Speaker 1: (02:07)
  I want to say good afternoon to all of you. Terrorists out there, a domestic terrorists. Uh, to be clear, those of you believers in fringe conspiracies are a threat to national security, sanity and health everywhere. Okay? If you’re new here, if you’re brought by Brian Stayflee, uh, this is a channel that believes that if you’re not auto hooks and you’re not paying attention and people who aren’t on par with this thing, if they don’t understand what it’s about with regards to why we put the burden of proof back on the media, then they’re way behind the curve. And the thing that I want it to focus on today is operation Northwoods and the idea of false flags because I’ve come to believe largely through interacting with government agents and shells that the false flag explanation for the anomalies that we see is a misinformation line.

Speaker 1: (03:11)
That’s why it’s pushed by Alex Jones and Joe Rogan. Even recently, the last time Alex Jones was on Joe Rogan, he brought up operation Northwoods about the government planning attacks on American citizens dressed up as the other guy’s old story. But the thing is the false flag narrative doesn’t explain what we’re seeing. We’re not looking at one group misrepresenting itself and then committing an act of terror. We’re talking about fake terror. So my contention is Operation Northwood that this whole thing was put there as a narrative to distract people from the fakery. So Alex Jones on down, all of these conspiracy theorists who talk about false flags are feeding you a miss info line. That’s the reason why these same individuals don’t like auto hoaxers. I remember Paul Joseph Watson losing his crap over auto hoaxers, calling out the dummies on the ground at the bottom con, they don’t want us to call out the fake.

Speaker 1: (04:18)
Anyway, if you’re in the chat, go ahead and say hi. I will hand out a blue ranches. The Bot is very aggressive and I can’t control it, so let me go ahead and open my phones up. I have Brian Staveley on stand by a couple of articles that come up. I found in relation to this, oh, there was one weird going over yesterday about anomalies and coincidences, talking about drills run with these events and even these people who break down all the events and the fakery without calling it fake with calling it false flags. They give you a lot of good information but they always end up with while people died. It’s just, it’s somebody else did it. It was a black off or this guy was a patsy. It’s like, no, we’re not looking at Patsy’s. Nick Cruz is not a patsy. We’re looking@actorsplayingrolesallacrosstheboardandtheautohoax.com website. If you haven’t been there yet, you ought to check it out.

Speaker 1: (05:20)
It’s a Wiki we’re developing and we’re covering all of the fakery across the board from death, fakers, mass shooting hoaxes, crisis actors, fake space travel hoaxes on history. And then we’re also compiling a list of all the note worthy, notable auto hoaxers. The ones who don’t apologize or vacillate between, well, maybe it’s real, maybe it’s not. It’s like, no, that’s not good enough. If you’re still on the fence with every single event or incident and debating if it’s real or not, they still got you. They still control your mind, your perceptions. You have to understand what the media is actually doing and they’re putting the burden of proof on you. That way. People who disagree can be called conspiracy theorist because you don’t have any evidence from their point of view to discredit what they’re saying because you’re supposed to be accepted at wholesale or you’re supposed to have accepted witness testimony, I. E. Hearsay as evidence.

Speaker 1: (06:19)
Any of these days. It’s like even questioning hearsay is tantamount to hate speech. They call it mocking a victim. Uh, Latrell says, I admit, I am not aware of what an auto hoaxer is. Well, originally it was a pejorative. So the people who were calling these events, hoaxes before the, it could be properly investigated and determined if people actually died or not. The people who automatically said, alright, I’ve had enough. This has gotta be fake. It’s another fake. It’s the same thing. Those of us were tired of debating endlessly and just, we’re starting to call it out like we knew it was and we’re accurate 100% of the time we were derided as auto hoaxers c slipping. Freedom says, I think it’s Patsy’s not actors. It’s easy to manipulate people. Well, here’s where you’re wrong. And that patsy thing is part of the operation Northwoods narrative and part of the Alex Jones narrative.

Speaker 1: (07:16)
That’s a government misinformation line. You’re touting, there are no patsies. The existence of a patsy and the existence of actual crimes, actual shootings, actual massacres. That’s what they want you to believe. Nobody’s dying. And even that’s not controversial. It would be more controversial to say that they were killing people and false flags and fooling the media. These aren’t war crimes. You understand this is legal propaganda and people aren’t going to go along with real debts. Then you have all these whistleblowers, people add stuff on their conscience. People who are now blackmailable, nobody’s dying, nobody’s crying. Now here’s the definition of auto hoax. I mean that’s just the origin. So we were called auto hoaxers like it was a bad thing and we’re like, you know what, let’s just take it because they are auto believers. In fact, I should probably open up really quick here with something.

Speaker 1: (08:11)
Um, I tried to explain this to someone in the media. Um, her name was Alex Klein from [inaudible] media and basically she wanted to understand why we were calling these things fake. And what I explained was you have two types of people, auto believers and auto hoaxers. The ones who automatically assume what they see on TV is real. And then those who assume it to be fake until proven real by a burden of proof. Now we’re not talking about your nightly news. On your local TV. Uh, we’re talking specifically about extraordinary claims like 90 pound basement dwelling computer geeks shooting 27 people with all head shots after jumping a window and then killing himself. And then there’s no blood and there is no crying, no tears. You know, we’re talking about extraordinary claims, not the usual news. And also by extraordinary we also mean the claims that are pretty much going to be immediately followed by a political agenda.

Speaker 1: (09:18)
So let me see if I can find for you the mic media piece. If not Nina, I can’t find it right now. I’m not going to bother. I’ve got, uh, Brian Staveley. Um, if you go on a call in five oh five five one zero four, two two six, that’s open for a Brian Staveley. We’re going to be discussing all these things anyway, but the definition of auto hoax as we have it now is this to treat extraordinary claims by the mass media as hoaxes, unless a burden of proof has been provided. And obviously not all news events are scripted. Propaganda events. Auto hoaxing specifically refers to extraordinary claims. I’ve really got to hammer that point because the trolls and the ones who want to say, we go too far, they all say the same stupid thing. They say it can’t all be a hoax. It’s like nobody said, all dummy, stop misrepresenting us. All we’re saying is extraordinary claims by a known pathologically lying institution ought to be questioned. Like how many of you think it’s unreasonable to question everything in the news at this point?

Speaker 1: (10:25)
Like I think some institutions have just lost their credibility. They’ve lost what trust they had earned in the past. Like you wouldn’t be reaching if you said it’s not a good idea to trust your priest to be a babysitter, because we all know just the history of it. So we’re just talking about not being led around like sheep. You know, blindly the thirst for truth says quantum of consciousness. Put himself next to Max Egan and his New Zealand claims. Well, no, I, I listened to quantum of conscience. I’m not saying the guy’s an agent, but you’re either an agent or a stooge if you’re following along with the agent lines. So I’m comfortable calling quantum a stooge, giving him the benefit of the doubt, which he may not deserve. I don’t know. But my point is, the line is, is it fake? Is it real? Let’s figure it out.

Speaker 1: (11:20)
And then who done it, if it’s, you know, if it, you know, basically that’s how they narrow it down. Like, um, who did it like a Max Egan was a New Zealand thing. He said, well, no, it was real, but the story was fake because it was actually an mk ultra assassin and the people he killed were actually Palestinians. That’s what Max Egan said. And when he said that, he outed himself to me as an agent. I called him an agent of Prime Minister Ding-dong. He got super offended. He called me and we spoke for like an hour about it and he said, you auto hoaxers are pushing misinformation. And I said, no, we’re not. We’re deconstructing Miss Info. You are the missing formers. You with a conspiracy theories that serve the interests of the mainstream, which they really do.

Speaker 1: (12:08)
So anybody who doesn’t automatically call it a hoax when it’s one of these things that we’ve seen, I mean this, we have 20 years plus back to back events like if you’re not willing to take the leap and say, oh, it’s all fake, then you’re not going to understand the big picture. The big picture being the news isn’t reporting and then being tricked by people at crisis actors. The news is part of the creation process. It’s part of the production. The news media is basically a wing of the government. It’s pretty much how I look at it at this point. Now, quantum of consciousness might be wrong and you can give them the benefit of the doubt, but what I’d point out is we don’t have time to follow people who don’t know what’s going on. That’s why I’m bringing up this auto hoax.com website as a network of the people who are on par who understand what we’re really doing here.

