Speaker 3: (02:29)
Okay, thanks for your patience here. I was just uh, getting this thing started here. I had the wrong title of this is did Owen Benjamin trigger El Paso Walmart shooting and it is open phones. I was trying to change the thumbnail. I have a thumbnail relating to the obelisk that they are erecting at the site of Nipsey hustles, fake death, whole nother subject. But they’re all interrelated. So we may get into that. Maybe not, probably not. What’s focused on this for now, I have like 50 different things. I want to go over with you really quick as far as what’s on my mind, which is just my way of putting my, but my bookmarks out there publicly. So if you go to mines.com/infinite plains society, you can pretty much follow along with the research that I’m doing. I’ll look all the Honduras, but Toya speaks out on gun violence Nellie’s player of the week. So he grabs a mic after a baseball game. He says guns are bad and k and now he’s player of the week. It turns out he lived 10 miles from Parkland.

Speaker 3: (03:37)
So had he still lived there in one of those bullets, had gone stray, it could conceivably have taken him out. So all the [inaudible] survived the parkland shooting. Anyway, he grabbed the Mike, used it for political purposes and then of course the other side doesn’t get an offer of counterpoint. That’s not fair. Intel hub, Walmart shooting witnesses saw three or four armed men running inside the store, all dressed in black with masks shooting people. Okay, so we have that footage as well. We have Elon Musk sending artists to space around the moon. Oh yeah. So he sending artists around the moon, I think. I know why. Cause you can’t send photographers, you know, why does any send the 10 best film makers try to outdo what Stanley Kubrick did with space odyssey 2001 why not send your finest cinematographers, photographers, videographers and produce something magnificent? No, he’s sending a few people up there with sketch pads and markers and crayons so they can probably do some abstract pieces about how space makes them feel. We’re not going to get any more pictures of the earth because there aren’t any.

Speaker 3: (05:03)
Okay. They shut down eight Chan. So forget about your guns. Forget about those. That’s not what they want. They don’t want your guns. That is a red herring. If there ever was one. Fake shootings are being used to shut down free speech. So it’s not about guns. After New Zealand they shut down bit. Shoot, they temporarily shut down crippled fortune in a few places. They shut down the Internet in Sri Lanka so they could bomb those churches and have no one questioned it. As a result of the New Zealand shooting, which was referenced by the Walmart shooter, they have put restrictions on youtube live streaming users. Um, ability to actually be heard because now you need a thousand subscribers to live stream from your phone. So if you’re at a Walmart and it’s being shot up by one of Owen Benjamin’s fans, you can’t just live stream and say, oh no, one of these angry white dudes is killing everybody because you don’t have a thousand subs and you can’t upload videos longer than 15 minutes.

Speaker 3: (06:10)
Obviously it’s because they’re trying to prevent marginal characters from getting a large audience using the example of the mass shooter or the Logan Paul Rat, Taser rat taser, excuse me, he tasers rats. He looks at dead people and trees and they say, well, because of Logan Paul and because of Taryn Brenton or whatever his name is, the shooter from New Zealand, we can no longer allow free speech to exist. Then you had the two synagogue shooters, Philadelphia and San Diego both saying, shout out to Pewdie Pie. So they all referenced one another. So this latest shooter now Paso, his manifesto was pretty much everything you hear Owen Benjamin say on a daily basis, except he was more against Hispanics than Jews.

Speaker 4: (07:03)

Speaker 3: (07:04)
Oh, looking at the whole event, as you can see, it’s clearly going to be used for the purposes of getting these various politicians elected. I think it was a brilliant move. Uh, Beto probably footed the bill for this thing. I think this is his sandy hook, Beto O’Rourke and El Paso. Ian, who gave us a nice Robbie Parker asked performance when he had to talk about it at a press conference about how he felt about the event. You may have seen that he did appear to be laughing, which doesn’t make sense unless you know that we’re looking at highly scripted events with multiple takes and that it is pretty funny from their point of view.

Speaker 3: (07:46)
Anyway, this was used to take away the idea that we need to build a wall to protect it from the Mexicans because no, now if you build a wall, we’re trapped with all the crazy white people with guns. But look, they’ve used these events to shut down free speech. So don’t be, and none of you are, but if you’re subscriber this channel, you know about this, what the people are new to. This should not be cowed by what their words or their ideas or their comments might due to the supposed victims. Like you’re not going to hurt anybody’s feelings to death. Well, people get offended when I say these things aren’t real or as they’re presented, well, nobody ever died from hurt feelings.

Speaker 3: (08:29)
Okay, moment cops take down Dayton shooter Conor bets, so Connor bets and other is his all revenge of the nerds. Another nerd. They’re all interchangeable. In fact, look at the shooters from the El Paso shooting and the Gilroy garlic festival shooting. Look at those two characters side by side. I have a video on it. They look like twins. Looks like the same guy. Kind of like Adam Lanza and Dylan roof have the same damn haircut. It’s like, what is it the same barber? Are they getting all the shooters out of the same MK Ultra Vats? These factories where they turn them out. One one style of haircut, the outage is band bowl cuts or red flag. Those, they’ve got a bowl cut because now they’re saying it’s anger. This the singer of the band tin man over there at the Gilroy garlic festival said that he saw the shooter and he had a frown gray scarf, hat face. Turndown wasn’t enjoying the music, he was frowning, big frowny face. It’s like, oh, next thing you know, he pulls out an AK 47 to start shooting people. So the singer and his band mates get under the stage and as they’re getting under the stage, one of the victims whose hands are up is asking the shooter, why are you doing this? And this is all coming from the singer,

Speaker 5: (09:51)
the band. And he says, because I’m so angry.

