Speaker 1: (00:00)
Turnoff. Yeah. We heard from Congressman Turner and his side of things is a little different. He starts out by saying my daughter and a family friend had just entered the tumbleweed connection when the shooting began across the street, both reported of the visible Dayton police presence before the shooting and the bravery they witnessed as officers ran toward the gunshots. My daughter and friend fled into the Oregon district and contacted me at 2:00 AM as they ran home, I followed their progress and prayed for them and our community thank outside the date and convention center. She’s been there all morning monitoring this side of things as families are able to go there to be reunited or ask about loved ones. So we’re going to check in with Kristen

Speaker 2: (00:40)

Speaker 1: (00:44)
Yeah, Broken Lauren Mayor Nan Whaley is continuing to urge those families who are looking for loved ones to come down here to the Convention Center Convention Center.

Speaker 3: (00:56)
All right. This is what, three right now for, I’ve been watching this. Okay. So yeah, we will actually called this. We said during the dog days of summer, um, we would see a spate of mass shootings. In fact, the reason we brought this up was you had the blackouts in New York on the 42nd anniversary of the blackouts that preceded the son of Sam shootings. And of course this is 42nd street, 42,000 people out of power. And we were just thinking, well this looks like scripted material. And back then it was yeah, these powder power outages. And then you had unpredictable shootings happening all over and it was this state of terror that was being shared and perpetuated. It was all stringed together. And the idea of the serial killer then was even kind of new compared to, you know, now how we see it.

Speaker 3: (01:54)
The idea was that the shooter could be anyone anywhere and there was nothing you could do except, uh, you know, kind of cower and hope the police could save you. And that’s pretty much what they’re doing now. I think they set the stage. And so we have the Ohio one, which of course was proceeded by a drill, a three day active shooter drill. Now, this was the, the Walmart one in south haven. Then we had the out pass a Walmart shooting right after that, which, you know, oddly enough, if you look at it closely, you know, I’m like, wow, you have the FBI, the police, the border patrol, all these people already there. Looks very drily as you’ve all seen. Then we have the Gilroy garlic festival just a few days prior. Also proceeded by a drill, which pretty much matched the description of what just happened. And the drill was last August.

Speaker 3: (02:51)
And now here we have Dayton, Ohio, 10 dead, 26 injured. And right now I’m watching this. It just, it just, it seems unbelievable. They say, if you think you’ve lost a loved one, come down to the convention center, come down to the unification center, give blood, give blood. So a big theme though has been blood, blood, blood. At every one of these events come donate blood. It’s like, really? I don’t have any evidence that anybody lost any, what do you mean you need blood? Show me some spilled blood. Um, everything we’ve seen so far has been what you’d expect. So to me, this just looks like it’s political theater cause you see you have the Democratic Party nominee, b-to-c, oh, orc or O’Rourke or whatever. Basically playing Obama part two, you know, he, he gets up in front of the cameras at press conference in Vegas and he emotes for everybody.

Speaker 3: (03:52)
He tries to cry talking about his hometown of El Paso, but instead of crying, he actually kind of laughs and maybe he thought there’s going to be another shot and that one is for the blooper reel. But no, he kind of gives into the dupers delight. Anyway, he goes down to El Paso and he’s like, yeah, this is caused by Trump because Trump’s racist. And the shooter of course is an anti-immigrant white guy who loves Trump. So he did it for Maga. That’s the whole story. The shooting was done for Maga until this Beto sky comes out and reinforces that. So it’s very much Obama all over again, except this time instead of black on white, it’s more Hispanic on white. And they brought the wall into it and they’re saying, well, this was caused by two years of hateful rhetoric rhetoric from Donald Trump two years. Now they’re also connecting this to this new, I don’t even think it was meant to be released, but Yahoo obtained it. There was a bulletin by the FBI about the new threat. It’s like the, the white al-Qaida or they call it the White Isis? No, it’s vanilla. Isis. Look, I’m going to go ahead and Google this for you. If you look into Vanilla Isis, they’re saying the new threat is angry white men who go to Q and on websites, vanilla, isis, owl, Oregon, gunmen mocked on social media.

Speaker 3: (05:26)
Okay. So basically though, what we’re looking at here is they’ve created a new enemy. They took the whole apparatus of let’s stop the terrorist, the whole Patriot Act, the national security state using a surveillance in order to monitor potential threats, assessed the threats and prevent things from happening. They took that whole thing, which is all based on catching the fictional Osama bin Ladin in Cru. And they’ve turned it into this pretty much multipurpose, um, ex, uh, excuse to just suspend all of our rights and just go after a threat that they say is a threat. So right now they’ve said the big threat today is the angry white guy who frowns or he has a mad look on his face and at these latest shootings, they all say he’s angry. So for example, the Gilroy shooter, nobody heard from this guy, but the singer of the band said he had a frown on his face.

Speaker 3: (06:25)
Well, maybe he was getting into the rock music. Maybe it wasn’t a frown frown, but who knows? He had a frowny face, so it was a hate crime. Well then this El Paso shooting, they’re saying, oh, this was a hate crime. Now the El Paso shooter is the guy on the right, even though he looks exactly like the Walmart knows the Gilroy shooter. So on the left you have the garlic festival guy. On the right you have the El Paso shooter. Now the guy on the left is the frowny guy. He’s the frowny face who is motivated by a hateful manifesto called might makes right by Ragnar red beard published in 1890 most likely backdated and most likely probably a forgery or maybe even, I think Jack London may have ghost written that thing. It’s kind of adolescent. It’s just this book about how might makes right and weak people suck, but it’s like 1890 so they, they’re trying to say it’s a Neo Nazi guide. Are you kidding me? Neo Nazi. There weren’t any neo Nazis in 1890 there weren’t any, there weren’t any Nazis yet. Anyway, it looks like the same. Same person, doesn’t it? Look at those lips, look at that nose, look at the eyes, look at the brows. Tell me that’s not the same person. Is that not just the strangest thing you’ve seen today?