Speaker 1: (13:02)
In fact, if you haven’t read it, you have to look at the book, the auto hoaxer handbook. It explains the rationale succinctly, 34 pages. You can read it in your lunch break. And it’s meant to make the case that those of us who are auto hoaxing, we have the moral high ground, they want to call us bad. They want to demonize us, they want to call us terrorist for not believing we’re nonbelievers like infidels to the Church of the mainstream media. But guess what? We’re not the ones getting behind psyops that gen up race war, inner communal tensions, uh, war on other nations, war of the state, against the individual, like the auto believers are enabling totalitarianism. Everything that’s happened since nine 11 was brought to you by the true believers in what the news reported that day.

Speaker 1: (13:56)
Auto believers are dangerous as all fundamentalists of extremist religions are dangerous. And I think you can make the argument at this point that the mainstream worldview promulgated by the controlled media is very extreme and it’s true. Believers are the ones you see like the proud boys and Antifa punching each other in the street. These are the radicals in this church of MSM, the mainstream worldview. So those of us calling it fake, opting out of it, opting out of it’s, it’s basically like a religious war at this point. They want to demonize us and I’m saying, you know what? We have the moral high ground because guess what? The true believers in the school shootings are the ones who say, yeah, let’s do monthly hyper-realistic traumatic school shooter drills for all the kids. So the real victims here aren’t these crisis actors who are getting all the go fund me money and the $60,000 funerals.

Speaker 4: (14:53)

Speaker 1: (14:54)
No, the real victims are the students, the children in the public schools who are going through this k through 12 duck and cover drill process, which is designed to give them Stockholm Syndrome and to make them vote Democrat and that’s pretty much the whole point of it. It’s to brainwash them out of wanting to own guns like Eric Holder had described. All right. Let me go ahead and get my phone open. Let me make sure I’m, I think we have, oh, you know what? Let me go ahead and have him call you. I was going to have him contact me via discord. But the issue with discord is it’s something of a resource hog. But I just wanted to give you kind of an opening as to like, you know, where I’m coming from, where we’re coming from with this whole, um, idea of auto hoaxing and why I think it’s so important. Like it’s critical and that’s why, you know, those people who aren’t on par with auto hoaxing, they’re either stooges, they’re not paying attention, they’re dangerously blind and ignorant at this point, or they’re actually operatives and anyone who holds fast, the line that auto hoaxers or misinformation agents, they’re basically extensions of the mainstream media.

Speaker 1: (16:16)
Okay. So I’m going to have Brian Staveley call in and if somebody has a link to his channel, go and spam the chat. So everyone here can subscribe if you haven’t already. The first time I heard of Brian Staveley, it was actually, it was a live stream and he was talking to a Jim Fetzer.

Speaker 5: (16:35)

Speaker 1: (16:38)
Hey, what’s up Brian? Hey, what’s up? Can you hear me okay?

Speaker 4: (16:43)

Speaker 6: (16:43)
Yeah, I can hear you. How am I coming through?

Speaker 1: (16:45)
Oh, perfect. Perfect. Yeah. Hey, thanks. Uh, thanks for I’m doing this. I think it’s important that we start, uh, networking with all of the people who are seeing through the BS and not cowtowing to the controlled opposition lines here. And I was just saying the first time I heard you, you were talking to Jim Fetzer about nine 11 and nobody dying.

Speaker 6: (17:06)

Speaker 1: (17:07)
so, uh, really quickly here for the people who haven’t, uh, my subscribers specifically, um, what is your channel about and what is it called?

Speaker 6: (17:17)
Uh, my main channel is Brian stately. Uh, of course I have a few of them because you know how it goes once I started talking about this, this type of stuff, they start in and out strikes. Um, so I, I buy my, originally I was talking a lot about nine 11 and these types of events and I’ve been doing that since 2010 and you know, put nine 11 out there as a total fake event. Obviously on Youtube I can only do so much of that. But I did upload like 25 episodes of mind for people to kind of walk them all through it. And I talk about other stuff too. You, I talk about a lot of NASA bakery. I talk about the Mandela effect. Uh, I talk about, I talk about whatever really. But you know, as far as these events, it’s real important that people understand because there’s a lot of people that think they, they recognize, oh well Nass is fake or old, you know, this reality is like a matrix and this and that.

Speaker 6: (18:07)
But they’re still tied down to these events by fear and I, and there’s also a new wave of people as you know, like say from Sandy Hook on, right, that some of these people do understand that these events are saying this. I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but those people, why can’t they take those same set of eyes and go back and look at nine 11 cause you’re going to see all the same crisis actives, all the same fakery it’s all the same thing. It might be. You were saying about the I could, no, God,

Speaker 7: (18:33)
no, that, that’s a good point. A lot of people think, oh well they started hoaxing us the day I paid attention. It’s like, no, you actually do have to retro auto hoax and look back at stuff. Even like the first Oklahoma City bombings, a lot of the serial killers, shootings, all these events, but going back, you know, a hundred years or worth looking into all over again

Speaker 6: (18:53)
of course. And I, and you know, I started with nine 11 and every event since that nine 11 Gabby Giffords, which was before Sandy Hook, Sandy Hook and then obviously the Aurora, Colorado. And then once it started to getting into all of these other ones, pulses and Vegas and all that, it’s pretty much the snooze button to me at that point now. Cause I know that they’re fake. I mean I’ve known that these events take for nine years. So if somebody like you or somebody like other people like you know, still talk to, which is very few, but people in the fakery, uh, you know, community, whatever that I still talk to. If they tell me, hey, you really, really need to look at this. This one’s real, not twi, that’s fine. Maybe I’ll look at it. But honestly, dude, the burden of proof is on these guys, like you said. And at this point it’s the little boy who cried wolf. Why would I believe them? And if you’re going to default to position, why are you going to default to fear? You’re just given into your controllers. Why are you going to default to fear when it’s been proven a hook so many times?

Speaker 7: (19:49)
Yeah, that’s a good point. The fear. So the people like Alex Jones and others who say, oh well there’s something fishy about Boston or Las Vegas or Aurora. What they leave out is that it’s likely no one died. So they leave you with the idea that yeah, whole bunch of people still got slaughtered. So at that point you’re still fear. It’s like, wow, the killer gets away with it and it’s a black op or something.

Speaker 6: (20:10)
Well, it’s even and perfect. It’s a black off like you said, which again, you never going to know who the black op is. You can’t pin it on the media, you can’t pin it on the general military, it’s just the black cop. Right. But the other thing too, like I made this example of my soul the other day. Okay, so when nine 11 happens, right? Or one of these other events, you know, Boston, what else? So now I’m going to use nine 11 as an example. Nine 11 happens, everybody’s in a huge state of fear, right? But now it’s 19 years later or whatever, 28 two years later, if I go to my living room and, and, and mention nine 11 to like my family who’s dead asleep, I mean there’s still going to be so fair there, but it’s pretty much, you know, it’s, you know, it’s different.

Speaker 6: (20:49)
It’s 19 years ago. But if I go mentioned nine 11 to an Alex Jones level truth though, they’re actually in morphea than the general population that thinks it was 19 I jackets because they think that government is going to go around and kill everybody. But in reality, the last thing the government ever wants to do is go door to door and round people up. Because you think you think, you know fake space, that footage won’t wake people up. Hey, plans on nine 11 and won’t wake people up. If you go door to door through the streets of America, you are going to wake a lot of people up and there’s going to be an issue. That’s not what they want to do. They don’t want to kill you. They control you. You are like money to them. That’s endless. They sit back with their feet up Lapsley while they control you and manipulate you.

Speaker 6: (21:28)
Like you said, it’s not like, you know, if people think it’s crazy to host these events, but what makes more sense? Making it and not having any real families to deal with and not have some of the potential, there’s still potential whistleblowers. But if people are involved with something, when people actually die, the guilt on their conscience is going to rise and rise and rise over the years and people are gonna come out. And then if you think about the participation, let’s just say, and obviously the be much more, but for an easy number, let’s say you need a hundred field type agents to pull off a nine 11 Boston bombing, whatever it is, then you approach them, hey, we’re going to compensate you, we’re going to give you this, Yada, Yada, Yada, but you know, this, this many people might die or whatever of the percentage that are gonna go along.

