“Cyberbully -Duo” John and Lydia Kirszenberg Exposed !

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Formerly anonymous cyberbully John Kirszenberg used to actively seek the names, faces, and addresses of his victims. His daughter Lydia is part of this diabolical duo intent on ridding the population of free thinkers. These two want to tell you what you can and cannot say. The Kirszenberg’s are anti-free speech and they are cowards for HIDING….that is, until the IPS exposed them:

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  1. Google search the following articles to see who the real sleazy Jacob Vigil is like (Tim Ozman, Jack Larson, etc.)
    – Jacob Vigil (aka Tim Ozman) Infinite Plane Society/Radio – “The Flat Earth Report” shill exposed? You decide from the evidence presented in this article
    – Midnight in the Desert radio show, meet your new Host Jacob Vigil (aka Tim Ozman) – flat Earth advocate failure, and other depraved, noxious, porn bullying, doxing, sleazy, fake news horrible, cursing, treatment of fellow human beings
    – Jacob Vigil (aka Tim Ozman) – author, artist and internet conspirator = claims “codiv is fake news. Throw a party” J. Vigil’s total disregard for human suffering is appalling
    – Flat And Infinite Earth, by Jacob Vigil (aka Tim Ozman) – DEBUNKED. A book review by JonahTheScientist
    – Jacob Vigil (aka Tim Ozman) – author, artist and internet conspirator = is behind this murder for hire plot, that we promptly reported to the FBI at the time. Jacob is indeed one twisted dude
    Jacob Vigil (aka Tim Ozman) generates conspiracy, fake news, threats and lies. Wanted for attempted extortion and publishing obscenity, both actions which are in violation of USA Federal, State, and Local laws
    – Jacob Vigil (aka Tim Ozman) – Author writes about DEEPFAKE (AI) technology and how it can be misused, but does not mention that he himself has misused it to sexually porn bomb an innocent woman. Such activity is sadistic
    – Tim Ozman – Author, artist, conspiracy theorist, and malicious internet hacker, caught red handed
    and many more others …

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