Um, right now we are, I’m in discord but we’re live on a few platforms, a youtube discord, a periscope, a k, a Twitter and Facebook. Okay. So I’m going through the Twitter tweets today. I figured, um, I might try this for a little while. Going through the trending tweets of the day and then seeing how we may be able to get that traffic, which is being directed towards a total bullshit and direct it towards something useful. So right now, Don Lemon is stupid dumbest man on television, uh, not factually inaccurate. Uh, but that is the, a trend right now. And so the idea here is working that into the topic. Like Don Lemon knows the earth is flat. Uh, just something nonsensical. But anyway, I’ve been doing this for a bit, just kind of goading people out there and everything that we’re tweeting, we’re putting an IPR.

Speaker 3: (04:25)
So if you’re trying to follow along and we’re going to see who’s tweeting what and just kinda throw ourselves in the mix. But basically if you add IPR in the tweet, um, we will be getting it. That’s kind of our Twitter group now. Twitter is worthless. It’s a garbage site controlled just like youtube, but we have to use it. Um, this is the only way where you can, um, in any way interact with certain figures in, in a public way. In fact, uh, it’s very easy to get blocked by people who are gatekeepers and gatekeepers are very vulnerable and susceptible to Twitter and sites like this where if something is said and enough people are behind it and it becomes very conspicuous if they ignore it. Okay, here’s Eddie Bravo for example, Eddie Bravo. His latest tweet was something on Instagram will say, Hey Eddie, you say the earth is flat, but you also say the Las Vegas shooting was real. How does that cog dissonance sit with you? And that’s because it’s the same and that’s the Hashtag IPR. It’s the same media presenting the stories on the ground and up in the sky or above the sky. And so to trust them on one story and not another a, there’s a problem there. And that’s something I like to point out.

Speaker 3: (06:03)
A couple other points also we’re working on right now is we’re developing our auto hoax wiki over. We’re consolidating all of our research. It’s finally getting around to happening. And the way it’s gonna work is you go to auto hooks.com or auto hoax.army and that will take you right on over to our wiki and progress. And so right now it’s broken up into topics, death, fakers, crisis actors, mass shooting hoaxes, uh, but then also auto hoaxers. And so right now I just have fake ologists, Jim Fetzer, infinite plane society. I’m looking for individuals or groups who are actively pursuing this line of inquiry. In fact, we were looking at a channel last night on one five, three.net and she’s excellent at this. I believe it’s Jeffersonian girl. So while I’m on the topic here, Yep, that’s the one. Okay. So Jeffersonian girls, one of the best auto hoaxers out there, she just put one out five hours ago, garlic festival, zombies shooting hoax. Can’t watch it live right now because you know, restrictions on free speech and all that. But what I can do is I can add her to the list

Speaker 3: (07:28)
and if you see any one note worthy that you think ought to be added, you just, uh, let me know and we’ll put them on the main page. And as far as the pages that are created, uh, those anyone can edit. So I’m putting the link to Jeffersonians girl or Jeffersonian girl, that’s her page. And at some point someone will come through and I’m going to make an effort to reach out to all the people who are aggressively and actively deconstructing media lies every day. In fact, this m one five three is a wealth of information. Oh, here’s a good one too. Santa Fe high school shooting hoax. There was something about this one where one of the stories just fell apart. You had this substitute teacher who called in and he said that he helped save lives by piling up furniture to block the door so the killer couldn’t get in and his story was carried by the AP is a hero and all that, blah, blah, blah. Well, it turns out he wasn’t even there that day. Like he wasn’t even there physically. The school admitted it and they couldn’t get him to do a follow up interview. So he was falsely reported as a hero.

Speaker 3: (08:44)
Okay, so again, I’m tweeting in the Hashtag IPR and one of the things I was doing today is going through to see how much damage we’ve done, how we have proliferated the meme auto hoax, and you search auto hooks. You can see for yourself how many of those memes lead directly back to us. And so I’m digging out some of our finest work. Oh, this is one by MVP. This is a hoggy boy there who is in fact a terrorist. David Hog is a terrorist. Really that’s not hyperbole. So again, anything that I’m tweeting now is going to be under the Hashtag IPR. You can find me there. You can respond real time whether you agree or disagree.

