Speaker 1: (00:01)
Okay, I’ll just start off with a correction. The dress that Melania was wearing, you know the dress that had the towers from nine 11 where they were mocking us. That was from last year. It was a recycled story. See, that’s a dumb fake. And that shows you look, if you hadn’t correct me right now, that version would still be out there. But that shows you how people don’t correct dumb fakes if it confirms their, their bias. And to me it makes perfect sense that she would wear a dress that mocks the nine 11 victims. I don’t know if it changes anything that it was from last year, not this year. Like what did she wear this year? Like a burning, you know, five-pointed, geometric figure design on her back. Like what was she wearing this year? And I looked at the Pentagon closely, uh, more recently and some new footage. And it’s just [inaudible] as you’d expect. Like the production value actually has improved. So for all of you who say, Oh no, they want us to know about this stuff, they’re just dropping hints. Guess what?

Speaker 2: (01:07)

Speaker 1: (01:08)
no, they’re upping their game. And getting better all the time. And man, we seen some hilarious stuff here with some of these ISS types, um, of rusty Shackleford says why ever be back on mixer. I will be. What we’re trying to do here is we’re trying to uh, focus first, let’s just get our thousand on YouTube, what’s get our thousand on D live and then we’ll build up on mixer. So yes, we’re just um, making that happen as we go. Infinite plane, radio.com is still the hub where you’ll find all of the archives. Michael Savannah says Melania wore new panties on nine 11 this year. How do you know, did she pull a Michael Obama a Mumma Michael. All right, so let me get to my minds. The main thing I wanted to do is cover everything because a whole lot of stuff just happened. And mines.com/infinite plane society is my, pretty much my, my blog.

Speaker 1: (02:12)
If it’s worth paying attention to, I’ve probably posted it up here just cause I’m tired of being thrown into Facebook jail and not being able to access the information they need to access. If you didn’t know, I spent six months out of the last year in that Facebook prison, have the tattoos to prove it. Okay, let’s start with this. So those of you who think that we’re way off base, like up, I heard a rumor that quantum of consciousness who’s pretty much like 80% read, maybe he slipping though he’s going into purple, quantum of consciousness said a paraphrasing. Don’t listen to anyone who starts talking about silicone masks and celebrities playing others. Like he said, everything without saying IPS as usual. Same people who say pay no attention to the auto hoaxers who are looking behind the curtain, which is what they always do. So look at the screen and this is for quantum and the people who take his side, just so you know, um, that is the same woman in both pictures, same Bish as they say. And this is just makeup, no silicone, no Hollywood special effects. This is just really good makeup. In fact, let’s go ahead and watch it. It’s a 32nd clip and you will see in 30 seconds someone totally change their appearance. The link for this is at my mind’s dot com account. If you want to watch it yourself. Okay, take a watch.

Speaker 3: (03:55)
It’s a kid and me. No, it should be thrilled. In Maine is the truck.

Speaker 1: (04:04)
Now this is part of a channel that specializes in need of makeup and transformations. This is what you call blackface is not offensive. You know, don’t. What you’re seeing here is I’m really just a master of her craft and so look, it’s that dramatic. So keeping in mind, this is just makeup and so the stuff we’re talking about, the stuff that gentleman, Dez CIA, a master of disguise talked about. It’s far beyond this. I’m just showing you what’s within the realm of possibility just for your information. I mean, we’re talking about so much deep fakery. In fact, this is crazy, but Jim Fetzer has been deep faked. It’s unbelievable. This is probably the biggest story right now. As much as I want to talk about big foot running round in Antarctica, this is way more important.

Speaker 1: (04:58)
Let me find the link. A few other things to this. Just while I find the Jim Fetzer leak, feast your eyes on this. I found a, an interview with Ayesha Curry where she made this face and I was like, where have I seen that before? Cause I, you know, like you don’t have a face often I have to say it, you don’t have a face. You have faces. And by that I mean you really have like an average of expressions, but the face is just not a static thing. And so in order to know if you’re looking at the same person, you have to watch them in action, in motion, watch them emote and notice all the different ways that their face can change. And so I just noticed that when this Ayesha Curry made this certain expression, um, she bulged her left eye, raced her left eyebrow and pulled the corners of her mouth down.

Speaker 1: (06:04)
Well, look at Miley making funny faces on this video. Same thing. We’re joined by Simba. Thirst for truth, 144,000 Jennifer Reeves, night bot. Shout out tonight bot rusty Shackleford, Nat Cole, Orlando productions, exploring again.com. Infinite Jack. Dan has a lot of people here. Morgan and [inaudible]. Thanks for joining. Please share it. This is where it’s at. TV says Hannah Montana has the same plot. Oh yeah, the Hannah Montana thing gives itself away. I mean this character, uh, Curry was in one of those episodes, so she’s been playing these two roles for a long time and there’s a lot of funny business going on at Disney right now. And this is another element that we’re going to touch on today. So I didn’t know this, but the Sandy hook promise was pretty much purchased or merged with Disney a little while ago, like back in January. And what they’re doing now is unbelievable.

Speaker 1: (07:07)
They created a PSA and it’s very well produced. It’s actually deep satire. And for someone like myself who knows how fake these things are, it’s, it’s almost an overdone over rot propaganda. And I think they reached too far. They definitely overreached on it and we’ll watch it because it’s going around. But I just want to show you what the public is being shown. I mean it has these kids walking through school on their first day and one of them says, good thing, I have these new running shoes and he’s running through the hallway away from a school shooter.

Speaker 1: (07:45)
And then you have another kid. I got my new skateboard and he breaks a window and jumps out the window and kids are being shot at. And the commercials, a PSA from the Sandy hooker promise. It’s unbelievable. And they would release this right now when kids are about to go to school. I mean this is Ajit prop at it’s worst. You know, they’re scaring these kids for no reason. Okay, so let’s get over to where was I headed with this? Oh yes. This is the thing. So when it comes to a Jim Fetzer, if you don’t know who Jim Fetzer is, you know he’s been doing this nine 11 truth forever. And hold on a second. Jim Dougherty, uh, Dorchester says quantum of consciousness said he would not be surprised about the same person with roles, but he hasn’t touched the mask yet. Well, maybe he doesn’t know yet.

