Speaker 2: (01:37)
All right. We’re joined by a handful of you here in d live. I see some in Bixler Youtube, Facebook, title of tonight’s stream. And today’s open phones, infinite plain radio, open phones for open minds. Tonight’s topic is Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein. Is He really just Barack Obama in a costume? It’s a serious question. It’s not a, it’s not some type of, um, a joke. It’s not, he just resembles, you know, this is along the lines of, you know, did George W. Bush play Charles Manson? Well, it sounds crazy, but you have to understand the methodology at play here and how these actors are used on the world stage to create an uphold a false world view. So the idea that Jeffrey Epstein is not only not a real person, but that the character portrayed is Epstein. The billionaire human trafficker is none other than Barack Hussein Obama.

Speaker 2: (02:50)
Now, what gives it away is the mannerisms. And the one who broke it to me was a cam B and he’s got some videos on the topic, which we will be exploring. And of the things he brought up was, it’s the mannerisms. And when he said Epstein is Obama, look at the mannerisms immediately, I saw the way that he held his mouth, his expressions, and it’s there in the body language, which is really 80 or 90% of the information communicated is your body language, your just stipulations, your posture. It’s not just the words and that guy just telegraphs Obama, Obama, Obama, it’s even been remarked that he moves like somebody 10 years younger, which is kind of like maybe an inside joke because yeah. Uh, Epstein play or Obama’s playing a character 10 years older. Uh, this is some kind of long con game, which really shouldn’t surprise you. You know, nine 11 was planned in advance. It wasn’t like a few months before it was planned in 1968 to be demolished 33 years later. They planned it that long in advance before it was even built. Its destruction was already planned. Nine 11, the national emergency number, uh, was instituted in 1968 33 years before nine 11.

Speaker 2: (04:21)
So the idea that you would have somebody playing a role over several decades, nothing to see here.

Speaker 3: (04:32)

Speaker 2: (04:33)
Sorry, just a moment. I heard my dog whimpering in this fireworks outside was like, he’s over there hiding under the table. He’s like right underneath me and he’s like whimpering cause I live near a stadium anyway, no, the space station didn’t just fall in Albuquerque, New Mexico. You know, I watched this movie last night on Netflix. It was called man, it was about these four kids, summer camp. I don’t remember the title. If anybody here you could tell me the title of it. Someone recommended it. So I click the link and basically they go off to summer camp and it starts off where this hostile alien force, um, overtakes low earth orbit and actually kills everybody in the space station. And there’s one astronaut manages to escape, but she gets in the capsule and it falls like right there in the middle of camp and then the invasion begins. It’s basically just a cross between, I would say like Goonies and Independence Day. But it was just interesting to watch because it was almost like just straight propaganda where the nerd kid is informing everybody, oh this is space x blah blah blah. And this is what JPL stands for and this is the specifications of the space station. So he was just there educating the other kids about space and how cool it is.

Speaker 2: (05:51)
This ties into what we were talking about earlier where there was a,

Speaker 3: (05:57)

Speaker 2: (05:58)
the study that came out about how um, people above a certain age are more likely to just believe what they see on video. No, without questioning it. I think they said about the age of 65 and that, uh, anyway, it got me thinking about skepticism here and if a, the people who were raised on mass media are more susceptible to stuff, I think that creates a problem. And so we’ve been going into this topic of um, you know, deep fakes. So one of the topics like is defects, but not just deep fakes but dumb fakes. And we kind of got into that earlier too. So some of these topics I want to go over again. A dumb fakes was a big one. Deep fakes is a pretty big one as well. But one of the things we brought up earlier, yeah. What was the name of the movie?

Speaker 2: (06:46)
Somebody figured it out when it comes to the deep fake thing. One of the things we talked about was John Mendez, who was the master of disguise at the CIA. She actually said that the level of sophistication that they have right now with regards to a prosthetics for the face masks in extremely convincing foolproof masks, she said it’s so highly developed that it’s actually a classified secret or was until last year as a matter of national security. Oh, it’s called rim over the world. Okay. So the movie with a space station falls is rim of the world.

Speaker 2: (07:26)
Anyway, this Jonah Mendez mastered this guy. CIA is saying, hey, we have masks that are so realistic that it’s foolproof and we can’t tell you about it because of national security. Well, now they’re finally leaking that they’ve had this technology. And that’s why when we’re asserting here that Jeffrey Jeffrey Epstein is not a real person and as a character who is hilariously being played by Barack Obama, it’s not that farfetched. And the good news is if this is true, just like we’ve seen with many of the school shootings that terror attacks and many of the things, uh, nobody died, nobody cried. It means that there’s probably not even real victims here and can be the color even suggested that those victims were highly suspect. Um, probably actors themselves. And we find this to be the case with many of these celebrities. It’s just another form of psychological operation.

Speaker 2: (08:21)
These high level soap opera is deployed in, into the mass news, into the news as a, you know, part of this worldview reinforcement system where if you’re not paying attention to the news, now you are looking at he splits has Epstein’s temple is a Modec facility. Now that’s what people will say, the temple, they give you the stage and the set. But what evidence do we actually have? And what’s more likely that the knew, and this was that I said earlier, what’s more likely that the news is lying about space, lying about the school shootings, lying about terrorism, lying about climate change, but that they’re actually telling the truth about Epstein.

Speaker 2: (09:06)
Oh, they only tell the truth and they get to the bottom of it when it’s a political scandal, right? Like we know Isaac Cappy didn’t die. We went through that is supposed to be body cam footage and you could tell that it was directed and the director was just using the body cam as a device. So now you can’t say, damn, this looks fake as hell. It’s like, well no, this actually looks like a real body cam footage while it is real body cam footage. But what it was recording was not real. I’m just wondering if they actually called it molex temple. You know, I was going to do a click baity title and call it a tar Tarion structure. Oh look, the big archways and the dome made a copper. It’s gathering atmospheric electricity for the giants. So when they have their parties with a cohabitate with human women and breed their Nephilim, a bloodline to rule the humans, um, they have a Wifi or whatever.

Speaker 2: (10:13)
I’m still trying to figure out where Wifi comes in with these cathedrals, with the whole mode flood scenario. It’s one thing to say, hey, it’s weird that we have all these buried cities, but it’s another thing to say the people who had these cities before they were buried. We’re operating with Wifi and other advanced technologies. Well show me the plumbing. Like there are some other things in a modern building, there are some things that are just lacking. Like, so if they were so advanced, then why were these things not all that sophisticated? I mean there are mysterious things. There are very interesting anomalies, but I have to question everything. I even questioned those who are questioning everything, especially question then is there an agenda? Is there a political agenda? Is there a religious agenda?

