What Did Trump Folding a $20 Just Signal? #Illuminati #BlackMonday #Symbolism #911

President Trump went to church and conspicuously folded a $20 bill for the collection basket (presumably to be used for future victim’s compensation funds). Empty symbolism? a PR stunt? Nope. Remember, a twenty-dollar bill is what got all this started. Think George Floyd, passing off a fake Andrew Jackson in the twin cities before he was asphyxiated for 8 minutes and 46 seconds by a guy named for a notorious hangman of 3000. Yes, Derek is a name derived from an executioner and Chauvin is on the side of Western chauvinism, and the Western chauvinist Prayer Patriot Aaron Danielson was shot in the chest at 8:46 pm on August 29th in what the shooter called the first shot of the next civil war.

Derek 9/11’d America (a day, like his name, to be associated with 3000 deaths).

That same twenty-dollar bill that when folded creates the image of the Twin Towers burning on 9/11/01, the 19th anniversary of which was commemorated by Derek Chauvin’s day in court. Chauvin was released at 11:22 am, 11/22 = the month and day of JFK’s assassination.

Trump folding a $20 on the evening of the 33rd anniversary of the 87 market crash known as Black Monday means something. Tomorrow is 10/19, or 119 and 911 reversed.

Tim Ozman

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