Speaker 6: (22:07)
Most people, you know, and a lot of people might disagree with me, but most people, regular government jobs, even people like FBI costs, they’re not evil people. They’re not going to sign off on slaughtering. People in the middle of New York was getting, letting kids die in a false flag, run by the government in a school. They’re not gonna do it, but you guaranteed same brainwashed people that nobody’s going to get hurt. You might not even need to compensate them because those costs and, and firefighters and FBI and stuff that’s sobering. Bring us like my father is like that. He disowned me for my views on Sandy Hook. But he would be the type of person that probably would go along with it if he knew it was a Gerald just because it’s his job. And that’s the thing to do, you know?

Speaker 7: (22:43)
Oh yeah. And, and also the recruiting people who agree with the end goal. Like if you look at the people at Sandy Hook who participated, they were gun activists, anti gun activists. So for them it’s like, hey look, we’re simulating this, but guess what? We’re going to save lives in the future because they still believe these things actually happen. So they’re able to give themselves the badge of being activists, I think. And you made a point about the fear thing. I noticed this. People like Alex Jones or Richie from Boston, they will take the mainstream news and exaggerate it by making it scarier. So Alex Jones says, Oh, Las Vegas was real, but it was 10 times worse and all Keto was there and tell ban is there. So they exaggerated. So it’s like, wow, you’re actually worse off not trusting the news, which is much calmer. They always tell you it’s worse than they will say. And the one place they don’t want you is to say nothing to stress about. It’s fake. That’s what they don’t like it. Cause we’re not triggerable if we’re not believing these stories.

Speaker 6: (23:40)
Yeah. And what people need to really understand is, I mean really the burden of proof is on them. And like when you go, when you look at something like nine 11 in the media capital of the world, okay. With supposedly over an hour to catch the footage after the first tower was hit. And they’re, they’re allegedly doing street interviews, but there’s no video, not one video of anybody leaving the towers. And that’s not the only piece. I mean, you know, we could do a whole show on that and that open, I mean, I can go on and on, but I mean this 2,500 misses death records, people not picking up the benefits and on and on and on and on and on. But the fact that people have this emotional attachment to these events because they let the fam manipulate them because they don’t want to quote unquote insult the families, which don’t exist to begin with. It’s all a false narrative. But they let this emotional attachment tied into it and then they won’t investigate it and they call themselves churches. And I think it’s a joke. Honestly, I think these people are dope.

Speaker 7: (24:36)
Well, you know what? I’ve rendered in my mind into something of pretty much like bad performance artists working for the government. I call them the Gags, the government actors guild. Like they couldn’t make it in Hollywood. It’s kind of like how they say government or politics is show business for ugly people. I feel like crisis actors or people who couldn’t cut it as real actors. And so they get these jobs where yeah, they’re laughable. We call it keeping up with a crisis actors and we just follow their bad performances and we refuse to be drawn into their psychodrama. And that’s what it is. It’s like a manipulator who cries like a spouse or you know, an abusive relationship who uses emotions. And triggers your emotions to control you? Well, that’s what the media does if you let it.

Speaker 6: (25:18)
Yeah. You have to totally unplug from it and literally just ignore it. There’s literally nothing of value by watching the media other than when you’re still at the stage where you want to dissect it. To me, I don’t even bother this happening anymore. It’s just I’m just, it’s just totally one plug for me from it. Cause it’s just a joke. There’s nothing but negativity on there. And yes, real people do die. People, there are real things that happen in America. I like an inner cities and stuff. People get shot. Sure. I get that. I’m not saying people don’t die, but anything pushed out by the mainstream media has an agenda behind it and it’s almost always completely fabricated. It’s literally like you’re living inside a terrible movie, honestly.

Speaker 7: (25:54)
Oh yeah. It’s the world stage, the globe theater. And what we’re doing here is we’re just exposing the script and the actors on all these big perception management events. Like it’s not every little tiny event, but it does not just include the news. So it’s like people think, well I don’t watch the news. Well guess what? It’s the mediated reality that’s brought to you by government, academia, your education, the news and the entertainment. So it’s not like you can just step out of it or opt out. The only option is either be misinformed or informed about it. You can’t opt out of this thing.

Speaker 6: (26:29)
No. I remember growing up like seeing like what I thought was Scifi films about people being like really brainwashed and stuff like, oh my God, you all been so brainwashed. Even me and you. It was so well brain wash just at different levels of coming out of the still things were brainwashed about, you know what I mean? Everybody, everybody’s been brainwashed. It’s birth.

Speaker 7: (26:49)
We know what. I got some good comments in here. I think it’s slipping freedoms. Who says that he saw some stuff at Vegas that you couldn’t fake? It looks too real and I have to make the point to these people that anything they can fake in the movies. They can fake on the nightly news.

Speaker 6: (27:04)
Yeah, I know. That’s what I’m saying. And this too. There’s too much stuff that shows. It was fake. Like there’s a few videos that got pulled off youtube the next day I saved them. I knew they get pulled each and you’ve seen them. I’m sure there’s the one with the girl she’s walking around and the shooting or whatever had just hasn’t even just ended because then you hear it come over to the speakers again too. That sounds like it’s coming over the speakers and then you can hear her say there isn’t really, I don’t really see anybody injured and she’s just chilling for like three or four minutes. And Yeah, there’s some people starting out of it, but half of the people are just hanging around. I’m sure some people probably got scared by the stuff on the speakers and it wasn’t even enough to scare everybody is what it looks like. And then there’s the other video of the guy that’s leaning up against the stage saying, hey, nobody panic. It’s just coming over to speakers. And of course youtube, remove those bolts on the next day, you know?

Speaker 7: (27:52)
Yes. And, and so let’s take for example the, the Gilroy festival. This is like a recent one. You know, I’m looking at events like this or this other one in El Paso. And all of these events also seem to be tied into the political season. We kind of predicted this too. Another thing that, and another, another indicator that you’re probably seeing a hoax is it seems to just give a new politician a platform to show his face. So I look at the El Paso one and that pretty much brought Burritos, O’Rourke to everyone’s attention. I remember when the Orlando one happened that was used by Trump to win votes from the LGBTQ who are calling him a homophobe up until that point. So there’s always an agenda behind these things. So we’re very selective. We’re not just randomly calling everything fake, but we do have to recognize that the media has no interest in reporting truth. It’s just a spokesman health for the, the elite. The worldview shapers.

Speaker 6: (28:48)
Yeah. And you know how you, like you see a guy come out like a Robbie Baka and he’s laughing, right? I mean, the only way people can do that is if people aren’t dying. And the only way people can hold it together on say interviews like the Harley Guy, everybody knows, you know Bobby Parker steaks. Cause there, because you know, everybody knows people didn’t die at sandy hook a lot based on the Rabi pocket thing. And you know, there’s a lot more to it than that. That was a big trigger for a lot of people. And a lot of people talk about the Harley guy on nine 11 how he gave this, you know, story ahead of time and it’s ridiculous. Well how about the fact that he’s able to keep this composure with mic levels and supposedly thousands of people dying around them. People don’t want to look at that aspect of it, you know, and it’s always thing. Gabby guesses. I mean that was ridiculous. The lady supposedly got shot in the head and she says half her face is shutdown and a few months later she’s given an interview side by side with her fake astronauts, husband Mark Kelly. And she’s playing a at one side every month and reading the music of the Ella like it’s, it’s so it’s, they literally mock you too. They don’t just try and squeak it by and make it believable. They do things to mock you in these stories. They get a kick out of it, dude.

