In this breakdown, I will demonstrate that Black Lives Matter is more than a political movement and that it’s controlled by the very law enforcement it pretends to oppose.

My first inclination that we were looking at something pre-organized and not spontaneous was the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” gesture and chant. First of all, it’s based on fiction.


The gesture and sentiment, I immediately noted, was reminiscent of the Freemasonic Hailing Distress sign, an important part of masonic ritual. It represents the martyrdom Hiram Abiff, a Christ-like persona central to the masonic drama. It is this character that the initiate portrays upon entering the lodge and experiencing the ritual death and ressurrection.

In the myth, Hiram is accosted by ruffians that demand his blueprints, as he is the architect of King Solomon’s Temple. He refuses and they kill him as he cries out, “Is there no help for the Widow’s Son?” with his hands up:

Did 'hands up, don't shoot' actually happen in Ferguson? - Quora

Fast forward to May 2020:

George Floyd: High Masonic Ritual and The MARTYRDOM OF HIRAM ABIFF ...
Kneeling has been adopted by BLM in the wake of George Floyd’s “death”.

It’s noteworthy that Floyd cried out for his mother. Hiram cries for “help for the “widow’s son”, referencing his own mother.

This is consistent with the myth of the dying sun god calling out before death. Jesus: “Father, why have you forsaken me?” Hiram: “Is there no help for the Widow’s son?”

The Masonic Duality is represented in the Law Enforcement vs Black Lives Matter polarity. The Freemasons emerged in 1717. They originated in the Templar Knights, and order which went underground in 1312. 1312 is the year the Templars were razed/ burned at the stake. Freemasons are RAISED to the rank of Master Mason in their death/resurrection rites.

Amazon.com: Knight Templar (Warrior) (8601421177481): Nicholson ...
1118-1312 | The Templars

1312 is also code for ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS


A.C.A.B. is an acronym meaning “All Cops Are Bastards”. It is used as a slogan and written catchphrase in graffiti, tattoos, and other imagery. It is sometimes numerically rendered as “1312”, after the alphabetic order of the letters. Wikipedia

A.C.A.B. - Wikipedia
Antifa_Ultras on Twitter: "PHOTO | "1312 RIP George Floyd ...
Will Cleveland on Twitter: "Some more BLM-themed graffiti. Much ...

1312 is a cryptic masonic slogan being chanted by the revolutionaries. This is consistent with secret societies fueling the fires of revolution. It’s their rallying cry promising that they will “rise” from the ashes like a phoenix. Right now we can see they BLM and other protest groups are fronts and they are setting fires on behalf of very forces they think they oppose.


BASTARD” means without father

Hiram has no father. This is the typical resurrecting sun-god story. In Star Wars, Darth Vader tells Luke, “I AM YOUR FATHER”. This is the essential myth of the sun god challenging the darkness. Luke, like all mythical sun gods, is a bastard.

Hiram Abif, fatherless, could be considered a “bastard” in this context. So to say that ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS could be a reference to the systemic Masonic control over police departments worldwide as every Mason plays the role of Hiram in their ritual hazing/ initiation.


Bernard Hogan-Howe: ‘For me as a police officer, the secrecy of membership is a concern. I think police officers should be transparent.’

Other points of interest:


“The George Floyd Ritual Part 2

Criminal acts of brutality, violence, and bloodshed occur every day. Let’s ignore those tragedies, and keep the spotlight on George Floyd, who the Media compares to Malcolm X and MLK.

In a previous post, linked below, I showed how George Floyd’s death was a ritual. Now we need to go down another rabbit hole, to examine the Masonic element to his death.

The ritual lasted 8 minutes and 46 seconds do you know why? Before I reveal the hidden meaning, I have to lay the groundwork. Numerically, the digits add up to 18, which is 6+6+6. Others might look for a Bible code, like John 8:46 or something of that nature. I’ll let you think about it.

*ALSO NOTE 8:46AM first plane hits TWIN TOWER*

The ritual occurred on East 38th Street, which is on the same street as the “Prince Hall Grand Lodge”, only a half a mile away. That is a Masonic Lodge for black people. George Floyd’s family hired “Benjamin Crump”, as their lawyer, who is listed as a famous Prince Hall Freemason. George Floyd’s twin friend, ex-NBA player Stephen Jackson is also connected to the Masonic fraternity.

The riots began on East 33rd Street, next to garbage-can with 666 painted on it. This was in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, which has the same acronym “MM” as “Master Mason”. If you flip MM sideways you get 33, the highest degree in the Scottish rite of Freemasonry.

In the 3rd degree of Freemasonry, Masons are introduced to a character called Hiram Abiff. In Masonic lore, Hiram Abiff is the builder of Solomon’s temple, and is nicknamed the “Widow’s Son”. All Freemasons are designated as “Sons of the Widow”. In Masonic lore, Hiram Abiff is murdered by three ruffians. This ritual is acted out by Master Masons, which involves staging the murder of a candidate.

The death of George Floyd parallels Masonic ritual. I don’t believe he really died, but was tranquilized, which made him sedated and seemingly dead. Crisis actors have been hired before, to carry out false flag events, to create mayhem. Many people wondered if George Floyd pulled a Tom Sawyer, and showed up at his own funeral, after images surfaced, showing a similar-looking man – wearing a Rip George Floyd T-shirt. Others have pointed out; this was his twin, “Stephen Jackson”, who was spotted at his funeral.