Speaker 1: (08:37)
Maybe he doesn’t know yet. Okay, let me get back on track with this Jim Fetzer thing because as you know, he was in court being sued by the Sandy hook, uh, uh, people, you know, whatever you want to call it, but check this out. So he’s found in court, I mean in contempt of court for sharing a video deposition. So I guess he was a little too candid with some of his material or so they say, and so he’s being held in contempt, but then this happens, he’s looking at the guy who’s supposed to be suing him and I don’t even want to say the name because their lawyers are all over this stuff on YouTube and he’s contending that the person that he’s being sued isn’t the guy that’s in front of the person who is suing him, isn’t actually the guy seated in front of him. He’s suggesting that essentially that the alleged crisis actor has been replaced by another actor and that the actor is in court and so he’s just calling BS. He’s saying that he basically, Jim Fetzer’s being deep faked

Speaker 1: (09:49)
now out of all the people who have been sued, he’s the only one who hasn’t backed down. He’s the only one Alex Jones back down and did a one 80 even as publisher back down. They had to and he hasn’t. So that matters. That’s why we have Jim Fetzer listed@autohoax.com as a source, as someone to reference as someone worthy of following, I’d definitely follow him and I recommend his channel because we may not agree on everything but you know auto hosting at this level. Now one thing to be wary of however is getting caught in any one event. You know when what happens with that is they end up swarming these topics with a bunch of agents and all they’re doing is they’re just honey potting and creating a caricature, creating public outrage and making the case for censorship. You’re better off just moving on. Like it’s probably not a coincidence that Wolfgang Helbig doesn’t know that David hogs a crisis actor. He thinks that thing was real. Steven Seagal thinks mass shootings are engineered by the government.

Speaker 1: (11:01)
So now I don’t know if he’s a false flagger. More than likely he’s a false flagger and there’s a huge, huge difference. Here is a chasm, and this is one of the lines that we’ve drawn. If you’re still looking for false flags, you’re way behind the curve. It’s way past that. It’s actually auto hoax or GTF though at this point, because they don’t use false flags. They use theatrical productions. It’s just movies. It’s called propaganda. Ajit prop. It’s not new. And so nobody’s dying, nobody’s crying. And that’s not even controversial to say, but they don’t want you to say it because it gives away the game on many levels. Legion James says, if you can’t get on board with Blazey Ford being just as Covena. Yeah, exactly.

Speaker 1: (11:52)
That’s one of the more obvious ones. And I really think they blundered. But then again, you know, looking back, like I said, uh, they’ve been really bad at this game and in there, I’m trying hard to catch up the, I mean, the space program, it is so hilarious what they’re doing. They had Brad Pitt and I told you Brad Pitt, you know, he’s in this new movie by outer space who Brad Pitt who may or may not be playing the role of Gary Dourdan in which if he is, he’s very talented if that’s his Tyler Durden. No, Gary Durden. Tyler Durden another conspiracy theory for another time. But my point is he’s being interviewed while he’s talking to someone from the ISS about, you know, how did we do, how did we simulate gravity? And the conversation was obviously contrived and phony and all that, but at one point the Ash nought did a little flip and it was terrible. Like, no, like, I’m like, you can’t tell me that this astronauts supposedly on the space station. You can’t tell me that that flip looks realer or at least as convincing of the way that they moved in the movie gravity.

Speaker 1: (13:05)
There’s the truth says that signed the deal that signed the deal with Wolfgang. Oh yeah. When Wolfgang dropped the ball Parkland, that’s where you know, they want to keep you focused on one side up so you don’t see the Sy war. It’s a mind game. It’s a distraction game. No, a Fetzer’s been on board. In fact with New Zealand, he was pretty much the first one to call out the use of augmented virtual reality with the rounds, which I thought was, um, pretty interesting cause when he started talking about that, you know, I was like, well that’s what it looks like. And I mentioned it and max Egan got on my case for it. He said, those of you call that AVR, your disinformation, you’re trying to destroy your credibility. Well anybody who, who pushes that line don’t listen to this person because he suggesting this, they’re probably gatekeeping. And that’s when I learned, and I do want, you know, I thank him for it, max Egan for giving away the game. His whole angle was to get me to say, Oh, it was real, but it was MK ultra rather than it was fake. And the guy’s an actor. And that’s when I realized the game here is they don’t want you to know it’s theater. They want you to believe it’s real. And so the conspiracy theorists are there just to give you alternative stories that you might find more believable.

Speaker 1: (14:30)
I mean, but here it’s just like, I’m pretty obvious. Um, let me go ahead and move on. Like I’m, I don’t care about the opinions of celebrities. OK. Teen girl threatened to shoot 400 people for fun with their AK 47. So she made some joke and uh, she’s been charged with a felony. Again, it could be fake. I don’t know, just bringing it up because these things are being put out in front of us. They’re really trying to inflate the fear of this, you know, ubiquitous shooter, white space debris. Clean up might be a national security threat. We called that out a long time ago that that would be the case. Okay. Here’s another example of freaking ugly. Disturbingly realistic masks and these things are like $5,000, but they basically, I look this to me, it looks like just some guy who didn’t get recruited by the CIA, like his masks are that good. But if you look into these, these videos and I’d recommend all of them really just to get an idea, they can pretty much create foolproof masks all around. Okay. I wanted to show you something else.

Speaker 1: (15:46)
I saw this picture of being passed around and it’s from monsters inc and has a, the monster peeking through the closet and on the wall is a drawing of uncle Roger in the mother engaged in, um, well it’s crayon, but you can see it’s kind of, they were a lewd act. So I saw this being passed around, you know, a few people fainted. I reached for the fainting couch and I was like, this can’t be, so I did some research. I right clicked it, searched the image source. And it turns out that this is a deep fake while it’s actually a dumb fake. But it’s interesting how many people will pass a dumb fake before somebody stops it in its tracks.

Speaker 1: (16:32)
And it’s also interesting that when you see something like this, it doesn’t even raise an eyebrow. Oh, Disney. Yeah. Obviously like nobody even questions it at this point. So I mean, I don’t even care. I mean at this point I’m willing to actually forward this dumb fake, I mean, what do I care? Disney is trash. They’ve actually done worse than this. If you want to see some stuff that needs to be just banned, like really needs to be, and the people who wrote it need to be psychoanalyzed if not investigated is the movie like baby boss’s. Craziest thing putting adult minds and babies and having these weird situations just way disturbing beyond the pale. Okay, so Jim Fetzer has been deep faked by a crisis actor replaced by a new crisis actor. It’s pretty good. In fact, let’s go ahead and read what he had to say about it.

