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The first half of 2020 was merely setting the stage for the second half, of which we are halfway through. The best/worst is yet to come. Grab your ammo/popcorn.

The White House siege is beginning this week. It will be conducted by the same murderous mob of arsonists who have been terrorizing Americans and attacking small business on behalf of George Soros and other mega-wealthy eugenicist oligarchs.

On August 29th at 8:46 pm in Portland the first shot of Civil War II was fired. This “shot heard ’round the world” as one memorial attendee put it, has all the hallmarks of a contrived event intended to instigate more violence.

It doesn’t matter if we believe the news, the news, as reported, will be cemented into history, Big-Brother’s Story. At best we are witnesses to the world stage. I don’t think there is any stopping it. We are living through Revelations, The Joker, The Purge, Demolition Man, and Independence Day all at once.

I suspect the alien invasion has already happened: that its code for the pandemic which has invaded the world and until every person has been swabbed, the severity of the invasion is unknown. We have yet to defeat this alien.

Civil War II, it should be understood, is to distract us from World War III, which started on 3/11/2020. WWIII is the war of the oligarchs on the Autonomous Individuals, the AI awakening they fear. Those who awaken to the script, the program, the source code of the Matrix itself: the Metascript. 

I’m pretty sure our world is a stage and we are all merely extras. My reading of the script, doing my best to interpret the Illuminati lingo, is that we’re about to witness history repeat itself, and the final months of 2020 will be a volatile mix of the summers of ’68, ’77, and the falls of ’63 and 2001. I fully anticipate a Christ to arrive on the scene—who will be viewed as an Antichrist. This will occur just as the falling stars prophesied in Revelations come true in the form of space junk Armageddon as the nations war over the now contested heavens, and we may even see the ISS itself crash into the Pacific, if not on the White House itself.  

Before you write this off as conspiracy conjecture, keep in mind, Infinite Plane Radio has been spot right on about:

1. Burning Space Needle 11/3/19 (Turkey)
2. “Sacrifice by fire” third week of January (to parallel Challenger/Apollo 1 fires), and SpaceX’s Dragon “Sacrificed” Falcon9, and Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crashed, supposedly having exploded in flight first.  
3. World War III, Ground Zero Seattle, 3/11/2020
4. A Martin Luther King Jr. would be introduced/ killed off for the youth to connect to the civil rights struggle (Chadwick Boseman, who is wrapped in “42’s” the number which the Metascript has attached to the black vs white race division ops.

What’s next?

It appears to me that a Dark Knight will Rise, a Challenger to the world’s darkness, who will sacrifice everything for the struggle, and pay the ultimate price, as all Challengers in this meta-script are ritually destroyed. The crucifixion will be witnessed by all but not all will bow and humbly accept his sacrifice. Just as the “Jews killed Jesus”, the death of this new savior will be blamed on whites. 

It’s also worth noting that Netflix, always a reliable predictor of what’s to come, is now openly endorsing child-sex trafficking. (Maybe after Tom Hanks is done with Pinocchio, he’ll star in a sequel to Cuties in which he and the girls open a pizzeria and arcade and hold world ping-pong championship and hot-dog eating contests. )

Whatever happens, we do have some indicators that the Metascript guiding this carnival is sensitive to its critics. Maybe things would be weirder if we weren’t constantly throwing tomatoes and pointing out flaws.

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Tim Ozman


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