The Whirled Stage’s Next Revolution: Member’s Only Post

THE FOLLOWING POST is a prediction based on my read of the meta-script, the very existence of which, is confirmed by it’s alignment with the solar calendar. We’re in the Ends Days of a 113 year plan culminating in the Global Emergence of the new order, a CAPSTONE to be placed atop the truncated pyramid. My intention with posting this now is to establish for posterity that my assessment of our meta-scripted reality holds the key to unmasking, for all time, man’s hidden controllers. Think about it. The authors of 9/11, Sandy Hook, and Covid19 are the same who write your favorite films. The entertainment is a side-effect of the world-view shaping propaganda. I will make this post public after-the-fact…



(mind map link https://atlas.mindmup.com/timozman/1906/index.html)

George Orwell — ‘Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.’


Colin Kaepernick has a role to play on the world stage and football was just the backstory. The Metascript has predicted his rise. Kneeling on the Red, White, and Blue has an occult meaning which ties into the broad program of humanities collective management; we are manipulated and controlled through intentional—and mostly fictional—emergencies inflicted upon us.

THEY will allow heroes to rise only to take them down. This is apparently a time-honored tradition among the elite to keep the masses from truly rising up. Fake revolutions, revolutions they foment, control, and extinguish.

This is the program. It chills resistance and it reinforces the structure because now the system knows all of its opponents. Christianity was controlled opposition from day one. Jesus is Big Brother in sheep’s clothing.

Colin Kaepernick is a Judas Goat who will be presented as to the world an innocent lamb when his blood is shed. I’m making this post available for members of the site but I don’t plan to speak on this openly. We’re in the end game of a long term operation.

This is the program they used with Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, MLK, Malcom X, and probably others. The program is to create a challenger, a leader, and then sacrifice them publicly. Head shots are used, as this is the key to the symbolism. The crown must be taken out in the Ritual Killing of a King.

The Metascript indicates that he’ll be taken out after 10/22, tying in to the Astrology of Scorpio, and the death of the Sun/ Son. Remember, Derrek Chauvin was released at 11:22 am. . JFK was shot on a Friday. He was 46, btw, which the Mind Map https://atlas.mindmup.com/timozman/1906/index.html has correlated with Instigations and Assassinations.

Also the 30 essays he’s time releasing are going to get more inflammatory as they go.

Essay number 30 may even be an open call to civil war.

This is why Colin, who is calling for an insurrection, will be taken out, probably at a public event.
His death is what starts the actual “revolution”, and this will be as big historically as the Copernican Revolution. Bold claims I know, but if you watched Coincidence Theory 113 I explain it in deeper detail.

The world will then orbit about Colin’s death and the Black struggle, which will be recognized as having starting in 1619, 400 years ago.

400 years on their knees, crucified on the cross of oppression, being knelt upon, now 4 years of protest, and then 4 weeks of Essays.

The “Dark Knight” is “Rising” now. “Black Balled” “blacked out jersey”, this BLACK footBALL player, the Black King Osiris/ Lord BA’AL, black Baal, will become the DARK PHOENIX——

And this racial divide is the key to instigating a true civil war because it goes beyond politics…


  • 9/11 at 8:46 am
  • George Floyd 8:46
  • Sun Set 8:46 on George Floyd’s death day
  • Aaron Danielson shot 8:46
  • Jeff Bezo’s made 33B then 13B, or 46B, making me thing 33 is the king, 13 is death, so 46 could even be a code for the death of the appointed/ designated Sun King.

  • Recent News Clippings—note the emerging subtexts and references correlating Kaepernick to Patt Tillman. Think 9/11 and 3/11….Twin events, mirrors, black and white, Patt Tillman “got a shot” too….and Favre said Kaepernick will achieve HERO status….




KING: Colin Kaepernick's 'I Know My Rights Camp' cements his status as a  cultural superhero in the black community - New York Daily News
Photo of Colin Kaepernick and Shaun King Goes Viral
Shaun King on Twitter: "What's happening to Colin Kaepernick right now in  the @NFL has NEVER happened to another quarterback in the history of the  league. FACTS.… https://t.co/3yn35zQMKK"

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  1. […] My read of the Metascript suggests another JFK level assassination—not of the president–the script is the same but inverted. 19 years ago, we had a right wing martyr, Pat Tillman, sacrificing his career and life to fight the War on Terror. This time, we should have a left wing martyr, sacrificing career and life to fight the War on Racism. Who is playing the “Sacrificial Sun King?” (Read this member’s only post and find out who: https://infiniteplane.media/2020/10/12/the-whirled-stages-next-revolution-members-only-post/) […]

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