Speaker 3: (07:58)
It wasn’t going to focus on this, but we may as well. My point is that, so the guy on the right road, his own manifesto, his own manifesto of hate, and it was basically, it was called an inconvenient truth kind of ripping off Al Gore, which is climate change. And that’s been pointed out. They say, Oh, well these people have a no fear of climate change or the threat that it represents, but then they’re willing to go out and kill because of, uh, open borders. Like they’re really politicizing this in every way imaginable. For example, they’re saying, oh, it’s not fair the way this guy was arrested, because when they arrested him, he was handled gently. He wasn’t pushed onto the ground. There was no incident. He didn’t fight. And they’re comparing it to Dylan roof, who after he shot up a church, a black church killed nine black pastors.

Speaker 3: (08:53)
They said that he was taken over to Burger King and is a picture of him outside of a burger king where apparently he ate a whopper at the police officer’s expense. They gave him, they fed him a whopper after he killed nine people, which I think is an inside joke, you know, a big whopper. Okay. So again, we’re looking at Patrick crucis, the names very similar I think to Nick Cruise, the crews, and of course the cruises are referenced to the crusade. We were talking about this last night with a parkland shooting where it was described by the media as a children’s crusade to go fight for their lives against 17 years of school shootings when they’re too young to vote away guns. So that parents created the world that’s unsafe, that they must have it global warming, rampant gun violence, but they’re too young to vote. That’s why David Haagen company is right now agitating to have the age reduced down to 16. They want the age to vote low. Uh, I guess lower down before this next election. Even. So David Hogg and company took their tour across the country, happiest school, shooting survivors, ever big smiles on all their selfie signing autographs and all that. And as they go across the country, they went to 48 different states and visited 70 high schools to register new voters, ostensibly to vote against their right to bear arms.

Speaker 3: (10:25)
And that was the crusade. The kids coming out, leaving behind their parents, his worldview. And of course it all kicked off on Ash Wednesday when, if you remember the Parkland shooting, everyone had the black cross on their forehead. They had all taken up the cross. It’s all very symbolic march for our lives, the children’s crusade, the cross. And then of course it was kicked off by this kid named Nick Cruz. So the shooter, patsy actor, whatever you want to call him, this character, he kicks off the children’s Crusade. And if you look into the history of the Crusades, it is someone named Nicholas who kicks it off, who takes up the cross? So Nick cruise or Nicholas Cross. And so here we have Patrick crucis. Um, again, these names are all just very hokey, but we’re just analyzing it. And the guy on the left is Centeno, William Leagon, Centeno William Leagon.

Speaker 3: (11:27)
Again, the guy on the left motivated by might makes right, which was later plagiarized and turned into the Satanic Bible. So we’re not even talking about serious literature or serious ideology. You know, we’re talking about stuff meant to scare church ladies like, Oh, he had the anarchist cookbook in his locker at school. He’s a threat to national security. Give me a break. And so this guy in the right rate’s up his own manifesto. It’s basically we must shut down the borders. White people are dying, white genocide, blah, blah, blah. Probably listens to way too much. Stefan Molyneux and look, there is a lot of alt right rhetoric to back up the world view that this guy has, you know, fake or not.

Speaker 3: (12:15)
Let’s see, this is where it’s at. Says what a joke. They’re terrifying. The masses on the weekend will look. This is something else to pay attention to is what are the odds that you would have like three people shot at in Gilroy who were shot at in Vegas? 55 people shot at in Vegas, shot at again 13 months later. You know the odds of these things, the odds that one year prior to the shooting in Gilroy, you had an identical event simulated in a drill or that and they admit this, the FBI was already at Gilroy. Think about it. Gilroy has never had a mass shooting. Never. They drilled for one last year and this year they have one of the festival and the FBI was already on the ground.

Speaker 3: (13:03)
Now the big story in that one was he cut through the fence. Metal detectors can’t save you like apparently the only thing that can save you from mass shootings are tiny books, belt buckles and bras. There was a shooting in Brooklyn, and again I’m telling you, this is totally just like the summer of 77 shooting up to shooting. This was like the summer of Sam all over again. So you have this other shooting in Brooklyn at a party where this a girl was shot in the back. She falls on the ground. She goes in and out of consciousness. She can barely keep her eyes open that get her to the ambulance. They roll up her shirt and the round actually comes out of her bra. So she didn’t actually get shot, which is like, wait a minute. You said you’re on the ground. You said that you couldn’t see and that people were trying to keep you conscious and then the EMT say that the round actually rolled out from your bra.

Speaker 3: (13:57)
Does that make any sense? Yet? It makes a cover of New York Post. Then we see Beto O’Rourke, Democrat party nominee, basically like this Hispanic Obama thing and you know, he’s playing into the politics and I’m convinced this guy, b-to-c, I think he footed the bill for the El Paso event. I think this is a PR stunt that b-to-c himself financed so that he could get on camera and say, look at me. I’m so empathetic because this is huge with Democrats, a Democrat voters, the way that they’re pandered to is through their emotions. And they want to see empathy. They said two years ago or four years ago, Trump has no empathy. He doesn’t care about you. You know, Bush doesn’t care about, you know, this whole thing about do they care? Mitt Romney doesn’t care about you. Obama cares. Well, B-TO-C is able to go out there and cry and say, look, I care.

Speaker 3: (14:55)
Um, I feel for you, and it’s all about the feelings. So Trump sends a tweet, he’s like, Yep, my heart goes out to you, blah, blah, blah, tweet. And then he tweets to somebody else. And so it looks very much like Trump is empathy deficient. So anyway, I’m saying Beto is probably put the one in El Paso together so he could get on camera and say, look at me. I’m relevant. Look at me. I’m calling Trump a racist because he caused this with his rhetoric. You know, look at me. You’re gonna be voting for me soon. So this is about face time for B-TO-C. And if you look at the Beatles video, and it’s on my channel, but if you look at his reaction, he says this is a very difficult thing to talk about. Ha ha ha. Basically he laughs. Doesn’t make any sense. Oh yeah. That was another one.