Speaker 7: (29:52)
Oh Gafford. You know what, that lady, I mean, I thought she got shafted as far as gigs go because now she’s got to pretend to be brain damaged the rest of her life. But that’s a, that’s a perfect example. Here you have a politician who is used in a political stunt to blame mentally ill people and to blame the right wing. They pin that on Pailin in limbo. Well, after this, then she has her husband who you said fake astronaut, who’s now running for senator. So it’s like, well look, you got fake space, fake politics and fake news all tied together here and it’s the same actors

Speaker 6: (30:24)
always, always tied together. That’s a great point because that’s why I tell people, you’ve got to look into all this stuff. All this stuff is tied together. If you pick the same people that have given us the fake media aren’t the same people that are good enough to face to face, not the same people that are controlling the money and not the same people that are controlling. Oh, it’s the same people.

Speaker 7: (30:40)
Yeah. I’ve taken to calling it the game, government, academia, media, entertainment, and that I’m saying until you look into this thing as a game and as coming at you at all fronts, you’re not gonna understand that it’s literally a like a world view that they’ve given us. And so you see the same actors playing on different stages of this world. This world stage is big deception. It’s like, well, this guy’s an astronaut. One minute. Then he’s helping with this gun control cyop and now he’s going to be in politics. That should tell you how invalid our political system is right there. When you have a senator who’s also a crisis actor and a fake astronaut.

Speaker 6: (31:17)
Yeah. And you had a governor that was a freaking wrestler and hosted a conspiracy show.

Speaker 7: (31:22)
Oh yes. And See, um, he, uh, Ventura pushed a whole lot of false flag, this false flag that operation North [inaudible] it was a big deal.

Speaker 6: (31:31)
Northwards Gulf of Tonkin, I mean on and on with that guy on and on and you know, him and Rogan and the whole crew, like you have mentioned it earlier, but yet on and on and on. I want to mention another, another one too. Cause while we’re talking about save deaths and hoaxes, I want to talk about another, uh, what, what people think is a gateway into researching, uh, events. Like, you know, a lot of people talk about [inaudible] seven. You know, how a seven will tell us seven is the most clever gatekeeping aspect of nine 11, because Palo seven is allegedly an empty building. So in this study in college seven and you keep getting into the dog and our boat, two planes can’t take down 3 billion. First of all, there’s no planes. But you know, it’s still a good argument. It’s for the people that think there are, but two plants can’t take down three buildings, right?

Speaker 6: (32:10)
So not it came down, but you’re literally studying a building that allegedly had nobody dying it anyway, so you’d never got to even ponder to look into death records, uh, memorials and that type of fakery. You never going to call the social security death index. You’re not going to acquire those types of skills. So it’s just a rabbit trail. Every time they give you these conspiracies in the beginning, like come on a show like Jessica [inaudible], Joe Roman show, that’s never going to be the truth. It’s never, it’s never going to be the truth. It’s always going to be a misdirection and it’s always going to be promoting snare and promoting death. And this stuff has always been, hey, gets so much easier to control. If it’s fake, they don’t want to kill people. I’m telling you people aren’t going to go along with it.

Speaker 7: (32:49)
Exactly. Because we have legal propaganda versus a war crime. It’s easier to get people to get a highly paid gig doing legal propaganda for a cause. They believe in then to get them to commit to a, an atrocity in an actual war crime. And so I have on the screen right now. This is the take home point for everybody here. The false flag narrative stemming from leaked operation Northwoods documents is a misinformation line and false flag stories are planted to hide the fakery. And then finally anyone pushing false flag theories. Our government agents case closed. Yeah. Or their stooges. In other words, they don’t have the clear vision to understand they’re following along with a planted line and that would include quantum of conscience and others like him.

Speaker 6: (33:42)
Yeah, well I’m not really oppressive to meet too many other people’s great out of these events at all. I listened to your show when you’re on. I listened to Russian dentist. He’s on, there’s very few channels I can even tune into it and talking about this type of stuff. Cause honestly do it. It’s painful. I can’t listen to anybody talking about this stuff that buys into it. And there’s all these people that will call, you know, say to say there’s 10 of them, each one along the way. They’ll call them things, but only after a few weeks. So they believe in it for three or four weeks. Like, no, you’ve got to call safety first. Don’t be scared of WHO’s going to say, oh, you’re being disrespectful. Just like people always say to me, oh my, my cousin’s dog says his uncle’s nephew died in the fall is I go, okay, here’s my phone number. Tell him to call in next show. They never do. You know what I mean? Never do. It’s always, it’s always nonsense.

Speaker 7: (34:26)
Oh yeah. It has to be done. It has to be done.

Speaker 6: (34:30)
Yeah. Well we are all these cause it can be scripted. If they write it out an email, just call me, call me on the spot. Let’s go on scripted. I’m like, all right, now what’s the problem? You know what I mean? What’s the problem?

Speaker 7: (34:41)
Well, Tab, wait, have you ever had people like hit you up and say, Hey, I know somebody who died in the towers and then you try to ask them who was it? What was the name? Have you ever had someone try to actually give you a name?

Speaker 6: (34:58)
Um, yeah. Well yeah, people would actually try, but almost never. I’d say I’d say out of like, you know, one out of every, a a hundred times, but then I’ll ask some more details like, oh, show me some pictures with you. Or I’ll ask her details about anything that should be easy. And it’s not even being like disrespectful, intruding on their privacy type of stuff and then they won’t even do it. And then the other thing that’s important too, like without event, and then it’s the same for all these, I’m just using that because I have the most, you know, uh, area in that. So like with nine 11, right? So all these people will tell you all this, so-and-so and so died in the towers, blah, blah, blah. Nope. Be All quick to jump on my Facebook posts and everything right now. You know, on these social media sites, people post the dumbest shit. I mean, people post and they deny that. That’s fine. I like my dog. He will post pictures of whatever we, how come every nine, 11 3000 alleged deaths. If Facebook and Twitter and all this isn’t flooded with old family videos and uncle Johnny that died in the towers. Or Hey, we’re going to visit my uncles grave and here’s some pictures of us putting it down by his grades and he died on September 11th where is all that? I’ve never seen it once. It’s been years.

Speaker 7: (36:00)
Wow. That’s good. That’s a good point. So this is something I would like to point out as well. Whenever there is a psychological operation, they’re gonna present you with a very carefully crafted lie that has no holes in it that you can see obviously, and that’s their best work. So that what’s really going to reveal it is in what they forgot to include. It’s usually what they didn’t include that should be there. So conspicuous absences are worth examining. So ask yourself, shouldn’t we see evidence of 3000 people’s lives? And not just a couple of backstories from a few high profile victims, but we’re talking about thousands and yeah, where is it? Where’s the SSD records to support it? Where’s all the action? What was the New Zealand? They’re like, Oh, we just threw 26 bodies in a mass grave. Give me a break.

Speaker 6: (36:49)
Oh, it’s, it’s totally ridiculous. And, and, and you know, they’ll let you, it’s funny because I can’t put anything about, about nine 11 on the youtube. I mean I just get hate speech and I, and all that every time. And you know, they want every, all these other theories out there, directed energy, weapons, Hologram, all this other stuff out there and many nukes, thermite whatever it is, because they all support thousands of deaths. That’s what they do. They all allow to support that. That’s like another thing too when you brought up the show. I have, I did specify, I actually did three of them. I don’t know which one you heard. Right. But the second one I did was the one on his show. I think we really got into the whole holograms versus CGI employees thing. And that’s an important thing because what he’s doing is what they alternative media does.

Speaker 6: (37:30)
They keeps from the mainstream media and what he’s doing is trying to keep the me issue media’s credibility because if the planes on nine 11 were holograms, which they weren’t, and I’ll get into how you can tell, but if they will, holograms, what does that do? That lets the media keep that credibility because any media on the street wouldn’t believe it. Just like any spectator on the street. And that would again be some black off black op military organization. But if you know it’s a pre pre prepared video to slap a lie banners and put together by the media, well then the whole thing falls apart and now you don’t have to buy into the media sphere events at all anymore and that’s what he’s doing. He’s keeping that agenda.

Speaker 7: (38:06)
Yeah. That’s the main thing here. As long as they have alternative explanations, they can get you to believe that the media is a witness just like we are. They’re just closer to the scene and reporting it. But when you find out that these are internally created events with CGI, not holograms or other things, that these are created in their production studios, that gives away the whole game. And so yeah, he’s probably protecting the integrity of the MSM by holding that line. That’s why I was interested to hear you bring up nobody dying. Cause I’m wondering, he’s either a gatekeeper or he’s being um, misled on this small minor point.