Speaker 3: (09:58)
So anger, anger is now equivalent to being a radical meant member of a religious sect. Hey, what’s up color

Speaker 6: (10:09)
going on? 10.

Speaker 3: (10:11)
Uh, just uh, covering the news through my, um, mine’s feed and I saw that you were going to call in. So what is going on over there?

Speaker 6: (10:20)
I’ve got a question for you, do you think, um, I think we’ve been hitting hard pretty much the this week. Just with the, with these, the false flags and stuff you think is because we’re coming up on another election year or cause they want to cover their, uh, pedo tracks or is it both the same shit?

Speaker 3: (10:39)
I think it’s both the same shit. I think the pedo tracks thing was brought up again with Isaac [inaudible] fake death because of the election. And I even called it, I said as we move into the election season, it’s gonna start off with psyops. You can have gun shooting psyops that will bolster the claims of the Democrats and then you can have Muslim terrorist attacks that will be used to blame the left. So yeah, we actually called that this would happen and look right on and check this out. One more thing. Um, did you catch when we were talking about what the 42 year span from 1970 sevens blackouts to the more recent ones? That just happened?

Speaker 6: (11:15)
Yeah. With the 42 blocks. 42 men. Yeah.

Speaker 3: (11:18)
Yeah. 42,000 people without power. Okay. Well, right now they’re pushing a background check. Bill called s 42. I saw little daisy honked promoting it s four, two, and we were all saying, well this is the 42nd anniversary of the son of Sam shootings when they had the blackouts and were like, watch there be a whole lot of shootings that come out somehow connected to this and it’s going to be like the summer of Sam all over again. Everybody’s terrified and look, they’ve done it

Speaker 6: (11:48)
all right. And I just wanted to drop one, one comment that I thought was pretty, uh, usually, uh, when you, uh, are usually when something like this happens, like with one of these shooters, um, you only see the fringe throwing out, um, the fringe that are what they consider to be the fringe side. Throwing out, oh look, here’s the inconsistency here. Here’s another one there. And then now even my aunt’s sharing and consistencies on Facebook, like,

Speaker 3: (12:19)
really? See that’s a good sign. That’s a really good sign. And you know, a lot of people, they, they’re scared of offending people. And so I say, well, Hey, point to the fake race hoaxes, Jesse Small it, you know, I’m blessed that guy because his performance has really given us a whole lot of credibility, which I mean, we know we’ve earned it. We actually do, um, reference facts. We’re just parsing the news. We’re not inventing things, but slip ups like that make it easier for us to make our points. Cause we’re not saying, hey, these kids didn’t die. We’re saying that Hollywood actor was throwing a Tan a Tantrum, trying to get attention and people understand that doesn’t offend them as much.

Speaker 6: (13:00)
Right. And did you ever see a, that connection, the, I think it was a cruise kid or whatever that his dad has to the John of God, Dude.

Speaker 3: (13:10)
Oh No, actually that I wanted to get that one going. I’m someone sent me a link. So go ahead.

Speaker 6: (13:14)
Bring them. Right. So, um, that, that kid a cruise or whatever, I think one of those kids, I know they look the fucking same anyway, but uh, one of their dads has a, a connection to John of God. Uh, the dude down in Brazil, he had uh, some of his massage therapist or something cause he had one of the little shady businesses. They were a trained directly by John of God. Wow. Talk about them in an interview and the interview.

Speaker 3: (13:46)
Okay. And so that, that places him right square in the middle of, of what human trafficking? Um, bizarre.

Speaker 6: (13:53)
Yes. Yeah. So what he was doing, he was like supposedly am pregnant, meeting women and uh, selling their kids off or whatever. Once they were born and Oprah approved of him, she even had him on the show and whatnot. Yeah. I mean he must be good. He must be good.

Speaker 3: (14:11)
I’m surprised Oprah didn’t have ef Epstein on her show.

Speaker 6: (14:16)
Yeah. You probably would have if it went longer. Yeah, he was out getting caught. Well he was talking about

Speaker 3: (14:21)
the same thing. He wanted to just breed a bunch of kids of, for whatever reason. But

Speaker 6: (14:26)
I think he didn’t have enough people in his call cause John, the God, he had a quite a bit of people on his side. Yeah. He has people that are still claiming to be associated with his organization.

Speaker 3: (14:37)
Hey, I know people who fell for them. I knew people, my family, um, and relatives who are into that thing cause Oprah opens the door to that stuff and these people end up being sickos. But the fact that he’s associated with the shooter, just that they’re all plugged into the CYOP cyop entertainment complex. It’s like with a media merges with the news merchants with politics. But yeah, he’s definitely a backstage or an insider. He doesn’t, he’s not, this isn’t random.

Speaker 6: (15:07)
Right? Well, all right Tim, I gotta go man. You have a, you have a good show man. Pretty safe.

