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6/20/21                                                                                                       505-510-4226


Tim Ozman, the host of Infinite Plane Radio, has had enough with the infamous cyberbully.

STREETSBORO, OH —A rancid cyberbully rumored to have doxxed and harassed more than three hundred victims is now the target of a civil suit. The initial filing is in the mail. “He emailed my employer to get me fired. Behind that anonymous troll account is a disturbed individual.” Ozman has filed multiple cease and desist orders but the libelous scandalmonger doesn’t “obey the law”, he said of his persecutor.

Podcasting is getting bigger every day and Tim Ozman has been in the business for more than four years now. This has earned him his share of detractors. “If I had to guess the motivation of the man behind the relentless defamation, I would say jealousy. He’s sent nasty emails to my employers, friends, and listeners. It’s maddening to me that cantankerous Internet user can get away with doing so much damage. This is why I had to draw the line. Although, to my credit, I filed cease and desist letters going back years.”

The best resolution would include “FlatEarthLunacy.com” being stricken from the Internet and the person behind it needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, up to and including military tribunal and execution. 

The civil suit is expected to take place in the fall. Ozman has demanded a jury trial.

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