Speaker 1: (00:01)
Like, I don’t even know half the time whether I’m live or not or whether I’ve been shut down or not. So that’s why I appreciate all of you in the comment section who bothered to comment because lets me know, okay, somebody can here. I am not surprised when I find out that my streams are often delayed by 30 seconds to a minute. Um, so it wouldn’t surprise me if we’ve been offline for the last five minutes. So if you just got here, thanks for showing up. I’m not apologizing for the DHS interference again. You are all terrorists just for carrying these ideas in your head just for questioning the shape of the world or the cause of the climate changes or even questioning whether or not the climate does change in ways that would suggest that man’s interfering with it. Asking these questions puts you in the category of terrorists.

Speaker 1: (00:52)
So you’re all on that list titled today’s livestream is flat earth yo-yos it’s not the only topic but it’s just one topic. And basically what we’re looking at doing here is taking a lot of our, uh, flat balls, which are one of our sponsors, but basically it’s a very special way of memeing somebody and turning them into literal yo-yos. If I could find a nice drop shipper, so we will get to that later. I want it to play this. Someone said to me this morning, this is a short clip from G and cons around the world. It is a flat earth themed, uh, rap much better than what you hear from the flat earth community. For some reason people find out the Earth’s flat and they think they can rap and they think they can sail. Like they’re going to be the ones. And it’s like, well, I don’t know. I don’t know if it qualifies you for anything. It is common sense if you think about it.

Speaker 2: (01:51)
Nope. Did she hit the left, the war underwater? I didn’t know that we can live on a ball of water because water doesn’t bend and it always finds its level. Yeah, we could do experiments or we could stick the fundamentals. Cooper tried to tell us Danny sweater was the clue for two, three, seven was the room. It was the moon. With the spoon acts, the Oracle. These thoughts are being brought to you by common sense. Thomas pain, seek the truth and mouth of fence round and Brown. We go round and round. We’d go spinning on accident just as fast as we can go. Oh, we farm in South and dome in his place. We call our home. Is it real? Wispy is shown, telling the truth. That’s now on bro.

Speaker 1: (02:35)
All right, this is a rather good piece. I put that in the discord server so you can get it there. Okay, so let’s continue. Lots of things to catch up on. So I’m not going to rush through and miss anything. Uh, one thing this, we triggered something here. So Gretta has been running a muck for some time. Gretta has been famous and popular as an advocate for mother nature and defending her against you polluters. And she had never been called a crisis actress or a crisis actor until her UN speech. And I really think we brought that up. So this is Greta. This is what they show you. This is, this is what they want you to think of as the face of environmentalism. And this is from a WWF international piece here where she’s with a journalist named George Monbiot and this is really the face you should be thinking about when you hear this type of rhetoric about environmentalism and what a problem it is for us. You know, cause this is all really meant to psych you out so that you start recycling more, you feel bad about stuff and you vote Democrat. I mean it’s all just mind war. But this is from Gretta Thornburg and this journalist collaborating on this little short film and I just want to show you the contrast. They use her face to sell it,

Speaker 3: (04:04)

Speaker 1: (04:05)
this is the real person. This is the actual face of who’s behind it. And that’s what I wanted you to look at. A lot of people, they get annoyed at Gretta. She’s like, how dare you? It’s like, well how dare you, you know, your your 10, why are you telling me how to live? But Gretta is not the person you should be focusing on. You should be focused on her script. Writers Creepys like this. No, these are the ones who are misanthropic. These are the ones who want to remove a freedom itself because it’s unsustainable. Uh, these are the people who want people like you who questioned climate change or question anything else to be designated as terrorists because your non-belief could spread like a disease. And if everyone catches the disease, then no one’s going to support their big government solutions. So it’s convenient for them to call you a terrorist.

Speaker 1: (05:00)
But it’s so hypocritical. If you played by their own rules, Gretta would be a terrorist, angry white, admittedly mentally ill with a radical ideology. That is to me, a domestic terror threat, not me. Now, look at this individual’s eyes. Look in those eyes, nobody bugs their eyes out like that unless they’re about to stick a knife in your chest or they’re trying to hypnotize you. That’s it. Those are, that is like really? That is the face. That is the true face of Gretta. So if you put on your, they live sunglasses, you know, everyone else around you is fighting over this. But those of you who have your, they live glasses, this is what you should be seeing.

Speaker 1: (05:50)
No, I have no beef with Gretta. I actually like her. I think her performance was great. I know a lot of people criticized it. Um, I think it would have been better. She had a teleprompter in front of her instead of a paper on her left, but I have nothing but praise high praise for her performance as an actress. But now we called her an actress and as a result, Snopes did a little distraction piece, which is very common. They do this all the time whenever they have to. Okay. I have to take this call. Let me go ahead. A taste of Gretta was into this nonsense

Speaker 4: (06:27)
and builds itself. It’s called a tree. A tree is an example of a natural climate solution. Mangroves, peat bogs, jungles marshes, seabeds, kelp forests, swamps, coral reefs. They take carbon out of the air and lock it away. Nature is a tool we can use to repair our broken climate.

Speaker 5: (07:11)
Okay, a Q, um, Tupac, whatever you want to be called. Um, you asked for this one. So here it is. Um, I’m just going to read off one by one because you wanted a response to this so bad. Um, and for some reason you think that I was deflecting, which, uh, clearly I’m not here, so let’s, let’s set the record straight. OK? Can’t be if you live in LA like you have stated, but you don’t, you grew up in long beach, which is not LA. Okay? First of all, [inaudible] and sorry if I read that wrong, but what does that have to do with anything? I don’t care if I grew up in Timbuck to ACU. I know that you’re Tupac. Okay, so long beach is what, 1520 minutes away from LA. I’m in LA all the time, bro. All the time. And you know, it’s funny, nobody knows about drastic five.

Speaker 5: (08:09)
Nobody knows about Akil DMC. I wonder why, um, you say, uh, then you would understand my connection to monster. Cody, this is too easy. I keep telling you where and what street. I grew up on 71st I even stated who my best friend, his little football star of the 92 riots. Okay. So, um, monster. Cody, why are you linked to monster Cody? ACU. Just because you grew up in the same neighborhood as him. Um, maybe the same age group. I don’t know. But Snoop dog grew up in long beach, so that means I should know Snoop dog, right? With that logic. Yeah, it’s pretty stupid. So then you say that little football star, the 92 riots is your friend. Right? Um, that’s funny because as a killed EMC, I don’t know why you would promote someone like that. You know, your message is, you know, uh, black unity, you know, all this kind of stuff.

Speaker 5: (09:12)
You’re not really provoked promoting violence as a cue, but then you step out of character and you want to claim little football as your, as your homeboy. That’s weird. Um, the little football dude is the guy who slammed the brick into that trucker’s head during the Rodney King riots who got the guy out of the truck and slammed a brick into his head. And that’s the guy that Akil wants to boast about. That’s pretty telling a kill. Um, so then you go on about like what gang neighborhood did I grow up in? Los Angeles? Easy. I gave you all the info. What gang is monster from? Okay. Monsters from HRA. We know this. Okay. Yeah. So what’s, what’s the big deal? I mean, you should not know him. Well, I should say this. You could know him, but isn’t it funny how Tupac knew him and how his last name is secure?

Speaker 5: (10:08)
And then it’s funny how you know, Gonzo, but you don’t really want to, you don’t really want to talk about that, do you? So Akil, you know, Gonzo best friends and so was Tupac. Tupac was homies with Gonzo. So weird, right? So, um, anyways, you’re going on about what? Gangs, I mean, who cares? Dog, who cares, bro? Nobody cares about what gang anybody is from. Gangs are stupid and ridiculous and they’re all run by free masons and they’re meant to keep us strong. Black men in jail locked up in prison just like you did. Just like when you were a Tupac, you influenced young black men to do stupid things and they’re still in prison. They’re still locked up because of you and you knew what you were doing. So let’s go on. This is how I know you’re an amateur researcher and would be fired for overlooking obvious points. Okay. Um, so all this part I just stated is a coincidence as well. Please explain this coincidence. Um, what coincidence are you fucking talking about? And you’re Gonzo dries to the itch. Just shows you’re reaching. No, I’m not reaching, everything I said was true. So where’s the, you know, the only bullshit that’s coming out is from you and your camp and your people who are spreading disinformation and protecting you. And we’re calling it out. Um, this is a guy that on YouTube, Calibre James is constantly,

Speaker 6: (11:39)
okay. Now this part’s interesting. So for those of you just got here, um, thank you for your patience. I had to take a call. I’m actually, uh, I’m doing a few side projects here. We’re getting into some interesting things including a animation, but okay, so

Speaker 1: (11:54)
Akil the MC is the new identity of the person you guys knew as Tupac. If you grew up listening to that kind of music, he faked his death and he didn’t fake his death to get away from gangs or gang violence, violence or retribution. He wasn’t a real thug. Uh, he’s a a a ballerina, nothing against ballerinas and a thespian. Shakespearian trained thespian, knew all about I am Beck pentameter costumes guy could do anything, roles and everything. So, um, he was, uh, he was never a thug. The thug was a character that was used in order to influence populations, target demographics. He’s basically a government sock puppet. So Tupac and other death faking rappers and not just rappers. I mean it’s all across the board. They’re mostly government sock puppets. Just like Gretta like amended to go. We were looking at this creepy guy with the bug eyes.

Speaker 1: (12:45)
You know, the real face of Gretta. Well, if you think about it, this is the real face of Tupac. This is the real face of every mainstream, uh, government sock puppet. That’s the ideology behind it. It’s basically get rid of freedom. I mean that’s the long and short of it. So Akil the MC is just the newer identity of the same individual who played Tupac. And what’s interesting here is that in the cause, I’ve experienced this, I talk about this and I get comments and I know who we are. Here’s what we do, and I probably shouldn’t be saying this because we don’t want them to know, but every single one of these J Triggs, government trolls, stalkers, damage control agents that we come across. We catalog it, we’ve got spreadsheets. So I’ve been noticing as has can be. Apparently we have the same people running around doing damage control and there are specific damage control agents for each one of these operatives that we expose.

Speaker 1: (13:44)
You know, it’s pretty well known that MJ has the MJ trolls. If you haven’t heard about it, like Michael Jackson, when that documentary was airing about him, they were just thousands of people deployed to troll the internet and warship Michael J. Jackson and attack anybody who attacked him. That’s what they do. You have respect to all the ballerinas. Exactly. Okay, so now check this out. This guy, his name is something James, he’s got a little avatar that has a Mason symbol and he’s doing damage control for a keel. So we look into it. Turns out this guy is a member of the Freemason at cult stocking YouTube to do damage control. Check this out.

Speaker 5: (14:25)
Well, this is a guy that on YouTube Calibra James is constantly spreading disinformation and he’s always protecting a kill in the comments and going after anybody that says he’s pocking. I mean, it’s clear his day that either he’s being paid to do that or he’s, um, just a duped show. But it’s funny because, uh, someone called them out and see,

Speaker 1: (14:49)
okay, so they look into it. I to show you the pictures of this guy. You’ve got pictures, pictures of him flashing his Masonic bling, bling, his rings, doing his hand signs and like, what’s this old free Mason doing? Trolling YouTube, trolling our channels cause we’re calling out to box new identity. We’ll obviously, it’s one of the brotherhood and that’s what it is. We’re looking at a, a secret society, a network who use stagecraft for political purposes. It’s really not all that complicated when you get down to it. Stagecraft, stage, magic illusion. That’s what PSYOPs are all about. It’s magic. The little Hocus Pocus. And these are the stage hands.

Speaker 1: (15:36)
Okay. So what’s, I think we can move on from there. It’s just what? Just pointing it out that look we’re being, um, basically, uh, stalked more or less by damage control agents. And it’s for every single thing we talk about there is like some kind of damage control reaction. Okay. Next topic. I do think that I’ve debunked the Tesla Roadster in space. So you all know the story. 2018, early 2018, space X launched a Tesla Roadster into space playing the song space Odyssey on a 24, seven loop. That’s gonna go on forever. Basically in things orbiting the universe orbiting our solar system. Well anyway, it’s playing space oddity. A song that came out just in time for the Apollo, the very first, you know, Apollo moon missions and this I, this car was sent out there into orbit and we had a live camera for four hours watching it orbiting the earth from cameras supposedly mounted on top of this car.

Speaker 1: (16:45)
Well, one of the issues I’ve had with it besides the bubbles and many other things, but one of the main ones is how come it’s so stable. This Tesla in space is doing this orbit around the earth and it’s barely even rotating on any kind of an axis. So I w I’m looking into this thing called the tennis racket theorem. Now that the tennis racket theorem has to do with how objects that are thrown in space or moving through the air, uh, how they rotate. And it really depends on how their weight’s distributed and centrifugal force. So the idea here is that if you were to throw them, spin it on one axis, it would make a perfect circle. But if on the other side it would actually turn mid air because it’s lopsided. So there’s nothing new about this.

Speaker 1: (17:38)
Like this has been understood for more than I think 150 years. But the interesting thing here is there is a Russian cosmonaut who was experimenting with a, a bolt and nut and a bolt and he turned, he took a a nut off and he watched it move through space and he saw it make the same effect. He saw it flipping, it would rotate and then it would flip, rotate and flip. And so I’m looking at this thinking, wait a minute, something is up here. How come the Tesla Roadster didn’t move in? Didn’t it didn’t move in space the way it was? It should have been moving in space. And so here we have, I want to show you this. This is a Russian cosmonaut taking a screw off of a something in a little wing nut rather. And the wing nut does this little flip.

Speaker 7: (18:28)
The mission was so dramatic that the Russians made a movie out of it in 2017 and after rescuing the space station, Janet off unpacked supplies, sent up from earth, which were locked down with a wingnut.

Speaker 1: (18:41)
Okay, so this wing nut, he undoes the wingnut and now this, they kept classified for years. But basically when the wing nut comes off of the screw, it flips and then it flips back and it flips and it flips back

Speaker 7: (18:58)
for a short time. And then it flipped 180 degrees. And as he kept watching it flipped back a few seconds later and it continued flipping back and forth at regular intervals. This motion wasn’t caused by forces or Torx applied to the wingnut. There were none, and yet it kept flipping.

Speaker 1: (19:17)
So I’m calling this a hoax right here. Like I understand the tennis racket thing where if you’re flipping a tennis racket over in your hand, it’ll flip over one time and then it will also face the opposite way because it’s rotating on another axis as well, just like this wingnut is. But what they’re saying is that in outer space, this, this bizarre, uh, flipping and then going back into the original position. Um, they said this continues indefinitely. So watch this, watch this screw. And, and this to me is what I’m saying is fake. And this is supposedly on the space station, supposedly in outer space,

Speaker 7: (19:56)
like something new in microgravity. The effects are just so much more striking than a half twist of a tennis racket. And at random intervals on social media, these videos crop up too. Frenzied questions of, is this real and what’s going on? How

Speaker 1: (20:12)
is this real? Is this real? Why would be people, why would they be asking, is this real? And it doesn’t happen on parabolic flights. Phenomenon. Look, all it does. Look, this is animation. This is fake. You could not repeat this effect anywhere except in the movie stage. The production studio where they do the ISS footage, where they make this movie. It’s a made for TV fake science movie. Anyway, so this gets me thinking about Starman the in space because as you know, the Tesla in space had a perfect Lee calm, stable orbit going around the earth. And I’m like, wait, how did they achieve that? How is it that it’s on the same plane? There’s no flipping, there’s no tilting. It doesn’t rock back and forth. How did it say stay so perfectly flat. And if you’re looking at the screen, you have three different versions of the planet.

