call them out publicly and possibly get a response. I’ve only got about a thousand or 2000 active followers I don’t really use for much except for spamming. I rely on other people to retweet. I would like to use it more, but I think I’ve already been shadow banned. It’s Kinda like youtube, you know, I have more than 65 Google accounts disabled. Someone doesn’t like what we’re talking about. In fact, if you have anything to say that you think that big brother wouldn’t want to hear, uh, you can call (505) 510-4226. The numbers on the screen, (505) 510-4226 right now the topic is, well, Isaac cappies fake death scene was fake. We’ll get to that. We did see video of Epstein. No audio. Just video. Could be a deep fake. Looks more like it to me that it’s, um, it’s real, but I’m still not ruling out that Epstein isn’t who we think he is. But we’ll get to that later. At the moment here though, we’re hanging on to see what happens with a Mike at Kennedy and if we’re gonna be able to get a live feed, in fact, could someone do some research? [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (36:47)
just find the link and drop it. I’d like to do a play by play live. By the way, go to Mad Mike hughes.com and get your copy of his book. If you haven’t read it yet. Mad My Hughes the tell tale look at, he says fake video is easy these days. You know, I saw it, but no, I don’t think so. I don’t think it was faked. I mean people are very much the way you said research. Oh we know. We take out, look, our friend misspelled it. It was r e s a r, c h and m. It was on graffiti. So we graffitied research flat earth and couldn’t even, we spelled research. So we decided that research is actually a more advanced form of research. So you could say we sound crazy for mispronouncing it. No, you’re actually pronouncing it fine, but we’d just like to separate what we do cause it’s a little, um, it goes a little further. So it’s research. Can I ask Kyle about that? We have an entire lexicon.

Speaker 5: (38:00)
In fact, I can probably find the meme of the, of the, uh, the picture of the graffiti. But here’s the thing, we not we, I don’t know who started it, but someone started research, I mean graffitiing research, flat earth, like we started it, we started research flat earth as a billboard and that caused flat earth to break out into the mainstream in a new way. And immediately after some others who weren’t so good at crowdfunding started, um, spray painting, research, flat earth all across like Scotland. There was that guy, I don’t know if he’s still fight earth is, he was the guy I’m in the shed always yelling and he had that accent and nobody could understand him. Adele. So Dell was out there in Scotland, spray painting, research, flat earth everywhere and he spelled it right, but the ones in America couldn’t, which is weird, but that started happening again like a month ago.

Speaker 5: (38:52)
Daily beast reported on it, some Nazi named Skylar butts and this is what they reported. We don’t have any pictures of them. It’s just a new story. And I almost don’t think it’s true. I think it’s fake news. Skyler Butts is going around southern California spray painting, research, flat earth, and then putting a swastika on it. So daily beast says, Hey, these flat earthers who have that penguin icon or a bunch of Nazis. So somehow she’s conflated our penguin, which is completely different from pepe the frog and says, oh well no, this isn’t alt-right symbol. And they say, research flat earth. And while you’re at it, hail Hitler. And none of us are like that. And so at first the big joke and then Owen Benjamin comes out and he’s like, I’m going to be the head speaker at the next conference of the flatter. There’s Sig Heil. And I’m like, Damn Owen, Benjamin Neo Nazi is going to be speaking for the flat earthers. It’s like they just throw on that. They just throw everything at us and whatever sticks sticks. So now we’re a whole bunch of Holocaust denying science, denying anti-vaccine flat earthers we’re menaces to society.

Speaker 5: (40:04)
That’s where they’ve put us. Oh, we got the feed. Thank you. Appreciate that bad platitude. And as you know, um, we’re going to channel on reserve. Thanks for the backup. I have enough live stream of all channels on youtube right now that we will never have, um, I that I’m incapable of streaming on you. So if something big breaks, we can break it to the audience. They don’t want us to contaminate. Okay. FBN Fox business network, cable and satellite business news television channel reaches 75,501,000 households or about 66.6% of the homes will televisions in the states. It’s pretty good reach. The business channel has a strong rivalry with CNBC, Bloomberg, and there’s always a possibility of trading or hiring staff in those competitions. It’s Kinda like they’re seeing them trying to shift this argument from WWE and WWF. Okay. So that would be Kennedy in the middle. Does everybody recognize this person? Now I don’t want a struck for copyright, so I’m just curious. [inaudible] check in

Speaker 5: (41:34)
and then when you’re handed these regular Fox News, Hannity is a big time sellout. I don’t care if he knows Krav Maga. I don’t care if he carbonates his own soda in his house. You know, that guy is such a, a bad salesman. I’m just tired of all sales pitches for years. He was selling the soda stuff. I was like, I carbonate my own soda. I don’t even understand the point of it and he’s always bragging though. Whenever he’s talking to someone, he’s always bragging like you may win this debate, but I know Krav Maga. Anyway, Sean Hannity’s Day on the job, first day on the job was nine 11 2001 his very first day on the job. What does that tell you?

Speaker 6: (42:17)
It was very first day of the job.

Speaker 5: (42:21)
He’s there to run the nine 11 sign off. I actually read his book right after it. It was called like deliver us from terrorism and liberals, God and they already started mixing right wing patriotism with, with like Christianity. So Voltaire combination and that’s where I see this thing being steered. The whole fighter conversation. They’re trying to steer towards right wing Nazi, Anti-semite Bible, literalist anti-science, a dangerous, they want to go. They want to create a sense of danger about the people involved, which is probably why the head of the Bible flat. Earthers his name was Phillip Stallings was just arrested on child trafficking charges. I mean, isn’t that something, the head of the Bible earthers who’s been a big, um, part of this thing since 2016, 6,000 followers on a major six part documentary with a couple of big names. You might know. He’s in jail right now. DHS Stink. Got Him first 56 counts reading comments. Uh, exploring against is check your discord. Will do. What am I missing?

Speaker 5: (43:46)
Okay, so, um, phones are somewhat open. (505) 510-4226. What am I missing here? ACW says, how do we find you on Youtube? Just go to infinite plane. radio.com infinite plane, radio.com au for access to Fox. No, we got it. We got it. Thank you though. We just got it. They’re Turkey. They’re talking Bernie with the panel next on Fox. Okay, great. Hey, just infinite plane. radio.com is the main thing to remember or don’t live. Don’t live. We’ll take it to the mixer. That’s the main thing. The archives will be at the, I use a soundcloud, which I love to embed, um, all of the content afterwards and you can download it as a video. I click the button so you can make it downloadable. So even though I upload an MP for, um, you can hear it as an, as an audio, but you can download the whole thing if you want the video.

Speaker 5: (44:47)
And I’ve been pretty consistent with it. And then what’s more is I’m getting those transcribed afterward and then I’m putting the transcripts in a blog post along with the soundcloud embed. So they have it. And the reason I’m doing it is that if somebody searches auto hoax, which is a thing Mark Sargent, if somebody searches auto hoax, we want them to find us because the flat earth term has been contaminated for decades and you can’t really get it away from the controlled opposition flatter the society, which is what it is if you didn’t know. The flatter society is controlled opposition. And so there is no controlled opposition to auto hoaxing. I think they tried with cite thorn journalist and conspiracy granny, but that operation was short. They made their rounds, they hit up 33 sites, they made a lot of death threats, and the guy got arrested on gun charges and she got taken out for what a judge ordered her into her mental home. So the controlled opposition against auto hoaxing doesn’t really exist. Like we’re ahead of the game on this one. I guarantee it. We’re far ahead. I think we’re, we’re further ahead than the flat earthers were when they broke mainstream.

Speaker 5: (46:03)
And I mean, the people who are making flat earth like a singular issue, um, I think it’s irresponsible to talk about flat earth without connecting it to the broader picture. Specifically the role of media pseudoscience, pseudo news events, and fake history in shaping our worldview. That being the mainstream media is primary function. Uh, the attempt to convert this into a [inaudible], a religious awakening. It shows that it’s been co-opted and the religions are all controlled by government, just like the media is. Don’t think the churches are any different. That’s one of the things that I think has, uh, caused the whole flat earth concept to stagnate is people have a lot of politics, religion to infect it. It’s like the biblical model is an infection and the anti Jew thing is an infection. That’s, that’s the political side when it comes about who done it, which group to, to blame. That’s politics. Politics has nothing to do with this. The real question is how far is it from your front door to the edge? How many miles is it?

Speaker 5: (47:18)
Okay. No, and the thing is, no one else can do it because you cannot auto hoax unless you’re willing to be politically incorrect to the maximum and say nobody died. Nobody cried. That was, you are all liars. If you can’t speak in those general terms, then you’re not getting it. Like, like I heard this conversation between, um, Marken patty steer part two and petty steer. Part two said, well, auto hoaxing goes too far. Everything can’t be fake. Um, well you’re missing the point. Every story in the Bible can be fake. Every story in a story book, it can be fake. Every story published by the news can be coming from a fake frame of reference, which means it’s contaminated. Obviously that will be real reporting. Obviously there will be content that reflects reality. Duh.

Speaker 5: (48:11)
What we’re saying here is that the media’s role is not reporting reality when it comes to these big world shaping events, these polarizing political events, these pseudo news events are done to mobilize the masses. These events are staged and preemptively. Coulda. Hoax is the only logical way to proceed. Assume it’s true until proven fake is to make the same error that Bible literalist make. So we are in the right here, and if you’re not auto hoaxing, then you’re not paying attention. You don’t know what you’re actually looking at. Just like you know, every single rocket launch is going to be fake. You don’t watch it saying, oh well the next one’s going to be real. Maybe the next one that space x ends up will be real. Never. You know it’s going to be fake. You know, the next shooting’s going to be fake. And on the off chance that it’s real, it’s not going to be reported the same way you had to compare them to see the difference though. And I’ve compared, we’ve compared, but we’ve been doing this a lot longer.

Speaker 5: (49:20)
Goldilocks has just an idea. If you control the opposition by creating your own controlled opposition, it could make it harder for them to slender. True. It’s kind of true. Well, actually, you know what, we’ve actually touched on that before. Uh, one of the things we said was, well, if we’re right about this, about the way the media works, about the way science has been corrupted to posit a certain worldview, if this is true, then we may as well just say, okay, well then we know as much as the so-called Illuminati, right? If we’re right, therefore, um, we can actually own that title. So we actually took their double-headed eagle and we put penguins on it. And uh, we started openly flaunting that we are all 33rd degree now. We didn’t really get initiated the traditional way, but we figured it out anyway. We put that out there knowing that the church ladies who are scared of numbers will stay away from us. And so it’s really hard to say much about us, you know, that’s that bad now that we’ve already been called, you know, agents of the or you know, whatever they, they come with all these different terms.

Speaker 6: (50:31)
But yeah,

Speaker 5: (50:33)
sure you can get ahead of the negative publicity a little bit. Not that it matters. We certainly don’t care what they think. I’m actually more concerned that they do not think that concerns me.