Speaker 6: (38:41)
Yeah, no, I, I was on the fence with it for awhile and you know, and then I did the second show. Let me tell you what happened though, because I mean, as you’ve heard, I can lay out the hooks pretty, pretty deep and all the fakery and everything. And I did it to him for three and a half hours. The first show on my channel, me, him, my cohost Justin. And then I was invited by him on his show to talk about the nine 11 media hoax. And we agreed on many points except he’s sticking. Two people died, so concede to fake planes, uh, Washington and Pennsylvania. Right. But he knew what he’ll do is he’ll, he’ll say those witnesses on credible, but then when he gets to New York, we’ll all the witnesses are all of a sudden credible. And it’s like some of his witnesses we’ve completely debunked and destroyed because their stories made absolutely zero sense.

Speaker 6: (39:22)
But you know, it’s crazy because so owl is, he’s hearing me talk about, you know, all the fakery, the Photoshop Memorial, the CGI jump is the CGI man hat and also the stuff, the people moving out of the silos. It’s 95 and everything, right? Come the third show. One of the callers calls and he comes back on my show in like 2013 it was a little later and they call in and the rest of the gym, you know, what do you think about all this? You know, the, the, the, what do you think? I asked him what he thought about, um, you know, the victims in the tallest, oh, I’m not an expert on the victims and the tallest. And then he said to the said, so what about the, the CGI and stuff that Brian’s been showing you? He’s like, oh, I, you know, you guys are the experts on that and everything he said, he said, I’m not an expert on this, I’m not an expert on that.

Speaker 6: (40:08)
And then he acted ignorant. Like I hadn’t shown him this stuff for like six hours on a and previously he, after that you hadn’t even seen the intonation bro. And what he also had too is on the second show he does what he does and you know, he’s all about the JFK and you know, he’s one long winded do right. If there was like 20 minutes he went on on the nine 11 show talking about JFK and I’m like, what are we going to get to nine 11, Jen? Oh, I thought I was JFK with the 50th anniversary coming up and we know Jeff completely fake narrative.

Speaker 7: (40:37)
Yeah. See the thing is, um, about him in particular, he’s a professor and he can pontificate and he can even feel a busser if he wants to. But um, I’ve seen him be really strong on Sandy Hook. I saw him get his blogs taken down. In fact, he was sued and he refused to give in and say it was real. So you know, he has my respect for them as far as this stuff with nine 11 I find it puzzling. In fact, I, I personally asked him, I said, okay, you wrote a book debunk in the moonlighting, if you take your same frame of mind you use to take down the moon landing in your mind and you applied it to the space station, it would cease to exist for you in a matter of minutes. And so I’m like, you can’t be selective in your critical thinking unless you’re a gatekeeper. And so if he doesn’t apply the same standard to nine 11 that he did to Sandy Hook, then he’s a nine 11 gatekeeper gatekeeper. It’s as simple as that.

Speaker 6: (41:31)
It really is. It really is.

Speaker 7: (41:33)
And I honestly think that with this auto hoax.com we can get [inaudible]

Speaker 6: (41:40)
you know about that. You know about the fake suicide on his show?

Speaker 7: (41:43)
Yes, I remember that. I remember seeing that. You hear it and I wondered was that staged? Was it real?

Speaker 6: (41:50)
Oh, that was dude, that was so staged and I called him, I would want to live on the I created while he was in, I said, you’re telling me you had no idea h baker was gonna do this now this is like what they do to discredit us. So at the time this was like, I don’t know when the interview was, I, when I first talked to them about it, it was like 2011. The interview had already happened. It might even been a couple of years before that. Ace Bega was one of the first people you know out there talking about no claims a lot. But he was pushing that. It was, um, you know, real video with plays inserted over it in real time and all this, which it wasn’t, but he went on then known as the no plane effect is going to interview a no plainer. He went on that acted crazy and pretended to shoot himself in the head. And then Fetzer acted like he didn’t know. And he said, Oh, and I called California highway patrol. Tessa lives in Minnesota. What are you doing called California highway patrol. He called nine 11. First of all, it’s just so ridiculous. And he said, Oh, I thought it was

Speaker 7: (42:42)
okay. Well let me get your take on this guy then. Cause you know what I’m trying to do with auto hooks.com is consolidate all of the people who can be, um, pretty much described as non gatekeepers. Like there’s only a few people if there’s a gatekeeper, I don’t want them linked there or I want them identified as such. But I’m creating a list of people who I think are trustworthy and who are gatekeepers and what issues are actually holding the line on. So, um, what are your thoughts on site or journalist in conspiracy granny?

Speaker 4: (43:13)

Speaker 6: (43:13)
Oh, I do know. I know you love them.

Speaker 7: (43:15)
Okay, that’s interesting. So it was like last year signed thorn journalist and conspiracy granny. They looked like DHS employees dressed up like rednecks. And he went to 33 different locations where psyops had happened and he got arrested in front of vice.com in front of their cameras in Sutherland Springs, at a church where 26 people had been killed. And one of these fake events, and I called it then I said, there’s no way you’re going to get arrested on vice as an auto host or unless you’re just a plant.

Speaker 6: (43:44)
But advice he’s on vice. It’s controlled. That’s it.

Speaker 7: (43:49)
Exactly. So I’m like, wait, this is what they do. They give ’em. They give the people who ask these types of questions are really bad name by putting bad characters or crazy people. So cite Thorne gets arrested on gun charges and his sidekick gets put in a mental home. So now the media narrative is the auto hoaxers are crazed, gun toting, rednecks threatening to kill people they think are actors and they’re mental cases.

Speaker 4: (44:21)

Speaker 6: (44:23)
Yeah. And once you said vice, I mean, come on, it’s totally set up. Vice poses as like this fringe type of thing that’s kind of conspiracy, but then dead that Jesse, Jesse been told her level.

Speaker 7: (44:35)
Right, right. Well, look, I think it’s important to call out the gatekeepers and anybody who is going to hold up the integrity of the mainstream media by giving them the benefit of the doubt is inadequate to the task or they’re compromised either by being a student or they’re obviously an agent. And so I think this is a good idea. I want to go ahead and continue to talk to everybody who’s doing this type of work in research because if you get flagged and taken down, it’s still going to be here in my archives and people will still find you. And so infinite plane, radio.com I have all these archives like hundreds of podcasts that you can’t put on youtube anymore.

Speaker 6: (45:14)
Yeah, synthetic the censorship on, and don’t get me wrong, I told people this recently, and normally I’m talking about other topics. I’m telling you right now, this is the most sensitive stuff on youtube, this calling out this type of stuff. I don’t get scented for any flatter videos or any other topics like that. It’s all, it’s all this stuff, you know, all the time.

Speaker 7: (45:36)

Speaker 6: (45:36)
Yeah. And you know what they call it? They call it hate speech. And the, it’s the opposite because we’re trying to get people to let go of the fair. These people are inciting the violence and the racism and the hate with their bullshit events.

Speaker 7: (45:48)
Oh yeah. Take for example, really quick here, that whole thing with Jesse Smollett for 24 hours, people thought it was real that this gay black actor from empire had been lynched in a park by Trump. Voters were in Maga hats and they covered them and bleach. So the auto believers, the ones who automatically believe the news, the people who debate if it’s real or not, you know, they’re like, Whoa, America is really racist. Not going to vote for Trump. Or you know, it just insights this stuff like, oh look, you know, white people doing their thing, a bunch of racists. So

Speaker 6: (46:18)
do you think they can come take new thing? That was for people like us because we already call them new steaks and I was like this trendy thing to call the state, but then really just call me opposite of the left, right side of the news that they’re on fake type of thing.

Speaker 7: (46:29)
Oh yeah. They’ve appropriated the word fake news. And they made it about political bias instead of about propaganda and fabricated news events and pseudo news events. And that was clever. And we saw Trump play into that. I was like, wow. Wow. They did that as a reaction response to us.