Speaker 1: (21:13)
We live on the one that star man orbited, which I dubbed planet water. Another one which was show, this was on the news the other night, they were talking about an ISS transit. And I call this one planet Africa. Cause as you can see, Africa takes up the whole planet. And then the one at the bottom, this is from a screen capture as watching a live space walk through the day. And I call this one planet cloud. And I wonder which one’s the real one, the one where you can’t see through the clouds, the ones where the clouds are just a, uh, a transparent veil or the one where it’s just dark blue and the clouds don’t move. Obviously, if you’ve seen this one from star man, the clouds are stiff. They don’t move. I mean, in four hours they don’t move. I’ve never seen clouds not move after four damn hours. Anyway. Planet water, which is which Manny says, I have a shot from Elon Musk’s Instagram that’s been deleted. It shows the car with a silver of the moon in the back. I looked up the moon’s phase and the size of the moon did not match.

Speaker 1: (22:28)
Yeah. Well, look, here’s the thing. According to the tennis racket theorem, according to the way that bodies move in space on an X, Y,Z , um, it should have been flipping because of a centrifugal force. It should have been, in my opinion, at a minimum, it should’ve been doing donuts in space. You know, where you, it should’ve just, it should’ve been doing that pretty fast. In fact, it should’ve been rotating on a Z axis. It may be even flipping head over heels. There is no way it could have stayed perfectly flat like that. And so the tennis racquet theorem, yeah. If you look at this and apply it to the ridiculous car space thing, this shows that was just a PR stunt. That was just a commercial. Oh yeah. One uh, hashtag beavers wedding is trending. Justin Bieber got married. So, uh, congratulations to his wife who gets a two for one. She’s now married to the weekend and to Justin Beaver, I’m sure she knows. Anyway, make sure to send those Bieber is the weekend memes to the hashtag Bieber’s wedding. They’re getting a whole lot of hits. I’m getting a lot of traction on these tweets. And of course it’s because, uh, it’s trending.

Speaker 1: (23:43)
Okay. Uh, we started this about a month ago or two months ago. We started chanting band, the bowl cut band, the bowl cut because we had made so many correlations between bowl cuts and mass shooters. And I was like, you know what, it’s gonna take years to get the guns, but if you just red flag, anybody with a bowl cut, you’ll save way more lives in the short term. And had they done it well it would have been an idealic summer instead of a summer of slaughter in Dayton and Gilroy and El Paso. Well check this out. According to the anti defamation league, the new symbols being added to the online resource of hate symbols, they have 36 new entries to this list. One of them is the bowl cut.

Speaker 1: (24:33)
The bowl cut has been added to a list of hate symbols according to the Anti-Defamation league that goes along with the AOK symbol, which used to mean six, six, six, like I thought came in Illuminati, like you put it over your eye or something. Now it means white power. So does the bowl cut and let’s see, there’s even more, in fact, this is the strangest thing that I found in a long time. So I’m looking at this ADL hate on display database and it looks like for some reason the neoNazis are way into the Kabbalah. It makes me think the ADL invented this stuff. Look at the number one one one is code for area nights, cause one is a, this sounds like damn Zachary Hubbard and 11 is K because that’s the 11th letter in the English alphabet. So one one, one means area nights, 100% damn, he scored perfect on your test. Your damn racist. Now 100% is shorthand for 100% white. Okay, one Oh nine and one Oh 10 I’m sorry. Excuse me, one Oh nine one 10 these are both emblematic of kicking Jews out because Jews had been kicked out of 109 countries and they can be facing expulsion from the U. S would make them one 10 12 can’t use it number 12 anymore. It’s a hate symbol. Arion brotherhood.

Speaker 1: (25:58)
And that’s because a is one B is two. So therefore 12 is Arion brotherhood 13 it’s not just the Mexican mafia, it’s not just Wiccans. Now 13 is a white power thing and it’s because of a racist prison gang in Texas. Like these guys are in prison. They have nothing better to do but form little clubs and they’re just taking a look at 1352 13 and 90 now these numbers are also considered to be hate symbols. Yes. Racist numeric codes. I’m telling you, this is like white Kabbalah. Cynthia says breathing is hate speech. It is a w cause you’re CO2, which is basically an F you to mother earth. You’re stabbing your mother in the heart every time you exhale, stop it.

Speaker 1: (26:52)
Maybe we all just start just wearing plants like potted plants on top of our heads to make up for the Oh two Hey look at me. I’m, I’m sustainable. Okay. 14 another one. 14 is another white supremist code. 14 words, 1423 1488 18 is a hate symbol. How does that work? Oh, one is a and eight is H a H. Adolf Hitler. Well Adolf Hitler is Walt Disney as far as I’m concerned, is Mickey mouse a hate symbol? 21 minus two minus 12 like these guys are just bad at math. This is some kind of weird Kabbalah thing. They have just completely adopted this stuff where every number is a letter. This is Kabbalah. That’s why I’m trying to, I’m trying to figure this out. And it started to look to me like check this one out. The to the 23 hand sign. So 23 now means white cause 23 is a numeric symbol for w hand signs, numbers that mean letters and vice versa. Cause in Hebrew that the same. This is Kabbalah. This makes me think that the ADL invented the white power movement. Somebody tried to prove me wrong on this. Tell me that all these white power, a wing nuts aren’t actually being puppeteered by the ADL. Tell me the not controlled opposition. Do they wear yamakas two 2116 is a symbol used by white supremacists on the West coast. 23 is w and P is the 16th letter for power. So 2116 white power. Sometimes the combination is rendered as 1623 in which it means peckerwood.

Speaker 1: (28:40)
So is peckerwood white power. I mean I heard that peckerwood was a slang term for white people. Um, let me look up peckerwood. I read that in the redneck manifesto by Jim goad years ago, which is one of the first books to really brings my awareness, just how biased the media is and how racist it is against white people. Yeah. Peckerwood would means a poor white person. This is from Wix generic, a term used in the Southern United States for a woodpecker, but it’s also a slur for white people, especially poor rural whites, an ethnic slur. It’s been entranced by a subculture, so I guess if you’re not white, you can’t call other whites. Peckerwood Aaron Lewis had it started in prison. Okay. Again, that’s peckerwood

Speaker 8: (29:28)

Speaker 1: (29:29)
so they call themselves peckerwood, which is cool. 1623 bro. Okay. 28 is the white supremacist alpha numeric code for blood and honor. Three 11 Ooh, I didn’t know that. I thought three 11 was police code for indecent exposure cause there’s a ska band. Three 11 three 11 was used by the KKK because 11 is the, I see code for K. the 11th letter said three KKK. Got it. Three 18 there’s a lot of numbers here. It’s like zero to a thousand. Every one of these is somehow I hate number 38. Look, I encountered this before myself. I had a shirt by zoo York, which is like, uh, just uh, a shirt I picked up at Marshall’s or some crap and I was on a livestream and somebody saw the tag that said zoo York, you know, one of these Christian flat earthers on YouTube and the guy’s like zoo York.

Speaker 1: (30:29)
I ran that name through my Chaldean numerology calculator and it adds to 34. That means that IPS is Illuminati. And I’m like 34, wait a minute. I thought 33 was Illuminati. And he’s like, well no, 34 is really close to 33 and 34 ads to seven, which is even more evil. So they were using numbers to calculate how evil I am because of the brand of my shirt, which is a, it’s, it’s a well known brand. Okay. 38 is the hammer skins, uh, racist skinhead group. 43, another racist one. This one stands for Supreme white Alliance. So if you substitute numbers for letters, you get 1923 and one and then add them together and the total was 43 when did the neoNazis get into the Kabbalah? Could somebody explain this to me? Five words. I have nothing to say refers to a phrase that white supremacists advocate should be the only words you speak to the police. Five 11 seven three seven now this is from the ADL, I’m sorry. There’s like a lot of them. And they said there’s 36 new things they’ve added. I wonder if 36 is hate sign 88 already heard that one. 9% another hate symbol refers to the percentage of the world’s population that is purportedly white a cab. All cops are bastards.

Speaker 1: (32:00)
So it’s now racist to say that advanced white society, a small white supremacists group formed by a defector from the Neo Nazi national socialist movement. Yeah. Here’s something else to consider. neoNazis are socialists. You know, when I was following the occupy wall street movement, I was looking at Zuccotti park and I’m like, wait, look, you got the lazy commies sitting in the park in their, in their tents with their Starbucks and their iPads protesting capitalism, and then the street, you got skinheads, you got new black Panthers and you got the basically the fascist left all marching hand in hand. And so it’s like, yeah, they’re, they are sure, but they’re all against the same enemy. Like the black Panthers, like the racist blacks, the racist whites, they all have the same enemy, which is of course the Jew and capitalism. They’re a bunch of socialists, bunch of commies. And I use those interchangeably because really, what’s the difference? One of them is just a euphemism. They want your stuff, they want your freedom, they want to shut you up, they want your guns, they want you to farm, they want you as a slave. And the new world order slave system is a multiculti slave system. So they want everybody in the game. Okay. Let’s see. We’re looking through new hate symbols. So now if you don’t like Antifa,

Speaker 1: (33:18)
which is, this is an interesting one. So Antifa means antifascist so it’s a fascist group and they hate the white neo-Nazis yet they’re all on the same fascist side. You know, it’s like a bunch of siblings fighting in the back of the vehicle on a long road trip and big brother’s driving. It’s like you guys are all going to the same place. Like are we there yet? They’re hating on each other, but they’re all going in the same direction. So if you don’t like Antifa well now you’re not look Antifa I don’t know what their thing is. I think they’re just, liberals are just mad libs. I was looking at this thing in Denver where now in Denver they have drag shows for children every single month.

Speaker 8: (33:59)

Speaker 1: (34:00)
one second. Oregon Dee says, Mason’s use Chell D in numerology. See, that’s what I don’t get. The guy who is calculating the numerology was calling me a Mason or whatever. And I’m like, what is this stuff? Hey, she’ll versus shells, if you’re going to, um, you know, repeat rumors, but you don’t have the balls to call. And talk about it, you lose your wrench. So we’ll go ahead and make that happen. No apologies, I’m not sorry. You got a call in and earn it. We don’t like baseless accusations cause that’s what the MSM does and that kind of pegs you as a plant. Okay. So Antifa is now protesting against the people who are protesting the children drag shows in Denver.

Speaker 1: (34:42)
So as you can see, Antifa isn’t really antifascist. They’re actually just pro a hard line liberal agendas. Okay. Now anti-racist is code for anti white is in itself a racist slogan. So if you’re against anti white racism, you’re actually advocating racism against every non white more and more and more. Okay, next there’s still more. We’re going through the ADL hate symbol database. Well, I’ve had about as basically it’s this, um, numbers and words, numbers and words. Let’s get back on topic here. So Tesla Roadster has been debunked. Uh, now I don’t know if you all saw this. This is really good. This is Gretta thunbergii singing Swedish death. I’m just going to play about 30 seconds of it.

Speaker 9: (35:41)

Speaker 1: (36:07)
and that’s written by John Moelis. Inspired by all lyrics by Gretta thunbergii. It’s a New York city based Indonesian thrash band called squawka rather. Good. How dare you.

Speaker 1: (36:22)
Uh, I mentioned earlier that we are working on animations. Uh, we’re working on putting together an actual cartoon. There’ll be a series and animated series produced by the IPS think tank. So if you want to get involved in that, you know, we are putting a lot of our work into this. Um, it’s a collaborative project and this is just, uh, a little sampling from one of our animators. So if you’re into animation, drawing art, and even if you don’t animate, we can animate your characters, but we have some ideas get into our discord server. Of course you can only access that through infinite plane, society.com catching up on the news. I’m okay. I was watching a rocket spin out of control in space. And again, look, the Tesla Roadster has been utterly debunked.

Speaker 1: (37:10)
It doesn’t have any sort of, um, relation to physics as we know it. The way it behaves. It’s just cartoon loony, Toon physics. OK. So, uh, Takashi six nine was considering going into witness protection. I don’t know why people are treating this thing like it’s real. The other side, their lawyer said no, this was a publicity stunt. He wasn’t really kidnapped. I mean my first clue was his selfie that he took for Instagram while he was in the hospital. Anyway. I knew it was a hoax from day one. I was like, okay, he’s trying to sell records. Well they’re treating it like it’s real and like he has to go into witness protection. So they’re probably setting him up for a death faking. It’s like what? Where is he going to go hide? The thing was fake top to bottom. Anyway. It’s how they sell records. So they need gimmicks.

Speaker 1: (38:09)
All right, let’s continue. Yeah, so we’ve been getting a lot of um, uh, blow back. I would say for the stuff that we’ve been calling out. Uh, here’s a clip. I’m not going to play it, but you can find it on my mindset comments by Jason Weaver. And it’s kind of interesting cause he’s talking about how Michael Jackson had to use disguise in order to get around and how he wouldn’t have known it was Michael. If he wasn’t told and that’s deep fake. You know, we’ve been talking a lot about deep fakes. I think that’s important. Here’s the thing, most conspiracy theorists out there are government plants or MSM plants. It’s AstroTurf, fake grass roots. And what their job is is to keep you from going over the rails. Like they want you mainstream. If you stray, they give you some side stories. But all they do is they push these dis information lines usually having to do with mind control, MK ultra clones, a lot of nonsense for those of us who are spotting real deep fakes reptilian shapeshifters by, you know, David Eick used to say, Oh all these media plants, all these people in the media who are controlled by the elite, they’re all just reptilian shape.

Speaker 1: (39:22)
No, they’re not reptilian shape shifters. They’re, they’re agents and they’re, they’re used, they’re basically playing roles, their characters that personas, not real, uh, lots of these snake like UFOs in California. This is from the daily star. Basically what they’re seeing, and this has been across the country for well the whole year and we might’ve caused this as well. Cause if you remember last year I started off really hammering on the point that UFO sightings went down from like 2005 to 2018 U of O sightings dropped. And I said, how come the more people carry around smartphones with high Def cameras, the fewer UFO sightings we have, it used to be UFO sightings were everywhere, always being reported. And now that we have pictures actually, you know, take the pictures of these things. I mean we have cameras take pictures of him. No one’s taking pictures. Where, what happened to the CFOs?

Speaker 1: (40:18)
Are they hiding now that we have cameras or were they never there in the first place? Was it all this info campaign? Which is what I would say is that it’s a, it was a disinflation campaign obviously, but we brought it up early this year and we said there’s no more UFO sightings we’ll ever, since there have been UFO sightings. So 2019 we’ve had a whole lot of UFO suddenly come back. Now the interesting thing is they’re all shaped like cigars. What’s with all the cigar shaped UFOs? There was one in Manchester and I swear it looked like blue origin, new shepherd. It looked like a Falcon X rocket with one. It looked like one of these rockets without the CGI, without the fire, without the flame, without the special effects. I’m like, what is it doing? So here’s what I think, cause this guy’s out here in the Mojave and it goes over the mountain and it’s a huge cigar shaped UFO.

