Speaker 2: (01:03)
okay. If you’re joining me on t live. Oh, come on. They have water bottles.

Speaker 2: (01:11)
bad. Okay. So, uh, thanks to chief crow for that intro. This is an active shooter drill in Walmart. And in all likelihood, we’re looking at an active shooter hoax, a drill presented as real breaking news disclosed TV. 18 people are dead at a Walmart. Ooh, big numbers. Look, the, the higher the body count, the more likely it’s fake and they’re gonna use that number to try to get you to treat it seriously. Um, this guy walking out live streaming, typical shaky footage, probably on a pre-assigned route as a police run in [inaudible].

Speaker 3: (01:52)

Speaker 2: (01:55)
hands up as he walked out the door. So it’s the hands up,

Speaker 3: (02:00)
phone’s down. [inaudible] up the door.

Speaker 2: (02:10)
You tweet with comment Hashtag auto hoax. It’s just a drill folks. No, I’m not trying to hate speech here or anything. Okay. Disaster Alert El Paso or at the Walmart near the Clo Vista Mall. This looks staged. These people are walking out calmly, hands up. Some people are recording it, but it looks like an evacuation, like a fire drill basically, and then they do their little dramatics and their PR. It’s a PR stunt. This isn’t real.

Speaker 3: (02:44)

Speaker 2: (02:46)
I did see a dummy on one of the videos. It says here initial reports indicating there were two shooters, one of which is already in custody. Right where we heard that before. Every single fake shooting. There’s always two shooters. One’s in custody and then everybody forgets ATF is responding. Okay. I wonder if the FBI was already there at Walmart, the more government agencies you see. Okay. Let’s see. We got here, look at this. It’s a big party. What are the gurneys doing way out here? This is a big fat drill. So if you’re over there on d live or you’re watching on periscope, we’re looking at footage outside the Walmart and it’s a huge, just a gathering like bring out everyone from every department. They get all their equipment laid out on the ground. Why did they have gurneys way out here? Because it’s a drill. They all got the yeah water bottles. One thing. What’s with all the damn water bottles. That’s how you know it’s a drill. And I caught this early on. I think that there’s some type of occupational safety uh, standards that they have to adhere to. Some type of OSHA thing that says, hey, when your d h s employees are out there, they’ve got to have a 20 ounce water bottle per person per hour. Like they’ve got something going on here cause it’s always water bottles. Let’s continue.

Speaker 2: (04:21)
We’re just looking at all the available footage and so far it’s looking very drily and I don’t know if it really is in our lexicon yet on our auto hoax. Um, but on our auto hoax Wiki, but it’s going to have to be, okay. This is the one that I’m saying 100% looks like a dummy. So I’m gonna go ahead and retweet this with a comment.

Speaker 1: (04:42)

Speaker 2: (04:42)
Just to drill folks. That is a training dummy. This is meant to terrorize people and this is a trainee dummy. It’s fake. The news will pixelate it to hide the graphic content, but really it’s to hide the fake. So good news. 18 people did not die in El Paso again. 18 people did not just get shot. This is a drill presented as real. It’s a gun grab deal. Let’s take a look here at the dummy.

Speaker 1: (05:22)

Speaker 2: (05:26)
what the hell you all doing filming? This guy says we can’t hear. See no thing. So again, we’re just looking at shaky footage. That’s supposed to be a body on the ground. No, it looks like a dummy. The whole, um, buttocks area. It looks like a pillow stuffed in there. Doesn’t look like there’s much substance. You can’t see the hands. Look how stiff the wigs are and the blood splatter. I mean we’re supposed to believe this. 18 of these not the spill kits right there by the way. And the blood, uh, looks very much

Speaker 3: (06:01)

Speaker 2: (06:02)
the attrical blood spilled out from a container or a bottle. That’s not a splatter mark.

