Man In West Hollywood Our For Ramen Suggests Riots Are Staged/ Fake

Man getting ramen shot by rubber bullets



CROWN = CAP…..capstone, CAPPO, Captial, Capsule, Issack KAPPY was 42, died falling from bridge, notable halo of hair, ..I K = 9/11…………………….. 9/11 happens first…. 3/11 next ….. CK 3/11… KAEP = HEAD, also KENNEDY who died 57 yrs ago means HEAD…………..kaepernick means copernicus, or the guy that put the SUN in the MIDDLE of our system, or SUN WORSHIP for a scientific paradigm. COLIN, if you ask me, kaballistically aligns to Lincoln, sans double letters…..

Emancipator. who was… Assassinated by shot to the HEAD……. —– 3-11 means CROWN or CORONA, 33, and the 33rd bday of this Dark Phoenix/ Dark Knight Rising (remember the Knee Breaking Rituals on the 42 yard line 33 yrs apart) Colin taking a knee, ties into taking a fall, 42 is death, 57 year old prince’s death was immitated by 42 year old who fell 100 feet, 57 cops resigned when 75 y/o was pushed and his HEAD bled out. 57 sang the national anthem, 50 , one for each state, plus 7 celebs…..

57 years ago, MLK I had a dream speech was delivered. (On the anniversery of which, Chadwick Boseman dies (42) on Jackie Robinson Day and all the players are wearing 42. This was the week of Kobe Bryant’s 42 birthday, who’s chopper FELL , by the way he was friend with and gave a masonic shake to Steven Jackson 42, twin of George Floyd, whose death symbolically and ritualistically ties into the burning of the twin 33 year old towers on 9/11—whose construction began in 1968, the year we are reliving right now.

Elvis died at 42, Bowie died on Elvis b-day, Bowie is the Man Who Fell To Earth, and Space x which is all about 42, had a man fall to earth at 42 seconds.[

Starman, in the Tesla Roadster, is Mr Satan by anagram

“starman” is a bowie song as well. the song the radio in the car plays.[12:52 AM]falling star and 42, Aphophis the asteroid 99942

Elvis’s death was in 1977, the year of the first of the two famous black out in nyc, repeated 42 years later to the day (july 13)

That date, 113 days from Colin Kaepernick’s 33rd birthday, is the date of Naya Rivera’s body washing up, she being 33 , and buried adjacent to Nipsey Hussle, who died in a Christ-ish fashion at 33 on the 33rd parallel.

MY TAKE is that

Pence Hand off at Presidents Speech at the White House – 9/5/18

LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, other athletes react to Breonna Taylor decision, and more sports news

AP says it will capitalize Black but not white





nipsey-hussle-los-angeles-mural-20190711.jpg (1500×844)



Superdome goes dark during Super Bowl XLVII

In 2018, Emmanuel Macron Raised The Sign Of Antichrist Over America, Now In 2020 He Needs President Donald Trump Taken Out Of His Way • Now The End Begins


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