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Flat Earth, a flat earth report. Those are striking terms, breaking terms, breaking terms, breaking

Speaker 2: (00:06)
[inaudible], [inaudible] I want to give shout outs and representative Swawell,

Speaker 1: (01:40)
of Georgia for that shout out to the flat earth report and to Rachel Maddow for that sound bite and MVP of course for mixing those into that epic intro trek for the only reliable and repeatable flat earth news-related blog video blog. We Really, uh, you, you really can’t find any others who are covering it. Um, on the level we do, we go in depth, we don’t miss anything. And uh, we don’t have a Bible to whack you over the head with, there’s no n times profits, no prophecy here. You know, prophecy news is, uh, it’s a way of lying. It’s emotional manipulation. It’s as bad as climate. Doomsayers and you know, lately I’ve been thinking about how some people, and you can ask them, do you believe the world is say tannic and uh, one person, you know, comes to mind, I’m not going to name his name, but yeah, he’s of the opinion the world is fallen and because it’s satanic a therefore it is going to require the antithesis of Satan to fix it.

Speaker 1: (02:52)
Well, I don’t really believe the world is say Tanach. I think that’s an adjective that is a little overplayed. It’s even based in the Bible. When you talk about that characterization of Satan, it’s more Dante, Ella, Garry divine comedy. It’s literature. It’s not really even in the religion, but it occurred to me that if you believe the world is satanic, then you must therefore belief it needs to be saved. And it’s the same mind trap. It’s the same double bind as do you believe the world is polluted by the free market, by fossil fuels, by capitalism in therefore, do you believe that the world is in need of a savior or an overhaul? Get rid of the bad guy, clean it up. Same thing. You get rid of capitalism, the world gets clean, get rid of Satan. The world gets purified. Well then, I mean that’s about when I said capitalist. That’s what I mean when they say polluters. They actually, they actually have their targets on those who are living unsustainable lifestyles. So when the believers at the world is a satanic place, are asked to point out, well, where is the Satan?

Speaker 1: (04:02)
They’re not going to point to an actual devil. They’re going to point to who they believe represent a doubt. The Devil’s advocates here on earth or his proxies, his armies. So the Christians, the ones who adopt the mantle of righteousness, the ones who are good, now they’re in a holy war and they are the body of Christ. And who is the enemy? The body of Satan, body of Satan is who while historically according to the way it’s been presented until really Vatican too, if the Jews that are the body of Satan and in the Christians of the body of Jesus, and that explains why you have these Bible fundamentalists who also have problems with Jews. Like that sums it up. It’s an old thing. And so, um, I was in a podcast earlier and I was talking about how the dis information agent known as Owen Benjamin, this agent provoca tour has been pushing this.

Speaker 1: (05:00)
The Jews did it. Red Herring. And there’s a very specific reason why. Think about who controls that red herring, the same ones who brought you helio centrism as a mask, as a way to maintain their old world order and give it a modern veneer. It’s the Jesuits. They’re the ones who dangled that red herring, chased the Jews and if you’re falling for it or if you’re falling for Owen Benjamin or Eric Dubé or any of these other neo-nazis trying to attach themselves to a question about the earth’s geography, well then your astute. So you can go to the conference of stooges if you like. You know, I have no, um, problems with people associating with whoever they feel like associating with. However, uh, since there is a war on free speech right now, I think it’s worth bringing up the fact that we are looking at, in fact a coordinated attempt to sabotage free speech itself.

Speaker 1: (05:58)
So I’m going to continually call out the bad actors in this. And to me, anyone who is conflating a Hitler or Neo Nazi ism with this geography question, um, is out of line. Okay. So also I’ve been told there’s no audio on youtube. Let me go ahead and, and see. We have audio on mixer. So I don’t know what the deal is with um, youtube, but whatever. That’s what I tell everybody. Go to, uh, infinite plane radio.live. I’ll see if I can get that fixed. If you just want to give me about 30 seconds here, I’ll see if I can get that fixed. Give me a moment. This is auto hooks by soulmate fly and produced by DJ radio. [inaudible] writing real

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Speaker 3: (07:11)
[inaudible] oh, the ones out parking. Tom. Bad lacking. Education Street’s always dangerous. Dangerous to speak is playing to really hear what they saying. You know, with that me are, you dealt with the teens, they speak to signs and symbols. You can learn them that these game [inaudible] 27 once you think that they can have been, Nah, it’s the magic fix. All according to the Code Gamma Illuminati, my body and my son’s, why they snatch [inaudible] Highland grove exception. You’ve got Bobby Switcheroo, rose Ideco all died and not, oh, what you trying to prove? Don’t you know we did around the globe, amber to the movement. Glad about the shootings I say always caught or on the move. We will make the weight, let it spread by [inaudible]. Let them know we don’t take deliv like laced up potty. Might as readily like the breakaway [inaudible] attention on your bed a day. So you know what I’m Tom that don’t, that disliked me. Nicest antichrist at their turn to add each is actuality. That’s why the you must play by worried a math worried a math on solid quarter co damn Illuminati online versus those who go on Mexico

Speaker 1: (08:40)
was that of a headstart. Everyone else. A welcome today is July the 19th 2019 this is the fighters report the only legitimate news source period and I can prove it. Every other new source is contaminated by pseudoscience. Pseudo News, pseudo history and bias. Therefore it’s not news, it’s misinformation. So this is your only non misinformation. New source. So speaking of [inaudible], here we go. Speaking of a misinformation, check this out. Deep fakes pose a threat, but dumb fakes may be worse. So dumb fakes don’t even involve any sophisticated editing. It just means you re edit something. So it’s recontextualize. So you can have someone say something they didn’t say it. And here at sites, how someone had taken a video of Nancy Pelosi and they slowed it down to make it seem like she was drunk and they picked up 2 million views. That’s a dumb fake. So a dumb fake doesn’t require the sophistication of a deep fake.

