Points of Interest 7.27.2020


Demonstrators Attack Federal Buildings in L.A. in Solidarity with Portland

Face Masks With 5G Antennas, The Latest Covid-19 Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

Brainwash & Mind Control

Carl Sagan explains how Eratostenes knows the earth is curve – YouTube

Video: Woman maces couple for not wearings masks in San Diego park | Disrn

Ted “Golden Voice” Williams joins Black Lives Matter protest at Statehouse – YouTube

NYT retracts ‘off-world vehicles’ recovered bit from its UFO article | TweakTown

A man using a prosthetic mask stole more than $100,000 at casinos, …


Black Trump supporter Bernell Trammell shot dead in Milwaukee

UK will defend itself against Chinese and Russian space weapons | Daily Mail Online

How They Pulled Off The ‘Pandemic’ – An Animated Film Explanation By David IckeWe release this free of copyright and so please share, download and post wherever you can. Let’s make this go globally viral. We live in extraordinary times with billions bewildered and seeking…davidicke.com

Outdoor Face Protective Face Mask With Eyes Shield

Evidence suggests UFO whistleblower Bob Lazar was telling the truth all along | The Star

DHS/CBP Press Conference July 21, 2020 – YouTube

Isis Wisdom 🥂 on Instagram: “👉🏾This is the planet I been telling yall about and this is the main reason why they want your behinds in the house. This is not blue beam…”

Woman Shoots at Police, Woman Is Shot – Breaking911

@redpillbabe on Instagram: “I fckn hate it here bro 😆😅😭😭😭 Follow FOR Thought provoking Red 💊 @redpillbabe @redpillbabe Follow…”

He battled Covid-19 for 128 days. This is what he wants you to know

Prosthetic Designer Breaks Down Transforming Charlize Theron Into M…

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