Speaker 3: (11:07)

Speaker 2: (11:07)
And the, the, the news, of course it’s is there to mislead you. It is the state church, but you cannot be misled if you don’t follow their miss leaders. And no better way to get you to follow their miss leaders and to provide you with scandal and the types of scandals they bring. You are so uninsurable and they’re so shocking that it even sets you up for, we better vote for the lesser of two evils. So you might be apathetic about the news one day. Then you find out that Tom Hanks and Hillary Clinton are doing a blood shots over sacrifice babies. You know, you might be like, okay, we better vote for some Republicans. We’ve got to get rid of the vampires and the cannibals and the Pedo vars. And it’s worth mentioning that none of these alleged ped of wars or cannibals or human traffickers have ever been connected to anything other than rumor and conjecture.

Speaker 2: (12:04)
You have these emails. Do you trust leaked emails? Do you trust that the leaked emails weren’t scripted before they were leaked to feed into a plot line that was there before these people were even in office? Remember, they plan years and years in advance for these stories. Elon Musk didn’t emerge from a vacuum. Elon Musk was scripted by name, written into Wernher von Braun’s, the Morris project. They have been writing our future history since, since Isaac Asimov and Hg wells and all these guys have been instrumental in shaping our, per our imaginations on, on what we conceive of when we think about this place called outer space and everything that goes with it.

Speaker 2: (12:52)
Okay, I’m going to play a quick clip here. This is from our ti or Russian television. Where are they? They’re claiming that there is an alien spire on the moon, so now that they’ve managed to shut up the flat earth section, the flat earth ghetto on Youtube, they d recommend it. They, they basically hidden them. You do realize that people who think the earth is flat have been segregated on Youtube. Hmm. To me that’s a big deal. Anyway, they’ve been segregated because not only do they not go along with the spinning ball or NASA or Mars in these dumb projects, but they also don’t go along with the idea of UFOs and aliens from other planets coming down here, alien saviors. They don’t go along with that, and that’s where all of the programming for the last four generations has been leading you.

Speaker 2: (13:51)
They have been preparing the masses to accept a UFO invasion for a long time and on comes a this, this new movement of people who reject that. That’s a problem. So you can talk about UFOs all day and you will get pretty good ratings on youtube. But the incident, you talk about the earth being flat, you lose, they cut you off. But now that they have pretty much silenced the flat earthers, now they’re bringing out the alien buffoonery left and right. Even Fox News is reporting on stuff. Well, here’s more saying this undisclosed footage from the lunar landings fake show that there was a mysterious tower on the moon fake. Let’s take a look. Optical illusion nearly

Speaker 4: (14:36)
say it’s merely an optical illusion. These nearly 20 year old images are being seen by the public for the first time. They were taken back in 1994 on Clementine spacecraft. Six month moon mission. Here you can see a mysterious object partially on the ram of the Boltzmann crater. A British news source released an article claiming so-called alien chasers found in unnatural three and a half mile high spire on the moon. And here on Youtube the author writes in Spanish, huge tower appears on the moon. But according to the deputy project scientist for the lunar reconnaissance orbiter mission, no or petro, it’s actually no spire at all. Comparing two images, one from Google earth on the left and on the right, an image from a clearer lunar were condescends orbiter camera. Petros is the high sun. Images allow for the bright craters to be more easily seen. And in this side by side comparison.

Speaker 2: (15:29)
Okay, so what are you seeing? Is there a spire or is there not aspire? The answer is none. Neither. There isn’t a spire, nor is there a lack of spire. It’s all CGI and this is one of their tricks. So instead of you asking, is this a real picture of Mars? You’ll be debating, is that a pyramid on Mars? It’s all just a game and no, there’s no spires. There’s nothing on the moon. There’s no basis. It’s no UFOs, but they want people to believe it. So I want to go through the comments and look. The guys who find this stuff, these UFO hunters, they probably work for NASA. It’s part of their PR crunchy. F One two, three says this is old. I heard about it 10 years ago from Richard Hoagland who a show optical illusion or NASA airbrushing it out like they do every interesting image they released into the public domain and that’s the wine they give you. The misinformation line is, oh, it’s a coverup. It must be something there because they’re covering it up.

Speaker 5: (16:46)

Speaker 2: (16:47)
an optical illusion. That’s just what an alien would say. Fake. They keep you distracted while they rob you of your freedoms. I agree with that. It’s an antenna not aspire. Okay. Let’s see what else. This is disinformation to cover the fake moon missions. Exactly. That’s from shekel clipper. Thank you. Shekel clipper at disinformation to cover the fake moon missions. It’s exactly what it is. Well, let’s see. Old News. Have a real cover up. Silly reporting. Exactly. It’s all regurgitated nonsense. Well, let’s see what’s up with that jaw line. Respectfully, I would still smash, but must stay. Well, that’s 10 minutes with big Elvis. Sounds like a transvestic gator there.

Speaker 2: (17:48)
David Wilson says, why don’t we ask China? I’m sure they know China’s fake moon landing was almost as embarrassingly fake as Israel’s fake moon landing. We’ll see. There is no need to look skyward. It’s up to the moon to hear about conspiracy theories or see an optical illusion. Sir Richard the eighth. Let me see what he has to say. Simply listened to other speakers. He walked on the street and look in the mirror. I don’t know what he means. Someone says, and they’re talking about the newscaster. She looks like an android or alien herself. Strange. Someone else says more than meets the eye transformers. You know, this conversation went from, is that an antenna on the moon to, is this t reporter, uh, an android or a man? Very, very bizarre. Okay. Let’s see. Next topic.

Speaker 2: (18:48)
Okay. Epstein deep fakes. Okay, so they are so good. I’m going to say they, I mean the CIA, the master disguise talks about this. They’re so good at creating these basically prosthetic faces z, oh that are foolproof, that you can have, um, multiple copies of the same person in a room and not know which one is the real one. Imagine walking into a room and you got like six rush Limbaugh’s and you can’t tell them apart. And they all sound somewhat the same. There’s a picture of sixth Saddam Hussein’s rowing a boat, and this has been hidden from, from us for, for quite some time. It was just declassified. So to me, the talk about deep fakes might just be a cover. And what we’ve been talking about all this time isn’t all that farfetched.

Speaker 2: (19:43)
And I believe this explains this conspiracy theory about clones. So many people say, what about clones? You know, not open the clones. I’m like, well, look, what’s more likely you’re looking at body devils or clones. And whenever there is a conspiracy theory that seems to be pushed quite heavily, it almost always leads to an agenda. And so what would be the agenda behind pushing the ridiculous theory of clones? And it’s ridiculous in that it’s just not solid enough. It’s too ephemeral. It’s too, it requires too many leaps of logic. A perfect reason to put out the clone story would be to cover up. You’d be covering up this sophisticated mask technology that Jonna Mendez was talking about.