Speaker 6: (46:46)
Yes. He led the charge on that. He didn’t just play into it and he was the of it, you know, Phyllis and it’s, it’s a joke. All this people that buy into the Left, right paradigm calling the other side fake, whether you like CNN or Fox. I mean, that’s all it is. It’s crazy dude. But that, that’s not to do that. Yeah. They took the term and they, they made it into bringing people back into that paradigm with it. You know, just like what you said, you know, people, people are like false flags. Uh, you call, you say this is a false flag, that’s a false flag. No, I say this is a hoax. Now you can say it’s under the umbrella of a false flag, but it’s much more specific because nobody’s done and they constantly try and sprinkle that false flag tight on us. And it’s a joke.

Speaker 7: (47:26)
Yeah, exactly. And that’s what I’m pushing back on. And that’s what I want to talk to you today. I want this to be the thing that we push out there, that the false flag line is a government line. Donald Trump is your crisis actor and chief, uh, Q and on as a hoax. If Q anon was real and he had any kind of Intel, he would say, oh, these events are hoaxes and hoggy boy’s a crisis actor. But they’ll never do that.

Speaker 6: (47:48)
Q anon is like anonymous 2.0 it’s the same. It’s always that same recycled crap. Come on.

Speaker 7: (47:53)
Oh yeah. Actually my first impression of Q and on, I was on a live stream. Somebody brought it up. I said, it looks like anonymous has been repackaged for the right wingers this time.

Speaker 6: (48:03)
Yeah, exactly. What it is, dude. It’s a joke. Truth groups like that. It’s like, dude does not let the phone happen. That doesn’t happen. It doesn’t go on.

Speaker 7: (48:12)
Right. Okay. Well, Hey, um, I want to open up the chat really quick. If anybody has any questions for me or for Bryan here, go ahead and ask now. Okay. So we’ve,

Speaker 6: (48:24)
let me just give me this. Okay,

Speaker 7: (48:28)
cool. Okay. Um, I’m going to get a list of questions here to ask Brian and we’ve got a couple of minutes. Yeah, please subscribe to this channel. Look, we had gone from like 300 subscribers to 12,000 subscribers in a matter of weeks and by our nightly coverage of the psyops anti-media is a real thing. It’s the true alternative media because alternative media has always been grassroots controlled from above. Moonlight says, why are you selling flat earth t’s on your website, kind of an inside joke. I get them sourced from Alibaba. Look, the flatter society has been around for like a hundred years. It was co-opted after they burned the leader’s house down like in the 80s. But, um, yeah, I’ve got some vintage stuff up there. It’s just a joke, man. We don’t take it seriously. The flatter society is a huge joke. Controlled opposition. Hey, yeah. Someone was asking me, cause I have these um, source from China, these flatter society shirts on my, my site. We kind of put them there just because the flatter society is one of these organizations that, um, is clearly being puppeteered. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if space x controlled them and their, their Twitter account. Uh, totally. Um, a fake entity, a fake organization. That’s why they never come out and make any real statements. You know, it’s completely fraudulent. It’s a sock puppet.

Speaker 6: (49:54)
Yeah. I mean they, yeah, it’s ridiculous. It’s like a website and a Twitter account. I mean that’s it. It’s crazy.

Speaker 7: (50:01)
Yeah, exactly. What I’ve been trying to get people to, to, um, grasp here with the whole flatter thing is that the people who are pushing a debate flat versus round are controlled opposition because, uh, there’s not enough information. Somebody needs to go to the edge of go really high in order to have a complete model to debate with. So it’s just premature. It’s, I think it’s premature for debate. And so what I’ve done is I’ve taken the old flat earth map from the flatter society and I removed the boundary and I put a bunch of question marks.

Speaker 6: (50:31)
Yeah, well, yeah, we don’t know. Like I tell people, I know it’s not a spinning ball in space and I know all the distances they tell us and I know it’s [inaudible] level anywhere we can measure and observe what happens past that. I have no idea. I mean I, I really don’t know, you know, but to me it’s like what’s important to just, I, I’ve been telling people this a lot with me cause I won’t take the label as the flat earth and anymore, I’m not anything, I’m not a no plainer, I’m not a flat art, so I don’t want any of those labels because it comes along with a lot of things I don’t, I don’t agree with. You know what I mean? Like I don’t agree though. The Sun 3,400 miles away, in my opinion, it’s much closer. I can’t prove it. It’s all this so much speculation.

Speaker 6: (51:08)
I mean, the thing to me though, ips is why are they lying? You know? And there’s so many reasons. There’s so many agendas, you know, there’s so many ways you can go with it. And depending on each person that you bring it up to, I just want to stop them on their journey because no matter what the reason is, if people think it’s spiritual, send them on that way. If they don’t believe in that type of thing. There’s obviously the money that NASA steals the land and the resources they, it could be all sorts of things. It’s control lions, he kids, it’s up to every person to go on that journey. But yeah, my thing would be, um, if you get caught up in, especially now, cause I’ve been at at five years now on that topic, if you get caught up into debate still, first of all, just reason negativity.

Speaker 6: (51:45)
It’s, and then if you’re not doing it to a huge neutral audience, it’s completely pointless. Cause East side’s just gonna walk away like they want and nothing’s gonna get resolved out of it. But on top of that, there’s a lot of people I know that are stuck on flatter and we’ll move on to other things at the same time. Like there’s always more truth is this, there’s not just one. And just always, I thought nine 11 was the ultimate truth. And guess what? There was another thing after that and after that it’s going to keep going. And the people that get stuck into the dates, men, a lot of those people, those are the type of people that I try and bring up other topics. Even like Oh, flatter, flat. The only thing that matters and it’s like those people are dead asleep too.

Speaker 7: (52:19)
Look, I got, okay, Mark Sargent himself, he said auto hoax goes too far. It can’t all be fake. And I’m, I’m just like face palming thinking, wait, every time space x sends a rocket up, you call it a hoax before they even set the thing up there. And so you’re auto hoaxing space, but you don’t auto hoax the ground. And then you’ve got other people who will say everything in space is real, but everything here on the ground is pretty much hoaxed. And so that’s gatekeeping for you. Hey, someone has a question here for ya. Uh, they want to know if you read miles Mathis

Speaker 6: (52:54)
[inaudible] the name sounds familiar, but no, I don’t read anything regularly. Like a publication in a day or what is it? I don’t even know what that is.

Speaker 7: (53:00)
Myles mathis.com he writes, he basically does auto hoaxing but um, I dunno, he’s also kind of a false flagger but he has some interesting, um, articles specifically about death. Fakers like Tupac. He contends that Tupac was, um, uh, a gay Jewish actor. Anyway, interesting stuff. Um, let’s see. Now you make it a big point here about not calling yourself a flat earth or I used to say, I’m just an earth or you guys spinning ball. Earthers trying to impose that on me and because I’m rejecting it, I get called a flatter there. But that’s really, I’m pretty much, it’s a false dichotomy. You do have an opt out, you can say, I don’t know.

Speaker 4: (53:38)

Speaker 6: (53:39)
I don’t know. But I know everything that presents in is a completely lie and I can name off a lot of the agendas and that’s where I’m at with it, you know? And, and you know, there’s a lot of people that that won’t look at anything else and I don’t get that. You know, I look at a lot of different topics and I try and tie them all together and I get, I get crapped on by people and that’s why I left almost all the sliders groups. I was in it and other topics, nine 11 groups Mandela’s like all these topics I talk about, I left almost all of those groups because I just get attacked whenever the conversations he has often to something else. It’s pretty funny too, cause it’s not me, you know, going off topic, I’ll be in one of the groups like say a flat Eric or somebody will post nine 11 it’s inflammation or you know, fake shooting the thing and I’ll, you know, go in there and then it’s all you, blah blah blah. It’s crazy dude. Then we have these like Trump’s or there’s and these people that put JFK up on this pedestal. Like he was the one guy that got through and he’s like, he was really assassinated. It’s like, Dude, you know?