Speaker 3: (15:13)
All right, so let’s go ahead and continue going through. So John of God, what’s going on? I’m going to do a search for this one unless someone else has, there is a connection between the shooter’s family and this John of God character, which is worth looking into. John of God. And the shooter’s name was Patrick Cruces. And I remarked on this before, how similar it is to nick cruise. A little bit of a similarity there. And then they did bring parkland into the situation because with a Parkland you had this ball player who lived like 10 miles away from it or something. So you have that guy brings, it brings Parkland to into the story. Right? Of course David Hogs in front of this thing, but then you even have something else. There were a couple of sandy hook families who happened to be in El Paso doing a mural to tribute to pay tribute to their dead kids. And while they’re there, the shooting happens just down the street from where they are.

Speaker 3: (16:17)
Okay. Suspected El Paso shooter. Oh yeah. And phones are open. (505) 510-4226 if you have any information on any of these topics suspected, I’ll pass a shooter. Patrick Cruces, his dad does. Sought to, I’m, I’m looking to find out what his connection to this John of God thing. We’ll keep digging on that. Okay, well let’s go down. So there’s the shooting in Daytona. There were, that’s the Ohio one. You have the two Walmarts, you have the Gilroy, and then you had the Brooklyn one where we had the woman who was miraculously saved by her bra. You know, you had the tiny book at Parkland. You had Carrie Nathan, the nephew of the guy next to Nipsey Hussle. Uh, this guy was shot in his belt buckle, which saved his life. Although they didn’t notice until after he was already at the hospital that it didn’t actually penetrate him. So he had the belt buckle that saved his life. This woman in Brooklyn is saved when the Bra stopped the bullet. So that’s two. Then you have the tiny books and Parkland. That’s three. And then there was a guy, I think it was at the, it was at Paris, at the niece, or it might’ve been at the bottom column, but there’s someone else whose cell phone had stomped a bullet and the cell phone is in his pocket. Kinda like those civil war stories about the Bible stopping a bullet.

Speaker 3: (17:42)
Yeah. One of the commenters here says banned bowl cuts. Yeah. The idea of banning bowl cuts is right now they’re trying to say that a frowny face is indicative of somebody who’s ready to blow up. So it used to be, um, somebody is living like a hard line, you know, Islamised you know, praying, wearing the garb, maybe buying pipe bomb supplies. If you see something, say something. Now it’s your neighbor doesn’t smile back to you. You might want a snitch. And I’ve been seeing signs that say silence is violence out there. And I’ll Paso, you know what that means? Not snitching is helping the killer. Silence is violence. Okay? Now look at this loser actor Rainn Wilson, just another, uh, mainstream degenerate, angry white men with guns are the biggest threat to Americans. Look at this guy’s face. Like this is a not angry face. So if you don’t have an expression like that, milk, toast, Pallid, flacid then you’re a threat to national security and you are a terrorist. This is the not angry white guy face that we’re all going to have to adopt.

Speaker 3: (19:03)
Yes, he actually said that. He said angry white men with guns are the biggest threats to Americans. Okay. Blink one 82 jumped in. They postponed their El Paso show and mark Hoppus reveals that he was in a hotel on lockdown during the shooting. Now, why would the, during the shooting he was on lockdown. This sounds like bs and this is the signup industrial complex. It encompasses pop culture, athletes, politicians, actors, crisis actors. Blink one 82 postpones or show and they were on lockdown. Let’s see. By the way, they upped the death toll by two, but what I’m wondering is like what do you mean the hotel was on lockdown? What hotel was it?

Speaker 2: (19:59)

Speaker 3: (20:02)
His security team texted that the hotel was on lockdown. Their intercon system announced their reports of an active shooter across the street at a location different from the first shootings. Yeah. What’s up with all these reports is multiple reports, conflicting reports, three shooters, one shooter eye witnesses, two different eyewitnesses. I saw three shooters, black masks, black garb, head to toe with guns, shooting people, and now it’s no, just that one nerdy guy looks like a Owen. Benjamin El Paso mayor told Fox and friends that the community is outstanding and generous. And this will not define us, right? I’ll pass a strong, now speaking of Owen Benjamin, because look, this whole thing is being blamed on angry right wingers. Those don’t, those who don’t have the not angry guy face. And this is just to give you an idea of how agents work agents, we’ll hold a line.

Speaker 3: (21:06)
Max Egan, great channel, good storyteller, but he’s an agent. He works for Prime Minister Dingdong of New Zealand. And he was reinforcing the New Zealand story that it was real on the basis that the shooter had mk ultra and the color red was triggering him into another state of mind where he was another person and he does this horrible thing. He doesn’t remember it. I mean that’s B s right away. Okay. Mk Ultra, that whole story, there’s nothing to it. It’s pretty much just there to distract you from looking closer. So they want you to think that the shooter is mine controlled, not an actor, because it makes a huge difference. So Ellen Benjamin tweets about the garlic shooter that he was quote Mk ultra, Mk ultra. So if you’re going to go with that and say mk ultra, then what you’re really saying is that the whole thing was real as presented, but you can’t really blame right wing ideology. You gotta blame mine control or Trump says you got to blame video games or some other right-wingers are saying you have to call it the continent effect. It’s like you’ll see all the different ways people explain this away.