Speaker 1: (41:13)
So what I think we’re seeing here is a guy probably saw a space X launch that was being filmed at, which will be presented later as live. Because what I’m saying that they’re doing is they’re faking space travel, not just with CGI, but from here on the ground. They fake it by sending up a cylindrical blimp, an Airship. That’s all it is. They’re just sending up blimps out of sight, out of mind. A little bit of jet propulsion on the bottom may not even be necessary to be honest. It’s just fireworks. Once that’s out of your line of sight, then they cut to the next scene where you see the CGI. So when I see these UFOs being reported that look like rockets, I’m thinking, well that’s probably just somebody catching sight of something that’s been launched, you know, for propaganda purposes later and they have no other interpretation for it.

Speaker 1: (42:09)
And cigar shaped UFOs have been cited for like 50 years. Like as long as the space program has been around, people have been citing these cigar shaped UFO is and I’m just like, Oh NASA let one get away. And the wind blew it off course. They’re just balloons. Supertramp says there’s tons of videos of UFO. You have to know where to look. No, they’re all fake. They’re all fake. In fact, there’s this one from the ISS the other day, it was unbelievable. It was just like, it’s like here’s what they do. If somebody notices a bubble or some kind of anomaly that happens because of their, you know, just a production flaw, a glitch, you know, they’re recording something and they have to catch the stuff before it goes truly live. Cause it’s never really live. Let me, the ISS is never live when they say they’re live. Look at the weather. It doesn’t match what’s on the ground. They were not able to show us any video from space of the Amazon fire. And is Amazon still on fire? Nobody’s crying about it anymore.

Speaker 1: (43:11)
Okay, let’s continue. I’m, I wanted to get to something here and covered the hate symbols. We’ve covered the bowl cuts. Maybe this is worth looking at. Miles Mathis is one of the best researchers out there on these topics. There is something here that he, uh, brought up about climate activists. Like I said, Oh yeah. Let me get back to this because earlier we had brought this up, how we were the first ones that really call her a crisis actress and a crisis actor and Snopes did damage control and miles math has picked up on this. So check this out and we’re the ones who also called her Gretta hog. She says here, Gretta says she was inspired to become a climate activist after watching David Hogg and his fellow students, I called her the female David Hogg. I said, this is just David Hogg and pigtails pushing the same agenda.

Speaker 1: (44:12)
One wants a property, but the got to get your guns first. It’s all the same thing. Okay, so now here’s the other one. The word actress does appear below her name on the IMDV database. Sure. Okay, so snopes.com was debunking the theory that she was an actress, so they put out a piece here saying, no, she’s not an actress. Came out 25 September. How come it just came out? How come no one has accused her of being an actress before now, no one has brought it up. How come Snopes hasn’t done any damage control? Okay, hold on. Here’s why. Because nobody had called her a crisis actor until Jessie other day. It says here, look, the crisis actor conspiracy theory reared its ugly head again regarding a teen activist. Yup. That would be our ugly head here. We called her a crisis activist. We meme to with David Hogg and we spammed it all over Twitter and YouTube and look, Supertramp says, I purchased, I have personally seen a UFO of close.

Speaker 1: (45:10)
It was a perfect sphere that was glowing gold. I told my buddy to film it, but when it’s happening, it’s so amazing and it’s not a lie. A lot of time to think. Yes. E that’s just hearsay. Anecdotal, you’re probably lying and you probably believe it’s space aliens or something. Even though there is no outer space, it’s amazing how they reverse things like it used to be if you didn’t believe in aliens, you were on the right. You’re like, okay, well you’re saying cause people who believe in aliens are tinfoil hatters. Now if you don’t believe in aliens, you’re small minded and unscientific. Do you know what Neil grass Tyson said about this? He said if you don’t believe in aliens, it’s like you’re saying that you can put a bucket of water in the ocean, pull it out, and if you don’t see any whales, say there’s no whales.

Speaker 1: (45:57)
In other words, space is so big that you have to believe. Like how did that change? Everything changes. Now we have white Al-Qaida where instead of looking for terrorist cells, you know Allah Akbar in the Quran. Now you’re looking for in cells, you know, white bull cut in cells in cell means in voluntarily celibate. And what that kind of I think relates to is the thinking with terrorists is that the terrorists are repressed, specifically sexually repressed and American values are an affront to their values. And so they have a big conflict and they want to destroy what they desire. And so it’s this, this kind of like conflicted psyche that they’ve created as a, an art as a stereotype to kind of peg these terrorists. Now that’s all fake, right? But now it’s like now it’s the sexually repressed in cells, which are, it’s a term used to do white, they’re the new terrorists.

Speaker 1: (46:59)
So how to terrorist cells become in cells. How did Al-Qaida become vanilla ISIS? So fast didn’t take very long. And the whole Patriot act was used to bring about the infrastructure for spying on individual citizens for snitching, for deriding people, you know, labeling people in a way that the state can say, well you are a legitimate threat. So it’s going to be the case very soon. Where you saying the earth is not a ball is a terrorist act. It’s basically saying, I’m going to the building. Cause if you say you’re gonna bomb the building, well we’ve got to treat that seriously. Right? Well if you say you don’t believe in global warming or you’re not going to recycle, you’re basically bombing the whole planet. I mean that’s their thinking going through my mind. [inaudible] dot com it’s mine’s dot com slash infinite Plains society Mattel releases gender neutral dolls. Like why is this even a story? So gender neutral dolls from Mattel. I thought Ken was gender neutral.

Speaker 1: (48:07)
No, I had a list of questions that was submitted to me to ask, um, of uh, Akil the MC. I want to go ahead and bring that up because that was pretty solid. Let me go ahead and find it. Oh yeah. If you haven’t seen this, look, the liberals are a bunch of cowards. Let me just say this really quick. All of you. Environmentalist’s you’re a bunch of cowards. It’s pretty pathetic that you don’t have the courage of your convictions to get out and tell people what you think. So you’ve got to hide behind a 16 year old human shield. You let her take the hits. That’s why I’m not really hitting like I’m not, I have nothing bad to say. I think her performance is brilliant. Like I want her, I mean we gave her a golden Hoggy. I know she’s been nominated for a Nobel peace prize, but we gave her a golden Hoggy out of respect for her bad, good performance.

Speaker 1: (48:58)
So, you know, I have nothing against her personally. I have something against the people behind her who put her out there to be an untouchable a voice. Like you can’t attack her if she’s 16 well her ideas are, it’s like I want to kill you. She’s saying I want to smother the old people in their beds. I want to abort all the babies and I want to get rid of freedom. And it’s like, well, it’s coming from, you know, a cute 16 year old. He can’t say anything. And that’s their whole thinking. They tried the same thing with David Hawk. You know, they thought, well these kids can get in front of it and they can push all these ideas that we adults can’t say. Cause we’ll be called, we’ll be rightfully called a bunch of psychopaths.

Speaker 1: (49:40)
Um, Edward Snowden just released a book because he’s such an outsider. He’s so against the man. He, he’s really fighting the system. He’s being published on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, indie bound, bam, Hudson, Indigo, target, Kobo and audible. Permanent record by Edward Snowden. Yeah. You’re really standing up to the system trying to bring it down. I believe it. Anybody else? This guy doesn’t know about crisis actors. He doesn’t know. He has no clue. Fake whistleblower. You’re not going to get your truth from whistleblowers. You’re going to get it from perceivers groups of them. And we’ve got a growing group here. We’ve got, uh, we’ve got quite the hive mind here with the infinite plain society.

Speaker 1: (50:26)
Again, if you just got here, tennis racket theorem, look it up. It debunks the Tesla Roadster in space. It could not have had that stable of a Trek. And it also makes me think about the ISS. I don’t think the ISS is trip around the world could be so perfect where the cupola is always facing the earth. That’s BS right there. The cupola, you know like the same door, same window view. You have the millennial Falcon, not a coincidence. Merging PSI Phi with fake science presented as news. That window seat from the ISS is always facing the earth. How come? Whenever you look at the the time lapse footage from the ISS, it’s perfect. It’s on a track. Heck, I’m there. It doesn’t sway left or right. There’s no tilting. There’s no, there’s no movement whatsoever. That’s right. Because it’s a computer model. It’s a hypothetical.

Speaker 1: (51:18)
It’s perfection. You couldn’t produce something that perfect except in the realm of imagination and make-believe. Okay? Flat ball yo-yos coming soon. Again, flat balls.com. I don’t want to spend too much time on sponsors. This is an info Wars. I’m not pushing, you know what pills, but w I am pushing flat balls and flat balls are memes made from people’s faces squished into balls and they’d been put onto a lot of different products. Kind of like emojis, but instead of generic emoji is like a smiley or frowny. They’re like unique emojis. You could be a [inaudible] and put into a yoyo. And so this is just an example, flat ball yo-yos which may be produced here, uh, very soon. Um, if you missed it earlier, I dropped a link to a song by AIG and Coons called, uh, around the world. It is a flat earth theme song. It’s rap, definitely interesting.

Speaker 1: (52:21)
Let’s see. Okay, numbers are no hate symbols. He just got here. Numbers are hate symbols, mostly just double digits nine is a hate symbol cause 9% of the world’s population white. Oh, that’s the only single digit. But numbers like 1243, those numbers are now hate symbols. So watch your use of those. Don’t use ADA, uh, Takashi 69. Not going into hiding. I think he’s gonna stay around and get shot. We’re going to have a lot of fake deaths coming up. I guarantee it. You see that this is how they sell records. I think he’s regretting not having just faked his death. He could already be in his new role.

Speaker 1: (53:09)
Okay. Let’s see if there’s anything else here. I’ve missed. Anything in the comment section, anything else? I’m just going through a lot of the things. Trying to catch up on what we miss in the last few days. Oh yeah. This is something else. Star ships update. So space X, every September they come and they do their presentation about the plan for Mars. Now we all know what it is. Like some people here may not. The Mars project, the whole idea of taking man to Mars is a code. It’s an elite technocratic code for a putting the free people into plantations into communes. So this is all just symbolism. And here’s an obelisk ping Omaj to their grain. God, I’m O’ Cyrus, although I’m space X has really taken on the mantle of the new age, like they really have the whole new age movement, the occult movement. It’s about transitioning into Mars warship.

Speaker 1: (54:02)
Look up, uh, what else are crawling company we’re really about and why even NASA JPL, you know, their founders were all involved with Crowley. Uh, this is the new age religion, the worship of the God Mars. It’s replacing Apollo. That’s what our transit transitioning into. And in the Egyptian Pantheon, Mars is represented by this Falcon headed God. So when you see the Falcon nine going to Mars, it’s all just a symbol. It’s all symbolic of the transition to the new age. And so the Mars domes are places you will live that are sustainable. You will not have guns, Maga hats, capitalism, Facebook, social media. You’ll be working, you’ll be farming, but it’s sustainable. And green. Gretta would approve. Now, from my perspective, it’s just slavery, but happy slaves. You know, maybe they don’t mind it, but the thing is, cause he, they think they’re making a sacrifice for Mount mankind.

Speaker 1: (54:59)
We’re becoming a multi-planetary species and were at the Vanguard where the pioneers, we’re making a sacrifice. We’re sacrificing our worldly existence for humanity. See how Christian it is. This is, this is the, the religious side of it, where they’re catering to those who are, who were brought up to accept that altruism is some Supreme virtue, pathological altruism. So, Oh, if we just sacrifice ourselves, we can save the planet. So they’re willing to sacrifice their freedoms and a risk at all for mankind. That’s kind of what they’re, you know, they’re being conditioned to accept so they’re not looking at it as slavery. The thing is, it’s all a lie because what they’re really doing has nothing to do with going to Mars. A, you Americans are going to go in subterranean tunnels, simulated space travel and you’re gonna wind up in an underground Mars base or so you think, but you’re actually living beneath China and your probably a who knows, paying off some of America’s debt. Like I think your government’s going to sell you to China to pay off debt and you won’t know the DARS. Six nine says deep leave everything about spaces, fake Mars, the sun, the moon, the Milky way. If so, what do you think is up there? Uh, no, what I’m saying is the reppers, the first of all, the visual representations of outer space that we’re given from the space telescopes, those are all phony and fake. There are no space telescopes. That’s the first point. Second, the distances are all fake. We don’t know that the sun is 93 million or the moon is 250,000 miles away. These are things we do not know at this time.

Speaker 1: (56:50)
These are um, basically numbers that are given to us. And so if you accept it, it all makes sense. But really when you get down to it, if these, if these distances are off even a little bit, like where’s the stellar pellet parallax, there isn’t any. And they’ll say, Oh, well it’s been recorded while you’re always referring to us and authority. Like do you believe the moon landing was real? Because the moon landing is eminently debunk Hubble. And if that’s not real, then none of the science, that goddess there is real. And if none of the science that got us to the moon is real, then how did any of the science that got us to any of these distant planets or meteors arrive with such precision? You know, we have probes being sent to mile diameter rocks 220 million miles away. That’s some precision. It’s impossible is what I’m really saying here.

Speaker 1: (57:39)
So if any part of it is fake, it’s all fake. The ISS is super fake. It’s really hard for me to look at that thing and, and even convinced myself for a second, suspend disbelief and pretend it’s real. Like what I would like any of you believers in the ISS to do, and this is just if you want to be intellectually honest and you can do it in PRI, in private if you want. Um, turn on Netflix and watch any space based science fiction film and how people move in space and then watch the ISS and ask yourself, why does it look realer in the scifi movies than here? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Don’t movies usually try to approximate reality.

Speaker 1: (58:22)
Now we have reality trying to approximate movies and if you can’t see through it now, um, Hey authentic, if you want to call in all of them my phones. Look, some of you people have um, comments on things that are off topic. I see authentic is a government plant trying to drop some of this stuff that can be used to flag the channel is anti-Jewish. Like, I know where you’re going with this and if you want to make that your your point in life to protest that form a channel. Hey authentic, I don’t know what your name is. Okay. Form a channel where you can talk about circumcision all day long and I, you can get a lot of fans, you can educate people and you can maybe even change the world and stopped the practice, but one way you’re not going to do it is by going into other people’s channels and throwing out statements that you know are considered to be inflammatory by the fascist that run this site and it makes me think you work for them. That’s why I’m calling you a plant. It’s probably owned Benjamin. Yeah, somebody flagged that loser. All right, let’s listen to Pope Ilan.

Speaker 10: (59:23)
Any questions? So yeah. Hi. Hi Ilan. Irene, thoughts with aviation? We can you hear me? Yup. Thank you for the overview.

Speaker 1: (59:38)
This guy is wearing an occupies Marsh shirt a under, if you guys saw this, but there was a tweet a little while ago, Elon Musk sent occupy Mars and he sent a picture of the blood moon. Okay, so he, here he is though, just describing, you know how we’re gonna get to Mars and here are the true believers surrounding him and they all believe this is real. You know, they do believe that that thing is going to take us to this distant place. This is really, this is really a bad sign for mankind and these people are all die hard. Global warming States. They believe every bit of it. Like I really think they ought to wear like it. If they really believe that they’re killing mother earth, I want to see them each go greener and carry around a potted plant. Like I was saying earlier, the timeline Supertramp says, I think NASA is a decoy to the real space program.