Speaker 2: (06:11)
It doesn’t even make sense the way that blood sweater looks. Oh yeah. Lion King’s out. Just in time for Lionsgate and Leo, the movie releases were all done and timed with astrology. Just mentioning that. Okay. Let’s see what else we have. Okay, here’s another one. Active shooter. El Paso. Okay. This is our good friend. The auto believer agenda TV. Now he says agenda free, but no, his agenda is the MSM agenda because he’s a parrot and he doesn’t appear to know it. But look, you can get 6,000 live viewers if you pair it, the mainstream news. But if you say the mainstream news is lies and propaganda, you can’t get 6,000 people watching you. They won’t let you get that far. He’s furiously googling. He’s like, he’s Google earth looking for the shooter. I mean this arm chair guy, this guy is so disconnected from the reality. He’s an auto believing full

Speaker 4: (07:20)
guys. I, I do not know if the shooter or shooters is in custody yet

Speaker 2: (07:24)
guys. I don’t know. Like what I’m saying here, this guy, it’s like, no, you don’t know. And you’re running off of really just stories that are being spoonfed and dripped. So this guy is acting like he’s somehow providing a service and it’s like he’s going to get us the information and what he’s got to say is so relevant, but he never actually offers any commentary. He just repeats the news and he always sounds like, like he’s literally there at the scene being shot at.

Speaker 4: (07:56)
It’s no positive on a second shooter, a local news outlet is saying 18 people shot at Walmart in the, uh, near the Clo Vista Mall in El Paso.

Speaker 2: (08:07)
Okay. How do they know 18 people were killed? How do they have that already in there, you know, in, in their, um, reports. Who told the news, who told the media that there’s 18 people shot? Like how did they get that? I’m very interested in, no. Uh, and again, two shooters, one shooter, they don’t know if it’s in custody. Okay. Well here’s another one for you. If you think this is real, uh, what are the police doing? Hanging out, handing out water bottles, slapping each other on the rumps. Just kicking it in the back parking lot. If there’s two shooters on the loose and the shooters took out 18 people. You see how phony this is? I’m calling Walmart. One second. Okay. 18 shot, one dead.

Speaker 3: (08:54)

Speaker 2: (08:56)
oh, I bet. Okay. The shoot is going to be mentally ill.

Speaker 1: (08:58)
Oh, on your local Walmart. We appreciate your business and look forward to the opportunity to serve you in our store. The shooter’s not going to be seen for pharmacy. Press one for electronics, press two for pickup, press three for Deli, press four to speak to an associate. Press zero to repeat this.

Speaker 5: (09:19)

Speaker 1: (09:22)

Speaker 5: (09:25)

Speaker 2: (09:28)
one second. I’m making a quick call here.

Speaker 5: (09:31)
Uh, uh,

Speaker 1: (09:40)
no answer.

Speaker 2: (09:43)
I just wanted to let them know, hey, chill. It’s just a drill. Even that dummy, it looked like it came out of Walmart a, their props department, their Halloween stuff. So it’s like at Walmart shooting. So now what is it gonna be? Is there gonna be a Walmart shirt like Walmart? Strong Hashtag can somebody make that Walmart strong? Has David Hogg commented yet? Okay, let’s see what we got here. Okay. Here’s victims laying dead cause they said one dead. Well we saw one person dead inside already. El Paso strong. Yeah, it might be. Okay. So there’s one person dead inside that we saw and it says here that somebody’s lying dead outside of Walmart. Let’s take a look. Male subject. AK 47 still shooting. We still shooting bullshit. If he’s still shooting. Why are the cops hanging out? Sharing Water and laughing it up. Yucking it up. Posing

Speaker 1: (10:45)

Speaker 2: (10:49)
sounds like an actor. Notice how the person is hyperventilating.

Speaker 1: (10:52)

Speaker 2: (10:55)
and again it is a Walmart shopper.

Speaker 1: (10:57)

Speaker 2: (11:01)
okay, what are we seeing here? So huffing and puffing comes out again. Another stiff body arms. The side looks like a dummy.