Speaker 3: (15:43)
The guy with the gun snatching kids was hilarious. We got gene Rosen on crack. So Vember gene rose in his whole story, which is preposterous about saving the kids from Sandy Hook by telling them when they get off the bus, oh go into my house. I got stuffed animals and cookies. So you apparently babysits a whole lot of kids for several hours, which doesn’t make any sense. Right? So we have Jean Rosen, part two in the form of this soldier apparently from Fort Bliss who’s over there at foot locker. He says he’s at foot locker and there’s gunshots being heard. And they pull down the metal. Um, the, the metal blinds, you know that they put the screen. So they put the screen down and close the store and he said people were rushing. So they lifted up the screen and they crawled out from underneath it. And he said he saw a whole bunch of little kids running around screaming and crying cause they didn’t have the parents.

Speaker 3: (16:43)
So this guy who says, oh, I’m just running around scooping the kids up in my hands and they’re squirming and fighting to get away from me. So I’m getting more kids picking up as many as I can. And mind you, he’s not talking about like a whole lot of kittens who just got like let loose from a shelter. Now we’re talking about children. So he’s talking about scooping up kids and they’re running. And it reminds me of like Gargamel scooping up smurfs. Like, what do you mean you’re scooping up kids? And they’re screaming and crying and their parents aren’t there. And then he says he, he hears the gunshot. So he holds up his gun and people start screaming, thinking he’s the shooter and then the police come. And so the police see him scooping up the kids and he says, you know what, um, that police could have shot me, but I’m just thinking only about the kids.

Speaker 3: (17:26)
And then the cops come up to him and they see his quote clip and he says, oh no, look. And he shows him he has a permit for his gun. So they let them go. And this guy believed that there were four shooters, by the way, and this is all Jeanne Rosen on crack. You’ll get to know him. He’s one of the performers here and okay, the story makes very little sense anyway. Right? Well, he adds it. He adds onto it saying that he’s in the military and that he’s having flashbacks and I’m like, wait, if you’re in the military and you’re stationed there in El Paso at Fort Bliss, why do you have a handgun in your pocket at the mall? Why are you waving it around at a foot locker during a mass shooting?

Speaker 3: (18:07)
And then it gets even stranger because he says that he went over to the cops thinking that they might even shoot him, but he was willing to risk his life. So they bring that element into it. The idea that a black guy with a gun could easily just get shot in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, the mass shooter who just killed 16 or 17 people or whatever, um, he gets treated very gently. That point is bring as it’s being brought up again and again in the Twitter sphere, that keeps saying lookout gently. They treated this guy. And I’m like, no, it’s not cause the cops are racist. The reason why they’re so gentle is because it’s not what you think it is. Anyway. If you just got here, you’re looking at the shooter from the garlic festival in Gilroy. That’s the guy on the left. Santino William Leagon and on the right Patrick Crucis, that’s the shooter from El Paso. Both of them motivated by manifestos. Guy In the left borrowed a manifesto from the 19th century guy on the right, wrote his own.

Speaker 3: (19:22)
You’re supposed to believe they’re two different people believe what you want. I mean they look like brothers, it looks like. Well, if you look at the difference in the hair links, okay, so let’s say the picture on the right was taken first. A lot can happen, you know, a little bit of weight change, different expressions, different lightings. But the ears look very similar. You know, in my view it’s probably, this is probably a recycled situation. Glasses are a little higher up on the left, slightly different expression. So they said that there were four gunman. Then they said there were three than they said there were two. Now they say no is only one, only one lien. Deon says the footlocker shop logo is always white on black checker squared background may sonic. Oh yeah, probably eyes are the same says auto hoaxes. Yeah, I definitely cleaned up the chat here on d life because um, it’s a family friendly platform and I said it friendly fort, I think it’s like a 13 or whatever. I just, I D it’s PG basically, you know, I’m like we, we can do without it. I was just, I didn’t want this to go the way of Youtube to where you get, let the trolls run a muck and I don’t want this channel to get banned. Okay. So we’re looking at the live coverage of Dayton and the,

Speaker 4: (20:48)
and this already had a heavy police presence and that’s something else worth noting. Good evening everybody.

Speaker 3: (20:54)
Despite the police presence at all of these various locations, despite the drills, the drill that rehearsed Gilroy’s first ever mass shooting despite having the FBI there, no lives were saved. Think about that. No lives were saved in Gilroy on their first ever mass shooting that they already drilled for and had an FBI presence for Walmart in south haven did a three day active shooter drill or their police did and then the Walmart gets, you know, hit. So I’m just saying these drills obviously don’t do anything if that’s what their intention is. And this poor guy, I like bringing him up. This is agenda free TV or auto believer. T V is, I like to call them. This is a prime example of an auto believer. He believes everything he sees on the news without question. That’s why he looks like he’s having a heart attack.

Speaker 3: (21:51)
He looks like he sleeps under his desk, like he survives off of coffee cigarettes and [inaudible]. The reason he looks like this and he’s probably not going to last much longer. By the way, this guy is only 19 and it’s because he watches the news 24 seven and he thinks it’s all real and he acts like a human police scanner and he’s visibly traumatized by each and every traumatic story because if it bleeds, it leads and this guy thinks it’s all real. So let’s listen to 30 seconds of an auto believer and just think about this. It’s admitted that you can get PTSD from watching all the violent news, assuming it’s real. This shows you how powerful your mind is that you can watch all the violent movies in the world eating popcorn, drinking coke, Cola, and just having a good time. No trauma. Now, if you didn’t know it was all just a movie and he thought it was real, you might walk away traumatized. Well, this is proof right here that your minds interpret or that your interpretation of what you’re perceiving will determine whether or not it’s traumatic and actually psychically psychologically damaging. So watch this guy damage himself for 33 seconds,

Speaker 4: (23:08)
buddy to Steve, looked at her with agenda free TV coming to you with a news alert. There has been a reported shooting in Dayton, Ohio tonight. Uh, it sounds like there has been multiple victims, but it’s not exactly clear what the extent of the victims is, how many victims are, are, uh, and, and what happened here.

