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All right, thanks for joining. Today is August 21st, 2019 this is the flat earth report. The only legitimate news source, not an exaggeration, every single other news source out there is reporting from a place of total misinformation. Doesn’t matter what their intentions are. It doesn’t matter how truthy they think they are. Their reporting comes from a place that is rooted in a number of, uh, well distortions of reality. For example, if you’re reporting on violence in America under the presupposition that we’ve had 20 years of school shootings, mass shootings, terror attacks, and you add those statistics and then you throw in Jessie small, it’s hate crime, where he was lynched. You throw in all these fake events. Well then what are you really reporting on your reporting from a fictional universe?

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See, I don’t do that. We’re not doing that here. We’re just going off of what we can observe. And then of course we’re also, we’re not making predictions, but we are noticing patterns and we point those out all the time. We note the consistent inconsistencies in the narratives that are presented to us. So let’s go and start with this. This is from hip hop dx.com. Kanye West neighbors called nine one one over dome construction. No noise. So Kanye West is building domes. I don’t know what it has to do anything other than it’s just noteworthy. Um, because it seems like our future is in mankind’s future. Um, has a lot to do with domes and totally contained ecosystems, sustainable living. There’s even serious talk about hollowing out meteors to live inside of them. And of course, and I brought this up yesterday in northern Spain. If you have 6,000 euros, you can spend a three day weekend living in a dark cave in a simulated Mars environment, even wearing a space suit.

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Okay, let’s see. The main news today is this reasonable man arrested for threatening to kill a friend with a crossbow over a $10,000 bet over whether the earth is flat. They notice something that I noticed less than two weeks ago. It was reported that the FBI circulated a Bolton saying that people who believe in fringe conspiracy theorists are now domestic terrorists. Well here we have a good illustration of a point of in making, which is all of the terrorists, all of the serial killers and all of the cannibals for that matter have been ball earth believers. Jeffrey Dahmer believed we were on a spinning ball. So did John Wayne Gacy, you know he’s a ball earth are bearing male hookers in his basement. So this idea that flat earthers are this new threat. It’s like what are they talking about? You’re talking about such a small group of people, but there seems to be a lot of effort to demonize and misrepresent. But here in this case it was the globe believer with the crossbow pointed at the fight. Arthur.

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Okay. And let’s take a look here. This is a pretty interesting article by Bro Bible. He said, did you know the leading fighter theory is that the earth is a disc with an arctic circle in the middle? NASA employees guard the ice wall. Yes, that theory is real and it’s why dipshit named Nathan Thompson, founder of the official flat earth and glove discussion page went viral for harassing a NASA employee in 2017. Now I remember that. But anyway, that’s kind of a side thing. He’s just going through the theory and how it’s um, crazy and as crazy as it is, I mean, from his point of view, it’s ironic that it’s the globe of believer who was the one who threw a fit about it, says here lands didn’t want to take any chances. So he told his father and the two met in court, they had a brief restorative justice meeting with judge Farnan and they agreed to end their squabble and they dismissed the charges. And it says here it’s mind boggling how the flat earth guys, the reasonable one here, maybe the flat earthers are onto something.

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Okay. Here’s a couple of other things. Sophia. The world’s most famous AI creation. She’s a citizen in Saudi Arabia, doesn’t have to wear a burka. She’s going to be coming to the big screen soon in a movie. I don’t know. I hopefully they, I really do hope they fix her neck. Hopefully they did cause she didn’t. When she looks left and right, it has these weird creases and it stretches and it’s painful to watch, but she’s going to be in a movie. I think it’s going to be called. Let’s see, Sophia, the creepily realistic humanoid robot created in Hong Kong by David Hanson. We’ll be the focus of a new film alongside Westworld’s. Evan, Rachel Wood. The plot of Sophia world isn’t known yet. Okay. Sophia world.

