Speaker 1: (00:03)
This one says, give me that school shooter fade. I like that. The school shooter fade, mass murder, haircuts. What’s hot? What’s not? Santa Fe high school shooter ball cut confirmed. Now this case had some fakery involved in it. The hero, the story was a substitute teacher who blocked the block, the room up. I think he used chairs in a something else. He told his story about how he saved these students by barricading them into the classroom. Well then later it turns out that this teacher who was being interviewed and was basically crisis acting and all these stories had made it up. He wasn’t even there. So that was an instance of a crisis actor who was really only a crisis in the papers crisis actor in the papers in, in the news.

Speaker 1: (01:24)
Kara Calavera on Twitter. Why do so many mass shooters have bowl cuts? No, I didn’t know this. David Duke has a bowl cut now. He’s not a mass shooter, but he’s a Neo Nazi. So there is something to this Nazi thing. I believe in the bowl cut. There is a connection there. Okay. Now this, I don’t know if you’d call that one a bowl. We’ve got a few different images of homes, but hair is a big thing. Now you have all these different psychos. They usually do have something about it. Like, here’s one son of Sam. I’ve noticed that they’ve tried to create this son of Sam like style with Nick Cruz where he’s kinda grown his hair out. Now that he’s in the asylum, of course we all know Charles Manson with his wild hair and the the hippie thing.

Speaker 1: (02:38)
Now I’m bringing this stuff up because rolling stones just did an article here where they’re actually calling it a hate symbol. It’s not just them. How the bull cup became a white supremist symbol. The often mocked haircut has become shorthand for a violent strain of far right extremism. So we were talking about bowling banding. These bowl cuts months ago, if you ban bowl cuts, you’d save more lives and trying to ban guns, which will never happen. Well now the ADL itself is calling it a white supremacist symbol. It’s an actual hate symbol. So it’s like a swastika. Like, this is a symbol of hate and these matter, cause these do put you under a certain category. It’s all just scrutinize you. So again, this is Dylan roof and this to me, I said earlier made for TV. You got this like I don’t know, child actors pretending to be cops and they’re guarding a guy that just murdered nine people in cold blood.

Speaker 1: (03:42)
Like this looks like a bad movie. Like maybe Dylan roof thought he was just part of a beam movie and you would think it was just a movie if you followed him after it was over when the police took him over to burger King for a Whopper, which I think is an inside joke about the whole thing again, the ADL says that the white supremacists have been putting bull cuts, super imposing them on people. They call themselves the bull game and they also call themselves boulders as in brothers. So I didn’t know this, I didn’t know this. We have been putting bowl cuts on people for days, but we did it as a symbol of, I think it has to do with what the dome cut is, what we call it.

Speaker 1: (04:35)
It says here though the rise of the bowl cut has nothing to do with the hairstyle itself or the view that it’s an attractive hairstyle to be emulated. It’s gained traction as a white supremacist symbol. So Mark pit Cavage compares it to Hitler’s mustache, something that’s obviously ridiculous looking yet distinctive enough that it can be easily subject to memification memification. So if something could be easily subject to memification, it has intrinsic value marketing and otherwise, I think that’s why Trump’s hair served him when it’s clearly ridiculous, it says, uh, the rise is tied to part of a larger effort to carve a canonized roof within the white supremist movement. So, you know, his Dylan roof really viewed as some type of a white power savior? I don’t think so. I don’t think the real white nationalists, not even David Duke, are talking about murdering each other. They’re talking about separatism.

Speaker 1: (05:41)
But yeah, it turns into a meme easily, which makes it a threat because the media can’t control things that are easily subject to memification. So as the ADL started seeing the white supremacists incorporating the bowl cut onto their iconography, 2017 a few years after the Charleston shooting, now the white nationalists who, um, they’re accusing of adopting this stuff, they really don’t. If you actually go to fortune and [inaudible] most of these guys, no, they’re looking at false flags and they know these things are staged to demonize them. They’re not owning it. They’re not saying, yes, he’s one of ours. You really don’t see it. If they really thought that way, they would have him on tee shirts. They would be, I mean, you would see it. But here they’re just ascribing this to the, this anonymous group of haters out there.

Speaker 1: (06:36)
The guy didn’t even have a, a manifesto. Now here’s a new term as well. Aside from memification is accelerationism. Now accelerationism is this new theory that there’s a goal among white supremacists to create sort of a, a racial Armageddon where if they can create one hate crime, it’ll inspire another. And another, and there’s a chain reaction called accelerationism. It’s never happened, but it’s the idea that if we don’t stop the hate when it’s small, it can literally burn up everything. It’ll spread like fire copycats. I mean, even now they’re warning people about the Batman movie because they don’t want a copycat shooter. This is also phony and fake, you know, as you know. But the people who believe it’s real, I think this is a real thing. Lean Deon says grit as a bigger star than I thought. She’s got a half hour of vice documentary with hyped up techno music. Oh yeah, 100%. And you know, vice advice is just a CIA front. Anything they’re promoting is, um, pretty much because they’re, it has a big government agenda behind it. So yeah, obviously they’re going to be behind this climate fascist and it’s not really her, she’s a puppet. It’s her parents in the organizations behind him and you win and the Democrat party,

Speaker 1: (08:09)
but vice is also there to attack the people who don’t believe in the news. Oh yeah. Phones are open. Infinite plane. Hey, what’s up, caller, go and turn it on and turn your screen. Go and turn your speaker a little bit down.

Speaker 2: (08:27)
Why? Fingers down the hell. What is this shit about? Accelerationism uh, this is a new term to me.

Speaker 1: (08:36)
So basically if enough angry white bull cuts shoot up enough places, it’ll cause a chain reaction and others will be emboldened and then it will keep going into until, well, we’ll have a collapse of the social order and we have to build a new one. And you may think this is a joke, but it’s not a coincidence. Dayton Gilroy,

Speaker 3: (08:59)
El Paso over the single weekend. You see what they’ve done.

Speaker 2: (09:03)
Well, so this is, look at these split, is this just like a like copycat? Like are we just saying like, it’s like copycat because like they’re real like accelerations and if there’s, if they’re serious about that, uh, you know, like the, the, the whole racial thing that’s just being propagated in our jail, you know, like nonstop for years and years and years. So, just like when you said that, it kind of triggered me a little bit about that because the only like real, like truth or if at least one of the main sources I know of, you know, would be jail and the racism propagated there. So there’s celebration as I’m here. That’s just bullshit right off the right off.

Speaker 3: (09:41)
Well, it’s nothing new. It’s not all that different from the Turner diaries and Timothy McVeigh, where he was supposedly inspired by the Turner diaries was, which was like a white power version of the story of the slave Nat Turner, you know, that the Django chained was based on, but the Turner diaries was based on this future, this dystopian future where the Democrats won and now everything’s multiculti and whites are facing genocide. And so in order to spark a revolution to push back, this guy who takes the code name Nat Turner, starts shooting at, uh, you know, police and army and military as white power attacks to inspire other whites to do it so they can take back the world. So it was a bunch of lone Wolf shooters. And so that’s what they’re saying. Accelerationism is this fear of lots of lone wolves take an action at once.

Speaker 2: (10:31)
Interesting. When was the, uh, where did you first hear about that? And like where, like who else talks about like accelerationism you know, that sounds like a, like an official term kind of.

Speaker 3: (10:42)
Yeah, I’ve heard it being bandied about oddly enough by right-wingers. But that was a few months ago and it was right after El Paso where they were saying, Oh no, we can’t blame this on white nationalism. This is caused by accelerationism from media coverage. So the right wing was using this, but they were saying it’s because we talk about it so much.

Speaker 2: (11:00)
Oh I see.

Speaker 3: (11:02)
But rolling stones in this article, talking about how the ADL was listed, the bowl cut as a hate symbol. They’re saying accelerationism in conjunction with white nationalism would lead to them trying to create a new social order by just going all the way.

Speaker 2: (11:18)
There’s like a philosophical like blame game all of us. And it sounds all right. I get it. Alright, well that’s all I had to talk about. Anything else?

Speaker 3: (11:26)
No, I mean look, Hey, this is just a repackaging of Al-Qaida. You know, you get one bombing here, a shooting here, and then you get this impression that, okay, now they’re emboldened and all the cells are going to come out. So I think what they’re reintroducing the public to is not terrorist cells on every street corner, but terrorist in cells on every street corner. Anyway, thanks for the call. Yes. So that was looking at he split. Yeah. The

Speaker 1: (11:55)
topic here is a racism or armies of racist just rising up out of nowhere and no, it’s pretty much ridiculous. Phones are open. (505) 510-4226. So pit Cavage is the one who shot up the tree of life synagogue and now they planted a tree there, just like Dylan roof. After that shooting, they put nine trees up. They do a lot of shrines, which is part of keeping it alive, creating a, an entire movement around it. I mean, each one of these shootings has its own movement attached to it. Even Parkland, the fake dead wrapper, X, X, X, who was once a little Jojo. He’s the guy who started the helping hand, which is a foundation around Parkland. Okay, here we go.

Speaker 3: (12:45)
Mark Pitt. Kevin

Speaker 1: (12:48)
infinite plane radio.

Speaker 4: (12:51)
Hey, IPS has gone

Speaker 1: (12:53)
pretty good. I’m just going through the various shooters and the various bowl cuts or their haircuts in general and it’s predominantly bowl cuts. Um

Speaker 4: (13:02)
Oh, the bowl. The bowl is dangerous. You know Mo, he was the first angry white male. Of course.

Speaker 3: (13:09)
That’s right word. Yeah, exactly. Moe from the three Stooges. That guy definitely had anger management issues. But speaking of anger management issues, what about Gretta? She’s an angry white chick.

Speaker 4: (13:21)
I just post. I just, uh, I put it on the, uh, chat up there. Uh, this is stranger days. Uh, w what about Gretta acceleration? Gretta celebration. I kind of figured, you know, when the spreading of Gretta’s word in, they’re gonna get a lot of angry white females going out there, uh, causing Rican havoc all over the land.

Speaker 3: (13:41)
Yeah, that’s celebration. Now. Hey, did you see that green peace kid? I like that Gretta celebration. We’ll use it. It’s already happening. Walkouts.

Speaker 4: (13:50)
So I watched that video. I thought that was her. And then I want to the original video and it was actually some what some boy about what, five, six, seven years ago?

Speaker 3: (13:58)
12 years ago when should it be under the ocean by now? This is the angry, yeah, the angry Greenpeace kid and look, same hoodie. Same angry face. Same script. And that was how long ago?

Speaker 4: (14:10)
It looked like the same. I thought it was heard then I was like, Holy shit, you know, this is a, this is, this is a boy from 12 years ago. Shit.

Speaker 3: (14:20)
But he was basically saying that

Speaker 4: (14:22)
I’ve got the answer here. Here’s the capitalist answer to Gretta and her ilk. This is real simple, man.

Speaker 1: (14:30)
Go for it.

Speaker 4: (14:30)
Okay. All right. Most of the cities are on the coast, right? The big cities all over the, especially the United States, but whose finances all that real estate that goes up, uh, who ensures it. Why would insurance companies, one of the companies build a gigantic skyscrapers along the coast, but 99 year leases and insurance companies will insure those structures and they’re right on the fricking coast. Not there where they think, you know, if they really, if the insurance companies believed that we are a in for some oceans rising and all that grab, there was no way they would ensure these buildings and no mortgage company, these big banks, giant banks wouldn’t be building tremendous amounts of real estate developments all along the coast. I mean, then there’s your proof right there. Actuarial tables. Do they account for a rising oceans and global warming? Uh, I don’t think so. And they got the money, you know, so Hey, they’re not going to put their money where, you know, their property is going to be destroyed or fall into the ocean and California, Florida, New Jersey, New York. I mean, there’s no way, man. No way.

Speaker 3: (15:35)
That’s pretty good. That’s good because you could use that as a legitimate argument that if what they’re saying has any validity, then these investors here are really screwing up.

Speaker 4: (15:47)
They’re really stupid. They’re stupid. Insurance companies are stupid to insure buildings that are, you know, a hundred feet away from the coast.

Speaker 3: (15:56)
Yeah, great point. Great point. And the interesting thing about this Greenpeace kid is that he’s basically saying, you may think I’m cute now, but I’m going to grow up and if the world isn’t fixed, you’re going to get it. And I’m like, you know, this has been 12 years. This guy has already grown up and none of the predictions that got him so hostile came true.

Speaker 4: (16:18)
Well, isn’t it like a, all the other doomsayers none of this shit ever comes true.

Speaker 3: (16:22)
No. Hey, I got a question here. When it comes to Gretta, and this is in all seriousness, she’s angry. She’s white, she’s mentally ill. how come she’s not on a terror watch list?

Speaker 4: (16:33)
I’m with the man that doesn’t, I mean that shows the HIPAA co hypocrisy right there. Total hypocrisy.

Speaker 3: (16:40)
Well, one thing, it’s either it’s either mis-gendering her, which is a hate crime or it’s just sexist and they don’t think that a woman’s capable of doing the same kind of violence that a man can do.

Speaker 4: (16:51)
What what they need to do is I need to have one of these, uh, these new actors that are going to do, uh, the next event to be an angry white male. But then the day he gets caught, he says, I gotta switch. I, I now identify as a female

Speaker 3: (17:04)
John report it, they already did it. I did it. Colorado last Colorado shooter was in fact, I, I’m someone who identified as a female, which is interesting cause I was like, wait, they arrested him and the police officer was very clear to say, uh, he identifies as a female. And I’m like, well, which jail did they put them in?

Speaker 4: (17:23)
Yeah, I mean, come on. This is a, it’s a big show man. Hey, one thing I did want to, um, I was listening to one of your earlier, you’ve been doing a lot of getting cut off a lot. It looks like some of your shows go for a few minutes and then you get you, they cut you loose I guess. But, um, there’s a lot of lot of topics that you brought up over the last few days that, uh, really need some more fleshing out. You bringing out a lot of stuff. Man. It’s a hell too much for me to go over right now. But I’ve been, I’ve been, uh, let’s try to listen to the latest. It’s hard to keep up with you, man.

Speaker 1: (17:55)
You know what? It’s crazy isn’t it? It’s crazy. But I’m trying to keep everything organized. I really am. That’s where we’re building out the Wiki and yet we’ve had some strange instances of livestreams just being cut. And like last night I called the DHS and I actually reported Gretta cause I knew she was going to be in America and I was like, well don’t let her near a Walmart. Minutes later my connection goes down.

Speaker 4: (18:18)
I know, I heard that one. Yeah, that was pretty amazing though. Later near a Walmart. I love it. So you know what else? Oh, actually you were talking about I think yesterday about the people who are into the simulation argument and therefore they have no, no stake in the game. They don’t care about North pole, South pole, wind’s gonna end this, you know, cause it’s all assimilation. You were on that from a couple of minutes I think last night. And um, you know, I was thinking, you know, it’s seems like that was with a mosque and uh, some of those others talking about it, they’d been promoting the simulation argument and Mandela effect fits all in with it. And it seems to be that they’re gonna try to, you know, it’s a form of a, the gas lighting effect. And when you couple that with all the, the new red flag mental illness stuff that’s coming out, they’re really trying to make everybody not know which way is up.

Speaker 4: (19:09)
And so I’m trying to blow people’s mind and then, Oh, okay, well you’re crazy. You, you belong in this house here. There’s no houses. I’ll see you. That middle layer, the mental illness aspect, and they’re not coming for your guns. Talk to Africans. I mean, come on, man. They could have done that 30 years ago. They’re coming for your mind that they’re not coming for your property. They’re coming for your mind, your ultimate property is indeed your mind, and you’re trying to screw with people’s minds and then they’re gonna say, well, your mind is all messed up, so, uh, we’ll have to house you here for about 15, 20 years and make you right. You know, just like big brother, you know? So,

Speaker 1: (19:43)

Speaker 4: (19:44)
I think some serious serious matters that they’re doing all these, uh, these deep fakes, there’s a reason why they’re doing all these deep fakes and it’s to try to screw with people’s head and then they’ll say, well, your head is screwed. So now we own your Jack. Let’s watch out for that.

Speaker 1: (20:00)
You know, it is interesting that every time that Alex Jones has ever been confronted with the flatter topic, he says, well, it’s all just a simulation. Anyway. We live in the matrix. And David, I did that too, where instead of having to actually confront the substance of what we’re saying, they just say everything’s just a dream. Nothing’s real. And I almost feel like it’s just a thought stopper. It’s a conversation stopper in a way, because it’s like, Oh, it’s all fake. Then there’s no reason investigating what’s real. It’s all fake. It’s all just an ephemeral. And

Speaker 4: (20:30)
w what you, what you may find interesting, uh, them is that I myself was a simulation guy about 2004. I broke away from mine programming a religion and started looking for answers. And, uh, simulation was one of the things I found. Um, the um, simulation argument, uh, Nick Bostrom and read the holographic universe. And of course everybody about that time by 2004, I had seen the matrix many times and I was, I was really falling into that camp. And there’s, there’s some merit to the argument. I get it, but I think there’s sort of a half and half in there. I think the simulation is this deep bakery that’s going on in, in the increased move towards digitalization. Um, you know, the digital economy and all this stuff seems to be bringing us into some form of, uh, of a digital simulated world to, to a degree. But really, uh, truthfully that years ago I was looking into it and thinking this really might be a computer game or, or a dream. And then, uh, I’ve since woken up from that, realizing that that is itself a form of a deep peg trying to take people out of thinking that, you know, you’re not living, you don’t know what your reality is, man. If you don’t know what your reality is, then we need to house you down here out, you know, Ronald Reagan hotel. So

Speaker 3: (21:49)
Plato’s cave.

Speaker 4: (21:51)

Speaker 3: (21:52)
yeah, yeah. I think that’s the case. And Plato was also the idealist, the first one. And I think idealism is what we’re talking about where they really do get people into this notion that the world we live in is an illusion. The reality is after you die, Christianity does the same thing. And I think that’s a big hoax. And I also think the idea of undermining your sense of reality as big, like people saying to your face, I’m like, I remember people telling me this, like in school and even family members, like, you know, if you knock on the table, you think it’s solid, but it’s mostly empty space. It’s like, Oh no, it’s solid. You know, you can, you can say that as an example or you can make some broader point I guess. But to me it’s just like, maybe that’s just a way of undermining your own perception by saying that everything is actually just a simulation of fake, um, um, a subjective illusion. I think that’s all meant to undermine your cognition. In other words, it’s, it’s a gaslighting,

Speaker 4: (22:48)
I think. I think it’s gas. It’s trying to, what? I think it might be just a little speculation. I mean, I’ve, I’ve tried to look at all angles. It could be a little bit of both. It could be that we do have, this may be a somewhat of a malleable, a reality, kind of like the dream world, only more solid than a dream, obviously, but maybe a longform dream that maybe we can affect it. And so what they’re doing is they’re projecting all these things into our mind, making us think that we are either crazy or we are weak, or we do whatever, you know, they project to us things like nine 11. So we in effect make a nine 11 type event. We, we, we, uh, you know, collectively help it to happen, I guess give them the authority or the permission in some spiritual sense.

Speaker 4: (23:31)
10 spiritual, I know you mentioned the other night that, uh, what does the hell does spiritual mean? But what it means to me, I think that there is some other level of reality that’s probably underlying all of this and these, um, best eons, uh, world thespians they know a little bit more about how to operate in that realm. And so there’s somehow gaslighting the rest of us and DMing trying to dumb us down so that we can gain the knowledge of the power that, you know, could be there for all of us. And I don’t know, that’s, that’s probably wishful thinking. And I think that that seems like there’s, I want to think that there’s a, that we are, we have more power than they want us to believe. And it may or may not be true, but it certainly seems like they are trying to Gaslight us, dumb us down, make us think that we are insignificant. Why would they put so much effort into, you know, in training us in that direction if they didn’t have something to fear,

Speaker 3: (24:27)
they definitely have a vested interest in D Valley devaluing our lives. You know, like not only making you feel guilty about it but making life seem cheap compared to the big promise of heaven. And that’s what religions do like well your life is temporary. Why would you risk your eternal soul for a season of fun here in life? Why don’t you just abstain and live a very austere life? Go pure aesthetic acidic, you know, be a Virgin or whatever like cause they basically say don’t indulge, don’t be part of the world. And then you’re fit for heaven where you live forever. So a lot of this I think is devaluing your life so that you don’t feel like you’ve lost anything when they’ve turned you into a slave.

Speaker 4: (25:05)
Think about you. We’ve talked to, you’ve talked and others have a lot recently about big, big brother, 1984 literally what they did to Winston Smith, how they’d be valued. Him beat him up and made him look horrible and brought down his, lowered his self esteem so much that he was ashamed to be even alive, you know?

Speaker 3: (25:26)
Yeah. That book is a, I think pretty much an app description for how people are responding to authority figures in general. But it’s not just big brother, you know, I think even Jehovah is just another form of big brother. They just have different ways of repackaging the authority. So you find it somehow acceptable. Like, you know, I’m, I’m like really, uh, on this notion here that the God is just a narcissistic construct to turn people into government pleasers, you know, the, the enablers of big government or just co-dependence.

Speaker 4: (25:58)
So that always inevitably in my mind anyway, brings up the question about who is this God or who’s above. Obviously there’s the human element, but is there something above the human element or is this just a bunch of humans, you know, crazy psychopathic humans at the, you know, the top 1% of 1% who are doing a, pulling all this deep fake, uh, this new world order all this crap? Or is there some God, some answer to me. What do you want? Do you think, I mean, you know, it’s all, I’ll obviously spec them, but

Speaker 3: (26:31)
have you ever heard of, or there was this thing, I think it was called organic portals. There’s this idea that was being passed around the web for awhile, that there was only 5% of the world’s population that could be said to be conscious as human beings and the rest are essentially being remotely operated more or less telepathically from some distant planet. And this idea here that was that the earth itself is more or less like a game board for a few people who have souls who are being tested on every level by these interdimensional or remote operators working through NPCs is what people call them today. But this meant like quite literally kind of like agent Smith in the matrix. This idea of a, these people are just programs waiting to be inhabited by a sentience one if you become active. And so this whole theory about these things called organic portals though was based on the idea that there’s only a handful of people here that are actually like sentience. The rest are just programs.

Speaker 4: (27:37)
Wow. It sounds like some Philip K Dick kind of stuff.

Speaker 3: (27:41)
Yeah. Actually they referenced him quite a bit and that’s probably not a coincidence. And Phillip K Dick also had some interesting things to say about synchronicity and then also the dog star. He had a lot of things to say about that.

Speaker 4: (27:56)
He, uh, I think he was a man. He had a lot, he was way ahead of his time and a lot of things he said back then. Of course he talked about the simulation thing too and that we’re in a computer and got laughed at and mocked and everything. So I think that there’s, that that has, that programming of us being in a simulation has been going on since Philip K Dick. And he may well believe that. Um, you know, but then when I see people like Elon Musk and, uh, Neil deGrasse Tyson and the gentleman, he was a interviewing, talking about it, it makes me think, well, yeah, these guys are wanting to lead people into believing into this simulated reality. So there’s probably, there’s probably a third solution that we’re not looking at, we don’t know. And that is somewhere in between and they are manipulating this reality’s to doing their, they’re masking and all the CGI and on the stuff that they’ve been doing for the, all the acting. It’s all, you know, like you said, it’s a what? Government? Academia. Media. Entertainment.

