“Conspiritainment: Why I Spread ‘Dangerous’ Conspiracy Theories” by Tim Ozman

Are you not conspiritained?

Fiction, parody, satire, comedy, free-association conjecture: somewhere in there is ‘conspiritainment’. 

Our world leaders openly conspire to steal our wealth and brainwash our friends and family into complying with nonsensical edicts intended to make us suggestible and helpless. They invent things like “pandemics’ to control us in the way priests and imams can use the existence of “sin” to regulate human behavior. To me, the least we can do is mock them relentlessly, question and impugn their motives, and memetically deconstruct their diabolical plans. 

The conspiracies are real. The fake news is faker than the MSM can admit. The fact that it’s entertaining as hell to dissect their lies, live, bothers them. I called this out a couple years ago: that the MSM is the state church and they don’t want a parallel “people’s media” thay they don’t still control. For the most part alt-media is just MSM-lite, full of plants and astroturfed from the bottom up. Look at Mike Cernovich admonishing his Twitter followers to wear masks when they drive and to shave their “p****ys”.

So here is where CONSPIRACY RESEARCH and ENTERTAINMENT merge: conspiritainment as a genre in and of itself.

We’re not serving the usual, predictable fare that outraged conspiracy nutters are accustomed to. The usual theories, the ones that get talked about in the MSM, are gate-kept, guardrailed, and steered back into the safe zones of theories which don’t question the basic integrity of the news media companies. We’re not supposed to know that all mainstream news outlets covertly serve the purpose of propagandizing the multitudes. It is especially critical that we don’t see through the fake ideological and partisan divides in media companies. The MSM’s internal bickering is the same drama which keeps alive the illusion of actual contention, competition, and real sportsmanship in professional wrestling. 

The drama is as important as the action; news is disinfo-tainment at a minimum. Even when they aren’t conspiring with Big Government to terrorize you and take your rights, the news strives to be entertaining. Conspiritainment is a powerful genre because it caters to audiences that are already privy to the inner workings of the government propaganda outlets.Fake News and Entertainment used to brainwash the world.  Conspiritainment is a vehicle for  deconstructing the propagandized worldviews because it speaks to the most informed and least dis-informed listeners, the type that don’t faint when told that no kids actually died at Sandy Hook. 

Conspiritainment reverses the brainwashing of entertainment and takes the power from the MSM idols, experts, and sacred cows. 

Tim Ozman, 

IPS Spokesmouth and Unrepentant Autohoaxer

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