A firenado kicked off at the Portland riots last month has worked its way down the west coast. What initially began as a “leaf-blower war” between the dads of Antifa rioters, called Dadtifas, and the federal police metastasized into a flaming whirlwind of destruction. As the police fired tear gas, Dadtifas blasted it back with leaf-blowers. The counter-tactic employed by police was to blow back with leaf-blowers of their own. This turned into a “teargasnado” which then swept up debris from the burning dumpsters and stacks of burning bibles into its wake.

The teargasnado didn’t fully burst into flames because it soaked up a considerable quantity of SJW tears and melted snowflakes. However, once the teargasnado entered into drier areas it burst into a full blown flaming firenado.

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