Speaker 3: (28:56)
Okay. Question. Do you believe in prayer? Does prayer effect reality? Does magic or spells or witchcraft do these things, these practices that are said to be ancient, uh, do they affect reality in accordance with the will of the person who is performing these things or the prayer?

Speaker 4: (29:17)
I wouldn’t say it’s impossible. I mean, hell man. From what I’m saying, shit, anything’s possible, you know?

Speaker 3: (29:23)
No, no, but that’s a simulation type answer. Well, everything’s fake. Anything’s PO. No, I mean, specifically. Um, can your thoughts affect reality? Let’s say your neighbors really pissed you off. Could you get a book on voodoo, some black candles in a chicken and could you send that guy in aneurysm in his sleep and he’d wake up and you know, well not wake up. Could you get that? Like, is that within the realm of possibility if it was your will to actually be, you know, malicious for some reason? Like could you do it or could you do a love spell and cause someone to like suddenly become attracted to you where they never noticed you before? Like do you think these are within the realms of possibility, like all these books would promise

Speaker 4: (30:02)
now? I think there’s a lot of, obviously that’s a lot of bullshit, but I think that there is some, uh, ability to, uh, for us in ways that may be more subtle than what you’ve described, but that we can, we can sort of mold reality a little bit. And I believe that that’s why they shoot messages to the TV to try to make us Mo collectively. When you saw them, hundreds of millions of people thinking the same thought, did that affect the fabric of reality? Somewhat. Maybe a little, maybe. I don’t know how much, I don’t know. I think it’s possible though that we could affect physical reality through our, uh, mental and psychic powers that we might have. And that’s probably one of the things they’re trying to hide from us so that we do have these powers.

Speaker 3: (30:48)
Yeah. That’s kind of what I’m, what I’m asking because you know, if this was a simulation, if it was that malleable, then magic would be real. Or the influence of consciousness on reality would be more obvious. And I think the only place you could really even make the case that there is such a thing is synchronicity, which of course synchronicity according to the psychiatrist would probably be classified as a mental illness

Speaker 4: (31:11)
probably. Yeah. There’s a whole lot of new mental illnesses they’re coming out with and they involve some, uh, they can pretty much label anybody mentally ill. and so that’s the thing I’d be watching out for is that, uh, you know, to, if Jim, Hey, I bet you that there are going to be court cases and, or lawsuits, one in laws, well he’s mentally ill, you know, he doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. You know,

Speaker 3: (31:35)
you know the people who create the people who create the controlled opposition, who create the scapegoats, they should have given Mark Sargent a bowl cut. They should give every Domer a bowl cut. If they want extremists to have that haircut, why not have the science deniers carry it on, you know, carry that too.

Speaker 4: (31:53)
Well they really, they really a showed their hand when they put Mark Sargent out there to make a fool of himself and the whole flat earth movement by saying he’s an idiot on that app commercial. They really, they ha, I can’t see how anybody that was a loyal Mark, Sergeant, follower hidden start after that and say, Hey man, what are you doing? You know, you’re, you’re making yourself and the rest of us followers of yours look to be idiots. And so, I mean, I think they showed their hand. They definitely got their plants and he’s definitely got his mission. Just like Alex Jones has his mission and Joe Rogan and you know, the rest of the gang, you know, they, you know, the pay. I think the jig is up for a lot of people. A lot of people are starting to wake up to these second tier, uh, uh, gatekeepers.

Speaker 1: (32:39)
Yeah. I’m surprised that people still call Alex Jones. Bill Hicks. I saw it. I saw a flat earth or an Alex Jones the other day and he’s like, Alex Jones, you woke me up. And I’m like, wait a minute. Doesn’t he know like, how does he not know?

Speaker 4: (32:52)
Right. Exactly.

Speaker 1: (32:54)
Anyway, Hey, thanks for the call. I’m appreciate it. And anything, any other, um, comments, um, anything else related to this, uh, angry Greenpeace kid or Gretta?

Speaker 4: (33:06)
Well I think she’s kind of scary and uh, you know, I, I would definitely applaud you on calling DHS because we need to be aware of, she could uh, accelerate her movement where we have a bunch of, uh, grad is running out on the streets causing all sorts of terror.

Speaker 1: (33:20)
Exactly. Accelerationism if you see something, say something. Thanks a lot. Have a good night.

Speaker 4: (33:24)
You got it man. You too.

Speaker 1: (33:26)
Yeah, it actually says it here in the hate. The ADL has the bowl cut as a legitimate hate symbol. Like this is a hate symbol. So this is something that the DHS is flagging. It is a sign that you are a terrorist. And so strangely enough, you know, two weeks ago we were, we said ban bowl cuts.

Speaker 1: (33:49)
Okay. So we’re talking about this idea of people emulating copycats. So here we go and they’ve already made these connections. So this is rolling stones. This just came out. None of this is to say that the bowl cut has risen to the level of Pepe the frog yet in terms of it being synonymous with far right extremist violence, the bowl cut is entirely dependent on context and white supremacists aren’t going around telling people to get them, but it’s a chilling trend within the movement. Not just figures like roof, man, this is, this is bad. They’re really tripping out over the haircuts. It says the Ohio shooter, Oh, there’s even a woman in Ohio who was going to blow up a bar head a bulkhead. I didn’t know this.

Speaker 1: (34:39)
Now listen to this. The Boca is different from other hate symbols because it’s explicitly condoning murder. A lot of other hate symbols in our database are offensive and objectionable and awful, but this is one of the few that is implicitly promoting and explicitly promoting the idea of going out and committing extreme violence. Again, this is rolling stones like this is considered to be a red flag that you are a school shooter to be like, how was it that we started? Look, this is twice in a month. Last month we started this thing about banding bowl cuts and we said you’ll stop more shootings and trying to ban him sixteens which is just going to be hard to do. Okay. We’ve already been vindicated on this one. We’ve called it another one, man, this is, this is starting to become something of a pattern that I’m looking at it.

Speaker 1: (35:39)
Skip care says, what about skinhead? Well, this is pretty much, I guess the same thing. They’ve done it before. They’re kind of recycling it, you know the skinhead thing. But this also happened with vape AIDS, so about a month ago we started making these memes of people dying of vape AIDS, which is a fake disease we made up that we thought would be funny. So two weeks pass and it’s reported in 33 States. People have died of vape AIDS. Like now everybody’s dying of it. Like you didn’t know you could die from vaping. Now they didn’t call it that, but our memes just kind of manifested into reality. It’s kind of scary. Makes me almost believe in the Mandela effect. Okay, let’s check this out. So if you haven’t seen it yet, this is the angry kid from 2007

Speaker 5: (36:35)
if a community released your report, the proves beyond a doubt that the earth is getting warmer. This global warming is caused by things you grown ups do, and by the things you don’t. If drastic measures aren’t taken soon, by the time I grow up, there won’t be any fish left in the sea. Rain forests and clean air will be a thing of the past. The polar ice caps will be gone. Oceans will rise. Entire countries will disappear. Life will change in ways you can’t even imagine. That could be famine worldwide epidemics, life expectancy will be lower and we’re not just talking about the future. We’re talking about my future. But this is no surprise. You adults have known about this for years and though you could’ve done something about it, you haven’t. You can say, it’s not my problem. You can say, I won’t be around in 50 years, but from now on you can’t say, I didn’t know starting today. The lines are drawn. You have to choose sides. Either your former future, well you’re against it. You’re a friend or you’re an enemy.

Speaker 6: (37:51)

Speaker 5: (37:52)
I may just be a kid today but tomorrow will be different. This is the last time I’ll be talking to you adults. You’ve had your chance to fix this problem now we have ours. We won’t be cute. We won’t be patronized and we will not be denied our future.

Speaker 6: (38:09)

Speaker 1: (38:13)
this is 12 years ago. Back when David Hogg was playing the role of Adam Lanza and now they’re just recycling the whole thing with Gretta Thornburg. She’s even pointed, I think it was on the show with Noah, Trevor, Trevor Noah about how people act like it’s a matter of belief over here. It’s like, yeah it is and I don’t believe it. A really quick to CAUTI six nine is rejecting the witness protection program. Yeah, it’s cause it was all hyped to sell records in the first place. Just saying he’s not going to get his tattoos removed. There was some stories going to take them a year to remove those tattoos. It’s like, no, it just takes warm soapy water. We know what those are. Now, as far as the vaping thing, it’s just a voting issue. I mean, look, it’s just political. I don’t know if there’s anything really to it. I just think it’s hypocritical that people like Richie from Boston are always bitching about chem trails while they vape.

Speaker 6: (39:26)

Speaker 1: (39:28)
okay. This came up on Cora today. Can a flat earth or explain the ISS in the sky? I’ve been getting a lot of people in look call in if you want to make this claim. People call in, they say, I’ve seen the ISS at night. I don’t think you can. The earth shadow would make it impossible to see it or satellites with your own eyes. Just a fact. But listen to this top flat earth theorists have come up with many theories. They say it’s a hologram projected by NASA to promote communism in globalism. It’s an illusion created by Satan to promote atheism and evolution. It’s a mass hallucination created by CIA chem trails. Now, I have seen people say this, I’ve seen people claim that the ISS is being projected onto the metal screen created by years of Kim trailing mass hallucination created by CIA chem trails. Kim trail I think might be misdirection. This is another topic as well. You’re welcome to calling on. I think a plane’s may run on compressed air and jet fuels a Hey, call it, go and turn your speaker down.

Speaker 7: (40:45)

Speaker 1: (40:45)
Hey, what’s going on? Um, so what do you think about this green peace kid in Greta?

Speaker 7: (40:52)
Well definitely access. We spoke about it a little bit last night, uh, but you were just kind of bringing up the issue of the ISS people, a subject, Jaron and many others. Even flat earthers have actually watched it transit the moon and sun and they actually use predictions to the second that are on a sphere court. Kind of interesting.

Speaker 1: (41:16)
Okay. I had a caller say that he saw the ISS twice in a night, 93 minutes apart. Is that even possible?

Speaker 7: (41:28)
It’s hearsay. It’s very anecdotal and unless there’s evidence for it, perhaps you shouldn’t actually go with that claim. But like I was saying, people like Jaron have actually done a solar transit and a lunar transit of it using the Google earth model, using it being a certain distance away and being in a certain asthma. So it’s there, it can be photographed. It’s the shape that they say it is. Does that mean that there are people on it now, but it is actually really good evidence that there are satellites?

Speaker 1: (42:02)
Well, if it’s up there, the ISS, um, because of the speeds it’s going, the rate it’s traveling, it would have to be in space and he couldn’t move to the atmosphere at those speeds. If it’s not what they say it is, that’s the issue. So if Jared side, there’s no way he can’t be a believer in the ball and orbital mechanics and all the rest,

Speaker 7: (42:23)
no, he can’t be. But a logical, reasonable mind would actually take evidence like that and evidence from say the fiber optic gyro that shows X, Y, Z Cartesian movement and a certain, uh, basically depending on your latitude and you take the cosine of your latitude and boom, it pops up mirroring 15 degrees, which is not only impossible on a stationary area, but it’s actually impossible without it being a sphere as well. Because of those, uh, the mathematics with it and it’s core. I mean

Speaker 8: (42:56)
of course math is of the devil or whatever.

Speaker 1: (43:00)
No, this is the problem. The shadow of the earth reaches the moon. You know, we know this, the shadow of the earth should be blocking any sort of visibility of the ISS except right after sunset or you know, right before sun rise. Like there are certain times where you could see it, like you said, but people have told me that they see it over their heads 90 minutes apart in the middle of the night. And I’m saying those transits would be impossible to see anyway because they would be in the shadow. There’s no way to stun, it’d be able to light it up.

Speaker 7: (43:35)
Yeah. And this, this goes to having a very, very large object, very far away. It’s kind of like how some fighters find authors, don’t understand that the lunar eclipse would, uh, or the, uh, what solar eclipse actually would only be 60 miles shadow even though of the mass. And I think that it would actually be a bigger shadow, but we’re dealing with something very, very large. I’ll be at the sun and for the most part, that’s pretty much why you can’t see it, uh, in the very, very early morning. Um, just like things like, uh, mercury and Venus where there, uh, basically only seen that certain times because of their, uh, orbit around the sun and how far away so

Speaker 1: (44:24)
well with the eyes, the ISS, those two, 270 miles up. So, you know, it could not,

Speaker 3: (44:32)
um, stray that far. Like you wouldn’t be able to see it 90 minutes apart cause 90 minutes would be way too far from the sun set or rise. So, no, I’m just saying a lot of people who have just reflectively said, Oh, I’ve seen satellites. I’ve seen this. It’s like, well, have they, and what I’d like to find out exactly is how far up does the earth shadow actually block? Or how far would it have to be out there to be outside of the Earth’s shadow for the sun’s light to catch it? Would it be mid or earth orbit? Certainly not low.

Speaker 7: (45:02)
Yeah, you definitely, uh, could actually do math if you looked in the right places to figure that out really. But at the end of the day, like I said, that’s why you can only see certain things at certain times, uh, being lifted up by the sun that’s behind the earth as it transits. So while the things are dark during night, but then incomes high exposure and comes in, uh, you know, telescopes and all that kind of stuff. So,

Speaker 3: (45:32)
well, here’s what, because here’s what I read. I was looking at low. Okay. So most of the weather satellites and cameras, satellites are said to be 600 to 1200 miles up. And I’m saying 600 miles up to 1200 miles up would still be in the earth shadow. And so if you’re saying that you’re seeing orbiting satellites as lights in the sky anytime after 8:00 PM 9:00 PM or around midnight or whatever, people say, I go out tonight and I see satellites, um, well what’s lighting it? It’s not far enough away from the earth to be catching the sun’s light. So I’m just calling BS on a lot of people who reflexively say that they see satellites all the time.

Speaker 7: (46:10)
Well you have to think of kind of the ecliptic it’s, it’s really somewhat difficult to understand, but it’s kind of the same reason why the moon or only, uh, has, uh, lunar eclipses at certain times cause it’s at a different spot between the, the earth and the sun just even by the little bit that it is. So that’s why it has to be in a certain position to actually get the effect of the sun or the earth rather blocking the moon. So, uh, yeah, I mean it all, it, it all really does work out

Speaker 3: (46:45)
well. Look, I’m going to bring out, I’m going to break out ms paint and I’m going to draw what I’m, what I’m trying to elicit. I’m gonna illustrate the earth, the distance of the satellites, the sun, and how far the Earth’s shadows go actually extends and why it should be impossible for people to be seeing all the satellites that they claim that they’re seeing, which I know they’re lying anyway. And you know, I’m not saying that there aren’t any, um, or objects up there, but I think it’s more likely stuff dangling from balloons if anything

Speaker 7: (47:16)
that then really, uh, creates more question because you kind of said, well, you alluded to that the satellites wouldn’t be able to be in the pressure that say even, you know, on Mount Everest going those speeds basically before. So there is a density gradient and that gets less and less and less. And a lot of people kind of compare the conditions that they have near sea level or up in the mountains or whatever compared to what these satellites are actually endearing. So there’s a lot of misconception out there and one of these is a shadows on certain satellites and stuff. And really it’s all at the tip of your fingers if you’re really interested in truth.

Speaker 1: (47:57)
Okay. Then one, one thing, if you’re really interested in this, the ESA has footage of the earth as seen from the ISS. It’s video as you know, it’s not CGI. And you can see a shadow in the form of a black dot tracing along with the space station on several different takes, several different trips around the world. And I’m wondering how the hell is there a shadow on the ground, like a dark shadow of the ISS from 270 miles away. But it was only on that ESA footage and I rarely see it otherwise.

Speaker 9: (48:33)

Speaker 7: (48:36)
but I was just kind of thinking about, uh, your prior question actually as far as should you see the ISS at certain times? And really, like I said, a lot of this does have to do with pretty simple math. Um, the ISS goes around around 16, uh, revolutions per day, which is what, it’s every 90 minutes. So 17,005, uh, going around the earth without service area as about two 60 miles. So it is, it’s revolving that quick way or it’s falling into the earth basically and escaping it back quickly. So.

Speaker 1: (49:20)
Okay. Are you bothered by some of the disparities between the depictions of the earth? Like I’ve seen some video where you can see all the way to the land and you can see through clouds. And then I’ve seen other video from the ISS where the earth appears to be covered in for all intents and purposes, um, snow, just really thick white cloud cover, completely different depictions and it’s supposed to be the same planet and shot from the same location. Does that bother you or does it not concern you?

Speaker 7: (49:53)
Uh, the ISS, a lot of times people were looking at the YouTube video that was live streaming, um, pretty much whatever you wanted to. So there was actually cameras on different websites. I think there’s about four different websites that you can actually watch it live from and yeah, I would agree that is very Milky. Um, as far as the are from far away and it looked somewhat similar from I guess moon photography, which is fake or whatever. But that’s again why they take ribbons of imagery so that they can get at different times when it’s lit and actually stitch some of those together without so much cloud cover. So,

Speaker 1: (50:35)
well the one I’m looking at here. Okay, so I know what you’re saying. So when we get these images that are rendered from satellite data, they wouldn’t have to obscure at all. So like right now I’m looking at a number of astronauts who are tinkering on the outside of the space station and below them the earth is about 99% covered in very thick clouds. I can’t see any land. Now this is one depiction and this was from NASA the same day I saw another version of the earth from the ISS and this was from ABC. And this isn’t some ribbons of data rendered. This is footage from AccuWeather. This is ISS footage and yet the earth is blue and the skies are crystal clear. And I’m like, is that the same planet?

Speaker 7: (51:27)
Sorry. Yeah, I see what you’re saying. Um, and really a lot of times in those livestreams I’d watch them and it basically was very, very much cloud covered and I wouldn’t, uh, I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that a lot of the time the earth is actually covered in certain areas. Um, but I watched a lot of live streams on YouTube where it was like every piece of land, everything recognizable, uh, was just milked out with clubs. So that isn’t bothering me as much as maybe perhaps being able to observe it. It being predictable on a sphere. You can do the math yourself and, um, we can observe these things. So there’s something like that in the sky. Does it have cameras on it? I’m not really sure. I can’t see it from here. Does it have people on it? I’m not really sure. But then we do have 45 minute documentaries on the cut where they’re in, you know, if they’re on earth or in some anti-gravity machine or something that’s not a, a falling plane, uh, you know, for 45 seconds and cutting these seamlessly into it. So we have things that we can’t explain. They are, they are acting not as if they’re on all wires and all this nonsense when they’re going through all different pods showing you we have an issue in flat or that we’ve figured out what is, uh, the ability of them to even film that, not what’s outside of them.

Speaker 1: (53:02)
Well, there’s two things we can agree on. We can agree that whatever it is that people are reporting to be the ISS cannot possibly be in the Earth’s atmosphere. It’s going too fast. So it has to be orbiting. And then two, we can both agree that if the ISS is proven to be a hoax, it doesn’t mean the earth is flat.

Speaker 7: (53:25)

Speaker 3: (53:26)
yeah. I mean, yeah. Okay. I mean, that’s pretty fair because it’s showing you a lot of imagery of a spherical earth. And if it was proven perhaps to be a hoax, then all, you know, a lot of that or all of it really needs to be discarded and that then doesn’t make your flat. Exactly. So I agree with that. Yeah. I secretly have this theory that, well it’s not a secret. Now, one of my theories is that the ISS is fake to hide other continents and misrepresent the world, which could easily be a ball in this theory. So if everything adds up and it’s all real, then they’re still hiding something in my opinion.

Speaker 7: (54:07)
Yeah. I mean, if it’s really obvious to a person like me where I don’t even need to look at that stuff, I’ve actually gone and done star trows and in the Southern and the Northern hemisphere and the N actually a near the equator. Um, I’ve actually taken GPS on out on the Bonneville salt flats. Uh, we did the math and actually modeled it and it was within 0.5% of the radius of the earth. I’ve done observations with drones and peanut hundreds and be 3,200 words on animal violence. Looking over the best observation point on earth, probably for this conversation, what can 27 miles of buildings that are being obstructed? Exactly. Nearing exactly what is being predicted on a sphere. So I’m very content. I’ve done. So we’re observations where you watched the sun from sunrise to basically when it’s over your asthma to where it sets and you use the same amount of zoom, you look at the sun, it’s the same size that doesn’t work when it’s close and local that needs to be scratched up. It rises in sense, we can all see that this is something that is unintuitive to a flutter perspective. So I’m just saying, I’ve tested it myself. People give me shit. I have 1.5 terabytes full of information and data that I’ve done myself for myself. So they can go fuck off is basically what I’m saying.

Speaker 3: (55:29)
So what is it going to take to actually bring this thing to a halt if, um, the flat earthers are wrong. Do you think that there’s any way to stop it or is it like Scientology or any other religion where if just becomes a new religion?

Speaker 7: (55:43)
I’m going to say because a lot of the, uh, IPS or I don’t, I mean they’re, they’re pretty Vickery all it towards me sometimes. And, uh, but at the same time, I don’t see them as a culty and as religious as some of these breakaway Colts have gotten as far as you look at Dell, if you can get 300 people, I’ve listening to him, he’s created a Colt and he doesn’t even understand that even Marsha says that actually seeks this attention. But then you have people, uh, in the in crowd that are the rock fans, the Mark sergeants, the bobs, the Rodney Davidsons who put on these different types of events. And that’s probably the bigger crowd of flat earth. Uh, and there’s all these different types of divisions with math, power lands and different stuff like this, but something very much outweighs another. And that would be the main pride that I said, Roxanne in the bobs, the Robbie Davidson who put on these big events to basically keep that culture alive when people that are in that and don’t actually realize that they’re part of a cold because they’ll come on as Christians who say that the things that are authentic antenna has done.

Speaker 7: (56:54)
And yeah, bringing into the club, uh, over at five sober Fest is despicable. It’s, it’s downright despicable when you go and read those comments on that page. And that shows that some parts, some fractures, a big fracture of flutter on cult members, the religious zealots.

Speaker 3: (57:15)
Yeah. That was my first impression when I first looked into this. I thought it was just open inquiry. I thought it was all just fun and games. And immediately I was a sailed by Christians. In fact, I met Keith, Texas through this because he said, Hey, I’m, I appreciate what you’re saying. You’re getting a lot of Christians mad at you though. You might want to tone it down. And I was like, wait a minute. Are these Christians acting like SJWs in the flat earth community to try to control it and boss everybody around? And absolutely. And it is very culty because if you don’t count out to this mob, then the cult leaders will turn the mob against you. And so you’re totally right on that. You’re definitely someone that has been marked as, uh, something of a heretic or maybe even a devil to the flat earthers.

Speaker 7: (58:03)
Yeah, definitely a heretic. Um, and at the beginning, I guess I was more so the pinup doll and blamed up for all these porn bombings on different people’s channels when they held Hangouts and did wrong moves that they should’ve learned from, from other people in this whole regard. But they continued to do it and people were there to capitalize on that. And so at the beginning I was quite the pinup doll and then they saw a different side of me when people like Simon Dan and fight the flatter came out all of these blow birth charlatans, the Shawna Hubbards that are asking for $10,000 so that they can hang out on Hangouts basically all day. Uh, the red sweater crashing into pigs and asking for 2,500 and getting 3000, you seen, don’t go unseen by me. I mean, I talked to Mark Sargent’s first on the phone when he actually used to take calls on his phone like three, four years ago.

