311 Album “From Chaos” Released in 2001 predicted Coronavirus:

Order arises from their contrived chaos. 9/11 was followed up 19 years later with 3/11. Musicians are co-opted to spread NWO propaganda and artistic representations of the future being created for us. This cover art depicts the Covid Virus/ Globe Emblem

From Chaos is the sixth studio album by 311, released on June 19, 2001.
In 2000, before this album was recorded and released they left Capricorn Records and switched to Volcano Entertainment as their permanent label.
Singles from this album include “You Wouldn’t Believe“, “I’ll Be Here Awhile“, and “Amber“. The latter was the most popular single from the album, and it still remains 311’s most popular single to date.
From Chaos is the first album to ever be recorded in 311’s current recording studio The Hive in North Hollywood, California.


The aliens among us: How viruses shape the world | Aug 22nd 2020 | The  Economist
Papua New Guinea Demands China Explain COVID-19 Vaccine Trial on Miners –  The DiplomatThis is how many nukes it would take to destroy society

3/11 was your new 9/11. They declared a Pandemic as a pretext for Global Control. Covid19 is the new ubiquitous terrorist.

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