Justin Bieber Seems to Admit That He IS TheWeeknd In “Lonely”, Regrets it, And Fears Exposure?

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By Tim Ozman

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Dedicated to all the late-night callers at IPR.

DEEP FAKING – faking reality in order to replace, subvert, augment, or otherwise influence the perceptions of others.


We are witnessing one of the greatest misdirection campaigns of our lives. Have you seen the news stories about so-called “deep fakes” and how computer-generated characters can subvert our reality?

This is being hyped in order to distract the masses from the fact that we were all born into a world populated with deep fakes in positions of overt power and covert influence; that the technology required to deep fake a society existed long before computer graphics. 

In other words: stagecraft. Theatre itself is a tool of governance.  We are intentionally confused about where the stage ends and reality begins; where the act ends and the real person begins; and about where the movies and the news media not only intersect but overlap. 

In an age of hyper realistic masks, terror drills with casualty roleplayers, and cutting edge special effects including virtual-reality-augmentation, it’s easy to think of this as a new technology when in fact the new technologies are just adding to the existing of our age-old deceivers.


Scanning the headlines just a moment ago I became aware of several reasons to be deeply concerned about our fragile ecosystem and the existence of city-killer asteroids.

According to Elon Musk, the richest man in the world and the guy with the plan to save humanity, the Earth will be destroyed by a large rock sooner or later. The deeper I go into the stories beneath the attention-getting clickbaity headlines, the more immersive and hypnotic the experience of hyper-mediation gets. Presidential candidate Peter Buttgag says climate change is “kind of a sin” giving this fear of catastrophe the impression of being God’s way of judging us.

This, oddly, puts the scientists in the role of doomsayers. Their sermonizing fell on deaf ears and now we all must pay. It seems like religions have been replaced with politics, the game is the same but the names and faces of its components have been updated.

The most God-fearing people out there are atheists. Their God, of course, being the globe itself, the planet, and its response to our refusal to curb our “sin”, climate chaos, is its judgment.

Moreover, even if we all go green and embrace the necessary countermeasures to save this fragile environment, God / Random Chance will be destroying us with an asteroid, thus annihilating this planet despite our best efforts anyway.

The world is doomed and so are we—-unless we find a way out.

Outer space is the modern version of Heaven. It is where man can find salvation. Where the good people, the recyclers, can escape to, leaving the reprobate polluters behind.

And if this wasn’t worrying enough—that we are living in a covert-theocracy— billionaire Elon Musk is now some kind of savior. This is the deep faked world we live in. And I’ve only scratched the surface.


Shocking and unbelievable, right? Funnily enough, this is not a new theory. The resemblance was picked up on soon after Hogg’s emergence on the world stage in February 2018 as a wild-eyed gun control activist 

It gained new traction in light of this concept of life-long actors on the world-stage reaching wider acceptance. Just look at them side by side. Hogg is just a bowl-cut away from Lanza and their ages align perfectly. If you ask me, they are both characters played by a kid whose parents work for the Deep Fake wing of the government.

The use of crisis actors was kept secret by the very conspiracy theories that seek to explain the anomalies at mass shootings, terror attacks, and other significant mass casualty events. Most conspiracy theories assume the story is true but that the real motive is hidden.

The existence of actors on the scenes of national tragedies portraying actual victims raises the question, “is any of it real?” The only logical answer is “no.” If one part is staged, it all is. 

The big secret is this: the news media doesn’t exist to keep you informed about what’s important to you. Most significant media events are fictional, or pseudo-news events. 

The small local news stories are just there for cover. Does this mean everyone in the news media is lying? No. Most are just liars by proxy. Their source is corrupt so everything they report on will be tainted.

David Hogg is just an actor, and Adam Lanza was his previous role. Perhaps there is a cryptic reason for using the same person to be the face of school shootings and the face of the anti-gun movement among the youth. 

