Speaker 1: (00:03)
He switched in bowls with the adult clone meter nomad. The floor [inaudible] test with [inaudible] must be trolling theories aren’t when they are shown to be. So what you’re saying is you don’t accept the famous myth, simple descriptive by the number code. Let me turn on my,

Speaker 2: (00:36)
all right, that’s a solo might fly auto hoax. So I wanna kind of follow up on what we were talking about yesterday, but I also have a lot of other things not related to that to discuss. So the topic is Isaac Cappy is not dead. Uni rock is clueless and earth is flat. So Yuna rock, if you don’t know who he is, he’s one of these YouTube, um, I don’t know what you’d call them. Is he a news analyst? He’s a anti flat earth or I think he’s into exposing what he believes to be in a charlatans in the flat earth community. Uh, guests, you’d call him a red pillar or something. He’s woke, I’m not really sure where he’s coming from to be quite honest. But what he revealed today in his analysis of the Isaac Cappies a dash cam footage is that he’s reality impaired. And I want to show you a purple pillar or a durable as we would call him. So let me go ahead and start with this. This is uni rock. I want to go ahead and just show you who we’re talking about.

Speaker 3: (01:53)
There’ve been so many theories, you can barely count them. Most of them can be traced back to this channel. This is what he said today about the dash cam footage, at least a few parts of it.

Speaker 2: (02:05)
Okay. Now both of these guys in this video think this thing is real and we’ve already analyzed this a so what I find interesting about this is here you have Isaac Cappy and here’s a, a Jiffy of it, uh, digitally inserted into a video. I mean at first I thought it was a dummy, but it’s definitely digitally inserted and we’ve been laughing at the sink for a couple of days cause some people are totally crying about it and it’s like, wait, what exactly do you think you’re seeing here? This is a cartoon. And so this is something of a reality test. And so I was wondering, you know, how are the people who had been promoting this story as real and legit going to defend this because they have to stand by it. So yesterday I had said, well are these individuals who usually are forced to go along with the scripts or who really just comport their thoughts?

Speaker 2: (03:00)
I mean really this is about people who are selectively critical in their thinking. Are they going to defend this, will they stand by it? And sure enough people who have been promoted in the story is real. I have to treat this as such. So lift the veil openly, you know, just said, Hey, there are people who say this is fake. But I believe it’s real. And the reason why it looks like it’s fake is because it’s a wide angle lens. So I didn’t know until photography expert lift the veil informed me that if you have a wide angle lens when you go to the periphery it cartoon ISEs you like some type of a filter I guess. Cause. Yeah, this is definitely a cartoon. But this Junie rock character in his step-by-step analysis describes why he believes it’s real and authentic. And one of his reasons I thought was pretty clever, but it shows that he has no clue about editing.

Speaker 2: (03:58)
And he said it’s the smudges on the window. He says, pay attention to the smudges. He says, because the smudges can be observably demonstrated right here to go in front of him. He is therefore not digitally inserted. So the thinking here, I guess is that if he was digitally inserted, he’d be in front of the windshield. And that’s his explanation. And I just want to really say that no, that’s nonsense. A layer on top of this where the smudge exists, which would just be a black spot with the opacity of like 10% it would do exactly what it does here. So no, that’s easy. I don’t know how he even used that as some site of some sort of a way to say that this is valid. So even without me zooming in, you can look at this character and if you’ve played video games or if you’ve watched movies in your life, especially movies in the last 20 years, you know, that’s fake just by looking.

Speaker 2: (04:58)
But this guy who’s probably a a plant of some kind or he’s just really concerned about, I don’t know, keeping a certain level of mainstream credibility of if that, that could be the case. Either way, he’s got a compromise with reality. And I think it’s hilarious. I think it’s hilarious that people in the mainstream news have to auto believe everything, no matter how poor the special effects are. And you know, rock appears to be compromised in such a way where he can’t even use his own perceptions. He’s got to say, yep. Uh, the consensus says that this cartoon is legit. So I’m going to go along with it.

Speaker 3: (05:34)
Go frame by frame here. Well, it’s not going to be completely frame by frame. You can see them behind my timestamps here, right? My different tracks and my different timestamps. So you see them right there. And I will zoom in here in a minute. So that you can fully see it. But yeah, we have a full good view of Cappy right there and then he comes up and turns. Of course he stops. Is he supposed to while he’s heading to work? He’s not on duty yet. They say that this is a security guy for the base. Um, obviously he’s not on duty yet. One, he has no obligation to stop, to check on people, to check on other adults on the way to work. And again, I don’t know why you would, he’s not even clocked in and it didn’t seem like he was in any trouble and this guy is bogus and driving on by. Right. So if he saw him in trouble, I guarantee you we’ll stop. But look, you already see ms Pappy, I will zoom in and post on this.