Speaker 1: (09:53)
But one thing, this dumb fake thing is pretty much what they do every single day in the news when they take your statements and recontextualize it, or they take real news, real reporting, and put it in the context of pseudo news and fake news. Guess what? It’s now a dumb fake. Our entire reality has been dumb faked from the beginning. So forget deep fake, the cyop industrial complex advances. Nothing but dumb fakes. I think we just start calling it the dumb fake news. How about it? The dumb fake news. Again, a dumb fake just means news that’s made fake by being re edited selectively. These are easy to create and it says here, it’s even more convincing. In November there was a video of Jim Acosta from CNN and propagandist from operation mockingbird and they sped it up to make them look more aggressive with an intern and then it was retweeted and retweeted and retweeted. Look how aggressive this guy is.

Speaker 1: (11:08)
Now here’s the thing that I find most interesting and here’s why I thought you might want to hear about this. It’s talking about the people who actually fall for this stuff, and this is the part that I found to be relevant to this conversation about the flat earth says demographics play a role, and again, we’re talking about this in the context of this anniversary of the fake moon landing. Demographics play a role. It says cliff lamp professor at University of Michigan older generations that were raised on mass media tend to trust video. More. A study published by the Sciences Advanced Journal in January found people over 65 and ultra conservatives were more likely to share this false information.

Speaker 1: (12:01)
So this is a fascinating little insight here that people over 65 are more likely to be convinced than anybody else. And so what, to me, this is the exact sort of problem that we see with outer space, with fake space, with all forms of fake news, even the fake terror attacks it has to do with people above a certain age who are raised on mass media trust video, what I call video scripture. Why would you trust a video as a source? And I also think this is fascinating because it shows that perhaps the others, the younger demographics it is being suggested here, aren’t so easily fooled. In other words, uh, those of us who are used to or who are aware of video manipulation and aren’t so trusting, um, we naturally auto hoax, we naturally assume it’s fake until proven real.

Speaker 1: (13:11)
Which leads me to wonder if maybe it’s inevitable, maybe there’s going to be a point, a critical mass of people recognizing that there is a fine line here that they’ve all crossed without even noticing where they started to accept video as real. And I think the younger generations might have an easier time breaking away from it. The, the reinforcing the moon landing pretty hardcore right now because as they said a couple months ago, NASA’s chief, they were saying, people are forgetting the moon landing. People are not remembering it. The people who were there first hand are dying off, et cetera.

Speaker 1: (13:49)
Okay. Says video authenticate authentication may do little to change their views because here’s the part that I find to be the, the, uh, the clincher here. People are still willing to believe the false video was real. So even if they correct it, it’s real enough for some people as if we can’t get it right. I mean, the public and Facebook, where are we going to be when we have more complex fakes? And this is my point. We are already in a dumb fake world. It’s like we’re already there. Uh, Mr ferried, UC Berkeley professor. We’re already there. We have been dumb faked into a pseudo reality. The mass mind has been conditioned to accept a worldview that is based on pseudo news and fake science and in a skewed view of history. And it’s so bad and it’s reinforced by so many psychological that it’s a dumb fake world. And all news is dumb. Fake.

Speaker 1: (14:58)
Oh yeah. Those of you on Youtube, if you want better audio, go to the d live account. Go to infinite plane, radio.com infinite plane, radio.com. That’s really the place to be. Okay. Here’s another article I want to share with you here. Uh, Los Angeles police infiltrated activist groups, planning anti Trump protests. Standard par for the course. This is what they do. This is controlled opposition. How do you control the opposition? You lead it. Um, yeah. Hey, phones are open. (505) 510-4226. We’re talking about controlled opposition, how it exists in the political parties. You see it in the conspiracy circles that we’re in and by controlled opposition, we’re talking about plants. Plaisted we’re talking about plants that are placed, um, in our midst in order to a steer and control dialogue. So yeah, phones are open. Five oh five five one zero four two, two six, five oh five five one zero four two, two, six. Um, I’ll be right back. Go ahead and call in. I’m turning on my ringer. And this is the rest of us. Solomon it fly auto hooks productions.

Speaker 3: (16:23)
The blog cursor to was [inaudible], man, you must be trolling. The scientific theories aren’t [inaudible]. All right. What you’re saying is, hey, what’s a color to claim the Smith’s improved? [inaudible]

Speaker 1: (16:42)
hey, good to hear. Canby back on today. So, yeah, by all means and what you got. Oh yeah. Epstein. Epstein, right? Yeah,

Speaker 4: (16:51)
yeah, man. Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. No, I want to talk to you right now. Um, my, I want you to, I don’t know.

Speaker 1: (17:00)
Um, well, no, actually I have more images of Hannah moved on from it. One was I think in the 70s where here’s a teacher and they said he, you know, he had this reputation of partying it up with the high school students. He was a groper, um, that, that goes along. Um, I’ve seen other pictures of him and then I saw that video the other day. Okay. Now when I looked at that video, it’s not conclusive to me yet. Um, the two of them are within one inch of each other, one inch. I mean, that’s not a lot. And the hairline and the hair, even back then for 1992, it looked a little too gray I think.

Speaker 4: (17:40)
Yeah. So about that. Right. So, um, if you look at that, um, that, that whole thing was just, obviously that was a front, I mean that was obviously an act. Um, there are sent there to, you know, act like they’re in the little party or whatever they’re doing. And you know, of course Trump has his hand on, has his hands on, on the girls and stuff like that. And if you also look at that, that, I don’t even think that that’s actually Donald Trump. Um, I don’t think that that’s him. But, uh, furthermore, if you get a, I think it was the, Oh God, what was he? Okay. I know what it was when he came in. Uh, Epstein with Trump, he looked right away at the camera and looked away. Like, he was like, Oh shit, there’s the camera. And trying to look away a little bit. Um, and then if you look at just his mannerisms, look at that body, look at the little slender body of Epstein. That’s Barack.

Speaker 5: (18:38)
Okay. So I looked at Epstein’s smile teeth and it looks like he’s wearing vineyards. It looks like he’s got some chompers on.

Speaker 6: (18:48)
Yeah. Yeah. And look at the list.

Speaker 4: (18:52)
Yeah. Yeah. And look at the, look at it. The, um, you know, Barack has this kind of like, I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet,

Speaker 5: (18:58)
some pictures. Oh yeah. I mean, he’s characteristically described as having a joker’s smile and it’s a very specific, uh, jawline and Chin and yeah. It’s the same one.

