DECODING THE ILLUMINATI: Metascript Analysis with Infinite Plane Radio

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Infinite Plane Radio is a leading think tank in the field of media-psyop-deconstruction. IPR’s “open phones for open minds” format consistently delivers quality, crowd-sourced intel to an expanding audience of self-aware autohoaxers—conscientious objectors to the eternal-psywar.

IPR listeners knew in advance that March 11, 2020 would bring about the next major shift in geopolitics. They were also well appraised on an “MLK” martyr about to be introduced to the youth, as per the Metascript, and were the least surprised when Chadwick Boseman was introduced to fulfill that role with a spectacularly timed death.

This is not conspiracy theory or conjecture. The World-Stage is real and you are on it.

What is the Metascript? You could call it the Illuminati Playbook. Much of it had been decoded by examining “predictive programming”, and treating it as a predictive model. That it is now possible to use this “post-media” analysis, which largely consists of re-contextualized clips of mass media news and entertainment in print, video, audio, and correlating it with real world events, apparently foretasted by said clips. These “clips” are not randomly selected excerpts but are in fact instances of Illuminati Code, in our faces.

The consistency of the symbolism betray’s an occult language, hidden in plain site, meant to be intelligible only to the cryptocracy behind the ruling elite. The Infinite Plane Society’s think tank and the call-in live-streams have enabled us to see through much of the coded messages telegraphing our collective future.

Be informed in a world of misinformation.

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