Speaker 1: (01:00:24)
They use NASA that so the public won’t start asking questions where the trillions went. See, that’s what the government debunkers do. There’s a lot of government plants who debunked the moon landing and they say, Oh, the moon landings fake. But that’s to hide the real stuff, the real space stuff. The real star was stuff, the super high tech style. So like you actually believe that the government isn’t masking in competence. You believe that they’re actually secretly super competent. So they pretend to be in competent. That is a joke. That is absurd as a hundred percent absurd. There are, we don’t have any pictures from out of space. We don’t have any convincing images of the earth. And if you really believe that, you know, I’d like to ask you what like, cause then you, it presumes that you still believe in the ball. What projection did they use for the blue marble when they gave us the blue Marvel? Did they use the Mercator they use the goals. Peter the which, which one? Which projection do they use for that fakery and are showing you earlier. In fact, if you’re a believer, I would like you to answer me. You know, which planet are we on? Are we on planet water, planet cloud or planted Africa?

Speaker 10: (01:01:30)
Um, and we’re improving both the design and the manufacturing method, um, exponentially. So for example, you get,

Speaker 1: (01:01:41)
does he, does he even know what exponentially means? We’re improving the design exponentially. I mean, it doesn’t look any different than the one that Von Braun designed in the forties it’s the exact same design. In fact, I wouldn’t ride in this thing. It looks like it looks like a grain silo. It looks like it’s, it doesn’t look like it’s intended to fly much less for millions of miles. And then you have all these true believers in the system who think, Oh yeah, I’m one of the 144,000 that’s going to get raptured to Mars. I’m one of the saved than the world’s going to be destroyed by a flood and we’re going to escape thanks to Pope Elan. Like people actually believe this stuff.

Speaker 1: (01:02:23)
Supertramp says, I’m on the fence. Look, if you’re on the fence, you’re not even thinking about it very hard. No, no offense man. But look, how can you be on the fence? You’re like, well, either it’s all real or it’s all fake. It’s not half and half. Your bargaining is what you’re doing. This is what all codependents use. This is what people who’ve been abused do when they leave. They want to barter with reality. You’re like, well maybe they only lied to me half the time. Maybe they lie with good intentions to hide the real space program. Stop making excuses for the liars who have brainwashed you and are brainwashing everybody including the right wing has been totally brainwashed into communism. All the limited government types who voted for Trump because he’s anti globalist are now a bunch of commies who want to support the space force and the space force is leading us to the same place. Communism.

Speaker 1: (01:03:12)
This is Elan’s arc to Mars. You know he even put a black box in the back of the Tesla Roadster, which they called an arc to Mars as well containing Isaac Asimov’s, the foundation series, which is a series of scifi books, which at the time were called future history and it was about colonizing Mars and how whoever did it, whoever got there first could pretty much be a founder of civilization. They could decide what is and isn’t going to be okay. What we can leave behind. The first episode of lost in space on Netflix, I was checking out the new series. They actually confronted this. Two of the characters are talking and one of them brings up some literature and the other person says, Oh, that’s kinda trashy. It’s from the old world. And they’re debating about it for a minute. And I’m like, Oh, that’s really what the point of the foundation series was that whoever founds it gets to decide what to exclude.

Speaker 1: (01:04:04)
And someone at South by Southwest asked Elon Musk what kind of government will you have? And he said, direct democracy, like there’s going to be no need whatsoever for freedom, capitalism, property, any of that. The DARS six nine says there’s a lot of evidence that it can. Oh, I see. You’re talking about different topic. He says, I’ve personally never been higher than 35,000 feet. Both sides have decent points. No, they don’t. No, they don’t. Both sides do not have decent points. One side is making arguments from authority and the divine fallacy and ad populum and ad homonym. The other side is saying, I don’t believe your bullshit that’s not equal like the point of view between a non theist and a God believing Christian. Uh, those do not both have good points. If you’re talking about logic and reason and reality once making arguments from authority from a divine fallacy and then attacking the nonbelievers as sinners.

Speaker 1: (01:05:04)
There’s a built in at homonym cause they’re in a morally higher place. So no, those of you who equivocate and sit on the fence like you are what we would call DoorPal. Meaning you got red pill, which you’re deliberately trying to see through the misinformation. You got blue pill, which means you’ve got the blue pill. Basically I’m being fed to you every day. No resistance. And then those on the fence, you know purple, you’re on the fence and if you’re purple and you’re on the fence and you have this much, this much information, you don’t really have a backbone. And that’s why we refer to you as kinda Derpy as endurable.

Speaker 1: (01:05:44)
The Tesla Roadster in space. 100% fake. Yeah, no doubt that look, and look, this is one more thing. Just because the Tesler the Tesla and roaster thing is a, a hoax doesn’t mean the earth is flat. Like I’m not making that argument. Just because the space station is fake doesn’t mean the earth is flat. These are really bad arguments and I will not be advancing any of those cause it may very well be the case that these things are being used to, I don’t know, high land. Who knows? Okay. So we’re looking at this footage from the Tesla Roadster in space and it’s playing the song space Odyssey on an infinite loop. The song space Odyssey was the one that was released right before the, the Apollo mission. And you see a little miniature of star man in a little hot wheel car on the dashboard, which isn’t burning, isn’t melting. In fact, nothing that should be happening to the cars happening. But what I want you to look at here is this.

Speaker 1: (01:06:51)
Look how stable that flight is as he goes around planet water. Well, Cal stable now this is, um, he does this for four hours, no tilting, nothing. So this is a huge contradiction. It should be flipping over head over heels every single time it goes around. It should be flipping. It should be moving in a myriad of different ways. And it’s not because this is just a movie and there are some reality impaired individuals who co who cannot tell the difference. And if you really decide to look into this thing and you watch it closely, and I’ll show you some now, you’ll see bubbles going from the bottom to the top, which might lead one to think we’re in a disseminated pool. Also noteworthy here. Don’t panic on the dashboard. That’s a reference to the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, which is a book about the world being destroyed and escaping it. So here’s star man escaping the world before meteor hits it or before climate change kills it. This is him escaping the world.

Speaker 1: (01:08:01)
Tim truths says, how are they transmitting the footage back? The Durer says, that’s not meant to be real. A no, I’m sorry man. If, if you didn’t know, not only was this meant to be real, but this is real. Okay. According to the 99% of the world, this happened. This is as real as the moon lady. This is treated as real. Elon Musk admitted it’s gotta be real. That’s why I look so fake. It looks so fake because it’s so real. I sound so dumb because I’m so smart and people just buy into these contradictions left and right.

Speaker 1: (01:08:42)
So that’s obviously a screen we’re looking at. You know, this is a movie production. Now, the stranger’s guide, I’m sorry, the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy was about this guy leaving the world. And then at one point he meets God in the form of a giant robot, some AI bot. And he says, what’s the meaning of life? And God says 42 so the meaning of life according to like this universal consciousness is the number 42 and I’m like, well, what does that mean? Is that code of some kind? What does that actually mean? So, strangely enough on the 42nd anniversary, and this was earlier this summer on the 42nd anniversary of the 1977 Manhattan blackouts, there was another blackout from 42nd street on blacking out 42,000 people. She got 42 42 42 if I want to go numbers with it, you know, um, cause there is a pattern here.

Speaker 1: (01:09:42)
So I’m like, okay well a blackout maybe that has some symbolism. 1977 what was going on then? So we’d kind of just been following this and yeah, there, there is some subtext here and it’s all tying into the same story about a worldwide blackout, about the need to escape the planet and not panic get to Mars. I mean that’s what the [inaudible] has really been. But yeah, most people believe this is real. Um, what debunks it to me though is the bubbles that go up vertically the whole time. And I’m not going to sit here and find all the spots of the bubbles are, but that’s been exposed as ad nauseum. So my question is what are those, what little particulates can float vertically up as this thing goes around but do not go around the earth. How come they’re not going with him? And if he’s going so fast, heck, I’m not out hitting the windshield. I mean, how many of you have been in a blizzard when you’re, you know, you driving through a blizzard at night with your headlights on and it causes the snow to look like it’s hitting your windshield when you’re looking at this, when you’re looking at the storm man thing, none of the bubbles that go up are moving at all towards the windshield. They’re going straight up, which would imply that star man isn’t moving, that it’s stationary that is not flying around the earth.

Speaker 1: (01:11:06)
But this is quite a litmus test. This happened in February of 2018 and I got to thinking, if can’t see through this and Parkland, or if you can only see through one and not the other, then they totally control you. They’ve got your mind. So you’ve got people who say the earth is flat, but Parkland is real. While they got your mind. You have people who say, Parkland is a horrible tragedy, but this, this, um, I mean the star man is fake. I mean, this is crazy. I’m looking at this, I’m trying to find you a bubble here. You have people who believe the star man’s fake. Parkland is real, or Parkland was fake and star man is real. And I’m like, you know what, you guys gotta recognize that the same people, it’s not space X tricking you. It’s not NASA. It’s the media. The mainstream media is presenting you all the lies above and below. So it’s like, wait, you trust the media from what? From ground level to like six feet up. You trust the media. What happens right here on the ground, but then up there, you know it’s all a lie. It’s the same people. If they lie to you about the shootings, the terror attacks, of course they’re going to lie about everything else.

Speaker 1: (01:12:21)
P he says there’s a photo of that car in front of screens in a studio. Oh, absolutely. I found you a space bubble. I found you a few here. And what I’m going to do is, is, uh, bring up some still shots later and we’re gonna reevaluate this whole thing, mainly in light of the tennis record theorem, because again, here’s my main problem with it. There’s no tilt left where, right? There’s no flipping. It’s too perfect. I mean, I can understand if earth had a ring like Saturn and it was just riding on the ring, like a race track. Yeah, I can understand that. But there’s no ring around the earth for this car to remain perfectly horizontal like this perfectly on a perfect plane.

Speaker 1: (01:13:11)
Orlando production says the blackout and the number 42 is connected. How it’s connected to black history. Okay. I’m interested in hearing about that. In fact, let me open my phones. A few other things. About 42 that have come up. I think one of them was, um, the asteroid that’s gonna kill us in 2029. That’s, um, number four, two nine nine nine. It’s called a prophetess, the God of chaos. Nine nine nine is probably a triple six in there somewhere. 42, of course going to give us a worldwide blackout. So I think that might be another connection.

Speaker 1: (01:13:50)
I mean there are maybe a few others I’m missing here, but so anyway, here’s the, here’s the basic rundown with the space X. So star ship and they named it star ship. I don’t know if you guys saw this. I’m going to have to show you star Trek emblem on Mars. So on the planet Mars, they actually found, so they say the star fleet logo on the damn surface of Mars. I’m telling you, they’re merging Saifai and fake science all the time. So here is your star Trek symbol and they renamed the BFR the big rocket. They renamed it the star ship.

Speaker 1: (01:14:37)
Coincidence. Nope. And it’s not a coincidence that Saturn’s moon happens to look exactly like the death star, not a coincidence. Anyway, star ship and super heavy launch is a rapid reusable transport system designed to carry crew and cargo to the earth, the moon, the Mars, and they just showed it off. And you know what else? Uh, they, thanks for joining us. The DARS 69 Hey look, they’re also going to be building a space elevator that’s going to go from the moon to the earth. And I’m like, how does that work? How does that work at the moon’s got an axial rotation? I mean, they say it does. I know it doesn’t. I don’t believe it does. I don’t believe the moon has an exile rotation whatsoever. But they say it does, which is a huge contradiction. It really is. So I’m looking at this thing. I mean it’s either tidally locked and it’s got one face that stuck to us through this magic of gravity or the moon is spinning perfectly in a synchronous orbit.

Speaker 1: (01:15:40)
But the synchronous orbit thing is so darn impossible. It’s, it’s literally that. It’s literally impossible for it to be that perfectly matched for this long. But let’s just give it that it spins. They say it wobbles. They say some people say, Oh, it wobbles. Yeah, prove it. Prove it please. They have all these explanations. Prove the wobble. Prove that the earth wobbles back and forth. Perfectly. 23.5 degrees, 23.5 degrees. I mean how, what is the mechanism by which it wobbles and Hakam star man doesn’t wobble. How come star man doesn’t wobble? Sugar says I observed the moon and stars every night. You can’t see it wobble. I observe them as well. Here’s what I see with the moon. So the moon’s rising on the East setting in the West, right. I watched the moon. I mean look, when it rises on the East, take note of its orientation and you will see it does rotate clockwise as it goes towards the West from your perspective. But there’s no axial rotation. It’s not twirling, it’s just not.

Speaker 1: (01:16:47)
So if you put the space elevator on the moon by dangling these long cords from the moon to the earth, even though it’s supposedly geosynchronous, I still think the rotation might be a problem. It might actually wrap up. It might actually real in your, your cord or whatever, your elevator wire, it’s going to wrap around the moon like a spool and you know your rules. But no, the moon doesn’t wobble. It doesn’t tilt. They have these ridiculous explanations to try to explain away what should be there. But it’s not what is not there. Uh, there’s no parallax, no stellar parallax. Also check out the parallax on the moon nozzle. Eight Oh eight says Oh eight Oh eight. That might be a hate symbol. Gotta check the ADL.

Speaker 1: (01:17:35)
The red car in the grease movie took off from the earth. Really? So we have another space car. We got the one from the movie. What was it called? The cartoon heavy metal cash. Cash says, I swear a week ago I was looking at the moon and it looked as though it was a shadow that was covering the moon and uncover the moon. It looks so weird. You know what? It doesn’t look like it doesn’t look like a sphere. Hey, authentic you bringing that up didn’t upset me. What upset me with the name of the set me. It’s just like you are wasting time if you’re not opening your own channel, I presume you can talk, you got ears, you can listen. Why don’t you start a channel and call it I’m not into circumcision and then share the link, but you’re not going to get me to talk about that topic. And then call me whatever. Like, Oh, you’re shilling for the circumcision industrial complex.

Speaker 1: (01:18:29)
No, I’m not like, that’s not even in my field of awareness right now. Like can you not stay on topic? Okay, so environmentalist or a bunch of M cowards who hide behind 16 year olds and white nationalists or a bunch of cowards who can make snarky comments about Jews all day from their safe spaces, their little safe sock accounts. Why don’t you just come out and own it? Let you know. I mean, if I was a Nazi, I’d wear a swastika on my arm. I’m not afraid of anybody. Like why are you guys all such cowards? Like bring it. Same with you environmentalist. Like you want the guns, just go take the gun. Stop asking permission. Stop waiting for them to give you permission. Just hit the streets. Get on your, uh, I guess red bandanas make it happen. The kids in Cambodia did it.

Speaker 1: (01:19:19)
I don’t know why you Americans camp. It’s cause they don’t have the political will. Alright, phones are open. (505) 510-4226 phones are open. Specifically, I think we had a commenter from Orlando productions, had some insight on the number 42 Metro PCs says, man to land on the moon. I think it’s ridiculous. Well, no, it’s not only ridiculous man. It’s, it’s a miracle. Like it’s meant to be. It’s meant to be mystical. So it’s outside of your comprehension beyond her reach. It’s, it’s meant to be, that’s part of the ruse here. So I mean, they, they do this stuff on purpose, like Jesus walking on water. Like, do you really believe

Speaker 10: (01:20:09)
that somebody walked on water and that therefore this person is worthy of worship? Cause it’s the same mind control.

