International Flat Earth Conference 2020 **Full Playlist

The conference is in 9 parts.

12/21/2020 — This virtual flat earth conference was held on December 19th and 20th.

“…The conference is going to remain focused on Flat Earth and the importance of free speech as a prerequisite for free thinking. The event is hosted by the Infinite Plane Society, a Flat Earth Society offshoot. Tim Ozman, the event organizer has specified “no egos, no celebrities, and no religion” as the guiding principles for this weekend’s conference. “It’s a philosophical and epistemological problem, not a debate over competing dogmas.”

Tickets are $5, and this includes virtual conference access for the entire weekend plus the overnight hangout.

About The IPS
Established in 2017, the Infinite Plane Society is a Flat Earth Society offshoot. It is a flat earth group that does not subscribe to a belief in “ice walls” or “domes” which constrain the flat earth model to the known continents. Instead, they assert the flat earth is an endless flat plane.

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