Derek Chauvin Just Released on Bail #846

Chauvin’s unconditional bail was set at $1.25 million, or $1 million with conditions; according to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s roster, he was released on conditional bail. According to state court records, Chauvin posted a non-cash bond guaranteed by Allegheny Casualty.


Derek means HANGMAN, that’s the origin of the name, named for a hangman who lynched 3000.

Derek asphyxiated Floyd for 8:46, like the American Airlines Flight 11 hitting the North Tower at 8:46,

It was intended to instigated a war. 

Then in Portland Aaron “Jay” Danielson, Western Chauvin-ist, was shot in the heart by Michael Reinhold who said:

“…I see a civil war right around the corner. That that shot felt like the beginning of a war.”

This too, was intended to start a war. It was at 8:46pm….

Twin Cities.

Twin Towers. Instigations. 

Polarization and provocations….See the pattern?

Tim Ozman

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