Speaker 5: (50:48)
And what I mean by they don’t think I mean is that they believe or that they don’t analyze that. Here we go. Thanks for the tweets here. I’m re tweeting everyone. Kennedy is interviewing Mad Mike Hughes. Go to infinite plane, radio.com we’re going to be covering it. Life mud flutter says, show me a live stream of the building’s upside down with people walking around on the ground. Yeah. You know, a friend of mine and will MVP came over from um, Australia and the, the news keeps saying flutters or say Australia doesn’t exist. No, that is not something that we said. That’s something that’s a fake news story. Anyway. Uh, he tried to stay awake because we’re like, well, if we’re on a ball, there’s going to be a point between Australia and America where you actually, you’re playing flips, but they usually time it for where everybody’s asleep. I guess he didn’t feel it, but no it couldn’t. They just zoom in and show us buildings upside down, shifts upside down. How come they can’t turn the Hubble around to give us shot once in a while they could sell prints. It would pay if you sold large photo prints of Hubble, pictures of the earth from space of people walking upside down on the ground in Australia or whatever. Whatever you’re shooting, you could sell that it, you know, I’ve actually made money off of NASA Art,

Speaker 6: (52:14)
I have to admit [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (52:17)
they had this whole series of space communism. It was like, we need you to go to Mars. It was this join the Mars program and it looked like old communist propaganda, like Soviet stuff and it had astronauts on the moons of Mars and on Mars farming and mining and it says NASA wants you to farm potatoes. And so anyway, these images are all public domain. And so I did have a lot of them produced, um, put them on backpacks on me, on uh, posters and they sold quite well for a little while. I figured it’s public domain. They’re spending $50 million a day that they’re stealing from the American people.

Speaker 6: (53:00)
Why not?

Speaker 5: (53:01)
It’s good art too, but I was just fascinated by the fact that they’re using just communist propaganda to advance the space program. Okay. So let’s continue. We’re just waiting for this, a conversation between mad my Hughes and Kennedy. So she’s in New York and he’s in Los Angeles. It was going to be, so he’s going to be broadcast from where he’s at in Los Angeles. Personally, I’d rather see ’em in person just because there’s usually issues, you know, you don’t know who you’re looking at. No. This idea that there’s no Australia though, that that was invented for very specific reason. It was kind of interesting that the actually redacted the name of the Facebook person who posted it. So some person on Facebook says, I think Antarctica doesn’t exist. I’m sorry, Australia doesn’t exist. And all Australians are actors and they put so many Australians in the movies just to prop up the myth of their being in Australia.

Speaker 5: (54:14)
So it’s a ludicrous story. I know people who’ve been there, not that I would tell you to take that as evidence, but I mean it’s like saying, I know people who went to the moon. I get that. But it’s an insane proposition. And it wasn’t backed by anything. There was no compelling youtube documentary that keeps you up until three in the morning. Is Australia real? Is MVP lying yet this obscure Facebook post went viral. 55 million people retweeted it and it’s because they choose what goes viral. They made it go viral. So they could just start saying, yeah, these people have lost their minds, which we haven’t.

Speaker 5: (54:59)
In fact, what we have done is we have reasserted control over our minds. Huge difference. Oh yeah. Planet seating and pimps. Burmese. [inaudible] I have a couple of space related articles we’ll go over later. Okay. So if you want to link to watch it on your own, because I’m not going to be able to actually play the whole thing as you know, because it’s, it’s a live television feed, but there’s a link to live news now. Dot Com Slash Business Fox News Network. FBN. Yeah. Planet seeding and Panspermia, which basically means, as you know, um, uh, spreading your seat everywhere.

Speaker 5: (55:55)
And here they’re talking about the astro blunt called [inaudible]. The asteroid comet like object is full of loose chunks of rock and this debris could be objected from planetary systems in the aftermath of a formation. Basically saying that that big Dong that they said was the first interstellar object looks like a cigar, that that actually carries life and that it could be bringing small particles of life bacteria or whatever throughout our solar system and it could impregnate planets and start life, have a new genesis. This is all just the fertility cult of old. This is a mystery. Babylon. This is nothing more than the same old stuff. Just given a little bit of science fiction veneer. It’s not real. It’s fake. Okay, so it looks like we’re commercial break, so I’d expect that perhaps next to going to be on with Mad Mike Hughes. Let me see her Twitter feed.

Speaker 5: (56:59)
It’s at Kennedy nation and I’ll put the link for the particular, uh, Twitter feed I’m following. Okay, here we go. Here’s a link to the tweet that on the feed that I’m on right now, this is a Kennedy nation, Fox business news live a mad Mike will be joining remotely from Los Angeles and she’s in New York at the moment. Okay. It wasn’t expected until Friday. You know, I talked to him briefly earlier today and so I’m glad I call him cause he said, Oh yeah, it’s on tonight. They had a, I guess he missed a text or something

Speaker 6: (57:58)

Speaker 5: (57:58)
Flattered says, can we trade Canada for Australia? We would lose man, if we did that. I would like to actually, you know, who we would get rid of if we just removed all the Canadians. Now, not saying in a bad way, but I’m talking about certain Canadians like a acre. Remember him a star Gods, he’d go awake souls. What’s his name? Jason Laughin. Dill. Jason laughy deal. He’s a Canadian. You know, who would’ve thought and then you have ’em damn. Pretty much all of them glow. Is that the, the RH negative? Uh, God king. I forgot his name, but, but you know what? It’s almost worth it. It’s almost worth having Canada just for Kyle, who is really the first person to break that rockets are blimps on the news. And he was one of the first auto hoaxers. If you remember after the event, it was Kyle who, um, called out one of the crisis actors and he got pretty much attacked in his local media and it was big too. There’s global media. They went to his house to try to make them look bad. So he shows up and he’s like, he’s using a paint roller in his painting, his car red, you know, he’s wearing a hat that says, I’m man, I forgot what it said. It’s a great piece though. He controlled it. That’s the thing. If the media is coming to you, they’re going to destroy you. If you don’t worship what they worship, if you don’t kneel before their icons, so just expect it. Plan accordingly.

Speaker 5: (59:34)
That’s why people like Dan, the one man or unfit for this down the water man’s talking to. He takes the bait and he’s talking to the Guardian and they say, what are your friends think? And he says, my friends think I’m an idiot. And guess what? The Guardian puts him on the cover, a closeup of his face. You know enough to unsell the newspaper for like the next six months. And it says, my friends think I’m an idiot. Says flat earth. Or like, why would you even put those words out there in that order? You’re, you’re like a walking hit piece. A walking foot bullet. What are your friends think you should say? My friends think I’m a genius and I’ve helped them. You know, you should. You should always know the media is going to twist your words.

Speaker 5: (01:00:20)
Kyle actually lives in Mexico and is faking living in Canada wouldn’t shock me. We have a poorest border here in New Mexico that explains how he got to globe eggs so fast. Okay, so we’re watching a Fox business news live stream waiting for Kennedy nation. Let me go ahead and tweet her again. Her question was on tonight’s conspiracy theories or Kennedy spirits. He theories. I’m talking to a flat earth who thinks the moonlighting was fake and doesn’t believe in gravity. Okay, so let’s go with, um, ask him if anybody, what should, I’ll take it from you in the, in a d life or youtube. What should Kennedy asked? Mad Mike Hughes.

Speaker 5: (01:01:18)
Yeah. Hey, a day. Junior smile. Infinite plane. radio.com. We want to do it every day if we can. It has to be done. We have to remain ahead of the curve. We have the behind the Kurvers now trying to talk about auto hoaxing like they know what they’re talking about but they’re too scared. Mark’s like, Oh auto hoaxing that goes too far and I believe in climate change. I’m like, okay, you believe in climate change because what NASA told you, but you don’t believe them when they say that the earth is a ball. How selective can you be?

Speaker 5: (01:01:56)
Infinite plane, radio.com not only has the live audio streams, but it also has the archives on soundcloud with video attached. If you download and it has the transcripts on doing transcripts. Now I wanted to start that a year ago. I should have, I think I tested it out for like a couple of weeks. People said it was a good idea and then my blog was shut down. If you remember, you know, I lost 11 years of blogs because of some censorious cry bully. One of these perpetually triggered church ladies book burners. Bad fly attitude asks her if she was power lands, Fag Hag at MTV. I don’t understand that question. Uh, next question. That’s just a word cell. It didn’t make any sense. Didn’t make any sense. Um, what should I ask Kennedy to ask Mad Mike? No, we’re not asking about Kennedy. We’re um, we’re asking Mike questions through Kennedy. So what do you want Kennedy to ask Mike? Mike’s not interrogating her. This is your opportunity to be heard on Fox News, uh, through a proxy of a proxy. Your question will be perhaps read, uh, by Kennedy right now. Just post your question. What do you want her to ask? Mad Mike and let me see where it’s at. Okay, so it’s still not Mike she’s talking to, okay. This is the story about El Chapo, which is totally fake news. El Chapo is fake. OJ Simpson didn’t kill anybody. Uh, Megan Kelly’s Nicole Simpson. See that’s what I would ask. Ask him if he believes

Speaker 5: (01:03:50)
Nicole Snow. That’s probably, I don’t want to put them on the spot. This is a question for Mike. It’s open, but don’t worry. You have a minute. You have a minute to come up with a question. I see a few here. We’re going to choose one. We’re just waiting because she’s going to be reading these tweets live. In fact, that’s one, this is one time where all caps is. Okay. We were talking about this last night, how Horry sheet is so tiny that when he types, he can’t actually do caps cause he can’t hold shift down and type at the same time except he can do capital z cause he can put one leg on each. But he doesn’t like to do caps cause it hurts his, uh, if he does all caps, it hurts his neck to read it.

Speaker 5: (01:04:39)
Okay. So anyway, you can use all caps to get attention under certain circumstances. You can add jiffies you can do whatever. Uh, in fact, let me do this mad Mike hughes.com. We’ll just plug his book, ask him how his book is selling. This is perfectly timed. If you think about it with the moon landing hoax aversary some of these people are mean. Ask him if he’s been treated for syphilis. Like they really go there. Like you ought to be sterilized. You’re cause you got the wrong. You know, it’s like that’s just this type of shaming. Which it signed for us. It means that they’re in no position to argue or debate. It means that we’ve already won the debate.

Speaker 2: (01:05:37)

Speaker 5: (01:05:38)
Okay. Let’s continue. Let’s see what’s going on. It looks like El Chapo calls us corrupt as he gets life. Again, this is just, you know, um, blue pill entertainment, infotainment. It’s not even news. It’s not even reporting. It’s, it’s worse than fake news. It’s just soap opera. Go ahead and share the stream. If you haven’t, I’m going to go ahead and take a 32nd break. This is a chief cro in the flat earthworms

Speaker 3: (01:06:09)

Speaker 2: (01:06:12)

Speaker 5: (01:06:45)
okay. Send out a couple of tweets. Um, I should probably send out another wetter. I did send a newsletter out this morning. Okay. Mudd fuller asks him, the US government can save billions by shooting him into space for a 150. Oh, that’s a good point. 150 k c that is a very good point right there.

Speaker 5: (01:07:06)
Great question. And again, she’s Kennedy nation at Twitter. If you want to go ahead and email her yourself, I’m going to go and ask that directly. Ask Him if the u s government can save money in the space program next year. You know what, that will do. Just put the space program out of business. Uh, now it’s, it’s just like the new legacy. They could probably still fake it. Like Elon Musk could be the next Walt Disney. That’d be a good way to close the loop. It just be like Mars. You can just go live on as Mars communes. Pretend like you’re on Mars. Hey. Uh, what’s up color either. Hey, can you hear me? Damn. Lost it. Okay, wait, he’s on. Sorry. [inaudible]

Speaker 3: (01:08:04)

Speaker 5: (01:08:07)
turn off the ringer for just a moment. So if hey caller, give it about a few minutes here. I’ll let him know myself or can stay on the line. Hey Man, what’s up? Hey. Oh yeah. Can you hear us fine? We are. Um,

Speaker 9: (01:08:22)
all right then. All right then, um, I have one question. [inaudible] all right. So, um, we’ve heard about, uh, the deep Bates, right?