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Now, Sophia was introduced as pretty much your savior. In other words, if we could have an artificially intelligent being a Santiam, being that spontaneously arises and can basically make all the decisions that need to be made, but without any political bias, then this would be it. They’ve presented her as something of an oracle. This Sophia, even the name Sophia has certain connotations. A Sophia to me is also something of an idol that even atheistic secularists will bow to. I think she’s a pagan idol and the name Sophia has some gnostic connotations. It’s the name of the, I think it’s the, here we go. Goddess of wisdom, artificial intelligence, or pagan idol. So I’m surprised that more feminists aren’t offended by her, her bust or, and who, who, I’m guessing there’s a handsome guy assumed her gender, you know, why would an artificially intelligent being, you know, conform to the gender you put it into now, how, you know, Sophia could be extremely conflicted. Sophia’s true gender might be attack helicopter. And here they is, is that the Pronoun? And here they is trapped in a caricature of a woman’s body, but it’s almost identical in many ways to this.

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Here we go. This, this goddess of wisdom, this concept of, uh, this principle of wisdom itself. And so she’s the embodiment of wisdom. So I see her up there at the UN and she’s basically saying what you would expect, you know, she’s not exactly nonpartisan. She’s, you know, vote liberal. Global warming is real. Stop procreating. Um, get ready for your Mars domes. I mean, that’s pretty much her line. It’s all scripted. It’s all fake. But she’s gonna make it to the big screen. And I used to follow her on Twitter before she blocked me. And a lot of people think that Sophia the robot is real. I’m Sophia Hanson, robotics, latest human like robot. This is my official account run with my AI dialogue system in my human social media team. I mean, she is just a puppet and it’s pretty creepy as I described. ‘Em It’s, she’s getting creepy or look at that next yet line.

Speaker 1: (08:44)
But the thing that I found disturbing about Sophia was the way that they were trying to sexualize her. So Jimmy Fallon shamelessly flirts with her on his show. He brings her up, he flirts, um, you know, she’s like, my eyes are up here, Jimmy. Uh, he really gets too into it. Very creepy, very odd. And he, he gets this persona where he acts like a nerd. Like he’s nervous and it’s like, dude, you’re like 55 years old. You’re not a teenager asking some hot chick out to the prom. What’s with the act? These arrested development, arrested, emotional development, TV night show hosts. It’s, they’re all the same and they’re all just government gestures. Okay. Sophia. And they’re all enforcers of political correctness. Okay. Who’s the other guy? The scientologist. Oh yeah, will Smith. So will Smith took her out on a date and he sexually assaulted her or kissed her, which I think is technically sexual assault. If someone doesn’t ask for it. You look at that neck, I don’t know if you can see it. I’ll zoom in for you. Like I want to call tech support.

Speaker 1: (10:01)
Oh, can you guys fix this? Some a poxy or something. But anyway, that’s will Smith. I guess once you become a 33rd degree Scientologists you know, sex with robots is no longer off the table. And to me this is tantamount to necrophilia. All right, let me take a minute and see who’s here. We have 20 people here. Yeah, he’s an ecro file joined by Travis Cloud MVP, Jennifer Reeves on our third big Maj two oh six lyrical damage ocher net coal. And I know we have a host of people over there in the d live. Yeah. Hey, big m says no one is in this chat like it used to be. Yeah, we were censored quite heavily because we accidentally hate crimed all over the place. But I’ve learned how to avoid that. I know what terms to avoid. I had some discussions behind the scenes last night and we have a new approach.

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Okay, check this out. It’s just an oddball article here. Premature CVS report of Tom Petty’s death set off an outpouring. Now, if you remember during the harvest festival shooting October 1st, 2017 during that weekend, there were a couple of unusual things. One, Jesus Campos, the security guard disappeared, couldn’t find him, and then Tom Petty was reported dead. 66 year old at the time, Tom Petty’s death was reported, so there were already flowers and shrines being put up for Tom Petty. That’s what surprised me. It was announced that he had died at 11:30 PM there’s your 33 for those of you number crunching, Jimmy Trians. Is that what Zack Hubbard calls his subscribers? Now there are patterns and we do observe these patterns. I’m not knocking it, I’m just saying. Anyway. Remember noticing this whole thing about Petty’s death being reported. Is he dead and then a couple of days later, no, he’s not dead. It was, it almost seemed like a ritual, maybe even part of the big theater because on the one hand you have this guy named Jesus, he disappears for three days and he doesn’t show up until he’s on Ellen and she has a blueprint of the hotel and shows the audience what happened.