Speaker 4: (19:12)
It’s, and look at Epstein in that video. It’s clearly him. Not only that, um, he’s crossing his arms exactly the same way that, right. For October when he’s out and about. You know what I mean? It’s just like looking,

Speaker 5: (19:25)
yeah. It’s the mannerisms, like you said. And anybody who studies communication knows that there’s actually far more communicated non verbally. And so you’ve really got to take that into account.

Speaker 4: (19:38)
Right, right. I’m going to be American, another video on this because after seeing that video of Trump Clinton, for some of him with Trump, that I’m 100% convinced that his brought because it looks so, um, it looks so fake. And not only that, like his, the prosthetics back in the 90s obviously they weren’t as advanced as they are today. So that’s why back then it looks a little bit more obvious. You know what I mean? Like with the hair, his hair, it looks like they just put on a second wig on the guy. You know what I mean? Back in the nineties today they can get away with it. There’s more, there’s better technology. Whatever they’re doing that makes it a lot more realistic.

Speaker 5: (20:23)
It does. It does the same. CUPE plastic look looking smile. And you know what? I was looking at this, she was the chief of disguise for the CIA. Her name is Jonah Mendez. And she said the level of sophistication with prosthetic masks and wigs was actually classified information until last year.

Speaker 4: (20:43)
Oh No.

Speaker 5: (20:44)
So that says that just what they are capable of. Wow has always been a closely guarded secret. And so this is, this is a major level of the disinflation, this descent, this info war

Speaker 4: (20:58)
and not well the video that are posted, the video that are posted there, the traffic on it. It’s hilarious because asking is all in the news right now saying that only have like a hundred views on that thing. In the first hour I think I was up to like 80 views and then it just stopped. And you have to understand what this means, you know? Because if word really gets out that Obama is playing the role of Epstein, if this is the whole thing comes down, nobody can see it though. It’s driving me crazy because obviously like this, you know, you bring this up to anybody, you’d be like, oh, it was out of control. He’s out of his mind. No, nope. What I’m telling everybody that’s listening right now as seen as a fake character. That’s not a real person. The person

Speaker 5: (21:47)
I looked at, I looked at the video. Okay. It doesn’t sound, but look again.

Speaker 4: (21:52)
No, no, no, no, no. Wait, wait. Let me see. Let me about the voice.

Speaker 5: (21:55)
That was one thing. The voice. Yeah. Go with the voice. Explain that for people who have questions about the voice.

Speaker 4: (22:00)
Hey, listen, get these people at the end of the day, if these people are right, because listen, if these people, at the end of the day, if these people are actors, right, if that’s their job, if these people are trained actors, which they are easy, it’s nothing for them to put on any kind of accent. And it’s funny because I wasn’t even listening to that, that, that, uh, disposition or whatever it was. And to me, I could almost hear a little bit of it come out when he first started, when you first spoke, that sounded like rock. Not only that, when you put on the glasses and the way he squinting, look at looking at just position where he’s scratching his, his, um, he scratching like underneath his champ didn’t even that, it looks like you can just pull off that skin.

Speaker 5: (22:44)
No, but look natural. What I point out, I say, look at his eyes. His eyes look extremely, not only that set, like not just the eyes, but the eyeballs look like they’re a layer back. Kind of like Tinika Prince’s sister. I was like, yeah, that’s pretty, it’s in a, in a mask. Oh yeah.

Speaker 4: (23:03)
Yeah. I mean this is right. Right, right, right. That one was easy to spot. To me, this is so easy to me that when you’re looking at, I try to look at like Epstein photos of him. Like there’s pictures of him, like, you know, kind of out and about and stuff like that. Right. Which were just clearly these were just like little photo office that they did have him walking around with girls, but look at the, look at him because he actually the pants that he’s wearing.

Speaker 5: (23:28)
Yeah. I thought that the little things outside, it’s like part of a van and he’s talking to some younger girl and yeah, I looked at that and I was like,

Speaker 4: (23:38)
yeah. He got his, got his hand on him, got his hand on her butt and everything like that because he’s, this was a photo op and clearly this has been planned for decades so you know this is what they’re doing and just look at it, man. It does. None of these things add up and then you actually start to investigate. Yeah. Why would he have little skinny legs like that in this big chunky upper torso body?

Speaker 5: (24:03)
Because they’re all, that’s why we’re studying this Jonah Mendez. I think we have to know what our enemies capable of in order to be able to actually properly analyze what we’re looking at and that this is well within the realm of possibility, fake voices, easy to modulate voices. We’re talking about actors and then the idea that this is a longterm plan shouldn’t surprise us. We can pretty much say it’s clear now that nine 11 was started. The planning for the destruction of the towers was already there 1968 when they started building it.

Speaker 4: (24:33)
Yeah. Yeah. I mean it’s, it’s to me again, it’s as clear as day. Um, for everybody that’s listening, please, please, please look into this man with an open item. Okay. Look into this because this is, this is what’s gonna bring the house down if we can get some momentum from on momentum on this, but it’s going to be hard to come by. But um,

Speaker 5: (24:56)
yeah, oh no I haven’t. I don’t want you to, I haven’t, I look at the profile of the skull, the minds, the, it’s, it’s super clear but again, we’re trying to see through a mask wouldn’t have been possible if this level, the level of sophistication with these masks wasn’t even made public knowledge. And so this is another level. Crisis Actors is one thing but this is something else and yeah, no, in fact I’m going to bring out some images cause I had juxtaposed them. I blew them up. I put it side by side on Facebook and I actually got a pretty positive response and my only question is, are there still victims? Are they still involved in trafficking or is this a high level soap opera?

