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Are you a Mask Cuck?

Mask-cucks are those that have submitted to Big Brother and the ongoing revolution into world-communism. Mask-cucks take their orders from hypocrites on the television, oblivious to their own cognitive dissonance.

Do you wear a mask because you have to? If so, I understand. It’s the fault of the majority of non-thinking, non-reacting readily-conquered mask-cucks. We can blame them. Their blind faith has made them malleable and it didn’t just start with Covid1984. This New Normal is in fact an entire new religion. The mask is a religious garment.

  • Virus is the new SIN
  • COVID19 is The Devil
  • Hand Sanitizer is Holy Water
  • The Mask is a Religious Garment
  • The Scientists are the Priesthood
  • Global Warming is God’s Wrath
  • Man must collectively agree to World Salvation via Sacramental Vaccination
  • The concept of Sin and Evil, as historically used by the priest-class has returned to us. The new concept of sin and evil is scientific and can be viewed under a microscope.

What can we do about mask mandates? We must act fast, speak now, and make all the necessary points we can possibly make. This means bypassing the mass media’s misrepresentation of the actual points we are making.

The mask is literally the Mark of the Beast. The mask puts us in solidarity with Antifa, ISIS, and other sock-puppet organizations warring with our freedoms. To give in to the mask is to give in to the same lying scientists that proclaim, decade after decade, that the sky is falling or heating up or melting or whatever.


One consequence of this is that it takes dust masks away from people who legitimately need them like people who do construction work

@5G I had a construction guy in who wore the mask coming into our outhouse but didn’t wear it when he was putting the fibreglass insulation in. My. Jaw. Dropped.

On the plus side it’s very quick to identify morons now

I could make a mask which has a dirty diaper design. Imagine going to a restaurant with that. You can’t see it, so u can enjoy your food, but other people see your face smeared in *#$

This one doubles as a napkin. Nobody can tell the ketchup is real

Scented Masks?ce cream, Burger, Chilimac


What about masks with adhesive instead of straps that tug on the ears, and roomy enough for breathing and speaking… I’m thinking like a detachable attachable plague mask beak without the identity obscuring face covering…I’m imagining it to be like a ‘trunk’ which then releases the exhalations into a filter worn at the waist.

Build Your Own Face Mask and Shield From a Soda Bottle

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