Speaker 7: (59:01)
And I told him exactly what I thought and I told him a lot of things that probably need to be on shoulder stroll so people can be reminded. I was SU the same. I was telling you what’s happening because this guy is as clear as glass and some of these other people are as well. And maybe you need to wake yourself up if you think the earth is flat, doesn’t mean that you need to hang out with the coal. That is Bob and all these other people who are just charlatans. So be expecting that. Hopefully on TVT probably the Mark Sargent conversation.

Speaker 3: (59:37)
Oh, you know what, by the way, he’s, he’s just publishing a book called at the edge of the world flat earth clues. And um, I heard him talking about it. You’re in it among the list of, uh, enemies of the state.

Speaker 7: (59:55)
Well, I was definitely, I mean, look, the name is perfect to begin with. I mean, you can taste the Tim Augman picture up and say, Hey, this is the enemy and we need the DOCSIS person and we need to go after him. And I’ve exposed that all throughout this whole time that the actual observations that you can get from this kind of stuff. I mean even you yourself having like a thousand live listeners, doxing me supposedly it was just some other guy with Bob in the chat saying that he’s going to do a criminal background check on this person that I fed you guys on a silver plate. I mean the amount of trolling that’s happened, but also the revelations there in our astounding when it comes to me,

Speaker 3: (01:00:38)
Hey got a question here. Seven, seven, seven doesn’t understand your use of the word pinup doll. Um, I think what you mean is like you’re the, you were like the poster child for the anti flat earth or, and you did take the blame for a lot of stuff, but it’s not like you need to do that stuff. You wouldn’t need to hack or porn bomb or even be rude. You can hang a lot of people just by their own words. Look what troll versus trolls has done. And did you see that he got censored today?

Speaker 7: (01:01:04)
Yeah, I did see that. Um, and I told him to appeal it and you know, hopefully that I’ll went through. It was transformative. I actually recorded that video and uh, I put the chat in it so it’s not the original video. The audio is all out there. Uh, but it’s transformative enough hopefully. And there were people asking for that video to post it. Not only, uh, some people you may know, but some people I may know as well, we’re actually wanting to post it on their channel to kind of spread this information to people and kind of show, because cause the chats right there, you can read all those comments the whole time. Um, what, what sir? I mean this is some of the main people of flatter of Kearney and gold busters and they’re in the chat, uh, basically demonizing the 14 year old, the smooth talking Chicago 14 year old. Right. So it’s, it’s damning in my opinion. I mean, I knew it already, but it’s, it’s fucking expanding.

Speaker 3: (01:02:12)
Yeah. Just when you think it can’t get any worse. You know, some of the stuff that I’m seeing just blows my mind and the whole flat earth thing, but it just keeps on mutating and getting stranger and weirder. And I never thought I’d see that level of victim shaming in the age of me too. Like what an Epic foot bullet, how tone deaf can they be in today’s political climate? Like they really set themselves up, I think for repercussions later because people are paying attention and that video was used for criticism. There was a fair use notice I’m underneath it. There’s no reason for them to taken it down. And so what authentic has done is he’s condemned his channel. Cause what YouTube will do is they will say these were not legit. They’ll turn him over and he’ll lose his channel. It’s, it’s happened that people that I know.

Speaker 7: (01:02:59)
Yeah, you shouldn’t false. Uh, copyrights strike people mostly with a false names. It’s, it’s definitely not a good idea to perjure yourself, uh, in this whole process. But sometimes sometimes you have to do well, you know what, they deleted all the evidence for you, man. And that’s happened. That’s happened for sure. I know all about it.

Speaker 3: (01:03:20)
Well, it’s a different, yeah. Thanks a lot for calling. I appreciate it. Well, it’s a different YouTube now. A lot of the things that you could have justified doing a year ago or that you might, that had been like, I mean, I had dozens of channels shut down there. They’re not fooling around anymore. I would not mess with YouTube’s process. They will take appeal seriously and they will kill a channel. So good buy, authentic intense channel is my guess. Anyway. Thanks for calling.

Speaker 7: (01:03:43)
Hold on one second. Yeah, yeah. Um, there’s actually one of the first court cases, I think YouTube is actually taking someone who is mass false copyright striking, uh, into court. And of course we know perhaps you do about slice of arcane and them doing all the work for me. Dude, I don’t know if you saw this play that I had though, but a couple of, like three months ago I was talking to Jaron and I was like, I’m going to research into epi core a, you know, I see that you’re incorporated and that doesn’t mean that you’re actually, if I want to see three, you’re, you’re saying says that you don’t have members, all this kind of stuff. And he’s like, Oh well the up and up. And I’m saying, well dude, it takes like six months, most times for [inaudible] or less and you, it’s been two years.

Speaker 7: (01:04:28)
So, uh, you know, actually five-part cane, I left them on nice. And we’ll comment in one of his chats with a [inaudible]. He was totally legit and he posted basically a Excel document that he made and attached it to a PDF way, like corporate it. And I was like, Hey, did you see the bait and switch there? Actually look that up, look them up federally and took one comment. So a shit storm on se Corp, uh, with fly spark going actually, uh, you know, sending letters, basically trying to get them shut down. Uh, Shauna Hufford, uh, shoving down journalism’s pastry on basically, and Bob’s once he gave him bobs. So it was, it was a massive play on the globalists that I had there because wanted to, and I already did the research, but I wanted to actually take them down. But, but what’s the best way if the globalist cuts forth for me? So

Speaker 3: (01:05:28)
yeah, that’s, that’s something, um, like I said with even a lot of these, these people are, they’re so dumb. It’s just foot bullets and you don’t even have to like, they want to blame you for being a hacker or, or crashing their livestreams. It’s like, no, you don’t have to look at troll versus troll does without even saying a word. Hey, listen to this quote really quick. I just want to show you how, um, one thing about Christians I’ve noticed is that they have no moral backbone and they always side with evil. This is a quote from Xoom truth just now. He said the girl was a liar, was she not? So he used extremely poor judgment. Does anyone want to talk about the worst thing they’ve done? Glass houses. So zoom truth is using moral equivalencies in order to suggest that the crime wasn’t a crime. What do you think about a comment like that coming from a Christian

Speaker 7: (01:06:21)
bro, it’s his conspiratorial list NPCs that we have that we need to weed out these people. I mean, I remember you, I was listening to you talk to Dan the Waterman and it’s like where’s the mother at? These people will do anything to excuse total, a total non forgiving kind of moment and a complete, Hey, you know, we need to be done with you. Not have you up on stage for five over Fest, uh, kind of moment. But no, the Kolbe actually went the complete opposite way and started actually saying, Oh God bless you. You know, Oh, she’s a liar. You know, like he has no discernment because he has some, you know, disease or whatever, which doesn’t affect his brain. Maybe it does. I don’t know, obviously, but you know, he doesn’t have any discernment that he’s with a 14 year old at 35 years old for six months. Right. You’re picking her up at the church and who knows elsewhere. I’m pretty sure he probably knew truthfully, but a crime is committed is all. And it says that it was perhaps on videotape, you probably got his piano a hundred that was probably donated from the community to uh, make a, you know, I don’t even want to say he’s the gate.

Speaker 3: (01:07:43)
Oh yeah. Flat earth pizza gate. Yeah. So I’m just like appalled at the people in here who will give him the benefit of the doubt as though he made one mistake. It’s like, do they not understand how predators work? You can see the grooming, you can see the whole process. You can read about it. And statistically people in his boat, um, his approach to life in, in the way they pray, they have hundreds of victims by the time they’re caught. And so I think it’s naive of people at zoom truth to say, Oh, well he just made an error. It didn’t check her ID. No, you’re looking at a pattern of behavior and he just got caught in my opinion.

Speaker 7: (01:08:15)
What about the odd TV’s been one of the biggest sub channels in flat earth spinning flat earth nonsense. I mean when we came out with his information and it was like, Oh yeah, he’s been a registered sex offender for like over 80 years or something. And then, you know, there’s a lot of battle and he wants to kind of shrug it off. But I think the PR campaign kind of in fucking a, Karen pulled up her pants and said, Hey, you can need to come on this. Just say, just say that it’s an older lady that you got with and you were 17, so you’ll register. People believe that dude, they ended up, he’s like, Oh, he’s older and he’s going and begging some old chick or something.

Speaker 3: (01:08:57)
But the, there’s, there’s a world of Dick. Like there’s a world of difference though when we’re talking about, um, somebody past and somebody present. This happened while he was doing activism. He did the appeal, which was another attack on the victim. If you ask me while he’s doing activism and getting our support and then of course becoming the face of it. That’s the reason why we were saying, Hey, you guys are gonna like look deep inside the rabbit hole. Had a huge problem with Mike with Mike Hughes. He said, we don’t need this rocket, it’s going to be bad PR, but he has no problem with this. Or Mark Sargent saying, I can’t share stage with Logan Paul, he tasered Arad yet he’s going to share a stage with this. And so I’m like, there’s some strange double standard here. And so for me, what it really looks like are inauthentic people who don’t even think the earth is flat, who are doing this to avoid a sentence and they’re basically agents offered lives. People who are working for um, field operatives. I’m saying these are confidential informants. I think they’re fake. I think they’re deep fakes. I’m accusing Nick of 10.

Speaker 7: (01:10:00)
They’re trying to keep the echo chamber though. I think that’s kind of where you’re alluding to, where it’s all about these PR stunts that happen about people sexual deviancy or what have you, where people are very forgiving to, uh, you know, and, and I think the whole mad Mike thing, I like that parallel because, uh, you can probably say that, Hey, actually mad Mike is on Amazon prime right now. He’s also, uh, with research, flat earth and flutter and stuff. They met it, you know, cut it up a little bit to make them look like an idiot maybe. But, um, you know, I saw some, uh, news articles of him and his, I call it a stunt or gimmick, but at the same time are we talking about fairly positive PR, uh, as opposed to, uh, he’s part of the click and no matter what he did, he killed this onto your uncle when he was eight or whatever. Uh, we’re just going to kind of turn the other cheek. And so when I, in the case of mad Mike, perhaps it was because I think the penguins and the whole IPS movement has actually gotten a very bad rap. And it kind of like ex-communicated from this discussion, uh, within that in crowd. So I think that’s where it’d be kind of lines cross is that it’s you’re associated with mad Mike very heavily and um, and you know, authentic content is part of the crew kind of thing.

Speaker 3: (01:11:35)
Oh yeah. 100%. In fact, authentic, intense first day on the street was my first day on the street. I remember when I had this thing where I said, Hey, we’re going out for earth day and we’re going to go megaphone all these earth day marches. So I did it in my city. He did it in his and he started the same day. And so we just thought we had like this parallel course and I’m starting to think that maybe that’s where he was assigned as an agent. We’ve got a mirror, this guy. So any type of activism, uh, we control the press around it. I do think that’s what it is. Controlled opposition means that you control the front lines of the enemy, their enemy, which is us. And you make sure they always lose. And I don’t think it’s because flat earth has merit per se. I think every conspiracy movement or truth movement has a controlled opposition.

Speaker 7: (01:12:26)
Yeah. And we saw that very heavily in nine 11. I mean, there’s, there’s all different theories. [inaudible] the same thing can be drawn parallels too, as far as the flat earth divisions and the groups they’re in the kind of culture, in some cases they’re religious people they’re in and the Judy would cultists and the, uh, you know, eh WMDs or many WMD, um, or, uh, space weapons or you know, uh, plant explosives or whatever. So you fall into these different camps and a lot of people, um, not only lose sight in those camps of what’s actually important in the question of nine 11, but then you have people that then debunk you like a Mick West or something were hokum and debunk the space weapons or the, you know, the aliens or, or things. I, you know, there’s not good evidence for, so you, it is kind of a double edged sword when you have all these kind of divisions and probably led by certain people, uh, in my opinion in most cases, uh, to accept certain things or deny certain things or anywhere in between.

Speaker 7: (01:13:35)
So that was what we saw with, uh, you know, Mark Sargent at the very beginning and patio. We’re talking about, Oh, we got to go to, you know, middle school and talk to kids and we’re going to go talk to kids and promoting that even though it’s a somewhat smaller fire channel. Uh, I was always there saying, Hey, you know, this is probably an adult conversation. Like we don’t need to go and talk to kids and then come to find that Wesley Stace is, uh, you know, one of Mark Sargent’s biggest color and then, you know, it comes out that he’s probably a kitty Dingler as his son was as well. And so there’s a lot calls of concern that there’s a certain group out there that, you know, even the flatter society guy going to jail for a lot of that kind of stuff.

Speaker 6: (01:14:20)

Speaker 3: (01:14:23)
well when it comes to proselytizing to kids, that’s I think very strange here as well. I’m not in favor of it as a tactic. I think it’s a useless waste of time. And I wonder why this, you know, like let’s say you find out that climate change is a hoax. Would you then make it your priority to go tell the kids? It doesn’t make sense. It’s like, can you not have arguments with adults? Are there not enough adults your age who are more relevant than trying to reach out to the kids? And one of the reasons they would reach the children is probably because, um, either it’s a, it’s an explicitly religious thing or they’re trying to keep it dumbed down. I don’t think that they’re actually trying to push, um, science or discourse or philosophy or epistemology whatsoever.

Speaker 7: (01:15:07)
Or the, the, the, the Josalynn Maxwells of flatter, right? They’re the fucking recruiters of a certain sort. I mean that you can’t rule that out with the amounts of top people, uh, having very shady past, some being shown in charlatans and some being criminals and, and sex offenders can’t rule that out that this is a, you know, [inaudible] Maxwell like a Epstein kind of thing. Some were crew are basically, uh, getting younger people and maybe it takes going up and, and seeing when they’re away from their parents talking to what flat earth to, uh, do this, this deed. I’m not, I don’t know. Roll it up.

Speaker 3: (01:15:55)
Yeah, I can’t either. I think there’s, um, I think there is a flat earth pizza gate. I think we’ve made the case. I don’t know if you’ve seen it. I’m, I’m not leaving it live because I’ll get my channel taken down, but I’m premiering it every day and I’m adding to it and I’m polishing it. It’s called behind the perv.

Speaker 7: (01:16:13)
Yeah. I went to the pool earlier. Um, [inaudible] and just before that I taught like a, the first, I think 20 minutes of it and I’ve been really meaning to probably at the end of the night here. Uh, go and finish that. Uh, cause I think it’s, I mean it’s decently produced, well produced, I’ll say that. So there’s a little, uh, you know, cut or something of you, but, but there’s a little bit more production value to it. So yeah, it was appreciating it.

Speaker 3: (01:16:44)
Yeah. I figure I’m going to just improve it every day we premiere it, we’re gonna Polish it up and prove it working on the audio, the soundtrack, so that by the time, I don’t know, October 20th ish, it’ll be a product possibly fit for Amazon. Put it on the IMDV.

Speaker 7: (01:17:03)
Never know archive.org or actually YouTube probably be the best if you could actually reach that crowd. But I’m not sure if it’s um, you know, I say sometimes the truth isn’t sexy. So sometimes in, mostly in the conspiratorial realm, so when you have a very outlandish claim, uh, and you’re very conspiratorial minded, you’ll kind of be apt to actually believe that. And so I think that’s what we’re dealing with. We’re dealing with 95% of people that perhaps are NPCs, who are believing everything the mainstream media says and believing obvious actors and actresses and obvious agendas right in front of your eyes. But, uh, I think perhaps in the conspiracy crime we have a similar amount of even those people being conspiratorial NPCs who basically just gather a, the amount of emission of information that they want to hear and what makes them feel good emotionally. And at the end of the day, um, they will spit, you know, nine 11 being an inside job, but also be saying that mud floods or something, you know, Cantrell’s or whatever because they’ve just gathered up information that’s basically anti mainstream at the end of the day.

Speaker 3: (01:18:26)
Yeah, yeah, that’s true. Yeah, you’re right about that. A lot of the mainstream conspiracies I think are in fact mainstream media planted stories like guardrails. So if you stray from the main, they still control your mind and keep you from straying too far or worse. They keep you from getting off the track altogether. And that’s where kind of we are for the most part. We’re more or less spectators.

Speaker 7: (01:18:51)
Yeah. And it’s kind of a atheism. I mean, they give you a plethora of choices and a lot of times they’re cultural. So perhaps I was born in Afghanistan, I might be Islamic. Uh, but you know, being in the United States, there was a heavy, uh, Christian Catholic influence, um, amongst the people. So, you know, they give you these options, uh, even to change your gender nowadays, which is like 60 or 80 of them that by now or something, I don’t know. But they gave you all these options to what you know, you think satisfies the, satisfies yourself, uh, you know, very subjectively and you end up destroying yourself with the ideas that you basically take on. Such as things like climate change where it’s being taught to kids. And it taught being okay for college kids and different people to basically not go to school so they can go and do this. I think this, this is very unprecedented, uh, because of a Facebook meme or some group at Soros funded and bill Gates is involved and, uh, this is very, very suspicious. There shouldn’t be such a revolution of, of, of children and adults.

Speaker 3: (01:20:05)
Oh yeah, you’re right. It’s a revolution from

Speaker 1: (01:20:08)
the bottom up. That’s their whole objective. Obviously they want to change the children and that green peace kids specifically said when I grow up, you’re going to pay. So that this intergenerational thing, just like they do division and the sex is, and yeah, there’s the number is, I think there’s two sexes and there’s 666 genders. Okay. So one more question. Flat earth. The Quran is a flat earth book. It says the world is a carpet that’s spread out. How come the Christian flat earthers think that the Quran is the devil’s Bible?

Speaker 10: (01:20:39)

Speaker 7: (01:20:41)
uh, because of all the tower head, uh, propaganda basically. I mean, not started obviously, uh, not only in 2001, but very heavily in 2001 to get us into Wars. So, uh, basically any other religion to a theist is, uh, quite atrocious. And even though perhaps it may have Jesus in there, uh, it’s not to their liking and perhaps it’s the second amendment of the Holy Bible and they liked that one. But can’t quantify or qualify the first one, then you have the person, the people that are believing in the first one. I mean it’s, it’s all a a in life. They even breed us out for this us versus them mentality where you maybe you like the Vikings and you’re going against the chargers and you know, you’ll fight someone in the parking lot because they like a different football team. So it’s all about giving a mass plus for ideas, for everyone to latch on to. And it’s only until you’re actually kind of detached from those ideas and think for yourself that you become on NPC.

Speaker 1: (01:21:56)
Yeah, you’re right about that. People who are pretty much allowing their decisions to be completely managed for them by the TV with all these false choices where you’re being led and goated by your emotions. And as long as you’re being led and guided by your emotions, you’re moving down that pathway. And you know, my position is, you know, skip over the conspiracies that they control and actually, you know, objectively examine what they’re showing us and what the message is. But when it comes to, um, this Gretta and climate alarmism and reaching the kids, that’s pretty toxic. This is pretty much a toxic fascist ideology being given to the youth. And it’s, I don’t know, at this point it’s pretty much just naked Marxism. They don’t even try to hide it. Uh, Gretta uses bud wart buzzwords, like they’re just doing it for the profit. They’re sacrificing the earth for money, for capital as greed. And that’s where they have her polarized with Donald Trump because Donald Trump is the epitome of the, you know, capitalists.

Speaker 7: (01:22:58)
There’s a lot of things to be said. I mean, that first video that you played from Oh seven or nine, I forget. Um, but like for people to actually think that that’s, as a kid actually serious actually coming out and spilling their heart to you about the issues they find in the earth or in the world or reality, uh, you have something wrong with you. Somebody scripted that and gave it to a child. And I, I can that almost a child abuse where you give them ideologies that are so heavily entranced in their, their psyche that they will actually purport these things and be just kind of this poster child of some fucking mean some normally mean. And that’s what it is at the end of the day with this Gretta person, she, she comes up being an actress is she has an IMDBs and then movies, uh, to come up and be so, uh, emotional argument from Patheos. Like I said last night, uh, totally an emotional argument, but not only that, we, we don’t have adults coming out it seems, and actually giving the the evidence.

Speaker 1: (01:24:15)
Oh, the adults. Yeah. The adults can’t say the things she says without looking like psychos. And yeah, she reminds me of those kids from Westboro Baptist church who carry the signs that say God hates fags. They should just carry signs and say globe hates polluters because that’s the level of their rhetoric. And they’re just being used as propaganda ponds. Their props and it’s like, it’s exploitation if not abuse.

Speaker 7: (01:24:41)
They have, I’ve talked to a girl in college recently and she said she’s in, um, psychology of climate change. And like, I really needed her number to actually keep up with what she’s learning in that, like the psychology department and she’s all about eco this and that. And, and I’m like, can you explain to me like the evidence that it’s anthropogenic? It’s, it’s human caused climate change and none of them can, none of them can because they’ve given, they’ve been given talking points and really these, uh, other people giving these topic points are using Pasos as well. They’re using emotional arguments, he’s building eyes and all this kind of stuff. Like we’re killing the children kind of thing. It’s, it’s all of that. It’s not hard facts. It’s not, we got this, this study that’s peer reviewed. It’s the biggest sham in our lives right now besides really nine 11. I mean, that’s, that’s atrocious and that nothing will compare to that. But climate change is gonna be a global thing where they get people on and, uh, it’s going to be very interesting, I guess you can say.

Speaker 1: (01:25:55)
Yeah, exactly. It’s the new, it’s the new fear of God. And we see these, uh, fundamentalists marching and they’re pretty much young and threatening to be violent when they get older or threatening to overturn and they’re talking about revolution, but it’s the same rhetoric that they’ve been pushing for a fifth of only since the 70s.

Speaker 7: (01:26:21)
Yeah. And I’m all about solutions and a big solutions guy give me, give me the better way to do something. Um, I’m all about it. Okay. So what do we need to do? Do we need to implement a law that’s going to have, uh, you know, paper straws and all the restaurants to try to eliminate some of the plastic? Are we going to give money for some certain, uh, reason for new technologies? Where’s that money going? There’s so many questions that these people don’t even know the base level of and it’s because they’ve been emotionally driven by, by technocrats and by cultural Marxists basically, in my opinion. You can put many words on there.

Speaker 1: (01:27:07)
Okay, look, we’ve got a circleK down the street at convenience store and these ecoterrorists came in with backpacks and they stole all the straws from the, the big gulps, you know, got these 64 rounds drinks. They came in and they stole all of the straws. And I know that’s a thing that they didn’t just steal them to use them because I have people I know on the left coast were against straws. And so this was some ego terrorist virtue signaling, thinking they did their part and they just saved a few fish, a few birds and they stay, they, I don’t know, canceled out their own carbon footprint. Like it was a good deed for them to steal all the straws and just, I don’t know what they did, threw them away, whatever recycled them,

Speaker 7: (01:27:51)
they probably recycled them. Right. And that’s that. I didn’t hear that. If that’s true, that’s hilarious.

Speaker 1: (01:27:59)
It was right by, my house is just down the street from my house and I was kind of mad about it cause they had a sign on the door, no straws. So it’s like, you know, anyway, you can’t drink these things without you’re walking, you know, you need a straw.