Speaker 2: (06:20)
Okay. He also makes it seem like it’s impossible that you could have a digitally inserted character so far back and then have them, you know, remain in frame and this can be done in a number of ways. If I was hired to do this job and they said, insert someone onto the bridge. So they show up in the desk dash cam footage. Uh, personally I would probably do this. I would say, well how are get to Google earth? You know, what kind of a distance are we talking about here? How long is it gonna be in frame, how fast are you going? And I would probably create this character in a 3d setting and then have the camera track it and then I would just superimpose that character of course would be produced against a clear or non background into this. Like I would use 3d but you could do it with a series of still shots.

Speaker 2: (07:08)
And so the way you would do it is you would just export five seconds of video, which is how many frames? Let’s say it’s what if it’s, I’m not sure how many frames a second this dash cam is using, but you would just go through manually frame by frame copying and pasting the same exact character and then slightly enlarging it or then slightly changing different facets of it. You could manually do it in an evening like DHS. If you’re listening and you need someone who can do higher quality animation. I’m here, I’m available for consultation, a quarter million an hour. I will give you guys information and tips and pointers that will pretty much shut all the auto hoaxers down. Or you can keep hiring people who don’t know what they’re doing. Okay, watch this. This is union rock though, having to treat this as real.

Speaker 3: (07:57)
Alright, so you’ll be able to see it as we go. So I’m going to let it roll and you see how he comes into frame and now we have these smudges on the windshield. Now these smudges, in my opinion are perfectly normal.

Speaker 2: (08:12)
Okay? This is unit rock using the smudge defense saying it has to be real because the smudges Pash pass between you, the viewer and him. This again, he has no clue about editing

Speaker 3: (08:24)
on as you’re likely to see. But what I want to watch have you watch his cap go in front of or behind the smudge. So as you see, as he approaches the smudge, if this was edited, you would definitely not have. It looks so normal.

Speaker 2: (08:39)
If this was edited, the mud, the smudge wouldn’t be visible in front of him. That’s what I’m saying. These smudges, look, if this thing was staged or fake, as we, as I’m contending here, it would be a simple matter to add a smudge layer to make it look realer. But the fact that he points it out as some kind of evidence of something shows that he’s probably relying on the ignorance of his viewers or he’s ignorant and I kind of don’t think so. I look at the quality of his video production and there’s no way that unit rock can actually think this is a viable explanation or that this validates this thing as real, the smudge. So I don’t know. What is it? Is he playing upon the ignorance of his subscribers or is he, well, there is no war because honestly the guy’s video editing skills would prefaces presuppose that he knows a thing or two about layers. You know, he does a lot of this stuff, so I don’t really understand where he’s coming from here. Let’s continue bullying.

Speaker 3: (09:43)
Yeah, it looks very normal. You can see the smudge effecting the color of his clothes. Right. Because you can see through the smudge the entire time. You still see through it when he goes through, but it perfectly blends together and not a non edited way. Now this is a wide angled cam so it’s going to cause distortion.

Speaker 2: (10:02)
Yeah. This is what lift the veil said. He said, Oh, the reason why he looks like a damn Nintendo character is because wide angle lenses do that. Oh, come on.

Speaker 3: (10:14)
Do you pass this Mark on the right and this Mark on the left, right? You get me? Because it’s a [inaudible].

Speaker 2: (10:22)
Okay. A couple of people here saying there’s no way that you’re rock knows anything about editing. Um, one says, you know, Cox never edited. Tim Osman says he has stolen Adobe software. He doesn’t know anything about editing. Okay. Granted that, you know, maybe he doesn’t, but this, this smudge defense. Um, I don’t know. It sounds like that was handed to him. Sounds like that was handed to him because that’s not even slightly convincing, but it seems like they’re grasping at straws here and yeah, he is a hundred percent insisting that this is real. I think it’s kind of interesting how you can see this, um, this lean and then what he infers from it is that you’re seeing him as he’s contemplating whether or not to lean back and fall and die. And you know, rock also supports the idea that there is no conspiracy. So he’s kind of like a worldview reinforcer. You might even say he’s a blue pillar,

Speaker 3: (11:21)
angled out to see more in the replay, but as he comes down, everything looks perfectly normal. He’s just sitting with his hands.

