I Think Vaxaphobia is a Psyop.

The un-vaxed are “saved”. The vaxxed are…..”saved”. Something doesn’t add up here.

I”m reading http://fullcircleadoptions.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Injection-vs.-Ingestion.-Myths-and-Facts..pdf

The aluminium in vaccines is not a heavy metal. It is not even in metallic form as portrayed by vaccine fearmongerers. It is in the form of a salt, usually aluminium hydroxide. The aluminium in aluminium hydroxide is not readily bioavailable and retention is extremely low from both ingestion and injection.

Supposedly, the aluminum in a vax IS NOT the heavy metal..

I think the belief in viruses is essential to the Cult of Scientism. The anti-vaxxers are the Protestants rejecting Communion. It’s an engineered Dialectic, and this is a neo-reformation. Saved vs Unsaved is the “why”.

Fear Vax or Fear Virus the only fear-free are the autohoaxers

its a weapon in a psywar. The distinction matters, as it establishes ones relationship with teh power elite. Do you exist at their mercy? do they have the POWER to kill your family. who trust the TV over you, for example.

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