Speaker 7: (01:28:11)
Yeah. I remember when I was in San Diego, dude, I had like this cup, I think it was a, it probably was a plastic cup, I’m guessing from like fucking Starbucks or something and walking down the street and every of course, quarter eighth of a mile, you’re going to get asked for change or whatever. That’s whatever. But I just nonchalantly threw this cup in this trashcan and this wavy like fucking small lens dude runs it. Oh God, dude, I’m so, I’m so unfiltered bro. Just like, I was like, go fuck yourself. Fucked up. Like very unfiltered. I mean, most of them, something like that happens to me, just nonchalant dude. Like, get the fuck outta here. No. Uh, but yeah, I mean there’s this perception that even recycling is going to change the world and, and a lot of that’s a big sham as well. Uh, recycling. If you didn’t know and they trash a lot of what they actually get in and that’s not, you know, ms recycled things. So anyway, like I said, it’s all about solutions. You give me a solution, uh, we’re gonna make the earth cold or something, uh, or, or try to help with the climate change crisis. And there’s, there’s birds dying or there’s fucking ice caps melting or something like that. I don’t know. But, uh, they, they are, they’re, they’re brainwashed too.

Speaker 1: (01:29:44)
Well, I’ve got to find it, but there was a study done a few years ago called greener is meaner. And it found that the people who buy into environmental ism, they don’t tip. They can justify theft, like an environmentalist can justify stealing from Walmart or any corporation because they’re fighting the man that’s destroying the world. So anything that you do against the system is justified by their morality, which means you can be a bad driver, not pay your parking tickets. You can just basically be a piece of crap, um, big as long as you’re doing it against the man and then you can be virtuous by doing so. So, yeah, they’re actually very mean. And they’re kind of like these church lady types and the one that called you out and not recycling. You just committed a sin.

Speaker 7: (01:30:33)
Yes. Sin against the earth, the mother creator with you, father, creator being the son and that the transfer Mia, which is the, uh, basically the, the mother, uh, Mary Virgin Mary and the big bang being basically the creation story. I mean all this stuff, like people latch onto ideas and some are very, uh, I’m an scientism minded I suppose. So they go into thinking that whole thing, but the mainstream media are, I mean, look, you, you remember probably growing up in America and it’s, it’s like, Oh, the Russians were propagandists there are big propagandists then that, you know, the, uh, Germany was big propagandists and all this kind of stuff, if any. You actually see what’s happening in America and you’re like, way this is much deeper. This is, this is like methodological. I mean it’s, it’s PR companies and big business actually swaying the population in one way or the other. If [inaudible] impeach Trump or not or whatever. It gets everybody, us versus them mentality and it’s continuous. I don’t, I truthfully don’t see a stop to it. And USTR has transplanted themselves to have all the quote unquote nuclear weapons or the iron, uh, the, uh, missiles and all this kind of stuff. And I don’t doubt that we could probably mess up the world if they wanted to go against us.

Speaker 11: (01:32:10)
Wait, one quick question here. Um, and you don’t have to answer necessarily, but like are you a vape pissed one? Because I’ve noticed they’re turning vaping into a voting issue. So it’s like anything that’s being hyped up right now is just leading people to the voting booth.

Speaker 7: (01:32:26)
Yeah, I’m glad you talk about that. Cause you Taz, uh, someone trying to be stricken by that and Michigan as well, trying to ban flavors. Um, but one thing I will say to that is that nicotine obviously is something that’s in tobacco, which is something that people smoked cigarettes for, uh, for a long time. It’s in the beginning they said doctors actually had billboards promoting cigarettes and there was a huge cancer epidemic of people bogging down the, the medical system and, uh, dying, uh, most times eventually, uh, to cancer. And not just here, but elsewhere. And that is it tuned to a billion people. And now we’re up to eight or whatever the number is. Now,

Speaker 11: (01:33:14)
if you believe that, if you believe that, but Hey, I got zoom truth calling in. Thanks for the call. If it in plain radio. Thanks for calling back. Go ahead and dim your speaker a little bit.

Speaker 12: (01:33:27)
Hey IDs. Hey, how are you on tonight? Amen. It’s Dave. Heck soon. Truth is you want me to call?

Speaker 11: (01:33:34)
Yeah, you’re in a zoom truth and you’re the one with the what? Flat earth people find her.

Speaker 12: (01:33:38)
Yeah. Yeah, that’s me. How are you doing man?

Speaker 11: (01:33:41)
Pretty good. And Hey look, um, we don’t mean to be super polarizing about this, but you know, it’s one of these topics where I don’t think we can tolerate moral ambiguity. And so people were wondering what does zoom truth mean when he says the girl lied? Cause you have to understand that she’s a minor.

Speaker 13: (01:33:58)
Um, [inaudible] Oh, I think, you know, I agree with you. Yeah. She isn’t, obviously she’s a minor. Um, but in my mind, uh, the way I see it is that, but you know, it started off that he’s on a website where you have an expectation you’re going to meet, you know, a certain age person because that is what it was deemed that he, he didn’t go out to like, uh, like you see on, on, um, you know, what does it date? What was that where the guy, where the people would go and stock young girls.

Speaker 11: (01:34:30)
Oh, Chris Hansen. Chris Hanson, right.

Speaker 13: (01:34:32)
Yeah. Yeah. Right. And the people would actively search out young people.

Speaker 11: (01:34:37)
Wait, before you go with that though, have you read the police report?

Speaker 13: (01:34:42)
No, I haven’t. Well, I read some of the core, I read some of the court transcripts, but uh, no,

Speaker 11: (01:34:47)
cause the reason why is that it’s important. This is another thing too. I think it’s important never to rush to judgment if, unless you have all the facts. And so after he explained it, people more facts or so they thought. And so a lot of people are comfortable saying, well, he made a mistake, she lied. But if you actually did read it, you would know that he specifically said to the police that he cannot relate to people his own age and he’s got a young looking body and he goes for younger people. So he actually says that’s part of his end

Speaker 13: (01:35:16)
man. Dude, I, I don’t like people like, listen, I’m 40 freaking eight years old, dude. All right. You know, I, I’m, I’m not like, you know, totally attracted to women who were 48 years old. Does that mean I want to go out and uh, you know, be with a 14 year old and hell no. You know, that’s crazy. Um, but, but you know, the fact is is that he went to court IPS, right? I, I find it so weird to like that you don’t use your, your regular name. Like I

Speaker 11: (01:35:44)
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. What does this happen? What does this have to do about me? All I’m saying is here you are throwing in some notion that there is some type of ambiguity here and there isn’t. Like you can’t buy cigarettes.

Speaker 13: (01:35:56)
Yeah, but what I’m saying, if he went to court, right. And like it seems to me like society already, like you, if you are like, if you are like charged with anything with child endangerment or molestation or anything like that, like it seems like the odds are going to be stacked against you in court, which I understand because like that’s serious crap when you’re, when you get involved, I guess with that level of, uh, you know, of a, where when you’re dealing with, like you said, a minor, somebody who, who may be totally isn’t able or they aren’t, I guess legally capable of thinking for themselves.

Speaker 11: (01:36:31)
You can’t buy that. You can look, look, she’s not old enough for a driver’s license, can’t buy cigarettes, can’t buy booze. She’s younger than Gretta. And you saw that little kid. So what I’m saying here is that, you know, for a fact that you can’t buy cigarettes from liner and walk away from it. It’s your fault, not their fault. And so, um, you know, the idea, the idea of blaming the miner when they legally cannot consent is it’s foreign to me. And I thought people understood what consent meant in this context specifically.

Speaker 13: (01:37:00)
Well, do you think there’s no miners who are, who are 14 who looked like they could be 18

Speaker 11: (01:37:05)

Speaker 13: (01:37:06)
by the way somebody is asking what my real name is?

Speaker 11: (01:37:10)
No, not that I know of. And look also, yeah, you know, also like I can tell a difference in, in um, a person’s character, their personality, how they carry themselves. Like you know, there’s a difference between, um, you know, within 10, 15 years experience kicked

Speaker 13: (01:37:28)
out of a thousand. Like, you know what I mean, dude, how many young girls, how many young girls that, I mean 15 is crazy yuck. Like as he get, like each year, 15, 16, they get closer to being able to cover, like to be able to possibly pass for 1814 is like very, very difficult meat for me to believe like that. Like, like I would love, I don’t have photo of the girl, but it would be interesting to see. I mean that’s hard. I hear what you’re saying, man. I hear what you’re saying.

Speaker 11: (01:37:56)
Well, what about the mentality, and you talked about a period of weeks, a mentality here. Um, like realm of experience. Like I’m telling you, like you and me are talking, we’ve both had lives, we’ve had jobs, we’ve had relationships, we’ve probably, um, you know, we’ve experienced a lot of things and here you’re talking to somebody who’s, you know, just, um, out of middle school and you’re saying that you wouldn’t, like there’s a, there’s a world of difference there. You don’t get tricked by that in my opinion. And then too, um,

Speaker 13: (01:38:27)
do you think he could lie to yourself though? Let’s say you’re like a lonely, like, like where you don’t want to know because like maybe he doesn’t get a lot of girls. I don’t know. He’s the little, he’s a quirky dude, you know? I mean, you know, maybe he maybe, you know, and so maybe he’s like freaking, you know, didn’t want to know because you know, I’m not saying that’s a good thing to do or that are, and that makes it right. But you know the girl presented herself possibly as one way, listen, I want to be apologists for him. Like everyone’s going to call me. All I know is that the guy went to court, it got ruled on and like the one video where you’re talking and you’re like, why is he out in the street doing this? And I’m thinking, well wait, did he go to court? Didn’t they set up the parameters of what he had to pay for society for doing what he did and now you’re, we’re going to condemn him for the rest of his life.

Speaker 11: (01:39:14)
I look of all the types of crimes you could commit where the parolee shouldn’t be expected to be interacting with minors unsupervised. It would be a convicted pedophile of all of the cases where we would say, there’s a question here. So for me to even raise that question I don’t think is out of bounds whatsoever.

Speaker 13: (01:39:34)
Is he butt boob for the weight? So I have no, I don’t. If they would have had those as being the terms then I would been yet

Speaker 11: (01:39:43)
we’ll do it. Let me, wait, let me catch you up on one thing. The first thing I did before this ever came out public, I hit him up privately by message and I said, Hey look, I read this. I think it’s weird that you haven’t told me and I’ve been a supporter for a couple of years. Are you on parole and does your parole officer know? I asked him privately and he sat on it for a month. They talked a lot of bad stuff about me and this whole video was an attack on me. Why was it an attack on me?

Speaker 13: (01:40:11)
Oh, you mean what with uh, with Karen B, that video?

Speaker 11: (01:40:14)
Yeah. Yeah. Why was Karen B and authentic intent trying to exonerate his crimes and then attack the infinite plane society?

Speaker 13: (01:40:22)
Yeah. I thought that was really weak too, man. I agree. Listen, I’m, you know, um, as far as I’ve, you know, when she said, when they, when they set it up, like she’s all neutral and then like three seconds later she starts defending him and condemning the girl. Also, I’m like, you know, if you want to be, rather than being neutral, why don’t you go and talk to IPS and freaking hash it out? You know what I mean? Boom. That we’ll, we’ll hear it, we’ll hear it. You know, we’ll get to hear some real questions rather than freaking softballs, you know, that, that, that they, that they, that they throw them. So, you know, I’m not against that at all. I just feel like he went to court, he went through the whole process and I know already that the freaking court system is scanned as it is, you know, I mean, I can’t believe that you would think that you’re, you know, the court system is, is really that fair. Uh,

Speaker 11: (01:41:09)
I don’t, look, I do not. However, by his own admission he videotaped it. They describe in detail what they did. These are all criminal actions. Any produce child pornography. I can’t ignore that. I can’t take that on my friend.

Speaker 13: (01:41:22)
Then now you’ve been, now you’re, now you’re projecting that at the time he knew that she was a child where it sounds to me like obviously if they would’ve had a chance of convicting him on job pornography, dude, it’d be one more prisoner in the prison system for the next 25 years. So I’m sure they would love to do that.

Speaker 11: (01:41:37)
Or, or they struck a deal. They said you’re going to die.

Speaker 13: (01:41:41)
He’s part of the whole deep state. Right? I guess

Speaker 11: (01:41:44)
that’s exactly what I’m saying. I’m asserting it. Authentic intent is part of the deep state. And so his debt RA and Mark Sargent and Bob, they’re all part of the deep state. Robbie Davidson, Robbie Skiva, deep state, deep state, deep state. 100% yes.

Speaker 13: (01:41:58)
Yeah. Hey man, you know, I’m simple guy. Could be. I, you know, I got, I got all whacked out into, into worry about who is this and who is that and you know, maybe people think I’m a freaking idiot for four, for kind of, I’m kind of done, done with it. I can see, you know how I think those P I think those people are gonna you know, kind of show themselves and they don’t need me or anybody else to point out like, you know, the latest Mark Sergeant um, commercial. It’s like, Oh man, like,

Speaker 11: (01:42:30)
but who cares at this point? Like who cares at this point? Yeah. I’m with you on that. Look, I’m not here to spend my time calling out shills and phoneys and deep fakes. I honestly don’t care. The only reason I’m talking about it now is that he sent one of his minions to Facebook to harass me. I told her in private what was up and then they create a video to cast a lot of shade on the NIC Bob and dearth the comments.

Speaker 13: (01:42:55)
You know what dude, you’re so smart. You’re smart dude. You catch, you see stuff like that I find interesting. That’s why I watch you sometimes, but, but I think like, you know, this is petty bullshit compared to what is our plan? What is our plan to get the people who are ready to unite. Like I was talking to somebody tonight exploring again actually. And I’m like, I’m right. I think I’d like to go to a courthouse with a Pitchfork once a weekend and start to just get until one day there’s a 1500 people outside the courthouse and we’re, and we, and we’ve got so many people who are, who are freaking sick of the bullshit with the legal system that we say, you know, either you’re out of here or Rick kick you out. Like, you know, you know what I’m saying? Like it’s, it’s um,

Speaker 11: (01:43:43)
well look, I was talking about, yes, I think, I think it starts with, um, before you get the pitchforks I think need a unifying set of principles. And I think that the most unifying thing right now is truth. The problem is the truth has been contaminated with religion and with ideology and with personal agendas and egos and competition for fame or whatever. And I think to me the most unifying thing would be truth and truth being actually discerning and perceiving. And the only people doing that are the auto hoaxers. And if you’re not auto hoaxing, you’re actually still part of the matrix system like it or no.

Speaker 13: (01:44:20)
So I mean, all right, so when I hear that, then I hear like, alright, you’re like really? I mean religion and believing in God or being a Christian you think did the same thing. Yeah,

Speaker 11: (01:44:33)

Speaker 10: (01:44:35)

Speaker 11: (01:44:37)
I think, I think it’s clever. I think it’s clever to say you’re not in a religion because then it puts all the other religions down cause like, no, we’re the one real one. I think it’s very patronizing. I think it’s actually, it’s bigoted in the fact that it’s very ethnocentric. So like you probably don’t acknowledge the validity of the Quran or Buddhism, but then you’ll say that my religion is valid or

Speaker 13: (01:44:57)
no, I can’t say that because dude, I haven’t even finished my box. I haven’t even finished the Bible yet. Right. So, um, what like, um, how do I put it, you know, let me, you know, you talked about a unit, you talked about the rice, right? Oh, while back in the jars, like remember the rice that if you gave it good intentions it would stay white and shit like that. Do you remember that? That video?

Speaker 11: (01:45:20)
I remember that. I never really believed it. I always thought it was kind of funny, but I know,

Speaker 13: (01:45:24)
I don’t know. I’ve never done it either. Okay. I wasn’t sure whether you, whether you thought there was any credibility to that or if you’ve ever tested it yourself. Well, whether you think it’s any even possible or do you think those are people are liars I guess?

Speaker 11: (01:45:37)
I think more than likely they’re probably liars and I think it’s a nice idea. I think it sounds nice, but I think it’s trite. It’s something that might look good on Oprah and it’s just like, have positive thoughts. But no, I don’t think so because these are the same people who will tell you that we’ve got to cut carbon emissions or the world’s going to die.

Speaker 13: (01:45:57)

Speaker 11: (01:45:58)
I know. Look, but look, as far as negativity, positivity, yeah. Nobody benefits when you’re focused on destroying people. We’re better off working together, networking or staying in her own lanes and not running or the people off the road.

Speaker 13: (01:46:11)
Yeah. I just think, you know, when like it seems to me like your, your, your, uh, it, you know, if you’re a Christian or if you’re this or if you’re that if you’re like, if you’re not, if you’re not a Christian, I guess you believe in a God, you must believe in a creator, right? You believe in flat earth.

Speaker 11: (01:46:28)
Well, I think that the God in the Bible is a narcissistic construct akin to big brother used by elite technocrats to keep the slave population in the state of worship to the appointed authorities. I don’t think it’s a real being being described. I think it’s a narcissistic construct.

Speaker 13: (01:46:45)
Okay. Um, but with that said though, you do believe that there is a God think, just not one like a Bible, right? There is a creator.

Speaker 11: (01:46:53)
I don’t know if there’s a creator. I don’t know if creation has a center of consciousness or awareness. I don’t know that

Speaker 10: (01:47:01)

Speaker 13: (01:47:04)
So, the, so if you’re, if you don’t think there’s a creator, then this just happens spontaneously. Right?

Speaker 11: (01:47:09)
Well, the creation could be a spontaneous, I don’t know how it started. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s outside of, um, you know, cause the human range of perception is just five senses. Six if you’re aware. But as far as, you know, I, I just think some things we have to be agnostic about from our perspective at this point. And people who say they know, listen,

Speaker 13: (01:47:29)
do you think the earth is flat though? Ideas?

Speaker 11: (01:47:32)
I have no reason. Think guy’s not. Yeah, I mean, I mean, look, the only reason you would have to think that it’s curved is you’re looking at images and pictures and believing stories told to you lies. But yeah,

Speaker 13: (01:47:43)
so, so I mean, I, I mean like for me, I was atheist like an atheist. Like I w I really hated the idea of God, like up until like two and a half, three years ago. Right. So like for me, when I found out the earth was flat, it was like, well, that wouldn’t like, to me it just doesn’t seem even remotely possible though, that you have this flat earth. Right. And then everything is created kind of around it. It seems. It just seems like it would have been, it was a natural fit that, wow, this place was created.

Speaker 11: (01:48:15)
No, no. That’s, see, that’s the big non-sequitur. I think that has contaminated this whole discussion. Just because you find out there’s a big deception doesn’t mean you’ve rushed to religion. I found out climate change was a hoax. I’m like, Hmm, this justifies religion. You know, you find out that communism is a false ideal. It doesn’t justify the opposite.

Speaker 13: (01:48:34)
No. What I’m about what I’m saying, I mean it’s pretty natural. Like, like for me it was because remember I like I, I didn’t even, I used to like stand up and mock God. Like I would be like, Oh, go ahead and shoot me down. God,

Speaker 11: (01:48:48)
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. When you’re talking about the God of the Bible, who I think is eminently makeable, I would want that.

Speaker 13: (01:48:55)
I’m, uh, well I mocked him. You know, what, all of them were any of them. Um, but I, uh, but I really, I mean I saw the, uh, the clips, you know, the idea that the sun and the moon right. Are just, just coincidentally exactly the right size. Right. To do that. I mean, you actually have to believe that that’s a coincidence if you think that this place wasn’t created right.

Speaker 11: (01:49:20)
Yeah. But again, any talk of creation that leads to the Christian paradigm I think is inherently flawed.

Speaker 13: (01:49:29)

Speaker 11: (01:49:30)
like just because like

Speaker 13: (01:49:32)
saying, yeah, I hear what you’re saying. I’m making a leap because a, I’m making a leap that really has no real like real connections to it, I guess is what you’re saying.

Speaker 11: (01:49:40)
Yeah. I mean, and also look to me, the religions of the world are controlled opposition to evil and always have been. I really think that’s the case. I don’t think there’s any really reason to trust them. And to me, the Bible itself is a new, it’s a, the Bible is the Mark of the beast and that’s how I see it. It’s an idol. [inaudible]

Speaker 13: (01:49:57)
okay. With that said though, it’s funny because like, um, there are, I think there, there are plenty of people who believe in Islam or Jews or Christians or whatever that really are in search of like a truth, want to make the genuinely want to make the world better. Right. And I feel like sometimes when I listen to you, it’s almost, it’s like a turn off when, when you, when you’re, when you shoot people down with salt with so much conviction that you, that you’re more right than they are. Um, where it just, it just, I think you lose your, your ability to, the power that you have and the gift that you have in terms of your, your communication skills and thought skills is diminished when you just shut the doors on people when you can’t be, I don’t think you can be so certain yourself of something. It’s like you can’t prove that uh, that a pink dinosaur or pink, right. Pink elephant doesn’t exist.

Speaker 11: (01:51:03)
Oh no, it wasn’t one I have, I have moral clarity because I’m using logic. The burden of proof is on you asserting that there is a pink unicorn or whatever it is. Extraordinary claims need to be shot down all the time. The idea that you ought to have faith or at least just one, just give room for Santa or just leave room for God. Nope. I say you gotta have moral clarity, draw a line and not accept any of it. That’s why I auto boobs.

Speaker 13: (01:51:26)
But there’s a big difference between, like a lot of people will say, I have to believe like this is where I like, I mean I became born again like two and a half years ago. Then like a

Speaker 11: (01:51:36)
wait, wait, wait, born again. Born again. Is that a free Mason thing where they simulate your death and resurrection or is that a different death and resurrection ceremony?

Speaker 13: (01:51:44)
Well, for me, but for me, what I’m from by the way it felt for me was like I just, all of a sudden I like seriously at a, you know, at an older age, maybe it’s just me becoming mature. I don’t know. You know what I mean? But at a certain point I was like, wow, I don’t want to do certain things. I completely became like, I used to really like drinking and chasing girls and uh, uh, gambling and I still have a tendency to want to do some of those things. But you know, now I really see how I feel like that shit is like morally it’s degrading to society and it just, you know, I changed. So it fit with, with, with what I was, what I heard in the Bible beating. Like when I, when I consider myself born again, dude, I was like embarrassed to even tell people that I was born again because I, I was like, that’s the stupidest thing in the world. I used to think, right. So, so anyhow, you know, not to make this a long story, but you know, that’s, I experienced something that to me was real. Now I have to believe it. Dude.

Speaker 11: (01:52:44)
Well look, let’s go. No, no. Look, I’m not going to take away from that because I, I believe a lot of things that I would never try to tell someone to believe cause it’s too subjective. But here’s my point. I’m saying it’s non-sequitur. Like here’s the more pertinent question. How many Bibles laid end-to-end would it take to reach from your front door to the edge of Antarctica?

Speaker 13: (01:53:05)
Holy shit, man. I have no idea what you’re talking about. What does that mean? What are you trying to read? Where are you going with that?

Speaker 11: (01:53:09)
It means like you find out the Earth’s flat. The only logical thing is go to the edge and instead you guys are looking into your Bibles and talking about religion. And I’m like, look, you’re, you’re saying we need to organize about making a change or figuring something out. You got to go to the edge. Every, all the talk, all the conjecture, the conspirator.

Speaker 13: (01:53:26)
Well, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s another, I mean, listen, w they have us divided up so many, so many different things, right? You got people act activism about animal cruelty, cruelty, um, you name it, right? So that in and of itself, all the freaking problems like, well, we get divided up. Um, so, you know, I don’t know. I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong. Going to the edge. I’m not going to say that that’s the wrong way to do it, but if you’re so sure didn’t know, then you know that’s something that you know, the action that needs to be be worked on like on a daily base. Like that’s a traction. There’s enough people today who are, who are awake now that it’s, it’s a matter of us pulling together I think at some level. And you know, that’s why YouTube has been so abrupt with cutting the shit off. Yeah. Because it was getting, it was getting dangerous, getting dangerous.