Speaker 4: (25:37)
No, this was all theater. And not only that, no, this was all theater. There’s no victims in this. Come on. And not only that, why are these victims so,

Speaker 5: (25:47)
right, right, right. Like look in Cosby’s victims. You like somebody’s good. See, yeah, absolutely. That’s kind of what I’m looking at here at high level. All right, well, hey, this is high level psychodrama. This is the signup industrial complex in another manifestation that we’ve uncovered. So yeah, I’ll keep digging and I’ll be looking for that video and I’ll post it up on the infinite plane radio. [inaudible]

Speaker 4: (26:09)

Speaker 5: (26:13)
Good talking to you. One of our best researchers out there can be soGood@infiniteplaneradio.com and when you get the archives, I post the archives of the day. I also post the transcripts and above the transcripts I will actually have a link to his video. Andy. Yes, yes. He is. In fact, asserting that Epstein is a fake character. It’s all a big soap opera and the character Epstein

Speaker 1: (26:44)
is in fact being played by none other than Barack Hussein Obama. It’s, it’s a pretty bold claim. It’s big. It’s a pretty big thing to say. Yeah, this is all theater and but look, um, I agree with that. Sorry. Moon Goddess key says, I love you Tim. You’re awesome. Youtube sucks. Donkey balls now keep drunk being real shit. Yeah, Youtube does. In fact, youtube CEO, Susan [inaudible], Jack Who’s probably listening right now, laying back on her fainting couch, a Susan, you can have out those donkey balls on behalf of all of us at the infinite plane society. Yeah. So the theory here is that we’re dealing with high level psychological operations, not just with a fake school shootings, not just with the fake terror attacks, but also with a lot of the celebrity drama that takes your attention. And here’s why. As long as they have you glued to their screens, they can manipulate you into voting for this or that they can get your consent to this or that.

Speaker 1: (27:49)
It’s all about miss leading you. While they can’t mislead you if you’re not being led by them. And they lead you by your consciousness, by your very attention, by you looking at the screen. So they bring up these juicy, salacious stories that have been planned long in advance. These are as scripted as world wrestling, entertainment, storylines between those characters. Those are not organic relationships. These are not actual characters having beef. It’s all fake beef and a story of an orgy island. It’s also salacious. It’s impossible to ignore. Um, it’s this, it’s all, this is Shakespeare 21st century deployed through the news media to keep you focused so they can keep you in their arena of bad ideas. And here’s what we’re saying, this Epstein character, there’s a lot missing. There’s a lot missing from Christine blazay for who we believe played the role of the guy she was accusing of assaulting her a decades ago, whose now supreme court.

Speaker 1: (28:54)
Brett Covena. Yes, Brett Kavanaugh in drag accused himself of things. So we’ve been looking into this and that sounds crazy until you understand what they do at Bohemian Grove and you understand this particular aspect of it, this crazy masonic drag show, whatever the hell it is. I mean it has so many facets to it, but what we’re saying right now is that they do play these various roles. This is um, an elite privilege to control our minds. They make up these characters. It’s all theater. It’s the world stage in Barack Obama in this theory, in all likelihood, actually in my opinion. But Barack Obama in white face with a wig has been playing the role of Epstein, making certain appearances, a few few photo shoots and we’ve looked into them and check this out. No backstory. You can’t find anything. Same with this Christine Blasi Ford, no social media footprint. You’re telling me this woman was in her fifties, has not had a single Facebook account, a Twitter account, a Pinterest account, and nothing, nothing. Cause they were invented out of thin air. Epstein doesn’t have any video. You don’t hear them talking very little until this recent deposition.

Speaker 1: (30:12)
Very, very little there to suggest that he’s anything other than a fiction of our imagination. It’s part of your fictional reality and it works. You know what? Think about this. We Know Adam Lanza was fake. We know Nick Cruz was fake. We know David hoggies a fake. Is it so hard to believe that some of these other bad guys are fake? Where do you draw the line between? The news is real when they talk about scandals, but it’s not real when they talk about school shootings, but it’s real when they talk about outer space, but it wasn’t real during. You know what I mean? You can’t give a pathological liar a pass anywhere. It’s all suspect.

Speaker 1: (30:59)
Okay, so we were just talking about how, oh, let’s see. Let’s go here. Okay. One of mind’s dot com I want to get back on track here. We were talking about controlled opposition, controlled movements, control the narrative and all this stuff. Here we go. This is very eyeopening though. This is a kind of a related piece. This has to do with what I’ve been talking about for a long time. How conspiracy theories are partisan and you can’t trust it if it’s that hyper-partisan like Hillary Clinton eats babies, but Trump doesn’t. Trump is a knight in shining armor. And I realized something to each side. Demonizes the other in a different way. Right-Wingers want to expose that the left wingers are Satan’s Satan’s minions who drink blood in their conspiracy theories and left wing conspiracy theories have the right wingers as racists who want to ethnically cleanse the world and do another Hitler. So this is from insider, says America is a nation of conspiracy theorists. 80% of Americans believe in at least one unscientifically proven idea.

Speaker 2: (32:21)

Speaker 1: (32:22)
no, of course, this is dumb fake news because dumb fake news would have you believe that we’ve been on the moon, which nine 9% believe or not even at 93% and so you could actually say 93% of Americans believe in

Speaker 1: (32:40)
health and wellness beliefs such as the benefits of aroma therapy and essential oils are the most popular. Now, there are some interesting little things that are going around the Internet that people like health fads. Like I’ve seen that one guy Jay Gibson goes to Walmart, grabs a raw steak and just eats it right out of the bag, you know, blood dripping down his chin. These health ads, I don’t know how healthy that is. It says a third of those polled believe at least one conspiracy theory from the Illuminati to extraterrestrials. And what they said here is that it’s the liberals believe in aliens and the right wingers believe in angels and demons. So the liberals have like a scientific frame of reference for there in times. And then the right wingers have a more biblical, which is interesting. It shows you that people actually do kind of cherry pick the conspiracies that really complete their particular story. So,

Speaker 2: (33:39)

Speaker 1: (33:40)
Okay. He’s a complete breakdown. 20% believe in extraterrestrials, 14% believe in bigfoot. Okay. So belief in the benefits of meditation as popular. That’s considered to be unscientific. Just to give you an idea of where we’re coming from.