Speaker 3: (09:40)
Let’s continue. And if you have anyone in mind that you think needs to be contacted. Um, were anyone in particular a, if I get any responses. Okay. Hey Eddy, you say earth is flat, but you say the Vegas shooting was real. That was retweeted. I appreciate that. Okay, let’s continue. Again, I’m trying to see what’s trending now. This is climate emergency, which is a huge joke. It’s good to see some other people mocking it. These sting rays are jumping out of the ocean to escape water that is literally boiling. Literally. We must take climate action now to avoid the climate apocalypse. Like it’s really hard to tell if this is a joke or not. And the thing is out of the 65 people have retweeted it. Um, I’m probably the only person who realizes it’s a joke. Most environmentalist are like, yeah, it makes sense. It’s 2019 the oceans are boiling by now and fish are trying to jump out of it.

Speaker 3: (10:42)
Is that cognitive bias? No, the oceans are not boiling. The ice caps are not melting. Oh yeah. Bernie Sanders, uh, glitched out. Let me see if I can find that on Twitter. So he was talking about how people living in extreme poverty have no chance to go to college. He says them going to college. Oh look, people are already making shirts about it. He says, these kids growing up today have as much chance to make it into a good college as they do to make it to the moon or something along those lines where he totally gaffed. I knew this was going to be the case. Okay, here we go. His comments on the moon landing

Speaker 4: (11:33)
keep saying, are you ready?

Speaker 3: (11:34)
I predicted this last night. I said, look, this is gonna be taken out of context and everyone’s going to run with it and all the fighters are going to take it seriously. Which this is a fighter. If their video, let me get past the intro. Okay. Here we go. Bernie Sanders on the fake wound landing, it’s bling I’m showing

Speaker 5: (11:55)
is that America is the wealthiest country in the history of the world, but anyone who took the walk that we talk, we talk around this neighborhood would not think you in a wealthy nation. You would think that you were in a third world country where unemployment is all 50% a community that does not even have these in quality grocery stores where moms can buy quality food for their kids. A community in which the dream of getting a higher education for many kids is as real as is going to the moon

Speaker 3: (12:35)
is as real as it is going to the moon. I think it’s just poorly worded. He’s probably reading off a teleprompter but given the that this is the 50th anniversary. Yeah. This is obviously gonna be taken out of context and so the flight Arthur’s are going to say, Yup, Bernie slipped and I think this is good. I hope Bernie has to respond and clarify.

Speaker 5: (12:55)
Just the dream of getting a higher education for many kids is as real as is going to the moon of getting a higher education for many kids is as real as is going to the moon.

Speaker 3: (13:12)
Really all of Bernie’s focus should be on getting to the moon as he’s a Cami and the lunar colonies will be communist colonies and that’s always been the case. A space communism. Yeah. Just to do a quick search here. Space Communism. Let’s see if anybody’s tweeting about this.

Speaker 1: (13:35)

Speaker 3: (13:37)
Now space communism is more or less, um, the goal here, you’re not going to take your car, it’s not community cows on Mars and you can find a lot of old Soviet propaganda that is all about communist outposts on, Yep. Here we go. The moon, how the Soviets won the space race for equality.

Speaker 3: (14:08)
Okay. Do you remember a couple of months ago, maybe it was last year, there was this issue where the female astronauts couldn’t go on a space walk because they didn’t have any suits that fit them. That was a fake story in my opinion. And I believe it was just a subtle way of saying NASA is a sexist organization. It’s not equal. And, uh, that was I think the only reason why they would have had such a thing. It’s not like you would send them into space and forget the spacesuits. Like, do you realize how dumb that sounds? But the people who believe in this whole space program don’t know. They just don’t know the, okay. So I want to continue to comb through our meme stash.

Speaker 3: (15:00)
Again, I’m just searching auto hoax to see what comes up and I’m gonna take these and literally drop them into my Twitter feed. So if you’re on Twitter, again, it’s a garbage site. It’s controlled by the enemy. The only use it has is calling out people, uh, and proliferating memes expect to be shadow banned, especially by free speech advocates who are all phoneys. Greg Gutfield is a phony conservative, doesn’t give a damn about free speech. Okay, so this one, uh, oh no, the students got hockey pucks. Now, this is a reference to the idea that students either throw hockey pucks and there’ve been a number of stories about various ways that children are being taught to fight back. Like it’s Hashtag IPR,

Speaker 4: (15:56)