Speaker 1: (11:09)

Speaker 2: (11:12)
looks hoaxy

Speaker 1: (11:14)

Speaker 2: (11:18)
okay. They have the shopping cart next to it.

Speaker 1: (11:20)

Speaker 2: (11:21)
okay, I’m calling dummy.

Speaker 1: (11:23)

Speaker 2: (11:27)
we need CPR. Um, okay. The way that is just running by it in this hyper ventilator with the camera, who happens to catch it at a far distance and it’s all grainy and it’s not a modern smart phone with HD. It’s us. Flip phone from 2005 like this tells me fake, fake, fake

Speaker 1: (11:45)

Speaker 2: (11:49)
And what is this? They have out front?

Speaker 1: (11:51)
[inaudible] how you doing?

Speaker 2: (11:56)
Okay, so that would be one. I see one here, two, three, four. So there’s going to be four bodies so far. And then over there there’s five. If there’s not at least five dead, but they could be playing dead in a drill. Look, this guy’s got a tourniquet on his leg and you know what? These drills, they do everything. You know, try a tourniquet, try a the other, they’re going to wear their triage tags. This even looks like they’re a little EMT booth right here. Oh look. Okay. This person here covering their face on the ground. No blood. Just lying down. Someone else here in the corner.

Speaker 6: (12:35)

Speaker 2: (12:38)
help me turn him over. Let’s see, we go now, why is this guy here who’s taping, who’s recording it? Why isn’t he helping her to overturn the guy?

Speaker 6: (12:48)
One moment.

Speaker 2: (12:49)
Wait, did I see a lanyard on this? On the citizen hero here? Did I just see a lanyard? Damn. Look, look, she’s wearing a damn lanyard. I call this every time. You know what’s a drill when they’re wearing lanyards, when they’re carrying water bottles and they’ve all got these bracelets. She’s wearing an orange bracelet. She’s got a lanyard. She’s got shades to obscure, hurt her identity. She walks past the body in the parking lot and walks up to this one. Help me turn it over. And this guy’s just recording it.

Speaker 6: (13:19)

Speaker 2: (13:24)
no, the lanyard things. A dead giveaway. We see it all the time. Okay. Let’s see. Multiple victims injured at the shooting of the Walmart. Let’s go ahead and retweet with comment Hashtag Walmart strong Hashtag auto hoax. Is there an all passive strong? There may already be. I like Walmart strong though. Like Walmart might even sell those shirts. They might even have them in stock. That’s how the [inaudible] industrial complex works. They’ll have these things to stop cause they’ve got to make every bit of money and they don’t want entrepreneurs jumping on it and making money off their psyops. They don’t want you to be the one that sells $30,000 worth of tee shirts in a weekend. It is a drill. It was only a drill going through comments. Dude, it’s everywhere. Tons of video in for and photos confirming dead victims. Nope. Confirming Dummies training dolls. And they can get super realistic. They’ve these dolls so realistic these days that people are pretty much marrying them. It’s gross, but it’s true. Okay. This guy called into work. He said, I called into work because I would have gone over my 40 hours. Now I hear about the shooting. That’s Pablo. Hmm. You should have

Speaker 2: (15:16)
signed up as a crisis actor and played dead. It pays better than Walmart.

Speaker 2: (15:31)
Now I suspect this guy might be a real employee, but who knows, they weren’t all in on it. Authorities respond to possible active shooter in Texas. Walmart. That does bring up a point though. Um, if they are going to pull off a drill involving employees, uh, those employees would have, would have been in on it before they were even hired. I suspect it’s a lot of just civilians. Okay, here we go. Do not go to Walmart. Look at this guy here. He’s got what appears to be a fake blood dripping down his back. And what is he doing? Who took this picture? Oh No, this is so fake. Okay. These are pictures of people who are hiding in place, sheltering in place. This is drill activity. They tell you run shelter or fight. So these people are probably sitting there with cans of soup ready to throw out the shooter and they’re hiding yet they’re tweeting their locations.

