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A 1958 show Trackdown. 58. 58 years later, he becomes President. He has a 58 story Tower. He was married in 85, and is the basis for Biff Tannen, who was in a movie taking place 1985. The 1958 episode END OF THE WORLD was released 5/9/1958. The Quantum Leap episode set on 5/10/1958, one day later, features a young Donald Trump. The suggestion here is that the WALL and SPACE FORCE are part of this end time event…

1958 episode with TRUMP[2:48 PM]was called END OF THE WORLD[2:48 PM]” television series “Trackdown” that captured eerie parallels between the show and reality resurfaced. In the episode titled “The End of the World,” a sketchy salesman by the name of Walter Trump pitches the idea of building a giant wall, claiming it would protect townspeople from a catastrophic cosmic event.”

CBS News confirmed with its internal archival department that the episode aired on the network May 9, 1958. It was written by the late John Robinson, who’s credited on 18 episodes in the “Trackdown” series, which follows the adventures of a Texas Ranger as he “travels the Old West tracking down assorted killers, bank robbers, horse thieves and other evildoers,” according to¬†IMDb.

“I am the only one. Trust me. I can build a wall around your homes that nothing will penetrate,” said Trump, whom the narrator describes as the “high priest of fraud.” “You ask how do you build that wall. You ask, and I’m here to tell you.”

Trump eventually dupes the frightened population into forking over cash to start paying for the wall, and some even team up to rob a bank. At the end of the episode, as Trump tries to depart from the town, he’s arrested and then shot by a villager he tried to conspire with.”


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