41-Year-Old Father and Activist Fights Against the Mandatory Mask Rule

41-Year-Old Father and Activist Fights Against the Mandatory Mask Rule

April 26, 2021 – In a shocking incident that took place last year, a family’s life was about to change. The 41-year-old activist, Michael Marshalek stood for his rights and even went into an overnight standoff. While some baseless charges were made against Mr Marshalek, he stood firm in his belief against the mask mandate.

The authorities swatted this Hoboken man’s home after he spoke out against the mask mandate. The raid upon his home was retaliation for speaking out and protesting”, says Tim Ozman, a reporter for the Infinite Plane Radio.

According to reports, Michael had been actively protesting against the mandatory mask rules set by the local authorities. On a certain occasion, his son faced challenges while entering the school because he wasn’t wearing a mask. Michael was able to capture the whole exchange on camera. Sadly, his arguments fell on deaf ears.

About a month before Mr Marshalek was separated from his family, he is seen attending a Zoom Hoboken NJ council meeting. In the meeting’s course, Michael raises concerns about the strict mask mandate. He also questioned its violation of basic human rights. His remarks received disdain once again.

In what seems to be an act of hypocrisy, over 100 personnel responded to the Hoboken Incident without wearing a mask. The supporters of Michael Marshalek have requested body cam footage as proof of the maskless officers. They claim that this is the first time in history that a family gets swatted over not wearing a mask.

The family has asked those who wish to help to email the school and the judge to help advocate for Michael.


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