Speaker 2: (16:34)
Oh yeah. Like I’m like, they’re hiding underneath the shelves where you buy the paper towels and the laundry detergent. Oh No. You know what they’re hiding at the returns. You know when you return stuff or the stuff that gets misplaced, they put it on the bins to get restocked. She’s hiding behind those bins and tweeting, don’t go to Walmart. This is so fake. They do this at a lot of the school shootings too. Some guys under a desk breaking possible active shooter at Walmart. Again, it’s a drill. The cops outside, give it away. Uh, nobody’s dying. Nobody’s crying. It’s all a hoax. You’re not allowed to not believe though. You realize that if I were to say any of these things on youtube, they would shut down my channel. What does that tell you?

Speaker 2: (17:23)
I talked to El Paso mayor. What’s his name? Okay. They confirmed fatalities. How does a mayor know 18 people who’ve been shot or injured? Okay, look at this here. You want to, you want me to believe? Okay, look, take a close. Look at this picture. Let me get back up. I just lost it. This one’s good. It tells you everything you need to know. When you look at the crowds of people hanging out in front of Walmart and you look at the heavy police presence and all the paramedics gathered round and all the onlookers, k again, look at this very closely and if for some reason, let me bring it up one more time. It keeps closing on me. You’re going to want to see this. So because the story is 18 people were just shot, right? That’s one part. One 18 people were shot to the shooter. Still on the loose. Yeah. So if the shooters on the loose 18 people were shot, why do you have this high concentration of people right out here in the open?

Speaker 2: (18:37)
If his objective is a high body count, uh, why wouldn’t the shooter just hang out until CNN shows up? But look at how casual they are, how chill they are, they got their water bottles. Uh, look at these crowds of people. And also notice how many of the people here these onlookers are wearing lanyards and bracelets. What’s with the bracelets? And then what’s with this Gurney, these two gurneys a quarter of a mile away from Walmart itself. This is all very hoaxy. If you know what you’re looking at, there’s no reason why these gurneys would be out here this far away, nowhere close to the ambulances, nowhere close to any victims. And you’ve got a bunch of people with clipboards. Look at this. You got a body board on the ground. See that yellow body board with the rubber gloves next to it. That’s another thing. Uh, paramedics don’t leave biohazardous waste behind like the, you’re not just going to see piles of bloody gloves in the ground for the news to photograph.

Speaker 2: (19:38)
That’s a, a big No-go, but they do it for t v okay, let’s continue. Oh, looks like the army’s there. Oh, come on. Oh, look at this. Okay. Again, again, this guy here just pops a soda on the left and this guy here is reaching into the ice chest for a cream soda. Does anybody here think that 18 people were just shot a hundred yards away 10 minutes ago and the shooter stolen the loose and you’ve got these guys with blue gloves, drinking soda pop and reaching into ice chest surrounded by all their homies with the empty gurneys. This is a drill.

Speaker 3: (20:26)
I know

Speaker 2: (20:29)
this guy here, he’s like, do you guys got wild Cherry Pepsi?

Speaker 3: (20:32)

Speaker 2: (20:35)
I’m surprised they don’t have a grill and then not just cooking hamburgers and hotdogs. I mean, it’s a nice day to them. That is the one thing and okay, another one. Look here. This got the blue rubber gloves. He’s patting his buddy on the roam in the shoulder. Um, if you were just saving lives with those rubber gloves and you’ve got bloodborne pathogens, you just smeared it. You just smeared hepatitis all over your friend

Speaker 3: (21:02)

Speaker 2: (21:04)
and he’s got water bottles in his other hand. So what are you gonna do? Open the water bottles with your hepatitis glove hands and then drink it. [inaudible]

Speaker 3: (21:11)