Speaker 1: (17:29)
And here’s a Fetzer leaving. Okay. Longtime conspiracy theorist, retired professor who thinks the Sandy massacre was a, Whoa, sorry. Self-censoring Jim Fetzer, an Oregon resident at university, Minnesota. Duluth. Professor Ameritus of philosophy to violating an order to keep a videotaped deposition of Leonard Pozner confidential and instead he shared it to his fellow researchers. They mentioned that he has the book, nobody died at Sandy hook, which if you don’t know, that book was sensor on Amazon and there was another version of it that’s uncensorable because it’s fiction. But I don’t want to tell you the title right now. For some reason I think that they might go flag it. Okay, so on, on Friday they ordered Fetzer to pay Larry Posner. 7,000. Oh, come on. Posner doesn’t need it. Just opened another go fund me account. Say you stub your toe. I mean they, they seriously, they work at like that. The thing is so rigged. Fetzer told the court he provided the deposition to others in an attempt to prove that the person who appeared in the deposition was not Posner. So basically he was passing around this, um, this message. And look, this is fascinating because look, we sent it to

Speaker 2: (18:49)

Speaker 1: (18:50)
This is exhibit M and he sent this to the FBI in Florida. D C new Haven, Tampa. What is the consequences for someone posing as someone else at a deposition? And this is what he wrote to a, this is, this is interesting. How does someone get younger since the time of, yeah, there’s a lot of things about this. I don’t want to go too deep into it because it’s a, it’s one of these cases that’s like I said, it’s so overwrought. I mean overrun with the, with agents. Same thing with the F word earth thing. If you talk about F-word earth, you get inundated with agents. Like it’s, it’s ridiculous. You get inundated with agents who all have their own little agendas and I am really not interested. In fact, recently there was this incident where I don’t know what happened, but somebody told me to stop talking about somebody else. So I responded in a Facebook message. I said, um, I don’t know who you are but you know, basically buzz off. And next thing you know, there’s like this two hour video where a couple of people, um, authentic Epstein

Speaker 2: (20:06)

Speaker 1: (20:07)
and someone else, uh, an expert expert in a big foot ology or whatever. They talk about me for like two hours and they blame me for some guy’s crimes that he committed in 2016 and it was like, I have nothing to do with that. So anyway, sky’s the limit. Says where is the Bigfoot? Probably an Antarctica. I mean when you look at the way that the big foot is equipped as far as like for, you know how thick they are, they’re definitely meant for extreme weather. Yeah. They really don’t belong here. In fact, there’s another, I believe it’s a species of big foot or sub species of variant. It’s a hairless version B loo the Belews out there and South America. And I think that in the Southwest you have these smaller, uh, kinda semi hairy ones. They call them Tupa covers. But yeah, I’m pretty sure the big, big foots, the Sasquatch are actually in Antarctica and they’re a little too far to actually pick up on them.

Speaker 1: (21:08)
Telepathically thirst for truth says Posner kid showed up on a poster at a staged event overseas. Well, it depends on who you ask and who’s explanation you trust. I mean, really the whole case. Like you even say that name and an, it’s like they are really invested in this one and I think it’s because it’s a limited hangout. Same reason I don’t talk about nine 11 very much. And what’s the point like really what’s the point? It’s self evident right now. Now someone was talking about it yesterday, I think it was David Iyke recently said some things about nine 11 that I found to be interesting. And mostly he’s talking about war games and what those are. And you know what they’re doing now is they’re wargaming with UFOs. It’s like the Navy has reported, Oh look what we saw on our screen. And they look like little tie fighters and you know what?

Speaker 1: (22:03)
It’s all just wargaming. They put it in the little program so they could pretend like they’re engaging with it. And just I guess testing to see whether or not the public believes it. Effie gaming says, I think Sasquatch sightings might be a paranormal, but they’re not physical. Well that goes against, I mean look man, if you’re not physical, how do you get a footprint like that? Makes no sense. You can’t go from, it’s as big giant thing with a big foot to, Oh, it’s just like a ghost. It’s, it can’t be both. You got to stick with one or the other and that’s my problem with a Bigfoot believers. They don’t have any evidence and now they’ve made them into the spiritual being. Oh, it’s just a spirit that protects the woods. I thought it was a big monkey man. When did it go from big monkey man to benevolent?

Speaker 1: (22:49)
Like woods, Sprite or whatever dumb says. Would they rather shoot people who storm area 51 or the Antarctic area 51 I mean for the simple reason that a, that’s a military base. Like you’re, you’d be really dumped even go there. Now as far as Antarctica, I don’t think there’s any guns. I mean I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Do you even believe Antarctica’s a con is a continent or if it is, maybe it’s just a continent in one particular region. On the perimeter there’s like 50 or not 50 there’s probably 13 Antarctica’s around this region. If it is what the flat side is suggesting and who knows, maybe it’s not all cold so sky’s limit says very true. The big foot could be outside or a pond. Well that’s what I’m saying. So if there is a no Legion, James says the Patterson Gimley footage of Bigfoot is very compelling. While footage isn’t evidence for one thing and for another, we do know that the government has a vested interest in having people chasing after unprovable conspiracy theories to make them look crazy. There’s a reason why they put these stories on like the weekly world news. It’s all about controlling the narratives, controlling the stories and keeping people gate kept. So it’s okay to talk about Bigfoot all day, but you talk about seaward actors and boom, you lose your channel.

Speaker 1: (24:22)
But as far as the footage proving it, no way you’d need more. I mean you wouldn’t need, I mean one photo wouldn’t do it. One bit of video wouldn’t do it. You would need droppings, you would need claw marks on trees. You would need for, you’d need a, maybe evidence would help, you know, what are they eating? Like there is an entire ecosystem that would correspond to the creature that’s in it, you know, so it’s like you wouldn’t just not notice it. And again, the explanation for the lack of evidence is um, to spiritualize it, which I think is the wrong answer. Like if you’re going to assert the existence of big foot, then why not unicorns? And that’s why pretty much, you know, um, derived the idea at this time.

Speaker 1: (25:04)
I mean, believe whatever you want. I mean, I don’t care, but I just think that when they mix Bigfoot belief with legitimate inquiry, it does in fact delegitimize it. Like people say, Oh, you’re trying to deal with sytemized research into false flags by calling them hoaxes. And it’s like, no, it’s the other way around. And they poison the well all the time with discrediting ideas. Like I watched, I read this interview is with the, some, um, there’s a smaller newspaper out in the Northwest where it was an interview with Mark Sargent where they said, do you believe in flat earth? He said yes. Do you believe in Bigfoot? Yes. And they did it side by side for a reason. So you don’t start with, okay, so you think there it’s flat because you don’t trust the space agencies and they’ve had glitches here and you have these reasons to disbelieve and these assertions haven’t been backed. You’ve reverse engineered this and find it to be less than satisfactory. Like no, they don’t say, well maybe you have a legitimate reason for arriving at this and said, they say, Oh well you believe in anything that’s kooky. Oh you must have seen it on the cover of the national Enquirer.