Speaker 2: (20:34)
You know, people talk about the implications of deep fakes and I, I swear it’s all misdirection at this point. It’s all misdirection and they may be pushing this out there. So we’re looking for a digital deep fakes in the future. Like, oh, it might be coming instead of thinking that they’ve already been doing deep fakes with movie magic and with masks for 20 or 30 years, 40 years. Who knows? I mean they’ve been doing it for such a long time, but the level of sophistication is what I’m talking about. Yeah. The area 51 storming area 51 that’s obviously a government rung cyop what they’re trying to do is make us seem like people actually give a damn. They don’t. Uh, there’s another sigh up. I kind of glanced over or glossed over. I didn’t spend too much time on it. It was just kinda like, yeah, it’s a hoax. Nobody died. Nobody cried. Let me go ahead and direct your attention to this for just a moment.

Speaker 2: (21:39)
Man. Shouting you die. Kills 33 in Japan. Anime studio fire, you die. So basically what you have is um, a story about a guy running into an animation studio, dousing it in a fumble liquid and killing 33 people in an attack that shocked anime fans across the country. This is Jeff hands, deadliest fire. In two decades others emerged blackened, barefoot and bleeding. The suspect was someone who did not work for the company. The Valais started in the three story building. That’s a lot of people for that building. No. What I’m trying to see here is, are there any pictures? 33 bodies, 20 on the third floor. Some on the stairs.

Speaker 2: (22:41)
Okay. Witness said the man spread gasoline and set fire with a lighter. Sounded like he had a grudge against society. They also collected sharp knives from the scene. Taking a look to see this. Anything else? A crowd funding site was set up to help the company rebuild the death. Holt toll exceeded the one from 2016 anyway, I don’t see any pictures. I’m looking for pictures. I’m looking for a crisis actors. So if anybody wants to share any information you have about this Tokyo fire where 33 people died. Yeah, more than likely it’s a hoax. I don’t know if he was saying you die in English or in Japanese. It was definitely, I’m just judging by the outside of it. It definitely looks like more of a drill. That’s just my first assessment. I mean, it doesn’t look like I’m a big major fire either. There’s no video. So am I going to take it to be real? Not really.

Speaker 2: (23:52)
We were talking about this the other day, how we have a little group here, a group of artists and others in OSA. And you know what, let’s just start an artist enclave. And then each of us make up two or three fake personas, give them backstories, and then we’ll just kind of a, we’ll create them, make them kind of, you know, real, give them a social media footprint. And then in about three months or six months, we could just have a meet up somewhere and we’ll just say, yeah, some guy with a Nosferatu looking face and a beanie cap shot us up and we’re the survivors and we can just wipe off 33 people say, yeah, 33 artists, um, were killed. Very tragic. Here’s our crowdfunding site, rebuild our studio seems to be the formula and nobody would actually have to die or cry. In fact, we’d be our own crisis actors.

Speaker 2: (24:49)
It’s pretty shameless. What they do. It really is, and you know, to me it’s all really all of it. By definition, it’s terrorism. It is terrorism. Hey, aliens are fake. There’s a study that says 30% of liberals believe in aliens, and then right-wingers, believe in angels and demons. See how that works? Liberals believe in the alien saviors and right winkles will say, no, those aren’t aliens. Those are demons. So if you’re on the right and the left, you’re on the side of God, the side of Satan, side of science decided to Satan sight of God, the site of Uhm, well biblical fundamentalism, creationism army get in versus the global warming [inaudible] and then you have those who kind of cross over and they’re like, well, you know, God’s using earthquakes to punishment. God’s God turned out the thermostat. So he’s using global warming to punish us for our wickedness. I was thinking about this today, how vanity is a sin, right? What better way to punish vanity then to say, well, hey look, if you put that makeup on and you spray that stuff in your hair, you’re going to punch a hole in the ozone. That’s like God, God’s getting mad because you’re making your hair stand up. So he’s starting to chip away at the sky.

Speaker 2: (26:08)
It’s all just mind control to get you to fear big brother. All right, I’ll be right back.

Speaker 1: (26:20)
[inaudible] science [inaudible] straight away from overarching explanations. You find it to be just to go up to the territory needs to be approached very much like you’re supposed to believe. That’s a page [inaudible] suggested [inaudible] which [inaudible].

Speaker 2: (28:09)
All right, so the next celebrity death faker is going to be James Franco. He’s in club 33 or he’s going to have a big scandal. They don’t always kill them. I do want to say also here that we have discovered that Lili Reinhart was once, and this isn’t just a resemblance, she was once Brittany Murphy a 27 Claver the death fake in club. This is all part of the same psychological operation, same sign up, industrial complex. You know, we’ve pretty much had been unmasking this thing and it’s funny how legitimate conspiracy theorists, you know, they stick to the scripts and we don’t, we don’t stick to their stupid scripts. We don’t really stay in bounds. And so I’ve had some say, well why are you focusing on these, uh, these celebrities faking their deaths? Well because it’s another puzzle piece. Don’t you want to see the whole puzzle?

Speaker 2: (29:12)
And people don’t like that. They don’t want to know, oh, the puzzle’s still bigger. They think, okay, nothing added up, but now I found this and it confirms this. I’m done. I have the truth, and now I can start hitting other people over the head with the truth. Oh yeah. Brittany Murphy was 32 not 27 club club 33 no. The people who have the truth are ready to go fight over it, kill for it, whatever. It’s just like, okay, so it’s just funny how believers are the ones who do it. No one’s going to find somebody over what they think might be true.

Speaker 2: (29:57)
No one’s going to start an argument over some hypothetical. Yes, there might be no, they might not be. No, it’s pretty much, yes it is. No, it isn’t. Nobody fights over the maybes and that’s why they don’t want you to be into this realm of, well, maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t infinite until proven otherwise. Now they’re like, nope, it’s a dome. If you don’t agree with that, you’re the devil. That’s the problem with believers. All right, so I was just taking calls on the topic of Epstein. Um, I’m going to be right back here though. I’m trying to find a specific article. Uh, this is another one from one jack in the shells.

Speaker 1: (30:51)
[inaudible] [inaudible].

Speaker 6: (31:34)
Yes. [inaudible].

Speaker 1: (31:42)
Yes. [inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (32:08)
okay, so I’m just going through my, uh, emails. I’ve got one here. This is good. When, uh, we’re getting inundated with calls before they shut us down on the big channel, there was a, a caller repeat caller who has been identified as somebody else, which is fascinating. Not going to out this person, but someone just sent me a list here. It’s kind of interesting. We’ve got a number of people who called in almost like they were paid to call in to do damage control on very, very specific things like they’re assigned to different topics. Was it of this, this is a, an email from someone who said, hello, I’m a globe skeptic in China. I’d like to know how much of the Bible is corrupted, or is it all corrupted? I’ve been a lifelong atheist and I started to start. I decided to start reading religious books. My wife returned from studying in England and purchased the King James Bible. Then I hop in to across your broadcast channel. Furthermore, you have a in number. Do you have Skype or similar for those that do not want to have to sell a kidney to call in? I look forward to your response. Okay. How would you know there’s this kid in China who sold his kidney for an iPhone, right? Let me take a look. This guy is in China, like I’m saying is you can get more than just one phone call.

