57 singers at the DNC…..57 is a call back to the dawn of the space age, 1957, the race to space won by Sputnik. Now, Putin’s Sputnik Vaccine wins the Race to win WW3/ Covid19.

75 years ago Hiroshima and Nagisaki to end WW2. Also 75 years ago the Flu Vax was developed.

Sputnik looks like a Covid. UFO crash was in Corona Field, Roswell.

57 years ago was 1963, year of JFK’s assassination. Earlier this year, an old activist in Buffaloe was pushed, hit head. 75 years old. 57 cops resign.

57 Singers tonight at the DNC event. This event and this summer reflects 1968 on several narratives…


NAYA RIVERA — predictive programming in lyrics forecasting fake death. Body washed up on 7th anniversary of co-star who was 31, died on 7/13/13 31, 13 , 13

This co-star played QUARTERBACK on the show Glee And “Naya Rivera Laid To Rest Near Paul Walker & Nipsey Hussle”

7 years ago is when QB Colin Kapernick had the BLACK OUT BOWL

She sang song about DYING YOUNG, and dies of Glee Curse. Nipsey was n Die Young video… 1:33…..dies 3/31

QB dies 7/13/13 at 31…..


Digital Dollar https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonbrett/2020/08/13/federal-reserve-reveals-research-plans-for-digital-dollar/#3dac19d05946

Nipsey’s Smart Store

Virgin Money, Marathon, Cash Flung from Window—


Riots after assassination of Martin Luther King. Mayor Daley told the Chicago police to “shoot to kill” — thus, no riot in Chicago. No shooting needed. Detroit, Wash DC many places had riots turning the public against the LEFT even more.
TIM OZMANToday at 1:56 PM
MK 13 11 CK 3 11 IK 911
33 is a king #…. the sun king
who ritually dies, does the DARK NIGHT thing underground before REBIRTH
there’s the Phoenix allegory again ^
King = Jesus = Phoenix = 33 = Challenger (knight)
not my interpretation. Their coded language.
Lloyd MillerToday at 1:58 PM
End of August was the 1968 convention.

It’s a rough draft but it has the chain of narratives
and all the pieces to reverse engineer the near future assassination of a celebrity athlete activist
Black vs WHITE = Alchemy
I think that CK is not a real activist
He’s controlled op
And this ritual kneeling thing…..it’s part of his role
on 4chan, they want him dead. feds posting stuff for sure
I think before his 33rd bday
🅽🅸🅿🆂🆃🅴🆁Today at 1:38 PM
TIM OZMANToday at 1:39 PM
My theory is, 1968 playbook in play
they need an MLK for this generation — a catalyst
John Lewis died—didn’t resonate

  • his coffin was draped in a US flag.
    but on 4chan, there’s some posting cause by last night’s portland incident
    and Kaepernick is brought up a few times here and there..
    I think he’s been made into scapegoat.
    I’m writing out Coincidence Theory 113
    because either we’ve got 100’s of coincidences spanning 7 years
    OR there’s a story on the world stage playing out real time
    (world stage is a reality tv production)

TIM OZMANToday at 8:25 PM

She also “sacrificed herself” to save her son[8:26 PM]The song about the Glee Curse where people die young is mirrored by Nipsey Hussle appearing in Die Young Video[8:26 PM]The Glee Actor that played Quarterback and died 7 years ago[8:27 PM]31 year old, dies on 7/13/2013[8:27 PM]31…..13…….13[8:27 PM]Nipsey died 3/31 and his appearance in the Die Young video was at 1:33[8:28 PM]The fact that NAYA gets buried by Nipsey is hugely interesting as her body was found 7/13[8:28 PM]This is the Black Out anniverery and connects it, 113 days, to 11-3[8:28 PM]I’ve been reading in this that CK gets taken out to be a new MLK….[8:29 PM]His journey started 7 years ago, 2013, BLACK OUT BOWL[8:29 PM]What’s more Bret Favre said CK has “HERO status” and deserves a “shot” , will be remembered like Patt Tilman[8:29 PM]HERO = Horus, Sun God, Challenger that dies, and Pat Tillmen, 3 head shots, friendly fire took him out. NFL gone Activist..[8:30 PM]Tillman was right wing patriot type.[8:31 PM]“Tillman was the pro football star who joined the military after the false flag operation carried out on 9/11. Tillman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pat_Tillman was killed in Afghanistan in 2004 in what was first touted as by enemy fire saying he was heroically trying to protect his fellow soldiers. It was later admitted that he was not killed by the enemy at all, but by “friendly” fire. In fact Tillman had 3 holes in his head which were shot a mere 10 yards away. “[8:32 PM]SO A 9/11 ERA MARTYR for the right/ patriots……and a 3/11 MARTYR for the antiamerican left…[8:32 PM]“he sacrificed his lucrative pro football career to join the military”

TIM OZMANToday at 8:35 PM

no that was the Poker player, also 33[8:35 PM]same day 7-13[8:35 PM]7 is Kaeprenicks #[8:35 PM]and the years since the Black Out Bowl[8:35 PM]13 is Rebirth[8:35 PM]and Death[8:35 PM]Birthdays/ Deathdays[8:36 PM]beginnings and endings of cycles[8:36 PM]11-3 is his 33rd bday


[8:59 PM]* first African American to play in Major League Baseball in the modern era[8:59 PM]42…black outs……the Black is Alchemical as is White.[8:59 PM]BLM vs WH[8:59 PM]the white house siege is where the opposites are joined, the Hegelian Dialectic[9:00 PM]for the new synthesis…nwo

never ending story☁️1[8:48 PM]the end is the beginning[8:48 PM]And they improve their scripting each time[8:48 PM]adapt to the mass mind and how spellbound it is

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