SYMBOLISM SUGGESTING CIVIL WAR 2 WILL BE INSTIGATED BY A FALSE FLAG/ PSYOP: Proud Boy’s Self-Identify as “Western Chauvinists”, (As in Derek Chauvinist, and Derek means Hangman, btw)

Derrick was a 17th century hangman at Tyhurn, whose name became synonymous with ‘gallows’.


A Portland Prater Patriot, associated with the Proud Boys and other patriot groups, was targeted in a shooting described as the first shot of the next Civil war by the shooter. “I was confident that I did not hit anyone innocent, and I made my exit,” Michael Reinoehl told Vice News when asked about what happened immediately after the incident.

“I see a civil war right around the corner,” he added later. “That shot felt like the beginning of a war.”

Michael Reinoehl

PROUD BOYS are self-described Western chauvinists, which taken with that shooting having taken place at 8:46 pm, suggests that we’re witnessing a scripted Mega-Psyop. Again, Derek choked George Floyd for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The first plane hit the first of the Twin Towers at 8:46.

It looks to me like the whirled stage is being prepped for Civil War part 2.


The names, time dates, and symbolism suggests to me that it will be instigated soon. I was expecting LIBRA (the scales) to represent the BLACK and WHITE of the dialectic to be combined into GREY, the period of SOLUTION to the PROBLEM/REACTION.


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