Speaker 2: (21:14)
here have some water. I don’t know. A little bit of aids flavoring. Have a little bloodborne pathogen with your lunch. This is fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, fake and fake. Let’s continue. A gunman killed two people at a Mississippi Walmart. Okay. Bullshit. If you’re saying too, it’s gotta be more than two. Oh wait, that’s the other Walmart, July 30th. See they did these together too. Not a coincidence. Walmart. It’s in on it. Walmart is part of the signup industrial complex. I guarantee they’ve got Walmart strong shirts ready to sell. I kind of want to make it myself. I mean, since I’m here, I kind of want to just design a Walmart strong shirt and a market it through auto hoax.com why not? Okay, so let’s get back on topic here. So what we’re seeing is two back to back drills at Walmart’s. One of them was workplace violence. Okay? Here we’ve got more footage from the inside.

Speaker 3: (22:16)
It’s pretty funny that we don’t talk to,

Speaker 2: (22:19)
this is where the police come in and say, hands up, get out.

Speaker 3: (22:22)

Speaker 2: (22:23)
get out. We’re saving your lives. Get your hands up to protect the shit out of Ya and go pay dog scaring the kids terrorizing these people. I’d be middle fingers up. I’d be like, you know what? Don’t save me. This is bullshit. But of course I probably wouldn’t be there. These are mostly close sets.

Speaker 3: (22:40)
There were,

Speaker 2: (22:45)
I mean, this just bothers me honestly, when I hear children crying because these adults are running them through some mk ultra. That’s kind of irritating. And if you look at these active shooter drill training that they do, these, these training drills they do for the kids, it’s, it’s as offensive as these like hell camps. You know what I mean? Like these, I’m watch, I think it’s called, um, hell a Christian stage play where they pretend like it’s like a theater thing. It’s a stage play, but it’s where you are confronted by the devil and it’s this really scary little play they put you through and it makes you cry and you leave and you’re like, oh, thank God. And it’s kind of the same thing here. It’s all a psychodrama. It’s psychodrama, but hyper real school shooter, drill traumatized kids. So if you’re traumatizing kids, look, active shooter situations, traumatic to kids, these drills are realistic and downright terrifying. Can I please excuse my kid from class today? So this is when the Guardian, it’s admitted here that even though these are drills, these active shooter simulations that involve gunfire, masked men, victims, that these actually scare the kids and the kids piss their pants. The kids can’t sleep at night. So how can you support this? And this is enabled by all this bullshit and those of us who call it bullshit cause we’re against child abuse, we get censored. Okay, so again, this is fake. It’s all drill on. This guy’s having his hissy fit over thinking it’s real cause he’s an auto believing fool.

Speaker 4: (24:32)
Okay, thank you guys. Here’s an update. Layla Santiago and she’s with CNN, says, just talk to El Paso. Mayor’s office, Chief of staff confirmed fatalities from a shooting at a Walmart in El Paso. She also confirmed suspect’s in custody. Unclear how many suspenders

Speaker 2: (24:50)
and company suspects. Remember that they just confirmed suspects. It’s a plural. I want to see if the drudge has any stupid headline about it. These guys are always first to push a sigh up. Yep. Mass shooting. I’ll pass a Walmart. They probably have their fingers crossed that the story has it, that it’s like a Mexican across the border illegally. AK 47 panicked shoppers flee updates, developing 2020 candidates respond to shooting. Told you this is all PR stunt the candidates. What would you do right when you’re just gonna say it takes a good guy with a gun to stop, a bad guy with a gun.

Speaker 4: (25:33)
Police in El Paso, Texas, say they’re responding to an active shooter situation.

Speaker 2: (25:39)
Every politician is going to say, my heart went out to blah, blah, blah. None of them are going to say, is this even real? And that’s because they’re part of the script. And if you’re voting for any of these politicians, you’re voting for the Sai War and it’s your fault. Children are being traumatized. Multiple people have been killed. Says, I’ll pass a police department, man, who would have thought, you know, Walmart is such a sellout co. I mean they really sold out. Everybody with this one. They’re not the PR, they’re not pro going. The not pro NRA. They don’t stand up for free speech. Walmart is literally Hitler. Wait, no, no, wait. Oh Owen. Benjamin’s Hitler. Walmart’s the devil.