Speaker 5: (01:08:33)

Speaker 9: (01:08:34)
So what if they, what if they’ve been pushing [inaudible]? Um, get for example, for example, the Hillary Clinton video, cause I’m, in my opinion, in my opinion, Trump and Clinton, I’m on and I’m in the middle of the, the donkey and the

Speaker 5: (01:08:54)
what else? Yeah, the donkey. Fent I just call it the [inaudible] the donkey fence.

Speaker 9: (01:09:01)
Yes. Yes. I’m in the middle. And both of them fuck both.

Speaker 5: (01:09:04)
Oh yeah, I’m on, but go on.

Speaker 9: (01:09:06)
And so I’m, um, so my opinion deep fakes deep pay been pushed on for the last year, right?

Speaker 5: (01:09:15)
Yeah. Easy. Easy.

Speaker 9: (01:09:17)
Okay. Okay. So the first deep bake I saw was I called bullshit because I didn’t, it wasn’t real. And the first, the one I saw today was, it looks pretty real to me. I couldn’t say it was fake.

Speaker 5: (01:09:31)
Well, you know what, here’s something to consider too, and I’ll get into this later on tonight after this Fox News Story. Um, the, the deep fakery goes, goes back to, um, highly advanced masking technology like advanced prosthetics and, uh, really the stage craft that goes into it. I mean, it’s powerful. The art direction. It’s just like high art and it’s very sophisticated and it’s classified how sophisticated they question.

Speaker 9: (01:09:56)
Okay, go on. Next question. Um, from my research purposes, um, do you know when it started? Just so when I can look it up,

Speaker 5: (01:10:06)
my guess. Oh, okay. Let, I’ll look it up tonight. Um, look up master of disguise. Look up CIA.

Speaker 9: (01:10:13)
Uh, I’m on the same page

Speaker 5: (01:10:14)
on, I think it might start as early as weaponized anthropology, O s s in the 1940s. That’s where I think,

Speaker 9: (01:10:21)
oh fuck yeah, dude. That’s exactly.

Speaker 5: (01:10:24)
God Damn God damn right. If you’re live, I’m mad. Mike Hughes. I’m the guy that we just, um, or that the flat earth guy who launched himself up in a rocket. He’s about to be on Fox business news here in a few minutes. Probably in like the next 30 seconds. Or Yo yo live right now. Go to infinite plane. radio.com.

Speaker 9: (01:10:41)
Oh, okay. I want to hear my, to my cube. I’m out. I’m out.

Speaker 5: (01:10:45)
I want to hear it live for the phones later. See Ya. Okay. So ringers off for the time being, but let’s go ahead and get Mike on the phone. I’m sorry, Mike on the, on the screen. Okay. It looks like just a few seconds here. Yeah. Donkey, Flint. [inaudible] I just made that up. I was like, there’s gotta be a way of combining a donkey and an elephant, you know, like we call them DERPA pillars because they, they mixed the red pill and the blue pill, they don’t want to leave. The blue pill behind. Purple is not enough because it’s a very derpy thing. So DERPA pillars. So donkey fent go ahead. [inaudible] I mean, dirt donkey fin. To me it’s just like, it’s the same beast and we all know this stuff already. Okay, here we go. I’m going to go ahead and just, I don’t want to get, you know, stricken down for violations of copyright. So I’m going to basically, um, play a segment of it and then probably black it out or turn off the screen. You’ll definitely hear the audio. But again, I want to be careful.

Speaker 10: (01:12:02)
The Saturday marks, 50 years since the Apollo Moon landing. One of the biggest moments in the history of mankind. But some say it never happened, including my next guest who was a self-taught rocket scientist and a flatter author. He’s so sure the earth is shaped like a Frisbee. He plans to launch himself into space and a homemade rocket this August. Just approve it. Take a look.

Speaker 6: (01:12:24)
[inaudible] some reengineering. [inaudible]

Speaker 10: (01:12:41)
ah heck. It’s going to be a third attempt to prove all the queasy globe people wrong. And he joins us now on this latest episode of January. It’s flat earth conspiracy theorist and Stuntman Mad Mike Hughes. Welcome to the show.

Speaker 11: (01:12:56)
Kennedy. How are you? Good to be here. We’re actually, I’m not here. I’m hearing in a southern California. That’s right. That’s a great place to be. So mad. Mike, you say you don’t believe in science. I love skepticism. I’m a big fan of that. Did you ever believe in science? Uh, no, not really. You know, uh, my whole life was just involved with racing, you know, and I got involved with rockets and, uh, and then, uh, you know, you start studying these different things and one day the fighters popped up and I go, holy moly. No, that’s cold. [inaudible] but yeah, and after about four months, five months, I couldn’t dismiss it. No, you can’t dismiss it. Here’s the thing, Mike, a lot of flatter earthers they’re trying to take the attention from you. Are they ruining the car? Hi. Yes, I think so. I mean, honestly, I’m the only editors, believer and truth are in the world that has a network TV show, a documentary coming out of Brooklyn, a coloring book, and I got, and I got four cats on top of that. Oh God. You just ruined everything for cats. Four cats. Yeah. No. What is penalty? The crazy point is six. If you get six cats, that’s calm. When you get crazy [inaudible] you’re forgiven because maybe you walk past a cat adoption. I understand

Speaker 10: (01:14:12)
that too. You’re nuts. But let’s talk about the earth being frisbee shape because I think there’s something to this. I like Frisbee frisbees. Makes Sense. Frisbees are still round, but they’re not globes. And then there’s an ice wall called Antarctica. How does it work?

Speaker 11: (01:14:27)
You know, as I tell everyone else, I do not have all the answers of course. Okay. Which may surprise a lot of people out there, but at these kind of like a bullseye, I think there’s land outside of these different circles and we don’t know how big the circles go. Does that make sense to kind of like a, a pizza that has kind of keeps growing? Well, what I’ve always wondered, and you have pointed this out, people in Australia. Yeah. How do they not get head rushes? You’re upside down, right? Yeah, exactly. How does that work? If it’s a closed, no, here’s the deal. Honestly. [inaudible] there’s no way the sun is 93 million miles away. It’s not possible.

Speaker 10: (01:15:08)
Nope. How close is it? It is too far and no one’s measured it. No one’s been there. Uh, so how close is it? If it’s not 93 million miles away,

Speaker 11: (01:15:17)
something is around 3000 miles. I don’t know. I’m not going to get there. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I don’t know man. I think that, uh, I just went to Hawaii and I had to wear a lot of sunscreen. If something that hot were 93 million miles away, I don’t think that, uh, that I would’ve had to wear SPF 50. You know, some people asked me what brought me to this point, you know, believe in the flat earth and I say, well really my goal in life was to be the road manager for the spice girls. And they broke up and I didn’t know what else to do. If you were going to be any spice girl, which one would it have been? Oh man, baby spy. She used to do it for me really bad.

Speaker 10: (01:15:55)
Ah, you’re a Weirdo. I know you weren’t going to say ginger or at least posh posh is my favorite because she’s [inaudible] and she just drinks diet coke and eats nuts. Um, okay, so I have some friends on Twitter who have questions for you. Uh, fuck with Paul wants to know. Oh, that’s fine. You don’t have to. This is still from Twitter. Fun with. Paul wants to know if the moon is

Speaker 11: (01:16:17)
also flat. I don’t believe so. I don’t believe so. [inaudible] this fear, but where’s that? Hey, I don’t have all the answers. Kennedy. Okay, but thank you. Sorry Denny has no one. There’s no crammed is without most of the answers. Well, who does? Okay, I’ll bleed into my x, Y, Z at one time. Okay. What do I know with the moon landing faked? I don’t believe any one has ever stepped on the moon. I think bus has a haymaker that’s aimed for your jaw buzz. All right, well Kelly, you know Oh, mad Freemasons and they’re all in the military and I don’t know.

Speaker 11: (01:17:03)
They’re free conspiracy. The free masons con what a group of people are good. Have another conspiracy theory about that. You need to work for NASA. I know someone there. Would you like to apply? I know and I’ve know people that’s worked for space x and I could probably get jogged there, but no, I, yeah, Elon Musk creeps me out really bad. I think that he’s smoked a lot of reefer, not you mad. My thank you very much for being here. You’ve made my night. Great. Thanks Kennedy. Thank you very much. Your earth is as bad as my woo topical Stormy’s. Next one. Fun.

Speaker 6: (01:17:36)

Speaker 5: (01:17:41)
that was a, as you would expect from Fox. I don’t know if they know how to handle it. It almost looks like, um, the caricature doesn’t quit. Something didn’t match. They didn’t know how to really work with it. Um, one second here. I’m going to take a quick break here. My browser is kind of taking a, a breather. Oh, this is auto hoax by Solomon fly and we’ll be back to talk about Kathy in just a few minutes here. Ready? Real

Speaker 3: (01:18:15)
[inaudible] CIA.

Speaker 12: (01:18:31)
I’d be in service. No, was take her seriously. Oh, the ones out. Park and Tom. Bad neck and vegetation. She’s streets are always dangerous. Dangerous seats to speak is playing into really what they saying. [inaudible] know what that means. Oh, you dealt with the teens. They speak the signs and symbols. You can learn them that these days by nine 11 because I have the 27 once you think that they didn’t have the Nah, it’s a mess. It’s all according to the code. Gamma Illuminati. My mom body and my son is why they snatching [inaudible] switching roles. [inaudible] call died in not, oh, don’t you know we did around the globe and the moon.

Speaker 12: (01:19:19)
Glad about the shoe rings. I say y’all with copper on the [inaudible] we will make the wait. Let it spray bite me. [inaudible] let him know we don’t take deliv like laced up potty might as readily like the breakaway [inaudible] tension on your bed and date. You know what? I’m Tom that don’t, that dislike me nicest if antichrist at their turn to add bringing eats is actuality. That’s why the truth must play by worried a math word. A man on solid court. It said, cow Damn Illuminati batty grow the section fat. Having switched from bows with the coach. I know Stephen [inaudible] can test with attitude, be trolling. Lead scientific theories aren’t when they are shown to be. What just stay in is you don’t accept the famous myths improved. Wow. Sports is scripted by the number code with the alarm. Let me turn on my [inaudible].

Speaker 5: (01:20:35)
Let me,

Speaker 11: (01:20:36)
there are no my auto auction. Look this stuff up when I get home. Cause by t these kids. Today’s is tripping. I ain’t tripping. He must be tripping because I am not tripping out when loop. I know Matt. Things that no more.

Speaker 5: (01:20:48)
Sure. All right. That’s Solomon fly. Saw my fly out of hoax praise by DJ Ready Rail. There’s a link if you want that song. So yes, mad Mike just crashed Fox News. We’ll see how that goes. Okay. Let’s see. D leafs o d live streaming productions retweeted it. Very cool. Going through comments. She didn’t ask our question. It was kind of short I think. I think she was a little blindsided by the masonic. Um, uh, the, he brought up the free masons. I don’t think she was ready for that. And also if you think it’s a cute thing just to like, you know, come in and just like poke fun and it’s just going to be humorous. It’s like, well, it’s not like he believes he was abducted by aliens, you know, he’s calling into question the authorities on, um, you know, on science on pretty much what governments, obviously they are working together. If the moon landings fake, like it’s a pretty big can of worms to just be kicking around for jokes for Yucks. So I think they kind of, um, they sort of let a bull into a China shop if, you know, cause these are like, at least they didn’t touch on auto hoaxing and it could have gone worse. She seemed flustered. I don’t think she knew how to make it into a funny thing. I think it ceased being cute when he brought up a Freemason. The act of the astronauts were all Freemasons in the military. And if you look at it, you know, the military is a secret society in itself. If you look at the way that security clearances work.