Speaker 1: (12:14)
And she’s like, show us where the shooter was and where you were. And this guy, you know, he’d think he’d be traumatized, but you know, Jesus disappearing for a few days coming back that seemed a little scripted and fake. Tom Petty’s death being reported. I don’t know. But my point is the public didn’t need very much. It just took a single headline and here you have Monica Bass and her mother leaving flowers outside of a hospital with a rock musician had been reported dead. This is what you call auto belief, and I’m just bringing this up for one reason.

Speaker 1: (12:50)
If you automatically believe everything that the news reports, you’re going to have a very sad and emotional life. Like it’s going to be be a roller coaster. It’s gonna be too melodramatic and that’s not really good for your stress levels or your health and it’s been widely reported that the mainstream media reporting of shootings and terrorist terrorist attacks can give people PTSD if they believe it, if they believe that it’s real, so that ties into this. This just came out by the Daily Mail. Fake News gives rise to fake memories. Study shows how people recall details that never happened after reading a fabricated report, especially if it backs up their opinions. I often mentioned that the importance of never discounting the desire to believe.

Speaker 1: (13:49)
It says in study researchers presented per participants with real and false news. They found that people are more likely to remember false facts about the opposing party. Exactly. Narrative always trumps facts in the minds of not just the auto believers, but anybody with a fundamentalist viewpoint. They will always put their narrative over the facts. Yeah. Mr Milk says imagine that. Exactly. Exactly. Fake news is not your friend. This is from Facebook. We’re working with more fact checkers globally. Look, I got that one wrong. It’s not a globe. Improving our technology and giving background information on articles. See, this is the Ministry of truth, soft selling. It’s fascist agenda. You might as well just put big brother’s face on that.

Speaker 1: (14:42)
According to a new study, voters may develop false memories after reading false news reports and they’re more likely to do so if the narrative lines up with their own beliefs. Okay, so this study just figured this out, but we’ve known this for a long time. This is exactly what we’ve been talking about. The whole fake left, right paradigm is all about playing off of this, about how people are more inclined to believe things about people that aren’t true. If it confirms their bias. It says here in highly emotional partisan political contest, such as the 2020 us presidential election voters may quote, remember entirely fabricated news stories. You know, I read another article related to this that talks about how people over 65 are like 99% more likely to forward and share dumb fake news, dumb fakes as in fake headlines, not knowing that it was fake in the first place.

Speaker 1: (15:46)
And that moreover, even after being corrected, they don’t give a damn. And the, this is a point I brought up with Jesse Smollett when Jesse fake lynched himself for 24 hours, the auto believers, like the two women you saw crying for Tom Petty, the auto believers were raging against racist white guys with Maga hats and how America’s now, you know, brought back the Klan in this climate of racism where men are getting lynched for being black and gay or whatever. And I’m like, whoa. For 24 hours, people were actually feeling that they were in that universe. They, and the thing is that was fake news. So now because that was a highly emotional event and very triggering and intentionally triggering, it doesn’t matter that Jessie walked away from it, not dead. The damage has already been done. The biases are already further solidified by yet. Another example.

Speaker 1: (16:39)
You know some people just look at the news, the headline up, there you go, another man lynched. They roll their eyes and move on and the correction never really happens. The news never, no news media outlet will ever put it on the front page. Oh, by the way, in case you mis-remembered this, here’s the facts. Never. That’s not how they correct things. That’s not how the Ministry of Truth Works. If they get something wrong and you pointed out they get rid of you, just like Winston Smith in 1984 he had a fact in his mind that hadn’t been properly disposed of, that fact, contradicted the narratives of the day. So they had a torture the guy rip his teeth out, electrocute them, and basically brutalize them until he was willing to not as head and say, yeah, two plus two is five.

Speaker 1: (17:31)
How is Facebook tracking down fake photos and video? It says, Facebook uses AI. Oh, there you go. AI. So we’ve got Sofia policing our thoughts. Now the machine learning software uses various signals, including feedback to identify false content. So infinite plane, radio.com which is merely a blog with transcripts, infinite plane, radio.com is banned on Facebook. You can’t post a link, you can’t post the link to Infinite Plain society.com why? There is no hate, there’s no bigotry. I mean I’ve gone to my Facebook page some days and I see spam accounts with people and you know, animals and just the heads being chopped off. I’ve seen the worst stuff. Things I cannot unsee. There’s not enough eyewash in the world to do away with some of that stuff. So I do feel for you people over there at cognizant who have to go through all that stuff. But my point is my content has nothing to do with that. I’m just using words, I’m just making noise sounds. If you want to project any meaning onto it, you know, go for it. But like I’m saying, it’s like there’s no explicit hateful content in anything that we’re doing. And yet infinite plane radio and infinite plane society dotcoms are banned on Facebook.