Speaker 3: (15:56)
throw books, throw soup cans, throw hockey pucks get tiny bats. And the stories are all stupid, just like duck and cover or block the door. These are all scenarios that the students are given. And I think it’s all meant to do one thing to make you realize it’s futile that until you get rid of guns, nothing’s going to work. And so they’re giving people these purposefully ridiculous notions of how they can save themselves. And in just the last few days, we saw a couple of events this weekend and there was one, and this made the cover of New York Post. There was someone who was shot at the old things, the old man festival or whatever in the garlic festival, and then yet old man’s Day. Anyway, her bra saved her life. You know, she was shot, she fell down. But luckily the Bra stop the bullet. So she was saved by a Bra. Carrie liethen’s nephew who was shot with Nipsey Hussle. Um, he was at the hospital, they found out he survived because the bullet hit his belt buckle. So we have a tiny book in Parkland. We have the belt buckle over there in Crenshaw. And then we have this, we have this party in Brooklyn where a bra saves her life.

Speaker 3: (17:22)
So I want to see, you know, what’s this bra made out of? What’s that belt buckle made out of? What tiny book was it now? Who printed that copy of a diary of Anne Frank to make it bulletproof? I want to get a collection of all these miracle items. I’m also, you have Cassidy stay, you know how you have like these lizards and you know, it loses its tail and the tail grows back. Well, she regenerated her fingers, which were shot off when she blocked the bullets that were headed towards her head.

Speaker 3: (17:50)
Okay, so let go and respond to this. What was the brand? See, I think it’s fake. It’s fake news. But if it was real, I’d like to see like, I like to see it. I’d like to see the belt buckle that saved. What’s his name? What Carrie Leighton’s nephew’s life. I call Bs. I hope this isn’t flagged for hate speech, so you’re not allowed to be a nonbeliever non-belief is pretty much considered to be a hate crime. Yep. Police Department broad to flex bullet saves woman. It didn’t deflect the bullet. She said, in fact, let me correct them now. This is really weird. The date, April 21st, 2009 it didn’t deflect the bullet.

Speaker 3: (18:54)
The bullet fell out when the EMT rolled her on her side. That’s her story. So you can’t say that it deflected. That’s a big difference. That’s like a cover story to cover up her ridiculous story. See, the thing is it didn’t deflect it in her story. It the bullet itself actually rolled out. That’s a big difference. Anyway, that’s fake. I mean it could be a metal strap, but still. Okay. It says here it was a regular bra. The threading of it, because we’re thick girls is thicker and it got caught in the back part. Okay.

Speaker 3: (19:46)
That was from the one dead 11 wounded in shooting at Brooklyn. Old timers event. Now I’m not going to say what this event was. I mean we’re just keeping it blue here. Keeping it blue upheld. Oh, come on. What is this? Okay. It’s just, I’m sorry, I’m picking up for unrelated tweets. Looking at your comments here. Yeah. Polish bear. We are back if you’re on youtube. Okay. Go ahead and subscribe. Look, they try their best to um, censor us. Last week youtube went behind the scenes, 4:50 AM and they pulled the plug on half a dozen channels of mine. The five of them didn’t even have videos yet. I think they were mad because we were talking about those two events in tendon. And I don’t know, it’s just seems like whenever there’s a weekend, a holiday weekend or big festivals and they have some big up planned, somebody over at the DHS pulled some strings and youtube pulls the string, pulls the plug on our mic here,

Speaker 3: (21:02)
which is why everyone here needs to go to infinite plane. radio.com because we have text message alerts so you can get text messages whenever we’re live. And then of course you can be in the know as to all the developments. We have a lot of new stuff happening. Um, really I think important developments that could be game changers. So for one, if you haven’t seen it yet, go to auto, hoax.army and auto hooks.com. We’ll be active very soon. But if you go there, if you feel like you can work on it, but you can, um, share it for sure. We’re developing a Wiki, a compendium of all the hoaxes, all the death, fakers, all the doppelgangers, all the anomalous events, all the pseudo news and everything else in one site, one package. And what’s nice about this whole idea is we’re also putting you in touch with the people who are doing this type of work. Jim Fetzer, Jeff Jeffersonian girl, fake ologist infinite plains society. So we’re going to link all of the active auto hoaxers on this one page

Speaker 3: (22:12)
and only those without a religious agenda. Sorry, Russian vids you don’t make the cut. You have to also apply the same scrutiny to religion that you do to media. If you can’t do that, we can’t list you. Okay. So topics, death, fakers, crisis actors, mass shooting. This is a post globe auto hoax, anti media think take and research community and of course a rapid response anti-media network and it can blow up fast. We have a lot of research already done. And just to get started on some of these, all I’ve done is I listed like Christchurch shooting. You go to that link and Bam, it takes you right to our documentary. And of course there’ll be written extensive articles on each of these as we go, including transcriptions. I will be transcribing live streams. Yeah. If you want to work for the page. Absolutely.