Speaker 2: (26:18)
Okay, so we will follow up with this bs story later. It was just really quick here. Um, come up with a couple of, um, of predictions. Okay. Predictions. AK 47 they said multiple shooters for some reason. I think it’s even though they said they confirmed shooters with an s, I’m pretty sure it’s going to end up with one shooter and maybe some guy in a camouflage jumped over a fence and got away. Same Guy that they saw at the Gilmore garlic festival or Gilroy. Same Guy who jumped the fence after Sandy Hook. There’s always the second shooter who got away. So this is the Wiki page. Auto hoax.army. And we’re going to add this one. So I’m going to go ahead and do this now since I’m live mass shooting hoaxes, and I’ve broken this down into categories, malls and the stores. So we just did south haven, Walmart. So now let’s do the El Paso, Walmart, El Paso, Walmart shooting.

Speaker 2: (27:31)
I don’t need to put hoax after it. We’re just going to call it shooting. And then on the actual page we’ll put all the details. How are they getting away with all the cameras everywhere. You know what? We’re not gonna see this. We’re not gonna see the closed circuit television. We’re not gonna see any of the footage from the cameras up above that loss prevention gets to use. We’re only going to see the shitty cell phone footage from the track phones that these people have been using. Um, and look, the body counts. They have to add up. We saw at least five bodies in the parking lot and in the front room. So there’s not five dead bodies. This thing’s totally falling apart. That’s why I wanted to do this. I wanted to record this. We’ve got it on periscope, um, because it’s important to get a record of these things before they can start the damage control, narrative control and curation process. Multiple people killed. We’ll see. We’ll see. Okay. I’ll be back in a few hours to discuss this topic and a few others. Um, again, I’ve added the El Paso Walmart shootings, so you’re welcome to go to auto hooks.army and begin working on this. So August 3rd, 2019 at least 18 reported shot and we saw at least three to five in lot and insurance and they said three shooters or two shitters.

Speaker 2: (29:08)
And again, you guys saw the video. These cops are hanging out, having soda pumped. Just shooting the breeze out in the parking lot. Uh, not even worried so we know this thing’s fake. All right, I’ll catch you all later. This is solid. Might fly writing real

Speaker 5: (29:25)

Speaker 2: (29:40)
CIA. [inaudible]

Speaker 6: (29:42)
that’s our up entirely. No was the older ones. Outworking Tom. Bad luck in bed. You pay shit. Street’s always dangerous. Dangerous needs to speak this playing into really hear what they saying. You know what that means? Are you dealt with the team, they speak to signs and symbols. You can learn them about these things by nine 11 because of the 27 what you think that they can have the na, it’s a magic. Just saw, looked forward into the code. [inaudible] body. My son, why they snatching bodies of these body did not. Highland Grove assumption is the hobbyist. [inaudible]

Speaker 6: (30:19)
called that and not, oh, don’t you know we did around the globe and the to the moon. Glad about the shootings or on the news. We will make the weight. Let it spread by Pete Gala. T, let them know we don’t lace up potty by this readily like up right there to say, okay, show retention on your bed. You know what? I’m Tom that don’t that these slap me nicest antichrist at their turn. Bring it up. My son eats is actuality. That’s why the truth must read by word of mouth. Word math on it. The quarter to the coke family Illuminati. When my mom batting my soul growth section, fat happy fiction bowls with the idol. Komeito no motto. All and you can test for that sign cause Jerry’s aren’t when they are shown to be as you don’t accept the famous myths in proof sport, the descriptive by the number code. Let me turn on my idol. He squats.

Speaker 7: (31:46)
Let me turn on my auto auction. Look this stuff up when I get home because by t these kids, today’s is tripping. I ain’t tripping. He must be tripping cause I am not tripping. Now when Lopi I know Matt.

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