Space Utopianism gives us a model in the Heavens to emulate on Earth. The space program is the elite’s religion for the masses. It’s utopianism at its worst.

Like the vision of a Kingdom of God realized on Earth, in space-age terminology, the plan to go to Mars is actually a plan for collective salvation.

The lie of global warming is a replacement for the Apocalypse. The images we get from space constitute religious art in this new age. The plan for Mars colonization is really a plan for Man’s total enslavement. It doesn’t stop with a false worldview. Each generation is going progressively deeper into deception.

The youth are heavily propagandized to fear global warming and climate change. This is a subtle form of terrorism and its purpose is to cajole the masses into embracing the “sustainable” lifestyles which will be required of all those who ascend into the Mars bases.

So where, if not millions of miles away, will these Mars bases be?

My guess is China. Or beneath the town where you live. Wherever Mars is, the inhabitants would have to be extremely brainwashed and or confined. It should be a cinch as the initial forays into permanent bases on other planets involve a long period of living in subterranean bases for radiation protection.

As long as nobody invites conspiracy theorists, autohoaxers, or flat earthers, Martian colonization will be the future.

Tim Ozman

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