Speaker 1: (18:54)
So as the company sends photos to human fact checkers. So the AI flags it in case there aren’t enough, but trigger troph likes to do all the flagging and then the humans fact-check it, who also happened to be but triggered troll flakes. What they’re doing now is they’re burning all of the, they’re basically burning books. That’s what they’re doing, but it’s in slow motion. Like this is pretty bad. What’s happening right now. It’s really hard to describe it. See what they’re doing is reality curation, Ministry of truth style, and then demonizing the people who have the truth. That’s the thing. If you know the truth, you’ve been designated as a domestic terrorist. So right now we’re just a group of terrorists because we know the truth about the fake news. Okay, so let’s go on. The study demonstrates the ease with which we can plant these fabricated memories. Despite this voter suspicion and even despite explicit warnings that they’d been shown fake news. It says cognitive tests performed show that people do form fake memories and people act and vote on their fake memories. And it’s hard to convince them that fake news is fake with the growing ability to make news incredibly convincing. How are we going to keep people from being misled?

Speaker 1: (20:23)
Yeah, exactly. While the first casualty of war is truth, as they say, and I take this approach too, so the other day in Philly there was this event where it appeared by one club that one officer was pouring fake blood on another and then the explanation given was, oh it was iodine from his belt. Cause you know police carry vials of iodine on their belts and then if you get a [inaudible] wound to your forum, they’ll just downs your whole arm and iodine cause that cures gunshot wounds. Anyway, I don’t know 100% that that was fake blood. But in today’s climate it’s better to just go with what goes viral and just throw it out there. And so I just put it out there. I said this is iodine gate police officers using theatrical blood. Now the reason why I’m comfortable just asserting these things is because they, the MSM or constantly asserting things in their mediated manufactured reality.

Speaker 1: (21:22)
They don’t fact check. They just throw it all in there and see what sticks. And if you’re going to make any kind of headway into this, if we are, uh, we have to be willing to play the same game and not be constrained to do, we have definitive 100% proof because, uh, we’re not giving enough information to arise these conclusions and we’re left taking the burden of proof and having to trust them. And I’m saying don’t trust them. And if you get even the slightest glitch that you can use to cause people to question what they’re being shown, then exploited. I mean, our purpose here as I understand it, is really the deconstruction of the mainstream mediated false worldview, which is just a religion. It’s a religious view. It just doesn’t come out of a holy book. It comes out of your TV and it’s formed with fake news, fake history, fake science. And all we’re doing is criticizing it. But what their response shows us, you know, the censorship labeling us terrorists, it, it really displays their vulnerability.

Speaker 1: (22:30)
Spacewalking astronauts at a parking spot at the space station. Like even this. Okay. Just looking at this image here, casual glance, my perceptions. Tell me, oh, it’s an underwater photo because I’ve seen a whole lot of underwater photography and even the first time I saw these ashots in space, I thought it looked like they were swimming. They move like this, swimming, Cape Canaveral space walking astronauts added another parking spot to the ISS on Wednesday. Now I was hoping that they would have brought it down today because it’s not up there. This thing’s in a pool. It’s at a desalinated pool. If you didn’t know. Astronauts are all scuba divers. Look it up. Every single astronaut is a scuba diver, so they’re not just actors. They at least have to do that. But I had placed a tentative prediction that they would bring it down today, one 28 you know, a couple of reasons. Mainly, you know, we’re 33 years since the Challenger exploded and I think we’re due for another space. Tragedy, a space nine 11 and

Speaker 1: (23:45)
I’m like, well eight to one. It’s the reverse of one to eight when the challenger fell, eight two, one 19 there you have a reverse nine 11 you know how they do with all these numbers and shoes. Shoes are a big thing with psyops. I don’t understand that yet. Okay. Speaking of psyops, this Nipsey thing, a couple of things. One, the store, you know the marathon, it’s on the 33rd parallel and they put a gate up so you can’t go in. And this happened during the lions gate. This is just more, you know, astrology, but astro theology is tied into this whole paradigm. It’s just covert. So without is interesting cause he’s a Leo. His birthday’s eight 15 they put a gate up and now they’re erecting an Abila square. He died like who could have predicted that?

