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Masks are a sign of your conformity and capitulation to mob rule.

“It’s heart-rending enough that families cannot be there at the bedside of loved ones who are critically ill,” said Vodafone CEO Nick Jeffery in a post on LinkedIn in which he begged the arsonists to stop. “It’s even more upsetting that even the small solace of a phone or video call may now be denied them because of the selfish actions of a few deluded conspiracy theorists.”

“Most of the time, the masts aren’t 5G,” said Evans. “Usually it’s masts that enable local residents and businesses to use our 2G, 3G and 4G networks, which have been essential during the ongoing pandemic to keep the country connected, keep vulnerable people in touch with loved ones, and allow essential services and providers to respond to those in need.”


[3:50 AM]

[3:50 AM]

[3:51 AM]joker = mercury , medical mask is the joker mask[3:52 AM]I think they push the chaos a little longer,[3:52 AM]then the counter punch.[3:52 AM]I don’t know if there will be complliance with another attempt at quarantine.[3:53 AM]when Sirius Rises[3:53 AM]aka the Phoenix[3:53 AM]anniversery of Aurora shooting[3:53 AM](aurora in russia last year, shaped like a phoenix)[3:54 AM]and Dark Phoenix was out (made $33 mil on its opening)

cripting is calling for “Dark Night”[3:54 AM]Black outs[3:54 AM]I suspect NYC.[3:54 AM]Seattle[3:55 AM]Black outs, possible hi altitude nuke courtesy of Russia[3:55 AM]it was the RUSSIAN power base that had the phoenix above itm[3:55 AM]this on the Solstice[3:55 AM]when Phoenix burned (last yr)[3:55 AM]1 more thing— the new Kanye video has the MEcury Sun transit[3:55 AM]which was 11:11 of last year[3:56 AM]MErcury is the Torch Bearer that burns the shit down[3:56 AM]Phoneix is also Joaquin , the Joker[3:57 AM]Sirius , dog star, the “911 dog” was name Sirius.[3:57 AM]this is all related to Chaosxwrenchosman1[3:57 AM]the Dog Star stuff is always tied to the number 23, which means chaos ,[3:58 AM]the Goddess of Chaos, her number 23, is “eris”[3:58 AM]she instigated the trojan war[3:58 AM]and was a trickster, much like Joker/ mercury[3:58 AM]Also, the Space Station—[3:58 AM]is still a barometer of international cooperation[3:59 AM]NASA immolations[3:59 AM]3 on the launch pad, the challener, and we’re in 34th year after that[3:59 AM]1986[4:00 AM]Also, lots of 1968 stuff…. in the metascript.[4:00 AM]1968, 33 yrs before 9-11[4:00 AM]ALSO, 1977 black outs repeated last summer[4:00 AM]42 years later to the day[4:00 AM]seattle 42nd state[4:01 AM]also, Black Mondays spaced 33 yrs apart[4:01 AM]Got me thinking “Black SUNDAY”[4:01 AM]is a movie from 1977[4:01 AM]which not only relates to the blackout scenario, but also involved a Blimp with a Mercury symbol on it[4:01 AM]crashing the SEATTLE stadium.[4:01 AM]which is featured in Dark Knight Rising[4:02 AM]Lots of 3-11 Seattle Black Out Nuke tie ins.[4:02 AM]Also, that Straight To Hell Ozzy video looks exactly like Chaz[4:02 AM]and ends with a nuke[4:02 AM]so

Lean dionYesterday at 4:02 AM

Black Mondays 33 yrs apart… Black Sundays 42 year apart[4:03 AM]I predict/ read into this, major black outs this month[4:03 AM]also[4:03 AM]8:46 george floyd[4:03 AM]8:46 am twin tower attack[4:04 AM]9/11 was 911 days from 3/11 madrid attacks[4:04 AM]and the last 3.11 event was the 3/11/11 fukoshima nuke thing[4:04 AM]so i’m reading their story, not making guesses,[4:04 AM]I suspect blackouts, and also 1977 was the summer of sam, the son of sam shootings[4:05 AM]during the BLACK OUTS[4:05 AM]and right now[4:05 AM]we are in year 113th year of S.O.S.[4:05 AM]being an international distress signal[4:06 AM]9/11 happened in the 33rd year of 9-1-1 being a national emergency #[4:06 AM]311 has been an emergency # for a long time in a few places[4:06 AM]so I’m also seeing the SOS in the SEATTLE scriptng/ predictive programming, relating to the Space Needle[4:06 AM]which is the new age obelisk, the new heaven being “space’[4:07 AM]Burning Man happned 33 times , and it was in Black Rock, NV[4:07 AM]Black Rock , the financial manager[4:08 AM]Lead Role in Managing Coronavirus Stimulu[4:08 AM]— Burning Man is the Bohemian Grove of the left , in many ways[4:09 AM]There’s also a heavy War in Heaven theme[4:09 AM]remember last Jan there was a “Sacrifice” of the Falcon9 to the Dragon Capsule[4:09 AM]https://www.pinterest.com/pin/627900373033171365/[4:10 AM]“SpaceX Prepares to Sacrifice Falcon nine in ‘Dragon Fire’ for Start Abort Test – ExtremeTech”[4:10 AM]I”ll be going into what I think we’ll see later this month according to my read of the metascript.[4:11 AM]HOW IT ENDS….. (released 113 days from 11/3 , also the day iphone-X came out… I,PHOENIX,[4:11 AM]was, like Dark Phoenix, 113 min long.[4:11 AM]–one more thing[4:12 AM]The Nipsey Hussle fake death[4:12 AM]has a lot of subtext regarding Mercury[4:12 AM]The Torch, the Marathon theme[4:12 AM]and a Cashless StoreIPS_TIMOz4🔥4xwrenchosman4[4:16 AM]The drill before everything[4:16 AM]like the Asteroid drills in 2019[4:16 AM]Plan 201[4:16 AM]so last year’s blackout wasn’t a major deal[4:17 AM]but if they pull off something similar now, it would be a disaster piece[4:17 AM](42–code for black out in my opinion)💯1[4:17 AM]Gov Cuomo was using some prop which had a 42 on it[4:19 AM]Also, as we’re past the Solstice, I get the sense that things will wind down for one of the two sides. Which means either the jokers get crazier for the rest of the year or the batman response overcomes[4:19 AM]so it’s either balance restored, or deeper levels of insanity.[4:19 AM]Chaz World Order is the objective.[4:19 AM]Also[4:20 AM]What’s to stop them from burning libraries?[4:20 AM]Public libraries?[4:20 AM]NPR talks about “Decolonizing” your own libraries.

MVPYesterday at 4:20 AM

statues first, libraries 2nd

TIM OZMANYesterday at 4:20 AM

the Guillotine in front of Jeff Bezo’s house…. we saw that coming. Jacobin style revolutionaries[4:21 AM]yep. I draw a line at public libraries.[4:21 AM]if that happens, then they will erase minds aka chop heads

MVPYesterday at 4:22 AM

you see the song guillotine by the coup? same group that had the twin towers blowing up on the cover of their album 6 months before 9/11

TIM OZMANYesterday at 4:22 AM

Statue of Christopher Columbus in Ohio just came down[4:22 AM]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acT_PSAZ7BQYouTubeANTI- Records


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