Speaker 2: (34:00)

Speaker 1: (34:00)
Okay. Aliens enjoy mass popularity. One in five believe extraterrestrials have visited the earth, and that’s just a byproduct of the propaganda. And when it comes to the propaganda and the science fiction, entertainment is just a side effect. It’s really there to give you a specific worldview is propaganda says horoscopes are only seen to be seen as legitimate by 13% big foot is more popular than horoscopes.

Speaker 2: (34:32)

Speaker 1: (34:33)
Now it says here, the most reassuring thing is that only 2% believe in flat earth. Okay, so they’ve probably played that down a bit. Okay. Now I’m one of the other points in this article I wanted to bring up though, he was talking about how it’s divided along partisan lines and okay, so big foots of right-wing thing. Anyway, a lot of these things are very much partisan, which is just like I said, when it comes to Q and on, it’s a right wing thing. It’s a right wing belief that left wing politicians and left wing, uh, Hollywood actors are blood drinkers, but then the other side is absolved. In fact, Owen Benjamin is playing into this because he’s now an outsider who recognize what he calls the small hats and they’re evil influence. So now he’s an outsider and now the small hats demonetized his on youtube because they control the media. See people play into these different conspiracies and uh, most of these conspiracies, actually all these conspiracies are probably disseminated by the same operation. MOCKINGBIRD agents. I mean, it’s all literally m s m spin off stories meant to keep you in this what I call the arena of bad ideas.

Speaker 1: (36:03)
Okay? A visa, Leah, an engineer, okay. Here’s an engineer who worked on and he’s from visa, Leah, his name’s Richard Manly. He worked on the Apollo missions and he says that he’s not even bothered by those who don’t believe in it. He says, I tell them 100,000 people worked on the Apollo 11 could 100,000 people keep her secret that big for all these years.

Speaker 2: (36:28)

Speaker 1: (36:28)
Uh, that is a very weak argument. It’s used to say that nine 11 wasn’t a conspiracy. There’s no way this many people could lie. And I’m here to tell you that there is no secret to big to keep, it’s called compartmentalization. That’s the v. That’s the express purpose of secret societies to keep secrets. And yes, it is a secret. And I think that’s why Mike was on Fox News and Kennedy said, so I’m mad, Mike, do you believe man landed on the moon? And he said No. And her response was, well, Buzz Aldrin has a haymaker waiting for you to which he replied, well, that guy has a Freemason. They’re all free masons and they quickly cut the scene. I think they cut the interview short as a result. My point being, it is a fact and it’s entirely relevant. It is very relevant that they were Freemasons. And that’s what the media doesn’t want you to look into. They want you to stay focused on the misinformation like, Oh, this shadow doesn’t line up with that.

Speaker 2: (37:35)

Speaker 1: (37:35)
I mean if you want to go off the photography, what debunks the moon landing immediately is the horizon line. And the fact that there are no moonscapes lit by craters, none. You’re looking at an enclosed area and movie stage. Okay. Now Youtube is out talking about how they’re not the ones leading us down the rabbit hole. That is not their fault. They’re kind of defending their algorithms. So, and here’s what’s left out of the, out of this whole conversation when we talk about Youtube Algorithm sending people down, dangerous rabbit holes, we never talk about the destructive impact of mainstream media propaganda on the minds of its consumers and it is proven to give people PTSD according to the La Times. So this is youtube is admitting they’re starting to censor us.

Speaker 7: (38:39)
I think it’s important that platforms don’t simply take a view of banning speakers unless those individuals are part of prescribed groups where we obviously banned them today or where those individuals themselves are are prescribed. I think that does begin to look much more like sensitive. What for you in a regulatory sense is the worst case scenario that the UK government could come up with? I think for the British public, what we ought to be worried about for, for viewers and listeners at home should be worried about is decisions being taken in a darkened room by unnamed individuals around who gets a right to

Speaker 1: (39:19)
you. See, that’s my point. I want to know who makes that decision that this guy crossed from comedy to hate speech. This guy crossed from being wrong to being a bigot, this guy across from espousing and opinion to harming people because I haven’t harmed anybody. No aggrieved victim has stepped up to point fingers at my youtube accounts and yet I lost 25,000 subs in the aggregate just a few weeks ago because of my criticism of some guy’s comedy routine, which I found to be highly bigoted. So I call out a bigot, I get censored and that’s what he’s talking about here. It looks like censorship. Well like it’s too late, it’s too late. They’ve already crossed that line

Speaker 7: (40:05)
public. I think that is what we should all be afraid of. We might end up in in those places and at that point we would have to take a choice, a decision on whether, whether it would be appropriate for youtube to continue to operate in those with not available in China were not available.

Speaker 1: (40:18)
There you go. They opened the door to censorship. Now the not enough, the not even available in certain markets anymore. Well that’s your fault you guys. It’s a suicide. Youtube has committed Harry Carey just hemorrhaging all over the damn floor and they don’t give a damn. You know, they did it to me. They did it to a lot of people. I know they’ve done too many channels. People, I don’t know. I’ve seen it and all right, that’s fine. You want to screw over consumer. I mean, creators, we can replace you. It’s already happening. But look, youtube is MSM tube. No question about it. I mean, we don’t have any illusions here at the infinite plane society. We’ve been butting heads with them. We know what they’re really about. We’re just here just to call them out. Okay? We’re talking about Scifi propaganda. Quintin Tarantino is going to bring his bullshit racist views to the big screen in the form of a star trek where it’s just basically star trek s pulp fiction in space. So I guess that’ll be Star Trek with racism and rape and gun violence, courtesy of Quintin Tarantino a liar. When Tarantino lied to BLM, he went to, this is such pandering typical for one of these Hollywood government agents. He went out to a BLM meetup and he said, the police suck. LAPD brutalized me, threw me in a cell for three days over nothing. It turns out Quentin Tarantino never even received a traffic ticket. Never. He never spent time in jail. He was never brutally, um, in ruthlessly, uh, thrown into a cell. You have a by LAPD. He just made it up in order to pander and that’s what his movies are about.