Speaker 2: (11:30)
Yeah, Jerry’s smudge defense. Good name for a band. Maybe Kathy could come back headlining a band called the smudge. Defense crossed. He looks like a character anyway, like look here. I mean in many, in many cases, many pictures I’ve seen, you know, he always appears to be overacting very melodramatic. But let me look at this here. I’m having a real hard time thinking you’re rock is seriously believing that a wide angle lens, there’s the way that he’s glowing. Look at the white of his pants. I would say the exposure’s too high on his layer. You know what they should have done is they should have turned down the exposure on his layer because that white is too white. It’s um, far wider. It’s too, um, it’s 100%. You know it, they should have toned it down. That’s really what they should, should’ve done. Now again, unit rock can’t see this.

Speaker 2: (12:25)
And then his excuse too is that this guy staring into the sun contemplating suicide. And so this validates the stories. There’s no conspiracy, no murder. But according to the story, a couple of teenagers pull over and try to stop him from falling and then he falls anyway after struggling. And I’d like to see evidence of that there is none, or they being tried with murder. Are they being investigated as being complicit or are we just going to trust that they were quote saving him? I mean, this doesn’t make any sense. And then when he fell off the bridge 22 feet, supposedly he was hit by a Ford ranger. Where’s that? Where’s that guy?

Speaker 2: (13:02)
Thirst for truth says, I stay away from channels. Who fight for fake as real. Q O C max Egan. Oh they’re agents. Look anybody pushing false flags. Our agents, anybody pushing CGI, layering over a dash cam footage or really CGI inserts or any kind of deep fake as real cause this is a deep fake. They’re agents. And so, you know, I kinda think that the more I look at it, Phoenix enigma a lift the veil and [inaudible] might all be in on it because what they actually end up doing is they keep people who have drifted from the mainstream news engaged in a way that they will stay politically engaged in. They will still vote, they will still be partisan and they’ll still be programmed enough that is prepared for future PSYOPs. They’ll have the narratives in their head. So you know, these guys are all very suspect,

Speaker 3: (13:58)
firmly straightened, planted. To me it seems like he’s almost able to just rock backwards and fall. And it seems to me like he’s looking into the sunshine straight ahead. Got me. You see how the, it’s brighter over this way. He’s looking straight ahead at the sun contemplating what he’s about to do unfortunately. And as he [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (14:18)
cool story bro. Like how can you extrapolate all of that? And again, you have to look at this. There is no excuse here to say that. Oh, wide angle. Does that show me a camera with wide angle like on any other video where it turns people into two dimensional cartoons. Does he not know? That’s a cartoon cannot tell. This is absurd.

Speaker 3: (14:40)
Ticks out of frame. We catch his leg on a last frame. All of these things are not indicative of editing.

Speaker 2: (14:50)
Actually. It’s something else too. He’s levitating like he’s literally levitating. He’s floating above the ground. This is an insert, you know, I could prove it. Here’s how I can prove it. I could download this video. I could export 50 or no, we’ll say 90 frames. I’ll get about three seconds and I’ll overlay myself into it and I’ll look realer than Kathy. It might be worth doing just to prove a point.

Speaker 3: (15:14)
Why? Because every single thing that comes through this,

Speaker 2: (15:19)
I’ll do it live. I haven’t edited in a long time and I think it’d be fun. I’ll have to download some free Adobe software and we’ll give it a shot

Speaker 3: (15:30)
is worked out. Even this poll watch, see how the poll starts to bend here, but it looks straight down here. That’s one more time.

Speaker 2: (15:40)
Oh, that’s good. The pole bending others, something else to the motion blur that you see in the rails doesn’t apply to [inaudible] so there’s no motion blur. You know there are a number of indicators here that the thing’s fake. And then he also suggests here that it would be impossible to fake it from this far away. No, it wouldn’t. You just scale it down and you scale it up. I mean this is basic animation. One Oh one and you’re a rock just fails

Speaker 3: (16:06)
all the way back. You can still see him. Let’s even do it more until he goes and he could see them all the way back until he literally the, until he goes off to the side of the video. This is not indicative of an edit. There he is.