Speaker 5: (01:22:19)
But um, yeah, so she, she’s, um, probably a little, um, I don’t know, rattled. We’ll see. They told her to cut it when they said Freemasons. That was Kinda what it looked like to me. It really did. And I was like, I saw that. But she did bring up flat earthers trying to push him out. And he did mention he’s got his own TV show and uh, he’s the only one at the plan, which is a valid point. And you know what he did say, that’s a good point. He thinks that there’s probably more land beyond what we think are boundaries. So what people think is, I’m in dark to go what some say is a stupid ice wall. So he did in fact introduced the infinite plane.

Speaker 6: (01:23:04)
But see in the fact

Speaker 5: (01:23:06)
is, um, you know, the, let’s look at Twitter, you know, cause I know to me the media is totally corrupt, top to bottom, and this is just a way of crashing their party once in a while. So let’s take a look and see. I’m checking Kennedy nation and checking out our Twitter feed to see what kind of a response she’s gotten from this latest, uh, here. By the way, if you want to link over to the Twitter feed that I’m following, here you go.

Speaker 13: (01:23:42)

Speaker 5: (01:23:42)
Yeah. Let’s see. She called him a crazy car person. Yeah, I wasn’t really sure. I, I, I’ve not really familiar with her except for her writing. I never really got into her DJ thing. Great work. Regardless, anytime you can go crash their party, he was wearing his flight suit, by the way. And you know, you can’t say he’s not serious. He did build a rocket, you know, if he hadn’t actually launched it yet, if it was still just this painted to being towed around, you could say, well, maybe it’s just a gimmick. But no, he was launching that thing.

Speaker 13: (01:24:16)

Speaker 5: (01:24:19)
Hey Mike. Hey. Hey Mike. Hey. That was great. And we were just watching ’em on the live stream now. A, what’d you think?

Speaker 14: (01:24:29)
Uh, yeah. I mean, I couldn’t date. They didn’t reverse Lincoln, so I couldn’t see Kennedy. I was just looking at myself and just listen. The questions came through the therapy.

Speaker 5: (01:24:40)
Oh yeah. Can you put your bait? Oh yeah. Well, you know what? I think you Florida, when you brought up, um, she asked about Buzz Aldrin. She said, Buzz Aldrin’s got a haymaker waiting for ya. And you said, well, he was a free mason, like all the rest of the astronauts. I think that kind of rattled, I dunno. Um, that seemed to take her back.

Speaker 13: (01:24:59)

Speaker 14: (01:24:59)
yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, she’s pretty quick. You know what I mean?

Speaker 5: (01:25:03)
Yeah. But, uh, but hey, it went, it went by fast. I mean, it went by fast. There was no dead air.

Speaker 14: (01:25:08)
Nine, nine minutes.

Speaker 5: (01:25:10)
Wow. Okay. It felt like five minutes. No. Cool. Cool. Well, Hey, I think he’s going to go over well. I think she looks like she had fun and I didn’t realize that this is perfect for the anniversary of the, the, excuse me, the hoax aversary of the moon landing.

Speaker 14: (01:25:25)
Yeah, I know. I know. Uh, so I know. So, yeah. The local K and everything. I mean,

Speaker 5: (01:25:31)
oh yeah. According to strawberry blind in the chat, she says, Mike, I like your smile. Keep up the great attitude. Yeah. I think people liked it and I think it looked great. Um, it’s a good piece. It goes right along with your tosh point. Oh

Speaker 14: (01:25:44)
yeah. Yeah. It, that wasn’t gonna let you, you know what? I didn’t want to be serious anyway. I just wanted to bring up some mothers and stuff. I guess they showed they didn’t play no, the song good day.

Speaker 5: (01:25:55)
I don’t think they did. Um, I just caught a clip. I mean I have to see how they present it, but what I did catch it, feminine movie they did, they used me, they

Speaker 14: (01:26:04)
teased it about a five second teaser but probably went on. Right,

Speaker 5: (01:26:08)
right. Oh yeah, they did. Yeah. They showed, in fact they showed more. They should quite a bit of that and they showed your rocket being moved around. So I know you’ve got, you got plenty of good coverage and then of course she asked you, um, you know why you’re not getting the center of attention with flat earth given that you’re the guy at the plan. And so you did get a shout out to your upcoming movie and your TV network deal. Yeah.

Speaker 14: (01:26:30)
Yeah. So, uh, yeah, they don’t strike home with these fucking people. I mean, no one else has got that. I mean, yes, quite a bit pissy about truth frequency rate or no one. I mean it would be a fucking huge topic, you know what I mean?

Speaker 5: (01:26:44)
Oh yeah, absolutely. I mean this is a big deal that you’re on a Fox business live. It’s a lot of publicity and, and of course, um, you got the credibility cause you actually built the rocket and flew it up there. Yeah. I think she was just sincerely trying to have fun with the topic. She agreed that the sun wasn’t that far. She said that’s why she needs SPF 50. It makes sense.

Speaker 14: (01:27:03)
Yes. Yeah. No, I kinda, I caught that. So why do you think about the Elon Musk comment?

Speaker 5: (01:27:08)
Oh, that was great. She actually looked down at her desk when you said, uh, I’m not into Moscow. He’s kind of a creep. She looked down at her desk, uh, eyes wide and said, yeah, he has smoked a lot of reefer. So I think she agreed with you, but, uh,

Speaker 14: (01:27:21)
creep me, he kind of creeped me out, you know what I mean? I didn’t call him a creepy as greets me out, but uh, yeah, I got, I did. I need to touch on half the stuff I wanted to touch on. I mean, what do you do?

Speaker 5: (01:27:33)
Right? Well, exactly. You just, I mean, hey, I mean, the thing is people only really remember a few things out of it anyway. You got the point, you’ve got a TV show, your, um, you’re someone to be paid attention to in this whole flat or topic. You know, that’s what this is about.

Speaker 14: (01:27:48)
Yeah. Uh, it’s just, uh, yeah. You know, I just want to just, you know, it goes back to, you know, we need a break at feet for, I think that whole group has got to go away. It’s got to fucking go away.

Speaker 5: (01:28:03)
Well, I think that more people get, um, the more people that see you, um, that stuff’s going to fade. I think people are tired of laser tests. I think they’re tired of, uh, all these experiments that don’t even consider how high can you go? Where is the edge? Right. And you know, between you and exploring again, we got that covered and people are gonna be following you. You’ve got your launch in what, less than 30 days, right?

Speaker 14: (01:28:27)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Three weeks from Sunday. So did they show the actual launch and last time,

Speaker 5: (01:28:34)
oh, they showed the, they showed you in the cockpit. They had part out footage. They showed the landing. Okay.

Speaker 14: (01:28:39)

Speaker 5: (01:28:39)
And um, then they showed the end of the trailer where it zooms out on your mobile lock, rocket launcher and the rocket. So yeah, no, you’re, you’re totally in there. It’s, this is actually great coverage and the lighting was great and everything. Like they, they’re, they’re professionals as far as, um, production value goes. So I think it’s a nice piece. Yeah.

Speaker 14: (01:28:57)
Yeah. It was live link. Donald Irvine. It’s guess what this guy does? It’s uh, he is, there’s one guy here. He really helped me out. And uh, and uh, yeah, so,

Speaker 5: (01:29:07)
well what I’ll do, I’m, I got an, we’re going to basically, we’ll take that video, we’ll put it on your, um, we’ll get that clip. We’ll put it on your youtube channel, you know, with the commentary. Fairness, use that site. Yeah. The website and everything. Yeah. Embedded on your website. And so right now, anybody going to your website, they have access to you. If they want to interview you, it has a link to your Facebook page, social media, um, chief crow’s music. And then of course, uh, your book in bed. So it’s all there. So, and we’re going to continue, we’re gonna continue to work on that this evening and everything. So, uh, what, yeah, what’s next for you now? Between now and the rocket launch?

Speaker 14: (01:29:46)
That’s that. As far as I know, that’s kind of here right now. Really. I mean, I just working on stuff, you know, I’m just, uh, the semi and we’re going to time dropping off rocket demonn warrants. Someone’s going paint it purple on it for me, and they’re going to do the decals on Friday. And then, uh, I put an exploring again, do decals on that I’ve had to rearrange and stuff. You know, these people gave me $21,000. They pay 25, and I got 21,000, so I need it, you know, like,

Speaker 5: (01:30:14)
well, no one else. Yep. That’s like that. What’s the name of, it’s called the the dating app.

Speaker 14: (01:30:19)
Yes. HUD, HUD. HUD website. Yes. HUD app.com. So

Speaker 5: (01:30:26)
that’s going to blow up. Yeah.

Speaker 14: (01:30:29)

Speaker 5: (01:30:30)
I think so. Um, I saw their site actually said ’em rock n o dating isn’t rocket science.

Speaker 14: (01:30:35)
Yeah. Isn’t that funny?

Speaker 5: (01:30:37)
Oh yeah, no, that’s good. That’s good. That’s gonna go over. Well, I think that’s gonna be very, um, uh, marketable. [inaudible]

Speaker 14: (01:30:43)
did the, you show up and everything Jacob, but you know the HUD or did you want Polo and the g did it show up and uh, on the TDD screen, yes.

Speaker 5: (01:30:52)
You know what? [inaudible] oh, that’s right. You know what? I didn’t even, I was like, I noticed that you had these new patches on. I was like, man, these patches are okay. The HUD one was right there in the open. That was big. So yeah, we’re the, we’re the array one. Used to be. Yeah,

Speaker 14: (01:31:06)
yeah, yeah,

Speaker 5: (01:31:08)
yeah. I noticed that. Okay. Yeah. I’ll send you, I’m, in fact, I have a screencap someone sent me, I will send you, um, by Twitter a screencap. But yeah, you’ve got a clear shot with the, um, with the, I didn’t even think about that. You had all your sponsors on your shirt.

Speaker 14: (01:31:22)
Yeah. Yeah. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to wear something made sense. You know what I mean?

Speaker 5: (01:31:26)
Yeah. Good call, good call.

Speaker 14: (01:31:29)
Oh well it is what it is. That, how can you start, you know, so, oh yeah. Some people I totally watch tomorrow night. I didn’t have a chance to get in touch with him today. My, you know, today’s just me up. Uh, you know, my fucking car. They’ll put a new air conditioner, a compression right now they sent in the wrong one out. It’s just been fucking unbelievable. I’m serious to wash my hair and a fucking garden hose today outside the back of a shot and I blew dry with the sand. It’s, I mean, I didn’t have time to go home. No, I couldn’t go to motel. I mean, it was just fucking craziest that name.

Speaker 5: (01:32:00)
Well, Hey, I think it went over well. And one thing, it didn’t go bad, you know, so that’s always a win. But I think it went well with the media. Things can go very wrong or very good

Speaker 14: (01:32:11)
fucking driver just drove right past and 18 this guy. Wow.

Speaker 5: (01:32:17)
All right, well hey, I’ll let you take care of that Mike and uh, we’ll be in touch. Thanks for calling. Okay. [inaudible] okay. Hey, phones are open. Five oh five five one zero four, two, two six. And Mike’s gotta catch his ride. Like I said, hey, it was um, it was I think kind of last minute for him and yeah, that’s why he’s Mad Mike. Yeah, he had to as you as you hear, he had to like make it at the last minute. But um, regardless, they probably cut it short. It sounded like they cut it short. He said Freemasons and she’s like, oh, my boss probably went over to her and did the whole cut hand sign. That’s probably what happened. Not that it matters, you know, this is slash this is just um, slash and burn, you know, carpet bombing, take no prisoners, anti media, uh, mix of walking, Trojan horse, you know, you go in there, you know, you make any kind of an appearance. You say some things. It has has a tendency to get out there. The Washington Post heard him say, I don’t believe in science. I believe in formula and fluid dynamics, blah blah, blah. They ran out the first part.