Speaker 1: (26:12)
And what they’re doing is they’re creating a caricature of what a flat earth there is. And so the flat earth or used to be the anti science type that didn’t want Columbus to sail cause he might go over the edge. That’s where they want you to think. They want you to think that it’s an intellectual deficiency or you suck at history or something. Maybe science isn’t your thing. They don’t want you to think that it’s a matter of non-belief. And I think justified a suspicion if not outright paranoia. So they wanted to think that they people to think, Oh, these people are just lonely. You know, a midlife crisis, need community, kind of a new cult to new religion. And why wouldn’t they think that that’s what has been presented to them? And that’s it. The media does, it presents characatures. They want people to believe, you know, they want you to take that and just associate the whole group with it.

Speaker 1: (27:05)
I mean, that’s why most people think it’s a religious thing because it’s pretty much framed that way by its loudest exponent. Oh, it’s a Bible thing. It’s not a viable thing. The Bible contradicts it and people use this, this is what’s crazy. They say, well, the Bible is right about this. So they believe, therefore the Bible is the literal truth. And so that contains with it a whole can of worms, doesn’t it? Because the shape of the world round or flat, like you’re not gonna see the difference. It’s not gonna look any different to you than it would to a flee. You’re not going to experience it any differently. They’re just going to represent it differently on TV. So who cares? Like it doesn’t make a difference from how you’re going to directly experience it. But if this change in your interpretation of the whole world means you must therefore follow this book to the letter, well then it’s a horrible thing.

Speaker 1: (28:03)
You’re like, wow, the Earth’s flat, therefore I must be a Bible fundamentalist. I mean, how many people really followed that through? And that’s why they hide it. They hide it. They want you to think it’s just this cute little dome on a dish or like a pizza Frisbee thing with a dome over it floating through space. They want you to think that’s it. They don’t tell you that once you get over the edge, it’s a footstool that God uses and he’s just reclining and just watching you and they probably don’t want you to go there because then you have to acknowledge that they’re God. No goddess. God’s a bachelor apparently, which doesn’t make any sense and nobody answers the question. None of the Domers the footstool earthers will answer. What’s the footstool made out of? Where did the tree come from? Where did God get the lumber to make a footstool big enough to hold up the world? Did that come from another world? Was it a planet or was it another flat world? Do we have like layers of flat worlds? Like how does this work? Is he on top of a tortoise? Like they don’t answer because their argument, I mean their, sorry. Their explanations are inadequate, their explanations are way too inadequate.

Speaker 1: (29:22)
Can be mentioned. The star athletes are the ones they don’t want us looking at yet. They don’t want us critically examining anything that they present us with. We’re supposed to just believe it. And yeah, if you didn’t know storm Antarctica, a lot of reasons he might want to go do that. For one thing, you want to go rescue Bigfoot for another, maybe this UFO basis. And I think the storm area 51 types might find that there’s probably more hidden out there than in the Nevada desert, which is probably just a distraction. Orlando production says, I need your help with the fund for legal fees, for discrimination lawsuit. I’m interested in what the, um, what were they discriminating against you for? For not believing in the news. The nightly news.

Speaker 2: (30:14)

Speaker 1: (30:14)
Because you know, you guys are domestic terrorists right now there are 83 domestic terrorists listening to me according to the FBI. So if you don’t accept the official story of fill in the blank, you are a terrorist. And they’re really ramping it up right now with the environmentalism where the kids are openly blaming the adults for having ruined the world. Oh, Hey, this is something we called out. So Kevin Hart was on Jay Leno and they did a little off roading and he overreacted and he said, Oh, I’m so scared. We almost died. And his headline comes out. We definitely almost died. And a few days later, Kevin Hart gets into an accident and I’m starting to think the accident was fake because it happens right when this other meme goes viral. And Michael, what’s the incentive here? And it didn’t add up. Like after the car flipped, his two friends are trapped inside and he runs from the scene of the accident in hops in a suburban and disappears. Doesn’t wait for an ambulance anyway. Says here, Kevin Hart sued for 60 million by sex tape partner. So it could be, it could be something like that. It says here she claims he was seeking publicity for his comedy, tore that kicked off later that year when he recorded himself with her in a hotel room. So look, it seems to me that we have a lot of publicity stunts and I think his car crash was a publicity stunt. That’s the bottom line.

Speaker 1: (31:48)
We’re joined by troll versus trolls. Hey, if you’re doing a premiere, let us know. We eagerly await this. You see, there was a community response that was filtered. So earlier I alluded to the video where authentic Epstein and the other person were blaming me for his inability to control his darker impulses. And I was attacked if you read it, we were attacked. He the infinite plane society. And just so you guys know, this includes you, Bob noodle, excuse me, Bob know it all from glow. Bussers said IPS members are a bunch of criminals in prostitutes. That’s what he said. Bob from glow. Bussers insulted every single one of you. Just for listening to this live stream. Not cool, right? Not very inclusive for somebody who wants to speak for this community. Well, as you’ll see in this video where they were attacking me, it was curated so that only the comments that were against us were allowed to go through only the comments that attack the 14 year old girl were allowed to go through. That’s it. So it was very one sided and I don’t believe that those comments adequately reflected the see the true community. So troll versus trolls, that channel is going to premiere it and he’s going to premiere the comments from what I understand so you can respond to the comments and you can see who among you, among us rather in this research group is totally cool with the idea that this person should be exonerated because he was lied to by a minor. Anyway, let’s get back on track.

Speaker 2: (33:44)

Speaker 1: (33:45)
Teen who said he was bashed by African gang made false report. Just mentioning this because look, I’ve noticed this. Any time you see a selfie in a hospital, it’s probably fake. Like, seriously, it’s, it’s almost a hundred percent now and I’m thinking about it now and I don’t really know people who have been hospitalized who decided now’s the time I want to post my face on the internet. Troll versus troll says, Mark also said on his latest video that he wasn’t going to allow IPS to get credit for auto hoax. Mark says auto hooks went too far. Mark also didn’t believe in global warming until I made the case that that was a very silly thing to support global warming and so he changed course and so did dearth DERP inside the rabbit hole, not going to allow us to get credit. Good luck, man. I believe I broke it to MC media and we coined auto hoax and auto believer. That whole dichotomy, so good luck. Stick to doing commercials of people who drink their own pice. Sorry, 12 Epic sites to visit. If you were a tourist on Mars where canyons are deeper than the grand Canyon, this Mars tourism thing is a thing now. And in Northern Italy there’s actually these caves where for something like 6,000 pounds, you can spend three days living in a simulated Martian environment where you actually wear a space suit and they’re selling this as like luxury vacation when really this is to me,