Speaker 11: (01:20:18)

Speaker 10: (01:20:19)
Infinite plane radio.

Speaker 12: (01:20:21)

Speaker 10: (01:20:23)
Hey, go ahead and turn your speaker a little bit down so we don’t have any echo. Thanks. Got it. Okay. Is this Orlando productions? Awesome. So what’s up? Yeah, fill us in.

Speaker 12: (01:20:38)
Okay. Yes, I’m okay. I got you. I’m gonna turn it off. Yeah. The number 42 in black history. [inaudible] go. Uh, Zack Howard does a great job of breaking down how the number 42 is connected to black history. So when I heard you say the black hole and the 42 in the same sentence, that’s a code. That is a code.

Speaker 10: (01:21:03)
Okay. Yeah. Because see what happened was you had the blackouts in Manhattan 42 years in the last one and, and hit this, this neighborhood for 42nd street on. And

Speaker 12: (01:21:13)
so you see all significant, the number 42 is right. So what they’re doing, their coding, black history, uh, they’re CLO, they’re coding it. The number 42, you could listen to it. There are two only two videos or three. Zach cupboard breaks it down. How the number 42 has been connected with black history as far as Jackie Robinson. And it goes way back. And uh, as they, they’re always doing these people are obsessed with the numbers. They are really obsessed with numerology because there Kabbalists they believe that, which may be true, but they’re manipulating the system that God spoke our creates or spoke everything in the physical into existence by letter, by word, by number. And so numbers have frequencies, as you know. So the number 42 is a specific frequency that is connected to black history and it’s connected to melanin. That’s what makes so called, it’s not even,

Speaker 10: (01:22:28)
yeah. Yeah. Keep going. Cause yeah, I’m following you because um,

Speaker 12: (01:22:33)
on my cell phone I turned the Mune on.

Speaker 10: (01:22:34)
Oh, that’s fine. No, no, I know, we all hear you just fine. So, no, you’re right about this though. So the 42 thing, like Isaac, he died at 42. We started picking up all summer long. It was 40 twos out after 42 you said

Speaker 12: (01:22:46)
Isaac, Cathy Hill asked you a question. How was it that Isaac copy got that much attention when he was only a, the only acting role he, he’s had and I research tone, you know, just by watching your videos, I was like, who the fuck is a happy Kathy or whatever his name is other than even, I never heard of him before. It’s like Nipsey hussle I heard of Nipsey hussle but not on the level of once he, you know, supposedly got fascinated. So I looked up happy Cappy right. And it comes out the, he had a small role, less than one minute, he played, uh, a, a, uh, hotel check-in person in a movie. And he has literally one line. So how was it that a small, not even a seedless a fucking effortless actor get that much attention when he dies?

Speaker 10: (01:23:52)
Exactly. They put them out there to take them down to make a big point. And you know what captain?

Speaker 12: (01:23:59)
I believe he’s still alive though.

Speaker 10: (01:24:01)
Oh really? Yeah. Oh yeah, 100%. I’ve analyzed the videos, the footage. I actually went to his death scene personally and know that thing was fake top to bottom. And the footage of him on the bridge was CGI. And so, no, there’s, there’s no reason to think he’s dead.

Speaker 12: (01:24:15)
I watched your video on that. That was thorough. That’s what we call thorough in the hood that you do. You did your homework.

Speaker 10: (01:24:23)
Oh, and McMahon before he died. He said, if something happens to me, somebody get a 50 calyx shoot up.

Speaker 12: (01:24:29)
I’m sorry. I didn’t even know who he was until he died. And I looked at, so what movies was he, you know, I mean he, they said he was a Hollywood insider. I’m like, okay, well, you know, being done. Google turns out he a one minute and I watched it and he wasn’t all that good of an actor within the one minute he played a hotel clerk, Tim [inaudible].

Speaker 10: (01:24:56)
Well, you know what I think about that as far as

Speaker 12: (01:24:58)
well with the elevate, uh, somebody liked that was like a LIS actor,

Speaker 10: (01:25:05)
easy. I think it’s this, like directors always put something in your face early in the movie that they’re going to bring in later. And so they put them in our face early knowing that they would use them in a political martyr. CYOP later that year

Speaker 12: (01:25:19)
they deal with uh, Aisa Curry and ma Hannah Montana or uh, the, uh,

Speaker 10: (01:25:25)
yes, yes.

Speaker 12: (01:25:26)
Mighty sour is like years ago I heard you say, I haven’t seen it, but I trust your word that I used to occur appeared on hot Hannah Montana.

Speaker 10: (01:25:37)
She did. And it wasn’t in the same shot. So this tells us too, that these deep fakes, they play these roles for years and years and years. I’m like a parallel life. That’s a double agent.

Speaker 12: (01:25:49)
And you know what else I want to make sure that you know, and your listeners know, you should look at a Washington last night. Stranger than fiction. He has a video on NASA and the moon and the with a Stanley Kubrick. And I mean he shows videos like wow. I mean he debunked all that shit. All of it.

Speaker 10: (01:26:14)
Oh yeah. Cool. And the Cooper thing, I, you know what I find interesting about that is in his movie, eyes wide shut, he shows the people behind the scenes where these crazy looking masks and there, and there are people who are finding those same masks are showing up in reflections on the ISS. So the astronauts holding up an iPad and in the reflection you see a mask and it’s like, that looks like it’s out of eyes wide shut. Which to me is a Kubrick connection.

Speaker 12: (01:26:39)
Exactly. You know what else there, there’s, uh, there, there’s video of Prince Charles and you know the one where, uh, the Oz wash shit, the eyes wash shut, where to do, he turns around and he has one mask on. They focus on him for a little bit. Uh, tr, uh, queen Elizabeth son, Prince Charles, there was video of him with that exact same mask. Are you listening to me?

Speaker 10: (01:27:12)
Oh yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Speaker 12: (01:27:14)
I’m going to look it up, but there is a video I saw and he, you know, the media interviewing him and him a Camella or whatever, and she had a mask on this also in the movie, but his was really focused on and he puts out that, Oh shit, that’s the mask from, Oh, watch shot.

Speaker 10: (01:27:36)
Yeah, there’s something to it.

Speaker 12: (01:27:38)
I’ll cook. I was like, they’re sending out messages. Um, I don’t know why they’re doing it. Like maybe hoping people will catch on or, I don’t know.

Speaker 10: (01:27:53)
I think it’s this, um, I think it’s cognitive dissonance where I think they want, they have this false worldview put over us, but everybody goes along with it and you get punished in various ways for not going along with it. And I think that by being slightly

Speaker 12: (01:28:07)
going along with the, um, deception when they’ve been deceived, like, you know, I’ve been watching cam B’s video videos and uh, you know, like Miley Cyrus, that is fucking Ayesha Curry. You don’t have to have glasses when they get to see that. And it’s like, why are they giving them fake families? Even Barack Obama does not his real legal name.

Speaker 10: (01:28:30)
No way. No Agora,

Speaker 12: (01:28:32)
well name is Barry. So, so raped though or something.

Speaker 10: (01:28:35)
Yeah. Berries, tomatoes, berries to, and no, look, this is this.

Speaker 12: (01:28:40)
No, Barack Obama, uh, you know, that’s a character.

Speaker 10: (01:28:44)
Yes. 100%. And I think Cambiz right? The Martin Luther King,

Speaker 12: (01:28:48)
that’s the Martin Luther K. his real name was not Martin Luther King. It was Martin. Some other shit like some shit from the hood, like Martin Robinson or something of Martin King. But anyway,

Speaker 10: (01:29:03)
well, well, earlier we were talking about, you know, Tupac in that hoax with the Akil and what was Tupacs name? What do you think of that?

Speaker 12: (01:29:11)
You are a mess. I love you ma. Listen, he is, uh, he responded, must screenshot it. He’s been responding to me on Instagram, right? Saying, uh, just crazy shit. Like you don’t do your research, you know, I’m not too far. I thought, why would you sell it? I’m not even really on Instagram. So I thought why would somebody like that? Why would you even respond but are triggered though, you know, I’m gonna send you a S a screenshot. Email it to you. Yeah. What I said to hell over the air, but I knew that it would like touch his heart.

Speaker 10: (01:29:54)
Well, okay. So can be, yeah.

Speaker 12: (01:29:57)
As they would, as long as uptight. Why would he, why was somebody like that? You, you’re in the music group, Jurassic, uh, what would you respond to somebody who’s not even really, I’ve never posted on Instagram Nova. You can look at my account. I’ve never posted, but yet he responds. And also on Twitter because I, I, I did, uh, a a alternate of, you know, retweeted. No, it killed DMC. Then I did a Tupac and then I did a kill MC than a D. I kept alternating. So anybody that would come to my timeline, I left it up for a couple of days. And even if you go down my Twitter timeline, you will see a, a kill the EMC Tupac or kill the EMC Tupac. I was trying to like get that message out and he was so frustrated. He, uh, even on Twitter he responded and I thought, you supposed to be an entertainer, my n***a, what are you concerned about? Somebody with 6,000 followers on Twitter?

Speaker 10: (01:31:01)
Oh yeah, exactly. But you know, this gives you some insight with the Liberty. I think it’s like, what is it in know? No, in Philly there was a shooting or some kind of a standoff where one cop was caught putting fake blood on the other one, right? Well, 10, well, 10,000 people saw a video on it and the AP said of viral video is going around. It’s not true. So if 10,000 people see it, they think it’s a problem. And I think that’s why we see so much real time damage control.

Speaker 12: (01:31:26)
The number was 5,000. If you give 5,000 followers, they start to monitor you.

Speaker 10: (01:31:34)
It may even be that. But any idea that reaches,

Speaker 12: (01:31:37)
they say if you have at least 5,000, like if you’re influencing at least 5,000 people, the fed are watching you. That’s the reason I keep my Twitter count low so I can stay under the radar. But I know that they’re tracking me because they fuck with me as far as like, you know, I don’t know if you on Twitter or not, but they will change, um, the numbers a lot, you know, this shows followers and following, but I won’t get no notifications. It’ll go up a hundred down. Like, you know, even the numbers are very significant, like 33. So they’re sending me a message like, we know what the fuck you’re doing.

Speaker 10: (01:32:15)
Well, look, did you

Speaker 12: (01:32:17)
Twitter to uh, infinite planes?

Speaker 10: (01:32:20)
That’s why that’s why you follow the right accounts or rather the wrong accounts. And they will shadow ban you. Twitter’s been busted

Speaker 12: (01:32:28)
to, I’ll do it from your YouTube so people could and I’ll leave it there for a couple of days. So in case somebody busy watching football game or whatever rig game and they could always come back to it. So I will leave your videos at the top of my Twitter. Right. So people could come back and then they could watch it or save it or at least like subscribe. You did go to the side but they’re watching. They’re watching that. They’re listening.

Speaker 10: (01:32:59)
Yeah. That’s their tone.

Speaker 12: (01:33:00)
I’ll say this though. You are a very intelligent person and um, I thank you for all the work that you’re doing because you woke me up to a lot of shit. A lot.

Speaker 10: (01:33:13)
Well good. I’m glad this channel has done it because it’s not just me. It’s a lot of the callers cause we do so much crowd sourcing of, of Intel that no one person couldn’t possibly see through this thing. It does require a whole lot. It requires a hive mind, which is what we’re building here

Speaker 12: (01:33:29)
team. It requires the team. Yeah. Know no just one person because this is the same if they take you down, so you know, cut your shadow off, then we have other channels in place to uh, fill in.

Speaker 10: (01:33:45)
Exactly. And some of these ideas, once they get out there, you can’t bottle it back up. I mean we’ve got this Akil DMC Tupac thing. It’s not just about this one actor. This is about exposing the, the infrastructure of deception.

Speaker 12: (01:33:58)
You know what? And I’m working on a book cause Tim, I won’t, I’ll say this on the air too, is this is not new. Um, right now I’m writing my second book and I’m a vet. This goes back decades. I’ll, right now I’m on Sam cook. I don’t know if you know the R and B legend Sam Clark.

Speaker 10: (01:34:20)
Uh, not off the top of my head, but I probably heard it for sure.

Speaker 12: (01:34:23)
Yeah, he’s from back from the 60s. Okay. And he was supposedly shot at a hotel by a prostitute, dah, dah, dah. And when I looked up the pictures of this woman, not only does her geometry a match with his ex wife, that’s the same woman, Lisa Boyer is her name. Lisa Boyer, B, O, Y, E, R. and she looked exactly like Sam Cooke’s, S ex wife. Um, I can’t think of her name. Right. [inaudible]

Speaker 10: (01:34:59)
well, you raised a good point. You raise a good point. They’ve been scripting these movie characters that they use in real life for propaganda purposes, for controlling the population from the bottom up, since at least the forties or fifties sixties makes perfect sense.

Speaker 12: (01:35:13)
Yes, go ahead.

Speaker 10: (01:35:17)
So we’ve been, we’ve been, we’ve been, yeah, we’ve been deep faked like all of us had been defect. It’s not about to go there like, Oh, deep faking about to happen. No, actually a your grandparents who were deep faked your parents or defect and

Speaker 12: (01:35:29)
Oh, I would w I was deep faked. You know, it’s a, it was a wake up call to realize the Trayvon Martin shit was a hoax. OJ Simpson was a hoax. And this thought of outside, if they go to that level of deception, and then you have Barack Obama playing, uh, Ted Williams. And that’s clearly him.

Speaker 10: (01:35:53)
That’s hilarious. Damn, that one was that one got, I fell for that story.

Speaker 12: (01:35:58)
I’m thinking if they’re going to have the president of the United States plan double roles, these are a list and B list actors ain’t shit. [inaudible]

Speaker 10: (01:36:07)
yeah. And I, I fell for Ted Williams. I thought that was real. I thought it was legit in the back.

Speaker 12: (01:36:17)
God, that’s all good. My Lord.

Speaker 10: (01:36:18)
Well, no, I love really though. It, um, it’s so, it’s like, it’s not just the terror attacks. It’s not just a school shootings. It’s not just the climate. It’s the, it’s the, it’s the musicians. It’s the actors. I mean,

Speaker 12: (01:36:28)
system Timothy is a system of deception. Sam B does a great job of breaking down like the Coby, Brian’s shit. That is hell. I used, I watched, you know, I liked Colby Bryan and I watched him a lot. Not only talk but play. And when I looked at the white dude, I said, Oh my God, that is fucking, I don’t know if that’s Colby and white face or the white dude and black face, but that’s the same person.

Speaker 10: (01:37:02)
Yeah, I see. This stuff to me would have been outside the realm of possibility.

Speaker 12: (01:37:05)
Get out as much as I can while I’m on, on live.

Speaker 10: (01:37:08)
I got you. I got you. I hear the cars in the background. Look, I would have, um, well look, I would have ignored a lot of these things a year ago, but I had already been looking into the sophisticated masks that the CIA has been using 50 years and I’m like, wait a minute, this, there’s no way that they haven’t been employing this deep faking lesson all along. And yeah, absolutely. They have been.

