IPR notes 12/12

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TODAY IS 12/12/2020


Does the Bible say the Earth is flat?

Doubts Whether Space Is Being Used Only for Peaceful Purposes – IDN-InDepthNews

INFINITE PLANE RADIOis creating Live Broadcast Notifications + Newsletter121 patrons

Ready to Change the Whirled? | Ben & Jerry’s – YouTube

More indication that DEEP SPACE TRAVEL involves subterranean simulated space travel:


I bet the Trekkies believe this stuff:

Dancing Israeli’s documentary: https://twitter.com/911b0t/status/1337608127106183168

Did Coca Cola test positive for Covaids? Austrijski političar je neispravno napravio antigen test na Coca-Colu – Faktograf.hr

Is the needle a distraction from the Q-Tip? If I was Bill Gates and I wanted to install something nefarious into people, I would put them in the covid test not the vaccine. : DebateVaccines

Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister vowed to take Covid vaccine days before he died Good think he didn’t.

Movie Star Andrew Cuomo shuts down indoor dining because he loves New Yorkers so much.

Andrew Cuomo shuts down indoor dining in NYC amid COVID-19 surge

The Kraken 11/3 predictive programming predicted this mess. It’s also a noteworthy parallel here that, like 9/11, this 3/11 – 11/3 event has a scapegoat in the CCP.

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