Speaker 2: (33:46)
I don’t think he was fake news either, although it would be. It would be the exact type of story that commies would plant. Chinese teen sold kidney for an iPhone. He’s now bedridden for life. His name was wing Shawn Kuhn sold his kidney to buy an iPad and an iPhone. Chinese man who sold his kidney to buy iPhone is now bedridden for life. Five people are charged in China after boy sells kidney for an iPhone. Chinese Nan man now faces serious Oregon failure after selling kidney when he was a teenager wing. Shawn Kuhn real or fake? I’m looking for a picture of him.

Speaker 7: (34:37)
Oh, okay.

Speaker 2: (34:39)
That’s quite a scar.

Speaker 7: (34:41)

Speaker 2: (34:44)
I hope he’s a crisis actor. Damn. Yeah, that’s terrible. I mean, seriously, come on. Well not at the point where you can three d print a new one yet, but look, it could be fake because the commies love to lambast American consumerism. And what could be more offensive to the communist mindset than Facebook? A cell phone. Anything that encourages the individual to be an and to express themselves or to, um, really glorify consumerism. So it, it’s probably fake news. It’s probably fake. Definitely Baity but I’m not sure it is China now. I could go, that’s one we could fake. If you guys want to

Speaker 8: (35:38)
play the sign off route, if you want to get into the business, you could fake a scar over your back and say you sold your kidneys so you could, uh,

Speaker 3: (35:46)

Speaker 8: (35:47)
Pay for youtube red.

Speaker 3: (35:49)

Speaker 8: (35:56)
All right. Let’s take a look here. A Owen Benjamin, by the way. And then I’m just bringing this up because it’s relevant. He is a Sabbath tour. He’s here to destroy the first amendment. I Benjamin, it is worth mentioning is too cowardly to admit that he’s a neo Nazi and I just want to show, you know, I won’t use the word cowardly. Oh, Benjamin is too politically correct to admit that he is a neo Nazi. I see all these fake politically correct. Politically incorrect. Correct. It’s like this fake political incorrectness where they play edgy, but they’re not really edgy. They just, um, it’s all pretty much a front. Yeah. Like he would never say David Hogg is a crisis actor. He’d say David Hogs and opportunists. Huge difference. He’s in the system. He’s safe, in other words.

Speaker 8: (36:56)
So it’s strange that people would be lining up behind that as though it in any way can do anything. SciGirls says. How do you know that Benjamin is fully conscious of his role? How do I know he’s fully conscious of his role because of the company? He keeps a way too close to genesis way too close to Alex Jones and the people around him following his instincts. No Way. His instincts, his instincts, if he is following his instincts would be pretty terrible because, uh, the, the idea that, uh, he’s being persecuted by Jews or that the conspiracy theories that all point to Jews as the corruptors or the, the end of Western civilization, that’s just typical red herring blue pill stuff and the only people running with that or a limited hangout operative types, I just don’t find it very plausible that he even believes that. Then he has this fake conversion to flat earth where he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about on the subject.

Speaker 8: (38:04)
I mean, you’re welcome to try to prove me wrong on that, but the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about on the subject and it looks to me just like Logan Paul. Oh yeah. Eddie Bravo. Same deal. Eddie Bravo. Is Vegas strong. He’s an agent. And how do we know he’s conscious of it? I guess my point is this, we don’t know, but if you’re going to put somebody intentions over the results of their actions, then you’re an idealist and you’re just as dangerous as they are. No, you can’t fall behind. Well, he’s leading with his heart, his instincts, his instincts. Give me a break. His instincts, his heart’s in the right place, right? The road to hell was paved with good intentions.

Speaker 8: (38:52)
I just find it unusual that the flatties need a shepherd. They need a champion with a lot of subs. We need an a lister. Damn Logan Paul, we thought he’s going to do it, but he wasn’t an a lister enough. If only we could get Matt Damon. If Matt Damon is a flat earth or changed the world, come on, people wake up. Mark Sargent believes in global warming and he doesn’t understand the implications of this and I almost don’t want to give him a clue. I almost don’t want to give him a clue. Maybe I should. He recently found out that auto hoaxing is a thing. Auto hoaxing isn’t a thing.

Speaker 8: (39:39)
Auto hoaxing is what happens when you take away the burden of proof that had been wrongfully shifted to you when the CIA started calling anyone who didn’t agree with the nightly news, a conspiracy theorist. But I really didn’t want to give anybody any sort of hints or clues on how this thing works cause they might figure it out. But the reason why global warming is a major issue here is that for him to pause at global warming, he has to go with we’re in an enclosed system and that’s his argument makes more sense in an enclosed system, blah blah blah. Well, okay, you don’t know what’s in close. The argument for global warming is based on in closed system, the arguments for global warming is the same as the argument for dome warming. And what’s more, the evidence for global warming is coming from NASA and their satellite imagery of the earth.

Speaker 8: (40:38)
And you’re going to say that these agencies that are telling us that the earth is heating up are trustworthy on that, but they, they’re wrong on the shape. And you know who else says the global warming is a legitimate thing to fear the flatter society, not a coincidence there. That’s a major holding line. They will not cross that line because when you deny global warming, you’re denying the eschatology that was meant to replace fear of God. You replace the major, the major driver behind escaping planet earth. The reason why it said don’t panic on the dashboard of the Tesla roadster that Elon Musk launched into space is because that was a reference to the hitchhiker’s guide to the universe, which is basically a hint saying the plan is this world’s going to end, there’s going to be a flood and this is your exit space x Mars.

Speaker 8: (41:34)
I am the way line up behind the savior with the obelisk and you’ll fly you to heaven. It’s a scripted event. The way it’s going down. Global warming plays into it and to treat global warming like it’s real shows either just hapless, naive city or it’s a calculated place, a calculated line to hold and that’s what I’m leaning towards. I don’t believe he’ll be flexible on it. It took me months to get him to even confront me on to even get on the phone to ask him the question. He dodged it and dodged it and dodged it.

Speaker 8: (42:11)
Mark Sergeant did not want to answer that question and we finally pinned him down and now he admits it. He says, it makes sense. Global warming, blah, blah. Mark. It’s not a globe, but the only way to preserve the dome and why would you preserve the dome? Because this is about control over the land that we are on. We’re on lockdown. They want to keep us from going anywhere, best way to keep us from going anywhere. Don’t let us know there is anywhere to go. The dome rules out anywhere to go. Why do you think the most popular flat earth models that you see on the news are domed or they have an edge and they’re in space? The news will not show you any flat earth model that has more land or an antique model like what we have a map with no edges, no lies, no assumptions, just arrows and question marks in every direction.

