IPR Archive 10-16-2020, Is “Space Junk” Code For Satan’s Angels Falling To Earth?


“Space Junk” is Code For Satan’s Angels Falling To Earth? IPR Archive 10-16-2020, countdown to space junk Armageddon 10-15-2020

the opening scene of the movie Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, where 42 plays a prominent role, is a swarm invasion of CUBE shape UFO’s that blow up the world. That book was published 42 years ago…kind of like Space Invaders, most influential video game of all time, was released 42 years ago….

I think that the Metascript is always the same
They are god.
think Hunger Games, WestWorld, Clash of the Titans.
Elite around a circle

The ones that run the place need to periodically induce mass ignorance
they hit the reset once in a while
and now is a reset year
2020 = ZOZO = FOOL = the ZERO card
start of the Fools Journey on another cycle

Man wrote the bible, which is based on the creators work: creation. the SCRIPTURE is the “word of god” in this sense. The Meta-script the Preisthood uses is based on the Solar Calendar.

evil is real, so there is more to the story.
it’s not all just allegory
Also, Mask of the beast. Mark of the beast. what makes more sense? branding? or a mandated cloth covering?

the mask is the first time
it aligned with the bible
add in 6 feet
and the Mandatory nature.
6 feet also = grave……Osiris is the god of death

Saturn’s cube, square = 666 too
I have wisdom to solve the number of the beast, it’s about the Sun and Saturn, so I can also make this claim: MASK was intended.

I think that there’s going to be a mass appropriation of free will like the way they seize gold

we are co-creators, so we aren’t just slave Labor. our MINDS can be directed to do more to manifest their Order that what our hands can do.

we are co-creators, so we aren’t just slave Labor. our MINDS can be directed to do more to manifest their Order that what our hands can do.
Normies are being turned against the wokers.

I think we can all operate on the assumption that magic is real.
and the elite use it. live by it

If we aren’t doing their bidding, are we considered useless then or are we creating push back
Like you said they live by “magic” so metaphysically speaking we must be doing some damage by not playing along no?

no. the fact that we’re not all eunuch baphomet drug addicts eating soylent green and farming potatoes on mars proves that there is not a consensus yet.

Most counter culture is controlled op.
So we’re in the minority now.

The system may even see us as Blade Runners. And send their HR 666 Inquisition Agents after us.

Good point, yea I agree 100%. Covid brought us back into the beast system..have you thought about any solutions to actually escaping it

Yea. Paradoxical hyper conformity.
An aggreesive Pro Vax Stance for instance.
I don’t mean to ring alarm bells but….
we’re also approaching the stage where the Beast consolidates the media.
Where Gnostics get burned.

I think there has to be a major consensus on Mars.
“anti science” is now not just heresy
but a threat to public health
eliminating the anti-vax and the anti-science will effectively give big brother TOTAL creative control over mankinds future.

Have you read this?

It was the UFO invasion too
the movie Sputnik gave this away
same with MIB and Roswell, with their Corona connections.

Idk if pizzagate is real
or a joke on the right by the left.
and a way to frame the right as violent conspiracy nuts
which has worked.

I think that Space Junk
the Stars Falling
is part of the story and the insiders know the meaning…
I think the reset is to lead into Feudalism
and a New Bible/ Agreed upon Worldview

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