Speaker 2: (16:19)
This is not indicative of an edit really. Come on. Okay. So if I was going to do this, I would insert Nipsey hussle into it because then we’re talking about political agitators and martyrs and CIA plants pretending to be real people dying in symbolic and an enigmatic ways. So I would add video, you know, and I would just find some scene where he’s greenscreen and you cut him out and you insert him on top as a video layer and then you have it scaled down to up as the camera passes. It won’t be that difficult.

Speaker 2: (16:53)
Okay. I’m going to go ahead and go over a couple more things and then I’m going to take, um, phone calls. So yeah, you’re rock is clueless and Cappies not dead. Here’s something else I wanted to show you because there are people who are totally with us on this copy thing, but they still believe CGI things otherwise. So I want to show some of the screen. This is faker than the KP thing and some people who know Cappies fake will believe this because they believe we’re on a ball. You’re supposedly seeing a time lapse of the so use rocket blasting off from the earth and going out into space. What’s missing here is there’s no gravity arc, no tilt. It goes straight up vertical perpendicular from the earth to outer space. Yet if you look at the footage from the earth, the thing has a clear arc and it goes into orbit before it goes up to reach the space station. But this is considered to be real by the people who believe NASA who believe space X, who believe blue origin and all the rest. They believe that this is actual photography, not a CGI mockup and they believe that little light is actually that little supply rocket and that light is bigger than the city lights here. I mean,

Speaker 2: (18:13)
I mean I think this is kind of amazing how people have to defend this stuff, so yeah, defend the mannequin dummy CGI, insert Cappy and cry over it if you must and defend your CGI ball in your bad animations if you must. But this has no gravity tilt and that’s a dead giveaway that it’s fake. Okay, a couple of other things. Okay. Now this here is from the ESA, the same one who showed you that time lapse. This is supposedly the space station being videotaped from the ground lit up by a green laser. Amazing video of passing space station lit by a green laser. What kind of camera can get this detail? There’s so much detail that you can actually see Chris Hadfield through the cupola playing guitar. I think I can hear him singing star man like this is ridiculous. You can see the lines between the solar array. There’s no way you could distinguish and I can hear a five foot by five foot areas on a, on an object distinct components from 272 miles away on an object moving at five miles per second. This is bullshit.

Speaker 2: (19:28)
Okay. This is another one, international space station passing over the Kennedy space center. This is some older stuff and I think on the older ISS transits, they didn’t realize, you know how bad it would age and this is like star Wars where you have plastic toys made out of Legos, dangling from fishing lines in a darkened room and you run by with a camera making spaceship noises and then it convinces people like, this is so phony. Look, you actually believe that this is the space station flying at five miles per second videotaped over the Kennedy space center. This is in a damn garage and there’s so much detail that like if Kathy was on top of this thing leaning back, you’d be able to see them. It’s so detailed. At this point you’d even be able to see that it was a fake copy. You’d be like, Oh no, a space station is real. But now Cappies fake as fuck. Okay, this is passing over Kennedy and one more. This is the progress time-lapse and this is how they presented that time lapse. You’re supposed to, this is it. Listen how it’s dramatic actually.

Speaker 4: (20:36)

Speaker 2: (20:51)
okay. I don’t know how many miles away the camera is at this point, but you can still see the exhaust trails of the rocket here. Mike, are you kidding me? And in watch you’ll see the light. You’ll actually see it explode. Here’s what you actually see in detail. Somebody actually went through it.

Speaker 4: (21:11)

Speaker 2: (21:13)
this guy went through and he identified all the stars in the shot. Obviously she’ll comment, but

Speaker 4: (21:19)

Speaker 2: (21:23)
Okay. Now at this point right here where the arrow is, you’re about to see what’s said to be the [inaudible] rocket going through the atmosphere and dropping one of its boosters. You’re going to see the explosion, and again, this is supposedly from, what is this like 2000 miles away. Get ready for this

Speaker 4: (21:40)

Speaker 2: (21:44)
boom. I’m going to turn the music off and I’m going to loop that little segment there. That little CGI explosion, it looks like it’s out of a video game that looks, that looks like a, a stock special effect that came with the video editing software. Again on the top right. So those of you who believe we’re on a spinning ball, you trust Nassi trust, ESA, you trust all these agencies that give you these really bad science fiction movies and tell you, Oh, this is an accurate description of your universe. You got to own this. So you can laugh at Kathy being fake. But if you think this is fake, I’m sorry, but you still have one foot in the matrix. This is fake and Cathy’s fake. And it’s being faked by the same crew, just different departments. Jerry said, did you see the first criminal in space? Yeah, I did see that.

