Failed Scientist (lol)John Kirszenberg Is Flat Out Wrong About Starlink Satellites #flatearth

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“Fact check: Starlink 1375 personally observed by John K. crossing the Northern Ohio sky on August16/17th after midnight. 00:19:42 (19-minutes and 42-seconds PAST MIDNIGHT) – until – 00:25:16 (25-minutes and 16-seconds PAST MIDNIGHT.” John Kirszenberge caught making up stories–with no photos to substantiate his hilarious claims!

Hey John, try this thought experiment:

Imagine a spherical ball. Now imagine a light source on the other side of the ball. If we consider the light source as a “sun” and the ball as a “planet”, then it logically follows that a person on the ground at midnight is in the “darkness” of the planet’s shadow.

Now, straight above the head of said person is more of this “darkness”, and in fact it extends eight-hundred and seventy thousand miles into outer space. Since nothing, literally nothing can reflect light if the light source is obstructed, due to the “shadow” of the object, then it follows that no satellite within the umbra will see any sunlight.

The shadow of the planet precludes the possibility of any object reflecting the sun while on the midnight side of the ball. Now, let’s imagine that the object is elevated one-hundred miles above the midnight side of the planet: given that one-hundred miles falls short of exiting the umbra of the planetary shadow, then we can conclude that no, that would not be high enough for it to reflect the sun.

But what about two hundred miles, you ask? Nope. Sorry. Low orbit is too low to reflect light on the other side of a planet.

As you can see in the diagram, Starlink Satalittes are fake as fuck, John.

Tim Ozman, Infinite Plane Society, President
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