Speaker 3: (23:09)
In fact, I’m, you already can, if you go over to the page, you can just start editing. The main page is the only page that I’ve made. Untouchable. I’ve locked it for obvious reasons, but all of the pages within are subject to editing. And then I’ll go ahead and uh, Polish it up as we go. I’m learning as I go as far as formatting and I’m copying and stealing from the best. So we’ll make this work. And like I said, I’m also adding people who are content creators on this subject down here as a resource for and it’s all based on infinite plane radio and stuff that we talk about on the daily. So I have the number right here. So auto hoax.com is going to be quite an asset moving forward. In fact, I think it’s potentially very disruptive.

Speaker 3: (24:04)
Yeah. Because you know flat earth, that meme, when that idea leaked the way it did and they really took a lot of agitation just to get it out there into the mainstream and they had a hard time and even now they have a hard time totally controlling the narrative. But for the most part the job was done. It had been pre smeared, pre attacked and auto hoax has not really been defined. I mean even people who may conspiracy theories their life only just recently found out about it. Like Mark Sargent said last week, he said, Whoa, have you heard there’s something called auto hoax? Apparently it’s a thing, you know, and this was a guy who was warning people about 2012 and Nibiru you know, back then and totally behind the curve on this and the reason why political correctness, political correctness has kept people from figuring out just how fake things are. And you know, we figured it out. We never let that get in the way. We’ve always auto hoax without apology. I see a lot of people re tweeting what I’ve said. And also the Hashtag is IPR in this IPR Hashtag is a new thing we just started today. So it’s just totally ours. It’s all gonna be auto hoaxing and uh, thanks from India, we have like Indian protection services. I actually liked them. IPS, if you haven’t seen ips training videos, I couldn’t play one really quick. They’re kind of violent, but I guess it’s meant to be motivational.

Speaker 1: (25:45)

Speaker 3: (25:54)
find the right one. There’s just one where it’s like slow motion and it has these ips officers with sticks walking into an unruly mob and just taking out all their aggressions. It’s like join the ips. Anyway, let’s continue. I didn’t mean to get distracted. Twitter does that to you though. Okay, so dawn, lemon and salted by Donald Trump and don lemon of course is I’m an agitator and all media personalities are auto believers. Like we’re looking at characters, you know, it’s just Hollywood. I don’t know why people get so worked up over elections. Donald Trump being president makes as much difference in your life as Tom Being James Bond in the next movie. It’s like, does it really matter to you now don lemon was there agitating for Joe for was named Dorner. Remember Dorner the cop who was going across the country shooting, he said, wow, it’s like that movie to Django and chain. He was happy about it. CNN, Don Lemon, this is from Donald Trump. He said, Don Lemon, the dumbest man on television insinuated that was a racist. When I’m the least racist person in the world.

Speaker 3: (27:17)
When does that term racist going to lose its sting? I mean, everybody knows that racism is really just a concept that um, politicians used to get votes. Like it doesn’t really exist outside of it. Even the hate crimes are all fake. Have you looked into that? I mean, that’s an area of research worth delving into. You look up hate crime hoaxes for all the people who are too PC to look into fake shootings. Look up hate crime hoaxes more common than you think. A university’s too often serving as hate crime hoax mills USA Today. He crime hoaxes like Jesse Small. It’s a legend attack. Now, here’s the thing. If you would called Jesse smaller a liar the day that it happened, you would’ve lost your channel, lost your money, lost your reputation. Now you’re a bad guy. Racist Auto Hooks go to hell, Bam. Everybody hates you. Then the next day you find out it was a hoax. So this idea that you can’t preemptively doubt something, um, it’s very controlling and actually it’s unconscionable.