So why would they put such an obviously recognizable face in both these roles? Duality. Think of it in these terms: deep faking is how the media gets deep into your subconscious. So the face of school shootings, Adam Lanza, which holds subconscious terror in the minds of those who see that face, is reappearing as David  Hogg, who is the solution to gun violence. There you have the dichotomy of abuser and savior in the same person. Thus, is Stockholm Syndrome induced.

The recasting of crisis actors is clearly not new. What is new is the people who watch the news are noticing these resemblances, commenting on them, and then the Internet hive minds take over.


Do you pre-believe what’s going to be on the news tomorrow or do you have to watch it to know it’s reliable and true? Most people assume the latter but in fact, are accept most news passively. It’s not practical to parse every story. There’s simply not enough time.

The normal process of viewing and accepting news passively extends even to the unwatched news. One viewer cannot possibly take it all in, thus the need for a class of news interpreters. 

The MSM creates so much content so that you’re overwhelmed and powerless to resist, and moreover, you’re reliant upon their self-appointed priest-class to understand it all.

Although there’s too much in a 24-hour news cycle for one mind to process in a day and despite the volume of information, the content is surprisingly uniform. Behind the facade of diversity and free speech is the same old One World Order monoculture. It’s the same old universal vision of the previous age. News is the church of the modern world-spanning religion of secular humanism. 

This new religion has its globe-fearing adherents eager for their escape pods to their space-heaven, which has been promised as transcendence through transhumanism and space migration.


The over-promised and underdelivered Spacetopia was never intended to bring you the Jetsons in real life. That was just the bait. 

The truth is, the world was duped into buying another doomed utopian scheme.

Mars and Lunar colonies are communist plantations for future generations. It’s simple: the space race was fake and both the Russian and American space agencies cooperated in a multi-generational indoctrination operation. 

This highly successful operation was intended to accomplish the following:

  1. Create a universal utopia to unite the world
  2. Reinforce all the claims of the global warmists
  3. Turn scientists into saviors
  4. Engineer mass panics with fake asteroid strikes, UFO invasions, and space wars
  5. Validate a scientific paradigm which discredits all the religious worldviews of the past
  6. Turn the globe and its response to man’s actions as the new God, one which unifies the world under a single, communist government
  7. Monopolize travel across all space, not just so-called outer-space, and the use of all resources. As has been done with Antarctica
  8. Shame the capitalists away from dirty freedom and into a greener, cleaner, sustainable future

For the most part, the deep faking of space has succeeded on all fronts. It has done exceptionally well with regards to the task of disabusing the right-wingers of their attachment to their guns, their property, and their Judeo-Christian God, all tasks the Cultural Marxists failed at. Where the “Progressives” have failed, the illusion of technological progress has succeeded.

The world has a new god: the world itself. This god replaces all previous ones, as it encompasses all who accept what the pseudo-scientists say. These would be those scientists who have sacrificed methodology for ideology, and facts for consensus. 

Much like sky deities of old, the Space God is vengeful, prone to hurling meteors, seen as lights streaking across the sky. And unlike sea gods or desert gods, gods ruling the skies are far more universal, second only to the earth and vegetation gods. 

The Space God even sends his Alien-Angels to watch over us and report back their findings. Are we worthy of being given “advance-technology” and miracle cures? All the things promised by the old religions have been promised again, for the believers in the Space God.

Space God’s will is communicated through his priests and prophets in the media. Listen to the dire predictions and really think about the only options “we” have, should we accept this premise: the radical transformation of human existence on Earth and space migration.

The very existence of the Space Force cements this fact. The nationalistic, anti-globalist, populist right, has marched lockstep into the long term social-engineering project steering them into the Deep Faked reality. 

Deep Space Industries is the name of but one company promising to extract wealth from the heavens via “space mining,” wherein they mine asteroids for valuable minerals and send it back to Earth. What capitalist wouldn’t want to be at the cutting edge of such an industry? Or space junk reclamation for that matter?

As always, there’s big money in big religion. And the governments of the world have synthesized a new universal worldview which doesn’t replace or augment but actually supersedes all other belief systems, including atheism, which is also informed at a fundamental level by the same deep fake as everyone else.