Speaker 2: (22:46)
I thought it’d be something a little more scandalous. Well, she logged into her ex-husband’s bank account or some shit. WWE or ex-wife’s. I don’t know what it was. I think they were just trying to draw attention. The fact that the astronauts a married lesbian, like they’re all about trying to make this thing. Um, they’re politicizing in so many ways. Like a few months ago when the female astronauts couldn’t go on a space walk though, like, Oh, there’s going to be this first all female spacewalk. And they’re like, nevermind, there’s no space suits small enough for the women. It’s like, that’s such bullshit. Don’t you realize that before they sent these astronauts up there, they would have space suits that fit them.

Speaker 2: (23:24)
So this was a PR stunt and the purpose of which it’s to make NASA look sexist. Look, first, all female space walk won’t happen. Not enough female sized spacecraft, uh, suits. NASA cancels all female spacewalk siding, lack of spacesuits. They won’t have the sizes. Again, this is just a clever way of saying, you know, that they are sexist. Now, I don’t want to even get into this topic, but I have looked at many of these, uh, these, uh, female astronauts, very interesting characters. And I have to say all across the board, um, also the seven astronauts from the S, the challenger explosion, six of whom are said to still be alive. Um, they’re all accessible. And I called and I left voicemails with every one of them. And they have not reached back out to me.

Speaker 2: (24:27)
Oh, something else. I’ll look here. Here she is with Eureka garden. Valentina nickel, UVA, Terrash. Cova. Now I believe that Yuri Gagarin is Neil Armstrong. Damn. Look at all that. Okay. This image is Epic. What are we looking at here? Anyway, this guy looks like Neil Armstrong. This is the first cosmonaut, the first man in space and he does look quite similar to the first man to walk on the moon from Flint. Michigan says they are alive. Oh yeah, they are alive. The astronauts are life, no doubt about it. And they stopped doing this. They used to fool around quite a bit with the hair in order to emphasize, Oh look at me, I’m in space. Uh, no, that’s, that’s not something I do anymore. Cause that’s not even consistent. The way their hair moves in space looks nothing like it moves on the parabolic flights. So I could show you an example, but maybe another time we’ll do a juxtaposition.

Speaker 2: (25:43)
But just do this for yourself at some point. Do a search of specifically long haired women in parabolic flights. Just look at how their hair moves around and then compare it to how hair moves in these supposedly zero G environments and it’s completely different. And also these necklaces are usually augmented virtual reality, like she’s probably not even wearing this necklace. If you watch these necklaces in the space station, they go in and out of the neck, in and out of the skin. I’ve seen microphones go through people’s necks without drawing a drop of blood. Let me show you NASA astronaut microphone through NEC and that was pointed out by Flathead politics, one of my favorite uh, space station debunking channels. It shouldn’t be difficult to find this one referring to, but let’s see if we have it here. Well, I don’t want to get too into the weeds here with the ISS. Um, I did want to show you this stuff before we go any further. This is a flat earth center for advanced learning. I’ll be right back. I’ll see if I can locate that footage

Speaker 5: (27:11)
here at the floods center for advanced learning, we strive for higher level of flat experimentation. Our team of experts continue to work hard through successes and failures. Maybe more failures than successes. We all know that be some papers when one looks at a piece of paper underneath an electron microscope. Well maybe not so many successes. Okay. No successes like we guarantee we of course cutting edge research will continue here at the flat earth center for advanced learning. Remember, if do folds the flatter, it’s a fecal matter.

Speaker 2: (28:21)
All right, let’s see. Let’s get back on target here. Now this is an interesting little review and it kind of draws something out that I think is worth pointing out. And I’ve said this many times, there are people who put community ahead of truth and I think that’s one of the reasons why they give you shills who are so relatable. They want you to be friends with people. They want you to bond emotionally with people so that you feel like you belong to a community and you don’t want to be traded community even when the community betrays the rest of the world. This is how cults work. So this is a review of behind the curve when having friends is more alluring than being right. So they’re talking about flat earthers and this their experience of having watched them for the first time on TV.

Speaker 2: (29:10)
It’s the reviewer and his wife and he says, these flat earthers are not dumb people. They’re just lonely. Which is not to say that they don’t believe in the flat earth. Many do, but they sorta believe it’s flat. They told their friends who blew him off or mocked him. So they find flat earthers online who welcomed them. They abandoned their old friends, convert to the new folks who will never tell them they’re wrong, which has a side effect of making their flatter police the most prominent part of their personality. And then they take rejection as proof that they’re on right road. This is classic. I mean, this is pretty much how AA works. It’s like trauma bonding where you’re bound by shame a was the mines.com channel deleted. I doubt it. Um, post a link and then click it. It’s infinite plain society. Mine’s dot com slash infinite plain society.