Speaker 4: (35:25)
imagine you could vacation, listen on Mars. At first glance, Mars appears very different from earth, but if you take a closer look,

Speaker 1: (35:39)
okay, I can’t access that one because I’m not a member of business insider. But let’s check this one out. Brad Pitt interviews and astronauts. Now I want to show you this guy’s flip. So this is Brad Pitt interviewing Nick Hague. And I want to show you the flip here because it’s pretty pathetic

Speaker 5: (35:59)
if things out right after you get done with your Workday. Yeah. You get a face full of itch and then later in the day it goes to a more normal, a more balanced spectrum. And then at night we get rid of that blue light. Um, and we all follow the, the Greenwich meantime and that’s to help synchronize, you know, the international aspect of this. We’ve got a control station in Houston, in Huntsville, Alabama. Then we’ve got to control centers and in Japan and in Germany and then Russia and uh, up in Montreal and all of them need to operate on the same time. So we picked Greenwich mean time. Uh, but you know, really if you, if you’re, if you’re not smart,

Speaker 1: (36:36)
okay. Anyway, so that he’s talking about how time passes. Um, he did ask about the mess in what’s around him and very little of it made sense. Like the guy almost sounded like he was ad-libbing, but I specifically wanted to show you the flip cause this is where I think they give it away that they don’t know what they’re doing anymore.

Speaker 5: (36:54)
Here you go. Watch. Yeah, I’ve got a foothold and a, you know, I can change that up. But basically there’s handrails everywhere and I can just,

Speaker 1: (37:03)
okay. So when he’s upside down, you can see he’s being pulled by a harness and you can see the bottom of his pants tugging up.

Speaker 5: (37:10)
And a shingle space. This way. I see you tapping your feet every now and then. Are you in a foothold? Okay, here we go. Yeah, I’ve got a foothold and a, you know, I can change that up. But basically there’s handrails everywhere there.

Speaker 1: (37:24)
Okay. So right here you can see the bottom of his pants being tugged up

Speaker 5: (37:30)
and I can just hook my foot underneath there. And uh,

Speaker 1: (37:34)
these are harnesses. These are green screens. A number of people have done breakdowns on it. I highly recommend Flathead politics. A Flathead politics does breakdowns and all of these things. So what’s interesting now is they used to have cutting edge effects, but their effects haven’t really improved. And most of what they’ve introduced has only made it worse, including the augmented virtual reality thing. So looking at this, the people who believe this is real, have to compare it to stuff they know to be fake. So those of you who believe it’s real, let’s take for example, Timmy, while Tim, he knows when he’s watching the black crystal that it CGI. And I know he watched it cause he told us so he watched the black crystal. He knows it CGI and it looks realer than this bullshit. So he has to look at this and say, Oh yeah, black crystal is fake. But this is real. I mean this is some two plus two equals five nonsense. If you ask me, I mean this is corny obviously, but uh, you, you can see through it. If you look closer and if you know anything about video editing, you can actually see around the edges that yeah, he’s actually got a screen behind him and these objects for the most part probably aren’t there. The background’s probably interchangeable.

Speaker 1: (38:52)
And again, that’s just Brad Pitt. They’re all pretty much a part of the same CYOP industrial complex. It’s really no difference. You don’t have anything. This case with Brett Kavanaugh being Blazey Ford should tell you that there you have a mix of Hollywood, the school shooting crowd. They have the political crowd, you have the news media all in one room. Sky’s the limit. Says the idea of the moon being a reflection of a giant plane has potential. But it’s speculation makes you wonder if the image of the moon could be earth outside of the reflection looking in. Yeah. There’s a very good cha channel on this topic and I’ve been looking into it and he suggests that there is some type of a correlation here that perhaps what we’re seeing on the moon isn’t actually craters from impacts, but the dark spots are just dark areas on this textured surface, whatever it is, and that the dark spots are the result of apparently or what appears to be a kind of an X Ray or an inverted image where the white glowing areas would represent the oceans and the darker areas represent the land and so he correlates the continents below to what’s above in isolates.

Speaker 1: (39:58)
Okay, here’s the North pole, here’s the South pole. He goes through these things, but if it’s the case and if it’s a mirror and he has these explanations and I’m delving into it, if it’s the case, then it would also suggest that there’s a whole nother landmass just around just on the other side. So if it is a map of the earth, if it is some type of a reflection, it’s reflecting more than just the continents that we know.

Speaker 1: (40:24)
Okay, so check this out. This is, this is again vindication for those of us who call these things out. So Beto O’Rourke, who’s giving a Mason handshake here was busted in a big fat lie and anybody who’s thinking about voting for this guy is going to have to face this and we’re not going to let this one go. This is like Jesse Small at level reality faking. So basically he’s claiming that he spent time with the mother of a 15 year old who bled to death over the course of an hour because they ran out of ambulances because there were so many victims from the AR 15 he claims that he spent time with his mother. The story doesn’t add up. Anyway, one hour. So here’s what he said, and this is from the debate. I met the mother of a 15 year old girl who was shot by an AR 15 that mother watched her bleed to death over the course of an hour because so many other people were shot by that AR 15 in Odessa and Midland.

Speaker 1: (41:25)
There weren’t enough ambulances to get them in time. So we’re going to take your AR fifteens that was a, now here are the facts. The Odessa fire department arrived on 42nd street, seven minutes and 21 seconds after the girl and her brother or reported shock. The ambulance arrived one minute later, 30 ambulances were scrambled to the two locations and many were sent from Midland to even assessed with Odessa. So in other words, eight minutes, not one hour, no ambulance shortage. I told you this guy is David Hogan crack. Maybe he should just go do die-ins. But this is exactly what they do. They get their careers off of these dead bodies. That’s why we have memes of this guy standing on cause he stands on top of tables when he grandstands. So there’s memes of him floating around where he’s standing on top of piles of corpses. And then you have a little David hog head on a vulture munching away because that’s really what they are.

Speaker 1: (42:45)
Autonomous says infinite plane society always moving forward. Well look, what we won’t do is we won’t allow this to become a limited hangout because we’ve seen so many of these things. Like they lead you in circles. They have you do a one 80 you’re about to escape and they hand you a Bible. Then you run back in and the Christian flat earth movement is just totally controlled by government operatives. No doubt about it. Does anybody here actually doubt that glow bussers works for NASA? Like serious question. Does anybody here doubt my assertion that Jaron Campanella and Bob know it all work for NASA? Anybody who’s faking ISS transits is working for them. They’re working for the company that has ISS. The ISS is sending them files. Hey, use this insert shot on this date and claim that too. The second you recorded this transit and then everybody stand by it and they do it like, look, the ISS transit, as far as I’m concerned, discredited that entire operation. Nobody can refute that.

