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I spent the day getting my artwork listed on ebay. This is something I used to do full-time. I took a break for some time but here I am again. Most of these are small, baseball card sized works which I put into plastic protective sleeves.  

My most recent painting, NEW WEIRD ORDER is someone grotesque. See below. I suppose it’s a satirical take on this whole thing. The concept is Joker Make Up over masked faces, with the Joker smile on the outside of the mask.

BTW, you can catch the live Audio 24/7 at Mixlr and with the Mxlr app https://mixlr.com/infinite-plane-radio now.

I’ll put a link to the Ebay store below if you want to take a look. 

For those interested in Private Commissions: I only do 1-2 per month. Just reply if interested. Thanks!

Tim Ozman

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