Speaker 11: (01:54:20)
Like we were having too many people putting up content where it’s 24 seven round table discussions and it was not being mediated enough for the YouTube and the sensors. And so they clamped down on it and they pretty much ruined a great thing and I’m very disappointed.

Speaker 13: (01:54:34)
Yeah, it’s rich. It’s dead. And so now you have to, now they’ve made it more difficult. So we need grass roots, some type of grass roots. That’s why I think like the flat earth people find her like maybe, and maybe it’s being too constrictive in terms of like it should be a truth. People find her or an action. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how, I don’t know what the answers are, you know, I’m not, I have no freaking clue. But I do know that, you know, we could talk for another 30 years about the bullshit and ain’t gonna change a thing man. It’s not gonna change.

Speaker 11: (01:55:04)
Yeah, you’re right. You’re right. And you’re, you’re talking about unifying and I’m saying the most divisive thing in the world is somebody saying they have all the answers. Listen to me. And every religion claims that, and I’m saying religion is too divisive. It shouldn’t even be in the conversation. I think we should be based on let’s unite on finding an answer.

Speaker 13: (01:55:28)
But everybody thinks I’m crazy. IPS, man. I guess I am. I guess I’m a freaking idiot, you know? No, I think that’s all. Yeah, that’s all I’m reading the comments, dude. Why do, I mean, you know, I’m, it’s disappointing because I, I thought,

Speaker 11: (01:55:43)
well look, when you read the comments, you have to take it with a grain of salt. Especially when you’re, um,

Speaker 13: (01:55:47)
well, is that, who is that? Is that it? That’s who it, because I honestly, I, I would think that the people who listened to you are, are, are, are more intellectually freaking quality than what I see here, man. It’s like they don’t get it. Or if they don’t get it, maybe it’s me that I don’t get it. And now, you know, Zoopla tooth playing the same,

Speaker 11: (01:56:10)
Hey, don’t this, don’t listen to lickety. Don’t listen to lickety. He attacks all the colors. Don’t listen to him. No, actually I wouldn’t listen, here’s the thing, the only comments that have any weight for me are comments coming from content creators. I mean, I do appreciate all the comments, but like, especially anonymous comments, people throw in barbs. No way. No way. I mean, you’ve done street activism, so you know how to deal with not only rejection but actual insults or people just being belligerent. Right?

Speaker 13: (01:56:37)
Oh yeah. And I, I want to say something to I, I was an idiot or I am an idiot because I remember I was so disappointed that like, we couldn’t, we can’t get more people involved. And yet for the past three months, I’ve like buried myself in a shell. I haven’t gone out. Um, I was trying to get my house ready and slowly I just stopped even doing that. So, and I’m not even, I don’t even have to work for a living, you know what I mean? So I feel like a complete, total, utter hypocrite in not understanding how badly the system like sucks energy and time out of most people so that they don’t have the ability to take action. So, um, I don’t know, man. It’s just, it’s just like, it’s like we need, we need the few people, that’s the, whatever that small percentage of people are that have the ability to do something. We’ve got to start to do something. And I wish I knew what it was, but, um, but as far as, as far as the, uh, the religion angle though, um, I just feel like, uh, you know, uh, it’s so, I guess it’s so complicated. I’m just not,

Speaker 11: (01:57:47)
here’s what I really think, man. I really do believe that just as the media is controlled, the religion’s controlled and I think it’s naive to assume otherwise or to believe otherwise. And so to me, I think that the religions are not to be trusted whatsoever. And I look at their stories, I look at who wrote them and I’m just like, okay, I get it. This is the old school, mainstream media. They’ve co-opted spirituality. So you come up with this, you have a spiritual awakening, you’re going to default to the main religion in your place. And the main religion of course, says people who don’t follow main religions are evil. Like Dean ODL says, Oh, if you’re anything other than this, you’re of the devil. And that’s like saying, if you don’t follow the mainstream news, you’re a terrorist. It’s the same program. So I just don’t trust it. And I don’t think that religion can unify people.

Speaker 13: (01:58:37)
Could it be that? Could it be that way? What happens if the person is, is not completely understanding, like, you know, I, I like, I, I fell into that trap a little bit too. Like when I was like born again Christian, I was like, Oh, but these people are, they’re hypocrites in, they don’t, they, I tell them that, you know, if you go into a church and you tell the pastor that, that the, your, you know, look at all these, these 200 proofs that the earth is flat and then you’re like, Oh, they don’t want to know the truth there. They’re not even a true Christian. They’re not willing to dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. Or you are, you know, you find out this one guy was cheating on his wife, the other guy gambles, the other guy goes drinking and, and the next thing you know, you’re judging all these people yet I can, I can tell you 100%, you know, I’m, I’m not a perfect person right now.

Speaker 13: (01:59:19)
I freaking lie like a rug, you know, I still do it. I try to, you know, they’re, I think they’re smaller lies, but you know, someone puts me in a position where I’m like, uh, I come, I would just say a lie, right? So I, for me, I see these, like these little things that are truths about like, we have these bad habits, these bad moral habits that we seem to constantly revert to. And it doesn’t make that, make us the best person we can be. And it doesn’t mean that you’re ever going to, you know, erase all of these issues, but if you’re living like, quote, I guess it’s righteously where you’re really trying to do the right thing. Like for real man, you know, it becomes, you know, it really bothers you when you start to screw things up. And the world I think would definitely be a better place if people, you know, started to, uh, to honestly do that. And you know, that’s where like with the whole, with that, it becomes judgemental. Like with Josh when, uh, when, when Josh Swift was on, on, you know, uh, authentic intent and he was like, you know, he’s like, I just want to be honest and dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. And it’s like, well then, you know, don’t talk, talk, talk this out with Karen B who’s basically defending you, you know,

Speaker 11: (02:00:33)
well, you know what, I don’t even want to single them out. Like I have nothing with him personally. The fact is they brought it out to attack me and Bob was in the comments attacking my subscribers and I’m not going to let that stand. I think that’s cowardly. And then Bob has also proven himself to be that of that character. And so I was just like, Oh, I’m not having it. You don’t get a hit me and not get hit back. Because the world we live in is very political and politics is always, you know, you always have people who will play dirty and if you don’t hit back you lose. And we have to be willing.

Speaker 13: (02:01:02)
She said, no winter, no winners game though. I think man, it’s like you get sucked into it. And the next thing you know, you just, you just get brought down with him. Um, it’s a, it’s, it’s messed up. It’s crazy. Uh, what does it, many, many ticks or something like that. Politics. Right.

Speaker 11: (02:01:17)
Well look, I’m hoping, I’m hoping that Karen Anglo busters in authentic, I hope they learned a lesson and I hope they try not to, um, bring the wrath of their community on me again like they just did because we don’t really need that. We have more important things to think about. He was the last thing on my mind that morning. We have more important and interesting to have than discussing this guy, but he, he threw himself in our path. I really like that. I was gonna say, I really liked dread, see dread and I, and brother Sanchez were really cool at one point and then Sanchez got mad cause I said Nipsy faked his death and he doesn’t talk to me anymore. And dread was like, Hey man, instead of just attacking, these guys are the people who are criticizing you just stay in your lane. And that’s where I’m at. I’m like, you know what? I can, I can go on a parallel course with a million people and not have any conflicts of interest. It’s just that they get in my way. They get in front of us. That’s what happens. And if you don’t hit back then what they say tends to stick. And I regret not hitting back harder against more guile before for when he initially turned the Christian’s against my channel saying that we were an Illuminati front.

Speaker 13: (02:02:36)
I dunno man. You know what I people, I hear what you’re saying because you know people were calling me a shell because I did flat earth so poorly on the streets that they were like, you know, you’re, we know that you’re trying to make it look bad.

Speaker 11: (02:02:48)
No, I never heard that. I never heard that. I only know you as the guy who did the people find her, which I think is a great idea. Cause at that time we were like, when are we going to have the equivalent of an occupy flat earth? And so I was thinking about that. And then so you have that and I think that’s solid. It just needs to be scaled up, right?

Speaker 13: (02:03:04)
Yeah. Yeah. Flat earth politics, YouTube channel, man. He’s been doing programming for it. And so now you can join it anonymously, right? So, and you get your own private email cyst email within the system so you can then, you know what I mean? Before it was all like you had to use your telephone number and it was crazy and people were calling me, telling me, you know, I got a troll calling me this or that. So, um, it’s a little bit, it’s a little bit more refined, refined at this point. And he keeps working on it. He works on it almost like, I mean, he’s working on it every week for hours and hours doing the programming all by himself. Um, so that’s at zoom, truth.com. And the one thing I beg anybody here, if they give a shit about flat earth, if you’re not a complete asshole, um, please, please like spread the word and whether it’s [inaudible] dot com or if somebody else wants to start up their own fricking mere website of it and then promote that. I don’t care, man. Honestly, I am just, I’m sick in like the, I’ve been watching these freaking, you know, police first amendment audit videos and those things make my skin crawl. I, by the way, I love what you talked about with the uh, international space station. Um,

Speaker 11: (02:04:14)
yeah, that’s a strong point. That’s a very strong point. And look man, that’s their Achilles heel. The globe CUCs don’t like to defend it. They want to keep you focused on the ground and refraction. And so what I always let them know, I’m like, Hey look, you can lose the space station. We can take away that toy, but you can still keep your globe for a little bit if you have to. So it’s like taking the training wheels off. It’s really kind of bad how we have to walk them through this thing. But they don’t, they don’t want to let any part go because they feel like they lose everything. So I think the way to win this is piece by piece. Don’t let them, I mean they’re not gonna give up the moon, but they’ll give up the space station cause they can’t deny how phony it looks when you juxtapose those effects with the effects from modern movies like avid, like end game, the Avengers. So I think we can kind of um, disabuse them of their little flying castle first and then we’ll work on the ball. [inaudible]

Speaker 13: (02:05:03)
well do you think all the people who say who claim that they’ve seen the ISS in transit, then they’re all like, it’s all a lie. I’ve never looked for it myself.

Speaker 11: (02:05:12)
Okay. Here’s something I just learned the other day. You can only see it within certain windows of time cause it has to be close to sunrise sunset because of the shadow of the earth. So anytime someone has told you that they saw it fly over their house around midnight liars, anytime they said like, I’ve had people call in, Oh I saw it three times 90 minutes apart last night. No you didn’t. It would have been in the shadow of the earth for two of those passes.

Speaker 13: (02:05:34)
The time that you would see it at night, it would always be in the shadow. Is that a pretty much every single time almost, I think.

Speaker 11: (02:05:39)
Exactly, yes. Yes. And then when

Speaker 13: (02:05:41)
fricking what, 50 miles up or something. They say some bullshit

Speaker 11: (02:05:44)
272 miles up and so that, that’s, that’s low. That’s very, very low. And then

Speaker 13: (02:05:51)
I’m with you. Yup.

Speaker 11: (02:05:52)
And most satellites, spy satellites, weather satellites, cameras, satellites are in medium earth orbit 600 to 1200 miles up. Even that is in the earth shadow. We shouldn’t be seeing it. So if you’re seeing lights up there, you’re not seeing orbiting objects. That’s what we can deduce from this.

Speaker 13: (02:06:08)
And it [inaudible] 200 7,270 miles. You can see a football field. Get the Frick out of here, man. Right?

Speaker 11: (02:06:16)
Yeah. That’s what kills me. That I look at these transits by like Red’s rhetoric and I can see the solar array. I can see the modules, I can see Chris Hadfield on his guitar and I see, you know, like they’re doing a spacewalk right now and they’re waving at us. Like that’s way too much detail from that distance, the long distance photography record, 275 miles, you can see the peak and there’s not even enough pixels left on that distant peak to even put an ISS. So no ISS transits are all faked with CGI. I don’t care who’s doing it. Sorry if it offends certain people. But yeah, all ISS transits in front of the sun and moon are faked.

Speaker 13: (02:06:55)
Yeah man. Do you get a lot of support financially from your, from any of your, um, because I know I’ve never even donated to you. How does that work for you man?

Speaker 11: (02:07:04)
Mostly books, mostly audio books, mostly audio books and my audio book sales tend to fluctuate with my live streams. Uh, mostly that paperback second. Um, I don’t get my channels no longer monetized. Um, I moved into Patrion as a way for like $1 a month. You get notifications when I’m live and a lot of people like that and I figure if I can get 500 people on patron, that’s 500 members. That’s the same number of the flatter society has. So that’s pretty much it. But you the people who think that you can show for money and flat earth, no, if you’re a shill and flat earth, your money’s coming from the DOD. You’re not making it off of tee shirts and super chats because it’s, I mean, look, they’ve made this whole ability to live stream very cost prohibitive. The amount of time you have to put into it just to make it work. This is my 67th channel, by the way.

Speaker 13: (02:07:57)
That’s crazy man.

Speaker 11: (02:08:00)
But no, I’m operating, operating at a loss.

Speaker 13: (02:08:02)
So the reason why I brought that up, as I was thinking a light zoom truth at the flat earth, people find her, it’s that zoop, truth.com people. But there is an event like calendar and like anybody who joins can create an event too. So maybe you wouldn’t want to do it every time you do a live stream. But you know, right now, Oh, by the way, we’re getting like three, maybe four or five people who join it each day. Um, and um, so you can put on there a, a, you can put on, you can add in an event. And I, I’m hoping that, you know, you know, over time as, as the thing gets more filled out, if it ever does, um, that that would actually become, you know, useful for all different types of things, whether it be your law, a live stream that you think is important or a fundraiser that you’re trying to do or anything.

Speaker 11: (02:09:01)
Yeah, this is good. This is really good. In fact, I’m, what I’ve been working on kind of similar is this idea of, you know, networking, anybody who’s into real time auto hoaxing real time media deconstruction. And I, I like this is not gonna work without some type of notification system that system wide. And so I’ve been using, you know, text message alerts. I’ve tried with email newsletters, something like this is good. You need a network. I mean, um, that’s what we use discord for four, but this is good. This could scale up. And so I like what you’re doing. We’ll put a, I’ll definitely promote it, you know, I mean, I’m definitely in favor of this. I don’t like, um, the idea of grass roots being falsely misrepresented by agents. And the only way to have real grass roots is to have a lot of people getting into something like this. That’s not already a like, I mean YouTube. Look how YouTube is policed. You’ve seen it. Facebook, I mean, are you in Facebook prison like half the time like I am.

Speaker 13: (02:09:57)
Oh, are you kidding? I got, I don’t know how anybody stays on there. I got kicked off of Facebook within like a half an hour the last time I got kicked off before and I was like, I wanted to rejoin just cause I was, I thought it would help me, you know, we’d get the word out. And um, I was kicked off in like a half an hour. I was like, how does anybody stay on here for like more than 20 minutes? I don’t know what, you know, it’s crazy. I picture of a Jeff Bauman in his wheelchair with his legs off was my main picture. So maybe that didn’t help. I dunno.

Speaker 11: (02:10:26)
Oh Hey. You know, um, someone brought this up on the chat. So Mike’s doing his movie promotion for a real rocket man and I don’t know, they’re

Speaker 1: (02:10:34)
sending out across the country, whatever, and he wants to meet a lot of people. You ought to get an in touch with them where I’ll, you know, bring it up to him. Maybe you could, um, have your zoom truth.com, uh, site or Apple, whatever, sponsoring, uh, one of the sponsors on this thing. It will get promotion because what’s happening is they’re handing stuff out at each of the stops. So flyers, brochures or whatever. Um, that might be, that might be an Avenue because the idea is, again, he wants, you know, he wants people in the whole, whatever you want to call it, community or network or whatever to get behind his stunt, his TV show in everything. And YouTube is not doing it for him. He doesn’t even have a YouTube channel.

Speaker 13: (02:11:12)
Yeah, yeah. No, I, I would, I would love to work with and do that. I, I, my, my concern is that, uh, you know, whether or not the, the zoom truth name is, I wanted something that was simple and easy for people to remember, but I don’t think it really tells you what it is. Like whether maybe it should be just flat earth people find her. I don’t, I don’t know. Um,

Speaker 1: (02:11:31)
that’s how I knew. That’s how I knew it. Yeah. That’s very memorable. Flattered people find her is, that’s how I remembered it, but that’s just me. Yeah.

Speaker 13: (02:11:38)
So maybe I should just, you know, maybe, or if you know, I’ll probably, I thought about it. I don’t think I reserve that, you know, that site yet, but, uh, um, maybe I’ll go ahead and tried to do that. And uh, and uh, you know,

Speaker 1: (02:11:51)
well, it could even be, I mean, even it could even just be, I mean, zoom troop.com the flat earth people find her. It sounds good. Anyway, Hey, thanks for your call, man. Got someone else calling in.

Speaker 5: (02:12:00)

Speaker 1: (02:12:01)
This zoom, truth.com the flat earth people find her, Hey, what’s up color infinite plane radio.

Speaker 2: (02:12:12)
Hi, this is [inaudible] it.

Speaker 1: (02:12:14)
Ah, yes. Okay. Yeah. This, this is a infinite plane radio. Earlier you were calling about the hates symbol known as the bowl cut.

Speaker 2: (02:12:24)
Oh yeah, absolutely. But I wanted to comment about a previous caller. I think his name was, uh, Tim off. [inaudible] I think, uh, he, he says a lot of things that are wrong and incorrect and I just want him to correct a few of them.

Speaker 1: (02:12:41)
Yeah. Well, it’s illegal to be wrong. In fact, it’s a hate crime. It’s illegal and it’s domestic terrorism. So what does he go

Speaker 2: (02:12:48)
figure with him? Yeah, I think with him, like he’s usually trying to plant wrong ideas and, and get people to catch on and go along with it. But um, correct me if I’m wrong. Is he not a, a durable pillar or a [inaudible]?

Speaker 1: (02:13:03)
Technically, technically he’s a globe cook.

Speaker 2: (02:13:07)
Oh, okay. I cut, he’s a cut coming out. A,

Speaker 1: (02:13:10)
he’s a globe believer, globe defender

Speaker 2: (02:13:13)
beyond the, like slightly beyond [inaudible] pill.

Speaker 1: (02:13:16)
The w wait, but he has, he has in fact, when presented with evidence admitted that this or that event was a hoax or hoaxy or drily. I would, I would say that he’s not flirting with auto hoaxing, but I think he’s inadvertently

Speaker 3: (02:13:32)
become an auto hoaxer by noticing.

Speaker 2: (02:13:36)
So while I was calling, that’s why I’m calling to you while you guys were talking, I heard him make a little throat UNE slip where he referred to it as we, I think you said we something in the flatter or, or something like that. As in he’s one of the questioning things.

Speaker 3: (02:13:53)
Yeah. That’s a slip. That’s a slip obviously. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (02:13:56)
Usually he’s very, uh, auto believing about everything else. You know, he’s just constantly auto believing everything, but with bladder, all of the sudden he’s a

Speaker 3: (02:14:07)
wait. No, I asked him, I said, I said, do you believe he doesn’t believe in climate change? And he doesn’t believe it and he’s not threatened by asteroids, so [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (02:14:16)
so he’s halfway there. Yeah. So it’s just, he just needs to take a last step and realize, because here’s the thing is, you know, I’m a, I’m in the soft part world a lot where like I’m, I’m debating with a sovereign citizen and whatnot. And so he’s basically the equivalent of these soft cards where he wants to argue in favor of the government that’s lying from basically, so they saw tars want to talk about the government’s terrible, but then they want to still go on a court and put us, they’re soft hard paperwork. But so Tim is kinda like that and that, you know, he realized that the government is no good, nine 11 blah blah blah. But with this one topic he just can’t let it go. So

Speaker 3: (02:15:00)
I think people put too much emphasis on nine 11 like it’s a big deal. I mean it is a big deal, but like as far as they overemphasize that and don’t realize that the sidebar war has been going, going on and on and on and that there are a thousand other transformative events like that one influence operations that have gone unnoticed because of that one, which is probably one of their intentions as well.

Speaker 2: (02:15:25)
Yeah. This seems like a selective picking and choosing and type of situation.

Speaker 3: (02:15:30)
Now I gotta call her, I hope he calls in. So this guy asked a couple of questions. He says, uh, climate change is being observed every day. I love that. Like there was a, a Congress woman, forget what it was who said she can feel the climate change when she’s on flights. I mean it is really something about belief, you know, the climate change thing.

Speaker 14: (02:15:51)
Right, right, right.

Speaker 3: (02:15:52)
No. Okay.

Speaker 14: (02:15:53)
What if it’s CO2 based? Also like that’s like the main thing. Like if you’re growing pot, which uh, you know, to me like to claim he does a lot of that kind of shit. Then like you know that uh, CO2 actually makes your plants real, bigger, stronger. You can take more heat, all that kind of stuff. So usually in a [inaudible]

Speaker 2: (02:16:13)
a room, you try to step up your CO2, you take it up to 1200 parts per million. Okay? So that’s the measurement in your grow room. But outside, actually technically we’re at 200 parts per million. So, uh, I mean that’s a, that’s like the most, uh, argument against climate change with Tim. He probably knows, but he won’t, you know, he won’t take that full step. He’s just a prick.

Speaker 1: (02:16:37)
Well, there’s, there’s been a false debate about climate change for like at least 30 years, which was, it’s either caused by man or it’s natural caused by man or natural. And that debate is the controlled dialectic. The truth is the debate should be, um, real or fake, not how much is happening. And so the answer is fake climate change is 100% a hoax. That anything else that’s a false debate, false dialectic that plays into the left right paradigm. And right now they’re hyping it up because it’s one of these, it’s a moral thing to now you can take a, now I’m holier than now, or like Timmy was talking about, you know, he didn’t recycle and the lady was basically like, you know, you need to go confess. Like they want you to confess your climate sins to NBC.

Speaker 14: (02:17:23)
And I love having, like, he understands that part, but then he just stops short and just wants to go back. And I just like, I hope that, you know, most people listening will recognize it. You know, there’s some people that don’t, there’s a lot of people who have won a sucky killers, Dick’s and a, the chat like a Empress music and ocher six and whatnot. But you know, uh, their opinions are irrelevant. We’re just talking about observation here. Um, for chem trail thing too, you know, he knows about that and he knows about the vaccines.

Speaker 1: (02:17:54)
Do you vape? Are you, are you a vape? Pissed. I never actually noticed or asked.

Speaker 14: (02:17:58)
No, I just started a recently bought a, a, it’s like, I don’t know if it’s called vaping. It’s like a weed oil that you’re just like burning weed oil. So there’s not like a chemical solvent. It’s just, you know, like hash oil. So I don’t vape. I don’t smoke tobacco or anything like that. I’m way too good for that. Like I care about my body care much for that. But uh, yeah. Why do you ask me? Do you vape?

Speaker 1: (02:18:23)
No, no, I, I was just asking if you were, um, a vape is because I just find it contradictory when people are against, or they’re mad at Kim trails, but they vape, you know, I’m like, well, you’re V you’re Kim trailing your lungs. How can you be mad about Kim trolls if you’re a rapist or vapor.

Speaker 14: (02:18:38)
It’s like being a, a pro vaccine, but then anti-abortion, you know,

Speaker 1: (02:18:43)
more like [inaudible] that’d be like being against vaccines, but then you’re still shooting up, you know, heroin, like you’re not the confession in me.