Speaker 1: (43:49)
It’s kind of funny where they’re at right now with that. Standing on the ISS transits and when we called it out, they, they’ve pulled out two fake ones right after to try to like contradict me and their explanations don’t make any sense. In fact, I actually talked to Bob about this on bro Sanchez, his show where he was bad melting me. So I got on the line and suddenly he’s like, I really like you IPS. I think it’s an infinite plane. It’s like, wow, you hated me 30 seconds ago, which is the real Bob, the one who hates my guts or the one who really likes me, like give me a break, like we’re not dumb here. And so I said, well, what do you, what do you think about these? ISS transits and he’s like, Oh, it’s project Bluebeam while project blue beam is a hoax.

Speaker 1: (44:27)
It’s another hoax just like MK ultra. And then that brings up the of, well, how can it be a hologram and meet all these transit points where it’s going around the world every 90 minutes. That’s 17,000 miles per hour. How fast did the projector going? And if it’s a projection, how is it reflecting light? Projections don’t reflect light. Holograms don’t reflect light, so what’s more likely? And then Jared says, Oh no, it’s an unmanned aerial drone that takes pictures. Okay, tell me of any craft manned or otherwise that can go 17,000 miles per hour and not make a sound, not leave a trail. Neverland. Never refuel. There’s no such thing. So they say, well, anybody can see it. Well, anybody can see unicorns. The burden of proof is on the person making the extraordinary claim and the extraordinary claim for the ISS transit that they’re catching them at these times.

Speaker 1: (45:22)
It hasn’t been met. The burden hasn’t been met that you can refer to a handful of videos, just government agents, people that will debate with Jaron. They’re all on the same team. There are actors on both sides of the flatter debate. You’ve got Yuna rock on the glow bird side, and you’ve got Jaron on the flatter side. It’s like, you know what, you can just switch their scripts. It’d be the same thing. Glow busters is a deep fake operation. Remember they were pushing a deep fake, somebody pretending to be somebody else as the ticket to mainstream flat earth, the whole thing with the buck tooth guy to vice magazine. So yeah, we expose all these earth shaped field agents. There’s no reason to play nice and pretend like we don’t see it because they’re playing really dirty, dirty politics. I’d rather be talking about big foot making snow angels in Antarctica, but because of Bob and DIT rah and all these other nasties, we’ve got to sit here and clear the air a little bit because they devoted 90 minutes smearing me for merely talking about in a confidential email exchange. What I think that Joshua Swift should do with his YouTube channel. I said he should delete it anyway. We expose these deep fakes and they didn’t like it. And I’m like, well, deal with it. You know, you can’t tell me not to see through this deep fake when I just saw through this deep fake at this particular school shooting. I see through the Dupers delight. I see it here. Why shouldn’t I call it out?

Speaker 1: (46:51)
So anyway, my point is you can’t trust anyone who’s going to say ISS transits are real. They cannot be. It’s impossible. Okay, now the speed, the speed record is five K, but here’s the thing for something to go, the speed that they say that it’s going, it would 100% have to be in outer space. In other words, you would have to be in this hypothetical environment where there’s zero friction. It would have to be falling because the thing doesn’t have an engine. There’s no propulsion. It would have to be falling. The ISS is falling around the globe at that rate. That’s the story. And so if it’s doing that, it’s like if it’s actually making these transit points and Jaron catches it and then Red’s rhetoric catches it and then some guy from NASA catches at the same night, well then it’s orbiting like duh, instant debunk of flat earth.

Speaker 1: (47:47)
If ISS transits are real, and then you have some people around these guys who are loyal, he’ll say, Oh well no, it’s, there’s something up there, but it’s not the ISS. It’s shaped like the ISS and they invented the space station to cover it up. No, they didn’t like it’s that obvious. If it was real, I mean I saw a couple, I saw a shooting star last night that lasted, I mean I probably could’ve counted two, maybe three seconds almost. But if the ISS were real and on that trajectory it would look like a streak. A shooting star. I mean because it’s moving five miles a second. But like think about from horizon to horizon, how long would it actually take to go over your head within your range of you? If it’s going around the globe every 90 minutes it would be hauling. It would be fast and you don’t really see it like that. In fact, it has no motion blur and no light trail. Those are just a couple of things wrong with it. Along with everything else, including the inconvenient instances of microgravity. Whenever the cameras are rolling in, they’re giving a tour where he drops his keys and they slam on the floor with a metallic claim like, Oh, how come it didn’t float? Do keys not floating space. Oh is no, as is micro gravity.

Speaker 1: (49:04)
Then you go ahead and check on the discord. By the way, discord, there’s only one way in it is through the IPS underground. We’re working hard to I think consolidate our think tank and really emphasize quality and content creation over anything else, especially now with storm Antarctica and some of the other things that we’re really focusing on. So I’m, I’m closing all the invites. So if you want to get in to the discord server from now one, it’s pretty much infinite point. society.com it’s the only way. Well, continuing through my, my feet here, number of things that I just, um, I’m trying to catch up with and we, it’s been a few days now. The topic of masks, the topic of death, fakers and de fakery. These things are all interrelated. Look at this one here. So Kevin Hart, I was talking about how this thing was faked.

Speaker 1: (50:04)
Every time there’s a CYOP, there’s an agenda behind it. And so I’m like, well, what’s the agenda here? Turns out, look at this. Kevin’s car will be disassembled by CHP and laws could change new safety laws. How interesting, right. I wonder who benefits new safety laws. What does that mean? Is there some company ready with some new safety? Is there something coming along that you know, cause it’s always this, like I remember when the kid with the underwear of the shoe bomber, you had the guy with the bombs in his shoes and then he had the underwear bomber that became the excuse to put these body scanners up. So there’s always an agenda behind every single one of these.

Speaker 1: (50:46)
The conspiracy theory that Justin Beaver is playing the role of the weekend. Um, it’s getting more popular and as a result he suddenly shaved. We were saying that part of his mask is like a chin strap. It’s silicone that adds on the bottom in that they use the beard to hide the seams. And as soon as that started spreading around the few channels that talk about this, he comes out shaved. How convenient. Right? Also, here’s another interesting one. I’ve just noticed, I’m like, I’m now that I’m paying attention here, had the celebrity PSYOPs are crazy and it’s all marketing, but it’s also, you know, various forms of political influence. But she puts out this horrible song, uh, Miley Cyrus and two others who Ariana Grande de and wasn’t she in a CYOP didn’t they? Fake bomb one of her concerts and then one other. Anyway, this is horrible song. It reminds me of like these cats by the dumpster outside when they’re in heat.