Speaker 5: (01:33:32)
Alright, so mad Mike hughes.com one moment here. I just got an email. Okay. I just got an email from someone auditioning to read the Audio Book for God is a narcissist.

Speaker 15: (01:33:54)

Speaker 5: (01:33:54)
Oh look at this one here. Let me just grab this link.

Speaker 5: (01:34:00)
So if you’re watching the screen, this is a from Newsmax. This is pretty much, this story is being repeated everywhere. Moon rocks be damned cause a moon rock again is a holy relic. It’s like, oh in my church we have a part of the cross or this one has an actual part of the shroud of Turin or you know, dirt from Golgotha. They always have these like relics that say, oh it’s real. Well Moon rock be damned. Conspiracy theories live on 50 years after moon landing 50 years after Apollo 11 lunar landing moon hoax theory lives on 6% of the public believe it was faked according to the Washington Post. Fox did a documentary called conspiracy theory. Did we land on the moon? The idea is that photographs don’t look right and there’s no crater under the Moon Lander.

Speaker 5: (01:35:00)
Let’s see. Then it talks about, well here’s the guy said, Burrell, Bart subretinal guy who got punched in the face and look, she caused him to bring up Freemason. She said, hey, buzz Aldrin has a haymaker waiting for you. You know, cause like, look, this is, you know what? This is the second damn time that a Fox News punted has advocated violence over a conspiracy theory. This is the second time in less than a year now that I think about it. So Greg Gutless, I mean, Greg Gutfield said, if you don’t buy into the official story of Sandy Hook, I want to punch you in the face. So I said, why don’t you punch me in the face live on Fox? And he blocks me and here she is. Oh, Mike doesn’t believe in the moon landing. Maybe Buzz Aldrin wants to come punch you in the face. What is this like the inquisition? You torture somebody into saying, I believe I believe bunch of fascists and I don’t mean that in a mean way, but this is a culture of fascism that has overtaken Fox News. If there was ever a time where it wasn’t run by fascists, maybe we just never noticed before.

Speaker 5: (01:36:12)
That’s kind of what I think or I didn’t go through your comments. I see we got about a dozen people over at Mc slur under the 20th youtube. A grip of you at d life. Okay, let’s continue a little bit longer. I want to go through and see this. Any other tweets here that showed up in the aftermath? Does anybody here mean, let me think that they cut it short. I get the feeling they did and VP says Fox is but triggered. Yeah, I agree. I think they saw the documentary. I think they did. It’s not easy to do though. You know I’m going on TV like that, sitting in front of a camera where you don’t know who you’re talking to. I couldn’t do that. It’s like, where do you stare? Where do you look? And if they don’t like you, they probably tell you, oh, look up to your left. And then they put the camera to get your bad side. And if they like you, they give you like the glamor lighting in a little gosee and blur, they can make you or break you.

Speaker 5: (01:37:30)
I mean, that’s really their power. That’s the power of the media. It’s to influence the mass mind because the mass mind with a 99% believe is real, is real. And that’s why it’s so dangerous for the media to be running a muck like it does. Playing judge, jury, executioner, with all these events, Mudd flutter says buzz has a list of people to punch in the face. 6% of the American population, 6% how many is that? What? 6% of 3.2 million is that what it is? It’s a lot of violence and that’s fascism. Oh, well 6% let’s just get rid of them so we can be stronger together. You know, fascism, a bunch of sticks. You can break each stick separately, but if you bind them together, it’s unbreakable.

Speaker 5: (01:38:23)
Yeah, I think they had to mud flood. He says he, they had to cut it short. He was selling flat earth unshakeable. Yeah, I think so too. Oh yeah. Open phones a (505) 510-4226. Let me put the number back on the screen. So yeah, 100%. Um, I think that he was, um, bringing too much, um, into the topic that wasn’t just low hanging fruit. You know? Ha Ha, funny. For example, Freemasons, you know, fox is run by Mason’s. It’s a mist. It’s a masonic. We run corporation and he called them out. It is a conspiracy. And you know, by the way, at the Denver international flatter conference, the mainstream media asked its organizer is a conspiracy. He said, no, no, no, no conspiracy. It’s just secular scientists don’t want to go to church. So they, they don’t want to bring God back into it. So he makes it about atheists versus believers, which is a controlled dialectic if there ever was one.

Speaker 5: (01:39:29)
So here’s Mike saying, yeah, it’s a conspiracy. It’s a conspiracy of Freemasons and free may sonic astronauts. The moon landing was in fact faked. So this is where they don’t want you to go. They want you to look at, Oh, it’s the photography. Because they can say, oh no, here’s our explanation. But if you say no, it’s a network of liars at the top of this thing, it gets people to actually say, well, maybe it’s plausible. Fractal says far more don’t believe than the 6%. Yeah, that’s a good point. You know, 6% is probably the minimum number that they can reveal. You know, it’s probably much higher, but if they, if they downplay it anymore, it might be obvious that they are downplaying.

Speaker 5: (01:40:25)
Uh, no. Buzz Aldrin though is a, a liar. Absolutely. An actor, uh, what he’s doing is unconscionable. He lies to kids. And you guys might, I mean, people who have fallen in love with his character might think, oh, he’s just this benevolent old man. Well, no, he’s actually soft selling a slavery gulag life dressed up as space travel and progress. It’s the complete opposite. But again, my point, that was the second political pundant on Fox that I’ve checked out in the last year who advocated political violence. You know, violence against people who disagree. It’s like, well, Hey Kennedy, I’m sure there’s a lot of Antifa people who would like to put padlocks in socks and whap you over the head for your right winger ism. But I’m not going to say, oh you don’t agree with me. Let me go ahead and have you padlocked. Like it really goes both ways.

Speaker 5: (01:41:28)
If you want to advocate the forceful, a silencing of your opposition, then get ready to eat boot yourself because it will be used against you. And we’ve seen it in all these people who are just kind of apathetic about the censorship going on cause it doesn’t take away their ability to, you know, watch football or watch Fox News. It’s like well eventually it’s going to work its way until there’s nothing but uniformity of opinion. But I feel like the left and the right already are uniform in opinion at this point. And it wasn’t the case three years ago, four years ago, there were principled conservatives. And a principled backlash, a limited government movement against globalism. And that’s been turned into let’s build a space for us. Let’s grow the military. Let’s go to Mars. That’s government planning. You wouldn’t let the government build you a paradise in China and say, Oh, this will be the perfect world for you. High Tech, everything’s fair. You’d say let’s communism. But since it’s on Mars now it’s like Jetsons. Now it’s way Shinier. It’s never been tried. It’s new. And that’s the job of the Utopian to sell you on the same old utopian pie in the sky, BS, Paradise, Heaven, Worker’s Paradise, whatever you call it. It’s always the same bait and switch.

Speaker 5: (01:42:53)
Bud should enjoy people following in his footsteps and should say, yeah, Mike, do it. Prove it’s a sphere. Yeah, that’s right. He should say he should be. He should be. It’s like, it’s all about exploration. Let’s do this. But notice they haven’t been really forthcoming with shutting down the flat or the opposition. Um, and instead of trying to silence it with arguments, they try to use ridicule. And, you know, to be quite honest, it did appear to me that that whole piece, you know, obviously it’s meant to be ridiculed. She wasn’t saying, what’s your plan to go to space or what kind of propulsion, how high can you go? No, this wasn’t a serious talk. And he knew that as you know, he kind of went in there, I’m just planning on making a few jokes and that’s fine, you know, whatever the fact is.

Speaker 5: (01:43:39)
Um, they, they let the Trojan horse in and you can’t really undo it. And, and who knows what could got out. He did say he thinks there could be more land, which is Kinda cool. He didn’t mention a damn dome. He didn’t mention the Bible. He didn’t mention a hatred of Jews. So on all three fronts, he beat the, behind the Kurvers with how they represent it. Oh, what’s a dome like a snow globe. Cause the Bible and Jews did it. It’s like, you know, he didn’t bring any of that to the table and he called out the Freemasons and the free masonic connection between the astronauts, which is something that is a fact. Just looking through the comments. Okay. Nothing else new on here. I’m just going to say thank you for, thank you for sharing the truth about the fake moon landing.

Speaker 5: (01:44:47)
And you know, people will say she shouldn’t even have him on there to put that idea out there. Like that’s the attitude of people like Neil degrasse Tyson. Oh, you shouldn’t even debate them because that lends credence to what they’re saying. No, what lends credence to what we’re saying is your fear of confronting it. That’s very suspect. Tylee suspect. Okay. So I’m thinking now would be a good time to go to the next topic of a cabbies fake death scene. And look, I don’t care if youtube kicks me off. It’s not gonna hurt my feelings. Does anybody care? No. Infinite plane radio.com is all we need. Uh, the thing is if we do get kicked off of showing this fake content and calling a fake, we have a new account tomorrow. So let’s let us start with this. We’ve got Epstein on camera here. This is what we were waiting for. All we’ve seen are pictures. He seems to be almost like he doesn’t even exist. Okay, here we go. Here is Jeffrey Epstein, uh, hanging out with a Donald Trump back in the day. And this is 1992, uh, look at Trump’s eyebrows. Okay. And then of course, I guess

Speaker 16: (01:46:37)
they were at a party, an invitation into Donald Trump’s world who days from 1992 found in the NBC archives, choose the future, welcoming Jeffrey Epstein to his Mar-a-lago Estate. The get together more than a decade before Epstein pleaded guilty to prostitution charges in Florida. Both men are seeing enjoying themselves. Trump is pointing out women dancing in front of them.

Speaker 5: (01:47:06)
No, that’s not inherently scandalous, pointing out dancing women, um, they’re all paid to look like they’re having fun at guarantee it. Um, but again, we’re talking about his association. Is this guilt by association? Is it legit?

Speaker 16: (01:47:23)
And apparently encounter with the man. The president is now looking to distance himself from,

Speaker 17: (01:47:28)
well, I knew him like everybody in Palm Beach knew him. I had a falling out with him a long time ago. I don’t think I’ve spoken to him for 15 years. Uh, I wasn’t a Fan Epstein

Speaker 16: (01:47:36)
who has pleaded not guilty to federal sex trafficking and consent.

Speaker 5: (01:47:41)
Okay. Again, is this affective guilt by association? You know, you could attack him. Um, rather you could use him to smear both sides. Clinton and Trump. But no, you have Trump. You got the groper on the other side. Biden, I mean all sides. Uh, my point in bringing this up, you know, we’re asking, well, is this real or is this a fake thing that was invented? Is this political soap opera and are all these people on the same side? And one of the ongoing theories here, bad fly attitude. There’s an egg shaped Epstein video. Yeah, I haven’t seen that yet. I want to see more video. I’m still not convinced that this guy is, um, anything more than an actor. Um, there is a theory right now that this whole thing, this whole face is a mask.

Speaker 5: (01:48:32)
Now that might sound farfetched, but bear with me here. That’s what we’re moving into. And then we’ll get into the [inaudible] thing. Okay. So the story with Epstein and the mask, there is an ongoing, um, highly plausible conspiracy theory that Jeffrey Epstein isn’t Jeffrey Epstein, but it’s just a character. And so we’re trying to find not just video but audio. Now we’ve got video. No, it’s kind of far out there, but if you consider the world wrestling, entertainment style of um, you know, politics that we have and how scripted it is, it’s not necessarily a beyond the pale. I find a few things wrong with this one. This picture, I had to look into it a little more. Uh, the hair, the hairline, it does look like a rug and I’ve compared his face and his profile numerous times. Even this one to the person we think it may be in disguise. Now again, this sounds very out there, but here’s what I want to show you.