Speaker 8: (43:10)
360 degrees. It’s the only legitimate flat earth map concept. So you have all these limited hangout agents and operatives like the Antonio Super Ads and awake souls and Jimmy Laughin Berg. Excuse me, laugh, Adele. And these guys for years have been saying the flat earth map is wrong. It’s wrong. Everyone who says it’s real as a, as a, as a shell, and now that I can see clearly what’s going on here, what I can see here is this. The online presence for flat earth has been attacking the flat earth map to discredit the movement and have totally dodged the question of what’s at the edge. You ask them what’s at the edge, they get triggered. Yet mark sergeant believes in global warming. That’s an instant disc creditor. Karen B says auto hoaxing is bad. That’s a discredit her. Look, there is no legitimate leadership from the behind the Kurvers. We’ve already stated this a million times. The behind the Kurvers are followers. They’re believers. They’re cloud chasers who want their enclosed VIP model conference earth to be it. They don’t like the movement. They don’t like Mad Mike. They like neo-nazis. And look, I don’t have any respect for neo-nazis that can’t own it. If I was a neo Nazi, I’d be handing out mine comps on the street corner. I’d be crowdfunding a a work camp. I’d be like, yeah, let’s clean this place up. I’d wear swastika and I’d goosestep to the bus every day a goose step to the bus stop.

Speaker 8: (44:51)
I grow out a square stash in a, I would give myself a real severe right part. But look, I don’t see any of these neo-nazis today. Owning up to it. Eric debate doesn’t do anything remotely near what you think a true uh, ethno nationalist Neo Nazi would do. No, he lives in a, he has a very multiracial environment. Multiculti, Vegan, Thailand, Yoga. Um, you know, the guy is not using this like rigid code of racial conformity. He’s not breeding white babies to repopulate the homeland and drive out the invaders. He’s not doing any of that. He’s just doing yoga and eating celery in Thailand.

Speaker 8: (45:44)
So then a, this new neo Nazi who’s going to be speaking for the flatter, there’s won’t even admit he’s a neo Nazi. He’s like, the Jews are raping you whenever you watch porn or you let porn in your house. That’s the Jewish influence. The Jews and the trainees are going to bring about the end of civilization. The Jews with the blank, blank blanks and the small hats on and on and on. Mike, do just say it. [inaudible] I’ll just say it. Own it. Show how politically incorrect you can be. Prove that you’re not on a leash. Owen Benjamin, prove that there aren’t puppet strings leading right to Kunos. Who knows who’s got your strings. We have some ideas. Prove you don’t have those strings. Just say it. Fuck it. I’m a Nazi. What are they going to do, Dee, monetize you. Because that’s what I would say if I believe that garbage. If I believe that stupidity, I would own it and I’m just wondering where are these people who have the courage of their convictions spaces? Fake earth is flat and nobody died at any of these events that made people on TV cry. How hard was that? It’s called truth. Lickety split says he’s not in Thailand. Oh, I’m talking about dubé.

Speaker 8: (47:02)
Dubay is in Dubailand. Wherever he is, he just renames it. I renamed this Dubay land. He renames everything like dubstep. That was not enough that he’s got to share the John Rowe with other people. Nope. It’s no longer dubstep now it’s dubé step. It’s a whole new thing. It sounds just like bad dubstep, but it’s now do bay step. Might as well just make up his own yoga call. Do Boga or do Bega make up your own flat earth model? Just call it dubé earth. This is dubé earth. It’s flat. Is vegetables everywhere. There’s no Jews.

Speaker 8: (47:49)
MVP says people in Thailand are trying to find Dubay in 2016 and they couldn’t, from what I hear and what I’ve seen, Dubay was in DC and got some sort of a settlement for some type of disease he got from a vaccine and took that money and moved [inaudible] to a six is ips has to go on tour, you know who needs to go on tour to live up to. His rhetoric is Ritchie from Boston bitchy from Boston. It’s all he does is he bitches and he’s definitely a CIA plant. He’s a plant. He got mad when I first called him a plant. He said, somebody out there is calling me a plant and I wasn’t talking about how his head looks like a pineapple and the way he got his hair. I’m saying that he’s a CIA plant pretending to be a normal guy. Richie from Boston.

Speaker 8: (48:41)
Is He even from Boston? I don’t think he’s even from Boston. Anyway, he’s always talking about don’t look into mud flights. They don’t look at a mud flood. I’m like, why? He’s like, the five g is going to kill you and if you look into a mud flood, you’ll be distracted from the five g and like if you’re really that scared of five g, if you really that scared of chem trails, do something, do something with it. Like I would like to see Richie from Boston if he had the courage of his convictions. Like if this was this, this is my vision. Okay, so if people just started doing what they actually believed all around, Richie would be driving around across the country with a grappling hook and a rope and he’d be pulling down 5g towers, saving America. Richie Saves America. You Have Richie from Massachusetts?

Speaker 8: (49:36)
No, he’s always on tour. I’m wondering where the hell he’s going all the time. He’s always got a jeep. It looks like he’s got a body in the back and there’s this one video. I didn’t really look at them too closely until there’s this video about how he’s, he’s just like in some truck stop and he starts talking to these guys in the bathroom about chem trails and guy son comes out and they start talking about fluoride in the water and it’s like, I can’t imagine myself having an extended conversation with Richie from Boston in a remote bathroom at a truck stop, like in the middle of the night somewhere about chem trails.

Speaker 8: (50:11)
Anyway, occasionally he talks about things that seem, but he’s a limited hangout. He’ll say the of the earth’s flat, but then at the same time he says other things that show you that he’s a plant he’s wishy washy on. That’s a big one. Yeah. The dead hookers in the back of his truck. No. I’m trying to think about what, what the big disc creditor is with him. It’s the five g fear. He probably was goofing Nibiru back when it’s the chem trail thing too. You know, Kim trails kill me. I mean, they don’t really kill me. I, the whole thing with Kim trolls is I think it’s a huge misdirection and it’s become this weird point of contention where if you don’t believe in chem trails, the truth, ers who know what all, we’ll call you a shill or they’ll say you’re dangerous or you’re bad because you don’t believe, and I’m tired of it. Yeah. It’s fear porn. Basically. Richie from Boston is fear porn. He’s like a poor man’s Alex Jones.

Speaker 8: (51:25)
He’s just kind of like, I mean, he’s still selling stuff. You listen to him, he’s like selling MRAs. He said, Alex Jones really exposed himself when we had the food, the fake Ashima hoax, the fake Ashima hoax, fake nuke somewhere and he starts selling iodine. He’s like, order the iodine today. You get it by this date and when the radioactive fallout hits your town, you’ll be immunized against it. So he’s selling iodine after Fukushima. I mean selling anything on the back of a sigh up, even if it’s a t shirt and Boston strong Vegas strong thousand oaks strong.