During his arrest, three police officers (three ruffians) kneeled on George Floyd’s body, while he was gasping for air. Derek Chauvin, the police officer, who took the blame for Floyd’s death, was originally charged with third-degree murder – how fitting for a third-degree Masonic ritual. At one point, Derek Chauvin and Floyd were working security at the same night club. I suspect Derek Chauvin is a fake-name, and that he is a crisis actor, who may have been used in other False Flags events.

The ritual occurred on Memorial Day, which honors those killed defending our country. During Masonic rituals, Masons kneel before the grave of Hiram Abiff, as a ‘memorial’. At George Floyd’s funeral, many kneeled before his golden casket. In solidarity with the BLM protests, Nancy Pelosi, alongside fellow Democrats, wore African kente cloth, and kneeled – 8 minutes and 46 seconds – at the capitol.

The name “George” means “farmer” or “earth-worker”. This gives us a clue – as to his symbolic identity. George Floyd was cast in the role of Hiram Abiff, who represents Osiris. Osiris was the Egyptian god of fertility, vegetation, and the cycles of nature. In ancient Egypt, agriculture depended on its summer floods, which fertilized the land. Perhaps this is why George Floyd pleaded for water, and NOT because he was thirsty. According to Egyptian legends, Osiris was murdered by Set, the god of Chaos. The number eight represents chaos magick. After the ritual was completed, the world experienced total mayhem. All of the looting, rioting, and anarchy were done in the name of the widow’s son George Floyd.

According to certain Egyptian legends, Osiris died while being locked in a golden casket. This represents the death of the Sun. Osiris is the Black Sun or Midnight Sun. This is in contrast, to Horus the Risen Sun, Ra the Noonday Sun, and Set – the Setting Sun.

During his death speech, George Floyd said “I can’t breathe” 12 times (solar number). He also cried out to his mama, which makes no sense, since she had been dead for two years. Masons, however, have a grand hailing sign of distress – and may plead with their brethren by asking: “Is there no help for the widow’s son?” George Floyd was calling out to Isis – the goddess of the mysteries, who became a widow upon the death of Osiris. By the way, Pink Floyd, the rock band, has a song called “Mother” and “Breathe”.

In his final minutes, George Floyd tells the policemen he is “claustrophobic”, which is strange under his circumstances, but not for someone being locked in a casket. The autopsy revealed, George Floyd died of asphyxiation or suffocation.

Similar to the sun god Osiris, George Floyd was buried in a golden casket. His body was transported by a horse-drawn carriage, which is another solar symbol – as solar deities are often depicted riding a chariot across the skies. Floyd Mayweather is paying for all four of his funerals, which are in Minneapolis (North), Houston (South), Charlotte (East), and the fourth to be announced (West?). How appropriate, a fighter with “Floyd”, “May” and “Weather” in his name – would bankroll four funerals, for another “Floyd” who was killed in May. The symbolism here – alludes to the four cardinal points and the four seasons in the solar year.

George Floyd’s final resting spot is Pearland, which is symbolic of Upper Egypt – the kingdom of Set, the god of Chaos. The scorpion macehead or scepter of Upper Egypt was pear-shaped. The pear belongs to a family of fruit, which includes the Quince, a golden fruit—that is said to be the forbidden fruit of Eden – that leads to gnosis.

In his death speech, George Floyd mentions five body parts that hurt – his face, neck, nuts, knees, and stomach. The Freemasons do a ritual that involves five-points of fellowship – which are the face, foot, knee, breast, and back. While Masons probably don’t grab each other’s testicles, the word “big feet” is a euphemism for being well-endowed, so the “foot” and “sexual organs” are linked. That being said, Freemasons have some liberty as to where they touch each other, the key here – is that there are five points of contact.

So getting back to why the ritual lasted 8 minutes and 46 seconds. As previously discussed, eight represents “chaos magick”. In Chaldean numerology, the number 46 represents the crown chakra. Considering, the word “corona” means “crown” – this fits perfectly. George Floyd not only got photographed standing by a corona beer poster, but he even tested positive for coronavirus. From an astrological perspective, we are entering into the Age of Aquarius, an air sign, so it’s no wonder the Deep State is attacking our minds. They want a nation of advanced robots and zombies – dazed and confused.

The number 846 refers to 8:46 pm, the time of the sunset at Minneapolis on May 25th. Allegorically, this is when Osiris is killed by Set. If you think this is a coincidence, consider this, the attack on the Twin Towers began at 8:46 am. Since Minneapolis, along with St. Paul – make up the twin cities, this connects the two rituals. This gives us twin towers, twin cities, and twin brothers.

Every day at sunset, the sun is allegorically killed – and descends into the underworld – the world of chaos. This is the domain of the black-sun Osiris! George Floyd represents “Osiris”. He even has the Masonic “Ordo Ab Chao” tattooed on his chest. The ritual was recorded from the Dragon Wok restaurant while “Scorpio” was rising on the Eastern horizon. Allegorically, the Sun is killed each day by Scorpio, which is depicted as a “scorpion, dragon, or serpent”. It is also the “serpent” that tempts Eve to eat the forbidden fruit – the Quince – which is called Pyrus Cydonia.

Another major event will be the Ring of Fire at the summer solstice. The summer solstice is the climax of the sun’s journey north – to the tropic of Cancer, which involves maximum light. This year, the Sun and the Moon will be united at the summer solstice, in the zodiac sign of Cancer, making a ring of fire. This is a rare event. Some consider this a bad omen, as the eclipse will darken the “longest day of the year”. Esoterically, eclipses represent a celestial marriage, as the sun and moon are united, which creates a perfect balance of masculine and feminine energies. The child born of this alchemical wedding will become manifested in the first full moon of summer – which is the Buck Moon on July 5th.”



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