Speaker 3: (22:28)
Yeah. Brick House s yeah, the names. Okay. I got those. The names of the victims? Yeah, they were some, there were some jokes. Look, this is Shakespeare. The world’s a stage. We are in the globe theater. If you haven’t noticed, and there are so many double entendres inside jokes. Most of it’s not meant for us. Parkland victim’s parents plan to unveil a mural in El Paso of their son and then the shooting happened. You know why stop there. If you’re just going to add and add and build on the story, nobody’s questioning it. I would say parkland victim’s parents just unveiled a mural in El Paso of their son. Then the shooting happened and blood splattered all over it. And then you have the mural with blood from actual victims.

Speaker 3: (23:16)
Oh, just a quick little note here from our sponsor. If you didn’t know. Infinite Plane Society, infinite plane radio. We have a corporate sponsor, flat balls. If you haven’t been a flat balls.com it’s with a z. Think dragon balls. Now with an s, that’s a Frisbee company. Flat balls with a z.com that’s our sponsor. And if you don’t know what they are, you have to look, I don’t really have time to get into it right now, but there’s a link. Okay, so let’s continue. Oh yes. A school district in Indiana is getting $52 million for security upgrades. District wide. Think about that. $52 million for security upgrades,

Speaker 3: (24:05)
ips. And that would be the Indiana public schools are not infinite plain society. They are upgrading everything here to make it safer for the 30,000 children in the district. So these security upgrades that you’re saying are in relation to the, and they’re actually being implemented as a result of all these shootings. And so the new terrorist threat, which is angry white guys, means that the homeland security now has new security measures. So now it’s not really about the airports or racially profiling people. Well, I mean sort of, but it’s mostly making the schools air tight, secure. So the only armed people in schools are the cops, you know, um, they’re going to have metal detectors and everything else. And who knows? They’ll probably still have a few people slipped through just to hammer it down that you know what, you can never be secure enough. Look what happened at the Gilroy garlic festival. He had wire cutters and he cut through the fence. You’ll never be secure until you give up all your guns. But they’re getting us so close to that point and we can’t even argue against it because free speech is actually the real target. And they’re deconstructing that rapidly.

Speaker 7: (25:26)

Speaker 3: (25:26)
So when it comes time to actually take the guns, you’re not going to hear any principled arguments against it. I’m going through my mind.com feed. Okay. Here’s one. Independent Trump blames video games for the shooting. So he’s gonna launch a crackdown on violent video games after mass shootings. Video Games are partly to blame for mass shootings. Donald Trump’s said games that celebrate violence should be discouraged and made harder. So my prediction here is that this is going to destroy his credibility, um, to a large degree because now the threat from beyond the border is no longer such a threat. One and two. It has already been established that these last four shooters have all been angry white guys with Maga hats that’s already been established. You can’t suddenly deflect it to video games. Have you even established that any one of these four shooters were even amerced in first person shooters? Has that been established? How do you know the motive? So this was a bs move. It was a dumb thing to say, and I don’t know how he can walk that back then. You had the typical left versus right, comparing Antifa to isis. Yeah, that’s all fake news. So yes. In 2016, Trump’s build, the wall rhetoric was predicated on Mexicans jumping the border and killing white people. But now the Mexicans are the victims of white violence. So that same rhetoric won’t work. Build the wall, won’t work.

Speaker 3: (27:12)
Now listen to the rhetoric here, I’ll pass a sheriff. This Anglo man came here to kill Hispanics. Now we know this because we have his manifesto. Now how do we know that’s his? I mean, we’ve really had to think about this. This is what I call Scooby do justice, where the entire thing is solved within one episode. That shouldn’t be possible. We don’t know beyond a shadow of a doubt that that manifesto is his. And even if it is, can you even link it? I mean these are serious questions that you really wouldn’t solve in a matter of three or four hours where the sheriff could come out and say, the Anglo man came here to kill Hispanics. And even the term Anglo is a very interesting term. Might as well just say Gringo or yt El Paso County sheriff calls for reps to combat racism that led to the white man from Allen, Texas to open fire with the intention of killing Hispanics.

Speaker 3: (28:14)
Now where did this guy get the idea? You know, so if, if, if you’re okay blaming Muhammad for Islamic terrorist bombing things, then you should be okay. When we say that Owen Benjamin caused this because what did radicalize him? Well, angry white guys calling for protecting our borders, having more white kids, not being bred out, fighting against extermination and incursions by the enemies. The Democrats are destroying America by leaving the borders open. So a, they’re not alone in the military to do his job. So you’ve got to take your gun and defend the homeland. Sig Heil and it works. I mean, that’s how the story fits together. And someone like Owen Benjamin, I bring him up because he’s, he’s a very high profile and he’s definitely an agent because the agents will provoke with, I’ll never say it’s fake. He will never call crisis after crisis actor. He would never dare say, I mean, that’s how you know he’s fake, edgy, fake, politically incorrect. It is politically correct to say anything you want about David Hog, but the incident, you say he’s not real. The instant you say he’s an actor, Bam, that’s politically incorrect. That’s beyond the Pale. But you can’t do that if you’re a gatekeeper. And that’s what I’m saying. The guy’s a gatekeeper. So the network provider cloudfare drops eight Chan. There you go. Internet’s lawlessness. Caused multiple tragic deaths, lawlessness, memes, memes caused this to happen.