Speaker 4: (28:27)

Speaker 3: (28:28)
The expectation that you have to believe in the news after they treat a story like that. Seriously treat it like it’s real. Utah Gay hate crime was a hoax. Hate crime hoax is more common than you think. The left manufacturers, another hate crime hoax, the fake news surge in hate crimes, hate crime. Hoaxes are rare, but devastating. Says New York Times. Yeah, of course they’re devastating. It turns people against people. And that’s the whole point. That’s why Jesse [inaudible] is a racist. Heterophobia he deserves actually I think to be sent to jail for what he did. That’s some serious incitement. Tucker Carlson did a segment on hate crime hoaxes. Okay?

Speaker 3: (29:20)
But you know, the media will talk about hate crime hoaxes all day, but you know what? They won’t talk about psychological operations. They can’t go that far. They’re all gatekeepers. And here’s another problem I have with racist ideas were racism. Okay? So let’s say I’m, and this other guy is black. And he says, you know, he believes in reparations. Well then I have to ask myself this. How do we know that I reincarnated intra racially? What about interracial incarnation? Is there such a thing? Let me ask, the Twitter sphere is inter racial reincarnation a thing? Hashtag IPR. Because if you can reincarnate like maybe I was Asian during the Times that the other individual’s ancestors were enslaved and maybe he was white in that past incarnation a few centuries ago. Um, so for all we know, our roles have reversed or our present lives have no relation to our past lives whatsoever in terms of culpability, guilt or privilege.

Speaker 3: (30:47)
And if you want to accept the very concept of collective guilt, then um, you have to explain this. You have to explain you also, you actually, you have to believe in reincarnation. I mean it’s a very bizarre and odd thing when you really break it down because what are you really saying that we are not souls, that we’re just bodies and that each body is a continuation of like, where is the like I guess where does the new life begin in the past one end? Are they saying that they don’t, that they cannot. And then should we start holding individuals accountable for what their grandparents did, you know, fuck what your race did. What did your grandpa do? What did your dad do? Should you be guilty for that because that’s a little more relevant, I would say. It’s like, oh look, your immediate gene pool is full of a bunch of criminals, you know, so you’re a criminal, you got to atone for it. Or maybe you got to pay back their victims so you know, it’s a slippery slope. It’s illogical mob mentality as usual, and that’s how the mainstream media operates.

Speaker 3: (32:00)
Okay, so we’re looking at, oh, okay. Two thirds of hate crimes are hoaxes and this was just produced last month. This article here, it’s a new book now. Jesse Snowlets, his case is, I’m just one of these that went high profile. Most of them you never hear about, and his was hilarious by the way. If you saw the video with the cops going to his house, he’s wearing a sweater, he’s drinking a latte. The cops go in and come into his house and he just jumps up all of a sudden, and he’s got a big yarn around his neck. It looks like a ball of yarn. I don’t even think it was a rope. I think he went to hobby lobby and he got a crocheting kit and he sat down and he crocheted himself a rope and then he wrapped it and he put it just right. He flunked part of it over his shoulder. He looked in the mirror, angled at just right around his neck and then the police show up and he’s like, oh, are you recording? Okay. So two thirds of these are hoaxes. Media fails to expose hate crime hoaxes not related to, okay.

Speaker 3: (33:06)
Not related to famous scenarios. That’s exactly what I was saying. Maybe we ought to do a hate crime. I think we talked about this before, like yeah, I was um, accosted by a couple of Fox News. Pundants they, they beat the crap out of me cause I said that their stories are all fake and so it’s an anti auto hoax or hate crime. You just got to belong to a group and then say that your group is aggrieved. In 2012, a popular gay bar in suburban Chicago was destroyed by a fire. The owner cited homophobia as the reason that was a hoax.

Speaker 4: (33:48)

Speaker 3: (33:49)
Black students at the University of Wisconsin Parkside reported death threats from hate groups and found a noose hanging from a dorm room door hoax. The owner of a bar pleaded guilty to arson and insurance. Philip fraud and black students fessed up to sending racist threats and planting the news. Even BLM had been caught doing bomb threats against themselves. And then you had the Trans Racial Rachel Doza no, who put a noose in her mailbox and called the cops. And the U s s said, the only logical explanation is that she put it in there cause no one else had access unless the mailman did it. I mean, her race is a hoax and she does a race hoax. I think even Shawn King even lied about being, um, a victim of hate crimes. And he was a, another chief Sean King, Rachel Doe’s no couple of gingers trans racial became black community leaders. That’s controlled opposition. They are chameleons. Gay Pastor in Texas accused whole foods of selling him a cake with a slur written in the icing. The video showed the pastor was lying. What a surprise. White woman in Oregon disfigured her own face with acid and claimed a black man attacked her. Okay, well she already got what she deserved.