Atheists who believe in asteroids, supervolcanoes, and global warming* are effectively living in the End Times, according to their own doctrines. 

*A note regarding my use of the term “global warming”: I don’t call this deep faked phenomenon “man-caused climate change” because we cannot allow the other side to change their terms decades into a debate.


Can you trust the weatherman when his predictions presuppose the validity of the models he uses?

Satellite photos allow them to paint a big picture which may not be real. The hurricane on television may not reflect the one in reality. 

Greta Thunberg typifies the wolf in sheep’s clothing approach that totalitarians use to bypass people’s innate resistance to control freaks and bossy moral busybodies.

Like David Hogg, who inspired her to become an activist, Greta is positioned as a representative of the youth–specifically those below voting age– and their predicament as “voiceless”. This is an appeal to new voters who owe it to their younger classmates who are still stuck under their desks dodging school-shooter bullets. 

Greta’s “How Dare You” speech started with “I should be in school”, and she proceeded to scold her elders for not solving the problem. This is an echo of David Hogg’s decision to delay college to tour the United States of America, helping to register highschool graduates to vote and to influence them to vote democrat. 

Hogg and Gretta advance an identical agenda and they are both Deep Fakes.


All A-listers are climate-change alarmists and gun-a-phobes on the world stage, no matter how trigger-happy they portray themselves to be on the big screen. 

Self-appointed and elected spokes-mouths, in order to achieve a certain status, must either toe the line or remain noncommittal. 

There are no celebrities willing to state the plain truth about the last 18 years of school shootings and terror attacks. There are celebrity conspiracy theorists but they must remain closely bound to their scripts.

For example, Eddie Bravo and Alex Jones are both known for spouting what the mainstream considers conspiracy nonsense. Yet Eddie Bravo and Alex Jones both think the mass shooting in Las Vegas on 10-1-17 was a real event and not a psychological operation.

Why is it that the popular conspiracy theorists all draw the line at calling out conspiracy theories? 

The answer is simply that they are deep faking it as truthers or conspiracy theorists and are really there to stop people from veering too far from mainstream influence. 

Alex Jones has been the primary deep fake in conspiracy culture. But there are deep fakes in every aspect of popular culture from death faking rappers like Tupac Shakur to phony whistleblowers like Issac Kappy, deep faking as the real thing in order to gain trust and manipulate those “in the real”*. 

*The phrase “in the real” is short for “in the real world,” used to reference people in the know about the media-run psychology operations, which is what all the conspiracies about the so-called “deep state” are intended to conceal.


False information passed off as news, history, or a scientific record of events have the same effect: that of putting the believer in the lies into a false reality. The same way fake news aggregates into fake history, our scientific understanding of the world has been subject to dishonesty, misrepresentation, and deep fakery.

Every skeleton is a link to the past. Anthropology purports to make authoritative claims about the nature of man based upon the record they are privy to. What they are studying is man’s operating system, an understanding of which gives the scientists predictive capability. 

The adage about those who control the past having control over the future applies here. Our self-concept as a species is based upon an awful fairytale called Darwinism. This has tremendous implications that are reinforced in the media’s depictions and portrayals of man in general, whether in the fake news or the fake entertainment. 

They seek to define us. With science.

The deep fakery begins with the fallacious appeal to authority. The acceptance of the false front is the entrance to the immersive illusion. Those who claim to be experts on the nature of man who diagnose him without considering him as part of a system cannot offer a complete critique.

Religions have judge man since the first religion was codified. Today we understand religion’s shortcomings and its inability to offer a cohesive understanding of our kind. Why should we imagine anthropology or psychology to be any better, given their basis on an entirely fallacious and deep faked worldview?


News presupposing the truthfulness of past reporting is not  Even if the present news media were replaced, without uprooting all the entrenched falsehoods of the past.

Media as an institution, both corporate and independent, suffers from its dependence on consensus agreement. 