Speaker 14: (02:18:54)
Yeah. And that’s just how, you know, every time I’ve listened to, you know, like, I’m not going to lie like Tim a

Speaker 2: (02:19:01)
well bring up some good points, I’ll give them that. But other than that, every like question, the back of my head is always like this, this guy is calling and if you’re trying to, you know what he’s trying to pull the fucking lid over or something like that. I’m not sure what he’s trying to do. He’s trying to convert us, you know, over to his purple side.

Speaker 1: (02:19:19)
It may be, it may be, and I think that’s the way you play. That’s, I think that’s the smartest way to do it anyway. I mean the reason why you have controlled opposition is so you can ensure

Speaker 3: (02:19:28)
that your, your opponents always, you know, lose. And I think also if you want to really know what they’re up to, you have to allow your borders to be slightly porous, so you have to let the enemy, the enemy in a little bit. Otherwise you isolate yourself from any real valuable Intel. So I’m like, yeah, come on in. Come on in.

Speaker 14: (02:19:47)
Yep. Yep. You got it.

Speaker 15: (02:19:49)
Bureau public to play the private game for sure. I agree

Speaker 14: (02:19:52)

Speaker 3: (02:19:53)
yeah. Rudeness doesn’t help, especially if you’re trying to gain information. And one of the things we’re doing here, it’s like sociology. We want to get information from as many people as we can and there’s no reason to put up barriers by, you know, just excluding somebody cause they don’t believe the right things. That’s just bigotry.

Speaker 14: (02:20:09)
Right, right, right. But just being so like overly transparent sometimes, you know, that’s where people start to below it where they’re just too transparent. Like if, you know, like you’re still obviously saved, like when, you know, he’ll just troll sometimes I’m like, we all know he’s trolling, but he’s not gonna [inaudible]

Speaker 3: (02:20:25)
well, the, the thing is, he might think the same thing. I kinda think that he’s a believer in what he says. So he thinks that we’re just trolling like that. We’re not serious. Like he may actually be that way. Like, he’s like, Oh, these flatters there’s don’t really mean it. And it’s like,

Speaker 14: (02:20:39)
sure, absolutely. Oh my God. So true. All right. Anyway, uh, that’s, that’s pretty much all I got for that. Like I just had to make sure I correct. Anytime I hear Timmy on the phone, it’s like I just, you know, I’m triggered. Like I’ve, I

Speaker 3: (02:20:55)
look at

Speaker 14: (02:20:56)

Speaker 3: (02:20:57)
he but triggers you and what’s more, and I can’t prove it, but we’re like 99% certain we were re-evaluating some old footage. We do believe that he’s got a bull cut underneath that being cap. All right, thanks for your call. Infinite plane radio.

Speaker 15: (02:21:13)
Yeah. Sorry. I have a call with Emily hair a little bit. Hi. Hi. Infinite play media.

Speaker 3: (02:21:20)
Hey, how are you doing? Um, what do you think about the bowl cut? We called it two weeks ago that they should ban these things.

Speaker 15: (02:21:27)
Okay. I think bulkheads are a travesty, but, um, I don’t think they deserve to be criminalized. And I just watch this like teen mom video a sec where she gave her baby ball cat and I thought it was really adorable and um, I feel bad now that what that means for her and her baby. But um,

Speaker 3: (02:21:52)
yeah, her baby’s not gonna interrupt her. Baby’s not going to be able to go on flights. She’ll be on the terror watch list.

Speaker 15: (02:21:57)
It’s not there. And they do go on flights and it’s like so inspiring because she’s a teen mom and she’s like, I’m going to be living my life and traveling. Don’t judge me. And like she’s making money, like being proud and being a teen mom. And now she gave her baby ball kit. So it’s like everything has these layers that um, and um, I think it was pretty funny. I mean what about like Korea and they do a lot of [inaudible].

Speaker 3: (02:22:23)
Okay. Yeah, you’re right. That’s like their national

Speaker 11: (02:22:26)
haircut. Not to stereotype, but yeah, I mean

Speaker 15: (02:22:29)
it is,

Speaker 11: (02:22:30)
yeah, actually I was just looking at,

Speaker 15: (02:22:32)
it’s really all of easier.

Speaker 11: (02:22:36)
That’s probably why they vote. That’s probably why they have a police state.

Speaker 15: (02:22:42)
I mean, like we said check, like there might be a lot of countries with a bull cat is like, cause there’s lots of like an economic thing. Like if you can’t afford to go to some high price New York barber or whatever, just, you know, if you’re like in a small village, you probably give each other bulkheads just to like groom, you know? And so now, um, according to the American, I dunno who, who did

Speaker 11: (02:23:09)
the, the aid, the ADL said it’s a, it’s a, Hey it’s a hate symbol and it’s in the rolling stones right now. And I’ve been making fun of it because every school shooter has got a bowl cut. And so we’re like, we’ve got a band bowl cuts, these things are, and it’s like every shooter has a bowl cut and now I’m saying, look, they did this from the beginning. It’s part of the stereotype. It stereotypes you as a poor no money out of touch with fashion.

Speaker 15: (02:23:34)
Very low class or like low class. They’re like, yeah, it’s poor. It’s like not going to a hairdresser then totally a working class haircuts.

Speaker 11: (02:23:45)
Yeah, exactly. And you know what, the first time I ever did a live stream, it was about three and a half years ago with Jim Fetzer and Mike, the point I brought up was I was Hey this guy Dylan roof, we shot up, this church has the same haircut as this guy. And I was like, is this part of building a stereotype? And so our first, my first stream was actually talking about school shooters and, or mass shooters and, and the bowl cut haircut as possibly being a part of a new archetype they were building. And I think we’ve been medicated.

Speaker 15: (02:24:15)
You did call it, I mean they might’ve got it from you like maybe you thought of it and then they’re like, Oh I said we should go with that. But either way it’s pretty, it’s pretty cool. I hope that someday there’s like a kind of take back the bull cat haircut. You know how like people are like I’m going to wear an Afro and you gonna hire me anyway. And like, you know a lot of haircuts have been sort of reappropriated with like I’m doing it and it’s called. So like someday there’s going to be like all these kids wearing bulkheads and they’re gonna be like watching not shoot up your school and wear hair like those.

Speaker 11: (02:24:52)
Now what do you think about this thing here? About how Gretta is a admittedly mentally ill and she’s white and she’s angry. How come she’s not on a terror watch list? It’s cause she’s female. Cause if you’re going to say that,

Speaker 15: (02:25:05)
Oh, white girls get a pass, actually, Oh my God, I didn’t, I just watched a little clip of her that you guys posted and it just made my skin crawl. I was so upsetting and so upsetting. But that’s actually like what made me want to call in because, um, I heard you guys talk and like, well somebody who’s on here, I totally agree with the whole idea of like, let’s not worry about climate change. I mean, if, if we want to talk about it, let’s talk about, you know, something proactive, like a real fix for it. I don’t know if it’s really not, but even like if we, you know, it’s nice to make the environment better, whether it’s looming fate is real or not. But, um, he, years ago I went on a tour, I don’t know if you guys have ever heard about this, but I wanted a tour of JPL and with some flat earthers and it’s just like asking questions to try to whatever past them. And I asked them about how do they get fresh air. I get fresh and the IPS, I’m not, I’m sorry, the,

Speaker 11: (02:26:11)
so you, you actually went to JPL out there. Um, so did you ask about,

Speaker 15: (02:26:16)
we’re on, we had a waiting list for six months to go on this tour. I took my, uh, I’m in LA. We took it a flat as meet up and we took like about 10 people at a tour at CPL. We had to, we went with like, I don’t know, maybe 50 people, like I just dress normal, but everybody in our group, they all wear like fluff wire to spare. It was, it was fun. The tour guide was like, I see you guys going to be okay.

Speaker 11: (02:26:46)
See, I would’ve, I would’ve asked about Jack Parsons. There’s a TV show and I think it’s on ABC called strange angel about all the, the Satan warship that was at the epicenter of NASA in the early days when they were first getting their rocketry together.

Speaker 15: (02:27:03)
I’ll tell you, the people who ran the tours knew very little. Um, somebody with us. He asked about, um, thermosphere and they didn’t even know what that there most fear was, but, um, they were just kinda like young, young people out of probably some kind of science program in college, maybe leading the tours. Um, and the things they showed us, it was just incredible to see it up close because it was just, it was like stuff with like gold tin foil and everything was like dusty. Like it was those, these space crashed. But um, it looked like props for middle school play. It was just, it was really amazing.

Speaker 11: (02:27:45)
It’s not, it’s not, yeah, it’s not aging well. Is it? Like none of it is, and I think this is their number one issue. The number one issue that NASA has to face is the stuff that we see on Netflix looks realer than anything they can show us. And I don’t know if they call, like, does NASA, does the da, do they call this movie studios and say, Hey, could you guys keep it back on AVR because we can’t, we can’t keep up.

Speaker 15: (02:28:09)
They said, I don’t know how they’re handling that. Uh, yeah, because they’re not caught up at all. Like the in person stuff is just, it’s awful. But I, I asked them about the you, so they’re up there in the ISS and somehow they’re breathing all day long and all night long, whatever day and night are for them. And so there’s one of my questions I ask them like, how do you guys get fresh air on the ISS? And it said that they have a special filter, um, that turns like all the astronauts exhales back into air that they can breathe. And I’m passing this. I was like, uh, if I could research it. And they were like, no, no, no. But it’s, it’s real. So I’ve always been thinking like if they have this technology determined to make air breathable, why are they not implementing that to save the environment?

Speaker 11: (02:29:04)
Wow, that’s good. That’s really good. And you know, that’s not the only thing they recycle on that thing. But that’s, that’s a very good question. Why don’t they bring that technology down here where we can use it? And this is why they only have children interview them because they don’t want people with real questions to ask them things that they can’t answer.

Speaker 15: (02:29:24)
I mean it’s like a great 10 engine because I don’t think that filter is real. But like let’s, you know, assume what they’re saying like within their closed system of facts, if it’s really should be using it to fix global warming or they just don’t care dragging their feet on previous anyway.

Speaker 11: (02:29:44)
Yeah we had great points and the truth is any time you have good information about the environment, they deny it because you think if they really cared about the environment they will take credit for it. And Al Gore would say, Hey look, the world didn’t end. You can thank me. But instead they’re like, Oh no actually it’s worse. They’re just not telling you they don’t want the problem solved. Cause that’s where the money is.

Speaker 15: (02:30:07)
Yeah. They don’t want the positive thought. They love, they love it. I was just talking to this girl at a party of the day. She like works for some place that gives out grants for environmental staff. And I was just asking, I was like, Oh cause I told him about flat earth and she was not comfortable, um, that I, I just asked her like, well what do you, what do you want? Like what’s your, what’s your goal? And she just like, I just want people to be aware of it as it’s like awareness isn’t action. Like if you could just have your wish, your absolute wish, like what would people actually do? And she could not speak any greater thing, then just be aware and be worried about it. Really interest.

Speaker 11: (02:30:50)
Look, that’s, that’s another hint that it’s a, it’s a religious view though. It’s uh, when I say religious, it’s like a utopian thing where they have a heaven or a paradise they’re reaching for because every one of these paradises, whether it’s Christian or the communists or environmentalist, it requires everybody’s belief. It doesn’t require facts being proven. It means everybody has to believe. And the goal of environmentalism can’t have denialists just like religions can’t have, you got to wipe out the wicked before the world can be purified.

Speaker 1: (02:31:20)
So yeah, this is a religious crusade and it’s about saving the world, which is, you know, Excel very, um, arrogant. And of course people who want to save the world are usually the ones who end up, you know, wrecking the place.

Speaker 15: (02:31:33)
Yeah. And there’s so much passion attached to that. You have to be in like a bad emotional state about it. Like if you’re like relaxed about alcohol, I mean, you’re like part of the problem. Like, so if like if you have like an even emotional relationship to this topic, you’re like the enemy. It’s really gross.

Speaker 1: (02:31:56)
Yeah. They have a term for it. I think they just came out with it. I think it’s called eco anxiety where they say that students today are suffering from eco anxiety. And one of the things that Gretta said was she said, I want you to fear, like we feel a feel of fear that we fear a feel. And she said, um, yeah, that they live in a state of chronic anxiety pretty much. And yeah, this is on CVS experts fear that children are suffering eco anxiety over climate change.

Speaker 15: (02:32:26)
Yeah. I don’t think they’re fearing it. I think they like it. I think that’s their goal, but it’s really sick because it’s like people can’t function well when they live with that anxiety. And it’s real too. Like if you don’t, if you don’t know somebody like flat earth or just somebody who’s like into questioning or even if you do know them, but they’re just, you’re not able to like hear them if you’re just like really entrenched in the media and those stories that’s abusive, like people are going through their lives just like hijacked with the cause. It feels wrong not to be in a state of fear. Like if you step away from that panic, then you’re like, it’s like you’re a murderer or something. It’s like you’re a bad person that’s like willing to be cool with it or something. Although when you’re in the state of fear, you’re not supposed to step into a place of action. So it’s

Speaker 1: (02:33:19)
right, right, right. They want you to make a decision from a place of emotion and insecurity and thinking in the short term. And it’s also interesting here how you used to have people in a religious people who might’ve had complexes about guilt, guilt complexes, neurosis or something because of their, their pure and values that they grew up with. And now that’s not the thing. Now that people who are all neurotic and obsessed with sin and the sins of others and the sins of society are the atheists. And of course it’s the pollution that’s the new sand. But no, they’re totally full of guilt and shame. NBC is now collecting climate confessions where people can actually, yeah, they call it, it’s

Speaker 15: (02:34:01)
so Catholic though, isn’t it Catholic? It’s like a very fire and brimstone kind of. Um, I mean I’m not Catholic, but my mother wasn’t. She’s super into this stuff and I can’t say anything to her. Like if I say something, it’s like I’m telling you I don’t believe in hell or something like it. Um, it feels like she was primed for a bike or in the Catholic school. I think,

Speaker 11: (02:34:26)
yeah, I actually think that the mean Catholic just means universal and so the universal religion used to be what we’d call Catholic and now it’s just being changed and so the fear of God, which is all just been mind control. God isn’t something to fear. God doesn’t destroy the world. Armageddon thus is all fake, but that construct has been replaced with global warming and so they really are globe fearing and you not fearing it are a reprobate, a sinner, and you’re the one that’s going to trigger the Globe’s wrath. This is a program.

Speaker 15: (02:34:57)
Yeah, and it’s the Harnett that the program is intense. Like I’ve been, I’ve been sort of off, I haven’t really been hanging out with people who watched the news for awhile and I just sort of dipped back into a little bit as like, wow, it is intense. Like we’ve gone past the floor. I’d stay at, they were like, we need a new word for whatever that look is we’re getting now. Like it is. There’s a new kind of like fear and condemnation that’s coming. People being like taught,

Speaker 11: (02:35:28)
I call them MSM, fundamentalists or MSM fundings.

Speaker 15: (02:35:32)
Oh my God, it’s so funny. I called, uh, Mick West that I called them my main seem fundamentalist.

Speaker 11: (02:35:38)
Oh, he is. In fact, I, we invited him to a little conference thing for a debate with the flat earth or, and he, um, you know, he, the reason we chose him though is that he believes in everything. Blue pill, everything official. The guy’s a 100% to me. He’s a basket case, but he’s a model of sanity according to, you know, the mainstream views. But his whole book is like how to debunk these things using logic and facts and respect. So he never,

Speaker 15: (02:36:07)
I see, I read his back. I sit in, it is, I entered it right. It’s up to you be Bagley. Um, I met you at that conference. I came there and I met him off there.

Speaker 11: (02:36:16)
Okay. And then you remember that he was not belligerent, he wasn’t putting anybody down. He was actually the whole time

Speaker 15: (02:36:23)
tilt and gentle. Yeah.

Speaker 11: (02:36:26)
But of course, you know that the guy’s obviously a shill for the signup industrial complex. He probably knows what PSYOPs are. I don’t believe he can be, um, this informed about these things and still toe the official line. So I kinda think he’s, I

Speaker 15: (02:36:40)
honestly don’t know what he is. I mean, you might be right. I can’t tell, like, I don’t necessarily feel like I know like that I have like she’ll radar or whatever. Like I just can’t, it’s like a, it’s like a magic eye for me. Like it’s like they could be or they just could be sincere. It’s like in this whole ecosystem, it’s almost like somebody has to be him. Somebody has to like, just totally, he’s like an Eagle scout for the mainstream story. And it’s like, sure he could be an agent, but he could just be like, like you’ve got a lot of free time. Like he’s, you’re tired. Like he could just be this guy that like wants to be this guy. For some reason. He’s like, I would just save, um, they’ve the official story, I don’t know,

Speaker 16: (02:37:36)
could give them the benefit of the doubt. You could say that. Um, I think it’s, like I said, you know, whether he’s just playing the role, you know, or it’s legitimate. I think it’s useful to study people who perfectly embody all of the accepted beliefs and completely it, you know, just to, you know, understand where they’re coming from.

Speaker 15: (02:37:56)
It’s baffling to me. Like it would be easier if he was an agent. Like it’d be easier for me to like make sense of it almost. But it’s like I hold, I definitely hold out. I don’t think he as it is, but I just don’t, I dunno. But um, I think he’s like fascinating. Like it’s funny cause he kept saying, I was hearing him saying that he thinks like us, like us flat earthers are fascinating, which I see as like a kind of derogatory term. Like it’s kind of like exoticizing as like, it’s like it’s cheating as like, like we’re not like clear thinkers that we’re some sort of experiment it study or something. So I just kept, I turned around and I kept calling him. Fascinating. Here’s that. That’s exactly true. Like, how could somebody much time in this topic and then hold his position.

Speaker 16: (02:38:50)
Yeah, you’re talking about there’s like this, it’s the snobbery of course, of the people who are accredited and validated by the system. So they really do see us as anomalies. And I’m at that point to where when I watched the news, I’m not triggered by any of it because I know what it is and I find myself looking at it more like feeling like an anthropologist almost removed from it and it’s not condescending, but I do like, I am curious, you know, like what makes them tick. Um, and I find that most people aren’t really believers in all of it. They’re not even paying attention to it. It’s interesting how most people are just going with it by default and the ideologues are in the minority and those are the ones that they spend the most energy trying to influence.

Speaker 15: (02:39:34)
I think you’re right, like people, I don’t think people even think about what is they’re committing to. Like they don’t like that. All the information being given to them and like compare and various sources and then like decide, they agree, they just, it just, it would be too much to unpack it. So they just, they just go along with the ride I think is like the, the general um, like relationship with the media. I think you’re right. But then you have somebody like Midwest who like spends all of his time and again,

Speaker 16: (02:40:10)
we’ll look at it. Okay. So the chem trail one, and I didn’t run this by him, he is legitimately

Speaker 11: (02:40:14)
interested in this stuff. I brought up mud flood and so he was like, and so his breakdown of mud flood kind of cracked me up. Cause I know you think that the like flat earthers are just really bad at math or geometry. And so he’s like, and mud flutters are just really bad at history and he’s like, Oh, this is like do it yourself history. So he kind of, um, you know, saw it as people who didn’t have the structure, I guess of a formal education or didn’t pay attention and are trying to piece it together in a very, do it yourself way. So it’s kind of like watching Jaron and Bob, you know, bumbling around in the dark with their laser pens might be laughable to an establishment scientist. I think that, yeah, mud flooding does look kind of funny from the outside.

Speaker 15: (02:40:54)
It’s got like a cute Massey name. It’s like a very child is kind of name. I don’t know. Yeah. What did he think about it? He had he done any actual research into it?

Speaker 11: (02:41:04)
No, he said he was gonna look into it because his book was a lead into a podcast. So I assume he’s going to go there eventually. I haven’t brought it up. I would like to, but I think, um, I dunno a lot of it, I mean, the mud flood thing, as you know, it’s, it’s really one of these things where it has an unfortunate name, kinda like flat earth. Everybody hates the term flood flood and it doesn’t really even do justice to what the people using that term are actually describing, which is basically to me it’s like saying, well if we know our history is being written every day by the news and it’s just consolidating over time, these are the accepted versions. You take that back a thousand years, you just got mainstream fake news going back and so why would you think it’s any more reliable than the fake news of today?

Speaker 15: (02:41:52)
So I signed the mudslide to be very interesting. I guess at some point I sort of remind myself like, Oh, any story can be sort of constructed. Like I guess I’d have to like go visit all these places. Like I kind of like hold back from fully committing, but I definitely think our history is mostly a big lie and maybe things have only been sort of what you might call this way for a few hundred years and maybe it was like extremely different.

Speaker 11: (02:42:24)
Well, Hey, really quick. You mentioned JPL and how the people there didn’t really seem to be in the know about their own facility. I found the same thing to be true when I start calling museums. You know, people who work there and you ask them details about dinosaurs and you know, have you ever found a real Trent’s or a skull? A lot of them aren’t really in the know, kind of like how flat earthers tend to know more about the heliocentric system than the people who think they’re in one.

Speaker 15: (02:42:51)
Yeah. No, I think that’s a real phenomenon. I think that you, it’s one, it’s interesting because I almost feel like somebody at these facilities needs to be on like somebody who decides what the displays are. I mean, cause they’re, they’re very specific decisions that like curatorial decisions that have to be made so that they keep their narrative intact. Um, but at the same time, yeah, I remember going to the Griffith observatory like several years ago when I was first exploring stuff and I went to go see the pendulum, difficult pendulum. And I asked the docent, I was just like, tell me how this works, you know? And he told me there was a big, um, magnet at the top of it. And I guess circular donut magnet and that the thing wouldn’t swing without um, you know, sort of getting attracted to the magnet each time it made us made one pass and so that would like extend its path and then that was what kept it going and I was, I was just like, I came here to verify that this thing is proving or this spinning ages explained to me how it’s a parlor check and he just kind of like, he was just like a nice guy.

Speaker 15: (02:44:09)
Like just what? Like it’s totally nice guy, heard what I said didn’t object, they didn’t really know how to agree, just kind of nodded. And I just kind of sit there like with him looking at it and thinking and we just sorta had like a rapport, this, this guy. And I turned to him and I was just like, I think it’s a hoax. Like it was before I came out of the flat earth or like on any level, I just, it was just like layer, this was dawning on me and he just looked at me and like grinned. Like, it wasn’t like he had ever thought of it either, but just he was hearing me say it and it was like, cause I was feeling kind of joy saying cause there’s just like tickling my mind. Liz is like, and he, it was almost like infectious and he just like, he wasn’t in on it. He was just, I don’t know what he’s doing now. But um, and he was in charge of,

Speaker 3: (02:45:04)
yeah. This is why I think the whole thing’s a house of cards. You have all these different, you know, areas that like these are the different things that hold it together. But the people who are believers in it aren’t really like fully versed on the whole system. They all know their parts and I think it can fall very easily for that reason. And I think the reason why we’re inundated with so much space related news that is all fake, all cartoon is I think because they need it as a way of public education so that we can believe in outer space. We can believe the science they need to keep educating us. And that’s why they use science fiction. And entertainment. All of the entertainment is for your indoctrination and brainwashing that that’s, that’s the only purpose. Because if we didn’t have that, they wouldn’t be able to sell us on these grandiose visions like domes on Mars and space hotels.