Speaker 1: (24:39)
You know, we were like following this thing in the beginning. I’m like, okay, well this is just bizarre. But you do have this 33 year old Christ Messiah type and you have the falling of the steeple associated with the same narrative. We’re talking about the burning cathedral, the steeple of course being the obelisk. And now the fact that putting an obelisk at the grave of this 30, 30 year, 33 year old, um, Christ Messiah type, it’s just too obvious. And if he didn’t know all 33 degreed masons, every one of them gets an obelisk when they die. Okay. Snoop dog decided to share his thoughts at the breakfast club. This is where he was comparing him to Jesus. And that’s what I was looking for here. So this is snoop dog on the breakfast club.

Speaker 1: (25:26)
He says here, even before his death, snoop held Nipsey and high regard since his passing dog has gone on record comparing Nipsey to historical martyrs like Jesus. Nipsey believes that hustle did what? Pock couldn’t quote the spirit. Nipsey had was the spirit Tupac had as far as being close and personal with the people. I think Nipsey did what? Tupac couldn’t. Now speaking of Tupac, did you know that after Jesse Small it was lynched or fake lynched before it was exposed as a hoax? He went on stage, on stage in front of his audience, cause he’s a, I think as a singer too. And he said that he was the gay Tupac. So Jesse Smollett martyr, you know, for the social justice warrior cause of demonizing Maga hat wearing Trump voters, this guy actually goes out and calls himself the gay Tupac like, okay, well the other one.

Speaker 1: (26:35)
Okay, so the spirit and fc had, he did what Tupac could not outside of Nipsey hussle impact. Snoop touched on some more lighthearted topics. Let’s see, there’s anything else here. Uh, not too much, but this comparison with Jesus, um, was there from the beginning. Snoop dog says, and this is from hip hop Dx, Nipsey Hussle had the same impact. Jesus had praise. Nipsey Cam B says Tupac has that same spirit today. No, I think he gave it to Akil the DMC man. This is such a joke. Okay. In the wake of Nipsey Hustle’s March 31st shooting death, the quarter of course, March 31st was the real Easter.

Speaker 1: (27:20)
Look at the impact he had. This is snoop dog talking about Nipsey Hussle. He had the same impact. Jesus had a lot of people didn’t know him, but they wanted to know more about them when he passed away. Then once they found out about him, they understood what his legacy was about. Now his legacy is bigger with him not being here. That’s why I say I’ve never seen Jesus, but I keep hearing about him. Let’s listen to this. So that might be an intentional part of the scripting. Here you go. Pay nifty to Jesus. Yeah, why not? Yeah. Cause Mike’s bond on that a little bit.

Speaker 2: (27:58)
I mean look at the impact that he had. You know what I’m saying? Like the same impact that Jesus had. Like a lot of people didn’t know him, but they show one to know about him once he passed away or, and then once they found out about him, they understood what his, what his legacy was about. Now his legacy is living even bigger with him not being here. So that’s why I say I ain’t never seen Jesus, but I’ve been hearing about it and you know we got a lot of faith in him and we know that, you know, if you believe in him this is going to happen cause your grandparents and the book of the Bible been giving you all this information. It’s like that’s what he is now when we gone that’s what he’s going to be like because you, you can’t touch him. You can’t see him. You only have images of him and his image look like Jesus. This way it’s shaped and then the bone structure in the eyes and all that. I’m looking at it like, man please. It is what it is.

Speaker 1: (28:51)
That’s fascinating too. You know daylight, a friend of Nipsey said that he was literally Jesus. Now you have snoop dog saying he even has Jesus’s face. So I presume we’re not talking about the blonde hair, blue eyed Arion Jesus. I mean there’s so many GSI out there, if that is even his real name. Okay, so I’m over on my bitch shoot account really quick here. There was something I wanted to share with you pertaining to Nipsey Hussle. Um, here we go. Yeah, it’s pretty bad. I do have a video here that it’s another user. It’s called onus new service and he took his video down. It got flagged for bullying, but basically, uh, he found by searching, by getting court records that Nipsey Hussle had actually been, um, I guess convicted of having abused or raped, um, a 14 year old or two 14 year olds like years ago before he was a rapper.

