Is Social Distancing is The New Segregation? #covid1984

The masks are annoying enough. But the real harm being inflicted upon society itself is the Social Distancing. That NAZI scientist Dr. Fauci doesn’t want human beings to shake hands—ever again. This, I contend, is intended to erode trust.


[ seg-ri-gey-shuh n ]

noun: the act or practice of segregating; a setting apart or separation of people or things from others or from the main body or group.”

Now, everyone is a suspect. Our misleaders tell us “You are a Covid19-Terrorist, holding the world hostage with your reckless behavior!”

I want to make a few points to illustrate the absurdity of accepting this proposed “new normal”:

  • If we were told to avoid gays because of AIDS, we would be called homophobes and we’d be denounced for using pseudoscience to justify bigotry. But now, since everyone is potentially an asymptomatic COVID19 carrier and we avoid them because they might have it.
  • Racial segregation would be impossible to carry out or enforce because the public would not get behind it. Racial separatists self-quarantine anyway.
  • Gender segregation would be problematic nowadays and has been all but obliterated as a social construct anyway.
  • If we were told to avoid Muslims because of explosive belts and extremist tendencies, we’d be called Islamophobic. However, if we were commanded to watch out for poor white kids with bowl-cuts because they are “hateful” and armed, we’d be going along with an accepted scapegoat.

My point being, we are witnessing segregation against an unprotected minority: the individual. There are no collective groups to defend the interest of the individual. The totalitarian program requires nothing more than for individuals to behave like sheep.


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