Speaker 8: (52:09)
Yeah. Richie from Boston was on the news. He’s definitely a plant because he, yeah, like you said, our cook, he’s trying to be relatable to the halfwits that follow him and that’s what I mean. The, the halfwits that follow him can relate to him. And this is controlled opposition at its finest. He’s probably a lot smarter than who he portrays a, he is a crisis actor. He’s an MSM asset. We saw him on the news one night. Where is this such a dumb story? It’s a Richie from Boston is there. He’s like Richard Camargo was hanging out behind Dunkin donuts at 3:00 AM with his 85 year old mother. And they saw an attempted carjacking so Richie stops a car jacker and they drive off and hit another car. And so then it makes the news that Richie from Boston stopped a car jacking and even the fire chief compliments him on his heroic act. But all we see is a car with a dented bumper just seemed like fake news. And I’m like, well what’s the point of fake news like this? What’s the point of a meaningless story like this? Bonner jam says, I like how he eats nothing but beef jerky and still he’s fat. When I Jack says I used to be a halfwit. Hey, I too.

Speaker 8: (53:29)
I mean the thing is the gatekeepers used to keep things at the halfway level. There was no other information. I mean there are still people who fear FEMA coffins. If you still fear FEMA coffins and you haven’t looked up burial vaults, then you’ve been duped and the guy’s there to dupe you. So anyway, what are the chances that you’re going to be hanging out with your 80 year old mom behind a Dunkin donuts at 3:30 AM and stop a carjacking. And then what called the news and call the cops and the police are going to go and take a report and then talk to the news and make you a hero. And they didn’t mention that he was a youtuber. So it just looks like a Gig. Like he got paid to play in this little role. That’s what it looks like to me.

Speaker 8: (54:16)
And look, it’s important to call out the CIA plants because um, you, you’ll see the lines. They don’t, they don’t cross like he probably, I dunno. Does he think that New Zealand is real? You realize that the fake New Zealand shooting is the reason why you can’t stream on youtube live. Yeah. Good point. Side girl, FEMA capstone events constitutes state sponsored terror and traumatization of children. It’s been my case all along. In fact, I mean that’s what I really look at here. You know, you look at the fake victims and people defend those, you know who the real victims are. The millions of school children who are being systematically programed and traumatized. Mk Ultra is happening all around you. So while people are like, oh, we’re worried about these kids in their adrenochrome, it’s like, hey look, we hear about these fictional things that you haven’t a shred of evidence for yet.

Speaker 9: (55:14)

Speaker 8: (55:15)
But we do have evidence that school shooting drills are in fact instances of state terror. It’s given the kid Stockholm Syndrome. That’s the intention. It is trauma based mind controlled duck and cover a genuflect before the power of the state. The guy with a gun and the badge can save you from your neighbor or your friend’s kid or your friend. You know, it’s basically mind control and it’s terrorizing the children. Hyper realistic school shooter drills. And of course, knowing that these events that are presented as real are all hoaxes, then we have nothing left to conclude. But that these events that are being recreated are pointless, needless. And uh, it’s an unnecessary trauma to be inflicting. And my contention is the real purpose of these, these are school shooter drills is this, it’s terror compliance. And it could even be that the fake school shootings are there not to take your guns, but to program your kids to not guns.

Speaker 8: (56:24)
Think about it, 17 years of school shootings, you know, a generation of students raised under the threat of being shot. So now when they’re 18 or 16 because David hogs working to get that age reduced, when they’re old enough to vote away their guns, they will no need to take their guns. They will vote them away. That was the program from day one. Eric Holder, not the fake Eric Holder who shot the rapper in that made for TV fake news event, but Eric Holder, DOJ said years ago, right before the school shooting started, we need to brainwash the students to think about guns in a radically new way, and this is it. This is the brainwashing social at the school shooting drills. It’s the new duck and cover new tornado drill, earthquake drill, asteroid drill. They’re probably gonna do that next alien drill and look, here’s, here’s something that illustrates my point better than anything.

Speaker 8: (57:30)
Let’s say UFO sightings are passed off as real for a little bit longer and people believe it in mass numbers like critical mass. They could start saying, we need to do UFO drills. What happens if a school gets attacked by flying saucers and all they would need and here’s what they would do. They would do drills at five or 10 schools, so five or 10 schools would get funding to drill before the inevitable UFO invasion, and those five schools coincidentally would all get hit by UFS. They’d be like a one to one ratio and none of the schools outside of those five would ever be affected. It’s just the case that the drill proceeds the event and is because the drill is where they set up the event. Just like we had this operation shaken fury where FEMA was practicing for 7.7 magnitude earthquakes across the country, and then we have all these earthquakes. These correlations are very, very suspicious. I mean, correlation isn’t necessarily causation, but a pattern is a pattern and a drill concurrent with a staged fake event is obviously not just a drill. It’s how you get your assets into place. It’s how you get your crisis actors in a place. It’s how you get your key personnel in the media ready to take over and to present the stories that they want presented.

Speaker 8: (59:10)
Now the alien thing is being pushed again, and that’s what I brought up earlier. It’s being brought out again, because now it’s safe because the worst enemy to the alien believers has been really this entire time, the

Speaker 2: (59:22)
flat earthers flat earthers don’t really have any patience for ridiculous stuff like that. Isn’t it funny how it’s okay to suspend disbelief, but only if it’s in like approved ways? So it’s okay to question the shape of the world. It’s okay. I mean, it’s not okay to question the shape of the world, but it is okay to believe in aliens. But like 15 years ago, if you believed in aliens, they’d say, you need a tinfoil hat. Now, if you don’t believe in aliens, they say, Oh, you don’t believe in aliens. Well, you’re unscientific. So, which is it?

Speaker 2: (01:00:07)
I’m checking out some headlines really quick. Military eyes, 16 year old as ranks and candidates dwindle. Yeah. Um, again, the problem with the military industrial complex is that it is preceded by the, uh, cyop industrial complex. I mean, how would you feel if you were goaded into signing up for the military based upon something that only happened on TV that’s called a atrocity propaganda. You know, they exaggerate how bad the enemy is or invent the enemy in order to motivate you to go kill the enemy. I girl says decades of aerosol spraying. Surely by now they must have learned something practical about engineering the climate. Well, you know, that’s something else too. Um, there is, there may very well be the ability to affect the climate far more than we would think, but I don’t think it would be on a quote global scale, but they could make it appear to be, and that’s what the media is there for. Just like the media can exaggerate the news and make it seem like America is a war zone, they can exaggerate everything. They can fear porn and exaggerate the weather. Fire Nato’s were just introduced last year and during fire, NATO’s hitting the streets. We had fire NATO’s in the movies like Geo Storm. So what are the odds that a movie’s going to come out? It’s a blockbuster movie with fire Natos and then it’s going to be on the news and none of the anchors can get over it. Wow. It’s fire NATO’s.

Speaker 2: (01:02:01)
Okay. We called it a, yeah. This is a couple of things we talked about this earlier. Um, LAPD informant infiltrated left wing activist groups, happens on both sides. Happens all the time. No big surprise, but worth pointing out, controlled opposition at every level, not just on the Internet.

Speaker 3: (01:02:26)
Let’s see,

Speaker 2: (01:02:32)
a couple of other things here. We’re no longer in brave new world. We’re back in 1984. Yup, that’s true. Okay. Phones are open. (505) 510-4226 infinite plane society. Hey, what’s up Todd? A topic tonight is actually, is Jeffrey Epstein. Barack Obama in a mask.