Speaker 3: (23:29)
He’s always trembling. I don’t know how many people died. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t have any of the answers. I’m waiting for answers, always panicking over how little information he has and how he’s waiting for more information. And when he has it, he’s going to relay it. Let’s continue

Speaker 4: (23:44)
trying to get you some information on what’s

Speaker 3: (23:46)
going on. Oh yeah. Matthew keys had said Ned ned peppers bar, uh, near scene of the shooting a post to Facebook that all staff are safe. So where is ned peppers bar? I had heard that name before. I love that great channel. I mean, you know, it’s great research for me. I mean, I just, I’m just saying this, look, we’re getting the same information, but we’re differing over our interpretation. I feel the same way about chem trail believers. Now, you may believe that your airplanes are poisoning everybody. You may believe that. You may look up there and you’re scared of what you see. Look, I see what you see, but it doesn’t scare me. I actually like those trails. I especially like it when they make pentagrams and masonic symbols. I think it’s cool. No, I’m just kidding. I’m just saying I’m not afraid of chem trails. Okay? I’m not afraid of whatever they are contrary isles, condensation, whatever doesn’t scare me, but I’m not denying that it’s there and this guy, I’m not denying any of what he’s saying. We’re seeing the same stuff. Nine dead plus shoot or 16 injured date and shooting. I’m just deferring on my interpretation of what’s being presented and this guy is automatically believing whatever he sees that makes him an auto believer.

Speaker 3: (25:09)
Guy Says, do you like blocking the sun? I don’t know if I believe they’re actually blocking the sun. I need more evidence. I need more evidence that Bill Gates is exterminating people with vaccines. I need more evidence that Hillary Clinton eats babies and Trump doesn’t, you know, the Q would obey. Oh, here’s something else too. Speaking of Trump, this whole thing about the shooter is tying into this latest report. So if you haven’t caught this, let me bring this up. FBI is now saying that conspiracy theorists are terrorists. The no, they’re now calling conspiracy theory driven domestic extremists. Yeah.

Speaker 5: (25:54)

Speaker 3: (25:56)
the greatest threat, the big threat FBI document, Warren’s conspiracy theories are the new domestic terrorists. That’s the new story. FBI memo calls fringe conspiracy theorists a domestic terrorist threat. And here’s why. If you believe that your government is blocking the sun and poisoning kids with airplanes, then you can be justified in antigovernment action. If you believe that Tom Hanks is a pedophile and eating children, then you could be justified in making, um, or committing violence, making threats, trying to terrorize those people. We’re fighting back. And that’s what we’re looking at here. Um, a lot of targets are putting put on a lot of backs and right now they’re saying that if you have some overarching conspiracy about some group that has hijacked the power of the world, then it delegitimizes in your mind, your lawful government, then you’re a threat. That’s the mentality here. And I think the people who automatically believe whatever they see on TV are dangerous.

Speaker 3: (27:02)
Like this guy from agenda Free TV thinks he has no agenda. No Man, your agenda is the mainstream media agenda. You’re just repeating it. You’re just forwarding that agenda. I’m also here to say that the people who believe in chem trails are doing the same thing. If you look up at the sky and you say, that’s scary, that they’re going to kill the sun, that’s scary. The poisoning everybody, they’re going to kill all the plants except for Monsanto. If you’re going to be forwarding that Alex Jones stuff, then you’re just as bad as this guy. Alex Jones is a history Onik.

Speaker 3: (27:40)
Um, I would also call him, um, paranoid, but they have them very like over Gr, over, um, acting everything. He’s very melodramatic, always throwing these fits. He’s red in the face. How many times have you seen Alex Jones crying? He cries. Like I said, he’s histrionic. And that’s because they want you to think that this is the face of the conspiracy theorist. The person who doesn’t trust the news, they’re losing their, their stuff. So this guy also doesn’t trust, I mean, sorry, it doesn’t, uh, question whatever he’s saying. He trusts everything. So he’s always freaking out as well. And those of you who are afraid of the skies, you have fallen for the ruse. You don’t need a few of the skies. You don’t need a fear of guns.

Speaker 4: (28:24)
New People, like if the shooter had worked there, usually when that happens, somebody will give an interview to the presence, say, Oh yeah, we know that guy. Uh, he used to work here. No one has said that. No one has said they knew him. There’s multiple eye witnesses according to who? Io who said he was denied entry to the bar. I don’t know why. Um, so one eye witness claims get a vest on. But I, I don’t, I don’t know that that’s the case. I mean this photo that’s floating around of a dead body, which is supposedly him. I don’t know if that’s legit. That’s not somebody.

Speaker 3: (29:02)
Oh by the way. Okay, so look at the guy on the right again, it says here Patrick Cruces and this is from DFW, CBS local.com. But it doesn’t look anything like the guy they actually arrested. So El Paso shooter apprehended. Okay.

Speaker 3: (29:33)
Yeah, this is okay. I see. Look at, okay, look at the length of his hair. Yeah. This doesn’t quite add up, but maybe it will, let’s get a closer look. Okay. This doesn’t make any damn sense. I also want to point out that there was a witness who said that she saw three gunman and that the three gunman had black garb on head to toe and black masks, three gunman in Walmart that we’re shooting. So we covered that yesterday. Okay. Now does anyone here think this looks like the same guy? This looks like owned Benjamin.

Speaker 3: (30:27)
Does that look like the same guy? Okay. Now it is this guy. I can see that and he’s got the Khakis. But even that he’s okay here he has the glasses. Maybe that’s the difference. So here he is in the car, black shirt, Khakis and here he is I guess doing a Selfie on Instagram. Also the the shooter in Gilroy made an Instagram account like three days before. Okay. So yeah. What you’re looking at here again, I’m just comparing the different images we have of the shooter in El Paso. This is where it’s at. It says the police are gonna racially profile nerdy white guys will let, there’s already a ton of articles out. Look, I don’t even look, this is a good point too. This is so political. I mean this is unbelievable and I’m talking about all of them at the same time cause at this point it doesn’t really matter. We’re part of, look, we’re examining what is actually a PSI war. These are not isolated events. So Bill Nye, no bill Moher the comedian from politically incorrect. You know, he’s on his show the other night. They’re doing a panel discussion and they get interrupted by a guy in the audience who’s defending Donald Trump.