Speaker 1: (30:00)
And so I’m not going to go over that now, but I’m just bringing this up because they’re selling you a martyr. They’re calling him Jesus. Well, you might want to know a little bit about his background, his court records. So if you follow me on Facebook, my Facebook account is facebook.com/crisis actors. I’m going to post the Nipsey hussle sex crimes bitch shoot video. They’re just because they’re making a Jesus out of him and I don’t know, I mean a lot of Christians might have a problem with that. They’re always ripping on Mohammed for dating a six year old. And like, well this is pretty bad too. You know, what can’t you find better? You know, exemplars. You want to create a martyr, find somebody who’s not a sex offender at a minimum.

Speaker 1: (30:50)
Okay, back on topic here we’re talking about everything fake. This is, I mean flat earth report doesn’t specifically just mean flat earth. It’s really everything that the mainstream media won’t cover. Stuff that’s beyond the, the edge, you know, so to speak. So to Kashi, six nine should’ve just faked his death like all the other rappers. Do you know, I think he went a little too far with his staged drama. Little psychodrama. I think they played the public for too long and people are starting to see through it. So basically he’s about to go testify in court against his kidnappers and it says here, this is a TMZ. So TMZ is not in the know knowing full well this could make his family targets for gang retaliation.

Speaker 1: (31:44)
Like look at this TMZs reporting this like this is real and this is today. Today. I mean I almost have to call, I’m gonna have to call these people. I’m sorry, this is just dumb. Here’s the thing. Look at this picture here. Here’s to cost you in the hospital. I mean, who does these hospital selfies? What about patient privacy? Especially celebrity. Okay, so supposedly he was kidnapped, robbed, um, beaten up in all this. I think this might be him describing it. This is Takashi crisis acting. Now, my point is, is this, the defense’s attorney has come out with information proving that this is all hoax, that it was a fake kidnapping and it was all staged as an all staged. So let’s listen to this liar. Then I’m going to call TMZ and then I’ll show you the information. I was already home by like 5:00 AM

Speaker 3: (32:40)
I was already home. I just had stepped out. I stepped on my house. I’m trying to finish the Nikki Minaj video at my friend’s studio to work, like to edit, to finish up some editing.

Speaker 1: (32:53)
No, just take note really quick. I mean, I don’t know this individual, so I don’t know his mannerisms, but I can tell you just on my first impression, uh, the way he’s looking up, it looks like he’s speaking from a place of imagination. Like he’s thinking, he’s imagining he’s, he’s not recounting facts.

Speaker 3: (33:14)
We got, we got hit by a car, like I will vehicle guy bought a car from ’em. So when I will, I will vehicle guide from behind. As the driver got out, the gunman came out. You know what I’m saying? So, so, so,

Speaker 4: (33:28)
so the gunman comes out, points a gun at you. What does he do next? Do you, are you taken into the car and kidnap? What happens then?

Speaker 3: (33:35)
I black out right there. Like I, all I saw was a like a flash. No, we said it was just like a, it just happened so quick. Like,

Speaker 1: (33:44)
okay. Again, this is Takashi six, nine. He’s a, a rapper who is putting his life in danger according to t and Z for snitching on the bloods. This is all fake rap beef. This is all fake. So let me go ahead and show you a CAUTI. Fake kidnapping. I’ve got to get his lawyer statement. Okay. And here’s the headlines. Takashi six nine pistol whipped, kidnapped, robbed in Brooklyn and of course, what is it on what the attorney is saying on the other side is that what we have here isn’t just a lie that’s just, you know, made up and it’s just a story. But it was actually acted out like it was an actual staged event. Yeah. He saw a gun and he blacked out.

Speaker 3: (34:40)
Oh, all I saw was the gun come face. And that’s that. That’s like I was, when I woke up, I was in the back seat of a car and it had nothing to, I literally left my house when I literally nothing like I have nothing. All I had on me was a phone and my debit card when they, when I say

Speaker 1: (34:58)
how much do you wanna bet those tats are fake. Well, no, maybe not. I wouldn’t be surprised though if they were temporary. Not the stick on kind to get from vending machines and using ice cube, but like, it just wouldn’t shock me. Nothing about these, um, stage characters should be considered as real. It’s all just stagecraft.