Speaker 1: (51:44)
Just this caterwauling you know, just like horrible. And the, this horrible song has Miley Cyrus like beating up some guy in a ring and talk about how I don’t need you. I have my own money, I’m independent. I’m like, this is so dumb. Anyway, now she’s out in public making out with Caitlyn Jenner, you know, so she’s like, she doesn’t need men because now she’s got a woman or whatever in like, Oh, I see what they’re doing. What they’re doing is they’re selling the new song by using the celebrity drama in the street to emphasize or make it look like, to give her street cred. Kinda like how that ballerina pretended to be a thug. You know the guy who faked died, who still alive. Oh yeah. Tupac, another deep fake, a C I a deep fake named Tupac, I think his name now is, I killed the MC.

Speaker 1: (52:34)
Is that what it is? Oh, it’s killed EMC. You know, they’re so like unsubtle it Machiavelli the guy on the cross, they’re not subtled their symbolism. If you know what you’re looking at. And if you can see through one death faker, you can see through them all. We have a methodology here. We’re not shooting from the hip. We’re not random. And we’re unmasking the conspiracy. And here’s something else I think we’ve tapped into. David Eick for years has been talking about how elite reptilian shape shifters in positions of influence all around us control our reality and hold up the matrix. You’ve all heard that story? Well, now I think elite shape-shifters is just a code in a reptilian is like a code in a row. A reptilian is Royal blood. Dragons are, I’ve always been associated with the royalty. So I don’t think it that literally like reptiles from Sirius that turn into humans.

Speaker 1: (53:28)
It might just be a code for elite people playing roles for deep fakes. In other words, and you know, it’s kind of funny now that we’re on this topic cause miles Mathis put out a really good article on the El Paso shooting just the other day. His name is miles. Matt. This I highly recommend his work sound. Oh, spelled just like it sounds. M. a. T. H. I. S. okay, so let me get hit, get his updates here. He goes through the El Paso shooting and dismantles it, you know, totally pro. But he’s the one who came up with the idea that Tupac was actually Jewish.

Speaker 1: (54:15)
Let me show you because now that we’re talking about this idea of trans racial deep fakes, and my first encounter with trans racial defects was through so-called telecom X. Okay. And they said we can find the article to somebody, have a link to miles Mathis. Is it just miles? mathis.com Tupac was, I think the entire time the entire article was something else. It was like, I don’t want to get lost in this one, but I just want to get you a good picture. Lovely. The conqueror says in the show one piece, the elite are called the celestial dragons. Interesting. Okay. Found it. So he does a genealogy of Tupacs whole family. Okay. Here’s the article it’s called now, I don’t know if this is true or not. Tupac is still alive. Yeah, that’s obvious. And Jewish and and gay, which I don’t know because Jessie small it after he fake lynched himself went on stage and he actually called himself the gay Tupac. Okay. Let me see what he, when he arrived at here and then scroll right to the bottom. He does genealogy and he pretty much comes to this conclusion that we’re looking at a deep fake who falsely passed himself off as a number of things. Okay, here we go. It says, maybe he misses theater calling by becoming a rapper, but I don’t think he did. His thug persona was an act. It was the part he was chosen to play and he stayed in character. This is not speculation.

Speaker 2: (56:12)

Speaker 1: (56:13)
Then there’s a comedian, Marlon Wayans who called in the Palm, all of thug and said that the guy was a method actor. Yeah. A few people have noticed, uh, Myles Mathis also suggest that you refer to gangster rap EZ bankster rap. Anyway, it’s an interesting theory. I’ll drop a link for the article. I mean, it’s 19 pages. I don’t want to go through the whole thing, but I recommend you go through all of his work. Of course, this guy doesn’t know that NASA lice, but that’s all. That’s fine. By me. I mean, look, a lot of his research is solid.

Speaker 1: (56:52)
I didn’t know this. Tupac died on a Friday the 13th. Okay. Now here’s what he says. My treatment of Tupac wouldn’t be complete whether establishing whether he was not just a Jewish actor who faked his death, but a gay Jewish actor who faked his death. Since that’s the trend we see over and over with these members of the ruling families. He says, since we’re talking about Tupacs image, we should admit, it’s just that an image, the real Tupac was a sensitive, soft-spoken, flamboyant, Shakespeare loving theater nerd whose style and mannerisms were often the feminine, the leather course. That strikes me as more than a poor decision by a stylist. Anyway, I dropped a link for the article if you want to go through it. Miles’ Mathis, highly recommend. So earlier we were talking about, Oh nice. Wade got his auto hoax or bumper stickers. See, this is a meme that I think is time has come flat.

Speaker 1: (57:54)
Earth is controlled by a bunch of operatives, bunch of NASA shills who are running it into the ground and their edge averse. They’re afraid of Antarctica, they don’t even want to talk about it. They’d rather talk about Bigfoot. Then Antarctica, well auto hoaxing under, I think auto hoaxing really does undermine everything from the ground level to deep space. Everything in the fake news, the fake science, the fake history, all of it. The fake dramas that they give us, this fake worldview, all of it is undermined by one thing and that’s taking the philosophical approach. And the methodology of auto hoaxing. It’s that simple.

Speaker 1: (58:45)
Auto hoaxer and so bumper stickers, um, we’re gonna get that on the billboard obviously. Oh, auto hoax, the MSM, um, auto hoax.com is the definitive site for the concept and we’re using that to really flesh out all the various areas. If you haven’t been to auto hooks.com, I highly recommend it. And these bumper stickers are available there as well. So is the book the auto hooks or handbook? I have a followup I’m working on. I’m actually editing now. If you’re not auto hoaxing, you’re not paying attention. That’s a fair. If you’re not an auto hoaxer then to some degree you’re an auto believer. I mean that’s pretty much it. And if you’re an audit believer, that’s fine. You know, that’s your religion, not mine. Okay, so here are the topics. Death, fakers, fake famous personas, crisis actors, mass shooting hoaxes, the auto hoax, lexicon, history hoax, Bigfoot UFOs, Kim trolls. And then I have a list of a number of auto hoaxers. I recommend infinite plane society, fake ologist, Jim Fetzer. Jeffersonian girl can be super recognizer. Now, they’re not all purists on every level. I’m just interested in the research. So these aren’t, I’m not recommending these individuals, I’m not vouching for them. I can’t tell you that Brian Staveley is not controlled by the CIA, but I can’t tell you that his research is solid when it comes to certain things and it’s worth checking out.

