The Morgile Has Been Quarantined

The Morgile is highly intelligent, but he’s also highly stuck in a vicious cycle. These cycles fascinate me. I’ve had my own. The way I see it is, the world is in the grip of a “Saturnian” force. It’s analogous to gravity in certain ways, but pertains to the soul, not the physical body. It’s death, time, the grim reaper, all wrapped into one. This force starts to draw off the life force of the newly incarnated from the instant of birth.

There are lessons we go through as we cycle through the Matrix, year after year, the sun marking time as our physical vehicle gradually loses suitability for housing its wearers. In a perfect world, we’d ascend, year after year, up a spiral stair case, knowing more, having more, and giving more. Each year would mark an evolution. But, as we all experience, there are times when we repeat certain cycles. More than once and it seems life itself is making us into fools. The repeated situations are lessons left unlearned and trials not yet overcome. In these cases, we’re moving in CIRCLES rather than UP. Time itself becomes a prison.

The Morgile has been caught in such a Cycle for several years from here it can only go in one of three ways:

  1. The Cycle can continue until death.
  2. The experiencer can move passed this Cycle and Spiral Up, away from the downward tug of Saturn and the grave.
  3. The Cycle can devolve unto a Downward Spiral, digging a deeper grave for the experiencer.

The Youtube “truther” community and others did what they could to help him out, some of us by not enabling his self-destructive behavior, but ultimately, it is his struggle and his alone. Helping someone caught in a Cycle doesn’t necessarily move them out of it. It can even enable it to continue.

They must choose to get off the ride and walk on their own two feet.

I first learned of him in 2017 when he accused me of being an “Illuminati shill” and a “crypto-protagonist” and a “transgendered Satanic reptilian” among other things….He made these bizarre statements on his Youtube channel, painting a target on my back to the Bible Creationist Flat Earthers who believed everything John said on that four hour rant-a-thon.

I asked him to take back his absurd claims as this was resulting in stalkers, trolls, personal attacks based on lies. It seemed to me that a self-proclaimed “truther” should know better than to use lies and black propaganda.

Instead of taking it back, he doubled down on his slanders. The next day, while mowing his lawn, he spied a nickel in the grass. Somehow he managed to put his finger too close to the mower and clipped the tip off his right index finger.

A few months later, as I recall, he was sent to jail because his wife had called the police for a domestic disturbance and he had prescription pills in his pocket. Shortly thereafter he and his wife drove their car off a small hill adjacent a cliff. They still lived in the car, precariously close to the edge. It was from this perch that The Morgile continued to live-stream on Youtube to discuss Flat Earth.

This was fine. At first. But then he started peppering his Flat Earth rants with Mud Flood Theory which drove his wife mad quite literally. He started locking her out of the car while he discussed the possibility that the world had been deluged with mud in the 18th century and we’re the survivors of this “buried” catastrophe. She angrily banged on the glass while he described the curiously unifying themes in the architecture across the continents.

Their situation slightly improved when they moved in with a friend who later evicted them with bear mace for not paying rent, sending the two of them scurrying, naked, into the streets.

Now he’s in jail again and sadly nobody is surprised.

My take away: its one thing to see through the Matrix, but escaping it is a very different matter. The dark dank prison cell is the ultimate expression of SATURNS domination over the human spirit; when the wants, passions, and needs of the flesh condemn seal the soul into a lockbox.

In some ways the soul is like an expensive luxury vehicle while the flesh is an inebriated and distracted driver. One thing he has on his side is youth. 39 is still young enough to start over. And honestly, I wasn’t all that offended by anything he said. I actually made money off it:

Trust Me I'm A 33 Rd Degree Shape Shifting Vampire Reptilian Crypto  Jew Jesuit Freemasonic Illuminati Shill Orange T-Shirt Front

Tim Ozman

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  1. He’s underweight, according to the graphic above.

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