The trouble is, the views of the consensus don’t necessarily reflect a fact-based reality. If a news outlet reports on crime statistics which are artificially inflated by propaganda stories fed to the public as real, then of what viability is their reporting? 

The pool of information from which we are to assemble a cohesive view of what is actually happening has been corrupted by misinformation, disinformation, myths, hearsay, and lies. 

There is no way to change this. 

We can minimize their destructive impact by using true investigative journalism to expose how there is no separation between the government and media, and that what is reported is often propaganda designed to terrorize the viewers. 

Fake terror attacks and active shooter drills are routinely employed to terrorize and condition the children and cajole the adults into voting away their property rights and giving the government power to prevent pre-crime. 

Real children and real parents are being systematically traumatized with these modern-day “duck and cover” drills but without the benefit of knowing these are drills. Worse, these real drills serve a dual purpose: they are often presented as real events to an unsuspecting public. 


Religions are examples of fake imposing on real in the form of all-encompassing explanations.

Jesus is a Deep Fake; he was merely a character who was no less than Caesar in a mask. The Pope is only faking it when he purports to be the Vicar of Christ.

Deep fakes are about proxies, false fronts, and misrepresentations. 

With religions as with the MSM worldview, the power of the mediator depends on the suggestibility of mediated.

For example, when you walk into a church, you either enter as a believer, half-assed believer, or a non-believer. A believer knows what they believe. The half-assed believer accepts it all passively, but knowing that they are having to trust that their chosen authority have the right information. The non-believer knows what the believer believers, and consciously reject it. 

These categories: Believer, ½-assed Believer, and Non-Believer are analogous to the categories of Misinformed, the Uninformed, and the Informed which aptly describe how people process mediation from the news media. 

A believer in the news media is Misinformed while someone who remains Uninformed and pays scant attention is, nonetheless, still a believer. They just rely on others to keep Misinformed on the important issues. That’s a   from remaining in the know about popular deceptions. 

The truly Informed don’t believe the news but are aware of what it makes others believe. The non-religious are almost obligated to know what the believers are on about since they are the majority.  


History is just a record of mainstream accounts of what happened.

In many respects, it’s just old fake news turned into a secular creation myth.

Historical models as presented in accepted history are on no firmer ground than biblical pseudo-historical accounts of the past. 

Here are a couple of practical examples of the fallacy of assuming historical accuracy and linear progression:

  1. Collective, generational guilt: taking the blame for what your ancestors did only makes sense if it can be demonstrated to be true, and if we accept the premise that we reincarnate among ethnic, national, and racial lines.
  2. Forming opinions based on fake news is what leads to hyper-partisanship and suggestibility to mainstream media manipulators. Historical deep fakes, when accepted as real, lead to similar errors in judgment.


Society has been deep faked by those it depended on to inform them about the real world. 

Consequences of a multi-generational brainwashing campaign:

  1. Factions and division based on worldview and values
  2. Values systems based on which set of Deep Fakes one accepts
  3. Lack of coherence or unity accept with regards to the Space God and the proclamations of its worldly authorities
  4. Believers in the de-facto world religion incapable of seeing their way out of the world-spanning cult

This leaves the non-believer, the “autohoaxer”, in the unique position of illuminated to the true nature of the world stage and out it operates. 

Non-believers are viewed with trepidation by those who, while promulgators of the Deep Fakery, are themselves enslaved by it.  


To put everything into context: the world in which we live is real. The reflected version we get from the mediator, the deeply faked version, is not. 

This is nothing new. Apparently it’s a tradition among the secret societies who serve as stagehands on the world stage. 

Do you know someone who witnessed the JFK assassination or “remembers where they were”? Consider this: the enigmatic Zapruder was aired for the first time in 1975 on the Geraldo Rivera show. It was not a live, televised assassination. This underscores the importance of not accepting video as objective evidence when there is so much opportunity for tampering. 