Speaker 3: (31:59)
Yeah, that’s Patrick Cruces from Facebook. I’m just making sure I didn’t make an error here when I’m looking at these two shooters. Okay, so bill [inaudible] interrupted by a Trump voter and he says to the security, hey, check that guy. Make sure he doesn’t have a gun. Make sure he doesn’t have a gun. Like he’s going to shoot the place up. So Trump, Trump voters shooting up a TV studio, I guess is like a joke, right? And the next day you have Gilroy and then after that you’ve south haven. Then you’ve got all Paso. And of course the joke’s not going to connect to Brooklyn because it wasn’t a white guy doing the shooting. You see how this works, these events, they’re so politicized. I mean it became clear to me after Orlando, see, here’s where my thinking changed. There was a a slight shift here up until the Orlando shooting.

Speaker 3: (32:59)
I thought these things were partisan and I thought, okay, what’s the left wing trying to grab guns using these events? And eventually someone on the right’s gonna wake up. Maybe Trump’s going to be the one and he’s going to call it out and totally deconstruct the media. That’s what I thought. And then when Trump started his election campaign, I saw him as treating every event as real and I started asking my friends, especially the cube believers, I’m like, wait, look, parkland happened and Trump didn’t say anything. And they said, oh no, Trump knows, but he can’t say anything yet. You just got to trust the plan. And I’m like, okay, so you’re just going to follow a guy who’s going with the big scripting, doesn’t sound like he’s going against the grain. And as more events came along, even the fake space launch of the Tesla roadster, I said, well, what about that?

Speaker 3: (33:49)
Isn’t trunk gonna Call Out Musk? They said, no, no, no. You got to trust the plan. Anyway, I stopped trusting the plan in 2016 it took me about two months to realize he’s not going to be anything different from Obama. Not at all. In fact, Donald Trump could be Obama in a fat suit. It makes no difference at this point, but it was the Orlando shooting where I realized that no matter how it’s done or who does it, each side can blame the other for it somehow. So the right wing says it’s the left’s fault for open borders and being too cozy with Muslims. And that caused the Orlando shooting. The left said, no, no, no. The Muslim shooter whose dad was in the Taliban who was actually seen behind Hillary Clinton the next day at one of her speeches, they said, no, the real reason you did the shooting wasn’t that he was, uh, an extremist or Muslim or his dad was Taliban and they hated gay people.

Speaker 3: (34:44)
The reason he did it is that he was gay. His boyfriend cheated on him. Then he thinks his boyfriend gave him aids and then he’s shooting up as retaliation. And then they said another person. Another angle was no, he was secretly homo, but he was repressed because of American homophobia. So he shot up the gay bar as a response to American homophobia and it was enabled by America’s love of guns. So right wing homophobia and gun Ophelia and gun warship brought this about. So each side blames the other side. Meanwhile, Donald Trump hops up on stage waving around a rainbow flag and he says, vote for me. I’ll protect you from the Muslims. Salty sage says, at least Trump doesn’t order $30,000 worth of hotdogs. There you go though.

Speaker 6: (35:38)
That’s why I don’t trust any of these mainstream conspiracy theories like pizza gate because it’s too partisan. You want to tell me that Barack Obama eats $30,000 for the hotdogs and Trump doesn’t like Trump’s the good guy. If Trump was a good guy and he knew that Barack Obama was the epitome of evil, cannibalizing the brains of little boys that don’t you think Trump would say, hey guys, you know, I know I’ve called him a, you know, a Cami and a, uh, possible Muslim and lying about his identity, but he eats babies like heck. And Trump hasn’t called it out. It’s cause they’re all in the same team. I asked a lot of people this, whenever they bring up this stuff, I say, well, if you believe that Hillary Clinton drinks blood and she’s a satanist, um, how come you don’t apply the same thinking to Trump? What makes you think that Trump is a different, is is any different?

Speaker 6: (36:31)
It’s like, oh, the Republicans are the good guys and the Democrats of the bad. Don’t you see how simple that is? How black and white that is? And that’s what they want. Things black and white, simple and it works. I think the strategy is this. I think the strategy is, let’s just totally demonize the other guys so bad that when you make your lesser of two evils argument, it’s pretty clear that, hey, look, I may not agree with your policies and your military industrial complex may not care about your traditional values or whatever, but at least you don’t eat babies.

Speaker 6: (37:09)
This is where it’s at. Says I was on the radio at the time of the pulse shooting. I do not know one person from Orlando that lost someone. Oh yeah. That event itself, pretty much. It’s an auto debunker. You don’t even have to really look into it very much, but the agenda there was clear that was scripted to help Trump. It really was. It was scripted to help Trump, and it actually did because this was when they were really pushing the, Trump is a homophobe thing and an anti Trump is an Islamophobia thing. So what this does did was it gave Trump room to say, no, I’m not an Islamophobe. I just don’t like terrorists. And No, I’m not a homophobe. I want to protect you from terrorists. I mean, it was perfectly scripted. And when I saw that one and how it was played, I realized, okay, Trump’s on the other side. And then I thought, well maybe a maybe eventually, but no, after Parkland it was clear there’s not going to be any politician that isn’t an auto believer.

Speaker 6: (38:20)
I see some Bill Ma hers a racist. Yeah, Bill Ma her is the worst. His show politically incorrect is absolutely the opposite. Everything that he says is actually correct. He can say it. If it was politically incorrect, he wouldn’t be, it wouldn’t be on TV. That’s the big ruse here. It’s actually politically correct to be racist against whites. It’s politically correct to um, really just disparage various groups that are offensive to the mainstream. If you’re a climate change denier, if you’re a gun owner, you know it’s okay to joke about you being a psychopath, willing to shoot other people, but you can’t say, for example, this person is an actor. You can’t say that event was fake. That’s politically incorrect. Can’t say that all of your offensive, edgy, politically incorrect comedians will always toe the politically correct line. And that’s because of this. You think it’s politically incorrect because you’ve never seen anything beyond it because they’ve curated the content of the media.