Speaker 3: (29:48)
Okay, this is kind of a side note. Um, this is tying into a lot of our discussion about what can and can’t be done and how deep faking has been done for 50 years. Deep fakes are not new. Look at this guy here. Brazilian drug lord pretends to be his daughter in a bid to escape jail. Covino Dasilva 42 tried to escape from a high security prison in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday afternoon dressed as his daughter. And I watched the video on this and it’s actually pretty convincing in the, the wig kind of kills it really. But without the wig, when he was standing there, it looked convincing and it’s a full head mask that goes down the neck just like the one that Obama puts on when he’s going to play his little Epstein roll deep. Fakes has been around for 50 years and this deep fake almost really, it almost got this guy out of a maximum security prison. This is Daily Mail, and I’m bringing this up because I think that the reason why we’re shown deep fake stuff about CGI manipulation and how it might affect the election, it’s to distract us because this technology has been more or less classified, kept out of the public’s eye. They kind of make it look bad on purpose with movies like white chicks, but no, it’s pretty damn good. The change in the nose and everything. Okay. Chuck Schumer calls for a change to first amendment to limit political speech.

Speaker 3: (31:20)
He also believes that the greatest threat to mankind survival is climate change. Okay. A few more things. I’m just going through my mind’s account. This is where I, I pretty much use this as a bookmark now. Okay. Mexico vowels to take legal action against U s after deadly El Paso shooting. This is a repeat. This is why I’m calling this Beto O’Rourke Obama part two or a Hispanic Obama pretty much just say playing those same dynamics were with Obama. It was, if you remember Eric Holder, DOJ allowed all those weapons to flood Mexico into the hands of the cartels and they let that happen. They let the body tolls go up. And then Mexico says, Hey America, it’s your fault that are citizens here are being killed by these cartels. It’s because of your second amendment.

Speaker 8: (32:21)

Speaker 3: (32:23)
so they’ve been playing this for a long time. Like let Mexico be the victim of American aggression. A victim of our freedoms. No, I’m not gonna play this one. Angel, Demon TV on Twitter. Okay, here we go. Garlic. This was from a video, but this is just a still, and what you see are a few people hanging out backstage at the garlic festival. Now what’s unusual about this is this would have been after the shooting as they’re all covered in blood, right? So this would be after the shooting. My question is why are they still at the festival making phone calls to their loved ones? How come they haven’t been evacuated? And it looks a little strange and they’re very calm. And one of the, this is not a paramedic and it almost looks like she’s applying a fake, I don’t know, the attrical blood or something.

Speaker 3: (33:22)
Okay. Uh, the Ohio gunman, Conor bets 24, that’s his name, killed a sister and eight others. Oh, this was funny here. So Neil degrasse Tyson opened his mouth and this is great cause he used to be worshiped until the whole, um, gropey thing came out. So he caught a lot of flack for saying this. He says, yeah, the USA lost 34 people in mass shootings. Pretty horrific. But we also lose 500 people every weekend to medical errors. What does David Honk? Think about that more people are dying from botched surgeries than mass shootings. So he, he brings us up, uh, 200 to car accidents, 440 to homicide. And this isn’t every a two day period. So this is Neil degrasse Tyson offering his commentary on the shooting. And he says often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data.

Speaker 3: (34:21)
So this shows you here that the people who are involved with the pseudoscience psyops aren’t really mixing in with the people doing the fake news psyops. And so he wasn’t apparently in the loop here, it’s like you’re supposed to reinforce each other. It’s an echo chamber. You’re not supposed to say anything that’s truly contrarian. So they go Neil degrasse Tyson accidentally saying something smart. Okay, shooting at El Paso, when enough is enough is not enough. So this is an article that bitches about us. This is an article that complains that some people think it’s not real.

Speaker 3: (35:06)
The apasa shooting is a eighth deadliest in modern US history. And even though these massacres are broadcast for all to see conspiracy theorists dismiss these as false flags stage by crisis actors by the deep state and the Illuminati. In the meantime, Americans are left to make sense of it all again. They blame Trump here. His rhetoric about Hispanics, Muslims, and other minority groups, his send them back, his signature out to build the wall. So there you go. You know, even Joe Scarborough, he’s one of these, uh, I don’t know, he’s Fox. It’s like, oh, he’s one of these rhino types. Even Joe Scarborough comes out and says, if you’re donating to the Republican party, you’re basically donating to the clan to white supremacy.

Speaker 3: (35:55)
Okay, here’s a little numerology stuff. Just some patterns we picked up on. So on 42nd street, and we’re talking about those blackouts in New York, 42nd street on 42 years after the 1977 power outage, 42,000 people were left without power. And we had remarked on this before, a 42 is a number that has a lot of significance in the book. Stranger’s guide, no, no hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. And in that book, the number 42 has some significance. Anyway, the whole book is about the world being destroyed and you have to get your stuff and go and disappear, uh, get lost. And so this is interesting in itself. Elon Musk’s and his car into space and had don’t panic on the dashboard, which of course don’t panic as a reference to hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. It’s what earthlings are told before the planet blows up. So we’re looking at this 42 and we’re, we’re just noticing what is it with this 42 years directly to the day after the blackouts. You have other blackouts. It’s like an anniversary thing, 42nd street on 42,000 people without power. And someone else had, I think it was Nomi or one of these other callers that called in and said that this was also the 42nd anniversary of the son of Sam shootings.