Speaker 10: (01:03:01)
Yeah. This is a like a split. Um, hold on one second. I got a new test.

Speaker 2: (01:03:10)
Yes or no. Yeah. So Barack Obama wearing the mask in a wig has been passing himself off for photo ops as Jeffrey Epstein for your manipulation down the road.

Speaker 10: (01:03:32)
Well, you know, I wouldn’t put it past them. Well, technology with masks and all that Kinda Shit for sure. Um, if it’s coming out in the movies, like mission impossible, you know, they’re, they’re showing you all this.

Speaker 2: (01:03:43)
Well yeah, that’s my favorite. She’ll says Russian [inaudible] he said if they can fake it in the movies, they can fake it on the news.

Speaker 10: (01:03:53)
Yeah. Yeah. And then, uh, yeah, we all know how the video thing works.

Speaker 2: (01:03:57)
I’m pretty sure everyone here, when it comes to the Nazi owned Benjamin, do you think that he has the guts to be politically incorrect enough to actually admit that’s what he is?

Speaker 11: (01:04:09)
Uh, no, because he’s just there to do one.

Speaker 10: (01:04:12)
Uh, no, because he’s just there to do one, one thing only. And that’s to, uh, uh, make a slick group look stupid is what he’s doing.

Speaker 2: (01:04:24)
Do you think that the flat earth community largely though agrees with his antisemitic rhetoric and we’ll just give it a pass?

Speaker 11: (01:04:34)

Speaker 10: (01:04:37)
Well, the flat earth community. Yes, yes. I would say that group, that community. Sure. But you know, I mean define community I guess would be the question.

Speaker 2: (01:04:53)
Yeah. I just think it’s a, you know what I’m saying? It’s one of these things though where there has been this like almost unspoken agreement, but behind or between mini flat earthers that the common enemy is the Jew. Even a flatters reset who’s credited with having driven Patricia steer off the edge. Um, for years, two years now he’s been railing against traveling Gypsies and small hats. He won’t call them Jews,

Speaker 8: (01:05:18)
but I think a lot of them actually agree with it. When I first started live streaming, I had people calling me a Jew within like a week.

Speaker 10: (01:05:29)
Yeah. Yeah. I think it’s weird because all these people also know, like if you bring up the Vatican, like they’re aware of the Vatican, you bring up the British that aware of the British and the Queen, but then they still just want to gravitate to this one enemy, you know, the Jew, but a, you know, there’s all sorts of players out there. Like, why?

Speaker 8: (01:05:54)
Yeah, that’s a good one. They’ll say that the Jesuits were all in. That’s what they always tend to steer towards. And one thing that I heard Owen Benjamin say that really, uh, gave me a clue as to like how, how serious he is to pushing this line. And he started saying that Jews killed Jesus and they haven’t said sorry.

Speaker 3: (01:06:14)

Speaker 10: (01:06:16)
Yeah. Well I think it’s also weird that, I mean, one that, you know, if you knew about the dues and all this history shit, um, you know, there’s a strong, like the British, like the royal family, like, you know, there’s plenty out there information out there about how they claim themselves to be Jewish. Uh, I don’t know if like ks are, you know, asking how the or some shit, but like, you know, like she used to have the stone of Jacob underneath her, uh, her throne. And, uh, the flag is this to stone of Jacob, really the union. Jack’s like a stone of Jacob and all this shit. So there’s connections out there for that. So if people for some, again, like people want to pick and choose and Cherry pick, uh, you know, if you don’t want to see it, the British claim to be Jews themselves, then you want to just keep on talking about the Jews, the Jews, the Jews. And it’s just, you know,

Speaker 8: (01:07:06)
I think so. I mean, I don’t think they can be that dumb. Um, I do find it very disingenuous that Benjamin, we’ll use doggy whistles. Like he’ll say the small hats and I’m like, wow, you’re gonna talk about them using code words. Well, it just seems like, man, is he not trying to fit into the stereotype of a racist bigot? And is he doing so to sabotage people who are actually seeking real answers.

Speaker 10: (01:07:36)
Yeah. And it’s not even like that funny, you know, like this guy, like I’ve never heard of this guy even before any of this. And like, I don’t see anything funny from this guy like lately where these comedians, especially like with flatters, people that tried to claim that, you know of another one. Um, I’m thinking of, I’m sure a lot of these guys just aren’t even funny, so I’m a, you know, kind of makes it more obvious of what they’re here to do. Like if you’re not like a genuine comedian, then like what the fuck are you trying to pose those ones?

Speaker 8: (01:08:04)
Yeah. It’s also kind of fascinating how this notion has somehow has come out that you just need a celebrity with enough subscribers and that’ll be the, that’ll be the camel breaks. The, uh,

Speaker 2: (01:08:16)
that’ll be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Like we need one, one got one celebrity, one a lister to say yes. And then the world just changes overnight. Like what does that ever happen?

Speaker 10: (01:08:26)
Yeah, it’s a [inaudible] it’s a short term thinking, a really bad business model. I would say just these guys are just grasping at straws. It seems like. I want to say these guys, I’m talking about flatters international conference idiots. Um, you know, this was just a, obviously I don’t, I don’t know what their game is. Obviously they’re trying to make everyone,

Speaker 2: (01:08:50)
no [inaudible] worry. Why do you want to talk about them? And here’s why. Um, I just respond and I’m responding to deep inside the rabbit hole, commenting on Mad Mike’s Fox News appearance, calling mad Mike an idiot and saying it was the worst thing in the world. And I’m like, what do you mean? He goes on live Fox News calls, Buzz Aldrin, a Freemason calls Elon Musk a creep says the moon landing was faked. The son’s 3000 miles away. If that, how is that a, a bad look? How is that a bad thing? I don’t really get that

Speaker 10: (01:09:22)
right. Right. Meanwhile, meanwhile, Logan, Paul, you know, he get 2 million hits on his movie or he just makes a fool of Robbie Davis and everybody else like mad mix that five minutes, five minutes versus a, an hour and a half, a mockumentary and a, what else? You know, there’s, there’s plenty of other

Speaker 2: (01:09:45)
and met met Mike brings no religion into it. Oh yeah. I love, he’s not bringing religion and he’s not bringing anything that can make him, um, you know, a target for the general smears of, Oh, well you’re a bigot. Like Owen Benjamin. [inaudible].

Speaker 10: (01:10:01)
Yeah, yeah. You know, we’re up against a bunch of government actors.

Speaker 2: (01:10:08)
Well, I think so. It’s pretty awful actors. [inaudible] I am DB controlled agents and um, I don’t think they liked the fact that we know, but what are they going to do?