Speaker 7: (54:30)
Oh yeah, people think that it was like live and everyone saw it happen. No, I’m, the first time the Zapruder film was ever aired was 12 years after the fact. And I think it was Geraldo Rivera was it? I think he was the one who aired it on TV. But yeah, that’s totally, I’m totally, that’s something that you can call into question. I mean, did JFK even die? That’s a valid question. And you have people, but if you notice that’s classic that were, this is the formula. They fake an event. They give you bad footage to argue over for decades and they, they have 10 experts writing 10 different conspiracy theories about it and you never hear the end of it. And not one of those experts ever say, maybe it didn’t even happen.

Speaker 6: (55:16)
And that’s why I say all the points you just need. That’s why I say Paulo, JFK and nine 11 and a quarter the same thing. Cycle. It’s the same people. Obviously it’s willing what you just said, mad footage to argue over and all these different theories. It’s the same thing every time.

Speaker 7: (55:32)
Literally the same thing. Nipsey Hustle’s death, 33 year old on a 33rd parallel. The footage you can argue over was there four shooters? Were there three shirts? Did the cops do it? They give you conspiracy theories and then the media gets mad and they say stop telling conspiracy theories about which gang member jaded or if the cops did it. Meanwhile they ignore the people like me who are saying it didn’t even happen. It was a hoax. You know hoaxes are beyond the Pale. It’s just the new four letter word h the h word. You can’t say it a fake. They don’t want you to say it and they want you to say false flag and that’s what I’ve been really harping on today. The false flag narrative needs to be exposed as a government line and anybody pushing false flags or anybody on the fence like, look, I like lift the veils channel, but he’s offense squatter until it’s safe and anybody playing it safe. I’m saying start disregarding them. Yeah,

Speaker 6: (56:23)
I’m sorry. Anyway, it’s safe. Has No courage. You need caught. You need to have cards and come home and say what you feel is the truth and right away. How about any topic? That’s how I am. I don’t need to wait for somebody else to come out with it. There’s a lot of people and we knew on the talking about and all these communities that have to wait for like their favorite channel to come out with a documentary before. They’ll jump on board a theory about something or it’s like they need a hero to follow. They need somebody to, they can’t just come out and say, hey, I don’t believe that. That doesn’t make any sense to me. That looks completely fake and it’s always like, here’s the thing, ips, and we know this as good as anybody. It’s like we’ve been right 100% of the time.

Speaker 6: (56:58)
What does it bitten us in the ass dude? Like look at the track record. Come on man. And not to say that, where do you think specially everybody should see this? Everybody should see it’s completely fake. And until you are proven completely TTF satisfaction, that one is real. Why would you believe it feel like I say stuff with the NASA people. It’s like this people got along the Mu Nes sake. But you said about faster, right? The little, the moon landing is fake. They’ll even dissect it. Some of them, but then they won’t go any any farther than that. And it’s like, dude, if they lied to you about the ruining the alleged greatest accomplishment or achievement of mankind, I mean why do you think, why would you believe the rest of it? And it’s all crap. It’s cartoons for kids and, and the, the actors that the astronauts are just as bad as the crisis actors. Same thing.

Speaker 7: (57:41)
Yes. And you know the daily beast did a story on the this channel because we met them at the Denver fighter conference and they said that what we’re doing by auto hoaxing is we are clear cutting a forest of information. And I’m like, yeah, we are like get your axes out pretty much because we’re talking about a forest of lies that ought to be chopped down and if something is valid we’ll discover to be so. But there are so many lies. There’s so much misinformation that you could be the most honest person in the world and go become a reporter for Fox and you’re going to be a liar the instant you start reading those teleprompters. That’s just the world we’re in right now.

Speaker 4: (58:19)

Speaker 7: (58:21)
The v are the auto hoaxers have been vindicated. Absolutely. So I’m, hey, before we go, I have your channel link below the video. This is Brian Staveley. And so I’m going to also link your channel on auto hoax.com and I encourage anybody if you’re into writing articles, Wikipedia or just putting links, it’s a wiki and it’s going to be a massive thorn in the side of the MSM once we fill that thing out. So, um, any other topics that you want to cover? A few people are asking about Mandela effect. I’m really quick here. What are your thoughts on that? I haven’t really heard you speak on that yet.

Speaker 6: (58:57)
Oh, well I mean I’ve been, I’ve been researching that since about late 2014, early 2015 but I mean in the last year that’s what the primarily the majority of my content is. And uh, I mean you should check it out sometime. I mean, it will, maybe, you know, we could, we could get deep into a conversation about it, but there’s a lot of people out there that are under the impression that, oh, that’s just a sign off the hole. You know, that’s what you think about, you know, anything until you actually look into it. No planes, nine 11 is a sign up. They look into it. These events being home, they call it a sigh up. So you’re looking into it. It’s not about media change and things like people think, uh, things in people’s physical possessions are changing. I could, you know, you could tell me your top and it’s deeper than movies and media and stuff like that, but you can name stuff in your house like movies or music and stuff. I could make you changes or changes on your maps or pulls whatever are there and they’re going to be changed physically in your house. And that’s insane. So that is not a media thing at all.

Speaker 7: (59:51)
Right? There is no way that it could be manually done if it’s happening. And my theory on this thing is, well, the only way you could possibly explain it is if reality is some type of collective creation. We’re all co-creators and they’re manipulating us in such a way that there’s splits or schisms where, um, you know, they are changing things. I don’t know exactly how it would work though. If it’s like, do they change it in the media? And then the people reflect it back. I don’t know. But it becomes very much like, to me, a question of how much input does the individual perceive or have on what’s being perceived.

Speaker 6: (01:00:28)
Yeah. And the craziest part too is when we’re, we’re watching things like this, things that are highly affected, like say Star Wars for instance, right? It’s like so many changes, but like as we’re watching them, nevermind our personal copies of changing and we know that they’ve changed, but as it watching them this more changes keep happen incrementally. Like it’s really crazy, dude. Even the name of my neighborhood has changed. I know that sounds crazy, but people can look at my videos on it. It’s changed from Centerville to central Ville and now it’s always been central bill. But with this one, nobody’s taken what we call the update. Everybody still thinks they live in a place called Centerville. But that place has never existed yet.

Speaker 7: (01:01:04)
The center

Speaker 6: (01:01:06)
no, wasn’t a more, yeah, it’s crazy. Let’s talk about nine 11. We talked about nine 11. Right? And then what do you know about Black Tom?

Speaker 7: (01:01:14)
Uh, nothing. Uh, who was that

Speaker 6: (01:01:18)
exactly? And this is, this is a big point because it’s not just media and stuff. I mean it’s history, geography, listen to this, right? So we looked at these events a lot. So when you look at these events, you hear about these other things, like you said, Gulf of Tonkin, right? Operation Northwoods. We talk to them about these false flags that get mentioned all the time. Right. You remember I’m watching nine 11 documentaries and whatnot, and hearing the narrative that Pearl pro was the first foreign attack on us soil and nine 11 was the second [inaudible]. Have you heard that? I’ve heard it many, many times. Right? All the time. And in the project for a new American Century, they said they needed a new pro harbor. You remember this?

Speaker 7: (01:01:54)
Yeah. I remember that specifically a new Pearl, Harvard, that this was a historical analog.

Speaker 6: (01:02:00)
Yup. And they specifically said it was a second call on tack, Pearl Humble as the first listening to this. Now in this reality, in this timeline, this, whatever you want to call it, this meeting of a collective conscious right now in 1916 two German spies knocking through new blew off a hundred thousand pounds of TNT injured, about 120 people kill the handful and damaged the statue of liberty so bad that nobody’s ever been to the torch yet. I’ve talked to many people that have been to the torch, but now it’s impossible cause it’s never been opened. And not only that, how is that not mentioned on nine 11 no matter what your views are, you know they’re gonna push the patriotism. You’re telling me the statue of Liberty, the symbol of American freedom that they kept showing on nine 11 was attacked in 1916 this just came out of nowhere about three years ago.