Speaker 2: (30:03)
Okay. Now here’s, here’s what they’re correct. Because I’ve been saying for a while that the flatters community is not about truth. That’s why they don’t care about the edge or what’s up there. They don’t like real questions. They just want you to believe and join them and go with the flow and not question it says here, because at this point there’s a whole community United by one common principle. We didn’t like what we were being told. So we found somewhere that told us that we were right and basically just makes it look like according to them, this movie makes it appear that internet communities and flat earth isn’t alone are just self-reinforcing echo chambers, which are very comforting. That’s what churches are. And I said the same thing, that basically the conference earth model is like any other church. It’s just a community. They put community ahead of truth. And so yeah, many people got it right. Nothing wrong with these people. They’re not sick, they’re not ill, not dangerous. They’re just people who have found a new religion.

Speaker 4: (31:07)

Speaker 2: (31:09)
um, if you didn’t know lawns are symbolism of the lawn symbolize it’s S it’s a symbol for uh, racism, colonization, domination. And it’s also bad for the planet. Lawns are a symbol of man’s control and superiority over the environment. Anyway, I’ve been looking through this and they’re definitely hyping up a lot of the global warming hysteria, like the Amazon forest thing burning. And a lot of that’s overhyped. In fact, many people are posting pictures of Amazon fires from 2013 as though it’s real and it’s being widely called out as you know, a form of hysteria. But most people don’t even fact check when the hysteria backs up what they already believe. So if you’re a believer in global warming, you’re always going to be looking for things that validate it. And so you’re not going to care if a few pictures are from a few years ago. Kind of like what they do with the school shootings, you know, they,

Speaker 2: (32:11)
they kind of just say, let’s go ahead and sacrifice on truth a little bit. We’ll sacrifice on the facts so we can advance the narrative. Couple of the things really quick. And then an open phones. A Jordan Peterson has no clue. He is convinced that if we don’t stop deep fakery now nobody will know what’s real anymore in a few years. He has no clue because the deep fake technology that he fears and that is being hyped up as a valid fear has been with us for 50 plus years. Just been silicone masks and basic spy craft doesn’t necessarily need video. And one other thing, this is kind of a, a new stance that I really want to insist upon. I don’t think we should back down from this. Any conspiracy theorists out there pushing a false flag narrative and the whole false flag story comes from that Northwoods documents that Alex Jones pushes anybody pushing a false flag narrative should just be discounted as an agent immediately. And that’s anyone. So if they’re saying, Oh yeah, people died. It just was a black off or people died and it was MK ultra. No, at that point you can go ahead and ditch them.

Speaker 2: (33:29)
And you know what? I’m mad Mike Hughes’s launch is on Sunday. That’s the only good news that flatters has going forward. You’ve got these pedophiles being arrested and then you have this story keeps spreading about how there’s a bet over flat earth which led to one person pointing a crossbow at another. No, I was kind of surprised on this one to be honest. I would have thought that the crossbow would have been in the hands of the flat earth or, but it was the Globee who had the crossbow. Okay. I’m going to open phones. We’ve been covering a number of topics about deep fakes, deep fakes in the media, deep fakes in pop culture and Isaac happy himself is someone I would considered to be a deep fake. And then you have shallow fakes. The people who support the deep fakes. A uni rock would be a shallow fake. Okay. A phone’s open. A can be (505) 510-4226 I noted that you had some Intel. We’re going to get a cam B drop in just a moment here. Stranger J day says that Q O C believes Philly cops shooting was real yet with fake elements and surrogate. Yup, yup. He’s an agent. Unsub and subscribe to the auto hooks networks. Hey, what’s up man? [inaudible]

Speaker 6: (34:49)
yeah, PS is can be,

Speaker 2: (34:51)
Hey, uh, Hey, what’s your take on this Cappy thing, dummy or CGI?

Speaker 6: (34:55)
Um, to me, um, you know what? I, it could be a dummy. There’s no CGI to me. Um, I think the CGI narrative, it might be a little bit like, too much. Um, I think, you know, you’ve got to go with a [inaudible] razor and just always go with the simplest thing, you know what I mean? Um, they just use the dummy, you know, plain and simple.

