• Munich Terror by Black September
  • Mark and Patty house guards resemblance (same masks)
  • TURNER DIARIES 42 years ago
  • Kyle Rittenhouse represented by Lin Wood who represented Olympics Bomber 1996 “The Centennial Olympic Park “
  • CENTENNIAL connects to CENTURY stadium, and this correlates to Seattle and the Century Project
  • https://www.spaceneedle.com/renovation/#:~:text=The%20Century%20Project%20leverages%20cutting-edge%20glass%20technology%20to,presented%20to%20Seattle%E2%80%99s%20Landmarks%20Preservation%20Board%20in%202009.
  • 57 year rennovation
  • “The Space Needle renovation is apart of the Century Project, a privately funded project focused on both preservation and renovation. The $100 million renovation will update the Needle’s physical systems, as well as dramatically enhancing the view of the city. The interior and exterior of the Observation Deck will have floor-to-ceiling glass, to focus on the 360° views of the Puget Sound area. The restaurant level will be the first-of-its-kind with a rotating glass floor, unveiling unique views of the structure that have never been seen before.”
  • 100 = Century/ Centennial

11/3/20 Seattle Mega-Psyop

EXCERPT FROM http://www.renegadetribune.com/march-11-seattle-nuclear-disaster-hoax-crown-culpability/ :

“If freemasonry is an unofficial unit of British Crown Manipulation and Intelligence, then we know who gets “illuminated,” and whose all-seeing eye happens to be on the dollar and the DARPA globe logo. 

Back to Seattle. This March 11 (3×11=33) is on a Saturday, a Sabbath day. This is not the case of March 11, 2019. However 3-11-19 has 911 in the date.

Another Youtuber pointed out that 3-17-17 will be 5666 days since September 11th, 2001. This suggests a two-stage event this year.

This two-stage hoax could be a nuclear disaster (on 3-11) followed by martial law event (on 3-17) to evacuate the Seattle area, like in Fukushima, or perhaps a declaration of war, or an internet shutdown. The predictive programming is not the only angle.

Recent news stories also suggest this.

We’ve already had a botched UK nuclear missile test fire towards Florida, instead of, Africa. This happened last year, but was “revealed” in January of this year. A mysterious Iodine-131 cloud appeared over Europe that our overlords report, but can’t find the origins of. There is just-in-time news about North Korea’s missile tests over Japan and the shipping of an anti-missile system into South Korea. All of this is part of state theater to put nuclear disaster into the mind.  The Washington Warmongers use the nuke hoax as a perfect pretext to invade any nation on earth. They only have to accuse a country of having a covert nuclear program to go to preemptive war. Maybe North Korea has ended its usefulness.

A man-made disaster will only cast doubts on the current regime. There is a limit even to the idiocy and docility of the American people. While terrorism and disaster tends to run people into the hands of the state, a Seattle hoax could, finally, discredit it. Even after September 11th, a large part of the public saw an inside job. It is even easier to pin that on the state, right after, a March 11th event.

This time there is enough counter-hoax material to not be caught off guard, and to get a counter-narrative going from the start. As with the Twin Towers and Pentagon hits, this Seattle hoax has been long in the making. It takes a fixed-frame state to pulls this off, which includes masons and their gematria, which means the British state. A Seattle hoax should be taken as a British act of war. It has to take responsibility for the CFR, the Rhodes Scholars, and its masons

People may wonder how these hoaxes can be pulled off, with no one talking about it. They do talk about it in their predictive programming. If people are too stupid to listen, the reasoning goes, they deserve these attacks. Couple that with, compartmentalizing tasks, and using confidentiality agreements, you have a toxic mix for inside job state terrorism.

Is it terrorism, if it is couched under the banner of a drill?

Is it terrorism, if it is legal to lie to the public?

Is it terrorism, if no one dies and no one gets hurt?

They cover their ass very well. If no one dies and no one gets hurt, they have no liabilities, but they have your allegiance to fight foreign wars.

Nothing could bring down Trump or Clinton from their nomination joy-rides. Hillary Clinton dropped on 911 in a hoax tribute to 911. This is a big clue to 911. Trump, Netanyahu, and Silverstein are buddies. He seemed to know September 11th was coming in a little too much detail. His Serta commercial is a similar tribute to 9-11.

It wouldn’t surprise me to know that Donald Trump pushed the button to bring down the North Tower, Hillary Clinton pushed the button to down the South Tower, 47% Mitt Romney dropped the 47-story Building 7, and John McCain fired the missile into the Pentagon. He’s a team player, right?

This makes a little too much sense, doesn’t it? The clues suggest it.

You want to be president? Push the button. Or maybe it was, Press 1 for English. Press 2 for Spanish. This would assure that the perpetrators could laugh their ass off. The American people would be forced to elect, and elected, the ones who brought down the Twin Towers. It is the perfect crime.

It would assure that nothing would be investigated or be taken seriously.

None of them take clear evidence of detonations seriously. They have to be in on it.

It’s all a big laugh for those who own the rat wheel from Queen Lizard on down.

With baited breath, blow-back from a terrifying Seattle hoax can cast off the tentacles of the British Empire, their diseased Jewish proxies, the genocidal blue-bloods, and WHITE GENOCIDE. If the Rattle in Seattle goes down, we should see the fingerprints of the same GBG characters telling us what to think and who to blame.

*Academic freedom is a hoax. Historical narrative flows from the top down, in the academic degree system, where degrees are conferred by the power vesting the accredited university president, i.e., the state. This is why academia is impenetrable. Oxford is the top of the pyramid. One reason why Gematria works is because Oxford is an English language authority. Old English was massaged to fit the numbers. Who else could have done it? The black box global warming fraud came out of East Anglia, which had sole authority over climate data. The global warming hoax is meant to de-industrialize Europe. Despite public rejection, academia clings to it.


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