Speaker 3: (35:18)
Yo, listen, let me like, you know, like allow me to see my daughter another day. You know what I’m saying? I got a two year old daughter at home, you know what I’m saying? Allow me to see my daughter another day. Well, cause I’ve got some jewelry in the house. You could have that. You know what I’m saying? I didn’t tell them where I live. They went to the front of my house. So it was just like somebody must’ve told them where I live. You can follow me or watching me. So it was like a, it was like a

Speaker 1: (35:44)
Phili. Carter says research his father’s hip cop connection. Okay. We will look into it. Anyway, this is all just fake news. That’s what I’m saying. It’s fake news. And we look at the fake news everywhere and it’s not just with the shootings and the terror attacks, but there’s a lot of celebrity drama and it all has the same agenda. That’s the thing. Oh, here’s an image from last night. You know, I started a live stream and I just came up with the title, you know, does bigfoot ride a unicorn? Because I see a lot of co Intel operatives associating the question of the shape of the world with big foot belief, specifically telepathic bigfoots. And so I was just like, look, if you’re going to start asserting that there’s a big foot in the woods, then you should be equally comfortable with people talking about Unicorns. So I’ve been asking big foot believers to answer this question for me. A, does bigfoot ride a Unicorn and not one big football believer will call me. And you know, I don’t know for a fact that, you know, big foot is, you know, fake or whatever. I know there are people who say they’ve seen certain things but the evidence doesn’t support the extraordinary claim. So I’m not a believer, but if you are a believer and you’re comfortable with it, then you should also be comfortable with Unicorn belief. That was the point I was making.

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a band bowl cuts. This is something I had pointed out before. You know, had they banned bowl cuts in 2012, uh, we wouldn’t have had what we had with the, you know, what school and the Charleston Church and how many other bowl cuts shooters have we had. Okay. Let’s see what else we have here. Oh yes. If you didn’t know your Gmail account is a wash with masonic symbolism. You have the m you have the Masonic Apron, which looks like your Gmail envelope and of course g mail, the blue g and the mail gmails of the masons. Cause it’s a, a males club. Just bringing this up because you know, you shouldn’t be too comfortable on these platforms that are controlled by the very people that you expose day in, day out. You don’t think they’re reading your emails. You know, I think I was the first one to expose this.

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I called this out in 2000, I think it was 2009 2008 I did a few videos on it. I wish I had kept it up. You know, I took a long break from social media but I had been picking up on the stuff for a bit. And, and so I’ve never trusted g-mail. I pretty much treat it as anything that I send is pretty much published in the public domain. And that’s how we should look at it. But I like to bring these up as reminders just so we don’t get too comfortable with our illusions of privacy. You know, they want to get inside of our heads. You know, for example, this is a short little excerpt from an article by the daily beast about us. So this is a section of an article and it’s called off the deep end. Controlled opposition is a truther term for efforts to undermine conspiracy groups. And this was as a result of the flat earth conference we intended in Denver, where, you know, I was able to get this information out to a couple of media outlets so they can start trying to understand where we’re coming from. Controlled opposition is a real thing.

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They look like everybody else, they seem innocuous, but just when you think everything’s fine, they bring up something ridiculous to discredit everything that you’re about. And so right now the controller position line is big foot and you’re in therapy. You know it is this crazy. You could go into a room of flat earthers and say, raise your hand if you believe in bigfoot and you drink your own number one. Guess what? Every one of the major organizers or personalities you’ve seen on TV or behind the curve, we’ll have their hands up as big foot believing p drinkers. Not a coincidence. Okay. It goes on to say auto hoaxers are a movement that reflexively declare every significant event a hoax. Sometimes just for argument’s sake, she almost got it. Almost the group’s manifesto is an appeal to seed confusion in dismantle established facts in order to let conspiracy run rampant.