Speaker 3: (35:13)
Let’s see how widespread is a problem. He said, it’s not small scale. He said with absolute confidence, the actual number of hate crime hoaxes is huge. We’re not just talk about a few bad apples, small, it is not an outlier. It’s the norm and the media’s lack of interest in exposing hoaxes that don’t involve famous figures is the problem they were lack of.

Speaker 4: (35:38)
See, this guy is an auto believer. He believes what the news reports is real until it’s proven fake or that they’re reporting it and they’re just not aware it’s a hoax. It’s like, no man, you don’t know what the media does, how they operate. He says, perhaps it’s time to view hate crimes with a healthy dose of skepticism until facts are known. Anything less betrays the pain of true victims. Oh, so we shouldn’t cry for crisis actors.

Speaker 3: (36:10)
What a hateful suggestion. A real epidemic of fake hate. The American spectator, Jesse smart’s alleged hate crime sheds light on similar phony. So look what I’m saying here is even if you subtract 17 years of fake school shootings and fake terror attacks, even if you do that, there’s enough here to justify completely boycotting all media and media itself as an institution. The case for anti-media is made with these alone and we don’t have to worry about calling out specific events or known events like we can be politically correct calling out these hoaxes identified by the media. Such, yeah, white woman in Oregon. Yeah, I already knew it was Oregon.

Speaker 3: (37:09)
That’s hilarious. I don’t know why. I mean throwing acid on her face. I mean unless she was blaming it on a specific person. But, but look, okay, so this is like a tantrum though. It’s, it’s a tantrum. It’s a form of scapegoating. But nine 11 was a hate crime hoax. If you think about it, nine 11 was just a hate crime hoax. So, and you just had to look at, well who’s the target? Cause he have the person that’s being used to gain sympathy. You get the martyr, but you have a martyr and escape goat. And so with nine 11 it had multipurpose cause all governments used it. So it wasn’t just a partisan thing, right. Wingers could say, oh look, it justifies Islamophobia. Left-Wingers could say it justifies pulling back on the size and scale of the American military presence around the world. Independence can say it’s because there’s too much Jewish influence in Congress. Like it gives everybody an excuse to blame somebody. Everybody gets to point fingers at someone so they all win.

Speaker 4: (38:19)

Speaker 3: (38:20)
If it’s a who done it, everyone pointing, a finger wins. That’s the game. That’s how politics works. But if it’s a, what was it? Nobody wins. If we say, did it even happen? What if it’s a known event? Again, if nine 11 was a known event, then all of you who have blamed and scapegoated Israel, you don’t have a case. All those of you who blamed unfairly, the blood drinking shape shifting reptilians you don’t have a case against them in all of these blue pill arguments. Oh, it was Americans and Saudis or the official story. You don’t have a case, you don’t have anyone to blame. There’s no justification for a war that can be launched on the bay basis of this non event, the rhetoric and reality of Donald Trump’s racism, right?

Speaker 3: (39:14)
So like here’s an, here’s a great example of the sky up industrial complex at work. So this is a, Oh see, that’s what they call her. It’s representative Alexandria, Kazuyo Cortez. So she was running a psychological operation a couple of weeks ago where she was screaming and crying at offense. She was crying out, save the children, save the children. And you could see that she was visibly distressed. Well, a few days later, a video released showed a completely different story. Cause what originally was reported was AOC goes to the border and she sees Mexican children being beaten up, forced to drink toilet water, snatched from the arms of their parents. And so there she is, you know, crying for the children. Well, this other video released shows that she was in fact emoting to an empty parking lot. There was no Mexican kids being snatched from the arms of their parents are drinking from toilets. There was no brutality, no in humanity.

