Was The Death of George Floyd a Masonic Psyop?

First impressions matter. This is especially so with psychological operations. The purpose of the psyop is to emotionally influence the minds of the masses presumably to gain acceptance for something they would reject otherwise. Storytelling comes first and factual reporting, if it occurs at all, does so in spite of the MSM’s primary purpose: presenting and selling us on narratives.

We are now witnessing the highly charged emotional response to an apparent and deliberate act of torture and ultimately murder. There are some things which stand out to me as highly suggestive of a script and plan built around this act, with the intended results being the riots and police state response.

When I looked up George Floyd, the first images I found raised some red flags for me. Here are some examples:

  1. Note the CORONA Light poster. It even has a strange Coronavirus like design.
  2. The ‘Light” in Corona is a Masonic term. Masons are initiated and let into the “Light”, which means, they are let in on what we, the masses are not. We are in the darkness to the Illuminati.
  3. He’s in front of a mirrored surface. The emblem of the 33rd degree masons is the dual-headed eagle.
Medical Examiner releases report on George Floyd death | FOX 9 ...

This one is “masony” as we call it:

The Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis: What We Know So Far ...

The BRICKS represent the Masonic CRAFT of building the New World Order.


His “TWIN”

Sun entered GEMINI, sign of the twins last week.


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