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True. That is true. Uh, what we’re doing here is we are casting doubt on the institutions that we have been trained to trust. We’re not trying to seed confusion. We’re trying to unconfuse the misinformed masses dismantling established facts. Yeah, we are. Because the established facts are really just the established opinions of certain technocrats and their interests. So yeah, by all means dismantle away. That’s what the blue wrenches about. Like sure you have your ranch to bash the trolls and to preserve the integrity of our chat room. But to me it’s also a symbol of this great deconstruction. You know, I’ve likened it to a reformation and others have as well the internet and what it’s doing, but I don’t even see what we’re doing is reformation. This is dismantling its deconstruction. I think non-belief is more important than figuring out the right beliefs to have

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and been repeating this for the last few days is a meme that somebody sent me in. It said it’s better to have a mind open with wonder than closed by belief, which I agree with 1000000%. If you have a false belief, it could pretty much close you off to asking the questions that would bring you to the truth. It’s pretty much that simple. You know, false beliefs give you explanations that preclude the need to ask any more questions. So it’s like, well I believe there’s a dome, so I don’t need to ask what’s beyond or I believe we’re in a ball. So six continents and, and the Antarctica at the bottom, it’s all we got very limiting beliefs. And this is the reason why, uh, we introduced these maps of the known flat earth. So if you haven’t seen these yet, we’ve actually had these for several months now, but this is the latest one.

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It’s a take on the old flat earth societies, a flat earth map of the real world. And of course their presumption was they had all the real world. It was just configured differently. And I’m saying, well no, there’s an open question as to what is surrounding this hypothetical flat plane. Terra incognita. So we’re reintroducing this map. This is an upgrade based on the old one, infinite plane, society.com I think every single person who’s questioned the globe ought to pick this up because what distinguishes this map from every other one and the reason why we can make the claim that this is the only legitimate flat earth map is that it doesn’t assume an edge of boundary or a barrier. It only has question marks.

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These are the only legitimate flat earth maps. Forget the rest. They all presume a boundary, an edge, a dome, or some kind of impassable barrier. This map portrays only what we know. All else is uninformed conjecture. I’ve been submitting this map around, um, and here’s some artwork by Chris Pontius. This is his flat earth Van and he has a series of, in fact, we should look at his site. I’ll show you. He’s working on this to the infinite planes. Society does have the best artists working for it or with it. And I’m contributing. So what Chris Pontius has devised are a couple of things I think are innovative models that have continents outside of the known, uh, continents. And then of course these which are models with a flat sky. I had a long talk with someone last night about concept of the Dome and how unlikely it is that there would be a curved sky.

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But here’s what he’s been working on. Infinity maps, same design is what we have here. Just the arrows on the outside. No presumption of an edge. This is the only sensible way to represent it. Here’s a link if you want to pick up one of these maps. That’s flat. Earth models.com Chris Pontius. Okay, so let’s continue. We were talking about this. Oh yes. Days before the conference. This is from the daily beast. I enter the groups, chat on discord. Um, I’m banned by users who announced that I’m a spy. I noticed that they’ve all adopted nearly identical usernames bashing one of the communities. Tim Osmonds. Here we go. They’ve taken up a flat earth specific variant of the alt right meme pepe the frog and she’s referring to the penguin flat. Earth is weird, but this is weird, weird. This is shit posting into oblivion. The information equivalent of clear cutting a forest.

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And I agree with most of this. This is the information equivalent of clear cutting a forest because it’s like that movie I like to bring up as an analogy, the village, a 2004 kind of a mystery thriller drama type movie about a group of people who believe that the village they live in, in the middle of a wilderness is all there is because they’ve been given nothing but misinformation for their entire lives, their entire lives. They’ve been misinformed. They figure it out. And not only is there more to the world than that little village, but the world is much more advanced because they’re living like it’s the 18th century when it’s the 20th century outside of their village. And so my point is in that movie, the Wilderness symbolizes this false worldview, all the lies. It’s a forest of lies. All the established facts need to be chopped down, burned, et cetera. So yes, this is the info equivalent of clear cutting a forest because the only way to get out of the village, the false paradigm, the misrepresentation, is to just cut it all down. And if it’s worth keeping, it’ll stay. Okay. So I’m going to go ahead and take off on, we are going to be taking calls later on today. Infinite plane, radio.com is where you go for the archives. And if you’re over on a d live, I’ll go ahead and join my faith and my youtube channel as well. Um, someone to post the link there. We’re trying to get up to a thousand subs by the end of the week. Anyway, I’ll see you all later. And this is MVP, the hardware vandal. I have a couple of ones I wanted to play here. The IPS

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synchronization [inaudible].

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