Dark Matter After Midnight

Press Release 10/21/2020

Art Bell’s Dark Matter was an American radio talk show hosted by broadcaster and author Art Bell. It debuted in 2013 on the Dark Matter Digital Network. Sirius XM Radio president and chief content officer remarked that Bell’s Dark Matter program would be

“uncensored, unrestricted, uncluttered and utterly unique.”

Art Bell

These are the same qualities which Tim Ozman brings to Dark Matter in 2020.

As host of Infinite Plane Radio live internet podcast, Tim Ozman has been at the cutting edge of conspiracy analysis since 2016. His program is known for its

“open phones for open minds”

Tim Ozman

approach to discussing the fringe topics that populate the Internet.

His new show, Dark Matter After Midnight, official debuts on 10/23/2020 at DarkMatter.Radio, from midnight to 2:00 AM Eastern Time. If you’re tired of the new normal, this is the network for you. He attracts the most interesting callers and has many independent reporters among the Infinite Plane Radio listeners that frequently call in to report on the real world.

“This isn’t dangerous misinformation or fake news,” he says of the show’s edgy and often banned-from-Youtube content. “It’s conspiritainment. Entertainment and story telling is what connects people. There’s nothing wrong with open minded discourse about occulted topics. The dark matter which makes up most of the universe is to me, a perfect metaphor for the mysteries and unanswered questions of our lives.”

  • Dark Matter After Midnight is live Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays, from 12-2am eastern time at DarkMatter.Radio.
  • The phone number is 833-311-1984 and voice mails are played live on air.
  • The program debuts on 10-23-2020

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