Speaker 3: (37:21)
So that was a summer of terror,

Speaker 3: (37:26)
buy guns and it was random. So this is very much of an interesting pattern in itself. But then finally yesterday I saw daisy hog was out there tweeting about the s 42 gun prevention bill in the Senate. So they, you have your 42 maybe there’s something to it. Okay, now check this out. Organizers have an active shooting drill at a Pennsylvania school. Had to apologize because the shooter, the fake shooter that they sent in for the drill had a Middle Eastern headdress. So because he had this Arab style headdress and he looked like a terrorist from the Middle East, a whole lot of people were just really offended because apparently you’re not allowed to represent Islamic terrorists in these school shootings. It’s gotta be a white nerdy guy. And there was another one recently in California. And look, these schools shootings, rules are child abuse. If you didn’t know. So if you don’t want your kids being abused, you should pull them out of those school shooting drills. There was one recently where a janitor goes to the school blanks wearing a mask of course and fake shooting people kicking doors scared the crap out of all the kids.

Speaker 1: (38:42)

Speaker 3: (38:43)
And the school is defending it even though the parents and the teachers had no idea the teachers didn’t know. So the teachers are scared, the kids are, you know, pissing themselves panicking, crying. And I’m saying, Whoa, that’s child abuse. And the superintendent defends it. He says we have to do it. Because when people are planning on the drill, when they expect it, it doesn’t work cause they’re not efficiently terrorized by it in effect.

Speaker 1: (39:07)

Speaker 3: (39:07)
So I think it’s okay to say that school shooting drills are child abuse. And I think that idea needs to get out there because those people who are defending what we are describing here, there are those people who are defending the mainstream views. You know what? Uh, they’re defending child abuse. Okay, take a look here on the screen. This is the date and shooter on the right, the Ohio shooter.

Speaker 3: (39:30)
On the left you have the Gilroy shooter. In the middle you have the El Paso shooter. So two plus two is four in my world, right in 1984 two plus two is five. If they hold up four fingers and you say four, you get tortured by the Ministry of Love, you’ve got to go with the party line. Two plus two is five. So if you can look at these three pictures and say the guy on the left and the guy in the middle and the guy in the right are not the same person, then you should also be able to say two plus two is five cause they got you the Dayton shooter, Thou Paso shooter and the Gilroy shooter, triplets. Is that what it is, triplets or is there something else going on here? This is some type of a test. I swear it says a perception test like star man and Parkland and everything else. So we’ll see. You’ll see the people who are buying these stories, hook, line and sinker are thinking with their emotions. Okay, here we go. I’ll pass of the John of God connection. Dayton shooting the father of the El Paso shooting has worked with a John of God in the past. What are the chances of that? In the next video we will explore the life and career of Brian Cruces and how it ties into this incestuous group of people we see popping up again and again.

Speaker 1: (40:57)

Speaker 3: (40:58)
he says it’s a dissonance magnifier. Yeah, it could be just straight up.

Speaker 1: (41:03)

Speaker 3: (41:05)
Gaslighting. You know, they may as well just have David hog start shooting everything up, but you know, just say no, it wasn’t me. Just some guy looks like me. You’re crazy. You’re conspiracy theorist and look. Yeah, that’s another one too about the conspiracy, about coincidences. They’re creating a lot of coincidences to normalize them. So when people say, Whoa, three people were shot at at Gilroy, that also were shot at in Vegas. Well that normalizes it so that when I point out that 55 people shot at in Vegas were shot at in thousand. It doesn’t sound so anomalous. Yeah. Are they cloning shooters? Exactly. And they want them to look alike because they’re creating an archetype. It used to be the bowl cuts. Now it’s these glasses, and look at that mad face in the middle right there. I see something, I see a frown. Let me say something.

Speaker 3: (41:55)
What’s the one 800 number to call the DHS? My neighbor’s frowning eight Chan. The far right website linked to a rise in hate crimes, and it’s really not these nerds, these h hundreds, even the white nationalist nerds, there’s nothing to fear. They can’t even come out and own it. They can’t even say who they hate without euphemizing it. The white nationalists are the most cowed, politically correct people out there. They will not march. They will not. They will not come out and say it. Owen Benjamin is a white nationalist, yet he will not come out and say, sieg Heil. He will not come out and say the Jews. He says, oh, it’s the small hats. He’s cowed. He can’t even name his enemies. These white nationalists are not a threat. This is such a joke.

Speaker 4: (42:41)

Speaker 3: (42:41)
but to the point here, all of the posts that are referenced as preceding these shootings are placed there by people who weren’t regular contributors, so it’s totally fake.