Speaker 12: (01:37:31)
Right. And you know, but you know what, this dude on YouTube, I forgot his name, he’s an older guy. He, uh, he was crying and once he realized what was going on, where he saw for himself and he did it, he did a video on like happy days and I’ll use the mimic the Fonz and then he found out that, uh, what’s his real name?

Speaker 10: (01:37:56)
Oh yeah, a Winkle. Is it like, like Harvey weed

Speaker 12: (01:38:00)
Winkler, right. He dude, this is a grown man. He was crying because he realized that Doug was a woman playing the role. They’re all trannies. They wrote or I’ll say the majority.

Speaker 10: (01:38:16)
Interesting. So that’s, yeah, that’s something else.

Speaker 12: (01:38:19)
Did his own research. And I was like, this is a grown white man crying on YouTube because his idol is not who he thought he was. This is the impact.

Speaker 10: (01:38:31)

Speaker 12: (01:38:33)
This is happening on the public. And even me, when I realized OJ Simpson and Nicole and I was like, that is fucking Megan. I was like, Oh my heart stopped for a minute. I thought I was having like a heart attack cause I was really in to, to OJ, you know, it was black against white. So they set it up like that. And so I was, I fell for that shit. I fell so stupid.

Speaker 10: (01:39:01)
Well, it makes sense now to look, when I look at these deep fakers and the roles that they play, they always use dualities. Black and white, or Miley Cyrus, you got, you got the,

Speaker 12: (01:39:13)
you know, the reason they do it because they’re following their, they’re following natural law. And it’s a hermetic principle that as above, so below, as within still with, Oh, it’s, it’s the a yin and yang principle number four. It’s first of all, number four of the hermetic seven hermetic principles. And that’s what they do. Like Justin Bieber, black face. It’s the opposite. It’s like the black and white checkerboard.

Speaker 10: (01:39:45)
Exactly. So you look at Miley and Aisha. What do you have? You have a housewife who has a cooking show, and then you have this other girl who’s twerking and wagging her tongue and doing drugs and engaging in lesbian isms. So it’s like polar opposite.

Speaker 12: (01:39:57)
It’s the same with, uh, uh, what’s his name? Uh, Kirk Franklin. You know, he’s a religious, uh, you know, musical artists, dah, dah, dah. But then he also plays a thug as Powells or plies or whatever his name is. You see what I’m saying? I looked at, I went to Ben Google. I looked at all different search engines to see what popped up. I noticed that they all bang in Google. Do they work together? Because when I was looking at images, the same images popped up on both search engines. I thought I would think bank would have different, I don’t know.

Speaker 10: (01:40:38)
Well look, um, do me a favor, if you can send me that email because I got to listen. I’ve got a list of 20 questions that I’m going to read here

Speaker 12: (01:40:45)
to screenshot it.

Speaker 10: (01:40:46)
Yeah, send it, cause I got, I got 20 questions to ask a keel. So I’m going to read these online to me by cam.

Speaker 12: (01:40:53)
Say he would, he knows who you are. Trust me. He knows who you are. He’s not going to respond to you because he knows the platform that you have.

Speaker 10: (01:41:04)
Oh yeah. I’m just going to read the questions out loud. I know he

Speaker 12: (01:41:07)
as far as it can be. And he responded to me on Instagram. So he looked at my account and he has like 50 followers, you know, this is a note, you know, in his eyes a nobody. So, you know, he’s a Orlando data. He just went on and off for it. Like I thought. Whereas I was reading his comments, I thought it’s supposed to be a musical artist. When did you have the time to respond to uh, somebody on Instagram who’s never posted in the Zang? I’ve never posted on Instagram. No ball.

Speaker 10: (01:41:44)
See the defensiveness? Yeah, they’re so defensive. They give it away that they’ve got something to hide. It’s pretty obvious.

Speaker 12: (01:41:52)
See, I believe the kill to fuck. I believe he’s very frustrated that, uh, he doesn’t get the attention that he used to get. I think he was addicted to that attention.

Speaker 10: (01:42:04)
I know, I was like, wait a minute, you trade in this role for that. So I started thinking, maybe it’s just like a government job. Like you gotta do 30 years to retire and he’s just like another board, you know, government employee might as well work at the post office. I’m like, what’s the deal? Why would you throw away that career for this? And yeah,

Speaker 12: (01:42:20)
you know what a, you know, but you got to keep in mind these people were raised like athletes and actors and all of them. Newscasters, a politician, all of them, they have been raised from birth for these roles that they’re playing. They were trained lady Gaga, they all go to certain schools. They’re Catholic schools. I looked up lady Gaga. Okay. And her and several others, they all went to the same schools. Specialized schools like arts, fine arts and all that type of stuff. I do block went to, you know, certain uh, they all go to the same schools growing up. It’s like the wealthy, they, they, they send the children to uh, you know, on long Island they go, you know, they’re all telling you they all know each other from early on. It’s not new to them once they get older because they’ve already been programmed for the role they will play. There’s an NFL player who let the cat out the bag. I’m going to look his name up and email it to you. But he said, I knew, they told me I was going to be a plan against Tom Brady and as a teenager he said they took almost like they who,

Speaker 10: (01:43:46)
yeah, check this out. So Snoop Dogg and Cameron Diaz went to the same school. That’s, yeah, you’re right though. This is something that, this is a cradle to grave.

Speaker 12: (01:43:57)
Who else went to the same school?

Speaker 10: (01:43:59)
Cameron Diaz.

Speaker 12: (01:44:02)
Oh yeah. Uh, she’s the insider. I have video on her. I used to work in the entertainment industry for 13 years, so I’ll let you know. But I’m bout by a nondisclosure agreement that I signed. I have like a whole folder, you know, where I went to mansion parties and shit like that. And I’m telling you, I just leave it at that.

Speaker 10: (01:44:29)
Yeah. The world’s a stage and as far as I can tell, it looks like the Mason

Speaker 12: (01:44:32)
you won’t get killed over. No. Uh, yeah.

Speaker 10: (01:44:35)
Yeah. W the, the world’s a stage though. What they’ve done is they’ve got the public thinking that the movies are on the screens and on TV and that there’s a difference between the celebrities in quote real life. And what we see on the screen and it’s like, no, you don’t know where the actor ends and the real person

Speaker 12: (01:44:50)
there are like tell Reese went out. Paul Walker just so called friend had a Howard, they were lovers actually. But uh, when Paul Walker had that fake death and the in the car and all that type shit

Speaker 10: (01:45:07)
on the way to some charity thing, right. Like how can we, how can be,

Speaker 12: (01:45:11)
no, he was, he had left, he had left his charity and then he was, he was zooming down. Okay. Yeah. Tim.

Speaker 10: (01:45:23)
Yeah. Yeah. Was that the FBI,

Speaker 12: (01:45:25)
the neighbor? She needs my help. I’ll call back.

Speaker 10: (01:45:27)
Okay, man, thanks. I appreciate it.

Speaker 12: (01:45:29)
We’ve been off for a long time and um, I don’t always get your note or like notifications or whatever. Even g-mail man is slow on, uh, he’s love right now. And then when I click it, it’s like he ended the stream two hours ago. That was like, how could you have them as love and at the same time he [inaudible]

Speaker 10: (01:45:51)
well, Hey man, get, get on Twitter. Yeah. If you’re on Twitter, follow me. I’m at Tim. It’s zero Tim zeros. Okay. I always

Speaker 12: (01:46:02)
give him my real name. Oh, you know,

Speaker 10: (01:46:05)
that’s cool. That’s cool. But Hey, I appreciate all the insights here and all the information. Yeah,

Speaker 12: (01:46:09)
no, no, me anyway, because I have got same image up on all my social media. So when you see that picture to me.

Speaker 10: (01:46:16)
Very cool. Well, send me that email and I’m going to read what can be just sent me. It’s on the same topic. So thanks again for calling. Have a good day. All right, see ya. Okay, so these

Speaker 1: (01:46:28)
were sent to me by can be a little while ago. Hey Akil why is your wife wearing a mask? Why does Cali tuna look like Yackey Khadafi from the Outlaws. Why does soup live in Charlotte? Just like biggie. Why do you live in Georgia like puck did and where pox statue is? Is it a coincidence that you are friends with guns though and master Cody just like PAC was. Oh yeah, that’s something. So the the one who threw the brick at the head of that, Reginald Denny, the LA riots thing. Akil knew the guy says he did. I mean that’s a giveaway. The people in the Cy ops all know each other. They’re all part of the same deep fake industry. Uh, why don’t you have any fee? Oh, this one. Why is your bottom tooth crooked? Just like POCs. Is it a coincidence that you have the same hairline? Now notice a kill. The MC has got like a million hats and I don’t know if the dreads are real or not, but one of the things that the CIA does when they give you a deep fake cover is they give you a beard. If you’re clean shaven, they shave you. If you’re, you’ve got a beard. If you’re born, they give you long hair, you know, they basically try to upset the expectations that are used to seeing you.

Speaker 1: (01:47:45)
Did you have any surgery on your face or nose to make you appear like a different person? Why do you always use the term quote and stuff when you speak? Yeah. Much of what gives the stuff away is the mannerisms. Like look, I could tell you that Alex Jones is bill Hicks without showing you a single picture. I could make the case with his voice and their timelines. Uh, do you have a twin brother? Are you a free Mason? Why is one of your damage control agents a free Freemason? And why did he lie about being a free Mason when he was asked? Why is your voice and appearance so radically different from a few years ago with a tour bus video you did on YouTube? Why is your son’s name secure?

Speaker 1: (01:48:29)
Have you seen the video of a Fenny shucker speaking at her own funeral? Oh, death faking goes in the family at these things. Look, these characters live and die in our faces and it’s all an act. I mean, this is getting to the point where it’s so widespread that we just have to call for what it is. You know, it’s a, a false worldview that’s being promulgated and pushed on the masses like a religion and it is a religion. Pete Shay says, David weasel made it onto Alex Jones. He did. And he said, Alex Jones, you woke me up. It’s like, dude, Alex Jones didn’t wake you up. If you’re calling him Alex Jones, his damn name is bill Hicks. I can understand you mistaking him for a Chaz bono, but that’s bill Hicks. Why would you call him anything? But unless you’re in on it. And a lot of these people are agents like Ritchie from Boston. Come on, I don’t want to hear anybody who vapes that much. Complaining about chem trails like yourself, vaping. I, let’s continue. This is a list of a cam B, a questions he wrote to ask of a keel. Why does a kill to MC sound like Machiavelli? And I killed the MC. It does sound like that. I killed DMC.

Speaker 1: (01:49:44)
Maddie says, when I was ignorant, I thought pock and biggie died by signing death packs to become famous and die at the end of their careers. So they want you to think that they want you to think that the 27 club is a curse. There’s also the die young curse. So if you, if you didn’t follow this thing with the Nipsey hussle before he died, there was a video called die young and in the song by Roddy rich die young in the video. He’s in a cemetery looking at a smartphone and at one 33 in the video, one minute and 33 seconds, Nipsey appears on the screen and he says, I don’t want to die young. And he talks about this, this line about, you know, what that means. And one, three, three is the song that the masons opened the Bible to before they ritually kill their initiative and then resurrected from the dead. So the die young curse has been talked about as, what is it with all these people who are associated with the song dying young? Well, this is it. This is, it’s all just a story.

Speaker 1: (01:50:43)
Okay, let’s see here. Why couldn’t you meet with me? Oh, you were going to meet with the keel, the MC. These are some good questions. Look and, and it’s not about any individual actor or deep faker that we discover. They do damage control for all of them. I mean they, they rolled out damage control and Miley Cyrus and a Yesha Curry right after we talked about that one. But it’s not about the individuals, it’s about the infrastructure. Like, it’s not about nine 11 or Sandy hook. It’s about the Sy up industrial complex. Anybody focusing to the exclusion of other issues on any one of these issues is probably a limited hangout operation. Government off a plant Mark says, I don’t see how anybody believes he’s wrappers dies when actually die when the murders are never solved and they become dead legends with sightings everywhere.

Speaker 1: (01:51:36)
Metro PC says Justin Black face while Justin blackface got married today or yesterday and Oh, here’s something. Okay, check this out. I don’t know if you guys have seen this. Okay. So his wife’s name is Hailey Bieber. Hailey, uh, Haley’s one of the Baldwins. So check this out. I was researching Justin Beaver, blackface to see when it would show up cause we’ve been putting so much content out on this subject. Well, oddly enough, last the weekend before last Justin Trudeau was the center of a scandal. It was Justin in Canada doing blackface. So that was trending for the whole weekend. And I was like, what better way to hide what we’re uncovering then to take another Canadian named Justin and accused him of blackface and run with that story. And they did. But when I was searching, I found this apparently highly Bieber was accused of blackface. And I want to show you this, cause this to me I think is significant given that she is married to Justin Beaver who plays the weekend.

Speaker 1: (01:52:39)
So this is Haley on a beach. This picture caused controversy because of how darker skin is, and she was accused of using some kind of skin dye. So what does that look like a day in the sun or skin die? I mean, I, I live in a very sunny place. I’m, I get burnt. I got a wicked farmer’s tan. I would never get this color without some type of additive to my skin. And I think that this is a hint that Justin Beaver’s wife gets accused of blackface. Does she grab the rent of the wrong lotion? You know, they’re going out of the beach and she grabbed the weekend stuff. It’s like, no, no, no. You gotta grab the Monday through Friday stuff. We only do that on the weekends cause I do think the weekend might be some type of a joke having to do with this name. Tim truths says might be a camera filter. Nope, not a camera filter. She actually responded. Uh, let’s see here. Cause there were many different pictures of it and I’m just saying it’s really odd and weird, but maybe not so much. Maybe it’s a hint. Hailey Bieber queues a black faced after showing her dark tan. Her tan is divided the internet. Justin Bieber’s wife was accused of being way too 10 after posing a photo of herself on her Instagram story.

Speaker 1: (01:53:58)
Alright. Can be phones are open. Let me go, let me go and turn my ringer on. It’s (505) 510-4226 phones are open. Tim true says celebrities lie all the time. Yeah. Have any of you ever done public speaking? You know, it’s like one of the most stressful things in the world the first time you do it. I think. Um, yeah. Go ahead and call back one more time. I’m sorry. My ringer wasn’t on. So when you get up in front of a room, you know, you have all eyes on you and you’re communicating, it’s very stressful. And for actors to pull it off, it does require a great deal of mastery in the ability to manage their own emotional responses and even suspend empathy. Hey, what’s up color? Is this a can be?

Speaker 13: (01:54:51)
Yes sir. I can be here. Um, so really quick, I wanted to speak on, I appreciate you, um, uh, doing the questions, man. I had some fun with that and, um, that was a little collaborative effort with [inaudible]

Speaker 14: (01:55:04)
versatile and fearless TV, so I appreciate them too. Um, I’m to be doing a part two of the questions for Q. So anybody in the chat, um, anybody that’s listening right now, please chime in. If you have questions, you want to bring something up, let’s ask him because clearly he’s watching my channel and, um, so yeah, we’ll go from there, right? But really quick. Um, do you hear about, uh, IPS, I’m asking you if you know about, like in certain places of the country, people refer to black people or Negroes I should say. Um, as Mondays because they, everybody hates Mondays. Have you heard of that before?

