New Wave Of Conspiracists


The Dark Matter Digital Network unleashes the next generation of fringe talk radio.

From paranormal to “autohoaxing” and alternative cosmography, this network  will take its listeners into the beyond.

ALBUQUERQUE,NM — Dark Matter Digital Network has been a mainstay of paranormal talk since 2013. In its present form, the network is expanding into new areas of discourse while maintaining a continuity with the topics which defined it over the previous years.

The advent of social media has cast a shadow on radio programs. This is not entirely due to the fact that more people are seeking entertainment on social media, it is well reported that the quality of talk radio programs has dropped drastically. Dark Matter’s talk radio program will be looking to bring back some excitement to late night radio listeners.

DarkMatter.Radio is expected to grow exponentially over the coming months considering that it is based on live streaming, which makes it accessible to a wide range of listeners from across the world. The radio program organizers revealed plans to thrill listeners with paranormal and conspiracy content. Listeners can expect to hear wild theories about the shape of the earth and the state of galaxies beyond.

Speaking about DarkMatter.Radio, program manager Tim Ozman had this to say, “Dark Matter is a new 24-7 streaming radio company. We aim to recruit multiple hosts and podcasters to cover breaking news, interview guests, and keep our listeners engaged.”

In its quest to keep listeners entertained, Dark Matter Digital Network has enlisted some partners to its talk radio program. Some of these partners include The Apostasee Show, The Fakeologist Show, Infinite Plane Radio, Tim Truth, and more.

Having survived a tumultuous election year with targeted censorship by big media, Dark Matter is now available on all the major and alternative platforms. The program will run 24/7, so listeners can tune in at all times. The program’s website is also a blog and newspaper to ensure that subscribers get access to new information all around the clock. Listeners of Dark Matter have access to podcasts, live streams, and more.

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