Is “Space Junk” is Code For Satan’s Angels Falling To Earth?

We’ve already decoded the meaning of 42 and its association with “darkness”, “Saturn”, and “falling”. SpaceX’s 42,000 CUBE SATS play a role in the coming events.

42 = Starman, the passenger in the orbiting Tesla Roadster. Starman is an anagram for “Mr. Satan”, and Starman is based on David Bowie’s “The Man Who Fell To Earth”, and on a recent SpaceX launch, we say a man “falling to earth” at the 42 second mark (sound effects added):

The cube is a symbol of Saturn. 42,000 of these will be orbiting above. Space Junk is, therefore, a code for a Space Bombardment and the destruction of the Tower of Babel (the space program itself).
Now space is a war fighting domain.
The deceitful ANGEL OF LIGHT will be the ISS, and the satellites.
The war in heaven —the DRAGON is Musk’s rocket, now working with the military
the DECEIVER thrown down…
this is the Biblical Meta-script projected onto a 21st century world-stage.

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