Speaker 3: (01:10:20)

Speaker 10: (01:10:20)
Yeah, I think that was a, Huh? I think it was hunters Thompson who talked about, you know, uh, make, you know, make the lies so like far out and unbelievable that people will never believe it. You know what I mean? So like, we could be looking at all this shit. The actors, the Epstein is Obama, you know, all this bullshit that they put on for a lot of people are just going to be like, no, there’s no way. There’s no way they would do that.

Speaker 2: (01:10:51)
Okay, let me point something out here. You don’t know that, you know, um, I’ve got a comment or,

Speaker 2: (01:11:05)
okay. Anyway, one second here. I was looking at commentary. Okay, this person says we must defend Alex Jones, Owen, Benjamin, all of them against the efforts to just platform. And uh, I’m actually saying that’s wrong. See, I’m saying this. Um, what they’re doing is, I’m not a free speech issue. They’re trying to masquerade as, oh, we’re defending free speech. They’re trying to masquerade as we’re standing up for the principle of free speech and no, actually I’m calling them saboteurs. Uh, what they’re doing is they’re working hand in glove with these fascist corporations like youtube and Facebook in order to systematically censor us and they’ve been having success. Have they not

Speaker 10: (01:11:47)
Alex Jones, this person?

Speaker 2: (01:11:49)
No, I wasn’t going to be defended. Is that what he [inaudible] his real name? Right.

Speaker 10: (01:11:54)
Fat. That is crazy. Yeah. Like where is this person been? This person must have just a,

Speaker 2: (01:12:02)
yeah, cause I have a metal just that’s just great. What I’m talking about, the principal for St Jude’s research, I’m here with these initials who are actually working against the principal by using incitement. Right.

Speaker 10: (01:12:13)
This is right. Right. This, this is the whole thing where somebody can come along and ruin the whole thing for everybody type of deal. You know. So like we were trying to be free here and have our rights and enjoy our rights. And then some dipshit wants to come and start acting like a fool and blowing it for everybody so that everyone starts to want laws against this and that and this and that. So Alex Jones would be, you know, that’s the agent.

Speaker 2: (01:12:42)
February, February of 2018 Google had this internal memo that came out and this internal memo said that, uh, you know, the guy tasering rats and laughing at bodies hanging in the forest, Logan Paul was their justification for censorship. So we have someone else says, these are Judas goats. No. Hey, these are not canaries in a coal mine. I’m saying, these guys do not represent us. That’s the problem. We do not defend them. Alex Jones can burn because it’s a fake lawsuit. He does not represent us. And he thinks sandy hook is actually a real thing. And he said, those of us who question it are, in fact, we are, um, I guess psychotic. But the thing is, it’s a fake trial. It’s not real. And so we don’t defend that. And that’s why we’re so messed up here and said, no, we cannot let him represent us as our canary whatsoever.

Speaker 10: (01:13:33)
Yeah. He would love to be that. That person used to look up the uh, the video of Joe Rogan and Alex Jones back in the college days, I think using that right where the yeah, that’s pretty bad. They’re all there. Just actors. Come on, come on. What’s wrong with this guy? Um, but back to the Epstein thing, I want to just point out one thing is this part triggers me big time. So again, they’re going to prosecute this, I’ve character and go through all this shit and what’s going to happen, they’re going to make the public think that everything’s cool. Now we got the Pos and everyone, you know, can start, you can drop your card again and all that kind of shit. Meanwhile, you knows the whole red herring thing. Meanwhile, DCFS, the Department of Children, family services, if people know him as CPS, you know, that’s the real racket is going on right there under your nose.

Speaker 10: (01:14:29)
You know, legally as they say, they use due process. They got it all worked into law. This, the structure, you know, it’s not just these people, it’s not just a couple of people. This whole structure is set up so that, you know, certain people can get away with certain things and you know who those people are. But, um, yeah, uh, you know, your average, a jackass, DCFS worker can Jesco take your kid underneath your nose and take him off the foster care and then they, they probably will disappear. And there’s a lot of rapes that happen in foster care and all that kind of shit. Um, I, you know, other than that, that’s, you know, that’s just the main part that this whole acting thing that’s pisses me off cause everyone wants to look this way.

Speaker 2: (01:15:15)
Oh yeah. Right there happening your face. It’s highly suspect. If anybody is even being, if there are any real victims, uh, the, the fact that he’s more than likely just a clown, you know, literally just a character, uh, doesn’t, doesn’t shock me at all. But we’re going to continue to uh, hit this point because I think it needs to be examined closely and there’s only a few pictures of Epstein. It won’t be hard, you know, to show people, hey look, we’re looking at something here. Something potentially big.

Speaker 10: (01:15:46)
Yeah, yeah. And that can be done. And don’t ever just blow it off and be like, oh no, there’s no way this could be. Cause you know, people, people are smart, they can do a lot of shit.

Speaker 2: (01:15:57)
Yeah. Well thanks for the call and I’m going to be probably by tomorrow posting all the pictures that I have of the guy

Speaker 10: (01:16:06)
for sure. For sure. Yeah. Fuck DCFS.

Speaker 2: (01:16:12)
All right. I got a message from Graham. He says, I’m always in Barnes and nobles and they have moon lending books right at the door. When you walk in, something must be going on. It’s a big push for space. Seems like all the Barnes and nobles, they’re always bombarded with space. Propaganda as soon as you walk in. It wasn’t always like this though, that pushing it heavy. Now there’s a huge billboard of Buzz Aldrin on the corner of canal and Varick streets and lower Manhattan right now. Yeah, yeah. No doubt. It’s, it’s everywhere. It’s definitely, it’s in the pop culture. It’s in the news. It’s in all the entertainment and a space. Now you have Brad Pitt. She’s going to be in a Matt Damon style movie about space. You’ve got Quintin Tarantino producing some garbage, racist, bigoted crap about star Trek, you know, doing star Trek Terentino’s style. So yeah, they’re bringing back space in a way that they can sell it to the masses. Same Old, same old.

Speaker 2: (01:17:15)
All right, so I’m going to go ahead and kill this string for now. I will be back in the morning. Go to infinite plane society.com and get on the email list. I’m going to start sending out live notifications again, starting tomorrow morning, infinite plain society.com and this is chief cro in the flat earthworms. Thanks for hanging out. Those of you at have slur, Youtube d live, Facebook, Twitter and infinite plane, radio.com wherever you are. Again, if I’m going to do live streams where I’m taking calls, I’ll be sending out this notification and advance infinite plane, society.com we’ll get you on the list. All right. This is a chief cro. See you all later and yet, thanks rusty for, for doing the ISS transit, one of her own. Another one went out to do a transit. They wanted to see the space station. They were told, oh, it’s gonna take eight minutes to go over you.

Speaker 12: (01:18:14)

Speaker 2: (01:18:16)
He did a 60 mile round trip drive in order to ensure that he was going to be able to see it and it wasn’t there because it’s not there.

Speaker 12: (01:18:36)
[inaudible] [inaudible] crisis with solace. [inaudible] my buddy [inaudible] and, and the communication. Second, 1996 [inaudible] Pancho. You can be [inaudible].

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