Speaker 2: (42:08)

Speaker 1: (42:08)
Pandering to the worst and to the lowest. So Quentin Tarantino called, it’s called a once upon a time. His vision of Star Trek is pulp fiction in space. Oh, nevermind. It’s once upon a time is a different one. It’s all garbage. Okay. This is another movie called Ad Astra, where it’s Brad Pitt in space. I mean, it looks unwatchable I won’t be watching it. He’s going to try to do a Matt Damon. Maybe he can go up and, uh, I, I dunno, I didn’t want to speculate. Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, they’re all just operatives. You’re not gonna find an a lister willing to tell you that climate change is a commie hoax. Okay? vox.com everybody can be a sucker. Mark Morone and Lynn Shelton on how conspiracy theories flourish. Again, they’re trying to make it seem like it’s a disease that you catch.

Speaker 1: (43:11)
Like anybody can catch the flu. Anybody can catch a conspiracy. It’s just a mind virus. Okay? It says here, there’s a movie called sort of trust about conspiracy theories. Oh, this should be good. It’s about people who mistrust one another and they concocted a plan to make up a story about a sword and sell it to a group of conspiracy theorists who make youtube videos arguing that the civil war was actually secretly won by the confederacy and they’re seeking artifacts to find it. Now this actually looks kind of good and you know what, you could pull it off in reality. There are people right now who claimed to have dome glass as in they believe that the earth is flat, it’s under a dome, and that glass from the dome has fallen from the sky and it can be picked up. And not only can it be picked up,

Speaker 2: (44:06)

Speaker 1: (44:08)
and save, but it’s, it’s actually um, proof positive that yeah, we do live in a dome and that the sky may fall in the future. So if you were to go collect some of this dome glass and take it to a flatters convention, you would have believers. People need relics. And I’m not marking that in particular, but what I am saying is that that’s no different moon rocks, Dome Glass, Moon Rocks. Is there a difference? No. You know, artifacts, relics, part of a cross, the four skin of Christ. These are all things that various reliquaries appear to have or claim to have. It’s a known fact that Buzz Aldrin was handing around petrified wood, calling it moon rocks. It’s also known that the moon rocks they found, they said the people who believe in moon rock say like, this is so crazy. Let’s talk about cognitive dissonance. The people who believe the moon landing was faked, who still believe in outer space, still believe in moon rocks. So they say, Oh, the moon landing was faked. Wernher von Braun collected the moon rocks in Antarctica.

Speaker 1: (45:13)
So what? They fell off the moon and landed out there on the ice. Isn’t that just such an absurd proposition? Moon landing was fake, but the moon rocks. Yeah, that’s legit. Okay. So Mark Marone’s talking about this, this a movie that he’s in called sword of trust. He’s referencing a book, the Illuminati trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson as a source for his inspiration. Really good book. It’s a book about beliefs. And the reality tunnels is what Robert Anton Wilson calls the place where it conspiracy theorist goes in his mind when he starts to interpret everything within the frame of reference that that conspiracy places them into. So if you buy into the conspiracy, that man is polluting the world and it’s going to cause the ice caps gonna melt ice caps to melt the oceans turned to acid or elevate in there. The ocean level is gonna start flooding. And if you believe that that entire narrative that is a conspiracy theory, but it’s just mainstream and they fight over it all the time, is it caused by man? Is it even happening? Is it natural? You know, they all fight over it, but that’s a conspiracy theory. The conspiracy theories that they sensor are the ones that the news doesn’t operate that doesn’t control themselves. Now, what we’re doing, this is not conspiracy theory. Conspiracy theory would be saying something like the Democrats are drinking blood and trafficking children. That’s a conspiracy theory. What we’re doing here, we’re analyzing the news. We’re analyzing media.

Speaker 8: (47:07)

Speaker 9: (47:08)
Hey, how’s it going?

Speaker 1: (47:10)
Pretty good. Just going over the news today.

Speaker 9: (47:13)

Speaker 1: (47:13)
Um, we’re on the anniversary of the moon landing. Uh, do you believe in the moon landing?

Speaker 9: (47:17)
Oh yeah. Five seconds of looking into it. Oh God. No known after just five seconds of looking into it. There’s no stars. How do they take some of the, where the moon is like,

Speaker 10: (47:31)
yeah, you’re looking at earth as like, it’s a certain level of like goodness, it’s like on the bottom. But then they also said this is what the earth looks like, 80 space and it’s a completely different angle. I went onto Google today and it said [inaudible] year and I thought, Oh man, I got to call in.

Speaker 5: (47:51)
Yeah. Well he radio didn’t catch it last night or two nights ago. Mad Mike. He was on Fox News and they asked him about it and he said he doesn’t believe anybody lands on the moon and that it was a conspiracy by Freemasons.

Speaker 9: (48:07)
Yup. I’m going to get, Oh boy, he’s going to get, um, the Hillary Clinton treatment of a [inaudible].

Speaker 5: (48:15)
He’s not home home. He’s a little too my profile now. But you know, he did call it out like that and I can’t remember if it’s ever happened before. Has anyone ever gone on live TV and called out Buzz Aldrin as a Freemason?

Speaker 9: (48:29)
Weirdest thing about this whole, you know? Yeah. That was the weirdest thing about this whole, you know, Trump space for stuff.

Speaker 10: (48:37)
Like when he was talking about it first I was like, are you really gonna get more money again? Sure. Bill and I and the grass height and it just, it hurt me, but just watch the, the, the, the interview with these. All your brain is behind president Trump talking about the space force, but just comfortable. He looks at that. Compare that to the people. It’s like a, it’s like a really bad Comecon panel. It’s the first time they were interviewed after they supposedly had on the moon and they’re miserable there. They’re being asked questions by reporters. That’s like, you would think if they had actually been to the moon, they would be jumping for joy or happy or spile. It like I can go to an anime convention where the detailed list,

Speaker 9: (49:25)
they’re happier than me. Suppose that astro and they really are astronauts.

Speaker 5: (49:31)
Another point about this is for the moon landing, all the talk was about the athletic feats. They would be able to perform in one sixth of the Earth’s gravity. You know, you throw a football in mio, you’re like superman. You climb the ladder with just one hand. You wouldn’t need your legs. And yet when you actually see them jump, they don’t jump higher than 18 inches and they should be, they should be jumping a lot higher. They should be doing back.