Speaker 6: (39:20)
It’s a no. Here. Here we are outside of their bounds, outside of those boundaries that they’ve defined and they want to exclude us because then it shows them for being fake, fake, politically incorrect, fake offensive, fake, edgy, salty sight saga. I’m sorry. Salty sage says, maybe if Trump said on TV that Clinton eight babies, people would abandon him. Okay. That’s the other line. They say, well, he can’t say the truth because it’s so extreme. They’ll think he’s crazy. Look, man, if any of this stuff was real, there’d be photos and they keep teasing it out. Oh, there’s a photo of Ooma and Clinton on a ping pong table in the basement of comet pizza engaging in pedophilia. No, there isn’t. They’ve been teasing that around for two years. There absolutely isn’t.

Speaker 6: (40:22)
Okay, so again, I’m just, I was double checking the pictures. Centeno Leagon and Patrick Cruces look about as much alike as Adam Lanza and David Hog or Cassidy stay in Delaney Tar. Strange. Right. Okay, let’s continue. I kind of want to tie this up. So we’re talking about two Walmart shootings, Gilmore man, look how tall this guy is and this is the arrest. He’s got a a soldier behind him in desert cammo and I got another video somewhere. I got to get the clip where, and this is at the El Paso event. We have this army soldier giving a masonic fist bump, real flashy handshake to a police officer. So I see a soldier and a police officer reaching out and each of them breaking ranks and they give each other this grip.

Speaker 6: (41:24)
I mean this is a capstone event. Every agency’s there. Obviously these things are planned far, far in advance, but that guy doesn’t look like the same guy. There’s this Facebook page again, local FBI office says conspiracy theory driven domestic extremists. This warning came out two days ago and if you think about it, this guy here, so he believes that the Democrats are deliberately keeping the borders open to allow Mexicans to invade and I guess overload the health care system, overload social services, and bring about a collapse of our economic system. It’s that cloud pivot strategy, this idea that the Democrats are trying to destroy the country by having a, a soft invasion, but just demographically winning the war. Meanwhile, discouraging whites from procreating by turning them gay with TV shows scripted by Jews who want to kill the Goyim. I mean, these conspiracy theories are so old, they’re so, I’m tired and worn out, but they still get a little bit of traction, especially around political seasons.

Speaker 6: (42:46)
So this guys manifest this guy’s whole rationale and he wrote this manifest or called the inconvenient truth, which again was probably purposefully meant to draw attention to the fact that right wingers don’t give a damn about climate change, but they’re all scared about being bred out of existence. Again, this is all just meant to be hyper politicized. So in his little manifesto, he references the shooter from New Zealand and he says the New Zealand shooter was right. So the New Zealand shooter was also motivated, motivated by the same thinking that Jews are waging some demographic war to wipe out the whites using other races.

Speaker 7: (43:28)

Speaker 6: (43:28)
So this guy in his very first opening statement in his manifesto references New Zealand shooter who was killing Muslims in a mosque. So you see all this ties together and then a few months ago you had two different shootings at two different synagogues, Philadelphia in San Diego, both of which had a shooter who said, shout out to Pewdie Pie and shout out to the shooter in New Zealand. So you see the pattern here, you have conspiracy theory driven, extremists carrying out terrorist attacks on American soil and they’re all angry white young man.

Speaker 7: (44:13)

Speaker 6: (44:14)
And now if you do this search for angry white men, and I was this, this is just going to be here we go in the news headlines, we can no longer Trump’s role in inspiring mass shootings for white men arrested for plots to attack a Muslim. I wanted to know,

Speaker 8: (44:42)
here’s another one.

Speaker 6: (44:44)
Instead of asking whether white men are racist, just hold them accountable. Why Republicans cannot break free from white nationalism.

Speaker 8: (44:55)

Speaker 6: (44:56)
Okay. So this is coming up again and again. This guy is a white nationalist, but now the shooter, the shooters are all being characterized as angry and they keep using that word garlic festival shooter, mid thirties white guy. They said, why’d you do it? He said, because I’m really angry. This is right before they shot him. So we’re not going to get his testimony because he’s dead. Okay, here we go. The connection between white men, a grievement and mass shootings, when the other is an angry white man, mosque shooter, white nationalist seeking revenge, angry about attacks in Europe.

Speaker 8: (45:41)

Speaker 6: (45:42)
In the year since the eyelet vista shooting in, so subculture inspires gunman. Okay. That was Eugene? No, Elliot Rogers. Okay. So Elliot Rogers and that I love Vista shooting [inaudible] that was used to attack toxic masculinity. Um, people on forums, men’s Mig towel, men go in their own way, basically just male lesbians, but they’ve been putting a target on the back of every, I guess, antifeminist type of specialty bloggers. And so that shooting was meant to inspire that movement against that type of thinking in men where the shooter was shooting up sororities. Now. That thing was, as you know, a production. His Dad was the cinematographer for the hunger games. His grandfather did war photography for World War Two even at Auschwitz, so it’s like, okay, I got it. Fake news runs in the family. It’s family business. They’re all working for the propaganda industry.

Speaker 6: (46:49)
Okay. Ohio gunman named after 29 killed in u s mass shootings. I guess they’re adding Alban up together. Let’s take a look here. Yeah. Nine people shot outside of Ohio after 20 were shot. The Walmart in Texas. Let’s see if we can get the name here. Okay. It is a hate crime. They consider the death penalty. Donald Trump is sad and angry. Oh wait, wait. Donald Trump is saddened and angry. Donald Trump is angry. Better takeaways, access to any kind of weapons. Take them away from the red button. He’s angry because anger is now a red flag. If you see something, say something. It used to be okay. You see your neighbor buying a bunch of supplies for pipe bombs. Say something. You see your neighbor behaving oddly, making threats. Say something like Nick Cruz was in his backyard in his underwear with a Donald Trump maga hat firing his gun just blinks. But his neighbor had recorded it. They should have said something. That’s the subtext here. If somebody had only said something, they would’ve stopped it. Well, Trump’s angry and maybe they ought to have a hotline, you know, is your neighbor frowning?