Speaker 3: (42:54)
Cynthia says they want us all to warship police and want to be with police and surround ourselves with them. Yep. Oh yeah. That’s something too. That’s something too. The way that the police just gather round and it’s all about imagery. It’s all big a show. Yeah. So you have these two, these three shooters. I see. At first I thought it was just the El Paso shooter and Gilroy, but then I see this date and guy, I’m like, Whoa, Whoa, triplets. Continuing to see what we can, if there’s anything else here I’ve missed. Okay. Now this was something too, cause I’m talking about how it’s all integrated. The news media, the sports media, the political media, all the soap operas are interconnected. So you have that ball player who says, I live near Parkland. This affects me. Well now you have bill Moher from politically correct. He show, um, real time, excuse me, not the other one. So he’s on the show called real time and a Trump voter. Booz him. And he basically says, oh, make sure the Trump voter doesn’t have a gun

Speaker 4: (44:04)

Speaker 3: (44:05)
you know, it’s funny and everything. However, uh, that line, that little quip, that was before the shooting. Okay. Here’s the guy’s name, the guy who on the superintendent of the school who sent the janitor in at the masque terrorize the kids superintendent issued a reprimand for active shooter drill involving mask janitor. The raisins city school board in California has issued a letter of reprimand to superintendent one Sandovall when he caused controversy over a drill when he asked the janitor to dress up in a mask. So he kinda got, now this is another one, stolen velour. Alabama officer’s staged his own shooting. You know, speaking of stolen valor, we’ve been talking about this today with that PFC. What’s his name? Jeanne Rosen on crack. I mean, that guy’s story is going to fall to pieces as you’ll see, but look at this stolen valor Alabama officer’s stage. His own shooting.

Speaker 2: (45:10)

Speaker 3: (45:10)
Took a page out of the Jesse Small playbook. Okay. Let’s see here. There are so many different ways that this particular event is going to be used. Uh, look, this is something you haven’t caught up. This is from just tying things together. We’ve been following all the pageantry, you know, of this. What do you want to call it? I call it the the elites, secret religion, mystery, Babylon, but they’re putting a tower up, an obelisk up at the death scene of Nipsey Hussle, just something to follow, but also on August 15th which is his birthday and he’s a Leo, which is all tying into the symbolism here. August 15th the Los Angeles police are going to be in a state of heightened alertness. Okay, I’m going to be back in about 30 seconds to one minute. This is the rest of chief crow auto hoax. Go ahead and subscribe to my youtube channel, but also go to infinite plane radio.com and get on the list.

Speaker 2: (46:21)
[inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 3: (47:20)
okay, so here we go. I’m trying to find, there’s a couple more articles I wanted to bring up here in relation to this case. Uh, okay. Again, go ahead and infinite plane, radio.com we have an email list, but we also have a text message list and once I get 50 people in that text message list, I’m going to start sending out alerts before we go into a live deconstruction of one of these events. The hashtags yesterday were crazy. Trump’s terrorists, all these various ways that they were describing this event as basically terrorism and the left is really playing dirty here in terms of branding this whole thing. And they have no compunction against likening Trump voters with Maga hats to terrorists, to murderers. I mean it’s just the worst. But this is a political season and we predicted it.

Speaker 3: (48:19)
I mentioned that school in Indiana getting $52 million for security upgrades, you know, follow the money. That tells you a lot. We saw that drug lord smuggling himself out of jail looked just like his daughter. Okay, here we go. Kendall and Kiana long described the panic when they heard gunshots and saw people running in the Walmart. Some of these accounts are, we’re looking at, I mean we’re talking about multiple stories here. Is it three people? Is it one person? I’ll pass a witness, said a kid ran into the store to warn us of the shooter, but no one paid attention as so many of these stories don’t make sense when you put them back to back, like how many of these things could have happened in that short span of time. They overlap it. The time from the shooting starting to the shooting ending doesn’t allow for a lot of the stuff which we’ll get into.

Speaker 3: (49:11)
But look at this one here. So the right wing does not want white nationalism to be the blame of the cause here cause that’s what this, the narrative is and their best defense has been video games caused it and now this to the content in effect to the continent effect is a little bit of psychobabble. Basically saying that in the aftermath of a dramatic event, a dramatic shooting that will be other ones because of these factors. Anyway, it’s of a reach. I would say it’s totally reached, but my point is here you’re looking at the left and the right each blaming the other for what happened. But neither one will say, maybe it didn’t even happen. They won’t go there. Uh, Robert and Rudy r says, speaking of death, Baker’s Diddy’s new girlfriend, Laurie Harvey looks a lot like his ex who died as Kim porter noted. Thank you. Definitely email these tips or post them in our discord server as you get them, because we will be investigating all of it or better yet, if you haven’t been there yet, go to auto hoax.army and soon it’s going to be hoax.com which is transferring it over.

Speaker 3: (50:35)
So on here we do have crisis actors death fakers, fake famous personas. So if you have a suspicion, what you do is you go to auto hoax.army. Go ahead and enter it in and put a question mark and one of the editors will get to it. Yep. Joe Scarborough accuses Trump donors of supporting white supremacy. Nothing new there. Again, we don’t have an explanation for three black clad terminators going into Walmart shooting people. Even though we’ve had multiple witness accounts, multiple witnesses have said, yeah, there were three terminators dressed head to toe, black guard, black masks, shouting racist epithets and shooting people. Well, where you know, we need some evidence of this. This is where it’s at, says Laura and Kim know the age difference. Yeah. Yet when you look at these things, there are looks, there are people who do have appearances that you know, they just spitting images, doppelgangers, but you’ve got to look at the ages. You’ve got to look at the height and a few other things, but even then, there’s quite a lot that can be done. Some people will not accept that Alex Jones is bill Hicks because they say there’s no way he’s, you know, 50 years old. And I look at him like, yeah, yeah, it all fits.