Speaker 15: (02:45:53)
Oh boy am I excited to see this house of cards fall. I want to know who’s still standing. Like I want to know who, who is in on it. Like are they dispersed all throughout? Like are some of them really low level and some high level are almost like non of them? I, I don’t, I can’t tell. It’s like, I almost like need them. Need to see them still standing when other people go flat.

Speaker 1: (02:46:21)
Yeah. That’s going to be interesting to see. You know, I think, uh, the last people to let go of the globe model are gonna be like religious global leavers. So it’s like, it’s just their faith. Like, I know you guys don’t believe it, but it’s my faith and they’re just gonna have like churches with like a big globe on top and they’re just going to go in there and talk about, I think that might be it.

Speaker 15: (02:46:42)
I can’t wait til they’re the minority and they get like protected. I’ll support them. I mean that’s cool. I think that’ll be really interesting. That’d be like a really cool future when like the glue believers in minority and they’re like holding onto it. Um, that’s like a weird, fun, dystopian thing.

Speaker 1: (02:47:02)
Yeah. I considered it might be a good outcome or a good premise for a film where yeah, it would be a reversal. I mean a lot of the like make me even think that some of us are just being contrarion or just being trolls. That’s the first thing they do. They want to say you’re not being serious.

Speaker 15: (02:47:18)
Oh, they’ve loved the diagnosis. Sure. First is that we’re not serious. But then next it’s like, Oh, you need to worry about, or you need to think you’re special or you need to think, you know, things that other people don’t know. All this kind of stuff. Just, just like I even said to him, I was like, you’re the one who wrote a whole book trying to teach other people to think your way, thinks he’s special. Like it’s like a very weird um, projection because they’re basically describing things they’re doing

Speaker 1: (02:47:50)
well. I’ve been looking at this a space station thing forever cause I think it’s their weak link. And you know, I was just noticing how I was looking at the, a Colonel vert has a book of photography and all of the photography we get from the astronauts and the ISS, the earth looks beautiful, it’s super colorful, it’s all like, you know, just wonderful Photoshop. And yet when the environmentalists are talking to astronauts, they, they’ll say stuff like, Scott Kelly will say it’s getting grayer or the Amazon forest is a running out. So I’m like, well where are those pictures? So they, they’re, yeah, they, they definitely have so many contradictions that are worth pointing out. And it’s because on the one hand they want you to want to go to space. But on the other hand, they’re still using it to scare us. So it’s like, well, what are we doing? Are we moving into space hotel soon or are we too worried about space junk? Is it not safe to go up there?

Speaker 15: (02:48:43)
Sometimes I wonder if they’re not totally organized. If there’s just like a level of propaganda, like producers and they all know they can play with fake space, but they don’t necessarily know what the stake space narrative is supposed to lead to. So some of them are just like going rogue and they’re like, we’re going to say like, cause Bay’s dangerous. And others like we’re gonna say space is gonna inspire people like other people like you. We’re going to make people feel guilty. Like it’s like a weird, um, it seems a little disorganized, honestly.

Speaker 1: (02:49:17)
Well, look, you have the tree huggers who think we’re running out of everything and cause it, we’re destroying it all and they’ve got to preserve it. And yet you have ’em. Now the discussion is mining space. So Jeff Bezos is, they’re talking about mining asteroids, harvesting resources from out there.

Speaker 15: (02:49:35)
I can, I think.

Speaker 7: (02:49:37)

Speaker 1: (02:49:37)
And, uh, one lady in the audience is an environmentalist, said, uh, stop raping the universe.

Speaker 15: (02:49:46)
Okay, I need to confine movements. It’s true. They should stop raping the universe.

Speaker 1: (02:49:51)
But, but, but was she, I’m like, wait, you think we’re going to exploit the universe? So she’s been so programmed that we can’t touch anything that now the idea of even mining space is very triggering for her. So she’s ready to go put on a space suit and chain herself to a space rock out there. You know?

Speaker 15: (02:50:09)
I mean, that would be amazing. I’d like to see that because um, that would just, you know, that expand things a lot. So it’d be cool. Like which rock is she going to cheat too? Cause we might miss her

Speaker 1: (02:50:22)
psyche. It’s called psyche. There’s a 16 mile diameter rock made of nickel that they said they’re going to drag into geostationary orbit and they’re going to mine it from the sky. So I presume that she’d be up there.

Speaker 15: (02:50:36)
I mean, well that sounds awesome. I feel like that’s not stop her

Speaker 7: (02:50:43)
man. I got to ride on. Nicole,

Speaker 1: (02:50:46)
did you see the thing about the space elevator to the moon.

Speaker 15: (02:50:51)

Speaker 1: (02:50:52)
No, this, this is so dumb, but they’re going to do it and I’m just not sure how it’s gonna work because they said they’re going to,

Speaker 15: (02:50:58)
we’re always moving. How do you have a stable path? Okay, go ahead.

Speaker 1: (02:51:02)
Well, no, it’s an environmentalist thing because, uh, they need a greener way to travel. So they’re talking about solar powered shuttles that go up a tube that goes from just above the earth to the moon. And so they’re talking about dry, like dropping a cable down from the moon. Hey, nice talking to you. I have another caller calling in.

Speaker 15: (02:51:24)
Okay. Nice dining.

Speaker 1: (02:51:28)
Infinite plane radio. Okay.

Speaker 15: (02:51:31)
Hello. I wanted to try to get my friends back so I thought I’d call in.

Speaker 1: (02:51:35)
Okay. Yeah, it was basically, um, uh, yeah, I think we have to be polite to the callers and other chatters at least polite enough or discourse. And so someone had, um, said that they were being severely disrupted by it. It was,

Speaker 7: (02:51:49)
somebody had some complaints about, but anyway, yeah, I mean, I get a lot, I complain. It’s all good. It’s all good, man. I’ll hit you wrench. I got one more color

Speaker 1: (02:52:00)
if an airplane radio [inaudible]

Speaker 15: (02:52:02)
Hey Jen, how’s it going?

Speaker 1: (02:52:04)
Hey, pretty Tim.

Speaker 17: (02:52:06)
I heard that you were going to get a conversation going with Tim later. Yup. I’m trying to, we’re trying to put something together. He’s got a busy schedule, I’m sure. So maybe today, but, um, I kind of wanted to preview that. I’ve been thinking a lot about gravity and um, the orbit and I think you’re right that the ISS, the construction maintenance and orbit of it, is there a weak link along with the moon? And you’re also right, the globe model advocates focused on the ground and I just think, well everyone seems to be focusing on the ground, but really what, what, uh, where the whole model falls apart is with the solar system and the orbits. So I’ve been, uh, looking at some of these open source models of the solar system. I’ve got one up on my screen right now and it’s just like little grains of sand going around this, this sun.

Speaker 17: (02:52:56)
It’s so hard to believe when you look at it in a scale model in when we’re growing up in elementary school to hand us this cartoon with everything like right next to it. So we, we understand the propaganda real simply, but it all boiled down to, um, Newton came up with the, uh, universal law of gravitation stating that every particle attracts every other particle in the universe with a force directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of their distances. So basically what this boils down to is two objects, when they’re very close, have a much stronger gravity, a force than two objects very far apart. And that’s how the moon doesn’t crash into earth in their model. Yet when we drop a hammer, it falls that a negative 9.8 meters per second squared. So I’ve just been going through all the math. I think that there’s gotta be a contradiction in their equations. And, um, that’s what I’m just working on working on these days. So my first thing I looked at was, what if, um, what if the moon wasn’t orbiting? And it was just 238 a thousand miles away. And how long would it take for it to crash into the earth? So it only takes 115 hours. And they’re saying that the reason it doesn’t crash is because the centrifugal force is exactly the same as the, the attraction to the earth from gravity.

Speaker 1: (02:54:23)
Oh my God. That’s, so that’s this. Okay. This will keep going. This is good. This is good. Because

Speaker 17: (02:54:30)
you know what it reminds me of, I don’t know if you guys have ever seen those videos on YouTube where they do trick shots with like ping pong balls. Like, dude, dude, perfect does it on their channel. And I kind of am relating to that. So like if you think about the ISS, they’re saying that they were able to create this thing in space, um, what’s it called? Uh, pressurize it with, with air? Well, the last caller brought up a good point where like how do they keep getting new air? I guess they, they bring it up and pressurize blah, uh, bottles or whatever, Hey to their story. But, um, and then they get it going fast enough so that the pull is, is it equal to the centrifugal force? And it’s just total nonsense. I don’t think it’s going to check out. And I’m still early on.

Speaker 17: (02:55:18)
It’s like there’s not really a, um, a base of work on the internet where people are trying to disprove the solar system using their equations. But it’s just like, does it imagine, this is how I’ve been thinking about it. So imagine you’re throwing the moon. If you’re like some huge entity and you could throw the moon and you’re trying to get it to go into orbit of the earth for thousands of years of recorded history, I think they say it’s much longer than that. But, and I think they also say that it’s, um, dust that accumulated and somehow gets going at a speed where it orbits around the earth every 27 days. But, so you throw the moon and you’d have to get the speed just right. And the distance, just the right, if it’s too far away or too fast, it’ll just kind of get pulled in a little bit to the earth, but then go flying off and if it’s too slow or it’s too close to the earth, it’ll crash into deer.

Speaker 17: (02:56:11)
And what they’re saying is that the moon somehow came into existence and was going to perfect speed and the perfect distance away in which it just keeps going around time after time after time. It’s like a a trick shot. That’s why I brought up those videos. It’s just, it’s so hard for me to think that that’s possible. I think what they would say is that there were so many different objects in the space and we’re only looking at the ones that were perfectly in the Goldilocks zone with speed and distance. But it’s so hard for me to believe, especially because the sun shooting through space at like, what is it, 250,000 miles an hour or something.

Speaker 16: (02:56:46)
Wait, how does this work then? So with the, with this um, elevator that goes from the moon down to the earth, right. My problem is this, the moon is tidally locked. We always see the same face. And so I can understand that. It’d be like if you’re, um, you’re, you’re basically holding an object in front of you, like your smartphone and you’re moving in circles while that face is always facing you because it’s essentially tightly logged. They’re saying that the moon is tidally logged and it’s spinning on its access. And so if it’s going around us and spinning, but they’re saying it’s spitting just right to where it never moves its face away from us, it still has an axial rotation according to them. So my question is, when they dropped the cable from the moon down to the earth for the elevator, how come that cable doesn’t just wrap up around the moon? You know, like a string around a spool?

Speaker 17: (02:57:45)
Yeah, no, there’s no good explanation for it. The, uh, the elevator to the moon thing is such a, I think it’s mockery. I mean, they can’t really think that’s a good idea. I think they’re just trying to test the waters and see how gullible people are. Well, let me correct. I said 250,000 miles per hour. It’s actually moving it around half a million miles per hour, and then the earth is moving at 67,000 miles per hour in its orbit around the sun. So I just wanted to correct that, but you’re right. There’s so many things that don’t add up and I’m focused on the moon, but I also want to turn my attention to the ISS because you’re right, that is their weak link and they never want to address it.

Speaker 16: (02:58:19)
Yeah, look, we’ve got to do it now. When we have a win win situation, the longer it’s up there, the longer it’s going to be a thorn in their side because that’s their limiting factor. That’s the weak link in the chain. Until they bring that down, they can’t bring out the next iteration of space stations that will look realer, that we won’t be able to debunk as easily. So that jalopy up there needs to be called out as much as we can. And if we keep poking fun at it and keep exposing it, it’s gonna fall. And if it doesn’t,

Speaker 17: (02:58:50)
yeah, it’s been up there for 21 years. I just had to look it up. That’s a long time for them to just get it. Exactly right. And the fact that they claim that they launch rockets off the earth and then how far away is that? Again? It’s um, 254 miles, they say, so they launch a rocket ship going at least a 17 and a half thousand miles per hour because it’s got a dock with this thing and within 254 miles they’re able to find it in dock up with it. Nope, that’s not much time. That’s like a minute or two minutes. I think by the time that that rocket ship reaches the ISS, like that’s really threading the needle and there’s people on board. It’s not just like they can, they can’t just miss and we never hear about them. I mean we hear about the challenger explosion and Apollo 13, but there’s never any mishaps with them getting payloads and people to and from the ISS,

Speaker 16: (02:59:40)
Oh, the way they figured that out is they launch it up and it does a pass by orbit and then a second orbit. And so then yeah, and then they coasted into place and the arm reaches out and grabs it. So yeah, they actually have, um, a little explanation for it. But it’s funny when you look at the time lapses of these rockets from the earth to space as seen from the ISS, no gravity tilt, no orbits. It just goes straight up.

Speaker 17: (03:00:10)
Wow. Yeah, that’s good to know that they say that the orbit the earth with their, their um, rocket one time. And that’s also the, they what they say when they go to the moon.

Speaker 16: (03:00:19)
Yeah. They have to, because you can’t go vertical that far because you have nothing to push off. So what they say is they have to go so fast before they break into the thinner atmosphere where you’re just falling then and an inch trajectory has to have them falling around the earth. And so the space station is falling, it’s not flying. And so anything else that goes up there has to go through the same process. And you know, I mean it’s ludicrous. It’s way too perfect to be true. It’s just way too perfect.

Speaker 17: (03:00:47)
Exactly. And if they’re doing that, um, if they say that they can’t push off anything at that height, how are they able to Slingshot out out of the earth orbit and then go to the moon? That’s what I don’t. Um, and then they say they orbit the moon for a little bit. Like these guys are the masters of, of orbit and gravity and it just, I don’t believe it.

Speaker 16: (03:01:07)
Well, I remember when I came up with this term to describe the way that they solve crimes on TV. Scooby do justice where it happens really fast. I’ve also, uh, used this term loony Toon physics because we do see it. It’s like when Wiley coyote is running any reaches a cliff. If he doesn’t know what’s a cliff, he can actually run on air as long as he wants to. When he looks down then he falls. And so what? We have our loony Toon physics and so basically that thing is up there running on magic

Speaker 17: (03:01:40)
and that’s a great term. And reminds me of a nine 11 as well. I was talking to a police, uh, Lieutenant, uh, in my like in law family and uh, I was talking to him about nine 11. He asked me about JFK and I was like, yeah, that’s kind of ancient history. There’s a lot of different theories out there about the driver and JackieO or that he wasn’t even killed or the grassy Knoll or the lone gunman, the official story. But have you looked into nine 11? And of course he had, because he’s been a police officer in New York for a long time and he’s like, yes, what they said happened. That’s what he said at first. Then I would like, that’s such a weird way to put it. Um, cause I wasn’t even bringing up the conspiracy side of things. I was just like, have you looked into it?

Speaker 17: (03:02:26)
And, uh, then I, I talked to him about, um, the reason why, uh, he should reconsider the official story. I’m looking to the building owner and, uh, you know, the common stuff that cement symmetrical, complete collapse into their own footprints, the three towers including seven, which wasn’t hit by an airplane. But I also brought up the Wiley coyote plane hole in the side of the building. That’s what I called it, the Wiley coyote plain hole. And um, you kind of laughed a bit, but it’s kinda, you know, there’s a lot of, uh, this loony tune physics. You’re right.

Speaker 16: (03:02:59)
Yeah. It does look like when, when Wiley smashes into the wall on the other side, that that is what it looks like. And yeah, this event, I mean, these things, people unfortunately, you know, they’re so emotionally rigged and tied to it. People made career choices based on it. I mean, I know people who reenlisted in the military because nine 11 made them feel so patriotic.

Speaker 17: (03:03:23)
Yeah. And it shows us how malleable we are too, you know, whatever the news says after some incident. And I worry that something else is coming soon. Um, maybe next month or the month after with Iran and maybe even leading into a global conflict or, you know what I mean? A world war. Um, did you know that, um, Newton came up with this gravity equation?

Speaker 16: (03:03:42)
Wait, wait, wait. We’re a world war, some lightweight, the last world war. Isn’t that where they brought out all the inflatable tanks?

Speaker 17: (03:03:51)
Yeah, I think that was you that showed me that I’m very realistic looking.

Speaker 16: (03:03:56)
I mean, nukes,

Speaker 17: (03:03:59)
nukes or fake nukes are basically, I mean, what we see this all just stuff they did in the movie studios. I mean, it’s as fake as Godzilla. If you’re afraid of nuclear bombs, you might as well tell me you’re afraid of Godzilla. But they’ve been able to convince people that nuclear bombs have gone off in the past and um, and cause ramifications and you know, ingrain that into people’s psyches. You know, with the Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the other one, I don’t remember. But you know, what you’re doing came up with, uh, the law of universal gravitation and the gravitational cons are constant, which is still used today.

Speaker 16: (03:04:37)
It probably has a lot of sixes in it. What is it?

Speaker 17: (03:04:39)
Yeah, 1666. And, and that’s when they said that the Apple fell on his head and pretty crazy. And they published, he published it in 1687 I think. But it really just, it’s their way of explaining how we see things falling on earth because the distance is small to this big mass. But yet these celestial objects can spin and spin and spin and span without imploding. Um, because it’s, the equation is the force due to gravity is equal to the gravitational con constant times. The two masses multiplied together divided by the distance squared. So as the distance gets bigger, the distance squared gets huge, and then you’re dividing by that huge number. And then force equals mass times acceleration. So even though the moon and the earth, they say are pulled together at equal forces, um, the moon is much more effected because it’s mass is much smaller. But there’s gotta be some, some ways that we can crack the code here. Like they say that the Cavendish experiment is how they, um, validated Newton’s gravitational constant. And I don’t know, I don’t believe in that. The cabin just experiment. The two big led balls or whatever.

Speaker 16: (03:05:53)
Oh, I talked to a guy, his name is fight the flat earth. He’s a, I think he’s a tier three earth shape. Field asset. Working for the office of strategic act. Yeah. Influence.

Speaker 17: (03:06:05)
Yeah, I saw that. That that was a good discussion. Well good on your side.

Speaker 16: (03:06:08)
Well, he came from his, well he was talking about this thing, um, uh, fight the flat earth. Right. And man, he said that he knew a guy, he knows a guy in South Korea who has two metal balls hanging in his closet and he proved gravity that mass attracts mass. I don’t know when it was, but so yeah, it’s already been proved. Case closed.

Speaker 17: (03:06:33)
What’s the thing that they can make that claim with his, because at a very short distance, that denominator is much smaller than say the moon and the earth. So they should actually see some pull, but I just don’t believe it. I’ve never, I’ve never seen that experiment done. You brought up the great point in that debate. Like you would think that they would roll that experiment out at every university and have videos on YouTube and, and also you have to consider that these lead balls are mostly getting pulled towards the earth. So I don’t know how the, um, the VLAN or the, uh, the force vectors work in that case. But,

Speaker 16: (03:07:09)
well, look, I think it’s all based on one thing. I think the whole purpose of this is to take away objectivity and replace it with relativity moral relativity is, this is why I hate simulation. It’s the ultimate in subjectivity. And I think this is the whole point. There’s no longer up and down. You know what I mean? Like there’s only attraction to the center of the ball that’s never in the same place. Everything’s always moving the place where you are right now. Um, you’re not going to be here again in a year, maybe relative to the sun, but we’re way down the road. So they’ve taken away anything fixed so nothing is fixed. And to me when

Speaker 17: (03:07:48)
the kid, I used to think that we were just Moss on a ball, you know, spitting and flying through space. And I think that they a really ingrain a lot of um, nihilism in into people and just the atheism and not caring. And um, it is, it allows the controllers to get away with nefarious deeds cause everyone just thinks that it doesn’t matter because of the, uh, moral relativism.

Speaker 16: (03:08:11)
Yeah, that’s what it is. It’s that. And then it’s also they take away any objectivity when it comes to your cognition. So I think it’s like a cognitive relativism where they do put you into a highly suggestible state where if they take away the basic facts of reality and disengage you, I think that does give them a crack to pretty much just replace your entire reality. And I think it all starts with getting, getting rid of absolutes. So there’s no up, there’s no down, you know, there’s no good or bad. It’s all relative. A 97% of the scientists say it’s true. So it’s true. They’re getting people to that puts you in the state of reality by consensus, which is a hoax, but they can make it look real.

Speaker 17: (03:08:53)
Precisely. Yeah, you nailed it there. And, um, it’s, it’s worrisome that people can’t think for themselves anymore. And I, I’m kicking myself for not bringing this up in, in school when I had a teacher in front of me making these claims, but I think they, they play off of our, our, um, what’s the procrastination? Maybe, you know, for me it was always like I was doing my homework behind the lessons and I was like doing it the night before and I had all these other activities that I preferred doing. So I just was like cramming for the test and believe in everything it says, uh, because I didn’t proactively question what they were telling me and I, I don’t know. But, but yeah, I’m really just delving into the math and the science of what they’re claiming because I really don’t believe in, um, what they say as far as the orbits. And I think that that’s a bigger Achilles heel. And the ISS, like you said,

Speaker 16: (03:09:49)
Oh look man, from the ground we can just effectively rule out 99% of the false positives. I’ve had so many callers just say to me, Oh yeah, I just looked out my window, I saw the ISS and now I’m thinking, wait, you’re claiming to have seen an object a couple hundred miles above your head, which would be in the shadow of the earth. So what would be causing it to light up? Cause the thing’s not a light bulb. So all those people who just reflectively say it’s, it’s a ball because that light, well that you take that away from them. And I think the ISS is a weak link and they don’t want to go there because they can’t defend it. They have to actually look at it and pretend like they can’t see, which means they have to act dumb, which is fun.

Speaker 17: (03:10:31)
So let me ask you a question. Why do you think that they brought the ISS into the narrative? Is it because like ISIS and they’re, they’re always doing their Colts, um, encoding in there, the science and the news of their gods or the mythology or do you think that it helps them with the programming to have that in lower or low earth orbit as a proof of, of the sphere and that their, their mastery over space and time?

Speaker 16: (03:10:57)
It has asked me that. Yeah. Well the moon landing was to show that their science is legit and that they can, you know, travel through space and then land on the moon. That was like that photo, right? Yeah. And that was it. But I think with low earth orbit, they needed to, um, master it so they could build this infrastructure with which the calling the lunar and gateway, where now they’re getting people accustomed to the idea that, yeah, we can have permanent residencies 300 miles above the earth. So they just made that a part of our culture that was just a part of the phase before we’re ready to accept people on the moon. So now we’re used to people for the last 20 years, always in space. So now it’s not going to be a stretch from, no one’s ever been on the moon to now they’ve been there. Now it’s, Oh yeah, space is old news. Now they can start going out further.

Speaker 17: (03:11:48)
Interesting. Yeah. I think they’re also just trying to test what they can get away with and what they can get into his people like that space elevator, like there, they’re jumping the shark. They are. We oughta, if they actually tried to implement that in claim that they’ve implemented, implemented that, but I don’t see it coming to that soon. It’d be kind of hard to prove if you’re, if the whole point of it, to get people to the moon, I don’t know. It’s hard for them to make that claim that it’s, it’s operational and functional.

Speaker 16: (03:12:13)
Well, look here, they’re saying it’s like a tube, right? That’s going to be right above the earth and that you launch into it and then you can go up through a solar powered elevator and that makes perfect sense considering how much of their infrastructure is based on subterranean tunnels. And so I do think all of the space travel that they’re preparing the masses for is going to take place underground.

Speaker 17: (03:12:37)
Hmm, that’s a great point. Like you think you’re going up to the moon, but you’re really just going through one of those Elon Musk tunnels into the communism. A Gulag.