Speaker 1: (01:00:22)
History hoax. I guess we might even end up putting mud flood on here if there’s any validity to that. Just based on this, that the mainstream media is pretty much writing your history day by day. So the history of the last 20 years includes several hundred terror attacks and school shootings and thousands of hate crimes that didn’t actually happen like that’s in your history books. So many atrocities, so many deaths, so many laws that change shifts in culture because of things that didn’t actually happen. They simulate it. I mean, it’s magic. I’m starting to think it’s all just lesser magic. They simulate these things and then people respond as if it actually happened. I mean, isn’t that the definition of magic?

Speaker 1: (01:01:19)
Okay. So storm Antarctica is our answer to the edge of phobes in the flatter community who do not like to talk about the edge because it distracts from their cult, the enclosed earth society. And that’s what they are. They’re all enclosed. That’s what they agree on. It’s the conference earthers enclosed VIP model is maybe a better way of putting it. They put all their faith in conferences and now they think that by getting a Neo Nazi homophobe to be their mouthpiece, they’re going to somehow score some points with the public. All they’re going to do is further associate themselves with right wing extremism and uninformed blue pill political analysis. People who don’t know about crisis actors, DM says, how long is the auto hooks or handbook? Can I fit in my back pocket? Um, you know what? It’s not. It depends on how your pants are, I guess.

Speaker 1: (01:02:35)
Sorry about the audio being cut out. Okay, so here’s a link to the auto hooks or handbook. Can you fit it in your back pocket? Depends on how big your pants are. This is a much needed guide to deconstructing the fake news. Actually, it’s a guide to deconstructing the real fake news that the fake news doesn’t want us to know about. Auto hoaxing must become standard practice. This is where the truth movement must go. It’s if it’s to be more then nominally concerned with the truth. Those who still toe the line for big media and it’s Astro turf counterparts are post-truth. So the point I’m making here though is that our reality is being distorted by CGI, scripted news, fake pseudo news events, and of course corrupted science. So the message behind this book is that the concept of auto hoaxing itself needs to be mainstreamed.

Speaker 1: (01:03:36)
I’m interested in what T vs T had to say on this topic originally. The term auto hoaxer was a pejorative. See, this was one of the things, they used this to attack us. They said, Oh, you’re an auto hoaxer. You don’t believe the news. You think it’s fake. Unless they can prove it’s real. Whereas these guys, their approaches, Oh, it’s real. Unless we can prove it fake. So it was an attack on us to be an auto hoaxer was a bad thing. So we’re like, well look, they don’t want people to become auto hoaxers because it’s such a bad thing. We don’t think it is because we know that the auto hoaxer has been vindicated again and again and again. Every day I wake up, I look at the news and I’m vindicated. So we’ve appropriated that term and we use it, we own it, it’s ours, there’s no field agents to ruin it like there is with flat earth like any other topic, any other topic you get into that bet strays from the mainstream is going to be full of agents and this was a space that just doesn’t seem like there was any real effort to consolidate a network of people around this concept and methodology.

Speaker 1: (01:04:46)
You know you had a lot of disparate researchers but they don’t all unders, they don’t all have a agreements on this as being standard practice for all the meta, even the space. So what I’m working on is getting all those in the know about the stuff on the same page and that’s where auto hooks.com becomes a hub. So yeah, definitely. It was a very derisive term. They meant it to Seamus. But this is really just taking media criticism to a new level,

Speaker 1: (01:05:17)
elevating our standard to radical skepticism. Nah, I mean, if you have a problem with that, you know, if you’re too PC for that, that’s fine. Like we know how to disseminate his information without getting banned so easily and bigger channels that are more mainstream just can’t do it. Like maybe just giving him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe someone like Owen Benjamin knows that that Daisy Haug is just an actress, but he can’t say it. He probably can’t even say it on his own platform. Do you realize that? That’s how you know they’re gatekeepers? Gatekeepers do not auto hoax. They can’t probably goes against their contract. To be quite honest. It probably goes against their contract. Can’t say that. So check this out. This guy was going to the white house to be rewarded for heroism. He was the El Paso shooting victim from the Walmart and they said that he was throwing bottles at the shooter.

Speaker 1: (01:06:18)
You know, interesting story. You know, cool story bro. Again, a lot of contradictions have come out. There was no fire alarm pulled in like the first few people said anyway, this guy claimed he was dodging bullets and throwing Coke bottles at the shooter. Well, it turns out it was a big story. He made it up. The FBI said, ah, that’s not in the video and he got arrested on something unrelated before he could meet Donald Trump. Kind of interesting. Right. I’m wondering why would they do this, given that he’s a crisis actor, they can’t really actually arrest him because then he’d become a whistleblower. He would say, wait a minute, you guys told me that I’m supposed to say this stuff and now you’re arresting me for it. You see what I mean? If they can arrest a crisis actor for going off script because then he would say something to all the others. He would say, well, how am I getting arrested and these guys aren’t because none of it happened. It was a hoax. But he didn’t say that. So I think this is a very clever and shrewd story that they put into the mix. So we would have an example of allying witness being caught and done away with because if he’s really a witness and he’s really arrested and he was really there, it confirms the original story, the official story. So this is just more subtle reality reinforcement.

Speaker 1: (01:07:44)
Found a video, TMZ posts of this, which means it was filmed for TMZ because they produce news, they don’t report news and it’s got Justin Beaver in disguise somewhere else. I mean just showing you they all do it. Anybody who thinks that Snowden is legit is a shill, a gatekeeper or just clueless. There’s a lot of flatter channels. Who think that Edward Snowden is legitimate in some way? No. Um, he’s not Edward Snowden doesn’t know about auto hoaxers. In fact, let me go ahead and show you something here. So Edward Snowden doesn’t know about auto hoaxing because he’s an actor and he’s part of the game. And if they call out the hoaxes, uh, they actually undermine their entire script that they’re a part of. And so we came up with this thing here. I found a really good bit of vector art. Actually we have a couple of backpacks I want to show you. This is a Snowden auto. Just auto hooks in.

Speaker 1: (01:08:51)
It looks like I have a a phone call, but you know I’m not going to take calls right now. So go ahead, end Glenn, pause on that. I’m going to have to take off here in a minute. One more thing in case a school shooting. Remember Alice alert, lockdown, inform, counter and evacuate. So if you have any auto believing family members who think school shootings are real now you can really help out the infinite planes, society and auto hoaxing in general by purchasing one of these school shooting survival backpacks by auto hooks.com. All right, I’m going to have to get back to Evelyn later. We’re going to take calls tonight on a few topics. I just wanted to catch up. It’s been a few days. Let’s see if we have a, some callers lined up, the few new topics, few bombshells going to be dropped here, um, in the next couple of days as well. Just waiting. You know, I’m getting a lot of good leads, but some people are asking me to go ahead and wait and we’ll go over the Sandy hook thing later.

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