Speaker 5: (01:49:39)
I’ve been doing a bit of research into the master of disguise. Joanna Mendez. She was with the for a decades and her specialty was protecting agents a disguise. And one of the things she talked about was how the level of sophistication that has been achieved with masks has been classified until just a couple of years ago. So the idea that you think you’re looking at one person, but it could be someone else, isn’t that farfetched? You’ve seen movies like white chicks and other movies, but these movies exaggerate how they make it look bad. They make it look like, oh, well they, it’s not that good.

Speaker 5: (01:50:23)
But I assure you that’s all miss direction. But I just wanted to point this out. If you’re still a Trump follower, you need to ask yourself. Uh, it does. Um, does it bother you that Trump has, uh, verbally expressed, um, sediments about Epstein showing he knew what Epstein was up to and hanging out with this guy like is guilt by association? Oh, there we go. Deposition, video, copy. Link, address. Let’s take a look. It looks like we have more. Is there any audio attached to this? It’s 27 seconds long. What’d you mean? You’re like warning? Yes. Okay, here we go. We got audio.

Speaker 18: (01:51:08)
Okay, here we go. Let’s listen. Do you solemnly swear the testimony you’re about to give will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? Yes, I do.

Speaker 5: (01:51:19)
Could you please give us your name? Jeffrey Epstein. Is it true, sir, that, um, you have what’s been described as an egg, uh, that want to hear that? I do not want to hear that. Okay. So sorry. I’ve got a vivid imagination. Don’t need to hear that. Okay, so I think this puts it to rest. Uh, Epstein is f steed. I don’t think that’s a mask at this point, but hey, we did our due diligence. Now. I could be wrong. In fact, I’m the voice though. The voice doesn’t sound like what I think it would if it wasn’t him. You check that one more time? Yes.

Speaker 18: (01:52:00)
Do you solemnly swear the testimony you’re about to give will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? Yes, I do.

Speaker 5: (01:52:06)
No, I don’t think so. Okay. Regardless, he’s friends with your president. So if you’re voting and you know, voting for the lesser of two evils is not excusable today unless you’re willing to wear a shirt, a tee shirt that says, I voted for evil. You know, unless you’re willing to just say, I support evil, don’t vote for evil because there’s always a greater evil. Like, well, I’m going to vote for Jeffrey Dahmer because, hey, at least he’s not Satan. Like, no, it doesn’t work that way. And that’s kind of what they’ve been doing with, uh, Clinton and the whole Pedo pizzagate thing is they make it sound like the Democrats are so bad that anything on the right will be excusable false choices. [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (01:52:53)
gangs with machetes and baseball bats carried out. Medieval killings. Los Angeles hacked to death. Seven people in the last two years. A rival gang member who’s just membered and had his heart removed. True or untrue. I read it. And it’s basically rehashing a lot of old stories over the last seven years. My point is they only brought this up to stoke the flames of um, you know, xenophobia intercommunal tensions. They want people to say, oh, we got to build a wall. Mexican gangs are chopping people’s hearts out. Just like the Aztecs. It’s all just Ajit problems, xenophobia, total bs. Nobody got their heart chopped out. Been maybe, I mean, but I read the article and we’re talking about decades. We’re talking about a whole lot of stories sewn together.

Speaker 19: (01:53:47)

Speaker 5: (01:53:47)
Okay. Another one, the front effort to return to the moon. NASA wants to put people on the lunar surface in 2024 but doesn’t have the budget. And if you’re looking at this, and what we’re seeing here is this is the astronaut walking on the moon, supposedly, supposedly the moon. Now what you see is, um, very bright lighting in a very stark contrast between the astronauts white uniform and the darkness of the shadow. It’s very stark. So I’m, I’m looking at this and I’m thinking, well, how come the horizon disappears like right at the neck level of the astronaut? Like, do you really believe that that’s the curve of the moon?

Speaker 5: (01:54:39)
If you believe that’s the curve of the moon, then you also believe that the moon is the size of the Goodyear blimp. So that’s how you know it’s fake. There’s no background, there’s no moonscape. You should see miles and miles and miles of craters. You right here standing on the moon, even though it’s a quarter of the size of the earth, it’s still way bigger than Texas. There should be lunar, sir. Territory out as far as we can see in this camera going into the background, but we don’t see it and it should all be lit up. But it’s not. Why is that? Because it’s fake.

Speaker 5: (01:55:19)
ACW says, my grandma always said about voting that if you do it, it’s better. Go with the devil you know than the devil. You don’t know. No, I mean saying is that, that’s, that’s devil worship. Stop worshiping the devil. Stop voting for devils. Flat truth says mission and possible masks worn for all we know. Trump has Tom cruise, a paid actor. Yeah, no doubt. You know, there’s actually this pretty convincing that suggests that Tom Hanks has been playing the role of Chris Christie. So Tom Hanks is like literally wearing a fat suit. So is Chris Christie Tom Hanks in a fat suit according to one youtuber and many of us subscribers. Yeah, it’s likely. Okay. Let’s go ahead and do this. I think it’s time to take a look over at the cap B, the Isaac cappy fake death scene. I think we should go there. Let me go ahead and pull that up.

Speaker 20: (01:56:19)

Speaker 5: (01:56:19)
Oh, by the way, God is a narcissist is now out on Amazon in paperback. God is a narcissist. Easy to find. Go to infinite plane. society.com I linked it there for you. Okay. I’m scrolling down. Does somebody have a hot link to the cappy fake death scene? I’ll be right back. This is Lucifer. Tim, the official flat earth international anthem. Yeah, exactly. Flat fact. We would see for miles

Speaker 20: (01:56:59)
[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] patients looking for these areas in the city for an as Asians. Cause again, it was always bound. [inaudible] [inaudible] man. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] okay, I got it. All right, I got it.

Speaker 5: (01:59:19)
The link. This is think about photo shoot. This is the link to the body Cam Vid, which we will be analyzing to show you that Isaac, Kathy is not dead. That Isaac Kathy’s death was staged. He’s another Hollywood or a just another intelligence asset. This is a death faking. It’s a staged martyr, political PR stunt. He’s not dead. He’s not dead. I have to sign in to confirm my age. I love that. And you can pretty much watch anything, anything on the Internet, but it’s like something like this. Hold on a second. Well let’s see. Uh, I’m going to go ahead a a Bonner jams. Yes. That’s lucid for Tim. I’ll give you a link to that. I’m going to go ahead and open up a window. I have to do this. This is so dumb. You wouldn’t believe this. So I’ve been banned from Google so many times from so many accounts that it’s really hard for me to even open up my youtube channel so I can sign in cause I have to find one email address that hasn’t been blocked already. And right now, um, I’m not having an easy time with that. Let me go ahead and, okay, so it’s going to take me a minute here to get situated. So here’s some chief crow. This is space is fake into the black for

Speaker 20: (02:00:54)
[inaudible]. You can see those stars. Oh yeah.

Speaker 3: (02:00:59)
[inaudible] you were never able to see stars from the lunar surface and were on the daylight side. [inaudible]

Speaker 21: (02:01:15)
smell is

Speaker 3: (02:01:21)

Speaker 21: (02:01:23)

Speaker 3: (02:01:28)
there’s more than stars. You can see planets. You see the ganglion gas [inaudible]

Speaker 21: (02:01:42)
[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] deep space away from the sun as you can imagine. Mad, mad, mad, mad. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (02:02:48)
okay, here we are. This is on the scene. Body Cam footage. I’m going to analyze it really quick. I’m gonna go through it really quick here and then, um, analyze it, take calls, et cetera. So here you have the body Cam. And what I’m suggesting here, one, we shouldn’t have this body cam go for. Why is it being released? That’s one. A two, this body cam seems to be directed as in this body. Cam seems to be like this guy is consciously directing a film through it.

Speaker 5: (02:03:29)
Fake, fake, fake answer this time, sir. It even sounds scripted in the dialogue, but fast forward. So here we are showing up on the scene. Uh, for one thing, he’s right. Both, there’s a few things wrong with it. Oh, one, he’s both a bridge and they’re saying he fell 22 feet and then, um, was hit by a truck and move forward. Um, and, you know, rolled forward. Well, we don’t see the other truck. Uh, there’s no blood, uh, his legs are sticking in front of him. And just so you know, if you jump off a bridge 22 feet and land on the ground, you’re not going to be laying stiff as a board. Like you’re laying in a coffin or like you’re training dummy. And then too, if you fall like that and then you’re hit by a truck and then you’re flung beneath the bridge, you know, at 75 miles per hour, you’re not going to be standing straight and stiff, Eh, you’d be wrecked. And this guy isn’t wrecked. He’s not in, in a position of someone who’s hit like this. And then it gets weirder

Speaker 21: (02:04:31)
when you guys have the time that it was called.

Speaker 5: (02:04:35)
Okay. So they show you one foot, which may not mean anything cause it’s definitely pixelated out, but they’re putting these white sheets over him and there’s no bleed through. There’s no blood

Speaker 15: (02:04:49)

Speaker 5: (02:04:57)
here he is conspicuously filling out a memo and if you look on the ground, you see this big kit, it looks like a whole um, EMT kit, a bunch of stuff they wouldn’t have even used, just laid out for display. And this is part of the drills. Whenever they do these drills, they bring these things out. Yeah, they’re saying that the Pedo ring killed him and I’m like, all right, this is staged. Here we go.

Speaker 15: (02:05:26)

Speaker 5: (02:05:30)
hey officer, this was laying in the lane. I don’t know what it is. And this is a, a fake firemen, possibly real, but definitely an actor. And he’s showing a smartphone and you can look at Kathy’s tweets on it. Like this is a made for TV mystery.

Speaker 15: (02:05:43)

Speaker 5: (02:05:46)
I don’t know if it’s his, but it was laying right over here.

Speaker 15: (02:05:49)
Can you identify and call? See, I know one time I was going to be seven 44

Speaker 5: (02:05:56)
now, I wouldn’t want, here’s, you got to see here, this fireman, you got to see the grin on his face. Robbie Parker would be cry proud of this guy and see how he’s holding it. And he’s like, I think it might be from him. And I think these might be the tweets before he died. Like they’re telling you the stupid story and this guy’s grinning.

Speaker 15: (02:06:16)

Speaker 5: (02:06:24)
seven 48 you can read the tweets and the texts.

Speaker 15: (02:06:26)

Speaker 5: (02:06:29)
okay. You hear that? These people are laughing. The, you gotta hear the audio. I’m going to play this last part. These people are not looking at a mangled corpse that fell 22 feet and was hit by a truck. This is staged.

Speaker 15: (02:06:41)

Speaker 5: (02:06:51)
laughing, laughing, laughing. I think it might be his, I think it’s his. And he smiles and says, yeah.

Speaker 15: (02:07:00)
[inaudible] and he holds it in front of his body. Cam. More laughter, more laughter, giggling.

Speaker 5: (02:07:12)
Okay. Now here, look at the two feet in different directions. Just laying down on the ground. This is a dummy or someone playing dead. Uh, most likely a dummy. There’s no bleed through on the sheets. He’s not in a body bag, which is vinyl, which doesn’t have bleed through. And in a case like this, they would use a double thick disaster pouch. Um, if you’re hit by a truck or you fall, uh, you know there’s, there’s going to be blood. There’s no blood here.

Speaker 15: (02:07:39)
Why are they laughing? [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (02:07:42)
do you want us to leave all this? This is all theater and I think they’re sloppy about it because the camera man’s not there. Like a usual signup. This is a body cam.