Speaker 9: (49:55)
They should be doing that. They should be doing back flips. But also what’s the deal with the flag moving? I thought it was new gravity. So why is it, why is it like movie and when you, when you consider I can take a picture of the desert with my Instagram photo, right? And

Speaker 10: (50:13)
then put a filter over it and then you really wait a minute, let’s just stop NASA from doing this. And 1975 or 1983 you really think like, it’s like are people so stupid that they see the apple iPhone like six really only came out five years ago. It’s like they have them, like they don’t just release a product like, oh, you’re going to be asked on six, released it to the world. No, they released like a, like a phone and then the next version is already in development. Like it’s like, Oh yeah, we, you got released. They were probably already working on prototypes of the switch at the time. If the idea of like, oh well we’re gonna make it technology and immediately sell it to the, the public is preposterous. And when you add on layers of government, it’s like you think the government doesn’t have access to technology prior to the masses. Like it’s not that hard to realize. When there was a, there was this old, uh, it was this old lego set and it’s funny, these kids today are learning college courses with these lego sets and programming it and all this stuff that came out and within that late eighties, then I was like, oh man. So that’s cool. You know that that’s never going to be used for something. It was, nowadays they’re learning. And so back then the older the college people to do it and now it’s like, oh, the math, the masses could just,

Speaker 5: (51:56)
they literally, no. So that by 2020 there’s going to be a maiden voyage to Mars. Do you think that the masses of people are dumbed down enough by dumb fake news that they will accept this?

Speaker 9: (52:10)

Speaker 10: (52:14)
Oh, I think for the most part, but I think Elon Musk, he’s the worry about the fact that he introduced mark Zuckerberg did Jeffrey [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (52:21)
Oh, is that, is that there in the story? I didn’t catch that right

Speaker 9: (52:24)
now. Uh, cause this Gullah Elon Musk, oh God, he mark Elon Musk introduced a new one.

Speaker 10: (52:34)

Speaker 9: (52:35)

Speaker 10: (52:37)
Jeffrey. I have to say that at one of his parties and now it’s even more crazy is like Google is being accused of treason working for the Chinese government. And what with the whole Facebook trying to make it Libra calling, get in a chair, get in like that’s an issue. Even Republicans and Democrats.

Speaker 5: (52:54)
All right. Well, any, anytime Republicans, anytime Republicans or Democrats agree, all you’re seeing is the end result of a control dialectic thing played. Yeah. But you know, you know, I’m really interested in this thing here. So Elan Musk introduces Zuckerberg to Epstein of what do you think of this theory, this notion here that Jeffrey Epstein is just a character being played by Barack Obama. Yeah. There was this theory that Epstein does. He isn’t not, he’s not even a real person, but that he’s like basically Barack Obama in a wig with some makeup who has been playing this role for decades. What do you think about that?

Speaker 9: (53:36)
You have to do very much. He would have to be very much, you would have to be very much in the dry. He would have to be very much into drag, which we kind of are.

Speaker 5: (53:48)
So do you think, okay, so you think they could pull it off. That’s another thing. If that’s true too, if, uh, if Barack, if his mum, Michael is a mobike or then he’s used to this, he’s used to whatever it takes to present something as something that it isn’t, that’s deception. Might just be part of his routine, you know? So here he is putting on a mask with some white hair. Now he’s playing the role of this billionaire pedophile, which is just, that’s a ridiculous story in itself. A billionaire, give me a break and you know what I used to do publishing and we do research and oh ha

Speaker 9: (54:27)
he only had half a day. Why? The way he only had half a billion. And you think you think that there’s certain things like, oh, you’re not going to trade with me. You think once you get that rich, like what are they buying that you have to be a billionaire to be a part of the buying and trading. What are they buying? And you have to be a billionaire. Florence is really a 500 like,

Speaker 5: (54:47)
well they were billionaires though. Who is that? There’s like a John WRA of romantic fiction, kind of like that. 50 shades of gray and it’s one of the most dominant John Arras on kindle. And it’s all about billionaires. So if you write a romantic fiction and you see you call you, you throw in there, the keyword billionaire people flocked to it. And so this is just, this is just for market research. If you talk about anything billionaires, this billionaires that it sells books, and I don’t know why it’s the psychology of somebody, the unlimited resources, I suppose it goes well with people shopping for romantic books, like 50 shades of gray. It was a rich guy, wasn’t some poor guy. So

Speaker 9: (55:28)
I’d say, I would say it’s two things. I’d say it’s one, people would rather realize that money would solve all their problems instead of realizing with money comes a lot of responsibility, a new problem. It’s the idea that a lot of people, you don’t want to look introspective and work on, improve themselves and make them more valuable, equal to the idea of appealing generic, you know?

Speaker 5: (55:53)
Yeah. It’s, yeah, it’s like farce anyway. But I think if you’re trying to sell a story, nothing would sell. Yeah, yeah. They try to create a story that would be hard to miss. Right. You know, the fact that it’s a, it’s a billionaire, it also feeds into these stereotypes people have about rich people and make a wealthier further alienates them. Oh, they’re the ones human trafficking. No. Human trafficking has done by poor people all over the world. Well it’s like,

Speaker 9: (56:22)
it’s like, it’s like superman,

Speaker 8: (56:25)
super passionate. Oh, save me. I’m like, wait, I got another call coming in to call. Nice. You know,

Speaker 5: (56:36)
hey, call her. Yes. So, um, we were talking about Epstein just now and the probability or likelihood that he is,

Speaker 8: (56:49)
what are your thoughts on that again?

Speaker 6: (56:52)
Okay, so my thoughts on this are,

Speaker 11: (56:55)
okay. Um, so my thoughts on this are, um, you’ve heard how a depo

Speaker 5: (57:00)

Speaker 11: (57:01)
The deep fakes. I mean the deep fakes. Um, what if a, they’d been promoting them because they know they’re getting caught and when the, when they’re black comes out, they’re like,

Speaker 5: (57:15)
yeah, that’s funny you brought that up at the same thing. I was like, you know what, if any of you are sweating some indiscretion in the past, some video that might’ve happened or maybe didn’t happen, you can explain it away and just say it was a deep fake, ultimate plausible deniability [inaudible] even seriously, I no longer lose sleep.