Speaker 6: (01:55:46)
I only heard about it a few hours ago when somebody emailed that to me. But if that is the case, then this weekend thing really is such a sick inside racist joke.

Speaker 14: (01:55:55)
Okay. Okay. Well there it is. I think, I think that’s exactly what’s going on. I got this. I don’t know if it’s the same person. I’m not going to bless him out, but it’s the same. I got that email too and I’ve looked at it and it, I think that’s the case here. So essentially, um, uh, in certain parts of the country, people call black people Mondays because everybody hates Mondays. And that’s just another code word for the N word, right? So this is why they call, this is why they’re called a Justin Bieber the weekend is because he’s the black person that everybody loves.

Speaker 6: (01:56:29)
Man, that is so funny. That is such a, I mean, we’ll look, we’re talking about, we’re talking about script writers. There are script writers writing this stuff and they are the best words about there. It’s Hollywood, it’s Shakespearean, double entendre. They know all these cryptic jokes that only the elite get. I mean that this is just how they roll, I think with their sense of humor. And we’re not supposed to get any of it.

Speaker 14: (01:56:52)
No, no. It’s supposed to go over all of our heads. But for the ones that are in the note, they understand what’s going on clearly, clearly. Um, and so, I mean, it’s an outrage once again. And if anybody knows how I can start a class action lawsuit against Justin Bieber, um, because, uh, the, uh, Siri and I’m being dead serious right now, please let me know because I need to reach out to him or something. Um, let’s, let’s hit them in the pockets. You guys, why not? I’m offended. And so should you, you should be offended as well. Everyone should,

Speaker 15: (01:57:23)
I don’t, I don’t see why not.

Speaker 6: (01:57:25)
A class action only requires 20 people and it wouldn’t, um, get very far. But it would get a lot of attention, which is all you would have really want anyway.

Speaker 14: (01:57:33)
What? That’s, that’s it because I just want the attention being pointed at this stuff, man. It ain’t nobody, you know, God and, and it’s so obvious with all the damage control that they’re doing. They keep coming out with it. But you know what, like, like I said, you just gotta hit him where it hurts. Um, and then, uh, last thing Orlando, Paul didn’t man, I appreciate him. He was great. Um, he, he has, he has a lot of knowledge man on, on what’s really going on behind the scenes and um, I’ll hope that he starts his channel cause man, the, I mean we’re exposing them, but you guys, if you guys are paying attention to what I’m doing with the kill DMC right now, he is literally on the ropes. I mean, I don’t even know how he’s going to come back after these questions that I’m posing him. All of his fans, they’re coming to me. His appeal. BMC fans is die hard fan base are inboxing me telling me like can be, I can’t believe it. But, but you’re right. You know, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten to the same email from people coming from his camp. It’s over for the students.

Speaker 15: (01:58:36)
So I don’t know what the next move is, but I’m just going to keep going. I’m going to keep going. I’m not letting up. I

Speaker 14: (01:58:42)
ain’t letting up at all. So if you guys hate it, I don’t care cause I leaned up on this.

Speaker 6: (01:58:48)
No, this is really interesting right now because what we’re seeing I think is exactly what they didn’t want to happen. Like you can talk about crisis actors all day, but nobody knows them in real life to agree with you. You know? But when it comes to celebrities like I had when, when the Nipsy huts huffs hustles, a death hoax happened, there were people who were calling me up. If you remember one of them was like, yeah, I was about to get them tattooed on my neck. Thanks for saving me some money and pain and embarrassment. And I’m like, wait a minute here. This is what they don’t want. Celebrities have a built in fan base. So if you can pull the mask off, one of their big celebrities, how many people are gonna see it?

Speaker 14: (01:59:24)
And this was just going to be a snowball effect with the kill because he, I mean, he lets, let’s be honest. Will he ever admit that he was Tupac? No. He’s not going to do it. He’s not. But we’re going to see what happens with this, because if anything, this is just going to shed light. And people can start to look at this with open eyes, right? And what, what I was talking about was, in my opinion, what they’re going to do with a keel, unfortunately, right? They’re going to do, I think this is what they’re gonna do. They’re gonna do a fake death, or they’re going to kill off the Akil character because clearly we’re all waking up to this and they can’t have that. So they’re going to sacrifice the keel, right? And they’re going to do like a, like a suicide, right? Or something like that. And it’s going to be caused by, I can see the headlines now. Um, underground rapper commit suicide due to crazy conspiracy theorists linking him to Tupac and he was too stressed out, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And he had a, he had to end his life because it was too much for him. But you see what they’re going to do? They’re, they’re going to kill two birds with one stone. They’re going to keep the lie going and they’re also going to, they’re going to shun us even more.

Speaker 6: (02:00:30)
Yeah. You know what? They always do try to take the conspiracy theorists, what they call conspiracy theory. They try to take those who are perceiving the reality, take their views and make it into something bad or dangerous. Like, so the people who question the Earth’s shape are also anti-vaxxer and they’re racist. Like they always try to throw things together and any way that they can tarnish the people seeing through it, they definitely will.

Speaker 14: (02:00:52)
Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So, so I mean that’s that in my opinion, that’s exactly what’s going to happen with this because, um, you know, this is just more of the same from, from, from the mainstream narratives. Um, and so, you know, we’ll see what happens. You guys, um, I appreciate all the love and support, but just think about it this way. Akil the MC who was also Tupac is a supposedly worldwide famous rapper with millions of fans. Why is he even taking the time to respond to a crazy conspiracy theorist with 400 subscribers? Why ask yourself that? So, um, you guys, I appreciate the time. I’m a gap. [inaudible] got to get ready for work, but

Speaker 6: (02:01:34)
I’ll try to keep listening and IPS. I appreciate you man. All right. Hey, thanks for calling. Thanks for the information always. This is a, another level two pulling down the, uh, the deception around us. And most people who have not looked into it are completely unaware. You know, it’s not just fake school shootings, it’s the celebrity dramas, the, the athletes. It’s everywhere. So thanks for bringing this stuff up and thanks for calling is always

Speaker 16: (02:01:56)
for sure, bro. Take care

Speaker 6: (02:01:57)
[inaudible] RD going. This can be, you can find his YouTube channel if you go to auto hoax.com and auto hooks.com is where we’re having a lot of our um, content posted. Let’s see if we’ve missed anything else. So one of the thing I was just going to bring up was this star ship update. I was bringing it up before the color that they changed the name to Starship to make it synonymous with the star ship enterprise right before they start preparing to send people to Mars. And again, it’s all because science fiction is how they make things seem plausible to you. So when they fake it in the news fake news, you’re more likely to believe in it. And right now they feel like the public has been prepped and primed enough to accept Mars bases as an actual reality. So they’re about start pulling that off action. New says they will put IPS on an FBI list. Oh, we all are. You guys are all terrorists. You know that, right? As a 121 people here who have been designated terrorists by the federal Bureau of investigation because of your opinions, your thought crimes.

Speaker 17: (02:03:11)

Speaker 6: (02:03:12)
Which makes sense. If you think about how information can bring down their power base. What’s up color? [inaudible]

Speaker 16: (02:03:20)
what’s that sound? This is Mark column.

Speaker 6: (02:03:22)
Hey, how are you doing? Uh, so, uh, what topic you call in on? We’ve been talking about Akil the MC deep fakes Mars.

Speaker 16: (02:03:31)
Okay. I was talking about the, um, I wanted to call about the ID States on there for comment just now in the chat where I asked if you, if you got the, uh, Jason Weaver interview I sent you on like a bland TV where he was talking about Michael Jackson when he met Michael Jackson. He was saying that like, yeah, he was saying that like a Michael Jackson snuck onto the set and nobody even didn’t a, nobody knew he was there because he was wearing a prosthetics as a old white man. And if they, um, and it like, it was the same guy who apparently he did the work on the, uh, thrill of video and a couple of movies. And when I did a little research, I found out the guy that works on the thriller video, who, who Jason Weaver said used to do, um, uh, Michael Jackson’s, uh, prosthetics. This guy also had, uh, government ties to, so it kinda ties back into, uh, the woman, uh, Mendez, the one who was the a CIA director.

Speaker 6: (02:04:45)
Yeah. Uh, Jonah, Jonah Mendez, master of disguise. CIA. Yeah.

Speaker 16: (02:04:49)
Yeah. It’s by the first thing I thought about was debt and then it was because it was like I was listening to when like he was saying that like, um, uh, Michael was supposed to come and then it was like, um, uh, he canceled everything. Like after they brought in all of this up to charity, they said that nobody noticed this older white guy walking with some other people. They thought he was just par for the VR production scene. He went into, um, a trailer and it’s like he said, he, he said when he first set set in front of the man, he was looking at the man and he said, he said, I was looking at an older white man, no, no indication. He was looking at Michael Jackson. He said he didn’t know it was mine until, uh, Mike’s broke and, um, and took off his glasses and looked him in the eyes and he said, he, he said that the makeup was so good. It look like, like it was makeup. And the first thing I did, I sent you that, I think I emailed it to you.

Speaker 6: (02:05:55)
Yeah. Actually I did run by it earlier, um, and I watched it and yeah, that was thing the guy knew Michael and didn’t recognize him and he was face to face.

Speaker 16: (02:06:05)
Yeah, I thought about that. I thought about that and I thought about, um, I was gonna ask you that. Had you seen the new, uh, Marlon Wayans movie sex templates?

Speaker 6: (02:06:18)
No, I haven’t. Um,

Speaker 16: (02:06:19)
okay. It’s a lot of prosthetic work. He’s basically, he’s basically putting on a bunch of different size, um, a prosthetic, like, you know, a weight, like you see it on the legs and the arms and the face and he looks like, uh, by, you know, three or like four different characters throughout the entire movie. But the prosthetics is amazing along with the, with the, uh, CGI, but it just goes to show how good the like, uh, prosthetics is. Because I watched an interview with Marlin where he was actually wearing the, like a prosthetics and he looked like a fat dude.

Speaker 6: (02:07:07)
You know what? I started watching this, uh, we watched the other night. I got through about 15 minutes when they’re about to drive off the cliff and I was like, to me the, the writing was so terrible as as unwatchable

Speaker 16: (02:07:18)
yeah, sorry. It wasn’t dumb. You had a story dumb. I was this, it was just what caught me was I was looking at like, like the makeup and it’s like, uh, the only reason I’ve watched it with so I could, so I could kind of see how the makeup going to be.

Speaker 6: (02:07:35)
Oh, that’s why I looked, I think you might’ve recommended it. And I scrolled through it and I’m like, you know what, this here, this is what they’ve been doing for our entire lives in the political sphere and everywhere else. I mean we even have astronaut death fakers and so this is an old, old, old operating procedure they’ve been running off of and occasionally we see glimpses of it here in the movies and the shows us, Hey look, you don’t have to worry about deep fake technology five years from now with CGI. They’ve been doing this for a long time already.

Speaker 16: (02:08:04)
Oh, you know what else I wanted to tell you after I called in last time and I spoke on the uh, since you strong and there like Boston strong everything, local news spaces here started starting doing damage control. They started talking about the sense the strong and the shooting that we had downtown and everything. And it was like I got off of different on messages where people talk with people from like right here in the city telling me they believe that this, the news media ran those stories because a folks around town were sharing when I called in last time to your, uh, pilot test.

Speaker 6: (02:08:50)
Oh yeah. I mean, look, we see damage control all the time and I don’t think it takes very much. I think if we get one idea like this out to 10,000 people in a week, they go into damage control mode. We’ve seen it time after time for wall since April. Yeah.

Speaker 16: (02:09:05)
Okay. And I just said one more question to ask you. What do you think about, okay now, um, I posted about the like a will Smith movie that you have coming out a Gemini man where they’re doing the whole cloning thing

Speaker 6: (02:09:19)
right? Where he plays his own 23 year old self and they use it. Yeah.

Speaker 16: (02:09:24)
Yeah. And it’s like, I was looking a little, a little deeper into like this whole, you know, clone and stuff again. And I’m kind of, when we, when we talked last time, like we were talking about how, how we could possibly be like another, a cover up for the whole prosthetics thing. I think you were on the something with that because when I started looking into, uh, cloning the place in Canada, a lot of things I was, I was like, I’m able to find with that, I don’t actually find anybody who’s an actual scientist who works there. I find a lot of people, like a lot of the names I was able to come up with these people all work in either something to do with like with like w like, um, uh, entertainment with like marketing or with like makeup and fashion. Nobody, nobody, I could find who I, who I could actually get a name on that supposedly worked there, had any type of background except for like, uh, two people. The woman that’s always at the United nations and the guy that comes with, and those two are the only scientist. Everybody else is all entertainment names, faults. So with like, I’m starting to think that the whole, that the, that the whole a cologne ADA facility is just the prosthetics lab.

Speaker 6: (02:10:57)
That’s funny. And that’s probably right. 100%. And you know what this is, I’m reminded me too of how a couple of songs was like the summer before last space X was preparing for there or NASA was preparing for that Rover, a new Rover to land on Mars and they were recruiting at JPL. They said, JPL is recording of report of recruiting people for next, for this November to help with the Mars landing. And I’m like, what kind of people are they recruiting? And they recruited CGI specialists.

Speaker 16: (02:11:26)
Wow. See, see and this, and this, this at a point now where it’s like when you, um, when you just did the one about the, about the cop in California who um, who faked the shoot.

Speaker 6: (02:11:45)
Oh yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 16: (02:11:47)
When you did that, I show, I show people that I show people that and it was like one person, I show his father, the judge. I told him to show his father and tell me what he said. He told me, he told me when he, when he, um, when he sat down with him and showed its on his father who was a judge and been on the bench for like well over 20 years. So him [inaudible] told him, told him don’t say this anywhere else. But it’s like this type of shit happens all the time and that’s why I kind of figured that anyway. What is, just to hear somebody of authority, you know, in just a casual conversation like off the record, say artists stuff happens all the time. It’s just a lot of, it doesn’t even make the news but it’s still, but it’s still, in other words, he was saying they fake a lot of things all the time and it’s fine if it’s not a good enough faith, it won’t make the new

Speaker 6: (02:12:55)
Oh, that’s interesting. You know what? That’s good. That’s a really good observation because there was this thing on NPR year and a half ago, the school shootings that weren’t where they reported on 235 shootings and they investigated these shootings and they found out only 11 were real incidents. And these weren’t actually shootings. So how did 235 fake shootings get reported? You know, so they use these fake events to bolster statistics for political ends.

Speaker 16: (02:13:21)
Yeah, that’s crazy. That’s crazy. Well, yeah man, I just wanted to call in and, and you know, and get a little input that, um,

Speaker 13: (02:13:33)
I’ll be in the chat and I’ll check you guys out a little later on tonight. I’ll email you some other things I came across too.

Speaker 6: (02:13:39)
Yeah, very good. I appreciate it. And I always like to bring this stuff up. So yeah, thanks again. It’s people like you who, uh, supply the tips and the info that, you know, keep this a, this live stream, you know, informed. So again, thanks for calling.

Speaker 13: (02:13:52)
Oh, no problem. I can go look in there.