Speaker 6: (48:14)
Because anger is a bigger motivating factor than religion now. So now the whole idea of the Islamic extremist blowing things up, that’s gone. That’s no longer a thing anymore. It’s been replaced by angry white nerds who are afraid that they’re being bred out of existence. And of course this is all just caricature. It’s all just story. 25 year old mother shot while shielding her two month old son. Something else too. When you see a lot of the children given their accounts of what happened, like the kid who’s at the Walmart who said that she saw three guys in black uniforms with guns shooting. People. Remember they cannot speak on camera like that without their parents signing a release. And then two, they’re putting themselves in danger by giving their names and their faces on TV when the shooter hasn’t been caught.

Speaker 9: (49:12)
So my name is Lita Tomasky and we’re looking for my brother in law, Andrei. October, he was in the Walmart, the where the shooting happened. Um, I don’t recall what he was wearing, but he’s got a mustache. He’s a kind of dark skin, Tom Hispanic nature. And we’re still looking for, we haven’t heard the word of where he is that we’ve been waiting at the hospitals. Both hospitals. Are they dropping them off about, you know, the Unification Center.

Speaker 6: (49:36)
Wait a minute, if your family member is missing and you’re going to be on Sky News and you’re going to put out and all points bulletin, instead of saying he’s Kinda Hispanic, he Hispanic looking, he’s got a mustache and brown hair instead of being so vague about it, why don’t you take out your smartphone and bring up a picture of him and put it on the screen or text it to the person interviewing you? Why? Well, you know the answer why and it’s because this is method acting. Let’s continue.

Speaker 9: (50:13)
So I would go for it, but just trying to put the word out there. But anybody’s heard from it. Funny. Here’s anything to cool. Thanks Troy.

Speaker 6: (50:35)
So what do you make of that? What do you suppose to make of it? See, we’re at the point now where two plus two is five, and if you say it’s four, it’s hate speech. Somebody doing, um, a little bit of method acting. You call it method acting. It’s no a hate crime. Oh look, now I’m a conspiracy theory driven extremist and I might go, you know, commit one of these acts. That’s kind of what they’re trying to say here. That one is pretty obvious. I don’t even have to say what that was. Now this was the Walmart one.

Speaker 9: (51:17)

Speaker 6: (51:18)
Mexico’s president. Oh, this is going to be big. This is what they did last, what was it? 2009, 2010 ish. The last time that Mexico got involved, it was with the operation fast and furious. And this is when Eric Holder, not the fake shooter from the Nipsey Hussle debacle, but Eric Holder from the DOJ, he had sent a whole bunch of guns down to Mexico, whole bunch of firearms and handed them over to the cartels. And then the result in violence was blamed by Mexico’s president on America’s right to bear arms that our guns were getting into the hands of the cartels.

Speaker 6: (52:01)
Operation fast and furious became a thing because people realize, wait a minute, we’re taking the blame for what the Democrats did. So they set us up to be lectured to by Mexico’s president. And he did actually, he came down to, I believe he actually addressed Congress and he said, you Americans need to give up your guns. You’re killing my people. Look what you did. So now here we are, three Mexicans killed in El Paso, Mexico. President said via tweet condolences, the family, the victims, just wait. That’s going to become an issue because the border is an issue. This is all political. And like I’m s, like I said earlier, this Walmart event in El Paso, I’m pretty sure Beto paid for it. US authorities are investigating a hate-filled online post they believe was published by the gunman. Oh, that’s another thing. Now they’re starting to look into manifestos online. Like now we need to start looking into manifestos cause that’s a common denominator. Every one of these shooters has one from New Zealand, actually pretty much all of them. So now manifestos, in other words, they can start hunting for people who have committed thought crimes on paper.

Speaker 8: (53:28)
Okay, let’s continue.

Speaker 6: (53:30)
Okay, this is something too. So there was a janitor involved in a mass shooting drill. This one is pretty good. One of the best stories come out in a bit on this topic. Okay. This was in Fresno County. At an elementary school, there was a janitor who was wearing a mask, firing blanks, running around shooting at students. And this terrorized a whole lot of people. Children are crying. Uh, in fact, let’s just watch this clip really quick here. You’re gonna like this one. This is in fresh snow and this was, uh, less than a month ago.

Speaker 1: (54:10)
So I thought this might not really be a drill. And what am I going to do?

Speaker 10: (54:14)
Kim Cooper says in her 22 year career as a teacher, she has never gone through anything like this.

Speaker 1: (54:20)
I love these students and I don’t know what I can do. And I think, wow, am I going to go down like this? You know, out at raisins city school,

Speaker 10: (54:28)
Cooper says she and her students tried to stay quiet and gathered together in the corner of a classroom

Speaker 1: (54:33)
and then all of a sudden someone came pounding on the door, boom, boom, boom, boom, and trying to open it.

Speaker 10: (54:38)
She says, kids inside, we’re terrified.

Speaker 1: (54:41)
So I had one boy who was, he was trying to be very quiet about it, but he was sobbing. I mean, you can imagine. I was upset and I’m a, you know, 48 year old adult, but they’re in the back of my mind. I don’t know that it’s a drill. I think mine.

Speaker 6: (54:56)
So again, this is at a school in California where the kids, all they know is they’re in class and they hear gunshots. The door’s being kicked. The kids are pissing themselves crying. This is child abuse. Anyone who can defend active school shooter drills needs to actually say that they endorse child abuse because it makes the kids tougher or something like you’ve got to just admit that you’re brutalizing the kids and you’re making them into fascists. You’re making them into people who are in love with their captors because now their captors are their protectors. So the guys, the badges and the guns who terrorize them are their protectors. You understand how that works psychologically? It’s called Stockholm Syndrome. This is child abuse. Mk Ultra One oh one.

Speaker 1: (55:42)
Oh my goodness. This could really be happening.