Speaker 6: (01:02:52)
Nobody ever heard of it. I haven’t asked one person yet that has heard of it, not one. And the JFK thing keeps changing all these historical events. It’s really insane. The Lindbergh baby was now found is the hole. There were jokes the years about how the Lindbergh baby was missing and never found the limber baby was found. The guy was convicted. This survivors of the Hindenburg disaster. The JFK always had audio now to go with along with this, uproot a film and now the six people in the car and not four and Oswald has different clothes on and this is all on your own stuff. If you have footage of any of this, and from my hometown Ed McMahon from Lowell where I live and McMahon definitely worked for publishers clearing house. We used to get the envelopes. There’s even a rap song. He does parodying it saying, oh, go and do it a door. Can I get my giant check back now? He’s never even had an affiliation with that company.

Speaker 7: (01:03:42)
Fascinating. Okay. Yeah, this is all really interesting stuff. I like watch looking at all the narrative and the scripting and like you’re talking about JFK. I think it’s interesting how Jack Ruby takes down Oswald, you know, and there’s all this wizard of Oz symbolism, ruby slippers, wizard of Oz, you know, it’s the slippers that defeat him. There’s all these stories. And then there were synchronicities, you know, in our personal lives that to me, synchronicity suggests that there is something else at work here. So somewhere between scripted reality and synchronicity for me is the Mandela effect. It’s somewhere in there as an explanation.

Speaker 6: (01:04:16)
What about, um, you know how we talked about the secret of film and I remember that being the iconic film and there was like one honor that was talked about, but I’d never really saw it. I can show you 13 different angles of the assassination of JFK. Now, most in color, all allegedly always been in our timeline recorded by all these different people in 1963 with 18 cameras.

Speaker 7: (01:04:38)
See that’s, that’s amazing. That’s amazing. That’s like, um, stuff that’s not in any of the books about the topic

Speaker 6: (01:04:47)
and it’s not like one of the, you know, they talked about the JFK file and getting released before somebody goes there. Right. Do they come out with that? These videos have been out two years now. Did, they’re up on Youtube, the comments, the years, but we’ve never seen him. All of a sudden, they just popped in like a few months ago and it changed the complete narrative of JFK. Now if you go look, look up something called the victim belt recording, that’s what the audio is. Supposedly, there’s an audio and then you can hear the audio. I played it on a show. I get a whole JFK right now with the call them changes and you can hear the audio. And now due to the story, this audio was recorded by a police motorcycle that was behind the limo. And because the audio is presented, uh, some sort of, you know, government, a committee on assassinations of presidents or whatever, determined that there was a second shooter.

Speaker 6: (01:05:31)
This is official in terms, there was a second shooter that find the third shot from the grassy knoll. That’s the 10 years. And then they reversed it in like the late seventies and said, no, there wasn’t a second shooter to do all these theories about that. Right. But there was never any conclusion by the government based on an audio that there was a second shooter. The whole thing’s changed. You talked about ruby killing Oswald. I remember Ruby wearing a white tee shirt. Now Ruby has on a sweater, over a long sleeve buttoned up college shirt in Dallas in the summertime going into Oklahoma.

Speaker 7: (01:05:59)
So do you think this is all intentional sewing of confusion in order to gaslight people and throw off their confidence and their own perceptions? Or is there something else at work here, something supernatural or something?

Speaker 6: (01:06:11)
It’s something else. I think it’s supernatural. I think it’s more about collective consciousness causing it. I know a lot of people go the other way with you mentioned earth. A lot of people think that, um, but I, I think there’s a kickback. I actually, I think I saw collective consciousness all connected to each other. I think that some things I left as a probably assigned from the creative to let us know that this reality is this. It’s like a physical trap and we need to like spiritually eventually get out of this when basically in this artificial physical construct. And I think most people could probably agree with that to a point, but they’re all saying weird things that happened where, you know, say say something like black foam, say I brought it up to you. Right. You don’t know right now. Nobody’s ever given me the official story of lactone like they knew about these things will happen.

Speaker 6: (01:06:50)
And like I say, I asked somebody about black prom, they’ll never hear about it, and then I’ll say, oh yeah, it was the first day. And then they’ll just like fill in the lines and they’ll have the facts like from Wikipedia, like at the end disposal without even reading it. And I think some of that, you know, might be ticked back from the bad side. Is that people messing with frequencies that caused confusion? Is it an evil force? I don’t know. I tend to think with as good as evil it might be. It might be a kickback to not make us realize that we have this rising spirituality. I think that’s their biggest fear, honestly. Nevermind. Just denial shootings. I think that’s just hideous.

Speaker 7: (01:07:25)
It could be. It could be the idea of more just basically autonomy at a spiritual level where we’re actually unplugging our, like see what they’ve done is I think they have managed to seize the means of perception where our reality collectively is being curated by some very special interests and they’ll do anything to not lose control of that in one day. One way that they maintain control is universal threats that they can protect us from. So they have fear that they use to keep us under the spell. Anyway, it’s this protracted ongoing terror theater. I call it the [inaudible] industrial complex. And it’s this, that keeps you believing in this stuff that can then get you to move into the military industrial complex where you go from, I saw something on TV, now I’m ready to go retaliate with my gun. So Hey, I’m, this has been great. Um, I appreciate the call on my, I have your channel link below the video here. And um, so we’ll do this again, but auto hooks.com I’m going to go ahead and, and put a link for your channel there as well. So anybody listening, you should go there and in case this video doesn’t stay on Youtube, you will find it at infinite plane, radio.com all right. Anything else, Brian?

Speaker 6: (01:08:39)
No, thank you, man. Thank you for having me on. I really appreciate it. And any of my people that are here for my channel. I see a lot of you guys definitely check out this show because you do live streams and you don’t care about getting sensitive when they take it down and you just bounce around like I do. So I appreciate that. And now you don’t talk no bullshit and you just say how you feel. So I definitely recommend people doing it.

Speaker 7: (01:08:59)
Awesome. I appreciate it. All right, have a great day. Ready?

Speaker 3: (01:09:03)

Speaker 7: (01:09:07)
this is solid. Mike. Fly Out of hoax, produced by DJ ready row

Speaker 3: (01:09:10)
[inaudible] CIA

Speaker 8: (01:09:20)
d Nike Ibn, the therapist. No, was [inaudible] older ones out and tell them about education. The streets are always dangerous. [inaudible] Pete is playing into really hear what they saying. You know what that means or you dealt with the teens. They speak to signs and symbols. You can learn them that these [inaudible] by nine 11 because of the 27 what you think that they can have the Knob or the med. It’s all looked forward into the [inaudible] body and muscles. Why they snatched your bodies. [inaudible] option that got hobbies. Switching roles with the paddle club called that and not only trying to prove, don’t you know we did around the globe and the to the movement to move. We will make the weight, let it spread. [inaudible]

Speaker 8: (01:10:20)
let them know we don’t place a potty by this recipe like a breakaway man to say, okay, show retention on your bed a date. Do you know what I’m Tom that don’t that these slimy, nicest antichrist at their turn, the app bring it up. Much of Peter’s actuality. That’s why the truth must spread by word of mouth. Word of math on solid coat illuminati. When my mom and myself by the growth section, if fat habits, switching bowls with the adult auto sign, secretaries aren’t what they are showing. Don’t except fix [inaudible] improved. Then you’re labeled scores descriptive by the number called what do alarm me. Let me turn on my auto hose.

Speaker 9: (01:11:25)
… cause I tell you these kids, today’s is tripping. I ain’t tripping. He must be tripping. [inaudible]

Speaker 3: (01:11:35)
[inaudible] [inaudible] your reality.

Speaker 10: (01:12:11)
[inaudible] nobody died at Sandy Lake. Nobody died in the war. And then we tried it about a weapon. Nobody died in any of the terrorist attacks like Bhagwan. Nobody died. 1,000 oaks, nobody died in Vegas. None those gay people died at the disco shooting.

Speaker 3: (01:13:21)
Yolanda, there is no evidence for any of your religious saviors to actually exist. There are no promises. There is no end to [inaudible] books. There’s no space. There’s no satellites. The space station is vague. And like I said earlier, I’m going to reality

Speaker 10: (01:13:35)
[inaudible] but they keep talking about [inaudible]. It’s been 12 minutes. Let me go ahead and delete this. I know you were listening. Trolls. I know your ears are bleeding. Go ahead and call your mommy so you never find that intermission. We’ll be right back.

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