If you believe you witnessed the Challenger explosion, you were fooled. First of all, it wasn’t really a live broadcast. It was presented as such to traumatize the children and berate the nation for losing interest in the space program. Judging by President Reagan’s (another actor by trade) speech, this was meant to improve our morale by reminding us of their courage. The fact that six of the seven Challenger astronauts are still alive says all you need to know. 

This lends doubt as to whether the three astronauts who died in a launchpad explosion 19 years prior had any validity as a real tragedy. It would seem that the word “tragedy” is code for PR stunt. Based on observing patterns, the numerology would suggest that the International Space Station is slighted to burn up in the atmosphere sometime in late 2019, given we’ve passed the 33-year mark since the Challenger explosion. It would also seem that tragedies are inflicted with regularity, like really bad holidays which strike only once or twice a generation.

The year of this book’s publication, 2019, the number 33 figured so prominently among the high profile media events that one would have to actively deny reality to not see it. Consider the following: 

  1. a 33-year-old man burns himself on the Whitehouse lawn
  2. Rapper Nipsey Hussle dies on the astronomical Easter at the age of 33
  3. DJ Arafat dies at 33
  4. On Labor Day weekend, at the 33rd Burning Man Festival, a man dies of unknown causes
  5. The man who died at the Burning Man Festival was 33 years old. Same age as the Burning Man himself, and the man who burned at the White House, which by the way happened 33 years prior.
  6. On the summer solstice, as a 33-year-old Nipsey Hussle was being honored, Mercury was present in the eastern sky. Mercury, the god of marathons, merchants, and more. But notably in this case connected to Nipsey’s store The Marathon. 
  7. During this solstice, Freddie Mercury was also recognized as a track called, Time Waits For No One, was released, after having been in a vault for–33 years.
  8. The night of the summer solstice, Phoenix, on the 33rd latitude, burned. As it did so, a Phoenix was observed in the northern nights, as seen from a Russian military base.
  9. On the weekend of the 33rd Burning Man Festival, during which a 33-year-old died, there was a boat that caught fire burning 33 to death. 
  10. That same weekend, a bus with 33 children inside was involved in a non-fatal accident.

I want to point out that this is only one layer of the scripting. The subtextual analysis reveals startling parallels between the pseudo death of Nipsey Hussle and the death of Jesus Christ which connects to the collapse of the tower at Notre Dame and the erection of a tower at the site of Nipsey’s death, which is on the 33rd latitude. Much like the location of JFK’s death, which is near an obelisk, also on the 33rd. 

Nipsey Hussle’s staged death should be considered the same type of operation as Tupac’s. These are both in the same context as other high profile fake deaths such as that of singer Jim Morrison or comedian Bill Hicks. The names and faces are ever-changing but the methods in play remain the same. These operations bear the same signatures over and over again.

The devil is in the details. In what world does it make sense than Jim Morrison would have faked his death only to re-emerge as polarizing radio demagogue, Rush Limbaugh? For starters, look past the incredible nature of the claim and examine the career trajectory. The 27-club member with the golden microphone and the far-right radio agitator, also with a golden microphone, serve the same system which transcends politics, religion, and entertainment.

Amy Winehouse, another 27-clubber, is also just another case of pseudocide. Winehouse, it turns out, is just a character played by Lady Gaga, another character. Rather than an exception, deception is the rule. Not all the characters play roles where they die in enigmatic ways. Many undergo public fall from grace in other ways, advancing other agendas, and do not necessarily have to die. Many trials, weddings, and political scandals are nothing more than deep fake operations.

The audiences have no idea where the real person ends and the character begins. This is the central divide between the real world and the deep faked world. This divide is intentionally created, sustained, and widened by the deep fakers.

For generations, science-fiction has been used to blur the lines between real and fake and to prepare the public for what the fake news would present in the future. NASA and FEMA even coordinate live-action role-playing scenarios where they wargame actual meteor strikes. They call these “fictional events” even as NASA Chief Jim Bridenstine admonishes the public to stop treating asteroids as something out of the movies, but to treat them as real and immediate threats.