Speaker 3: (40:25)
We need to give people a reason to go as something to vote. So she was acting. And so the way it was reported though was that America was hate crime in Mexico. Those border patrol agents were hate crimes. The Mexican kids. So that was a hate crime hoax, standard operating procedure. So, obviously the media is not gonna do anything about it. Oh, it’s National Avocado Day, which reminds me really quick here, if you haven’t been too flat, balls.com now it’s not flat balls with an s. That’s a Frisbee company. It’s flat ball z like Dragon Ball Z. It’s our new sponsor.

Speaker 4: (41:12)

Speaker 3: (41:13)
Um, anyway, it’s National Avocado Day. So I’m gonna go ahead and tweet the Belew ball. A [inaudible] is the alien who revealed to these guys in Brazil that the earth is actually convex, convex earthers. And what they believe is that the world is shaped like a, like an avocado. And I’ll show you what I mean. So it’s convex. Earthers they believe that earth is basically this shape, like an avocado. No, go ahead and tweet this under IPR. So it’s Hashtag national off a Kado day, Hashtag IPR and then Hashtag [inaudible] so yeah, Belew is the name of the alien who supposedly told these guys that the earth is in fact con convex. And I never looked too closely at that model. It still involves orbits and still it still involves a center of gravity. Um, it does have an extra continent, which is kind of a plus kind of a bonus, but I think it kind of flopped. But a national avocado day. There you go. Convex earth.

Speaker 3: (42:38)
Yeah. There is some pretty good research that went into their whole project and it did involve some observations, but flat stuff earth says is tweeting dangerous like tweeting semis celebrities, you know, I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m, if I can lose my channel as long as I don’t cross certain lines. I mean I can’t really say I’ve lost so many channels. I any one of them. Oh look at this. This is so fake. The less stow don. Next time you eating avocado, think a giant ground swath like the Lester dawn. It ate Avocados. Enix greeted the pits in new places. Most animals couldn’t handle large seats. So the megafauna look, the list of dawn dispersed Avocados and just stories. Dinosaurs are fake.

Speaker 3: (43:40)
In fact, let me retweet this. See like, uh, the poor kids will be dinosaurs or fake. There’ll be misled. Oh, that was buried under the ground. We found it. They don’t know that this, the whole thing was made in China and not only was it made in China, but the original design wasn’t a skeleton. They dug up. The original design was just a scientific science fiction hypothetical model, something created in a art studio. That’s the case with pictures of deep space and that’s the case with all of these models or these skeletons, these dinosaurs, these fossils that are said to represent periods of time from millions of years ago. There’s no evidence that there is such a thing as millions of years ago on this place or that anything from such a time period would survive today.

Speaker 3: (44:38)
Again, I’m going through the Twitter sphere to see what’s trending. Uh, Don Lemon and, and racism. You know, a lot of blah, blah blah and nobody cares. Predictable, easy to ignore and look, why wouldn’t you ignore it? Why would anyone take any of this seriously after having just gone over what we did with regards to how widespread hate crime hoaxes are, if hate crime hoaxes, look at this here. AJC are fueled by dishonesty of liberals and the media. Yeah, absolutely. Hey crime hoax is exposed. Anyway. All of this tells you that these charges of racism are meaningless. It’s like charges of shill. If you start talking about anything on Youtube, noteworthy, anything controversial, people call you a shill. Well, no one’s actually identified a show like show me a racist make, but

Speaker 3: (45:39)
I mean the racists out there make themselves known with their dog whistles and most of them, they’re kind of weak. Like I have to say, Owen Benjamin is very weak. You know, he’s a racist who can’t own it. Like if you are really someone who believes what you believe, just get in front of it. You know why you use dog whistles and why call your enemies by different names, like small hats. You know, I know people who talk about the rh positives versus the RH negatives. Well, orange negative only applies to 15% of white northern Europeans. So if you’re going to make the case that you as an rh negative are better than everyone, just say it. Just say sieg Heil.