Speaker 15: (02:07:53)
Yeah, the detectives on his way.

Speaker 5: (02:08:02)
Again, there’s no bleed through on the white sheet. Okay, so cover yourself in even theatrical blood or just drape it. Just walk out of your shower wet, lay down, throw a white sheet over you if the water is going to soak through.

Speaker 15: (02:08:25)
Thank you guys.

Speaker 5: (02:08:31)
Where’s the truck that hit him?

Speaker 15: (02:08:33)

Speaker 5: (02:08:36)
the coroner’s not here. There’s no corner van. There’s no medical investigator. They’re lurking around laughing and joking.

Speaker 15: (02:08:43)
[inaudible] still no blood.

Speaker 5: (02:09:04)
Again, this is a training dummy. Do those shoes even look like the shoe size? I mean, it wasn’t cappy like six foot six or something. Goldilocks says, I’ve seen someone run over on a highway. It would never look like this. Yeah. Well that’s one of the reasons why I took an interest in this one is I’m, I was a deceit in transporter for the office of the medical investigator and I’ve seen people hit by cars and people who’ve jumped off or fallen off or drove off, um, you know, high places like cliffs and bridges, et Cetera. And yeah, your body would crumble up and you’re hit by a car. His arms would be out, there’d be blood, his head would be crushed. Uh, there’s none of that here. This is a, a training doll and they have all these props all around.

Speaker 15: (02:09:49)

Speaker 5: (02:09:58)
look how far back these trucks are, how they blocked it off. This is all staged. There’d be real blood. That’d be chunks. This is staged. Um, nothing to see here. They hype up how graphic it is. There’s nothing graphic.

Speaker 15: (02:10:29)
Try to look busy. Now he’s going to put the cell in

Speaker 5: (02:10:33)
front of a rubber glove, which is what he would not do. You know, what they do in these instances is, uh, that would go to the medical investigator who would use it to locate and identify the next of kin. And the next of kin would be notified before TMZ, which didn’t happen here.

Speaker 6: (02:10:58)

Speaker 5: (02:11:04)
so he’s got Kathy’s phone in his pocket. We’ll see if there’s anything else on here. We certainly do not see the corner. You do not see a corner here. He goes back. We’ll see what they talk about.

Speaker 6: (02:11:27)

Speaker 5: (02:11:32)
okay. They have a circle around him. Still looks fake as f. Uh, there’s, there’s nobody here to pick them up yet. Okay. This is another body cam. Officer Luna, you two a Hyundai. Is this where he gets his passport?

Speaker 6: (02:11:59)
DAZN past bluer. Isaac cappy out of New Mexico. 10, four.

Speaker 5: (02:12:30)
Let me snap a picture of that really quick. Interesting. So the police here are taken photographs of it. I don’t know how much of this is usual or not standard, but they’re very conspicuously going through his docs. He’ll read back please. Again, these are, um, the, the sheets over the body. Uh, they’re not showing any bleed through. Let’s see if there’s anything else. Okay. They’ve gone through his wallet.

Speaker 6: (02:13:18)
No more corporate credit. Ah, yes sir.

Speaker 5: (02:13:29)
Okay, so then the stage

Speaker 15: (02:13:32)
is thinking

Speaker 5: (02:13:33)
because I’m hotel, that blur should be all red. Well, exactly. I think the blur is there to hide the fake, not hide the Gore. And that’s always the case. They’re not hiding the Gore. They’re hiding the fakery. Let’s see if there’s anything new on this end. So this is a compilation of various views. Look how comfortable these guys are just standing around this. Do you realize that they’d be getting blood on their shoes?

Speaker 15: (02:14:10)

Speaker 5: (02:14:15)
and they sure were yucking it up and laughing and having a good time eating that flight of chew says, I’ve seen more gore on skateboarding videos and what are they pretending to do? They’re not putting him in a body bag and I just find this whole thing very unlikely. Oh, where’s the corner? Where’s the Gurney? Do they even show him getting picked up and packed up into the thing? I don’t think so. This is looking very, very fake. Made for TV.

Speaker 15: (02:14:53)

Speaker 5: (02:14:57)
Okay. So, um, in all likelihood, well, we know it’s a hoax. We examined it earlier. If anybody here has been following this, you’re welcome to call in five oh five five one zero four two, two six. If you’ve been following this story of a, Kathy’s, uh, fake death happened on May 15th. It was tied into, strangely enough, the Hollywood elite being adrenochrome addicts and triggers. It was suggested that Tom Hanks and other Hollywood elitists had something to do with his death because he was going to expose them. But that was the most casual group of, um, I guess first responders I’ve ever seen. And the firemen, were there any mts or was it just a couple of firemen? I mean who was even there? But look, did you, did you see any indication that they had put anything on them? Was there an ivy, did they even do anything? Why did they open that thing up? Like he, what I’m asking? Um, let’s say he did fall off the bridge and he got hit by a car. Okay. In the middle of the night out on route 66, he’s dead on arrival. So what up with all that stuff unpacked around him, you know, were they attempting to resurrect him? He would have been clearly just dead dead.

Speaker 5: (02:16:40)
Looks like acting. It looked like huddling. We’ll take it. Role playing are the actors at the beginning were giggling and laughing. And so what was interesting about this one is this was a [inaudible] presented from a body cam to probably make it seem more real. But no, I’m Cathy, I’m is not dead. And so if he’s not dead then what’s this whole charade about? Well, maybe they’re lying. Maybe these things about Tom Hanks and company eating babies. It’s just part of a signup. A political soap opera meant to keep you engaged. He was working with Hanks. Exactly. You got it.

Speaker 5: (02:17:24)
His whole narrative, um, this whole story about the Democrats all being secret baby eaters and all that, you know, that comes out every political season of Andrew Breitbart was a political martyr who faked died in 2012 for the same thing. And no doubt Tom Hanks is creepy. But um, these things are all coordinated. This is a script. It’s a story and it’s got the Q and on people believing in it. But is this your standard of evidence? You don’t think the cops would lie? Here’s a new one for you. Uh, the police have been no police forces. They can be corrupted, they can be infiltrated. You know this, this is obviously a group of individuals who are perfectly fine participating in a cycle of operation. This is your cyop industrial complex at work.

Speaker 5: (02:18:15)
So fell off. This bridge got hit by a car. I don’t see the other vehicle. It hit him. Oh, some pointed out, one leg rolled up. We can kind of barely see it. A bit of a mini sonic inference. There could be the case now. How old was he? We did do a live stream on this topic before witness protection. Yeah, no doubt. Well, this, no, I don’t even think it’s witness protection. Like I don’t think it was witness protection. I don’t think he was a legitimate whistleblower. Like I’m calling into question this whole thing. I’m saying that he’s part of something that this is as fake as you know, Tupacs death, and that it’s all about getting people to vote and it’s, it’s hype. It’s hyping up the narrative about the deep state and the not deep state, which is another lesser of two evils arguments. They make these arguments. It’s like, well, the deep state’s really bad, but what we have, yeah, that’s fascist, but at least it’s not deep state. This is where it’s at. Says Tom Hanks wears dresses. Well, I’ve seen a video where Donald Trump is kissing a guy in a dress.

Speaker 6: (02:19:41)
Donald Trump, here, I’ll show you.

Speaker 5: (02:19:52)
So this is Donald Trump kissing Rudy Giuliani.

Speaker 6: (02:20:05)
You do on conditional victory against them. Here’s lots of buzz over Rudy Giuliani’s in passion speech at the Republican National Convention. There’s no black America. There’s no white America. There is [inaudible].

Speaker 22: (02:20:22)
Now look what we’ve uncovered. It’s Giuliani showing his softer side, dressed in drag in a comedy skit with Donald Trump. You know, you’re really beautiful. This book was filmed 16 years ago when Giuliani was mayor of New York for a charity dinner. So it was all in. Good fun though. You dirty boy you oh, oh. [inaudible] boy you,

Speaker 5: (02:20:48)
oh, it’s for a charity dinner, so it’s all good fun. Okay. There you go. You’ve got Donald Trump, his face with his mullet here. His face buried in the chest of Rudy Giuliani.

Speaker 13: (02:21:01)

Speaker 5: (02:21:02)
Are you voting for that?

Speaker 13: (02:21:04)

Speaker 5: (02:21:07)
Infinite plane society. Are you voting for Donald Trump? Hold on a second. Happens every time. The first call of the night. A Google needs like a minute to think about it. Hey caller, are you voting for John?

Speaker 23: (02:21:26)
No, I’m not voting at all. I was just looking at the split.

Speaker 5: (02:21:31)
Okay. So, um, yeah. What’s your take on um, Isaac Kathy’s death scene? Are you convinced? You sound like you’ve been crying?

Speaker 23: (02:21:41)
I am a little confused on one part of it. Uh, what’s your take on the Tracy Twyman twist of the story? Like, cause I don’t see her as like, I don’t see her as being that big of a star or anything. So now like apparently she’s faking her death and it kind of makes the cappy thing have more credibility slightly. Or like, how does that shit play into it? You know what I mean? Like she’s not like a huge person.

Speaker 5: (02:22:09)
I saw that one. I’m thinking either she’s an opportunist who thinks that she came up with a way to grow their media network. Like I can do it, I can fake my death and say I did it cause I was uncovering NASA and they kept, yeah,

Speaker 23: (02:22:22)

Speaker 5: (02:22:23)
It seems like that could, that could the case or she could be part of the operation and she’s just one of the fake grass roots.

Speaker 23: (02:22:30)
Right. I was the same one. The opportunities for her because also she’s tied in with a quiet Louis and he does that at ground zero. A FM talk, a conspiracy talk show. And uh, yeah, I was listening to him like cover it and he’s like fake crying and all this shit. And it’s like if someone the worst fake crying I’ve probably heard in a while, he’s like sniffling and all this shit. It’s just really bad. But I’m sure it’s on, it’s on, it’s on youtube. I’m sure if somebody wants to go check it out, been even now. And I think someone, uh, someone was saying something about, he’s also been known to, uh, he was like faking some illness or some shit like that for ratings. I don’t know. So,

Speaker 5: (02:23:10)
well, you know, this is common. I remember Max Eagan, we were looking into him after we caught him. Schilling for Prime Minister Ding-dong after the New Zealand shooting and Max e Max Eagan, we found him. He actually claimed that he was beaten up by Jews while trying to save a Palestinian and he released a picture of himself with like a fake black guy. I mean,

Speaker 23: (02:23:32)
yeah, yeah, no, for sure. Yeah. Um, I guess opportunities. That sounds correct. Um, cause I’ve been trying to like look into to, to her death, like I haven’t like called Portland cops and I was trying to like ask them a bunch of questions and uh, yeah, I can’t find shit about it. So probably also fake.

Speaker 5: (02:23:51)
Okay. Yeah, that’s what I mean. Like was there a police report? Like, I think that some people can get away with these fake deaths just by saying it and it gets spread by the rumor mill and they create a martyr. But, um, no, it’s probably, I think it’s faked. Uh, Hey, what’d you think of a Mad Mike Hughes on, uh, Kennedy?

Speaker 23: (02:24:10)
Yeah. Candy was totally trying to do a trip him up a little bit there. So he stayed on his toes, loves that. He pointed

Speaker 24: (02:24:19)

Speaker 23: (02:24:21)
free Freemason part. And she shot herself because he’s probably a high mason herself.

Speaker 5: (02:24:26)
That’s what I thought. I was like, okay. She wanted to ridicule him and before she could really take it there, she kind of brought up something inconvenient. It’s probably this probably like a, a rule at Fox. You can’t talk about that unless you’re smirking while you talk about it.