Alternative news is awash with deep fakers. Alex Jones is just the most obvious. Take Brandon Lee for example. After dying on a movie set, as did his father Bruce Lee, he got a role in alternative media as Christopher Green of AMTV. Green is well known to Alex Jones and moves in the same circles, as does Mark Dice, formerly known as River Phoenix.

And what of Bruce Lee, who died in his 33rd year? He came back as astrophysicist Michio Kaku, playing a role in reinforcing the pseudosciences which hold up the false cosmology.  Kaku has made a career out of predicting the end of mankind should it refuse to take the steps needed to become multi-planetary.

Both Jim Belushi and Chris Farley died at 33 years of age, each seeming to reinforce the War on Drugs hysteria. Belushi’s new role, if any, is presently unknown but Farely’s follow-up role  as Toronto Mayor Rob Ford shows the ease with which these lifetime actors can swing effortlessly from politics to academia to religion to entertainment. 

Other entertainers lend their characters to growing the police state, as did death faker XXXTentacion, who previously fake-died as Lil Jojo.

In both these roles, his life and death were used to advance pre-crime detection and response. Lil Jojo was the central character/ performer in a psyop which resulted in Operation Crewcut, where Chicago police were authorized to begin spying on social media to predict gang violence among the youth and prevent it.

Before his staged exit, Florida rapper XXXTentacion started a charity called the Helping Hand Foundation and announced an anti-gun rally. He, like actor Paul Walker, died just after starting charities.

On the subject of anti-gun sentiments from death faking rappers, we have the conspicuously timed passing of Rappe Tre Da Kid, 32 (so in his 33rd year), found shot dead. This was on the fifth anniversary of National Gun Violence Awareness Day. 

On that day, the city of Baltimore had draped the city in orange banners and lit it with orange lights. The color orange is often referred to as a code for the number 33. This, and his famous freestyle “victory track” called “Run it” (produced by London On Da Track) seemed like intentional nods to the Nipsey Hussle’s “Victory Lap.”

Another track produced by London On Da Track, “Die Young”, happens to feature Nipsey Hussle in a graveyard—this track seeming to predict the rapper’s death by nearly six months.  

When Ivory Coast musician DJ Arafat died in August of 2019, at the age of 33, many fans did not accept it as real. His public funeral was plunged into chaos when fans rushed to the coffin and opened it. Were they convinced it wasn’t a hyper-realistic dummy? The question still remains.


What we are unveiling here is how the few govern the many. It requires a vast network of influence agents, coordinated influence events, and total control over the means of perception.

Psychological operations work upon the level of the individual psyche and these are targeted to suit the needs of whichever agenda employs them. 

But the broader context in which these operations take place, the psywar itself, requires an understanding of group dynamics and the application of a scientific understanding of the manipulation of the group mind. 

This is the reason why deep fakes exist. These are all proxies for the powerful, who shape our worlds by working on our minds.


I can say with a high level of certainty that Justin Beiber is deep faking it as TheWeeknd. His wife is in on the gig and doubles and TheWeekend’s girlfriend.

I can say the same for Ayesha Curry being a mere role and character played by Miley Cyrus. 

Did David Bowie fake his death and return as Jack Stevens to send a message to those in the know? Probably.

What about Christine Blaisey Ford being Justice Kavanaugh in drag? Yes, of this I am certain. John Lennon definitely played Steve Jobs who probably is not dead, and Gary Dourdan may in fact be Brad Pitt in costume. 

This is not comprehensive. I just wanted to point out a few notables to give you an idea of how wide-spread a phenomenon this really is. And it goes back decades. Reptilian shape-shifters don’t secretly rule the world. Deep-fakers do.


This is a follow up to The Autohoaxer Handbook, which explains the heightened need for rational skepticism in today’s hyper-mediated world. 

Deep Faked describes what the Autohoaxers have uncovered and continue to reveal. 

Tim Ozman

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