Speaker 3: (51:59)
Although Alex Jones leans more towards Chaz Bono than Bill Hicks, he is Bill Hicks. And so him being sued by the sandy hookers, totally fake hashtags that are trending. Let’s see on Twitter, eight Chan, man, the fascists there, they’re really going hard. Uh, you know, they also censored or kinda censored. Uh, Jaron, you know the, the NASA employee that has this gig pretending to be a flat Arthur so he can debunk flat earth on TV. Yeah, they pulled his paypal account. I, I saw a stream last night where he was talking about this and I’m like, well, of course they’re gonna pull your paypal account. Here you are fundraising on a livestream with Adolf Hitler. I mean, Owen Benjamin, Owen Benjamin just shot up a bunch of Walmarts, killing Hispanics. You know, you can’t go raise money with him on your channel and expect paypal not to hit back. That’s just the political climate we’re in.

Speaker 3: (53:02)
Everybody’s playing dirty, but there are options. You can get cash app, cash app. But the fact that they’re shooting down sites like h Han tells you that they don’t just want you politically incorrect types to get a life somewhere else. That’s not what they want. They want you to not have a separate life. They want you on Youtube, but they want you playing their rules. It’s kind of like the priests and the churches, you know, they, they definitely want all those centers out there, the reprobates and the wicked. They want them in the pews, but not as they are. They don’t want you in the pews, core mongering and shooting up and gambling. They want you in your Sunday’s best, you know, feet on the floor, hands on your labs, face forward. You know, echoing the priest, they want you to be conformed to their view. And I’m not conforming.

Speaker 3: (53:57)
I have no intention of conforming to the ways of this fake Sur reality they’ve imposed over this world. And look, if you don’t have this guy’s face, if you don’t have actor Rainn Wilson’s not angry white guy face, then you’re an enemy of the state. And it’s kind of a double edged sword because you can put on this flacid milk toast, not angry white guy face. And sure you’re no longer a suspect for maybe, you know, a terrorist act in the future. But you can’t tell me that that’s not the most punchable face you’ve ever seen. So you’ve got to take your risk. You know, am I going to be flagged for potential terrorist for not looking like this Douche. Anyway, we’ll be taking calls later on a whole lot of different topics. This is space is fake. A F by chief Crowe. Uh, go to infinite plane, radio.com if you haven’t yet and get on the email list and get on the text message list. We have a lot of stuff to discuss this evening. Um, it’ll be earlier for the east coasters. Have you ever looked away from earth into the black for

Speaker 2: (55:10)
does you can see those stars. Oh yeah. And you were never able to see stars on your surface. And we’re on the dateline side. [inaudible]

Speaker 9: (55:28)
this is a

Speaker 2: (55:35)

Speaker 9: (55:36)
this space is,

Speaker 2: (55:42)
there’s more than stars. You can see planets. You see the ganglion? Yes.

Speaker 9: (55:55)
[inaudible] [inaudible] I think the deep space away from the sun is [inaudible]. You can imagine. Hey, space [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] what happens if you take a leak on their, you have a leak car depot card. Hard to, hey, hey [inaudible] [inaudible] research. [inaudible]

Speaker 10: (57:58)
you just have a leak in what you would do. At least air

Speaker 1: (58:01)

Speaker 10: (58:14)
writing real

Speaker 2: (58:15)
[inaudible] CIA

Speaker 11: (58:30)
[inaudible] was take her seriously. Older ones out parking, Tom, bad education, streets of hallways, dangerous, dangerous eats. His peak is playing into really hear what they saying. You know, dad, me, are you down with the team? They speak to signs and symbols. You can learn them about these games. [inaudible] at 27 what you think that they didn’t have the number. It’s the magic. It’s all according to the code. Gamma Illuminati body. You must. Why they snitching? [inaudible] Highland grove. [inaudible] hobbies, switching roles. If the idle call died and not only what you trying to prove, don’t you know we did around the globe and between [inaudible] about the shootings, I say always caught her on the new move. We will make the weight. Let it spread. [inaudible]

Speaker 11: (59:30)
let them know we don’t. Okay. Deliberate late. Some potty. Midas Rezi like a great way to say focus short attention on your better days. You know what? I’m Tom that don’t let this slimy, nicest antichrist at their turn. You read on the speeches actuality. That’s why the truth must pray by word. A math word. A man solid quarter. So the co Damn Illuminati when my mom [inaudible] lewd grows section. In fact, how he switched from bows with the meat. I know Steven approved to take the blog. [inaudible] patrolling to prepare theories aren’t what they are shown to be them. What you say in his, you don’t accept it. Famous myths improved. Wow. Sports is scripted by the number called window. Let me turn on my motto. He squats. Let me turn on my auto home. Action. Look this stuff up when I get home. Cause by t these kids. Today’s is tripping. I ain’t tripping. He must be tripping cause I am not tripping. Now when bit, I don’t know Matt. Things that normal.

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