Speaker 10: (55:45)
Thankfully it wasn’t real, but was dressing a janitor with a mask, fake gun, banging on the doors and windows with kids inside going too far. Do you think it was?

Speaker 11: (55:57)
Well, no, I don’t think it was wrong. It was a drill not training. Uh, because uh, you usually, these drills become routine to students.

Speaker 6: (56:08)
So the drills become routine and it’s not scary enough anymore. So they have to ramp it up with randomness. Now, the randomness thing is, is also part of Mk ultra part of mind control, part of psychological abuse where the fact that it’s capricious means you can’t plan on it. You can’t brace yourself, which means your level of insecurity goes up, fight or flight becomes normalized.

Speaker 11: (56:33)
And uh, we wanted to make sure that, uh, this was a realistic,

Speaker 6: (56:37)
this is a school superintendent, you know, if I could get this guy’s number, let me see if I can get his name raising city school superintendent once on Devo. I’d like to call this child abuser. I don’t know if I could get his phone number.

Speaker 2: (56:56)

Speaker 6: (56:57)
Raisin city elementary school wants to remove him. Okay, well people already are going this way. So anyway, like I would love to speak to someone like this on a live stream. Just do a short interview. Hey, let’s talk about how you’re justifying a child abuse here because regular drills aren’t scary enough. This is sick.

Speaker 11: (57:17)
And, uh, we wanted to make sure that, uh, this was a realistic

Speaker 10: (57:21)
raisin city superintendent. Juan Sandovall defends his actions. He says after the drill, all teachers shared a video with the students to be better prepared, but admits the teachers and students were told nothing before it happened. He says as a team, he wanted to see how his staff would react. The emotional strain that put on both of them, the students and the teacher.

Speaker 11: (57:43)
Well, that’s what the, you know, when it’s a real situation, it’s the worst than that. And so teachers and students need to be that. This is reality.

Speaker 10: (57:53)
Sandy ball ads, he’s never heard a single complaint and the drill helped him identify issues that need to be fixed.

Speaker 11: (57:59)
Didn’t hear any single complaint from the board members. So I don’t know.

Speaker 10: (58:03)
Well, I heard a number of complaints from parents, from teachers who said this should never have happened with the janitor serving as a mass gunman going on to campus and scaring the kids and the, and the teacher’s like this.

Speaker 11: (58:16)
Well, I don’t know that he was scaring the kids. Say was it, was it,

Speaker 6: (58:20)
I don’t know that he was scaring the kids. How dishonest is that? Let’s go. Not, let’s go. Imagine if someone were to go to his house at two in the morning, firing shots outside, kicking his doors and windows, pounding on his windows. And then, well, I don’t know that we were scaring your kids and your wife and your dog. We were just doing a drill. I mean, this is so sick. This is sick. Anyway, it looks like they’re trying to oust him, but I just wanted to show you that this is, um, an example of, um, what happens at all of the drills. And this is just one you’ve heard about. This happens all the time, but generally the teachers are aware of it, but it doesn’t change the fact that the children aren’t, I mean, think about it. The children are being terrorized daily in mandatory hyper-realistic school shooter drills all across America. Yes. And they’re not

Speaker 6: (59:22)
being talked about. And they are the true victims here. So when people say, you know, are these school shootings or these shootings all around, are these distractions? No, they’re not distractions. They’re the, this is the primary means of keeping the population terrorized. And people like this, um, this agenda, free TV, these people are under a spell. It’s almost like true believers who believe that we’re in the end times. Oh, we’re in the end times. It says so in the Bible, and my pastor says it. Everybody around me believes it. So I believe it and I hit my knees and I pray that I’m saved by the blood of the lamb. You know, that kind of stuff. If you’re objective about it, you’re like, okay, well that’s just fanaticism. That’s fantasy. That’s a religious person in the throws of belief. Like there, they’re not really connected to reality. It’s, it’s just kind of a psychodrama, but they believe it and it’s not exactly rational, whatever you think. So what you see here is someone who is caught under the same type of a spell, where he’s in this end times scary period where anything could happen. The world’s gonna end, any trusts, all the authorities who are feeding him all these fears that are actually baseless. So listen to agenda free TV for just a moment. Yes.

Speaker 7: (01:00:47)

Speaker 4: (01:00:47)
it would be, it would be very strange to me if this shooter knew people, like if the shooter had worked there. Usually when that happens, somebody will give an interview to the presence say, Oh yeah, we know that guy. Uh, he used to work here. No one has said that. No one has said they knew him,

Speaker 6: (01:01:07)
but he’s always here at puzzled. Um, he’s, he’s, he’s always pulling his hair, sweating and trembling. Just like scrambling for answers. Trying to make sense of, Oh, how about this?

Speaker 7: (01:01:23)

Speaker 4: (01:01:24)
Does the shooter have a history?

Speaker 7: (01:01:29)

Speaker 6: (01:01:29)
Of mental illness. The shooter isn’t real. That’s the whole thing is who done it. Keeps people asking all these questions. What’s the new threat? Is that the mentally ill people? Is it angry people? Is it people with Koreans? Is that people with flat earth maps? Like who’s the bad guy? Who is the one who got to watch out for [inaudible]? If you want to pitch in on the research, if you want to participate, join our discord server below and I’m using whatever you guys post in discord to help fill up the Wikipedia we’re developing@autohoax.army. Let me see if there’s anything else that I’ve missed.

Speaker 6: (01:02:16)
Oh, this one. This one. I saw one. The parents from the Stonewall, the Stoneman Douglas School shooting, have commented on it. Hey, they’re sewing all of these things together. They’re tying them all together, but that guy with the beard reminded me of the father from the Palo Alto shooting. The guy who Kimball. I’m laughing in between sets. Very common. Okay. Very common. The the laughing. Anyway, I will be back later. I’m going to go ahead and put my archives on infinite plane, radio.com I’m probably not going to leave this on youtube for obvious reasons. You know the fascist that run it will censor me, but we’ll be back later. This is going to be an [inaudible]

Speaker 12: (01:03:05)
[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]. [inaudible].

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