Speaker 3: (46:20)
All right. Okay. So the main new development, um, auto hoax is going to be mainstreamed. That’s our main objective here. Auto hoaxer. The auto hoaxer needs to be mainstreamed. Uh, you don’t auto hoax. See Owen Benjamin will make fun of David Hog in a very like subtle way, maybe indirectly like, oh, he’s an opportunist or he’s just a, a spoiled Brat, you know, liberal. But he’ll never say the guy’s a crisis actor. He can’t go that far. And it’s not because he’s trying to preserve his channel. It’s because he’s a gatekeeper. Okay. Okay. So I’m, I misread it. Earlier, Mario Lopez says it’s dangerous for parents to support transgender kids. I thought he was advocating for it and they were talking about three-year-olds choosing their gender, but no one’s really making that argument. And so another one of these, like no one is actually going out there trying to say three year olds can decide. No. As I said earlier, I had a cousin at that age who wanted to be a dog when he grew up and they, come on, these are fake controversies. Everything I tweet is going to Hashtag IPR, uh, someone responds to my is interracial reincarnation of thing. What do you mean? He says, do we reincarnate in the same race or not? If not, then then for collective guilt

Speaker 3: (48:12)
is fallacious. So this would mean no more white guilt. This would mean no more ideas about reparations or revenge, even blood libel and the Jews killed Jesus. You know, they use that, right? The Jews killed Jesus. Like Owen Benjamin says, the Jews killed Jesus once like, well look man proved to me first that Jews reincarnate as Jews and then we can have a talk over who’s to blame proved to me that you weren’t a Jew in your past life. Prove to me that we don’t all switch roles in as some kind of a divine prank. Like some joke, you know, God puts, um, Jews into gentiles, gentiles into Jews, blacks and white whites and blacks, uh, women to men and vice versa, gays and straights. Like maybe there is some type of switcheroo behind the scenes between lives to keep us in a perpetual state of confusion. So this idea of blaming people from the past is bullshit. Again, the question was do you reincarnate in the same race? And I’m just saying. In fact, let me go ahead and just say it to him directly since he’s the one of the subjects today. Owen Benjamin. Okay, so Jews killed Jesus. That’s one of his statements. You say [inaudible], but how do we know today’s Jews

Speaker 3: (49:46)
were Jews in their past lives? Like that’s a serious question. Hashtag IPR that is a serious question. I would really have anyone suggesting that you can blame a group like, oh, even people who pause it that I’m white. Oh everybody. White guilt. Like there was a course here or not. Of course there’s like a workshop. One day is a white guilt workshop where Oh, whites were invited to the Kent Campus, university of New Mexico to wear white bracelets that they can pull and snap against their wrist whenever they feel themselves using white privilege.

Speaker 1: (50:28)

Speaker 3: (50:29)
I don’t think we’re reincarnated into the same race. I’m not sure we are being incarnated at all. Okay. No reincarnation, no blood libel.

Speaker 3: (50:46)
We are all crisis actors. You know what? We all are. We’re all survivors. I was thinking we should get a line of shirts for auto hooks.com that say something like, I survived Sandy Hook. [inaudible] Nice Aurora. I survived. Um, let’s see. What’s this latest one? I survived the garlic festival. I survived Las Vegas and thousand hoax because we did look, we all survived these events. We could start making that argument. You see those kids from Sandy Hook, not sandy hook from Parkland said we are the first generation to have spent kindergarten through high school drilling for mass shooting events. So they called themselves the mass shooter generation, the mass shooting generation. Like we’re all survivors. Like they all have PTSD. Like, Oh, you don’t know what it’s like. You weren’t there under the desks when the cops came in and pointed guns at us. Like these kids have their own story that they’re trying to push this narrative, this um, mass shooting generation thing.

Speaker 1: (51:49)

Speaker 3: (51:51)
I’m looking at this as well. We can kind of use that for auto hoax. I survived Sandy Hook. We could use that. And auto hooks.com is going to be the definitive compendium of all things fake coming from government, academia, media, the entertainment, and the religion all across the board. Auto Hooks, army, again, auto hooks. Dot. Army and auto hoax.com. I’ll give you the links later. Um, you can also get there from infinite plane, radio.com if you want to work on it, just go for it. I’m going to be editing the thing as we go anyway. Again, this is just me live tweeting. If you have a Twitter account, go to Hashtag IPR. I’m just seeing what’s trending right now. National Avocado days, we give a shout out to our boy, uh, [inaudible] Lu with the convex earth and of course, um, be Lou is featured on one of the flat balls. If you go to flat balls.com, that’s flat balls with a z. That’s our new corporate sponsors. If you want to support the infinite plane society, uh, pick one up today. All right, so I’m going to take off. I’ll be back later to take calls. This is chief crow. Where is the curve?

Speaker 1: (53:19)
[inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (53:43)
[inaudible]. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible].

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