Watch this video from Conscious X then read my take:

For this to be true, we have to be looking at a Deep Fake with a hyper-realistic silicon mask, false teeth, and a contrived persona. It looks like a typical CIA deep fake psyop. If it is to be detectable, it will be the mannerisms, eyes, and perhaps cadence. Remember, we’re dealing with an actor playing a role. Also, if you observed Twitter this Easter weekend, the trending hashtag #HEISRISEN was constantly flooded with hopeful DMX fans. Fans prayed harder for DMX to pull through than they would have prayed to Jesus at this part of the year, where the rites are centered on the Sun God’s decent into HELL.

DMX’s debut = It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot…..

When Christ goes to hell it’s called The Harrowing, and is the fight for souls in hell with Satan himself.

I think the Metascripted role played by DMX would be this: man’s war with the flesh, the devil, and the world. Jesus goes to hell via the X/ cross, and rescues many souls….


With DMX’s alleged death, we have all the usual hallmarks of a staged death, an industry hoax, a psychological operation/ freemasonic ritual. Predictive programming, posthumous releases, coordination with holidays, occult symbolism, and now, even another possible identity.

Meet Eastside Crackhead. This could be X under a layer of silicone, theatrical make-up, and all the production that goes into a movie? We’re talking about an actor and performance artist after all.

Before you reject it out of hand, let me recapitulate some of the indicators of an elaborate death hoax:

  • Easter weekend. The X is a cross.
  • His life characterized as a struggle with the devil. He met the devil. NAS-X is in the headlines with the 666 shoes and the lap-dancing for Satan.
  • His death date, 4/9/21 is NAS-X birthday. So you have Christ struggling on the cross on Easter weekend, fighting Satan…
  • Prince Phillip dies at 99..also an EARL… DMX is Earl Simmons
  • He was described as being “VEGETATIVE” and in a “GRAVE STATE”, ritual terms, referencing OSIRIS, god of the grave and vegetation, at Easter. This is the sun god’s decent into the underworld. Again, the CROSS = X






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