Speaker 23: (02:24:41)
Yeah. Yeah. And she started raising a little bit until they just cut them off. But uh, you know, um,

Speaker 5: (02:24:49)
yeah, no, I was gonna say, now, one more thing here. Um, this, um, Isaac happys, um, death scene. Did you see anything about it that was, um, realistic to you or did it look like made for TV?

Speaker 23: (02:25:04)
Oh, that was obviously a training video apparently, you know, uh, perfect angles on the cameras, the passport thing, that’s just ridiculous. Why would you have your passport with you? Um, I guess like a Tracey Twyman tries to connect some shit about that on her, uh, last her, what’s it called when they, uh, the little desk switch or whatever.

Speaker 5: (02:25:29)
When you young, you really switch. Yeah,

Speaker 23: (02:25:35)
she, she like released a video that just so happened, so like actually touch on like, you know, more of the story, the details of the story. And so apparently Kathy might’ve been trying to go out there to, uh, investigate something that she was on too with, uh, people that were allegedly gang stalking her, also investigating the peto stuff. And so, uh, she was in touch with him and so he was out there trying to look into this campsite camp ground where, uh, I don’t know, they got the address from some, uh, alleged gang soccer, some shit like that. But basically it’s just like reinforcing more than,

Speaker 5: (02:26:17)
this is interesting. It’s the same thing with like a Mike Cernovich. Okay. We trolled him once where yeah, we were just like, we gave him 350 thumbs down and we said in a super chat say that you love flat earth or we won’t reverse the thumbs ups. And he was like screaming, it’s the pedophiles, it’s the pedophiles. And so they get, they get this psychotic or paranoid frame of reference where like, yeah, we’re being persecuted. And my thing is, all right Kathy, you got evidence, you got the dirt on these people. Why did you open a youtube channel? Why didn’t you create that video and just name names and release it. And same thing with Andrew Breitbart. Why did he say I’ve got the video that will bring down Obama and stop them from being reelected and the next thing you know, Bam, he gets faked killed. So

Speaker 23: (02:27:07)
right. And I’ll tell it like he has all this money and it’s like, okay, you got all this money, you know, you’re an actor and shit. So it’s like, uh, go hire a bunch of pis and start recording some of these mother fucker and you ain’t gotta do it. Like legitimately, you know, like I don’t get it.

Speaker 5: (02:27:23)
Well, if I ever fake my death, you’re just going to see my car at the bottom of a ditch. Like I’m going to roll it off. I’m not going to do one of these dramatic things cause it just leaves too much for people to analyze. He should’ve just drowned or something.

Speaker 23: (02:27:34)
Right, right. Or like a fiery crash or something that Burns everything out. Yup.

Speaker 5: (02:27:40)
Yeah. Well Anyway, um, praise Capsi or cappy excuse me. You know, [inaudible] be hustle because you know, any one of these death bakers that blows it gives us an opportunity to expose the sigh up industrial complex. So, you know, I’m all for these goofballs thinking they can pull a fast one in front of us. Right,

Speaker 23: (02:28:02)
right. And that’s how I saw Clyde Lewis when he was talking about Tracy Twyman. I was like, all right, well if there was any question now you just totally blew it with this fake a little, uh, act you just put on the radio. Like it’s really bad. Like people have to go check it out. It’s that bad. Like he’s sniffling like a lot and just trying to sound all somber and shit. But yeah, that’s pretty much all I know. Uh, I guess bad flooded, who knows a lot more he should probably call into

Speaker 5: (02:28:30)
when you continue to investigate this and call out the Q and onto her crying about it. All right. Thanks.

Speaker 23: (02:28:36)
Right. All right, let’s

Speaker 5: (02:28:37)
cue. And Unbelievers, um, think that they’ve got something here and a lot of them are watching that footage and they’re saying it’s very graphic. Sit Down, uh, take it in small segments. Like they’re really playing it up. And what are you really seeing? Nothing. Don’t see anything. You just see a dummy under a sheet and they didn’t bother to cover the thing and fake blood. There’s no gore, there’s no guts. There’s no trauma apparent. I mean, the whole thing, it looks faked. Obviously it’s faked and the actors were consciously, consciously doing everything in front of the body Cam. So it’s coming from the body Cam. It’s got to be real. It’s Kinda like CCTV, like, oh, it’s closed circuit television. It can’t be anything but objective, you know, and like they did with the Nipsey hussle death. It was while the video is the proof, what are you going to do argue with the video? And I’m saying yes, you know, absolutely.

Speaker 5: (02:29:39)
It’s not evidenced in itself. And so I’m looking at this and yeah, the evidence or the video, the only thing you can really tell us is that you got a bunch of guys hanging out doing a drill with a dummy. Um, uh,s purported to be a dead body, but again, unlikely. Okay. So a couple of other things we were talking about, um, you know, one of the things I’m doing here is calling out this, this savior, this political savior, Donald Trump as just another actor on the world stage. And it’s alarming that so many people are ready to vote for him. This is where it’s at. It says passport on Hell Oh, passport to hell. Oh, I get it. They found his passport on route 66 they’re trolling us. Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right about that. I mean, look, it’s, it’s scripted. You know, he fell 22 feet, that probably means something. He was 42, it was 42 days after Tom Hanks instagrammed a picture of roadkill on route 66.

Speaker 5: (02:30:49)
I’m just checking through the space news really quick. Uh, Russia may send Saudi Ashlyn off to space. NASA is pushing it back until 2024 launch day. So right now, like as we speak, you know, this is the three day anniversary of the thing and this is all here. Look, this is all they’re talking about. Apollo 11, July 17th, 1969 course correction to reach the moon. So for them to bring mad Mike on tonight was perfect because yeah, he doesn’t believe it. And you know, she’s like, oh, it’s because the pictures, which isn’t it, he said it’s because they’re a bunch of lying Freemasons.

Speaker 5: (02:31:36)
Well, the reason I said Capsi hustle by the way is you’re looking at two different individuals. But they’re playing the same role. You know, archetypes. They’re, they’re martyrs. And these are stents. They’re designed. These are psychological operations that are designed to achieve a certain purpose, a very specific purpose. Okay. I’m going through a discord to see this. Anything we’ve missed, we already covered capsys fake death or cappies fake death ohm ad nauseum. I think. Um, it was basically scripted, I think totally faked. Um, his acting was pretty bad and I think it was all done to reinforce the idea that we’re dealing with a, a cult of blood drinkers who are on the Democrat side.

Speaker 5: (02:32:28)
This is where it’s out, says the geometric guy, Zach. He’s going to know what 22 feet means you all 20 twos. The master number, like, yeah, there’s, there’s stuff he could extrapolate from it. And we do, I mean, we predicted a big deal going down on three 11 and you had that Ethiopian flight. Now the space station didn’t go down on seven, seven as we had hoped, but they did talk about de orbiting it and dropping it in the ocean. Okay? Oh by the way, I go to infinite plane, society.com you got to see this. I’ve been getting a lot of reactions from people over this for some reason. So I, I uh, published a book called God is a narcissist and it’s a book. It is short. It’s about 30 some pages in print. I wrote it a couple of years ago and I just now this week got around to publishing the thing and I’ve been getting messages on Facebook.

Speaker 5: (02:33:22)
So here’s one from Jason, uh, laugh, Adele. He says, do me one favor, Tim, when you’re burning in hell for all of eternity, for your rejection of the Bible, please think of me continually and me saying, I told you so and I told you so. I don’t want you to wallow in random dismay. I want you to have your focused consternation or you can just repent and go to heaven. It’s your choice. Like I’m getting these extortionists threats left and right. Like, well, you know, you’re going to be chopped up by demons and dismembered in hell forever and separated from everybody that you love or, or you can play ball with us. I’m like, well damn, do I really want to play ball with these guys who are ready to have me drawn and quartered? Do I want to sign on the contract that I want to go hang with them under duress? MVP Says Equity Hubbard is a t f r shill agent and complete bullshit.

Speaker 5: (02:34:30)
Um, I would say, uh, I agree with the agent and show. I don’t think it’s complete bullshit. I think it’s non-sequitur most of the time. I don’t think that Demetria is a thing that could be used as any form of investigation. I do think that pattern recognition is important and there is meaning, there are patterns. So I do appreciate the kind of research I guess, but you know, to me it’s questionable whether it has any real value. I think auto hoaxing makes a lot more sense. It’s more logical. All we’re doing is we’re shifting the burden of proof. We’re not running to conclusions that presuppose the existence of the devil or of ’em. And I dunno where he is on it, but I assume he’s probably anti Jew.

Speaker 5: (02:35:17)
X-Box z says Ronnie and Johnny have a window looking business. Oh yeah. Awake souls. And what’s the other guy’s name? Events. Skeptic. Uh, Ronnie and Johnny. Yeah. They do have a window looking business out there in Canada. You know, they’re one of the reasons why I was ready to just jettison Canada in exchange for Australia. Isn’t it amazing how like a couple bad apples, you just ruin it for everybody. Okay. So God is a narcissist of construct. Elites created the Bible and purposefully made God into a raging narcissist. This is the same concept demonstrated in the construct of big brother in Orwell’s 1984 God is therefore a proxy by which those who control religions control your mind. How much control they have depends on how much you give them. So that’s the basic premise of the book. God is a narcissist. Now in paperback, I will put a link below or better yet just get it from infinite plain society.com.

Speaker 5: (02:36:30)
Okay, so we’ve been on here for a couple of hours. I’m going to go ahead and, uh, kill it. Now. I’ve actually got to get something done here. I’ve got a, uh, I guess it’s, um, an audition for the audio book. So the paperbacks out, the kindles out, but I’m having someone read it for me, haven’t decided on, on. Um, let me, you can kind of pick and choose, you know, age range, you know, male, female, authoritative, comedic, good timing. They have all these different categories. So on go check it out. I’m going to see what the auditions, I have two different people have audition for it. And so the audio book should be out in like, I think seven to 10 days if I get on it now and have it produced. So I’m going to be a possibly back later. This is one eye jack and the shows death to the globe.

Speaker 5: (02:37:27)
This is where it’s at. So Zack has no value, but it’s interesting. I think there’s a code. He’s scratching the surface. Hey look, I like everybody’s research. I like the fact that he’s digging. I just don’t agree with his conclusions. Yeah, you can call in. Um, right now I’ll have time for one more call. I suppose I am going to be taking calls again. This is the thing we’ve been um, kicked around, booted from Youtube again and again. It’s been very difficult to maintain a yeah. Cool. Yeah. Yeah. Constant flow and to maintain the integrity of our think tank cause they keep bombing it. You know, we go from one cave to the next, the Predator drones come in [inaudible] and that’s because they are whoever we’re contradicting usually. Huge problem with us anyway. It looks like Google isn’t really cooperating with me. I can hear my phone ringing, but anyway, I’m going to take calls again later. More than likely again to try to pick this back up tomorrow. I’ve got to do something. Computer is kind of a choked up at the moment and look, once we get a bigger audience, once we get it back, I will have back to back calls. But as it is right now, it’s crazy. People can’t find us. A lot of people haven’t, um, tuned in since June, since they censored us for, I think the first time it was hurting Mike Tyson’s feelings.

Speaker 20: (02:40:52)
[inaudible] says [inaudible] we’ll [inaudible] the Milky Way. [inaudible] styles always stay on the same goals with the [inaudible]. [inaudible] is floating.

Speaker 21: (02:42:27)

Speaker 20: (02:42:28)
may she [inaudible]

Speaker 21: (02:42:35)

Speaker 20: (02:42:37)

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