Speaker 11: (57:34)
Exactly. Cause um, they’ve been pushing them, they’ve been pushing those deep fakes, uh, in the MSM a whole lot. And, uh, I got to thinking about it and why.

Speaker 5: (57:46)
Okay. I think one other reason too, when they’re around, another reason why they’re pushing deep fakes is to hide the nature of fake news itself and to hide what we’re talking about. Three d printed latex masks that are pretty much full proof.

Speaker 11: (58:04)
Uh, yes. Barry, you got my comment? Yeah. Uh, I own few of, uh, if any callers I’ve seen those, but those three pin a, the three d printed masks are phenomenal.

Speaker 5: (58:18)
Oh yeah. Oh yeah. They do. And they’re getting better all the time. And so I was talking earlier, Jonah Mendez, who was the master of disguise for the CIA, said that the level of sophistication that they’re at with the masks is classified information that should tell you something.

Speaker 6: (58:35)
Was that the same one that uh,

Speaker 11: (58:37)
was that the same one that uh, was saying with the, if you’re going to change somebody’s identity, you got to go completely opposite. If they’re short, got to make them a little taller.

Speaker 5: (58:48)
It does. It specifically goes back to the Tupac thing. You want to upset the expectations that the people, the viewers have that the people are usually expecting. So yeah, 100%.

Speaker 11: (59:05)
Yeah. And um, okay. So my next comment for you was a about the ISS. Um, I uh, I sent you an email a while back a few days ago cause I, this was going to pass through my head.

Speaker 5: (59:17)
Well, yeah, you told me, you said you checked, you watched what they said and nothing over

Speaker 6: (59:22)
dude, I drove 30 minutes out of town,

Speaker 11: (59:25)
Dude, I drove 30 minutes out of town out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere just to make sure I had no light pollution. I wanted a, I wanted a good view

Speaker 6: (59:34)

Speaker 11: (59:35)
I went out there, I was there at the time and

Speaker 5: (59:38)
no, never direction. And I thought, man man, a $50,000 check from NASA paying you to see it. You would see it. Not You specifically, but I’m saying I’m pretty sure all the people reporting ISS transits paid agents and shells.

Speaker 6: (59:56)
Yeah. And then like I went out there because

Speaker 11: (59:58)
yeah. And then like I went out there because it isn’t, my whole town got really crazy about it. They’re like, oh, the ISS was going to pass by. Even the fucking news played some bullshit story about it. And so I was like, okay, everybody’s on it. I’m going to go see if I see it or not.

Speaker 5: (01:00:18)
Good job. Good job then is anti-media networking at its finest. You know, we’re fact checking and right there you see, um, for every person who says, oh, I saw it or my friend saw it, I know now somebody says, actually you’re like the fourth person in my circle who has personally gone out of the way to see it. And it’s like nothing.

Speaker 6: (01:00:35)
It was 60 mile round trip, man.

Speaker 11: (01:00:38)
It was a 60 mile round trip. Man. I made sure where I went. There was no, no light pollution, no anything like that I wanted because they said you’re going to see it with your naked eye and all like, okay, I don’t, why would I have to buy a

Speaker 5: (01:00:50)
wait, wait, wait. Oh cool. Very good. I see it. Just go outside and look. Well here we go. It doesn’t fly anymore. Does it?

Speaker 6: (01:00:58)
Exactly. And

Speaker 11: (01:01:01)
exactly. And it just, uh, the part that really tripped me out was [inaudible]

Speaker 5: (01:01:07)
I put it on to you is man Tuesday, go out there. They didn’t report on it. They said, you can see, I don’t think they didn’t go out there and record it and produce anything. You know, this is um, this is great. I appreciate this call because I’m, we need to get more of this

Speaker 11: (01:01:24)
and um, I believe it was um, from what they said it was gonna be in my line of view for about eight minutes or so. I didn’t see anything man. I was looking for a bright light.

Speaker 5: (01:01:37)
Eight minutes. Wait, eight minutes, eight minutes shooting five miles a second. It’s going around the globe in 90 minutes. Your field of view does not constitute 10% of the globe. I mean I don’t, well good unless they were going to fly something over and good to make a show, which is a good point. Surprise me.

Speaker 6: (01:01:59)
Huh? That’s a good point.

Speaker 5: (01:02:03)
Yeah. All right, well that is a lot of money card and have a good one. A call anytime. Talk to you later.

Speaker 6: (01:02:10)
All right.

Speaker 5: (01:02:11)
All right everyone, I’m going to have to take off right now. Dinner is here. RJ, thanks to the diamond. This is your reality is fake as fuck by MVP.

Speaker 2: (01:02:21)

Speaker 12: (01:02:24)
yeah, real quick. Eight minutes. Way Too long. It wouldn’t be that long.

Speaker 1: (01:02:27)
Go to infinite plane, radio.com for the archives, the transcripts, and I’ll put a link to Cam B’s video about Epstein being Barack Obama. We have to break that story. Jeffrey Epstein is Barack Obama in white face in a disguise, three d printed mask.

Speaker 2: (01:02:47)

Speaker 12: (01:03:17)
your reality is famous, right?

Speaker 3: (01:03:20)
[inaudible] when he died, nobody died. Nobody died. Nobody died in Vegas. Those gave me old died

Speaker 12: (01:04:29)
disco shooting in Orlando. There’s no evidence for any of your religious saviors to actually exist. There are no promises. There is no end times promise equal warming to hopes there’s no space junk. There’s no satellites. The space station is vague and like I said earlier, we have reality and mistake. It’s fine.

Speaker 3: (01:04:44)
[inaudible] they keep talking about [inaudible]. It’s been 12 minutes. Let me go ahead and delete this. I know you were losing trolls.

Speaker 12: (01:05:48)
No, your ears are bleeding. Go ahead and call your mom AC. Have a find that intermission. I’ll be right back.

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