Speaker 6: (02:13:54)
Yup. Yes. So he was the one who sent me that link that I went over at the very beginning about the Michael Jackson’s, uh, use of disguise. And you know, you can find Michael Jackson as an old white guy dancing around. It’s nothing new there. Infinite plane radio.

Speaker 13: (02:14:13)
Hey Sam, it’s a Tim shirt.

Speaker 6: (02:14:15)
Hey, what’s up, Tim? Truth. Yeah, I saw your comment there. I’m when can be said he wants a class action suit against Justin Beaver for being racist. Send it. Yeah. Send and said send him a cease and desist. You will stop.

Speaker 13: (02:14:29)
Um, but especially, well either way, even if it’s not true with these they’re called, but um, what have you been watching the news or seeing the news? It says, um, obviously there they’re doing the impeachment inquiry into Trump in the top news story right now is that Trump is uh, circulating a quote invoking a civil war like fracture if he’s removed from office. And I’m wondering if this is predictive programming for an assassination so that they get people to have this in the back of their mind. But I, I don’t know.

Speaker 6: (02:15:02)
Ooh, not bad. Cause I saw that he was re tweeting a quote from some minister and of course it’s attributed to him and they hype it up for Drudge to get that meme civil war out there. There may be something to it because wasn’t this predicted in the back to the future movies?

Speaker 13: (02:15:19)
Yeah, there’s been a lot of stuff about Trump getting assassinated. I can’t put my finger on it right now, but people have been saying that from different angles. So I don’t, I don’t know. I don’t know if you saw the Iran [inaudible]. I don’t know if it’s true. There was a story out of Iran that they said that there was a, um, applied to kidnap him and put them on trial for war crimes. Seemed like that would be pretty hard to do, but

Speaker 6: (02:15:43)
I think it might all be political hype, but I dunno, who knows. I mean, we could have Gretta, you know, how dare you, you know, and taking them out because of what he did to the environment. Like they have so many different ways they can make it work. But, um, to me it’s probably just them getting views for the vote because before the 2016 election, for that final week, Alex Jones was hyping it up and hyping it up. He’s like, literally Donald Trump is George Washington reincarnated and they’re going to take him out before the election. And he was hyping that up until the day of, and Jones even cried. That’s when I realized this guy’s just a crisis actor. He was crying tears on his livestream about what they’re going to do to Trump in America. And that was to agitate people to vote. So this is probably just them agitating their base. But as far as predictive programming, yeah, I wouldn’t, I take that off the table.

Speaker 13: (02:16:31)
Yeah. That was just my first, my first thoughts. I appreciate your perspective there. Uh, I wanted to comment on, um, gravity, um, cause they kind of go and coincides with the, um, the star man, which you brought up. And that was a weird thing they showed with the, um, the you bowl or whatever the thing’s called and a tennis racket.

Speaker 6: (02:16:49)
Yeah, the weeknight

Speaker 13: (02:16:50)
done wing nut. There you go. Um, so I don’t know if you know, but all in the year 1666, they say, Isaac Newton developed integral calculus. He experimentally verified the composite nature of light and he refined his gravitational theory to the point that he was able to satisfy himself through calculation that Earth’s gravity holds the moon in orbit. They call 1666 in Newton analysts mirabilis, which is Latin for miraculous a year. And a couple of decades later, he, he did the Principia Mathematica where he, uh, put out his, uh, three or his laws of physics, one of like is a force equals mass times acceleration. And, um, when I realized the other day, and I don’t know if you guys have thought about this a w I was, you know, going through the numbers to see if it all checks out. I figured there had to be some contradiction somewhere until I was taking the mass of these objects and plugging them into the gravity equation.

Speaker 13: (02:17:47)
And, um, then I learned on a live stream the other day, somebody told me that they, they, uh, reversed engine engineered the masses. Like I never thought about like how did they come up with these numbers that they give you when you search? What is the mass of the earth? What does the mass of the moon, what’s the mass of the design? And they, uh, the calculated all of these things using Newton’s equations, uh, and the presupposed radius of the earth and the orbital, uh, radius is, and the periods they say take these planets go around the sun. So they don’t really know any of these masses. They don’t know if the gravitational formula is accurate. Uh, it’s all based on, uh, the gravitational constant that cabin dish found with his four hanging balls in his shed. Um, when he shit, that was a big revelation for me that, I mean it’s kind of like, um, cause they turned them around and plugged these numbers back into the equation and say it all checks out. You know, that’s why the moon doesn’t crash in because the moon’s a centrifugal force. Gear to its orbit is equal to the force due to gravity. Point it in and it’d be like mathematicians in Orwell’s 1984 saying that two plus two equals five, because five equals two plus two. It’s all circular logic that’s they derive these numbers from their equations and then plug them back into the equations and they find out it’s correct.

Speaker 6: (02:19:05)
Well, sometimes it looks like they put the numerology first. I mean, if some people are to be believed about history and having, you know, a thousand years is actually been artificially added, that would make the miraculous miraculous year a 666 and that number is constantly showing up with the heliocentric system. With sun warship, you had peg Whitson on the ISS for hundred and 66 days. The earth tilt 23.4 degrees, leaving 66.6 in the square. You’ve got the RB

Speaker 13: (02:19:35)
66 point 6,000 miles per hour and that time, 26 feet per mile squared, that’s 8.66 or even the curve.

Speaker 6: (02:19:46)
And so what this is telling us is I think the Pope, the papacy, the number of the sun, God incarnate has always been six six, six. And so this is all sun worship and Cesar. And so this is Caesar’s religion. This is the heliocentric is just still the same old. It’s just masqueraded as science. So for them to encode that number in it so much, I think just kind of affirms, this is how you get the secular humanist atheist to still bow down and hail Caesar, hail the Pope, you know, hail the Apollo in the flesh.

Speaker 13: (02:20:16)
Right. Has ADL made six, six, six a hate crime yet, or is it just bull cut?

Speaker 6: (02:20:22)
It’s just bowl cuts now. Well, the AOK sign, they actually see that’s the thing they, okay was six, six, six. Now it’s a hate crime, but no, they haven’t.

Speaker 13: (02:20:30)
There’s nobody you’d like call in for this at all. I mean, except for, except for your, uh, your audience and yourself. But like I was looking at videos where like CBS would do their little, um, report on the ADL ad in bold cuts and the OK sign and they had like two thumbs up and like a thousand thumbs down because everybody hates that. Um, everything’s turning into a hate sign and they’re hating and people dislike that. Um, see CVS as a news outlet. So I call it CVS, like S. E. a. B. S. um,

Speaker 6: (02:21:05)
what’s, what, what’s, what’s the, uh, what’s with the white nationalists in prison doing Kabbalah using numbers and letters and codes and hand signs. That’s Kabbalah. That’s, so I’m like, did the ADL invent white nationalism?

Speaker 13: (02:21:18)
[inaudible] it’s possible. I mean it’s, it’s, you’ve got to wonder if these are really actual, um, how widespread these, the symbols are and how many false positives you’re going to get if you arrest everybody that has a, uh, 22 tattoo. Um, but Hey, one more thing that for the people out there and yourself to look into, I don’t know if I’m like freaking out for just some, uh, internet larks or whatever, but I’m kind of worried about next month being the breakout of Iran war. And then after that, on November 3rd, I’m watching, uh, Seattle people are saying that there might be a huge, um, even like a, like a fake nuclear attack on Seattle. Like there’s a, a video by a Japanese band called world order, no joke. And it’s called let’s start world war three. And it has a lot of wizard of Oz symbolism. And they were like following the yellow brick road. And they, the second half of it’s in Seattle, which is called the Emerald city, and there’s a lot of ’em cartoons and stuff with that, um, with Seattle getting attacked. And, um, they’re like, look down at their watch and it’s pointing at three and 11. And I don’t know, I think people should look into it and, um, there’s a bunch of different predictive programmings on it. But, um,

Speaker 6: (02:22:38)
well look, here’s what it was. Here’s what could happen. There was a story, I forgot what it’s called. It’s a movie about the space station falling, which we’ve been already predicting, but it hit LA. The problem with the story in the story is that it had a secret nuclear reactor inside of it. And this got me thinking about the heavenly palace, which was the Chinese space station that they brought down a year ago. And they said, you know, it was going to land anywhere from Detroit to California. And they had FEMA out. They had all these emergency responders ready to go. And I remember thinking, what if China was just as a sick ploy where they put a nuke in the thing and they’re going to drop it off and landed in Los Angeles and there’s a movie about this very theme. Now I know nukes are fake, but the public doesn’t know and they can be faked. So I thought, well what if, uh, the space station is said to be running on some kind of power like that and they land that thing in Seattle. Like maybe it could be a combination cause they still got to bring that down. There was enough predictive programming to be fairly certain the space station has to fall in 2019. So if there’s another big calamity being scripted, maybe they’re going to combine the two.

Speaker 13: (02:23:40)
Yeah, it’s anything possible. I think you’re right about the ISS. Um, I think you’re right. So I’ll, I’ll get out of the way. That was all I had to bring up, but I’m appreciate you taking the call as always.

Speaker 6: (02:23:51)
And what did they, what were the dates again to watch out for? What are the dates for Seattle?

Speaker 13: (02:23:55)
Nope, November the third.

Speaker 6: (02:23:58)
Okay. It’s a 33 and you know what, on three 11, we predict something else on three 11. I said there’s going to be a big deal today, some PSI up that’s gonna advance an agenda. And on three 11 in Ethiopia, you had a Boeing max crash and a 150 some people died and that’s been used to make some regulatory changes about, you know, the, the airlines in these bigger planes, but definitely a sign up on three 11. So we always look for these dates because, not because we believe in these numbers, but because these are recognizable patterns. So 11 three wouldn’t shock me if something big happens.

Speaker 13: (02:24:31)
Yeah. I’m definitely not doing this theory justice. So everyone do your own research. Um, but November the third yet I’m, I’m worried about it. Hopefully it’s a, it’s nothing. It’s just the false fear. But um, maybe if enough of us point at it before it happens, either it’ll give us some credibility as something goes down or it they’ll change their plan. Or maybe I’m just way off base, but I am kind of cause it’s coming up so,

Speaker 6: (02:24:55)
Oh, which do you hope for? Like I hope that they bring the fake ISS down for credibility reasons and to blow up our channel because I know nobody’s gonna die. But um, when it comes to this thing here, yeah. Calling it in advance, I think it’s a good way to get people to question what they see instantly. So they don’t emotionally react.

Speaker 13: (02:25:12)
That’s, that’s the thing because they’re going to use it as a, as a, um, one of those flags that are false. And um, that’s what we don’t want. That’s what they did with nine 11. And um, it’s hundreds of thousands of people. Hundreds of thousands of people have died in those post nine 11 Wars. And I’m worried about a world war coming. Um, they call grounds, they call nine 11 ground zero. When, if you look up that definition, it’s um, right underneath where a nuclear bomb goes off. So I don’t know if there’s any, uh, coincide in there.

Speaker 6: (02:25:45)
That’s right. You’re right about that. Interesting little correlation. And this channel really is also a ground zero for a truth ism, truth or ism. There are no other channels out there that are on full auto hoax that are looking at all the different deceptions at the same time. You know, who don’t have an agenda or anything like that. So no, I liked that expression. Use it all the time.

Speaker 13: (02:26:07)
Your channel’s awesome man. Um, I’m trying to, I’m going to keep trying to send people over here. Um, hopefully you, you’ve uh, Burris past the thousand here so you can mobile, uh, stream and yes, you, someone in the Chad Lord help us. Tampa says that they found me from my channel, so maybe wrench them up.

Speaker 15: (02:26:25)
All right, thanks a lot for that. I appreciate the red moreover. All right, thanks Tim. Have a great one.

Speaker 6: (02:26:31)
All right. Call anytime. Hey, that’s Tim truth and usually he links his channel below. I’m going to have to put it on auto hooks.com. I’m trying to catch up on that site. So you heard it. 11. Three is a day to watch and even if they CYOP it. The problem with these things is if it’s a very big CYOP, they lead to real Wars. They use fake events, fake tears, fake blood to get real tears, real blood. That’s why you can’t just ignore the stuff, pretend like it doesn’t exist, and remain ignorant about it and uninformed like there are three types. There are three positions you can take right now. When it comes to how you assess the news media and how it relates to the world, you have three options. One, you remain misinformed, which means you believe everything. So you live in a world of misinformation or you become informed, which is what we’re doing.

Speaker 6: (02:27:27)
We’re paying attention, we’re analyzing it. We’re doing real time mass media propaganda, deconstruction every single day so that they can’t write a fake history in front of our eyes, which is what they’re doing. The fake news becomes fake history if we don’t challenge it. So we need to keep our own record, even if it’s just in our own minds. We have a continuity. We are on a path that’s parallel to the fake reality and we’re just calling it out as it goes. And they really don’t like this idea of people who are seeing through the thing to consolidate like this to network. Let’s see what else we have to go over. I think we got pretty much everything but look, and we’re the only channel that really does it all the way. And I’m not afraid to be wrong. So if you can prove me wrong, please do. Show me a T Rex skull that’s not made in China.

Speaker 1: (02:28:24)
Find an explanation for the lack of parallax on the moon between the foreground and background. Consistent with the distances that it’s supposed to be. Like we’re just calling out the inconsistencies. I’m not telling anybody what to believe, I’m just explaining things that I find questionable. And so you’re either going to be misinformed or informed. And then the third option is uninformed, meaning you’re not paying attention. And the problem with the people who aren’t paying intention at all is that they will default to the misinformation. That’s the key. So we’re paying attention. Most people aren’t. When they run a sigh up, the people who aren’t paying attention aren’t going to come to you and me. They’re going straight with the heard. That’s why I’m saying it’s not good enough to not pay attention. You have to actually know what’s up.

Speaker 1: (02:29:16)
Crimson King says Tim had a well-informed globe head on his show last week. The dude was making a strong case more than any globe head has to date. We’ll look. They’re still all arguments from authority. It’s a house of cards. It really is. I wouldn’t want to have to defend it anyway. Uh, the space program is a cover for a return, not a return. It’s recovered for eight communist revolution. That’s what it’s about. The Mars project written by Vaughn Bron decades ago named the first dictator on Mars that Ilan, so I got to take off. This is Pope Ilan by one. I Jack on the shells. I’ll be back tonight to take calls. I just had to do this this morning to catch up cause I’ve been out of the loop for the last three or four days, which feels like three months. You know when you’re on the cutting edge, missing three days is a big deal. Gently as channel says, communist revolution. Any chance, any evidence of that claim? Oh yeah. Yeah. If you didn’t know Jenelly’s channel environmentalism is a communist ploy. It’s a stocking horse.

Speaker 5: (02:30:24)
It’s like if

Speaker 1: (02:30:26)
the space program is how they’re going to execute,

Speaker 5: (02:30:29)
I mean, we’re all gonna die someday, and if you’re going to pick someplace to die, then why not Moss? Yeah. For born on earth. Why not die on Mars? It seems like maybe review B be quite exciting, but I saw, I, I think given the choice of dying on earth with diamond mys, I’d say, yeah, I’m sure I’ll done Moss

Speaker 9: (02:30:52)
[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]

Speaker 18: (02:33:22)
and you can tell it’s real because it looks so fake. Wait for the Sonic booms for the Sonic booms.

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