Speaker 2: (35:16)
That’s probably right. I mean, the thing is that what they could have done and I don’t know why they don’t do, they could’ve had him sitting there, you know, like they could’ve done that, but they use a dam to me.

Speaker 6: (35:27)
Right. And it’s like, okay, you could’ve have just had them sit in there, but, but then, you know what, you also think about this, um, if Kathy is, um, a character being played by, um, you know, when they put the mask on and everything, it does make sense to use like dummies because that person that they need to use might be, you know, busy right at the time and they can’t really, they don’t have time for all the makeup and everything. So, you know, it does make sense to have dummies in wax figures on these people to problem up for, for these type of events. Right?

Speaker 2: (36:00)
Yeah. Like we saw with the Epstein thing, um, where that was clearly a dummy and they have interchangeable faces on these EMT dummies. And that was an ENT dummy. You could tell by the side of it and the periphery of it, it was a dummy meant practice.

Speaker 6: (36:15)
Yeah. And, and uh, man, I, I hope more people expose the upstream thing for what it is for Obama playing that role because, um, I, I just don’t see any, it’s hard to get traction on this with people. And I don’t know if people are just scared to kind of make that leap to think that way. But man, I, I really hope to see more videos on it from people because it’s that, that’s just, I mean, come on, it’s going to blow my whole story out. You know what I mean? Um,

Speaker 2: (36:42)
well I show people the work of Jonah Mendez, the master of disguise, the CIA, just so people have an idea of what’s possible. And then you have to bring up the topic of weaponized anthropology that the intelligence agencies have been inserting shepherds among the sheep cradle to grave. You trust them because they grew up with you. Well, they’ve been planted, that’s what we call them plants. They plant them everywhere and we’re pointing out plants.

Speaker 6: (37:06)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Clearly. I mean the um, to golf with that really quick just on, um, you know, the Lauren London trying to hustle thing. Um, I was looking at pictures of, of Lauren London, the character, um, like in the early two thousands and you can see the difference in the technology of these mass that they were using even a decade ago compared to now. Um, you can clearly see that they, that the technology has gotten better. Do you know what I mean? Substantially better in the last, I want to say maybe five to 10 years and Lauren London looks way more clown like it, her appearance like more, I can’t explain it but go look at it.

Speaker 2: (37:49)
Yes. Okay. Like one of the things that this Jonah Mendez brought up was that the, the level of development that they’re at right now with masks was pretty much kept a secret that it was like top secret is classified. So they didn’t really want people to know. It seems just how good the masks have been for all these years. And so I think it’s safe to bet that whatever they have now that we’ve seen, they’re using something five years ahead of that, at least as far as like we may not even be able to detect it. And so it does seem like we’ve been seeing a lot of things lately that, um, yeah, they, they approved it.

Speaker 6: (38:27)
Yeah. Well, um, you know, the reason I’m calling it, um, I, I was watching a video, uh, TMZ footage of Justin Bieber and last night and um, you know, cause I’ve been combing through little clips trying to find little hints here and there. Right. And um, I’m going to post it right now, so I’m going to get off the line. I’m just going to post a link to it in the chat right now and I want you to go to the, where there’s 36 seconds left in the video when Justin Bieber, he’s in a car with like hit one of his handlers and he’s asked what his favorite song is right now. Okay. And this to me is very telling and this is what, this is what they’re doing and this is the mockery and people know, and once you see this, you’re gonna, you know, take it for what it’s worth, you’ll see what’s going on. Okay.

Speaker 2: (39:23)
Okay. I will play that. We’ll close out with that for sure. I’m definitely interested.

Speaker 6: (39:28)
I’m going to post that right now, so there’s going to be 36 seconds left in that video and just just look at the reaction. It’s really telling you. Okay.

Speaker 2: (39:37)
All right, sounds great. I’ll definitely check that out. Thank you. Thanks for the [inaudible]. I’ll get it.

Speaker 4: (39:41)

Speaker 2: (39:44)
All right, so we’re about to get a link here. This is a a cam B drop. This should be good. What’s up? We’re joined by Robert and Rudy says that’s true. We’re always a chapter behind in the information. Yeah, that was one of the points I was going to bring up is that the limiting factor on going to deep space and colonizing Mars has been CGI and the Apollo mission, rear screen projection, all that. They’ve moved past that. They went to augmented virtual reality. They went to green screen and a now the problem is the general public has access to all this stuff and uses it. It’s been democratized back in the days, the Apollo thing, it wasn’t easy for anybody to just replicate that thing. Now we have apps I can throw in augmented virtual reality better than some of the stuff that were shown by some of these billion dollar space agencies. Okay. Go to the 36 seconds at the end.