Speaker 16: (03:12:48)
Yeah, exactly. See you in China, you know, you, you go into a, I think that’s exactly what it is. These are the new cattle carts and they’re going to be shipping the new, basically, I’m like arcs to these different regions and they’re going to start over and once they do that, you know you’re pretty much screwed. Like let’s say you live in a big Martian paradise where there’s 5 million people and you think you’re on Mars and it’s just a, it’s like the Jetsons video games pod, do whatever you want and you just can’t leave with a dome. All it’s gonna take is one emergency, one state of emergency, and they can log it down, kill off anybody. I mean, this is just my, I just think that we’re going to see a high tech feudalism implemented.

Speaker 17: (03:13:30)
Yeah, no, that, that would explain, uh, the trajectory we’re on. And I just think it’s, um, when I, I wonder like at first I’m like, well how are they going to fake, you know, people running around in one sixth gravity and um, in their space suits like we saw on the, the Apollo, uh, footage, but that’s not how they’re going to do it. They’re going to put it like, like a big buildings and have some CGI on the windows or something. And um, and like you said, and maybe they’ll even say that they normalize gravity or something,

Speaker 16: (03:13:59)
they will, every single science fiction show you see has people walking around like there’s gravity. I was watching a dark matter, which is just the soap opera in space and they still have like a medicine cabinet with all the little things on there. It’s like this ship is assumed to be stable and it’s because, yeah, they basically have SIM, I guess just artificial gravity’s already assumed. So by the time you get to your Mars base, you’re going to be public educated or male educated. You’re going to be clueless and you’re going to be a dupe just like the contestants on that show space cadets and you’re going to be told, Oh yeah, there’s a artificial gravity and who are you going to be to question it?

Speaker 17: (03:14:41)
Yeah. It’s a scary future. And I wonder what, um, how many people are going to send off, you know, if it’s going to be like millions of, you know, like the new uh, trying to the uh, concentration camps this time. It’s a space tunnel or whatever they’re calling it space elevator, which is really a um, one of those hyper hyper loops or whatever they’re talking about with Musk.

Speaker 16: (03:15:07)
Yes. Yes, exactly.

Speaker 17: (03:15:09)
Yeah. I’m going to keep that. I’m going to keep going through the math here cause I just want to know, I’m not even trying to prove it one way or the other. I just want to like keep working through the equations and see if there’s a contradiction somewhere because there must be, I’m like looking at this model on my screen right now of the solar system and it’s just, it’s insane. I mean, I don’t know if this is where we live. It’s, it’s fantastical. I mean, every explanation, every model I’ve heard is fantastical. And we really live in a fantastical world. You know, you look at plants growing from seeds and um, you know, animals growing from embryos. And I don’t know, there’s a lot of, it’s hard to come up with a, an explanation that really makes sense. But I think a lot of it is because they tell us that from children that everything’s figured out, everything makes sense. There’s learning, learn the, um, the religion. And as soon as you start realizing that it’s programming, it’s just like having your illusion shattered. But maybe it doesn’t make any less sense. I don’t know. I don’t know what I’m saying.

Speaker 16: (03:16:10)
Well, I saw a pretty good meme last month or a few weeks ago and I said, um, it’s better to have a mind open with wonder than closed by belief. And they give you all the beliefs, which are false explanations needed to keep you within an enclosed system. And they don’t want you to wonder. And I’m pretty sure that, I mean, they’ve already banned bull cuts. I think they’re going to ban question marks next because questioning anything is tantamount to a hate crime and question means that you’re wondering and if you’re wondering, it means that you’re not satisfied with the answers that the establishment gave you.

Speaker 17: (03:16:46)
That’s exactly you’re right because I see on the horizon, um, the band end of quote fake news and fake science misinformation and currently the, the one work around right now where you can be safe as much was saying like, just expressing doubt, like you said, put a question Mark at the end and say, yeah, I’m not entirely convinced by what they’re saying in the science books or the history books or the religious books. But um, in the future they’re, their propaganda is not going to be allowed to be questioned or even on doubt and expressed. And that’s a scary thought.

Speaker 16: (03:17:18)
Yeah, absolutely. And they have managed to marginalize the doubters and take away your moral high ground. And if you don’t believe in global warming, you’re now basically threatening the future of Gretta and angry Greenpeace kid.

Speaker 17: (03:17:33)
Now, what’s interesting is the, um, the schism between as an adult, like I think more than half the people who doubt the climate change agenda from the scientists. And I, I guess maybe that’s just how it goes when they first introduce a concept. Like it must’ve been like that when they first started telling people that they lived on a, on a 4,000 mile sphere flying around the sun. But maybe it’s just part of the, the um, the workflow they have to go through to get everybody to believe in it in a hundred years. Um, but it is good to be that people aren’t just eating it up right away. And maybe this can dovetail into some of these other topics.

Speaker 16: (03:18:12)
I do think there’s enough evidence here to suggest that what we’re saying as a multigenerational brainwashing prog, a process that involve collusion between people who are enemies on the outside, you know, weekly world news type stuff. Like really it looks to me like Russia and America had been working together on this production to lead the capitalists away from their wealth into the communist paradise. I’m, Hey, really quick, can be says good night. Uh, yeah. Let’s give a shout out to Akil. The MC a K a Tupac Shakur. Thanks for joining us.

Speaker 17: (03:18:44)
Yes. Shout out to all the crisis actors out there.

Speaker 16: (03:18:47)
Oh yeah, Gretta.

Speaker 17: (03:18:48)
Congratulations. She got a golden Hoggy, you know, long before she got her Nobel peace prize or her nomination. You know, she’s got a golden Hoggy to put on her shelf. Yeah, I’ve been thinking a lot about that. Like the, um, what’s her name? Miley Cyrus. And um, the basketball player’s wife, uh, Curry’s wife. Um, I think it gives them like a secret and it makes them part of the club and they don’t want it to be, they don’t want to be outed, so it keeps them in line. Maybe that’s what it is. They do it. Um, you know, so they’re all in on the joke and we’re all just the ignorant masses who give them all our money. And so does, that’s why we never have people coming out and telling us. I don’t know. I’ve just been trying to think of a motive, but I guess guess, um, riches and, and wealth is a motive and control.

Speaker 16: (03:19:40)
Yeah, I think so. I think it’s just like landing gigs in a movie. You’re landing gigs in the fragmented quote movie, which is what you’re seeing when you’re seeing celebrities over a period of time. It’s just a movie about a character. It’s just broken up over time. And I think it’s just a movie. But as far as like why we see the same faces, I think there’s a psychological reason for it. I think that seeing the face of school shooters being Adam Lanza recast as David hog puts your savior in front of you as the same person who was your abuser. So the shooters are savior, it gives you Stockholm syndrome. I think it’s a psychological ploy because subconsciously you do recognize these these faces.

Speaker 17: (03:20:23)
Exactly. And I, I kind of, what comes to mind is the, the building, uh, the nine 11 buildings. Like they could’ve just had them get hit by planes, but they had to just totally demolish it and explain it as if getting hit by a plane. So our mind doesn’t, our mind knows that something’s really weird about it. It shouldn’t have gone down like that as well. We need to in physics, but yet we have to believe it and it makes it all that much more, um, just messes with our mind.

Speaker 16: (03:20:48)
Yeah, exactly. That’s what I was saying.

Speaker 17: (03:20:50)
You wonder if, go ahead.

Speaker 16: (03:20:52)
Well, the intentional infliction of emotional distress combined with intentionally giving you cognitive dissonance where they give you such a bad production that you can’t help but notice it. But then, I mean, it’s, it’s definitely meant to cause I think deliberate confusion.

Speaker 17: (03:21:10)
And I also wonder what the motive, you know, with Bieber or, um, Cyrus, I wonder if they, they get a new government identity and they get a RO RO with both of these identities and um, you know, they get all the, the bank accounts that come with it. And they can, you know, buy things from either either bank account.

Speaker 16: (03:21:28)
Oh, that’d be nice. I’d like to meet my double book. Well, you know, there is an element here, also a duality I picked up on. So if you look at the way that Ayesha Curry’s characterized, she’s a good wife, a housewife and NBA wife, and she cooks all the time and has the kids, right? What does Miley do? She says marriage is not thing she’ll date men and women. She twerks and, and dangles her tongue out in public. So they play these dualities where you have the bad girl and the good girl, you know, I’m black and the white. I think that’s part of it as well. And I think that’s also part of the ability to disguise yourself is just by completely contradicting all the expectations.

Speaker 17: (03:22:06)
Exactly. You, you brought up that CIA woman, I think it was CIA, who talked about how they disguise people and they play off. Um, the, the initial thoughts people have when they look at the person. Uh, so like if somebody has a big head of hair that might make them bold, if they’re, they’re short, they might try to make them seem taller and things like that. So that would play in line with the personality kind of going on the other end of the spectrum.

Speaker 16: (03:22:31)
Oh, or with, with Jesus. Um, so Jesus is the savior and you know, you look at that face, you look baby Jesus, you know Jesus with the kids, Jesus trying to help. And then God who is just like, murder, you’re a kid for me. Kill these tribes. I’m going to destroy the world. I see what you did. I’m going to kill you. Like, so God is an abuser, a terrorist and a narcissist. He’s the worst person in the universe by his own, by his own book, his own PR. He’s the worst person ever invented. And then Jesus is the best. And so he’s like, no, he’s, he’s really good. You just got to get on his good side. So they’re teaching you to count how before a bipolar narcissist, and again, it’s Stockholm syndrome inducing.

Speaker 17: (03:23:19)
Yeah. Very interesting. Very interesting. And, uh, yeah, I’ll, I’ll let you go. I know we’ve been going for a long time here, so maybe if you want to take more calls or, um, wrap up. But, uh, I appreciate you taking my call. I’m still working through all the math. I think that, Oh, one other thing I’m working on is I’m dividing. I’m looking at this sphere earth and then dividing it. I wrote a program to do this. I’m still fleshing it out and making it a complete, but I’m dividing it into a little slices. And then, um, radially slicing it as well into like, um, a bunch of different segments. Like I, this one I’m working on has like 4,000, 96 segments and I’m doing the gravity equation to each one of those and seeing if it comes out with a negative 9.81 meters per second square. Like, I think if we just come up with enough of these different ways to look at problems, the ISS, the moon, the earth, gravity, uh, re-examining what they claim with the cabin dish experiment, you know, the sun is another big one. There’s gotta be some contradictions somewhere in their story. And uh, that’s what I’m working on these days. But, uh, thanks for my call. I IPS had a great day man.

Speaker 16: (03:24:27)
Yeah, absolutely. And Hey, I’m going to drop this in the chat. Um, before you go, I’ve got a cross section you should take a look at. It’s a profile of the great lakes and I looked at this thing here cause it shows you 2000, 212 miles and there are elevation drop is Niagara falls. And uh, I know it’s missing a significant amount of curve, something worth looking into because it’s from a, uh, army Corps of engineers, uh, book or, or um, a profile. It’s a system profile for the great lakes and just no curve, 2000 miles worth looking at.

Speaker 17: (03:25:02)
That’s definitely worth looking at in one of the things research topic for people. Um, the infrared photography and video is, is a little bit better than just standard video or P 900, because, um, it just cuts through all the atmosphere, which has a big, it obstructs a lot of, um, view. So that’s something I’m delving into more too. But thanks Tim. Have a great day, man. I really appreciate what your channel, you have to like the best. You put all these a late night talk show host the shame. You’ve got so much better comedy and your and your stuff and um, it’s definitely very enjoyable.

Speaker 16: (03:25:41)
Oh yeah. Hey, we’re on gang. We’re on gay kept. Yeah, we’re ungate kept, got the best thing tank and a lot of the best callers. And uh, one of the things we’re looking into doing is getting onto a couple of am stations at night around midnight. Um, so I’m looking around, but there are places where you can just patch in. And I’m like, well, let’s try to break into areas that aren’t totally gay capped, that aren’t expecting it and bring them into YouTube instead of just communicating to the YouTube ecosystem, which as you know, is super gay, kept

Speaker 17: (03:26:09)
super controlled. The algorithms are, I put this in the chat earlier at the YouTube and its algorithms are the biggest, um, propaganda machine ever constructed. And it’s keeping people away from the truth, guiding them towards the lies. And they can use machine learning and linear algebra. Uh, remember how they used to, uh, maximize watch times. That’s how we all came to these rabbit holes like nine 11 and in Helio centrism and the, uh, the shape of the earth and they’re using the, I think they’re now changing the algorithm to maximize, um, establishment propaganda, uh, belief so they can, it doesn’t even make sense to human to look at like what director Manny, because it’s going to be very deceptive. They’re going to show you content that looks like it’s up your alley, but they know based on evidence, based on data processing, that people who watch that are more inclined to switch their world view in a more favorable direction.

Speaker 17: (03:27:05)
So I’m not even doing any justice with excellent explaining it, but they have millions of computers, millions of servers crunching numbers and then they’re working against us like, and Dave, the bold yesteryear, they used to have to have people on ABC, CBS, NBC or whatever. Um, com humans coming up with the programming. Now they have all the creators creating content and they have algorithms working on creators. Well, the delete channels give people the sense of themselves, uh, the monetize videos. They don’t like, um, promote videos. They do like give people the endorphin rush of getting more subscribers and getting thumbs up and they’ll give people more exposure if they’re going along with the program, less exposure if they’re not. And they also have algorithms that are very deceptive that are showing people content that are, that appears interest and appears up their alley, but it’s actually guiding them in the wrong direction. So I’ll leave you with that.

Speaker 16: (03:27:57)
Very good. Thanks. Yeah, look at this. They have never, um, really ever, I don’t think they ever intended for you to become a curator over your own reality. The mainstream media didn’t want to lose control. So I think what they did is they pretty much let us have free reign. They let some organic communities develop and YouTube used to be great. It used to be amazing as far as the ability to have a really just open discourse and they’ve clamped down on it to protect the troll flakes. And now they’re actually programming these computers, these algorithms to automatically detect hate speech or offensive content, which means that, I mean, you don’t even have the chance to get offended. You see, they’re taking the risk out of it. This is what communist want to do. They want to take the risk out of the free market by giving everybody a quality.

Speaker 16: (03:28:49)
Well, maybe not everyone wants the exact same thing, the exact, the exact same experience while they’re trying to take risk out of the information flow. So you don’t come across anything radicalizing anything that’s dangerously wrong and they decide what’s dangerous or anything offensive. And it’s like, look, I want to get offended once in a while. I don’t mind if I’m offended. I don’t mean I don’t mind if I’m wrong once in a while or if I come across some ideas that are off base, maybe I want to analyze them and find out why they’re wrong. But they don’t even want you to have those learning experiences. Cause they don’t want you to be a learner. They want you to be a memorizer, not a thinker, not an adapter, just a following. Memorizer a robot.

Speaker 16: (03:29:39)
Okay. So I’m going to go ahead and take off. We have got a discord server and we also do notifications. So if you want to find out when I’m going to be doing these live streams and you want to get a notification, since we can’t trust YouTube for those, uh, here’s a link. And then also if you haven’t had a chance, go check out our sponsors@flatballs.com that’s flat balls with a Z. Anything else? Uh, zoom truth called in. Appreciate that. I know. Um, you know how these things are, you know, religion so contentious and being contentious is contentious, being disagreeable and all that. But it’s like, no, you have to, I think I have moral clarity on certain things. I don’t think that I’m being needlessly divisive, but I do think that if you’re not being divisive, then you don’t have any filters. Like there’s a reason why, you know, Fox is crappy and you don’t watch it. Well, I know religion is crap. I don’t adhere to it. And I do think too many people are trying to conflate religion orS or spiritual.

Speaker 18: (03:30:56)

Speaker 16: (03:30:58)
interpretations of reality with what is really a basic geographical fact. One of the things I said to zoom truth was how many Bibles laid end to end will it take to reach from, or how many Bibles would it take to reach from your front door to the edge of the world? The edge of the mouth, the end of Antarctica. Like there’s a number there, is it a million? Is it 2 million Bibles? Like that number, that figure and that calculation is way more relevant then what’s in the damn book? You don’t bring a Bible to a conversation about climate change. Why do you bring it to a conversation about geography? Like what’s going to happen for all the Bible earthers if they commit to it because it’s their religion and then we find out, Oh, we’re wrong. You know, it’s, it’s actually an ablate spheroid or shaped like a pear or something. Then what do they lose their religion or do they have to like reread their Bibles? And a lot of the people who are willing to go, you know, proselytize the Bible aren’t, don’t even really know what’s in it. Many of them even said that they don’t, uh, they haven’t even read it. So what they have done is they have fallen for the controlled opposition and religion is controlled opposition to evil. So you, you know, you have some type of a spiritual experience or awakening. You run to the Pope for the answers.

Speaker 16: (03:32:25)
It’s like, yo, I want to know what’s going on in politics. Let me go to CNN. It’s like, no, that’s the wrong answer. The wrong answer is you know, any of these options that involve going to a filter. Cynthia says, can’t we just make a moon tube space elevator thingy out of stacked Bibles? What is that number? Can somebody figure it out anyway? Like a Bible? The average Bible is what was the average height if it maybe one of these old illuminated Bibles, you know, like these 18 inch tall Rico says God loves us all. No, he doesn’t. That’s a lie. There are some that God doesn’t love, obviously the ones that he smites, the ones that he punishes unless you call that love. But if you call love throwing your loved one in a Lake of fire, then you have Stockholm syndrome and you’re excusing your abuser.

Speaker 16: (03:33:23)
You’re an enabler and if you enable it then you’re just going to allow God to go on and abuse other people. Like all of you. Enablers of, of this construct. You realize it’s just big brother. You know, I think they probably had said, they said, Hey Orwell, can you write a parody, more modern version of this thing, but just replaced Jehovah with this bureaucrat, you know, with the real mean mug. I mean that’s kind of all it is down with big brother. Exactly. Down with God down with big brother. And when I say God, of course I’m talking about this overarching concept that claims to know everything, whatever got it is down with all law down with L Ron Hubbard down with God down with, you know what I mean? I mean, that’s pretty much what I mean is like down with the Pope or the papacy, the idea that that could be a Pope, some guy that is the physical incarnation, you know, the Pope is basically saying, Hey guys, I’m cry on God’s avatar.

Speaker 16: (03:34:31)
Yeah. God, God’s love is so brutal. Right? And they say it depends on which God like Zeus, you know, Jehovah, if you really get down to it Jehovah, and he’s just Jupiter. Jesus is Apollo. Abraham is Saturn. You go down the line, you’re, you’re just, I’m looking at a Judy eyes version of Roman polytheism now, atheist, by the way, don’t get a pass. Atheists are the worst hypocrites in the world. Atheists are God fearing church ladies, every single one of them. God fearing church ladies who believe we are in the end times. That’s every single atheist for you.

Speaker 16: (03:35:25)
And yeah, of course, fear on eternal torture or the idea that God has favorites. Like I have a question like I, next time I talked to a racist, usually I get some kind of like racist calling in and I want to ask them, you know, it was God a racist. Does God like Asians more than blacks, more than whites, more than women? Like who does God really favor? And then I also have another question. You know, it has to do with reincarnation, which is do we reincarnate within the same race? Like these are all important questions that if you can’t answer them, then you have no right asserting certain things. So for example, white guilt, well, you can’t claim that white guilt is valid or logical unless you also believe that every white person is a reincarnated white person. Same with Jews. If you think that Jews are the blood of Satan and you the Christian of the blood of Christ, then you have to also say, well then Jews reincarnate as Jews.

Speaker 16: (03:36:29)
So a Jew dies to come back as a Jew, white dies, it come back as a white. So his reincarnation interracial or just intra racial, this is where it’s at. T V says races, worship gods that look like them unless they’re forced not to. You know, we have a lot of examples where people are forced to take on a new religion, but may, you know, kind of resent it like you have like Santa Maria for example. You know you have a traditional beliefs that are about this African Pantheon, but then they’re forced to adopt Catholicism, so what do they do? They kind of mix it together and like, okay, fine. I’ll pray to your dumb Santa Barbara statue, but I’m going to call it Chongo or whatever.

Speaker 16: (03:37:20)
Deshawn Thomas says, one man’s God is another man’s devil. Exactly. Dean ODL is a preacher. I was listened to this morning on YouTube and he says, every other religion, warships, the devil. If you don’t worship Jesus, you’re a Satanist. Just like every single church says the church down the street is a cult. The Christian say, the Mormons are called, the Catholics are seen as a cult by the Protestants and then the atheist called the Protestants occult. Everybody’s willing to throw everyone else under the bus and cult isn’t a bad thing. Anyway. I’ve been thinking about this too, how it seems like all the cults that we see in the news, you know Hale bop with Marshall Applewhite or you got Charles in the spawn ranch. Jim Jones, like what are these? Cults always have such a bad name and I think it’s because the government is threatened by voluntary association and so cult is just like a catch all phrase for any group that becomes a bit of a breakaway. Just saying it’s like cult is not necessarily, it’s just too subjective. Masonry is a cult and it’s a religion and it’s so deceptive that they won’t even say it’s a religion. Although my definition of religion has expanded a bit.

Speaker 6: (03:38:50)

Speaker 16: (03:38:51)
Rico says some Colts sacrifice babies. You talked about liberalism. No, I’m just kidding. But I do think it’s interesting how people can be somewhat subjective about Manasseh. I’m so contradictory about one thing, like life is so precious. I can’t eat anything that was alive, but you do support. They will support, you know, killing human babies. This is where it’s asked as flat earth has nothing to do with God and religion. Yeah. If flat earth, if anything is an issue of

Speaker 6: (03:39:31)

Speaker 16: (03:39:32)
um, pseudoscience, you know, having run a muck and people are just starting in one, they want to know what’s actually up. Pseudoscience. Pseudo news, fake history. Well you know, secretly I hope the world’s a ball. Like sometimes I’m like man, it’d be great. I wish someone would like if it is just show me something. If someone could just show me that the earth is a ball, I would probably want to go become a science teacher. Like I have a new respect for it because it’s amazing. It’s beautiful. Maybe I’ll invest in my own, I mean private space program. We’ve kind of talked about this before but like space mining, maybe I can get to construction, start building that moon elevator. Like if it is real, I would want to be in on exists. The coolest thing, if it is real, I mean I would want to go to Mars. I’ll give up my worldly things, I’ll sacrifice myself for the survival of all mankind becoming a multi-planetary. I think we should just go post planetary. Alright. Thanks for joining flat balls.com. That’s our new sponsor. And if you haven’t signed up for notifications, go to infinite planes, society.com I’ll see you all later. And thanks to all the callers for calling in. Thanks to zoom truth, Tims

Speaker 19: (03:40:57)
[inaudible] [inaudible] like a movie [inaudible]

Speaker 20: (03:41:31)
[inaudible] died. Nobody died in any of the terrorist attacks like bought a condo. We died a thousand Oaks. Nobody died in Vegas. Gay people died at the disco shooting in Orlando. There’s no evidence for any of your religious saviors to actually exist. There are no promises. There is no end times prophecy called Warmington hooks. There’s no space junk. There’s no satellites. A space station is vague, and like I said earlier, I’m going reality [inaudible] it’s been 12 minutes. Let me go ahead and delete this. I know you were listening, trolls. I know your ears are bleeding. Going to call your mom. Do you have to find that information? I’ll be right back.

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