Speaker 4: (40:43)

Speaker 2: (40:47)
Okay, so Justin Beaver Q and a joking about the weekend. So if you didn’t know, this is what we’re talking about here. There is this conspiracy theory that’s going viral right now and this conspiracy theory has it that the musician, the weekend, the performer, the singer, the musician, the weekend isn’t actually a real person, but as Justin Beaver, I’m sorry, Bieber, somebody corrected me on it. It’s with a B, Justin Bieber with a mask and a wig. And really that’s about it. And the thing about the weekend is people have noticed for years that, you know, he’s been around for all this time, but you’ve never seen his arms or his legs. And he’s always wearing turtlenecks or jackets that cover his neck up. And it wasn’t until like, man, what was it? December of 2018 there’s an article that said like breaking news. It was all over the news. The weekend shows his arms.

Speaker 2: (41:48)
And then also there’s one picture of Justin Beaver and the weekend hanging out and Beaver looks like he’s wax like a wa research wax. Beavers is one of our, our um, hashtags here because it looks like a wax dummy. And if you look between his feet, there’s someone standing behind him and their foot is right there between Beaver’s feet and their hand is up his back. Like they’re lifting him like it’s a mannequin we’re telling you. And then also you do see a video of Beaver supposedly crying in the audience as the weekend performs one of his songs on stage. We’ll all we have as evidence that Beaver was there at that precise second and not on the stage wearing black face. Is that one insert shot? That’s not evidence. You know how controlled the media is. They inserted planes on nine 11 in the same exact way. Strange. Or Jay says leave it to Beaver. Okay, let’s go ahead and see. This is from Justin Beaver Q and a joking about the weekend on Instagram. One more thing. These guys are both Canadians from the same hood and they’ve shown, they’ve shared like three girlfriends. Like what are the odds? Are these guys sharing girlfriends or is it the same guy?

Speaker 4: (43:02)
Favorite song at the moment. Um, Starboy by the weekend.

Speaker 7: (43:21)
Oh shit.

Speaker 4: (43:25)
Fair enough.

Speaker 2: (43:26)
Your favorite song, by the way, this isn’t, what is he exactly trying to say here? I guess this is a little bit of Dupers delight. I’m gonna play it again

Speaker 7: (43:33)
cause you didn’t want to wait for me. No, cause I like eating alone.

Speaker 4: (43:39)
[inaudible] at the moment.

Speaker 2: (43:47)
Song of the moment. Stark boy by the weekend. Okay. It’s gotta be an inside joke. He’s laughing, I guess now you don’t, Oh, let me turn the video on. I’m sorry you’re not missing anything. It’s dark. That’s why it’s just a, it’s Beaver and his friend, they’re in a car driving and his friend says, what’s your favorite song? And Beaver says Starboy by the weekend. And then he laughs

Speaker 2: (44:14)
in good point, mr. Milk. When in doubt, check the spouse in this case, the girlfriend. Exactly. Check the spouse, check the people around him. If you have any doubts that Tupac Shakur didn’t die and came back. I mean, if you have any doubts about his death, take a look at Akili MC. And when you look at a kill the MC, if have any doubts that well that can’t be Tupac. All you need to do is look at the people around him and you’ll see that Tupacs entire crew pretty much got new names, new disguises, even biggie small is actually sharing a stage with a Tupac these days under this new entourage. I mean, it’s just a new gig

Speaker 7: (44:54)
Starboy by the weekend. Okay. Oh shit. We gotta end it now. Although it was too funny.

Speaker 2: (45:22)
Yeah. Sounds like a great deal of, I would say Dupers delight, a great deal of Dupers delight. You know, that kind of, um, what’s the song about? I’m kind of curious.

Speaker 7: (45:36)

Speaker 2: (45:41)
All right. I’ll see you all later. Uh, yeah. Isaac Cappies not dead. Yuna rock is clueless and the earth is flat.

Speaker 4: (46:04)
We are at risk of having a flat group report come out of the house intelligence committee. So what happened was running a flat earth report, that’s

Speaker 2: (46:16)
in terms of breaking terms, breaking terms, breaking

Speaker 4: (46:18)

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